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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 24, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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it's saturday, february 24th good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's check in on the forecast with loose lease. >> it's cold out there. how cold? as we look at live doppler 7 we have clear skies around the bay. check out these reading. freezing at half moon bay. 28 in santa rosa. 27 in livermore, danville. freezing in voyage. 37 in san jose with 35 in hayward. we are colder, five to nine degrees colder across the bay iria. but it will be a pleasant afternoon with partly cloudy skies. it's going to take time to recover. it's going to be chilly by
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ninetime. in the 50s. by the afternoon just in the mid 50s for most of us. another clear night tonight. clouds increase on sunday and we will see a little bit of rain pof the work week. the beginning a better chance, a more significant system by tend of the upcoming work week i'm detail it for new my accuweather seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. more than a week after 17 people were killed at a florida high school we are now learning more about the events leading up to the attack. abc news obtained the transcript of the tip the fbi received a monday before the shooting but didn't act on. abc news reporter maggie rulli has the story. >> reporter: authorities are releasing new details about what happened this the months leading up to last week's school shooting, including a full transcript of the tip the fbi received a month before the shooting. in the call, the he female caller warns the shooter was about to explode. she said she told the parkland
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police department and the fbi just in case he quote, blows up. the fbi admitted failing to act on the tip. also released, a 911 call from someone who appears to be the alleged shooter about three months before the shooting happened. >> the thing is, i lost my mother a couple weeks ago so i'm dealing with a budge of thing right now. >> reporter: the broward county sheriff's office says they were called to the alleged shooter's parkland home 23 times. two of the calls were directly related to concerns that this person could potentially shoot up a school. students across the country are standing behind stoneman douglas. many met with officials there week including florida governor rick scott? my message has been very simple, you are not alone. >> reporter: scott announced a new action plan that puts $500 million towards a school safety program. the students and their family will be back on campus for an
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orientation this sunday for a week of transition for the students getting them back together to try to find some level of normalcy. >> the parkland school shooting is reigniting the debate over whether teachers should carry guns. the nra and president trump endorsed the idea but the teemps union is against it saying carrying weapons requires training and judgment. >> reporter: at least eight states allow teachers to carry guns on campus, but the teacher's union in san francisco says no way. >> as a teacher and as the president of the teacher's union i can tell you that's a crazy idea. >> reporter: she says it's all teachers can do to teach, keep order, and look out for the well-being of students without the responsibility of keeping a gun at a safe distance to keep students safe. >> arm us with fully funded
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classrooms. >> reporter: then there is the training. cadets in california police abd mes undergo three weeks of training with handguns, shotguns, and rifles. that's not all. >> using the weapon is one aspect of the training. but the bigger act is the decision making about when to use it and how to operate in a highly stressed situation. >> reporter: nobody is saying that teachers need the same training as cops but anyone who carries a gun regularly needs to develop and maintain a certain level of skill. this captain is in charge of training for the richmond police department. he says when a new officer joins his force they must ungo another 40 hours of firearms training. >> on top of that, officers ten times a year go to the range to hone their marksmanship and gun handling skills. >> reporter: he is not taking a position on who should be armed but the richmond p.d. is making a key change since the florida
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shooting. since the gunman tripped the fire alarm to get people into the skill zone, every time a fire alarm is tripped in richmond schools the police officers will arrive at the site with fire fighters. congressman mark desaulnier spoke with abc about gun laws. >> last three years not one gun law has come up. not a hearing, not a vote, no accountability. we are hearing movement from republican colleagues that they might be interested in background checks. we hope this is a moment for the country to do what other countries have done and have a national discussion about this. >> the representative is holding a town hall meeting on gun violence today at 11 oeb this morning at stanley middle school in lafayette. if you want to take action because of what happened in florida head over to our
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website. we have posted a complete least of california's 53 representatives and two senators. a growing number of companies are breaking ties with the national rifle association in response to customer feedback. salesmen tech is no longer offering norton anti-virus discounts to nra members. herts rent a car announced it would back away on a discount. three weeks ago chubs said it would drop benefits for nra members. offensive lineman jonathan mental is being held in a mental health facility. yesterday police detain him for questioning as a result of an image posted on social media that prompted the closure of an l.a. prep school. here's the post. it shows a shotgun and am nation with a quote saying when your bully victim and a coward your options are suicide or revenge. the post also says
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#harvard-westlake, went to school. his post referenced four feel, including ritchie incognito, and pouncey, dolphins players who harassed martin. he spoke about bullying to students at pete mont middle school in 2016. >> you are 6'5", 325 pounds at the time. that's a big person. how could these words hurt. but for me i was always more sensitive to that. >> martin retired from the nfl after playing for the niners in 2014. he later admitted he suffers from major depressive disorder and anxiety. a protest in connection with the brock turner case took place at stanford last night. the former stanford swimmer made
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national news for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in 2015. he was sentenced to six months in jail. elissa harrington has more on what the protests hope to accomplish. >> you took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my safety. >> reporter: student protesters at stanford gather at the spot where the woman known as emily doe was assaulted in 2015 and read passages from her viral letter to the court. there were plans to install a plaque here in her owner but the protest organizer says the university refused to use the quotes that doe requested. >> stanford decided to take away her voice and rewrite the story in a way it saw as convenient. >> reporter: the university chose different quotes from the letter including one that said i'm okay, everything's okay. >> stanford wanted to say it's okay, everything is okay, completely out of context. this is about a rape, not you
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know a b on a test. >> reporter: shortly after brock turner and emily doe left that frat house, this spot became a crime scene. since then the university has transformed it into what they call a contemplative space. but protesters say this does not reflect the truth of what happen here. it has not been revealed what words doe wanted n. a lengthy statement a university spokesman said miss doe's representatives proposed two quotes the university could not accept. elissa harrington, abc7 news. prosecutors have filed new charges against the riverside county couple accused of beating and torturing their children. david and louise turpin will each face three additional child abuse charges. loise turpin also faces an added felony assault charge. they each face 75 counts of
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abusing torturing and imprisoning their children for decades. on oakland city official says arson may be to blame for a fire at an abandoned nearly century old library. sky 7 was on the scene as flames consumed the building at east 15th and miller yesterday afternoon. the property has been vacant since the 1970s but squatters have taken over the historic building. oakland city councilman gallo lives two blocks away. >> this morning at 9:00 a.m. there was a big fight, a physical fight that occurred on the ground of the building. and one group pushed the other out. they believe that the group that got pushed ott came back and set te place on fire. >> the building has been red tagged and is considered a total loss. time now is 5:10. meteorologist lisa argen previewing the accuweather forecast for us. looking at the map, we saw a lot of blue to start the morning. >> yes. dark blue. i was trying to count up the 20s. so far, five 20s and the refuse
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in the 30s. in it is cold in emeryville right nouchlts 38 degrees. concord, 36. what state is this anyway? california, we have frost, it is nippy out there. and still the possibility of a vein snow mix coming our way before the weekend is out. and yes it's going to feel wintry in the week ahead. details coming up. also ahead, the bay area laptop problem getting so bad some people are now taking matters into their own hand. and taking a would be bike thief, all caught on camera. the scheme that allowed san
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berkely police arrested another laptop thief who was targeting coffee shops near the cal campus. cbs news reporter katie utehs
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shows us how customers made all the difference. >> reporter: police released this video to show how quickly thieves are snatching lap tops from coffee shop customers. >> we've become a target. >> reporter: more than 25 laptop thefts within two months has people taking matters into their own hands. uc berkeley student alex ferguson witnessed a citizen's arrest friday afternoon. >> i scanned the area before, and they just grabbed a laptop sprinted out. >> hot on their heels, coffee house customers chased the thieves down college avenue. >> i think one of them was an athlete. >> reporter: they held the teenager until police areeved and arrested him. he handed the laptop off as he
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was running down the road so it was not recovered. >> i witnessed it five or six times by myself. >> reporter: the problem is so pervasive, police are now going undercover in the coffee shops. the tactic led to the arrest of six people this past weekend. and police say their undercover work will continue. san francisco police want bike thieves to know their next target could be bait. look at this video released by the department. the potential thief at the top of your screen tries to make off with a bait bike until undercover officers race in and arrest him. sfpd says the bait bike was locked up properly but the thief still tried to steal it. officers say there are steps that residents can take to protect their bike. >> one thing is to register their bikes. they can go to sf and register the bike. that helps us if we do fine their bike and make sure that they make a written report.
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>> police say these operation also continue. last year, nearly 900 bikes were stolen in san francisco. the california department of public health says instances of the flu are slowing down but adds that the disease remains widespread throughout the state. in the week of february 11th through the 17th, 17 people died of the effects of influenza. several more weeks of flu activity are expected and may continue through the spring. health official continue to stress that a flu shot is the best way to prevent illness and hospitalization. downtown san rafael is being modified as work for the larkspur extension kicks into high gear. crews are making curbs, gutters and sidewalks along one street to help bus drivers who will need to make a route adjustment when the extenson is completed. our media partner the marin independent journal is reporting trains are set to pass through downtown san rafael, then the batini transit center and into the ferry terminal by next year.
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the goldenate district is footing the bill. for some, the nun ar new year is a chance the look back decades. look at the dancing lions, more to the point, the men inside the costumes. they are retired san francisco police officers. they entertained yesterday at a retirement community in san francisco. this is their 30th year together. >> our captain at that time, along wi said we should do this as community service. he got a bunch of guys to go. we started in 1980 and we practiced and we have been doing it since. >> he says the officers patrolled on the chinatown event and noticed the seniors and preschoolers enjoyed the lunar events and from that, a 30 year dance tre tigs was born.
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the chinese new year parade will affect traffic this afternoon from second and market to kearny in china china. abc news was at the pier yesterday as workers put the finishing touches on the floats. the parade route will be closed off at 4:30. the parade begins at 5:15 tonight. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> it is going to be a chilly night for the parade but not as cold as it is right now. dive doppler 7 showing we have clear skies. it is so cold out this. we have the coolest temperatures just after sun rise. they are likely to drop another degree or two. we are in the upper 20s from santa rosa to novato. danville is 27. livermore, good morning to you, 27 degrees. it's 30 in morgan hill. 30s around the bay.
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hayward to man mateo. freezing at half moon bay. it goes on and on. it is certainly a cold morning with the atmosphere trying to recover by this afternoon. but we will be a good seven to ten degrees below average today. so we are iz freezing cold this morning. dry and milder towards tomorrow afternoon. but then we are going to see an increase in clouds. it will be cold on sunday night into monday as we get a wintry mix. not a whole lot of moisture associated with that system. we'll talk more in detail about it in a moment. livermore tomorrow morning you should have some low 30s instead of these upper 20s. but the average low is in the 40s. you see just through the next several days it's going to continue to be awfully winter lee like here. i guess we are due, right? we had to go the whole month and have nothing but spring like temperatures. now as we end february and get into march it's really going to feel like winter. in fact, stay that way for the foreforeseeable future with active weather headed our way.
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it is a one on our storm impact scale. it heads our way monday. rains will be light, anywhere from .1 to .25 inch of rain. gusty winds, and snow over the upper elevations. tomorrow at 5:00 in the afternoon clouds increase. sunday is dry but we'll look for the rain/snow mix to arrive by late sunday night. you can see it toward clear lake. in the afternoon on monday not only is it chilly. here's your monday morning by 5:00. just some light showers. and by the mid morning hours, 11:00, the system wants to push to the south. but a lot of cold air with it, obviously. so we are going see some higher elevations, mount hamilton, mount diablo looking at a little bit of snow. by 11:00 in the even it's all over with. we are looking at about a foot of snow, dry powder in the sierra nevada.
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ten inches in west lake. today, 50s in the city to about 60 if you are lucky in concord and san jose. tonight, the i don't have night lows could still see isolated 20s. more likely in the 30s though. as you check out our ouk ouk we are looking at partly cloudy skies today. we will see an increase in clouds by mid-morning. then slightly warmer tomorrow. don' get too used to it because you will notice we have wet and cool weather with a one on our storm impact scale on monday. download the accuweather app. for those heading to chinatown this evening for the parade use those hand warmers, the reusable ones. >> why not. just ahead. home sick sue ma tran
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ross is going all out... all outdoors that is. you'll find everything you need to make your outdoor space your favorite place. and if you want it all for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere, you gotta go to ross. the bay area is packed with lunar new year events this weekend. we teamed up with our partners at hoodline and we have the best ways to sip, eat, and celebrate. >> it is tea perfect weekend to sell brachlt there are a ton of events and one delicious way to welcome this the new year. >> some people say we are like bujy boba. >> two men on a mission to make better boba. you will find natural
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ingredients. they left and followed their passion with explosive success through word of mouth and media. the popular drink, the strawberry macha latte, are you seeing the three separate layers. they are open in new york, and will soon be in l.a. the best part, getting to see their parents leaving their jobs was worth it. >> he said he was proud of me. and so it was really cool to be able to show your parents like this is what we built. what is the we are doing, this is why it's worth it. >> it's crazy to see how far we've coming. seven years ago when we started this we never thought it would be so far. >> the new year starts with new flavors. how does a nine course banquet sound?
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contained the upscale lunar new year swear a. we have a link to r srsvp. nothing like tradition, saturday a noon the chinese culture center's springance that brings luck. you will see the lion dance team. for all the information, head over to and we will link you up with hoodline. new i-phones could be just around the corner. multiple reports have the airpower charging mat launching next month. allows for wireless charging of newer models of apple devices. it's going on the market before the cupertino company unveils new phones. a search on line found the mats ranging in price from $25 to $60. you know the saying, home is where the heart is. for a sue mat ran tiger, that's true. jillian was born at the san
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francisco zoo four years ago. she was moved to the sacramento zoo. over the last year she wasn't able to adjust to her new home. as a result jillian was moved back to san francisco this week. sumatran tigers are critically endangers. fewer than 500 are thought to exist in the wild. still the come, the push being planned by silicon valley tech leaders next week to get something done in washington about
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good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> good morning. thanks for joining us imi'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. hi lisa. >> hi cries. we are freezing this morning about temperatures below 32 degrees in many areas. not argument in the north bay and the east bay. freezing on the coast at 32.
5:30 am
27 in danville and livermore. 37 in "gma." 35 for you in highward and san matio. stay inside, budged up, have another cup of coffee. wait a while. we are anywhere from two to 11 degrees colder than we were at this hour yesterday. as we go through the afternoon, we are beginning to thaw out, 9:00, mid 40s for some of you around the bay. by 1:00 cloud cover and low 50s. peeks of sun. we will call it partly cloudy. 5:00 in the low 50s. that is the time for the chinese new year parade. grab the jacket. it will be chilly. in the even, we are in the 40s. rain coming our bay late sunday into monday and more rain at the end of the week. san francisco supervisor london breed will hold a community meeting today to discuss the apparent drug-related deaths of three men. the meeting starts at 11:00 this morning at the san francisco
5:31 am
police park station commune room on waller street. investigators believe the men overdosed on the powerful opioid fentanyl. their bodies were found near the urban school on page street on masonic avenue early thursday morning. happening today, a motorcade will transport the body of reverend billy graham. the motorcade is expected to leave at 8:25 this morning our time. his body will lie in repose at the billy graham library in charlotte on monday and tuesday. graham was spiritual adviser to 12 american presidents and considered the most widely heard christian evangelist in history. he died wednesday at the age of 99. a private funeral will be held on march 2nd. a bay area assembly man is proposing a bill to declare gay
5:32 am
conversion therapy a crime. the process has been outlawed in california for minors. the new measure would extent the ban to adults. >> the american psychological association has deemed this as a hurtful and harmful practice. in the state of california we went to ensure that consumers are protected and that they know this is considered fraud. >> the proposed bill would allow people to sue for consumer fraud. a number of other states including massachusetts and illinois have already passed similar bans on conversion therapy for minors. state lawmakers just raised the gas tax but the amount you pay at the pump could go even higher. during a recent meeting how to fix the nation's infrastructure, president trump expressed an openness of raising the federal gas tax to 25 cents a gallon. >> can we raise it a few pennies. yes, we can. it has been ks discussed.
5:33 am
there are ways it can be done to keep up with inflation. there is a proposal and discussion with democrats to do that. >> the congressman says raising gas prices is only a temporary solution since more people are drive electric cars. since we are talking about gas prices, the state's average price is $3.33 per gallon. divers in san francisco pay 3.42 per gallon. in oakland, 3.31 per gallon. snooim. immigration reform and the fate of dreamers aren't dead issues at least not in silicon valley. a contingent of ceos and powerful elected officials will descend on the to discuss the matter. david louie looks at details of the lobbying effort. >> reporter: the nut of silicon valley is at stake. that is the message 45 executive
5:34 am
and public official will take to washington next week urging congress to address immigration reform and the possible protection for dreamers. a delegation from the silicon valley lawmakers group admits that immigrants work up 57% of the work force in the >> they are contributing members of our community. they are contributing mightily to the strength of america's overall economy. >> reporter: they would hold meetings with democrats and republicans and will target fence silters whom they believe can be persuaded to support daca and immigration reform. they will also speak for property, education >> we get the representation
5:35 am
that daca is not republican. it is republican. we want to do something about daca, get it solved after all these years. >> reporter: political observers aren't sure what democrats or republicans will do next. the delegation from silicon valley hopes it can make a difference. >> earlier this month democrats tried to use immigration and daca as bargaining chips to try to resolve the federal budget situation and avert a government sheddown. the budget comes up again on march 23rd. the city of santa rosa may be closing in on the cause of contaminated water that forced residents to stop drinking tap water. according to the press democrat, the city has found 58 instances of benzene in the drinking water, mainly from the fountain grove neighborhood. it is a chemical found in plastics and gasoline. cam nantz were found in december. affected residents have been using water for drinking washing and food preparation. the north bay fires were put
5:36 am
out months ago but the recovery effort is still ongoing. yesterday caltrans released video of the clean up that's been happening since the fires were finally knocked down in october of last year. crews moved more than 700 fire tajjed trees and re seeded hundreds of acres of land that could be considered unstable during a storm. fire departments are holding a career expo. prospective candidates can take part in hand on demonstrations to test their skills. there will be presentations and videos about what to expect in a career in the fire service. the expo runs from 10:00 until00 1:00 today. city college of san francisco is banning spoking on campus. according to the examiner, smoking and the use of tobacco and marijuana products including vaping and e cigarettes will be banned. still under debate, access the medical marijuana.
5:37 am
the he leadership board needs to vote on guidelines for implementing the new policy. they will provide resources for those trying to quit. the oasis beer garden has been serving up great food and good memories in moan low park for 60 years. yesterday owners announced on facebook they will be closing their doors for good. janine dela vega visiting during the lunchtime rush and has this story. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> cheers folks. thank you. >> reporter: when you walk into the oasis you will fine a mish mash of silicon valley workers, older stanford alumni, and generations of families. they all come for the same thing. >> just an ordinary ham berger with everything on it. >> double cheese. melts in your mouth. >> reporter: the owe asis has been a staip staple in menlo park for 60 years. stanford football memorabilia is on the walls. the wood tables and walls have carvings, many of them
5:38 am
declarations of love. >> i dated a guy in graduate school in stanford. we came here and he carved our initials on the booth. it's not the guy i ended up marrying. >> reporter: she wanted to come to the o before it closes. she came with her husband who was pick to hand her a pocket knife. >> go for it. >> reporter: the onner says she couldn't come to an agreement with the landlord on the lease. >> this is history here. the table is covered with history. it's just a nice warm funky place you feel comfortable eating in. >> it's so popular with people wanting to come here one last time that the kitchen ran out of meat. a delivery is on the way but people love it so much that they are still waiting in line. >> what we have got a delivery coming. so we are counting the minutes. so we are just doing the best we can. >> reporter: customers ordered pizza and sandwiches instead. in the beer garden, a reunion of old friends. a bittersweet time for them. this isn't just a place of
5:39 am
memories it is an institution that will soon be gone from the landscape on the peninsula. the o closes on march 7th. in menlo park, janine dela vega obz 7 news. still ahead, closing in on a new milestone for self driving cars. the vote scheduled for monday, and what it means for all the bay area companies already on road. first as we head the break the time is 5:39 we are looking live outside at from the exploratorium camera. lisa arg
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welcome back, everyone. sky 7 was over the chase center construction site yesterday where you can see significant progress being made to the future home of the golden state warriors. construction started in the mission bay neighborhood a little more than a year ago. if construction stays on schedule, the warriors plan to open the 2019-2020 season at the chase center. 5:42 is the time. meteorologist lisa argen tracking the accuweather forecast for us. cold temperatures as we begin our saturday. >> and dry weather. we will see a weak system headed our way late tomorrow. we are looking at another frigid morning with temperatures ranging from the upper 20s to about 40 in san francisco. all the temperatures in the east bay close to the bay in the mid 30s. how much will we recover? and how much rain will we receive. >> the aub accuhas the answers in just a few minutes. also ahead, it's the game you don't want to play. you don't want to play. who has the guts for this disinfectant spray says i have to rinse off the
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in sports, it's saturday night fever at oracle arena. kevin durant faces his former team when the warriors take on the thunder. tip-off is at 5:00 p.m. if you are not going to the game, watch it only on abc7. stick around for toyota after the game with larry beil. mike shumann at oracle post game arena. done foil and kerry keating. giants yesterday played their first game of spring training. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everybody. baseball is back. spring training games began yesterday. the giants looking to show they actually do an offense in 2018. giants and brewers.
5:46 am
only 60 degrees in scottsdale. traffic and weather together on the 7s. two run double. giants score four early for a 4-0 lead in the second. does pablo sandoval have anything left? maybe so. the panda goes adios pelota. but the giants ended up losing by a score of 6-5. the a's and angels in mesa. owed up throwing out the first ceremony pitches. speaking of the moon. that's where oweson.hits them. that's a young man with power. look at the catch. took it away from the little guy. bottom of nine. a's trail 2-7. anthony garcia trying to make the club as non-roster invitee. a walkoff two run single will happen. the a's fik viktorious, 9-8.
5:47 am
to the ice. sharks lost in chicago. turn it over in their own zone. sha malz, happy birthday nick. just turned 22. 2-0, third period. meyer. how does this puck get you through all those body and beat the goalie. pull the goalie. burns trying to keep chicago from scoring. it's ar tell aeneas move. 3-1 blackhawks your final. there is a huge scandal in college basketball. arizona head coach sean miller was recorded on fbi wiretaps talking about a $100,000 payment for a star recruit. this is according to yahoo sports. this broke it force. said to be the tip of the iceberg of big name college coaches implicated in offering improper benefits. would you stand in front of an angry bull for 500?
5:48 am
i didn't think so. some people will. watch. contest called hula bull in hilo, hawaii. you win if you say inside the hula hoop and live to talk about it. that guy is out. this woman is about to be out. whoa. that is crazy. let's watch it again. amazingly -- i can fly! she suffered only a sprained ankle. the winner was the dude in the corner. he was untouched and he got $500. that's hard way to earn $500, i'll tell you. that's a wrap on morning sports. we have got warriors and okc tonight at 5:30 here on abc7. have a great weekend i'm larry beil. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> saturday morning, yes, another frosty one. in fact this morning will be colder than tomorrow morning. we will get that over and enjoy partly cloudy skies from our
5:49 am
sutro tower camera. it is cold even in the city with temperatures plummeting down through the 40s this morning. our forecast highlights looks like this, cold again this morning with patchy frost. woolsey some sun. the clouds unvading by mid morning make it partly cloudy throughout the day today. then by late tomorrow into monday, a wintry mix with the snow levels at 3,000 feet lowering to 2500 feet and a rain/snow mix. around mount diablo and mount hamilton could see a dusting again. not a whole lot of moisture associated with that system. another on the way. from our roof camera right now, look at a little bit of a breeze out there. we will be breezy around the bay. that's going the add to the cooldown with temperatures a good ten degrees below average. as you look at the morning temperatures you know it's going to take some time to recover. 27 in fairfield. livermore. good morning santa rosa, 28 for you. as del as danville. 37 in san jose.
5:50 am
also around san matio. how about san jose at 42 degrees. it has been awfully cold, and we continue with this streak although our mid-winter dry spell, well that's over with. we had .01 last week in san francisco. we are going add to that, late tomorrow into monday, rainfall .1 to .25 of an inch. with some gusty winds. possibly we'll see some hail and the show could come down to the higher elevations. as we go lieu the rest of the weekend you will notice sunday looking at some clouds by sunday evening. and then by 9:00, 10:00 at night we are looking at a few light showers. as we go into your monday morning commute well it could get a little slick out there. we stop this at 5:00 monday modern. scattered light showers. by the afternoon the cold air is still in place. that allows for some of that accumulation to come down as the wintry mix and maybe around mount hamilton getting some good pictures. but it's all over by -- the evening commute will be dry and
5:51 am
it's really over by mid-afternoon. as we look at the amounts through 7:00 monday about .1 of an inch in santa rosa. a little better than that in the east bay and south bay. nothing to write home about. but it is feeling like winter. with a foot of snow expected in the sierra nevada. 57 in 55 in san francisco. dropping into the low 50s, and then 40s by 9:00. definitely have the warmer coat out there. the accuweather seven-day forecast, sun throughout the weekend. slightly warmer tomorrow. and then the wintry mix monday. a break tuesday and wednesday. heavier rain thursday andi froo. we could see maybe three quarters of an inch to an inch as we get to march 2nd at the
5:52 am
end of the week. >> i guess we shouldn't complain in san francisco. we are in the 40s. north bay is in the 20s. >> i was in the east last week. it was in the 80s. >> really? >> it was summertime. >> they are getting a dose of what we have been getting the past couple of months. >> totally. >> any more anna month you can see something else or rather not see something. those same vehicles with no one behind the wheel. abc news reporter jonathan blume explains new rules taking affect and what's going on behind the scenes. >> reporter: it might look like a magic trick but this could be the future. >> on monday we are expecting an announcement. >> reporter: the dmv says it would let autonomous companies take the driver out of the car. >> there is no driver behind the steering wheel. there needs to be a remote driver snook that's where phantom comes no. >> we can remotely drive a
5:53 am
vehicle. >> reporter: they go through a training program and stand by to take over if an autonomous car needs help. >> we don't have to fully trust the machine. >> reporter: he reports self driving cars get it right 98% of the time but sometimes they get confused. >> the car will let help, if it is stuck at a construction site and cannot move then it would know to ping us. >> reporter: with this panoramic view the driver can see everything with none blind spots. but driving a car from inside an office raises interesting questions. >> the vehicle is being driven by a human just from further away. >> reporter: road show's annie hall says we know that, but as for pedestrians or other drivers. >> a lot of people might not mow also going to be a human back up. there might be pan knick the streets, we will see. >> reporter: the critical part is keeping the delay down to almost nothing because
5:54 am
not streaming movies. they are streaming real life. >> if you press on the brake and it takes six seconds it could be a potentially fatal outcome. >> reporter: there is the pedal on the right, when it comes to curbing a lead foot. how do the cops pull over a remeet drivers. >> your guess is as good as mine. next, a rare sight in the desert, where snowf
5:55 am
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5:57 am
30s, which made it possible for snowflakes to fall. the national weather service says the last time snow fell at mccarron international airport was christmas day in 2015. yesterday's snow showers missed the airport so it won't make it into the additional books. next on abc7 mornings at 6:00, gun train asking safety is in the spotlight. a bay area police officer tells abc news how rigorous training is. plus, watch your lap tops. the bay area laptop theft program is getting so bad, residents are taking problems into their own hands. when conditions change where you live. >> we are expecting heavy rain in the bay area. >> this is going to be a strong slow moving soaker. >> officials are taking it seriously. >> had he you need to know what's going on right away live doppler 7 is wherever you are. >> live doppler 7 alone with
5:58 am
satellite, this is
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning bay area. >> let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> it's saturday, february 24th. thank you for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the farook. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> you know it's cold out there. we have clear skies. colder temperatures this morning. in fact we have a good deal of numbers in the 20s. from the east bay to the north bay valleys. we gained two degrees on the coast. we were freezing in half moon bay. now 34. it is freezing in mountain view. 29 in morgan hill. we usually get our coolest temperatures before sunrise. another hour or so. we could see that 30 dip to the upper 20s in napa. everyone is colder this morning. boy, it is frosty out there. with that


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