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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 19, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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he was walking his dog and he fell hundreds of feet down to thornton state beach. >> the helicopter heading to the scene shows how steep and tall the cliffs above the beach are. they're quite treacherous. >> abc news reporter laura anthony joins us with this truly tragic story. laura? >> reporter: hi, dion. as you can see, it's really windy out here today and it's cold. let's show you the terrain we're dealing with here. it is beautiful here at thornton beach, but everywhere you look, there is a cliff, a dropoff. this is where this man was walking earlier today. just about a mile south of where i'm standing. it's unclear exactly what happened. but according to the national park service, his dog went down partially on a cliff and then he tried to go and get his dog. >> as shown from sky 7, beach-goers waved a purple towel
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at a helicopter, perhaps a desperate attempt to direct potential rescuers to a man who had fallen down a cliff, hoping he might still be alive. but it was too late. the national park service confirms the 67-year-old was trying to get to his dog, which had made its way partway down the cliff. but he slipped and fell hundreds of feet to his death. while a california highway patrol helicopter lifted firefighters anl the man's body from the area, his family members arrived to retrieve the dog and console one another. clearly devastated by what had happened. the area is just south of thornton beach and west of daly city's palisades park. a popular area for dog walkers and families. but also one that can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. >> stay on the trails, yeah. especially i mean, the -- it will be slippery with the moisture. that's why i can see maybe someone falling if they're on
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the edge. >> reporter: chp helicopter with the man's body touched down near thornton beach and the body transferred to a san mateo county coroner's van. >> reporter: we're back live giving you a sample of theter, what this man was dealing with. there are paths like this all over the area. the park service is warning that folks stay on these trails. if an animal or a dog happens to go somewhere that they cannot recover them, to call for help. don't try to retrieve the dog by yourself. it's often the case that the dog survives and unfortunately, the person does not. live at thornton beach, laura anthony, ashsbc 7 news much. boy, is it windy. laura anthony, many thanks to you. nikolas cruz appeared in court for the second time. we're hearing from the family that took in the 19-year-old
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after his adoptive mother died. here's reporter jim ryan. >> reporter: at 19-year-old accused of killing 17 people was led into the courtroom for proceedings that lasted a few moints. >> we're here on the state of florida versus nikolas cruz. are all of the foerns present? >> yes, your honor ziemt at issue was a motion filed on friday to keep sealed the document related to their access to cruz. the judge agreed to keep it sealed but said that from here on out motions related to cruz would be heard in open court in a separate hearing without cruz present, the judge granted an order to release documents from a 2016 state investigation. >> the public should have the opportunity to properly evaluate the actions of the department of children and families and all agencies that interacted with nikolas cruz prior to february 14th of this year. >> it shows cruz cut his arms and posted a video on snapchat and ep wanted to buy a gun and he struggled with depression. meanwhile, we're learning more about the family that took in
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nikolas cruz after his adoptive mother died in november. >> he was very polite. he didn't -- he seemed normal. >> on "good morning america," they knew he had an ar-15 rifle but insisted it be locked up. >> he followed every rule to the tee. >> until wednesday. >> nikolas cruz was arrested after the murders of 17 people at marjory stoneman douglas high school. >> leaving the community devastated. >> i can't process it still. broward county, florida. in recent days, many ar-15 owners have gotten rid of their guns. scott pap lar dough bought his rifle more than 30 years ago. he's cutting up his gun with a circular saw and this image has gone viral. might drop it in a very large bucket. he loved shooting the gun, but he wanted to make sure it would never be able to take a life. president trump is
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supportive of efforts to approve the check system. in plantation, florida, about 15 miles from marjory stoneman douglas high school where this tragedy happened, students stood outside their school with signs calling for gun regulation. >> in washington, teenagers staged a lie-in outside the white house. >> this isn't supposed to be the republicans against the democrats. it should be everyone coming together and deciding something needs to be done. >> several hundred people are gathered in downtown los angeles today for a rally against gun violence. other protests are planned. including on march 14th when there's a call for students and teachers to walk out of their schools for 17 minutes to honor the 17 florida victims. clearly, the florida school shootings have touched a nerve across the country and right here in the bay area tonight. case in point, a rally in santa rosa today. as wayne friedman explains, the we too movement as they call it is resonating there.
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>> reporter: in this land where we take seriously the pursuits of life, liberty, happiness and free speech -- >> what do we want? >> safe schools. >> it appears we may be in for another popular undertaking. say hello to we too. >> i live in absolute fear. >> we need to start acting like adults so kids can be kids. >> less than a week ago, michelle was a mother with a couple of twins. now she's helped give birth to a rally and a movement. on this national holiday when school kids learn about presidents and history, they're looking at the florida school shootings and staring down the national rifle association for contributing to political campaigns. >> we'd like to make history. >> because people could get hurt and like injured really badly. >> reporter: parents had to walk a fine line with this event today. it was a matter of empowering their kids, but also of not frightening them. >> i was putting my hand mark in to like shape like a heart
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and -- for like the symbol for kids. >> he doesn't know a lot, honestly, about the shooting, but he knows that they have the right to demand action. >> all this in santa rosa today. a continent away from washington, but right next door. >> i think it has to start somewhere. >> in santa rosa, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. in case you haven't heard, a go fund me account has been set up for the victims of the school shooting. you're taking a live look at the site as we speak. you can see there are about $1.5 million has been donated of a $2 million dollar goal. for information, head to all right. bundle up. that includes you and your plants. some of the coldest temperatures of the season are headed our way. >> take a live look right now at the windy conditions on mt. tam. it's also cold up there as well. it is very cold for all of the skiers who made it up to the sierra for the holiday weekend.
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>> this is a live picture of heavenly mountain resort. it looks brisk. spencer christian is here now. records broken. >> they may be, dan. getting ready for seriously cold weather by bay area standards over the next two nights and mornings. here's a look at live doppler 7 to show you what's going on now. it's showing up on the radar screen. may be a drop or two isolated drops hitting a few places. no one is reporting at the moment. what we're concerned about is the approaching deep freeze overnight. right now we're looking at temperatures in ukiah. mainly low 50s everywhere else. the temperature will sharply drop overnight. a freeze warning is in effect from midnight to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow for virtually all of the bay area away from the coast. a hard freeze warning in effect for solano county and around the bay shoreline and the coast, a frost advisory in effect. low temperatures tonight will drop from 25 out to the range between 25 and 35 degrees.
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bring pets inside. protect pets, plants and pipes. most cities, in fact, will see lows ranging from 25 to 35 degrees. record low temperatures are definitely possible. in fact i'll show you the forecast coming up. we're talking about a half a dozen record lows. fwarming centers will be opn tonight. that's on east santa clara street earlier today. this warming center is dee staten island for families with -- designed for families with children. people can sit and drink hot beverages the. folks here in the bay area not used to the fwrij i had weather are trying to adjust while enjoying their favorite outdoor activities. matt keller has this story. >> reporter: how cold is too cold in the santa cruz mountains? >> john from saratoga found out while cycling on skyline
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boulevard. >> is it ever too cold to bike ride? >> today. >> temperatures dropped into the low 30s. the threat of snow showers was real during a small window of time this morning. that abruptly closed at 6:30 a.m. when a winter weather advisory was canceled. >> the sun is outs. >> yeah. >> but it's not warm? >> it's not warm enough yet. >> we drove highway 9 from scotts valley to skyline boulevard into saratoga. >> no snow yet? >> still no snow. >> no snow, but the scenery was beautiful. frosty conditions in some spots. the cold weather made for an interesting camping trip for this couple. >> i think perhaps we didn't look at the weather as closely as we should have. it turned out to be this magical adventure. a very freezing and very memorable adventure. >> any regrets? >> no. it was wonderful. >> cold but wonderful? >> yeah. >> next time, a fourth pair of socks would have helped. >> reporter: you may need a fifth pair of socks tonight. it's going to stay cold.
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the national weather service issued that freeze watch starting at midnight. in the santa cruz mountains, matt keller, abc 7 news. a fire that heavily damaged several condos in martinez over the weekend flared up again this morning. firefighters say they put out the latest fire, which was contained to the attic in about 20 minutes or so. it started just before 1:30 in the morning. less than 24 hours earlier, there was a much larger fire that investigators say started after someone left a pot on a kitchen stove. five of eight units were damaged. even the other three units are not habitable. >> we haven't -- our power gets on, and the smell goes away. i'm pregnant right now. we can't really be there. >> it looks like a mudslide came through. a lot of ash and sheetrock and water. just stinky smoke smell everywhere. >> that smell permeates if you've ever experienced it. one firefighter was hurt in the fire sunday. there were no other injuries. still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00, an historic step here
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in the bay area for california's high-speed rail project. also, more problems for a potential site for a new ballpark for the a's. one prominent local official calls it incompetent possible. >> i thought to myself. that's it. that's what i want to be. from a moment of inspiration in a san francisco movie theater to an iconic theme. later, meet the animator who helped create the spaghetti kiss on lady and the tramp. post questions with the #ask finney. as we head to the live look at the san francisco skyway. despite the long holiday weekend, folks still on the roadways. looking jam-packed on both
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nearly three years passed since the construction on the rail network. that was in the fresno area. now the very first round is being broken here in the bay area. but it's a baby step. abc 7 news reporter, david explains. >> reporter: that is the sound of progress. the first physical work to be done in the bay area. crews have been drilling for about a month to conduct geo technical analysis. they're to connect silicon valley in several years. about 50 sites will be drilled. this crew is working along busy monterey road. it's working along the shoulder that necessitates a lane closure.
4:16 pm
other sites in median strips. land acquisition is a next step. it will be a year or two before it makes a decision on the exact right-of-way. this particular site is adjacent to the union pacific railroad tracks. while work here is at the earliest stage, progress is dramatic at the central valley. 4700 viaduct is highly visible in north fresno. the viaduct will cross the san joaquin river. a separate structure routes it over union pacific railroad tracks and into fresno. altogether, 119 miles of central valley construction is in progress. this project and related construction has created an estimated 1700 jobs. before any of this work could begin, soil studies had to be done similar to the ones under way in san jose. high-speed rail remains a concept in vision and computer ab maanimated form. but in silicon valley, it's a reality. >> reporter: road closures adjacent to these, over the next couple of months in santa clara
4:17 pm
county. in san jose, david louis, abc 7 news. b.a.r.t.'s general manager smashing any hope of a new station to serve a potential new oakland a's ballpark in the terminal. the general manager says any substation at the west oakland station would reduce speeds and create uncertainty along the busiest stretch of track. a nonstater apparently. he says construction will be extremely complicated and there are questions about who would pay for the project. by the time we would be able to design and build such a project, i'm sure the a's would have had at least ten winning seasons and a world series win in the new stadium. the warriors are taking on a new opponent over billions of dollars. the bay area newsgroup reports the warriors believe they have no obligation to pay any remaining debt on their lease agreement once the team moves to san francisco. the coliseum authority claims the warriors owe $40 million.
4:18 pm
an arbitration hearing will be held in july according to the report. the decision over who should pay the debt is final. this presidents' day many bay area families are in tahoe to enjoy the sun and snow. >> ski conditions are surprisingly good considering how much natural snow has fallen this winter. >> kristen sze is here with a look at the slopes. >> it had been looking so so for ski week a week ago. it rival the low of a few years ago. the driest winter in recorded history. what a difference a weekend makes. a foot of snow fell on the top of many resorts. this is shot at kirkwood this morning. look at all that fresh powder waiting for holiday skiers to make their tracks. this latest storm was much appreciated. 2/3 of the way through the season. >> but the conditions are just getting better. with the system starting to move in, 10 to 15 inches of new snow with more storms in the forecast, so it's been a tough
4:19 pm
year, but the mountain operations team have been working hard. >> working hard to make snow, which kept the slopes skiable despite mother nature's stingine stinginess. many business rs having end of the season sales hoping for a last push. let's show you squaw valley. right now, this is live. 36 out of 42 lifts here are running today thanks to the new snow. with another storm, a smaller one midweek, these conditions should hold all through the ski week. dan andy on. kristen, thanks for the update. let's turn our attention to the forecast. what can we expect out there? >> it's good to look at. we actually might get a couple snowflakes in the bay area peaks. not enough for skiing. but enough to make it feel and look wintry. here's a look at live doppler 7.
4:20 pm
radar is picking up moisture in the atmosphere right now. we don't have any reports of rainfall. but it's likely that some raindrops or some form of precipitation may be hitting the ground in some isolated spots right now. it's generally like this. partly cloudy, looking at clouds over the bay from our rooftop. in oakland and mountain view and half moon bay. 53 in san jose. this is the view from the other side of the bay from emeryville. looking at a partly cloudy sky. it's 52 up north in santa rosa right now. down to 45 at napa, novato. 54 fairfield. 52 in concord and livermore. one more from sutro tower. check out those clouds. those are beautiful. freezing cold mornings tomorrow and wednesday with record low temperatures for those dates possible and this wintry pattern remains with us through thursday. we're looking at from 12:00 a.m., from midnight to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, frost advisory in effect for the coastline and for
4:21 pm
the bay shoreline. it will be -- temperatures between 30, 35 degrees in those locations. a freeze warning in effect for virtually all of the remainder of bay area during that same time frame tomorrow morning. temperatures will drop into the mid 20s. 25 to 32 miles per hour in those areas. a hard freeze warning is in effect for solano county and much of lake county. temperatures in those areas will drop to between 22 and 29 degrees during the overnight hours. these locations with the asterisks here denote places and temperatures that would mean record lows for tomorrow's date. record lows for february 20. this going to be cold overnight. the 12-hour planner shows you a chilly start tomorrow morning under sunny skies. we'll have mainly sunny skies with temperatures in the low to mid-50s in most locations. the temperatures will drop sharply after sunset tomorrow evening. highs tomorrow more specifically, 49 at half moon bay. low 50s around the bay. mid-50s by the time we get in
4:22 pm
the inland areas. forecast animation for early wednesday morning shows a system coming in that will bring showers to the north bay and down to san francisco and the peninsula by 6:30 a.m. mixed precipitation, the higher elevations later in the day, may see showers or rain down in the santa cruz mountains and possibly some snow? the higher reaches around mt. hamilton on wednesday. so here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we will have very cold mornings the next few days. possibly record lows, maybe even cold showers or light snow showers up in the higher elevations of the bay area on wednesday. lingering slight chance of a shower or two on thursday. the sunnier skies milder over the weekend. deep freeze is going to ease up a little bit. give us more seasonal temperatures. >> you know it's going to be cold when the thermometer graph is shaking. >> i'm shaking too. >> spencer, thanks. just ahead at 4:00, a box office bonanza.
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a record setting take for marvel's new flick, black panther. the numbers are staggering. also -- >> a little later, fergie's fiasco. the less than positive reaction to her nba all-star at home.ld generate your own energy, or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing,
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with energy upgrade california.
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what happens now? >> what happens? to the rest of the world? >> it is a record-setting holiday weekend for the marvel superhero movie "black panther." directed by oakland's own ryan kugler. >> sales exceeded $192 million and more than $361 million i worldwide ticket sales. after tomorrow, it's expected to become the highest grossing movie ever directed by a black director featuring a largely black cast. >> the most successful february
4:26 pm
opening ever. marvel is opened by the walt disney company which owns abc 7 also. didn't win the daytona 5 hub but bubba wallace made history with the large -- he came in second toustin dillon yesterday. the 24-year-old is the first black driver since 1971 to race regularly at nascar's top level. wallace became emotional after the race as you see there. after he was reunited with his mom while talking to the press. he said "second is horrible, but it's still a good day." north korean leader kim jong un wants to turn his country into an international sports super power like east germany in the '70s and 80s. he's pouring money and resources into training and infrastructure for athletes. the country now has an all sports television channel. the athletes have made global inroads at the winter games in south korea but they've battled for dead last in most competitions. still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00, cold weather here and
4:27 pm
wild weather to the north and east of us. we'll show you where you're probably glad you're not living right now. hundreds of kfc restaurants forced to shut
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4:29 pm
here are some stories making headlines at 4:30. a 67-year-old man fell hundreds
4:30 pm
of feet to his death. trying to rescue his dog. it happened near thornton beach in daly city late this morning. the dog is safe. but the person who is close with the victim of apparently a terrible tragedy. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow tweeted that police arrested six people burning on undercover -- during an undercover laptop sting this saturday. coming up at 5:00, why laptops are a growing priority for police. abc's world news tonight tweeted this video showing dozens of students taking part in a lie-in outside the white house today calling for lawmakers to reform gun laws after 17 high school students in florida were killed. the ohio river is flooding midwest communities and more rain is expected tomorrow. now cincinnati is under a flood warning as well. other states are under alerts facing wind, snow and ice. terrible situation for a lot of
4:31 pm
people. daniel bacchus has more. >> from blue sky to pelting down sleet. >> cold wind and snowy weather in seattle washington. high winds and waves closing the interstate 90 floating bridge there. gusty winds sparking a wildfire in california forcing 200 people to evacuate. hazardous weather hitting all across the u states. in the midwest, there's snow and ice. white-out conditions affecting drivers in rapid city, south dakota, and in iowa -- >> start thinking about an interstate shutdown. we need to get the cars moved. >> causing a pileup of more than 50 cars. shutting down interstate 35. a daring rescue in michigan by fire crews in the coast guard after a man fell through the ice while fishing on saginaw bay. heavy rain in mississippi and the ohio valley region is causing major flooding. in west virginia, a state of emergency has been declared as the ohio river continues to rise. and in ohio, a flood warning is
4:32 pm
in effect throughout cincinnati where the ohio river is cresting and may reach up to 55 feet by wednesday. after a weekend of snowy weather in the northeast, from maine to florida, could see unseasonably warm weather, even record highs by friday. here on the west coast, we're expecting some of the coldest air of the season. by tuesday, windchills in the 30s will be felt from san francisco to right here in los angeles. danya bacchus, abc news, los angeles. take a look at this, our live picture from our east bay hills cameras where hail has been falling for 15 minutes. if you look closely, looks like snow even. >> it does. let's look at thehehehehehehe weather. drew tuma has more. >> on the east coast, there are signs of spring spopg up. live doppler 7 showing you a couple of showers that have
4:33 pm
popped up, especially in the east bay right now. but if we take, i believe, weather computer 1, you can see there are frost advisories in effect with high temperatures going to be chilly. part of the east coast, i believe we're on weather doppler. if we can switch over to max 1, that would be great. there you go. you can see a battle of air masses to the north and east of us. it is just cold air. temperatures in the single digits, but the east coast, there are signs of spring right now. temperatures of 60s and 70s tomorrow. where the two air masses are meeting, they're clashing with showers and snow. satellite and radar showing you rain moving into chicago. snow on the backside of that front. look what's going to happen the next 48 hours. a soaking rain through chicago through the deep south on the cold side. coming your way. spencer christian will be back with the accuweather forecast, dion. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> drew, thanks to you. a former employee of a southern california assembly
4:34 pm
woman accused of sexual harassment has filed a complaint with the state. the staffer says christina garcia fired him after he refused to play spin the bottle with her. he says she was disparaging to staff and others, using vulgar language and discussed topics inappropriate for the workplace. the assembly is already investigating claims she drunkenly groped a former staff member. bipartisan group of lawmakers is closer to setting up rules on cryptocurrency. they want to address some of the issues virtual currencies pose to investors, including the volatile nature of that currency. among the lawmakers calling for new rules, republicans who advocated for the free market in the past. the best known virtual currency is bitcoin, of course. it surged more than 1300% before losing half of its value. as many as 17 people were killed when a huge mountain of garbage collapsed from heavy
4:35 pm
rain in mozambiqumozambique's c city. it happened in the outskirts of the city. the three-story mountain high of garbage buried half a dozen houses. they now have the grim task of searching for victims in the garbage. a food delivery driver is facing a murder charge after he opened fire and killed a customer. 36-year-old robert bovine is turned himself in today. he ordered delivery late saturday night and went outside for his food. witnesses told police, there was an argue um, shots fired, the atlanta journal cited an uber eats statement saying he passed a background check and had only been working for the company for one week. there is a problem at hundreds of kfc restaurants in britain, ireland and scotland. they don't have any chicken. the fast food chain is blaming issues with a new delivery partner. only about 300 of kfc's 900
4:36 pm
locations in the uk were open today. it closed the restaurant and only offered a limited menu at others because it didn't want to compromise quality. stay with us. just ahead, the early morning shaking here in the bay area. >> another powerful aftershock following the quakes in mexico. this one pretty strong as well. i'm spencer christian. looks like another dazzling sunset and a frigid
4:37 pm
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for the second time in three days, an earthquake struck mexico. it's believed to be an aftershock that hit the state last week. the quake was powerful enough to trigger earthquake alarms in mexico city. the good news, no immediate reports of damage. no deaths were reported in the quakes. but 13 people were killed in the crash of a helicopter that was inspecting damage. if some of you felt a little shaking this morning, you were not dreaming. a magnitude 2.9 earthquake hit the east bay centered in danville. the 2.5 hit the same area about an hour and a half laeter. no reported damage. wouldn't expect any with a quake that size. we'll probably be shaking tomorrow morning, but it will be because of the chill in the air. right now, live doppler 7, a winter-like pattern gripping the bay area. overnight to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow,
4:40 pm
a freeze warning in effect for the bay area, the this area in the purplish blue. really purple area there, in solano county, high freeze warnings in effect. low temperatures in the morning will range from 25 to 35 degrees across most of the bay area. frost advisory is in effect for the coastline and those areas along the bay shoreline. be sure to protect pets, plants and pipes. overnight, lows may reach record lows for tomorrow's day and location. down to 28 in livermore. that would be a record for tomorrow's date. 38 here in san francisco. almost never drops below 40 tiegs here in san francisco. after the chilly morning start, we'll have a chilly afternoon with highs ranging from upper 40s at the coast to low and mid-50s in the inland areas. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have two cold mornings coming our way both mornings tomorrow and wednesday. record lows are possible. then a more seasonable range of temperatures will develop on thursday and friday. and by the weekend, it will feel
4:41 pm
spring-like. although, not quite. highs around 60 degrees. imagine that feels spring-like. >> almost. >> thanks, spencer. just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the amazing story of the bay area native who helped create one of the most memorable kisses in history. the hottest toys to hit the market. they may be the grossest ever conceived, too. michael finney, 7 on your side. we're going to talk ab
4:42 pm
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it's one of the most memorable scenes in history, the famous kiss in lady and the tramp. what you probably do not know is that kiss was the work of a san francisco native, the very first project that he worked on for disney. >> david ohno for our sister station has the special story of the man behind that magical moment. >> kiss me. >> kissing in hollywood lifeline, it's that magical moment that changes everything. >> there's one kiss so unique
4:45 pm
that's captured our imagination and inspired many around the world. >> ♪ >> that accidental spaghetti kiss between two beloved dogs in 1955. lady and the tramp. but who created this brilliant? >> along with the double feature you had a cartoon. >> immediate 84-year-old willie eto. he remembers being five-year-old, going to a movie theater in san francisco and his life changed. >> the most memorable thing was seeing snow white and the seven drafrs f dwarves for the first time. seeing them march across the screen singing. >> i thought to myself, that's it. that's what i want to be. not one of the seven dwarves. but an animated cartoonist. >> before willie could learn
4:46 pm
anything about being an artist, he had to learn tough lessons about the world. like december 7th, 1941. >> practically every street corner had news boys shouting out extra, extra, war. i never heard that word, war, before. >> at 8 years old willie was locked up in a concentration camp with thousands of other japanese americans. imprisoned simply because of his ancestry. >> some of the early arrivals had to stay in the horse stables and the stables were just packed, dirt and manure. the stench was oh, something else. >> while locked up, willie honed his skills as an artist. after the war, he continued to draw. even showing me some of his high school creations. it was these pieces that landed him an interview with walt disney studios. >> the very first encouner when i walked into the animation
4:47 pm
building, stepped into the elevator, this is walt disney himself. i'm behind walt studying the back of his head, thinking to myself, oh, my god, literally, oh, my god. >> by that afternoon, willie fulfilled a dream. >> and the production manager says, yeah, you're hired. so you know, we're going to put you in this unit. the first scene they put me on was an iconic spaghetti kissing scene. i had no idea that the scene i worked on initially would turn out to be so iconic. >> throughout willie's career he's drawn some of the most famous cartoons. looking around his home, it's clear what his closest to his heart. the place where it all began. not just because it was his first job, but because disney
4:48 pm
gave a young minority who endured his share of prejudice, an opportunities. >> i always feel that, wow, that particular scene did make an impact. it makes me feel good. >> willie i toe, a civil rights pioneer. he won't tell you that. what he will say is despite the hurdles and hardships, he's lived a magical life. a kid that never had to grow up. that's something we celebrate whenever we see a plate of spaghetti and think of a kiss. >> david ohno, abc 7 news. magic, right? this salute for willie comes on known of a day of remembrance. it was on this day, 76 years old that president roosevelt signed order 9066 with the stroke of a pen. 120,000 innocent japanese americans labeled aliens today also mark the 40th anniversary of the first day of remembrance
4:49 pm
back in 1978. time now for ask finney. he answered questions sent to him via facebook, twitter and e-mail. >> is there such a thing as a good old-fashioned savings account anymore. like a brick and mortar bank? i prefer not to bet on the stock market. >> okay. there are plenty of brick and mortar banks. they all offer savings accounts. they don't pay much in interest. the high rates are under 2%. those are actually very hard to come by. we'll talk about that at 5:00. generally the best banks are online banks. a good place to look for interest rates is bank not the easy day. >> here's an interesting one. robert asks, i accidentally closed my master card. but i only knew after i closed it that i had almost $200 in rewards. can i still get a check in that amount given to me?
4:50 pm
>> look, it's going to be tough most are clear that the points disappear once the card is closed. you might want to call and ask to have the account reinstated. sometimes you can hang on to points that way. if they say no, call me here at the station. we'll plead your case. it's a tough one. once you close the account. kathy writes in. my cell phone company overcharged me $105 while i visited mexico. they're paying me back in monthly installments than lump sum. >> that's so weird. >> isn't that weird? >> pay you back in monthly installments. i'm glad they agreed to the refund. it's odd that they set up a payment plan for them. i want you to call to ask them to refund the money all at once. if they say no, again, like the last guy, i want you to contact me here at the station. i'll be happy to do the asking
4:51 pm
for you. it seems to work out okay. if you have a question, you can record a 10 to 15-second long video, share it on social media, use the #ask finney and i'll find it. we'll try to take care of your problems. you can also reach me at my facebook page and through great job. thanks, michael. in other news, the health impact from an acne diagnosis can be more consequential than first believed. people diagnosed with acne can suffer a 60% spike in depression risk. 2/3 of that in -- it's the most common skin condition in america. that study was published in the british journal of dermatology. we're going to apologize before we pass this along. the hottest toys may be some of the grossest ever conceived at the international toy fair in new york city. some of the most popular include something called poo dough. it's like what you think it is.
4:52 pm
pop a zit allowing people to pop out a zit. eye item allows people to pick up small objects using a sticky adhesive. we've come a long way from legos. >> mr. potato head won't do it. just ahead at 4:00, get ready. we want your opinion on this. > . >> fergie's national anthem causing all kinds of reactions. she's weighing in now herself. christien is here with what's ahead at 5:00. kristen. dan and dion. >> snatch and grabs. that's been an issue. >> a big issue at that. now police crackdown and target the crooks who have been targeting coffee shops. first, a parade that many hope turns into an annual tradition. and -- >> celebration for a bride and groom and the firefighters who
4:53 pm
made sure they had a reception. these sto
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compared to a leading heart failure medicine. don't take entresto if pregnant. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. ♪ ziefrnts coming up tonight at 8:00, it's not one but two hours of the bachelor. followed by the good doctor at 10:00. then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. what so proudly we hailed >> you see it there.
4:56 pm
the blank stares and fits of laughter. not quite the response fergie was looking for when she tried to jazz up the star-spangled banner at the nba all-star game. >> was the apology necessary. >> we want you to tell us what you think. head to and share your vote there. you can emoji votes. that's at the bottom of your screen there. you can make more emojis appear on the rendition. here's carolyn tyler. >> not since 1990 when roseanne barr belted out her version has there been so much criticism over someone singing the national anthem. fergie's rendition at the nba all-star game last night is being dubbed the star mangled banner. some players, including draymond green were actually laughing.
4:57 pm
>> i felt bad for her. >> yes. >> i felt bad. >> singer, songwriter, dee dee simon says singing the national anthem is a huge platform designed to bring people together. the oakland native got what she calls her golden moment earlier this month at a warriors game. >> ♪ >> this one song, we all know, and i'm going to sing my heart out. i think her version to me was disrespectful. >> fergie released a statement today saying i'm a risk taker artistically. but clearly this rendition did not strike the intended tone. there's always scrutiny on celebrities who sing the anthem at high-profile events. carl lewis was widely panned. >> and the rocket's red glare -- >> mark klegg is a leading authority on the national anthem. he calls it a flexible vehicle
4:58 pm
that allows for variations but thinks her sexy persona made her version off key. >> sultry is not what we want for a patriotic version of the anthem. it's certainly surprising. >> he does not think it was disrespect full but eva doyle does. she sings at military events worldwide. >> tfgs it was about her. she says she loves the country and tried to do her best. caroline tyler, abc 7 news. so many opinions. all right. you can see the live emoji reactions coming across. they're flying by at the bottom of your screen right now. you can see there are a lot of people having the awful emojis popping up there. once again, to weigh in yourself. a quick reminder, you can get the latest news with the upgraded abc 7 news app.
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it has enhanced live video features. more customization and push alerts to get more of the news delivered to your phone in real time. with that, thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm dion lim. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. perhaps we didn't look at the weather as closely as we should have. >> a fourth pair of socks would have helped. winter has arrived and it's only going to get colder. >> a man trying to rescue this dog falls to his death. folks in the area said hillside can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. going undercover, a successful crackdown on laptop thieves. a crime that's practically an epidemic. from the view of a firefighter, the second fire in two days at the same condo complex. >> live where you live. this is abc 7 news. is there ever a time when you're like it's too cold to go out for a bike ride. >> today.
5:00 pm
>> the roads might have been clear but the weather was definitely an obstacle in santa cruz this morning. frosty conditions everywhere. >> in san jose, ice crystals, look at that. almost an inch thick at the observatory. >> there was a good dusting of snow on the ground in mendocino as well. look at that. in the past few minutes, our cam caught hail and rain in berkeley and oakland. here's a close-up from a viewer in berkeley. thanks to council member laurie drost i. good evening, i'm dan ashley. kristen sze. snow is also falling in the oakland hills. the latest on the chill. >> dan and kristen, winter has finally arrived. let's check out live doppler 7. it has been active across the bay area. we're going to get you in to where we're seeing a mix of rain and snow. right now over mt. diablo. we're seeing scattered showers in the east


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