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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 24, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning bay area. >> let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> it's saturday, february 24th. thank you for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the farook. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> you know it's cold out there. we have clear skies. colder temperatures this morning. in fact we have a good deal of numbers in the 20s. from the east bay to the north bay valleys. we gained two degrees on the coast. we were freezing in half moon bay. now 34. it is freezing in mountain view. 29 in morgan hill. we usually get our coolest temperatures before sunrise. another hour or so. we could see that 30 dip to the upper 20s in napa. everyone is colder this morning. boy, it is frosty out there. with that patchy frost give
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yourself extra time if you have to head out. we will look for those numbers today to slowly climb into the low 50s by noontime. low to mid 50s should do it with partly cloudy skies. we are dry today. dry tomorrow. rain coming in late sunday into monday. it is a wintry mix. but then by the end of next week we are looking at more substantial rain. i'll detail that for you coming up. more than a week after 17 people were killed at a florida high school we are now learning more about the events leading up to the attack. abc news has obtained the transcript of the tip that the fbi received one month before the shooting but didn't act on. abc7 news reporter maggie rulli has the story. >> reporter: authorities are relewis leasing new details about what happened in the months leading up to last week's school shooting including a full transcript of the tip the fbi received the month before the shooting. in the call a female warns the alleged shooter was going to explode saying he was threatening to kill people on
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social media. she clims she told the parkland plenty and was telling the fbi just in case he quote starts shooting places up. the phish admitted to failing to follow up on the continue and sharing with it the fbi's field office. also released a 911 call from someone who appears to be the alleged shooter about three months before the shooting happened. >> the thing is i lost my mother a couple days ago so i'm dealing with a bunch of thing right now. >> reporter: the broward county sheriff's office says they were called to the allege shooter's former parkland home 23 times. two of those calls were directly related to concerns this person could potentially shoot up a school. students across the country are standing behind stoneman douglas. many met with top government officials this week including florida governor rick scott. >> my message to them has been very simple. you are not alone. >> reporter: scott announced a new action plan that puts nearly $500 million towards a school safety program. the students and their families will be back on campus for an
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orientation this sunday to start what the superintendent says is a week of transition for the students, getting them back together to try to fine some level of normalcy. maggie rulli, abc news, new york. the parkland school shooting is reigniting the debate on whether teachers should carry guns. the idea has been endorsed by the nra and president trump but the union representing san francisco teachers is against it. and experts say carrying a weapon requires training and judgment. abc7 news anchor eric thomas has the details. >> reporter: at least eight states allow teachers to carry guns on campus. but the teacher's union in san francisco says no way. >> as a teacher and as the president of the teacher's union, i can tell you that that's a crazy idea. >> reporter: she it's it's all teachers can do to teach, keep order and look out for the well-being of students without the responsibility of keeping a gun close enough to reach and keep it a safe distance from students. >> fur going to arm educators, arm us with books. arm us with smaller slas size.
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arm us with fully funded classrooms. >> reporter: then, there is the training. cadets in california police academies undergo three weeks of training with hand gus, shotguns and rifles. and that's not all. >> using the weapon is one aspect of the training. but the bigger aspect is the decision making about when to use and it how to operate in a highly stressed situation. p>> reporter: nobody is saying that teachers need the same training as cops but anyone who carries a gun regularly needs to develop and maintain a certain level of skill. this captain is in charge of weapons training for the richmond police department. he says when a new officer joins his force they must undergo another 40 hours of firearms training. >> on top of that officers at least ten times a year actually go the range to hone their marksmanship and gun handling skills. >> reporter: he is not taking a position on who should be armed but the richmond p.d. is making a key change following the florida shooting. since the gunman tripped the fire alarm to get people to
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leave their classroom and move into the kill zone any time a fire alarm is tripped in richmond schools police officers will accompany the firefighters. eric thomas, abc7 news. right now, the topic of guns is more controversial than ever following the mass shooting in florida. east bay congressman mark desaulnier spoke with abc7 about what he expects the leaders to do about gun laws. >> in three years not one gun law has come up. there have been 300 of them, not a hearing, not a vote, no accountability. we are hearing movement from republican colleagues that they night be interested in background checks. we hope this is a moment for the country to do what other countries have done and have a national discussion about this. >> the representative is holding a town hall meeting on gun violence today at 11 this morning at stanley middle school in lafayette. if you want to take action because of what happened in
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florida head over to our website. we posted a list of california's representatives and senatos as well as their contact information. you can find it on line at our website, agree number of companies are breaking ties with the national rifle association. sem an tech no longer offers a discount to nra members. hertz also announced it would back away on a discount. chub announced it would drop discounts to nra members. jonathan martin is being held in a mental health facility. yesterday los angeles police detained him for questioning as a result of a threatening image he posted on social media that prompted the close your of a los angeles prep school. here's the post. it shows a shotgun and am nation with a quote saying when you are a bully victim or a coward your
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options are suicide or revenge. the caption also read harvard-westlake where martin went to high school. they canceled classes yet. martin received national saengs for a bullying scandal in 2013 when he played for the miami dolphins. his post referenced four people, including dolphins players who harassed martin. the 28-year-old spoke about bullying to students at san jose's piedmont middle school in 2016. >> you are 6'5", you are 320 pounds at the time. that's a big person. how could these words hurt? but for me, i was always more sensitive to that. >> martin retired from the nfl after playing for the niners in 2014. he later admitted that he suffers from major depressive disorder and anxiety. a protest in connection with the brock turnr turner case took place at stanford last night. the former stanford swimmer made national news for sexually
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assaulting an unconscious woman in 2015. he was sentenced to six months in jail. abc7 news reporter alyssa harrington has more on what the protests hope to accomplish. >> you took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my safety. >> reporter: student protesters at stanford gathered at the spot where the woman known as emily doe was assaulted back in 2015. >> my own voice. >> reporter: and read passages from her viral letter to the court. >> my damage was internal. >> reporter: there was plans to install a plaque here in her honor but the protest's organizer said stanford refused to use the quotes they requested. >> stanford silenced her vice. >> reporter: the school chose a quote that said i'm okay, everything's okay. >> stanford wanted to say i'm okay, everything's okay. completely out of context. this is about a rape. not a b on a test.
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>> reporter: shortly after brock turner and emlow doe left that frat house this spot became a crime scene. since then the university has transformed it into what they call a contemplative space. but protesters say this does not reflect the truth of what happened here. it hasn't been revealed what word doe wanted n. a lengthy statement a university spokesman said miss dee's representatives proposed two quotes that the university could not accept. they were inconsistent with the contemplative space where the members our community could peacefully reflect and seek solace. alyssa harrington abc 7 news. prosecutors filed new charges against the riverside county couple charged of beating and torturing their david and through ease trpin each face three additional charges. they already faced 75 counts for torturing, abusing and imprisoning their children for decades. if convicted the two could each
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face 94 years in prison. an oakland city official says arson may be to blame for a fire at an abandoneder inially century old building. sky 7 was on the scene as flames consumed the building yesterday afternoon. the property has been vacant since the 1970s. squatters have taken to he have the historicing build. oakland councilmemberman gola lives two blocks away. >> this morning at 9:30 there was a big fight, a physical fight that occurred on the drowned of the building. one group pushed the other out. they believe the group that got pushed out came back and set the fire. >> the building has been red flagged and is a total loss. no mincing words. it is a cold out there. >> 27 to 42 out there. it is freezing. sub freesing in many years with clear skies, lower dew points and colder temperatures. live look outside where the
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hildest start is still chilly. san francisco 42. and 32 by the with aert in voyage. we will talk about sun, slightly warmer and rain coming our way in the coming days. also ahead, the bay area laptop problem getting so bad some people are now taking matters into their own hand. and taking town a would be bike thief all caught on camera.
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berkeley police arrested another laptop thief who was targeting coffee shops near the campus. fast moving customers made all the difference. >> reporter: berkeley police released this surveillance video to show how quickly thieves are snatching lap tops from coffee shops. >> students have their lap tops out. so we have become a target. >> reporter: more than 25 laptop lefts within two months has people taking matters into their own hand. uc berkeley student al exferguson witnessed a citizen's arrest friday afternoon. >> they kind of scanned the area before. and they just grabbed a laptop over here in this area and like sprinted out. >> reporter: hot on their heels, sacks coffee house customers chased the thieve down college avenue. >> one of them had an athlete
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backpack on. >> reporter: they held the teenager until police arrived and arrested him. witnesses say the happen top thief ran outside of the coffee shot, handed the laptop off and took off down the red. the laptop unfortunately was not recovered. >> i witnessed it five or six time myself. >> reporter: the problem is so pervasive police are now going undercover in the coffee shops. the tactic led to the arrest of six people this past weekend. and police say their undercover work will continue n. berkeley, katie utehs, abc 7 news. san francisco police want bike thieves to know their next target could be basement look at this video released by the department. the potential thief at the top of the screen tries to make off with the bait bike until undercover centers race off and tackle him wednesday in the mission district. sfpd says the bait bike was locked up properly but the thieves still tried to steal it. officers say there are steps
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people can take to protect their bike. >> register their bikes at sf that helps us if we to find their bike. and make sure they make a written report. >> police say these operation also continue. last year, nearly 900 bikes were stolen in san francisco. >> if you are headed to the city today the chinese new year festival and parade will impact traffic tonight. the year of the dog parade begins at second and market and finishes a at kearny and columbus in chinatown. you can see the full route on the screen. abc7 news watt at pier 54 yesterday as workers put finishing touches on floats. this parade begins at 5:15 but the route will be closed ott beginning at 6:30. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> we are in this cold spell a bit longer. live doppler 7 showing you mostly clear conditions and a nippy start out there. a live look outside. it's nice and clear in the city.
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check out the view from mount tam. beautiful. but look at all the 20s. 28 in santa rosa, napa, know vota. 27 by the delta. concord, 36. and livermore checking in at 28 degrees. in the sierra nevada. another foot of snow potentially on the way through monday afternoon, early evening. freezing cold with patchy frost this evening. dry and milder throughout the afternoons but tomorrow morning should be a little bit better than this morning and we are looking at this cold storm arriving monday. late sunday into monday with the rain/snow mix. it is a onan to our storm impact scale. that means a light system. light rainfall, .1 of an an an snow levels from 3,000 feet to 2500. mount hamilton, perhaps mount
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diablo and lake county getting in on the cold cold mix. we are here, you will notice clouds in the north bay. about 9:30 you will see sprinkles. and it's the cold air that settle in around clear lake. early morning you will notice we are looking at the rainfall across the bay area for the monday morning commute. it will be light. and it will quick loo eowed by 11 okay. that's when we will see the wintry mix come into play throughout the mid morning hours. the late afternoon. and here we are by 11:00. you see the pink down into the south bay. here are the amounts. you will see how light they are. from a little more than .1 in novato to .2 in oakland. not much. usually these cold systems don't hold a lot of moist. that's always good news in the me era nevada. we like the snow levels lower for our water content. this is a dry snow. anywhere from ten inches in south lake to a foot in kirkwood there. definitely good news. highs today, we should be in the
6:19 am
low 60s. a good seven to ten degrees below average. it will be breezy. the northwesterly wind coming into play. allowing for mid 50s in san francisco. perhaps 60 in san jose. 56 for you by the variety in vallejo. tonight is going to be a cold night. you confuser went degree readings with mid 30s for you in fremont. 31 in santa rosa. overall the picture stays cool. the accuweather seven-day forecast, the cold start, breezy afternoon, slightly milder tomorrow. increasing clouds. a weak system, a one on our storm impact scale for monday. dry tuesday. by late wednesday our next system cues up. for now thursday and friday look wet with rain. download our accuweather app, track the temperatures and live doppler 7. >> good to see multiple days of the storm impact scale in play for the week. >> march coming like a lyon.
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paula ferris joins us from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on sho "gma." >> coming up on "gma," richard
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gates pleads guilty a. third trump associate now cooperating with the mueller probe. what this means for the administration and the russia igs investigation. plus the harrowing 9 1 call that appears to be nikolas cruz. we new insight patio the parkland shooter's dramatic past and a transcript of the dropped fib tip and the many missed warning signs about the attacker. finally, u.s. curling team's historic win taking home their first ever gold in the event over sweden. we have all of that coming up on "gma" this saturday. hope to see you soon, everyone. this weekend, the bay area is packed with festivities for the lunar new year. abc news anchor natasha teamed up with our partners at hoodline. it is the perfect weekend to celebrate. there are a ton of events and one delicious way to welcome in the new year. >> some people say we are like boba. i would say it's better. >> two men on a mission to make
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better boba, which is milk tea with tab yoka pearls. you will find premium products. ben and andrew spent ten years in the carpet world making tacki bags and accessories. they left and followed their passion with explosive success fueled by word of mouth and social media. their most popular drink, the strawberry macha latte. >> you seeing the three separate layers. >> so beautiful. >> boba gays has six locations in the bay, is open in new york and will soon be in l.a. the best part, getting to show their parents leave their safe jobs was worth it. >> you are going to make me cry. he said he was really proud of me. it was cool to be able to show your parents this is what we built, this is why we are doing and it this is why it's worth it. >> seven years ago when we started this, we never thought
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it would get this far. >> they are celebrating with four new flavors. now does a nine course banquet sound on saturday attend the upscale swear and see thely ondance team. for all the info head over to and we will link you up with hoodline. you have heard the saying home is where the heart is. for a sumatran tiger that home apparently needs to be here in san francisco. jillian was born at the san francisco zoo four years ago. she lived there until last february when she was moved to the sacramento zoo. over the past year she was not able to adjust to her new home. as a result, jillian was moved back to the city this week.
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sumatran tying remembers critically endangered. experts say fewer than 500 are believed to exist in the wild. still to come. a new chapter in the fight over daca and the push being planned by sill don't valley tech leaders next week to get something done in washington. plus i
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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> hi, everyone. it's great to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. >> you only want a quick look of it's that cold out there. calm winds, clear sky. and frosty temperatures. a live look outside. haze from our east bay hills camera. freezing in mountain view. 36 in san jose. 27 in gilroy. low 40s in san francisco. 34, half moon bay. check out mount tam. it is a pretty sight but not this, upper 20s by the delta. novato, voez a and livermore. concord at 46. everyone is much colder. i'm sure you are feeling it. sunshine throughout the day today. 40s by 9:00.
6:30 am
the clouds are with us this afternoon. by 1:00 it is still cold out there. first and 50s. by 5:00 in the afternoon, more 50s. just in time for the chinese new year parade down toint. we have rain coming our way, a cold rain. a wintry mix. and wednesday, thursday, and friday a typical system. london breed will hold a community meeting today to discuss the apparent drug-related deaths of three men. the meeting starts at 11 this morning at the san francisco police park station community ramman waller street. investigators believe the men overdose on fentanyl. their bodies were found early thursday morning. police say no foul play is suspected in their deaths. happening today a motorcade will transport the body of the reverend billy graham from ashville to his hometown of
6:31 am
charlotte, north carolina. the motorcade is expected to leave at 8:25 this morning our time. his body will lie in repose at the billy graham library in charlotte on monday and tuesday. graham was spiritual adviser to 12 american presidents. and considered the most widely heard christian evangelist in history. he died wednesday at the age of 99. a private funeral will be held on march 2nd. a bay area assembly man is proposing a bill that would classify gay convergent therapy as consumer frautd. convergent therapy a practice which has been around for decades aims to change a person's sexual orientation through counselling, hypnosis and in some cases election rock the shock treatment. it has been banned for minors. the new measure bans it for adults. >> it's seemed a hurtful and harmful practice. in the state of california we want to ensure that consumers
6:32 am
are protected and that they know this is considered frautd. >> the proposed bill would allow people to sue for consumer fraud. a number of other states including massachusetts and illinois, have already passed similar bans on conversion therapy for minors. immigration reform and the fate of 690,000 dreamers aren't dead issues in silicon valley. a contingent will descend on washington to explain how the work force needs immigrants especially as apple, google, and others are expecting to add tens of thousands of workers in the near future. we have details of their lobbying effort. >> reporter: the future of silicon valley is at stake. that's the message they will take to washington next week urging congress to address immigration reform and the possibility of protection for a del grags from the silicon valley leadership groups wants to address one thing, that
6:33 am
immigrants make up 57% of the work force in the valley. >> they are in our colleges, in our companies, contributing members of our society. very few have criminal records. this is the only country they have ever known. and they are contributing vitally to the strength of america's overall economy. >> reporter: they will hold meetings with democrats and republicans and will target fence siltders whom they believe can be persuaded to support daca and immigration reform. at the same time they will also lobby for federal funding for the bart extensions in zoint san jose, for protecting higher education funding and for support of autonomous vehicle technology. president trump said it's wrong to assume republicans are against daca. >> you know, we get the representation like daca -- it's not republican. let me tell you. it is republican. because we want to do something about daca. get it solved after all these years. >> reporter: however, political observers aren't shoe what democrats or republicans will do next. the del dags from silicon valley hopes it can make a difference. earlier this month democrats tried to use immigration reform
6:34 am
and dpaka as bargaining chips try to reach a budget agreement. it comes up again on march 23rd. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. the city of santa rosa may be closing in on the cause of contaminated water that forced residents to stop drinking tap water. according to the press democrat, the city has found 58 instances of benzene in the ink drinking water in the fountaingrove neighborhood. it is a chemical found in plastics and gasoline. contam nantz were first found in november. residents have been using bottled water for drinking, washing and food preparation. the north bay fires were put out months ago but the recovery is still ongoing. yesterday caltrans released video of the ongone clean up on the hillsides in napa and sonoma county. it's work that has been happening ever since the fires were finally knocked down in
6:35 am
october of last year. crews have removed more than 700 fire damaged trees and re-seeded hundreds of acres of land that could be unstable during a storm. happening today, following california's most destructive fire and disaster season, fire departments are holding a career expo. prospective candidates can take part in hand on demonstrations to test their skills. there will also be presentations and videos about what to expect in a career in the fire service. the expo runs from 10:00 until 1:00 today at the firefighter candidate testing center in livermore. city college of san francisco is banning smoking on campus. according to the examiner, smoking and the use of tobacco and marijuana products including vaping and e cigarettes will be banned. still under debate, access to medical marijuana. the college's leadership board still need to vote on guidelines for implementing the new policy. student health services would also provide resources for those who are trying to quit. it would go into effect on the
6:36 am
first day of the fall semester. the oasis beer garden had been everybody serving up great food and goo memories for 60 years. yetd yesterday its owners announced on facebook they will be closing the doors for good. we visited during the lunchtime rush and file this story. >> here you go. cheers folks, thank you. >> reporter: when you walk into the oasis you will mine a mish-mash. they all come for the same thin. >> just an ordinary hamburger with everything on it. >> double cheese. melts in your mouth. >> reporter: the oasis, affection addly known as the o has been a staple in menlo park for 60 years. stanford football memorabilia is displayed on the walls. that's not all. the wood walls and tables have carving: many of them declarations of will. >> i dated a guy in stanford and we came here and he carved our initials on the booth it's not
6:37 am
the guy i ended up marrying. >> reporter: stud judy wanted to come before the o closes. she came with her husband. who was quick to hand her a pocket knife. >> go for it. >> reporter: the owner says it's hard for the customers, and it was hard for her, too, but she couldn't come to an agreement with the landlord. >> it's history. the table is covered with history. it is a nice warm funky place you feel comfortable eating in. >> it is >> reporter: it's so popular with people wanting to come one last time that the kitchen ran out of meat. a delivery is on the way. people love it so much they are still waiting in line. >> we have got a delivery coming. we are counting the minutes. ear doing the best week. >> reporter: customers ordered pizza and and vichs instead. in the beer garden a reunion of old friends. a bitter sweet time for them. this isn't just a place full of memories it is an institution that will soon be gone from the
6:38 am
landscape on the peninsula. they close on march 7th. still were mornings. closing in on a new milestone for self driving cars. the vote scheduled for monday and what it means for all the bay area companies already on the road. first the time right now is 6:38. as we head to break we are looking live outside from our sutro tower camera. we are moments away from sun rise. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? don't miss the final days of the ultimate sleep number event! save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with
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center construction site yesterday. where you can see significant progress being made to the future home of the warriors. construction started in the mission bay neighborhood a little more than a year ago. if construction stays on schedule, the warriors plan to open the 2019-2020 season at the chase center. 6:41 is the time. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the cold cold conditions out there. we are just moments away from sunrise. 6:48 in "gma." >> if you think it's cold here. how about 5 at the tahoe valley airport. 5 for a high today at south lake. 40 for sunday. then snow arrives on monday. we will talk about that. and our own extended outlook, which includes some rain as we enter into march. that's all coming up. >> looks like the snow making machines are on up in tahoe. lisa thanks. also ahead, it's the game you don't want to play. who has the guts for hula
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in sports, it's saturday night fever at oracle arena. kevin durant faces his former team when the warriors take on okc. tip-off is at 5:30. if you are not going to the game, watch it only here on abc7. stick around for toyota after the game with larry beil in studio. mike shumann from oracle.
6:45 am
>> this afternoon, the giants face the dodgers in the cactus league. yesterday, san francisco played their first game of spring training. abc7 sports director larry beil has the highlights in this modern's sports report. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. baseball is back. spring training games began yesterday. the giants looking to show they actually do have an offense in 2018. giants and brewers. only 60 trees in scottsdale. traffic and weather together on the 7s. dugger, giants center of the future. two hundred double. giants score four early for a 4-0 lead in the second. does pablo sandoval have anything left? maybe so. the panda goes adios p, six errors were costly and the giants ended up losing poi a score of 6-5. the a's and
6:46 am
owed up hits it. 3-2 a's. bottom nine, a's trail 2-7. garcia is trying to make this club as a non-roster invitee. a walk off two run single will help. the a's victorious, 9-8 the final. sharks lost in snashville. sparky hoping for better results in chicago. 1-0, sharks down. turn it over in their own zone. nick sha maltz. just turned 22. 2-0. third period. timo meyer. how does the puck get through all the body and beat ruby. he made 42 saves. burns trying to keep chicago from scoring. pulled the goalie. and it's aenenis
6:47 am
s. >> there is a huge scandal in college sports. the arizona coach was recorded on fbi wiretaps offering $100,000 for a signing bonus. one on the list of big name college coaches offering improper benefits. would you stand in front of an angry bull for $500? i didn't think so. but some people will. watch. contest called hula bull in hor, lo hawaii. you get $500 if you stay inside the hoop. that guy is out. this woman is about to be out. whoa, that is crazy. let's watch it again. amazingly -- i can fly -- she suffered only a sprained ankle. the winner was the dude in the corner there. he was untouched. and he got $500. that's a hard way to earn $500,
6:48 am
i tell you. that's a wrap on morning sports. warriors and okc tonight at 5:30 here on abc7. have a great weekend i'm larry beil. now our accuweather forecast with laes lease. >> testimony, everyone. check out mount tam. isn't that a heavily perspective? but boy you are feeling the chill in this morning subfreezing temperatures in the north bay and east bay valleys. bundle up this morning. tomorrow we will be slightly warmer. you see the breeze out there. we will have northwesterly winds throughout the day. looking a of the a weak weather system coming in toal morning. for the weekend we are looking at partly cloudy skies. slightly warmer for sunday. it's this morning you are really shivering out there. that sunshine is not helping that much to warm us up. in fact, right now, before sun rise we have got our coldest temperatures. we will looking a the numbers to come up later on.
6:49 am
we are going to also see increasing clouds. this is emory ville. 42 in san francisco. 36 san jose. gilroy at 27. and half moon bay freezing. the golden gate bridge. it's clear. no wind out there. lower dew points. the numbers are in the upper 20s. livermore, fairfield, novato, santa rosa and concord right at 36 degrees. we will bring in or storm impact scale, this is late tonight intt early monday morning. it is a very cold system it doesn't hold a lot of moisture but it will bring down snow levels from 3,000 to 2500 feet. tomorrow we are sunny to start out. slightly warmer. then looking at clouds. this is 8:30. the bulk of the day will be nice and sunny tomorrow. then we are beginning the see light returns here. but we are into the late sunday
6:50 am
night hour. as we go through your early monday morning, 3:00 a.m. this is the front. it holds together as it bushes across the golden gate bridge. if you are planning your morning commute you will notice showers by 5:00 or 6:00 monday. they are going to be light and scattered and out of here by early afternoon. the cold air is in place. we will see mount diablo and mount hamilton looking at a dusting of light he. >>. it will translate to more snow in the mountains. it is a weak system. but we have a stronger one to follow it. in the mountains then, looking at anywhere from half a foot to a foot of snow in kirkwood. eight inches at incline. we are slowly adding to the snowpack, the dry fluffy snow. 5 degrees right now at the tahoe valley airport. later on today look for northwesterly winds with temperatures just in the mid 50s. it is a going to be a cool one. 57 in fremont as well as napa. then for the chinese new year parade, this afternoon in the
6:51 am
city will be partly cloudy with temperatures in the 50s. dropping through the 40s throughout the evening. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we're slightly milder tomorrow, morning and afternoon. a one on our storm exact scale for another cold system. the warmest days of the week will be tuesday and wednesday. back into the 60s. a cold rain arrives thursday and friday. and this one looks to be more significant. >> well, we have been asking for the rain. >> we have. a little late in come but we'll welcome it. >> we will take it. lisa. thank you. in a little more than a month you could see something else or rather not see something at all. we are talking about those same vehicles with no one behind the wheel. abc7 news reporter jonathan blume explains the new rules taking effect and what's going on behind the scenes. >> reporter: i may look like a imagimagic trick but this could the future. >> we are expecting an announcement. >> reporter: the dmv says it would allow autonomous driving
6:52 am
companies take the human passenger out from behind the wheel. >> there needs to be a remote operator. >> reporter: that's where phantom comes in. >> we can remotely drive a vehicle. >> reporter: they go through training program and stand by to take over in the case the car needs help. >> we don't have to fully trust the machine just yet. >> reporter: the cofounder estimates self driving cars get it right 98% of the time but sometimes they get confused. >> the car will know when it needs help a lot of times if it's stuck let's say at a construction site and it's paralyzed and cannot move, then it would know to ping us. >> reporter: you can see with this panoramic view the remote driver can see everything with no blind spots. but driving a car from inside an office raises some interesting questions. >> the vehicle is still being driven by a human. it's just being driven a little bit further away. right. >> reporter: road show's annie hall says we know that but as for pedestrians or other
6:53 am
drivers. >> a lot of people aren't going to know there is a human driver backup. there might be panic in the streets. >> reporter: pan tom uses public cellular admonition all of them at once. the trick is keeping it real time. they are not streaming movies, they are streaming real life. >> if you press on the brake and it takes six seconds it could be a potentially fatal outcome. >> reporter: then when it comes to curbing a lead foot. how does the cops pull over a remote driver? >> your guess is as good as mine. we will have to see. >> reporter: abc7 news. next a rare sight in the desert, where
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $204 million mega millions drawing. of, 11, 13, 19, 59, the mega number, 9. nobody picks all six. the jackpot goes up to $222 million. tonight's is $269 million. residents in las vegas got a surprise yesterday, snow. the national weather service says the last time snow fell at mccarron international airport was christmas day in 2015. but yesterday's snow showers missed the airport. so it won't make it into the official books. are we going the see know in
6:57 am
the sierra? that's what a lot of people want? >> yes, we certainly are. we got frost in the bay area this modern. upper 20s to low 40s in san francisco. today. partly cloudy, 56 in oakland. 60 in concord. if you are headed into the city, well, bundle up. it will be in the 50s by 3:00 with sun, clear, and dropping through the 40s tonight. the accuweather seven-day forecast, slightly warmer tomorrow. then we bring in a wintry mix on monday. the warmest days of the week will be tuesday and wednesday. and then our next system as we begin march will be heavier. could bump it up to a 2 on our storm impact scale. stay tuned. >> grab the scarves and gloves if you need them if you are headed into the city for the parade today. i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. the news continues now on line, on twitter, facebook, and instagram. "good morning america" is next. abc7 news returns at 8:00 a.m. we'll see you then.
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if you want to save big on pet accessories, you gotta go to ross. good morning, america. new this morning, under investigation. were there other sheriff's deputies who did not enter that florida high school when nikolas cruz allegedly opened fire? plus, what a caller appearing to be cruz told 911 three months before the massacre. >> the thing is i lost my mother a couple of days ago,so like i'm dealing with a bunch of things right now. >> and the tipster who was worried cruz would shoot up a school. guns in schools. president trump renewing his call for teachers to be armed. >> if there are guns inside held by the right people, by highly trained professionals, you're going to see this end. >> he says a gun-toting teacher could be better than an armed security officer. pleading guilty, the former trump campaign aide rick gates


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