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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 19, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> the roads might have been clear but the weather was definitely an obstacle in santa cruz this morning. frosty conditions everywhere. >> in san jose, ice crystals, look at that. almost an inch thick at the observatory. >> there was a good dusting of snow on the ground in mendocino as well. look at that. in the past few minutes, our cam caught hail and rain in berkeley and oakland. here's a close-up from a viewer in berkeley. thanks to council member laurie drost i. good evening, i'm dan ashley. kristen sze. snow is also falling in the oakland hills. the latest on the chill. >> dan and kristen, winter has finally arrived. let's check out live doppler 7. it has been active across the bay area. we're going to get you in to where we're seeing a mix of rain and snow. right now over mt. diablo. we're seeing scattered showers in the east bay.
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street level radar from berkeley, university avenue heading into emeryville. oakland. san leandro, showers. i've had numerous reports of hail in the east bay along with the showers. right now in vacaville, fairfield, air base, we're seeing showers. here's what's coming. a freeze warning for virtually all inland areas midnight to 9:00 a.m. mid-20s to low 30s. bring the pets inside. protect the plants and the pipes. a frost advisory covering the coastal and bay shorelines in the throw mid-30s. a hard freeze warnin tuesday, 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. for the inland areas of solano county and lake county. that's where temperatures are supposed to be in the low to upper 20s. bone chilling cold, cold enough to make you shiver. we will be setting records by tomorrow morning. i'll be back to let you know how cold in your area coming up. dan, kristen. >> thank you so much. some of the chilliest weather in the east bay. >> folks are definitely feeling it. alyssa harrington is live at the
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plaza in downtown concord. >> reporter: dan, it is about to get cold tonight. lows expected to dip to 31 degrees. that means you should pay extra attention to your pipes, your plants and bring those pets inside. hikers at concord's lime rich trail run bundled up for a sunny but chilly walk. brook and kyle fox said the cold air felt good for a change. >> it feels good to feel like a little bit of winter time instead of spring in february. i actually enjoy it a little bit. >> i'm hoping that the cold brings a little bit of rain. i know we kind of need it drastically. >> reporter: this cold spell is expected to be dry, which means certain plants are at risk of dying if they're not protected. >> i would say more of the soft, actually succulent plants will be the most vulnerable. >> max at slope garden center shows us how the nursery is preparing for freezing overnight temperatures. they're covering succeulents an
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citrus and wheeling smaller plants inside. they're making sure outside plants are well-watered. if it's a small plant or delicate plant, it can't risk losing that moisture to the air. it wilts and dies. >> they want to roo mind people of fire-related risks during cold spells. heaters are the third most common cause of house fires. >> not giving heaters enough space is one problem. they think it's blowing warm air, not hot air. no way it could start a fire. they can absolutely start a fire, particularly less than -- keep them at least three feet away from combustibles. the homeless shelter increased the number of beds and volunteers will do outreach and give blankets and hand warmers to those sleeping on the streets. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. now, you can keep track of the approaching blustery cold temperatures where you live with the updated abc 7 news app.
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enable the push alerts. you get weathe advisories on your phone or tablet immediately. a sad story in daly city. a man was walking his dog near palisades park when he fell hundreds of feet to his death. the chp shared with abc 7 video from inside the helicopter of them heading to the scene. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live with more. laura? >> reporter: hi, dion. it's a cold and windy day here. this is also a very popular place. let's show you where it happened. on that cliffside area behind me, about a half mile to a mile away, according to the national park service. this man thought his dog was stuck on a cliff. he tried to rescue that animal himself. as shown from sky 7, beach-goers waved a purple towel. trying to direct rescuers to a
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man who had fallen on a cliff. hoping he might still be alive. it was too late. the national park service confirms the 67-year-old was trying to get to his dog which made its way, partway down the cliff. but he slipped and fell hundreds of feet to his death. while a california highway patrol helicopter lifted firefighters and the man's body from the area, his family members arrived to retrieve the dog and console one another. clearly, devastated by what had happened. the area is just south of thornton beach and west of daly city's palisades park. a popular area for dog walkers and families. but also one that can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. >> stay on the trails. yeah. especially i mean, ice paths will be slippery with the moisture. that's why i can see maybe someone falling on the ice plants when they're on the edge. >> the chp helicopter with a man's body touched down in a parking lot near thornton beach
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and the body transferred to a san mateo county coroner's van. the park service warns people not to try to retrieve stranded dogs by themselves. saying the dog often survives while the person might not. in daly city, laura anthony, abc 7 news. a crash that brought traffic on highway 101 injured two people. sky 7 shows the vehicle overturn. it was about an hour ago at 4:00 p.m. if you look closely, you can see a tow truck turn the vehicle upright. you'll see that here in a moment. first responders took two people to the hospital. a photo of the crash from the chp shows the damage to the median there. some lanes are open again. there are still some delays. >> thousands lost their power around lunchtime today when a jackknifed wood chipper truck snapped an electrical pole in two places. the highway patrol had to close the area to fix the damage.
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the highway since reopened. no one was injured in the truck crash. >> an antioch man is under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence when he crashed into an insurance agent's office. slammed into the building on clayton road yesterday. he was hurt in the crash and took several hours to clean up the mess left behind. >> a successful undercover sting targeted laptop thieves in berkeley this weekend. as melanie woodrow explains, officers were intentionally in the right place at the right time. >> like most cal students, madeline miles is working on her laptop outside cafe strada in berkeley. she's left it on more than one occasion to get a drink or food. >> it's very much campus culture to just say, will you watch my laptop and go get your stuff. >> berkeley police say a surge in laptop thefts, 26 over the last two months, prompted officers to take action. >> we made it a priority.
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it's not just leaving them unattended. >> it's a quick crime of opportunity. >> one didn't go unnoticed this weekend. just before 8:00 saturday night, officers working in an undercover capacity here at the cafe witnessed a group of suspects steal these two laptops and run to a waiting get away car. >> one of the two victims chased after the suspects and was dragged a short distance. >> after making sure the victim was okay, the officers stopped the vehicle on college avenue near russell street and arrested six people. three adults and three juveniles. five of the six were on probation for similar crimes. police say they seized additional stolen property from other crimes. >> it's good they're showing up. >> berkeley police say be aware of your surroundings. pack everything up. >> it doesn't work perfectly, but better than nothing. >> consider placing tracking software on your devices. the undercover efforts of the department will continue until there's a decrease in laptop
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thefts. in berkeley, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. an electrical box explodd at maria carillo high school in santa rosa today causing a fire in the solar panels. firefighters were able to keep it from spreading beyond the solar panels and the power grid. because of the holiday, just a handful of students were in the school. they were practicing for a musical, some kids. the school is expected to open tomorrow. early this morning there was a flare-up. firefighters put out the latest fire contained to the attic in about 20 minutes or so. it started just before 1:30 in the morning. less than 24 hours earlier, there was a larger fire that investigators say started after someone left a pot on a kitchen stove. five of eight units were damaged. even the other three units are not livable at the moment. >> we could live there in a few weeks they said when our power is turned back on.
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but i'm pregnant right now. we can't really be there. >> looks like a mudslide came through, right, a lot of ash and sheetrock and water and just stinky smoke smell everywhere. >> that smell permeates if you've experienced it. one firefighter was hurt in the fire sunday. there were no other injuries. bikers love them, but now there's a problem. a local company forced to issue a recall. that's just aahead. plus -- >> a parade with heart. it's a first for san francisco. >> also coming up, finding the freak a home. tim lincecum, next one. taking what some would say is the boring out of
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lyanne melendez was in the bayview where the community came together to remember the contributions ever african americans and bringing a divided nation together. >> the sounds of the drums signalled the start of the ceremony to honor the struggle of their black ancestors. it was also a time to celebrate how far african americans have come while acknowledging there's much work to do. >> about the black contributions here in san francisco. blackistory month. >> as far as parades are concerned, this one was relatively small. one float and a few cars traveling just a few blocks down third street and finishing at the bay view opera house. along the way, parade followers,
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enthusiastically joined in the celebration while demanding more acceptance and equality. >> understanding who we are, where we come from and where we stand right now. even under -- each under difficult times. >> the supervisor london breed was the only candidate running for mayor who attended the celebration. she acknowledged the work of others before her. >> so many people who have laid the path for people like myself to even be on the board of supervisors. i stand on their shoulders. >> with messages of hope throughout the event organizers say this is the first of many more parades to come in the bay view. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. new poll shows south bay voters approve of google's plans to bring 20,000 jobs to downtown san jose over the next ten years. this poll was conducted for our media partner, the bay area newsgroup and the leadership
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group. 79% of 431 registered voters supported the development that would combine jobs, housing and mass transit. google hopes to develop 6 to 8 million square feet of offices near the sap center. critics worry the expansion could worsen the affordable housing shortage. if you're going to open a new savings account, be sure to read the fine print. >> a bay area company is in the middle of a bicycle recall you should know about. >> michael finney is here with more on those stories. >> this one is a pretty big bike company. morgan bay hill. -- they're recalling bicycles sold in the united states. 20918 specialized allay. these models came in a variety of colors and sold throughout north america from july throug december 2017 between $750 and $1200. the fork on the bicycle can break, causing the ride toer lose control.
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there's only one report of a fork actually cracking. no crash or injuries have been reported. ownership stopped using the bicycle right away. take them to an authorized specialized retailer for repair. the interest paid on savings and money market accounts is way up. that's the good news. the bad -- good luck cashing in. the public service website, mouse has gone over the small print. the company that -- accompany the ads. there are deals offering as much as 1.5% interest. often president cthe consumer m minimum deposit. that's range from $25,000 to $200,000. before depositing any money expecting that big payday, be very careful and read the small print. have you ever started crossing the street after the pedestrian countdown began? up until a few weeks ago, that could have cost you a hefty
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fine, as much as $250. but no more. >> there's a new law allowing you to cross the street even though the countdown has started. previously, if you see the countdown starting, you should stop at the curb. >> tonight at 6:00, i'll continue looking into crosswalks. here's a question. does pushing the button do any good? does it work? we'll be talking approximate that tonight. >> everybody wants to know. thanks, michael. b.a.r.t.'s general manager says it will not be possible to build a new station to serve a potential new oakland a's ballpark at the howard terminal. general manager says any substation at the west oakland station would reduce speeds and create "uncertainty" along the busiest stretch of track. construction would be extremely complicated and there are questions about who would pay for it. she writes, by the time we would be able to design and build such a project, i'm sure the a's
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would have had at least ten winning seasons and a world series win in the new stadium. major league baseball announced a series of new rules designed to speed up games. there will be a limit of six visits to the mound. not including a pitching change per game. commercial breaks will be shorter. down to 2:05 for regular season games and umpires can discipline players for violating ballpark timers. the league considered the 20-second pitch clock, but elected not to use it for this season. speaking of pitching, former san francisco giant's ace lincecum is reportedly taking the mound again in the major leagues but not for the g-men. he has a guaranteed contract with an unnamed team. lincecum has spent the past year away from the game. the two-time cy young winner sat out last season after a dismal stint with the l.a. angels in 2016 carrying a 9.6 e.r.a.
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the giants tweeted videos and pictures from scottsdale, arizona. they're trying to bounce back from a 98-loss season with help from newcomers, andrew mccutcheon and evan longoria. the first game is against the brewers. the oakland a's in mesa, arizona, they posted videos and pictures on social media. ricky henderson was there to chat with players and get them pumped up a bit. the first spring game on friday. it's a good thing they're training in scottsdale, because the weather has been a little wild. let's talk more about the wild weather hitting the bay area. new video into the newsroom from david nguyen in the oakland hills showing tiny snowflakes falling into the palm of his hand. could be tiny hail as well. if you have some interesting weather pictures, make sure to use the #abc 7 now. so we can see them and put them on tv.
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just when you thought spring was here, not quite. it's winter-like out there. we're tracking spotty light showers in the east bay. take you down to street level. oakland, alameda, harbor bay parkway. san leandro, castro valley. going eastward across dublin, dublin boulevard and spotty showers. it's been turning to snow? the mt. hamilton area where they have been cold enough to see snow showers. in the sierra, this has resulted in snow showers as well. obviously, we're not talking about a lot of snow. but at least it's something considering the statewide snow pack is only 20% of average. here in the bay area, we've been getting numerous reports of hail, graup wiel. here's a picture. the air is cold enough that you may see not only a shower or two but hail or graupel as well. it's windy also. adding to the windchill factor. gusting to 33 at sfo. it's making it feel colder.
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22 miles an hour in novato out of the west. here's a live look at the sutro tower camera. 49 in san francisco right now. it is chilly. 50 degrees at oakland. mountain view. 50. 52 in san jose. a gorgeous picture from the east bay hills camera. some of you have seen the showers. upper 40s to the low 50s. mild compared to what's coming. a live picture from the emeryville camera. plenty of sun but freezing cold the next two mornings. record lows are likely. some rain and snow showers expected on wednesday as well as a couple of systems pass through the bay area in the next few days. i do want to show you the temperatures tomorrow morning. the asterisk indicating potential for a record low. if that temperature reaches that point. 26 in santa rosa. 27 napa. you'll notice 32 san rafael. 38 in san francisco. 28 in livermore. those expected to be records. san jose, 35 degrees. it is going to be so cold that
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you will want to bring out your heavy winter coats and jackets. don't forget about the scarves and gloves. you'll need them in. still chilly in the afternoon. we fast forward to wednesday. system drops down. what it's going to do is bring in potential for snow showers at the higher elevations. you'll notice 5:00 a.m., spotty returns. we go into about 7:00 a.m., this is when a little more moisture passes through the region. don't be surprised if you do see showers on wednesday and some high elevation snow. as indicated there wednesday afternoon over mt. hamilton, we'll continue that trend going into possibly thursday. you can download the accuweather app and keep track of live doppler 7 and the temperatures. the accuweather seven-day forecast showing freezing cold morning ahead. another cold morning on wednesday. potential for the mixed precipitation, rain and snow and there's still a chance on thursday that we might see a few snow flurries and showers. certainly we'll be milder in the mornings and in the afternoons as we head towards the end of
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the workweek and into the weekend. i have to tell you right now, even though we have clouds and sun for the weekends, one computer model wants to bring in a chance of showers saturday and sunday. slight chance for monday. we'll keep you posted. thanks, sandhya. predicting the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke by looking into a patient's eyes. google says their method accurate it's just my eczema again,t.
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another use for a.i. google is using artificial intelligence to predict the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke. within five years, by looking into the retina. google was surprised at the accuracy of the results.
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it could be months or years before the methods are used routinely. elon musk, the boring company has an actual written permit to work on a tunnel in washington, d.c. last year, musk tweeted that officials in d.c. had given him verbal permission. the officials then denied musk's claim. the "washington post" also reports the boring company wants to build a hyper loop that would whisk passengers between washington and new york in 29 minutes. right now it takes 2 hours 45 minutes. flying on the airplane, takes about one hour. airline employees work hard to get us to your destination safely. dedicated people at united went the extra mile to reunite a woman with her engagement rings. she lost them between new york city and jackson hole, wie homing last week. an agent foubd the rings and put
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them in a safe. a united captain hand delivered them to her with a nice note. the episode restored her faith in humanity and the airline business. one bride has a great story to tell. her dream wedding went according to plan until it came time to take the elevator to the reception. >> we started to go up the elevator kind of shuddered and then the doo at at&t, we believe in access.
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the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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hi there. i'm dion lim on abc 7 news at 6:00, see how students spent the day in santa rosa. the first steps in san jose to bring california's high-speed rail through the bay area. and do the crosswalk buttons in your community actually do anything? 7 on your side's michael finney investigates with some surprising results. it's all coming up in half an
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hour at 6:00. thanks. we'll see you then. an elevator malfunction almost ruined a bride's big fortunately for her, firefighters came to her rescue. >> everyone waited for her at the reception. >> one of her bridesmaids came up to me and whispered in my ear, don't be alarmed but melissa is stuck in the elevator. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> firefighters worked to determine how she could get out without ruining her dress. >> prepared to get her honeymoon clothes, get it down to her. >> a technician came and got the elevator back up. melissa was back on solid ground and everybody was so happy. [ cheering ] >> melissa says she's glad she got unstuck and things were unfortunate, she celebrates the fact she has a good story to tell. >> she certainly has that. >> great pictures with
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firefighters. world news tonight with david muir is next. i'm dan tonight, several developing headlines as we come on the air. the alleged school shooter. the new video, what it shows. and nikolas cruz in court. and now, the husband and wife who took him in, breaking their silence. answering the questions, what did they know? were there signs? and what they said to him after the massacre and what he said back. also tonight, the twitter storm. president trump unleashes. the president under mounting pressure from many of the school kids at that school to do something. and the president taking aim, saying the fbi missed signals in florida, spending too much time on russia. the reaction was swift. the major winter storm tonight. 24 states, from california to vermont. snow, ice, flooding. more than 100 accidents and counting. the brawl at sea. the pictures. the huge fight onboard a cruise ship.


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