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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 24, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PST

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time to head for warmer clima climates, now in vegas, ends up at the happiest place on earth disney land. takes a bit of damage. ♪ da, da, da >> oh no. >> enjoying all of the theme parks before making its way back to the library. they're celebrating and using the small suspension bridge like a trampoline, jumping up and down on it. yeah! this is fun! >> well it was designed to withstand some force, right? >> some force, but not all of it. >> oh. and an interesting question that will really make you think. >> what is one possession you would never give up? >> my bike. >> my barbie dream house. >> but priorities change the older they get. >> my teeth. we were about to pull off the greatest upset
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closed captioning provided by -- healing lotion. penetrates 10 surface layers deep, with 7 moisturizers, 3 vitamins. gold bond. dozens of people celebrating and having a great old time as they're using the small suspension bridge like a trampoline, jumping up and down on it, yeah, this is fun. >> well, it was designed to
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withstand some force, right? >> absolutely. some force, but not all the force. >> oh. >> so these are like unruly spring festival tourists. >> yes, exactly what's happening. this is the last day of the chinese new year celebrations. you can hear some laughter in the background. however, some of the local people are like, uhm, the bridge is gone. >> it's one of the biggest mass migrations of humans every year. there are people coming from the middle of nowhere to china and going to shanghai and they're going to beijing and they don't quite know how to act, if you know what i mean. >> here's one way to ruin a wedding day. the whole wedding party was on their way to the reception, and they went across this bridge that i guess was just tired for the day. now we missed the moment that the bridge collapsed in this video, but you can see some of the aftermath. as valiant as the men are trying to be i can't help but notice
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they're desperately trying to keep their shoes dry. >> you rented them and you didn't get the insurance. i got to take this back the same way i got them. >> conde nast entertainment and "glamour" magazine posted this question to women the ages 5 to 75. >> what is one possession would you never give up. >> a picture of my mom and dad walking in the streets of san francisco. >> my nintendo. >> of course. >> even my duran duran t-shirt. >> one thing, gayle. that t-shirt is going to burn. >> i'm a woman. >> barbie dream house. >> first soccer trophy. >> they talk about little things. >> teens any menials and phones. >> all about the phone. >> my phone. >> my cell phone.
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>> my cell phone. >> my phone. >> because they've never had to live without a phone. >> they don't know life without it. we get into the 30s. the phones are still sprinkled in there. >> my cell phone. >> she qualifies it. >> my friends live all over. i have to keep in touch. >> in the 40s. >> nothing i would have a problem giving up. >> my mother's jade ring. >> my parents ashes. >> the perspective changes so much. >> you've been through -- >> plus you can afford to get a new phone. >> she's trying to find ways around this. one picture gayle and that's it. >> photograph of my brother and pi. >> diamond necklace from my mother. >> passport photo of my father before he immigrated to the united states. >> i'm not the 50s even though the 50s seem like that picture of mom and dad. >> wait to the 60s. >> my husband's painting. >> my locket with my mother's picture in it. >> 70s people go my iphone. >> my wedding ring. >> my ipod. >> ha, ha, ha! >> my teeth.
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>> that is such a good one. >> that's a good one. i'm going to go with that. >> i'll take gayle's t-shirt. ♪ you are absolutely going to love this christian, because you are a scuba diver here on staff at "right this minute." check this out, this is in mexico. scuba divers went night diving and they came upon this beautiful sea turtle. look, here's more reasons for oli to hate the ocean. look what's attracted to the light because they're night diving. blood worms. >> are you serious? that's what those are? >> are those blood-subbing like small creatures that live in the sea? >> they are tiny creatures and they do have four jaws and they are carnivorous but they're looking for shrimp and plankton. if you happen to be around them you have to sweep swimming. you don't want them to swarm around you because they can work their way into your face masks
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or in your ear. >> i was ready to love this video, and made me want to go night diving but now i'm not sure that i do. thank you for showing us the video. i'm cool. that turtle was beautiful, though. it's a mind-boggling -- >> phenomenon that defies physics. >> see this metal pipe roll uphill, yes, i said up, not down. is it only metal things that rollup hill? and a prime example of why men can't fall sleep around their poise. it's like waking up in a spider's web. argh! people to get wrapped up in this video. >> oh wow, that is amazing. -ahh. -the new guy. -whoa, he looks -- -he looks exactly like me. -no. -separated at birth much? we should switch name tags, and no one would know who was who. jamie, you seriously think you look like him?
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promotional considerations provided by -- trust icy hot when for powerful relief.down, [ male announcer ] the icy hot patch. goes on icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. so you're back to full speed. [ male announcer ] icy hot. power past pain. this is a mind-boggling phenomenon that defies physics. we are at the bottom of this hill looking up to that turn, but at this very specific area
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in scotland, known as croy bay, this happens, things roll uphill. >> is it only metal things that roll uphill? >> no, cars will also stop in this area because it's such a if he fphenomenon. put it in neutral and let it roll. >> again it's metal. is there something geologically pulling things up the hill in. >> i like to think there's a huge magnet. >> might be a mine they haven't discovered yet. >> it's so fascinating. this whole time that metal pipe just keeps rolling and rolling and rolling, but, my friends, this happens to be an optical illusion. it's magic. >> is it going downhill? >> the road goes down, but the placement of the hills in the background make it look like it's going up. >> so it's smpl simply a matter perspective. >> there was a perfectly logical
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explanation to what was going on. another thing that is very difficult to explain is this video. >> this is the new vegas. >> it appears as though the driver is playing a little game and actually hits the jackpot while driving. where the money comes from or how much money you get we don't know. >> check the tailpipe. >> somebody might be just projecting their phone onto that thing. >> exactly that is. just a phone app they managed to get the right cable and put it up on their screen. >> so the car is not to a attached? >> it takes your cash, yes. >> it's a cash guzzler. the fellows from rebel tv clearly wanted to be wrestlers when they grow. . >> a lot of college students like to sleep in random places. why not plastic wrap them. >> this unsuspecting college students sleeping off nothing they were doing the night before are about to get a little wrapped up in this video.
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this fella is having a good old nap, clearly a comfortable sofa and clearly deep sleep. these guys get to work. >> oh, wow. that is amazing. >> this is actually pretty funny. >> this video is sped up but for a full two minutes these guys are woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo. >> the problem is the kid is going to wake up one minute before class thinking he has to get up and run to class. he's not going to make it today. >> well, they inadvertently or deliberately, not quite sure, wake him up. [ bleep ]. >> the theme of the video apart from wrapping is webbing. >> that's like waking up in a spider's web. this dude is sleeping outside in the sun, wrap him up and the same thing. [ bleep ]. >> eventually when he wakes up, he better be a faster runner.
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that guy got out pretty quick. in the chair, might be in the library, gets wrapped up. wakes him up again just for the fun. guess what he has to do? this dude looks the most comfortable of all. got himself a blanket, he's in that comfy chair and all fast asleep. they get to work. as much as they have wrapped him, they haven't wrapped him very well. this guy is able to get out pretty quick. [ bleep ]. >> ooh. >> they're getting their exercise instead, running away from angry people. dad has a special command for siri. >> little olivia is in her highchair and dad figured out that she really, really, really loves someone. >> find out what makes this little one light up.
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children are so beautifully unpredictable. you guys have seen that challenge, that paper challenge.
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>> i have not seen this. the >> this is a new one. >> this woman has an interest in toddlers. >> is that nick as a child? >> has to be. i'm thinking yes. >> that kid comes in, kicks the paper, but the leg keeps going and ends up clubbing her right in the nose. and watch this. >> oh my gosh. >> is she bleeding? >> yes. >> oh my gosh. look at the kid could care less. he's like wee! >> he found it hilarious because he is the little brother. that's his big sister and you know how that goes. this next video was posted by argentine actress barron. she has a ton of social media followers. she always does these cute little videoses often-times they include her son. this one they were doing a dance routine. >> ooh. >> unfortunately mom didn't quite time it properly. >> wait, mom didn't time it properly or junior didn't? i'm going to go with junior. >> you're blaming the child?
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>> absolutely. >> she does assure everyone everybody's okay. they did have a little booboo but no biggy. little olivia is in her highchair and dad's figured out that she really, really, really loves someone, someone we know really well, mickey mouse. >> show me pictures of mickey mouse at disney world. >> he turns the phone back around, first she's bored but watch her face. >> here's some images of mickey mouse. >> the kid is like, are we going? are we going? is this a trip? >> dad says she first watched "mickey mouse clubhouse" and wouldn't stop watching it. it's all she wanted to see, and has since become a huge fan of all things mickey mouse. thanks for spending time with us today. we appreciate it. has endless content. check it out and catch us on the next brand new episode of "rtm."
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