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tv   ABC7 News at 430PM  ABC  February 24, 2018 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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this early edition of news because of the warriors game. >> parents teachers and students demanding change in the wake of the mass shooting in florida. abc 7 news reporter was there for it all. he joins us from lafayette. cornell. eric, dion. the congressman has hosted many townhalls but he says this is by far one of the largest. many were surprised when a gun rights supporter showed up demanding to be heard. >> what can be done both by congress and by to us limit the influence of the nra? >> there were tough questions at this townhall meeting on gun violence hosted by east bay congressman mark saying he is proud to get a failing grade in the nra. >> he told the packed house that parents students and teachers he will fight for a federal ban on assault weapons but won't be easy. even after a shooting massacre
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last week at a florida high school that left 17 dead. >> it's been disheartening, and heart breaking to see all the shootings. it's breaking my hart we have to have another tragedy. >> many rejected pruch's idea of arming teachers at school. >> argument teach certifies a b.s. idea. >> next to home, schools should be the safest most nurturing place. it would be a sad day in this country when we have to arm teach zbleers put somebody up there with an opposing viewpoint. >> excuse me gun ownered brad freely from pleasanton demanding equal time process. he says banning assault weapons isn't the answer. >> we see the mass shootings and all the problems look at the root of the problem and figure out why people are doing this instead of blaming gun owners. >> at times emotions ran high. >> some of the crowd tried to stop us from sbrfgt him by covering the camera lens and shouting him down. >> turn the cameras off. >> student waylon johnson just wants to feel safe at school. >> we don't deserve all the
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donees if we can't use them right and responsibly. >> many came to listen hoping a solution will come to ending gun junls violence. in lafayette, cornell bernhard, abc 7 news. there is a fresh wave of anger offer the deadly school rampage in florida after reports of four deputies stakesed at the school didn't enter the building during the shooting. the reporter ashley kor up has the reaction. >> you were trained for this. you were armed. you had a bullet proof vest protected more than anybody else who died. >> students from the high school speaking out about police reports that four broward county sheriff's deputies stayed outside the building with their weapons drawn. while gunman nikolas cruz was inside shooting into classrooms with an ar-5 style rifle. authorities reveal one deputy scott peterson was not only harmed and in uniform but knew there was an active shooter on school grounds. >> the school resource officer was behind a stairwell wall standing there.
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and he had the gun drawn and just pointing it at the building. you froze, got scared, you know, you did nothing at all. and you could have saved a lot of lives. >> the superintendent said he was shocked, outraged and angry to hear about what happened. >> and to realize that more could have been done that potentially lives could have been saved, this is just outrageous. >> and when reporters asked the sheriff scott israel what peterson should have done. >> went in. addressed the killer, killed the killer. >> accounts of what the coral springs officers witnessed after arriving on scene will be released in a report likely next week. abc 7 news. top california democrats are in san diego this weekend for the state's party convention. and there is one thing they can agree on. fighting donald trump. a lot of focus is on southern california congressman and chairman of the house intelligence committee -- rather ranking member of the house
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intelligence committee adam schiff who endorsed diane feinstein in her bid for re-election. she says she will continue fighting on behalf of dreamers but spoke about gun control. >> i am not going to stop, ladies and gentlemen until we get these ar-15s off of of o streets. >> feinstein received a standing oinnovation for remarks. the state senate president challenged the senator had her bid for re-election. >> a flash mop mob took over to call attention to a supreme court case. as the crowd of mainly teachers gather near the ferry building. a man is challenging the collection of mandatory union dues. that could dramatically change labor laws in the u.s. and could deal them a serious blow in the classroom. >> we want to do everything we can to protect our students, make sure they're well educated. the best way to do that is to not silence the voice of the people who work with them every
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day. >> the case is supposed to go before the high court this coming monday. >> well another chilly night. and there is a chance of rain heading our way. abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma as a look at the timing. >> this morning we woke up to record lows and didn't recover too much from those chilly temperatures this morning. in the 50s for the most part. so certainly a chill in the atmosphere right now. and future tracker temperatures were already into the 40s by 9:00 later tonight. grab the winterer jackets scarves and hats. tomorrow morning widespread 30s if not several 20 degree readings starting out sunday. but we are tracking the storm system, one of two we are tracking in the next couple of days that will finally bring back a stormy pattern. we'll detail the timing and where it stands on the storm impact scale in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. noft of police had to shut down part of the headquarters because of a pipe bomb. somebody brought it into today after find going on the street. officers recognized the 8-inch
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plastic tubing with the silver metallic powered pb the uc berkeley bomb squad was brought in. nobody was hurt. >> petaluma police hope luck runs outs for this man who stole skach skraf off tickets. he scratched two large racks from the counter. ran from the story and into an awaiting car. investigators learn the suspects were in the santa rosa area cashing in about $500 worth of lottery tickets at different locations. >> hawaiian airlines abruptly cancelled of summertime flights from the bay area to the islands. they were supposed to launch between hon lieu and and california. hawaiian says passenger will be rebooked to other flights. the airline says the new planes they were hoping to fli fly on the routes were delayed by the manufacturer air bus. problems with the engines are
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preventing the delivery of those on time. >> the woman behind a controversial public sculpture process in palo alto is fighting to keep it on dpla. the artist adriana has threatened to sue to sop the removal of digital dna originally set to be removed today. but that's on hold as the city and artist discuss the future. the city says the sculpture isn't holding up under bad weather and maintenance is expensive. >> a north bay family of four who lost homes in the devastating wildfires last year have received a gift they've been waiting months for. >> it's real and it's really here. say hi, house. >> hi, house. >> henry and ann 50-otto so-called tiny house rolled in this more than pot. the solid wood home will serve as a temporary home. they won the house as part of a contest on the disney free form
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channel and are looking for the right place for it. >> it's kind of up in the air because we don't have place to live in it yet. but now it's here hopefully people won't be scared to be willing to havous on their property. >> these are cool. >> as for the momi has two beds dining table, dishwasher and fridge. disney is the parent krp o company of abc 7. >> the tiny houses can be spacious. >> they look small on the outside. >> true. well the warrior kevin durant is giving back. coming up on abc 7 news, the generous offer he made to students from his hometown. plus a rare opportunity, a movie set in an imaginary african nation hits the big screens in africa. and the reviews are in. what
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warrior star kevin durant says he is making a $10 million commitment toll help disadvantaged kids in his hometown mm he is doaning the money to college track which helps high school kids graduate from college. he is a native of the prince george county in maryland that's where the foundation serves. grant says the donation will start an upward cycle of helping kids from the homestead. >> the megahit film belanger is hugely popular in nairobi. many cancelling other movie screenings to show this movie on more screens. one activist the bought tickets for 200 children to ensure it's their first movie experience. >> wanted them to celebrate to be part of the party, to be part of the pride of "black panther" and africa. >> did you like the movie? >> yes.
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we liked it. >> here in the bay area, a special screening of "black panther" was held in berkeley with a discussion about culture and identity before the film. and in oakland, proceeds from the film this morning went to a program that prepped prepares inner city students for for historically black colleges. a family's dog nearly lost his life defending his owner. >> if it weren't for him i feel like i won stand here right now. >> rex is credited with taking through bullets while protecting his teenage owner. ahead the boy explains how it all happened. i'm mike shiemen at oracle where the oklahoma city thunder are trying to do something never done in the steve kerr era. we have a preview coming up. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we are in store for a cold night and then tracking two storms
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teenage owner from home invasion robbers is improving after surgery. he had a successful procedure to fix a bone in the left leg and wounded in the neck and right hind leg. the 16-year-old hid in the closet and called 911 when the robbers broke in. but rex bit a robber and shot afterwards. >> they didn't hesitate shooting rex, didn't hold back on anything. if rex wasn't there they would have opened the door and saw me in there. >> the robbers ran away after the shooting. rex will spend the weekend at the vet getting better mp his owner credits rex with saving his life. >> wow! . we should point out des moines. >> former midwestener but the weather here is better than back there. let's check in with drew. we have the cold air we get in the midwest this time of year. we have the cold snap.
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and tonight another chilly night fop live doppler 7 with satellite, we had a couple of sprinkles the north bay. but that's about it for consist. however, we are tracking a couple of chances for some showers on the 7-day forecast. san jose it's a mixture of sun and clouds in the south bay this evening. look at ta how a couple of snow flakes at this hour. and we are expecting more snow in the sierra the next 24 hours. that's great news for our snow pack that has been so low this time of the year. temperaturewise, yontd if we're used to but this is the trend for many days right now. temperatures in five to ten dreeing below where we should be. right now in the 50s at this hour. we also have the chilly breeze with us. gusting to 30 right now at sfo. 22 in mountain view. and tonight mainly after midnight the winds relax, however picks up tomorrow afternoon. here is the call from accuweather pb overnight tonight, the next 12
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thundershowers, chilly night, once again. dropping in the 20s even inland in the mid to low 30s. 37 he had overnight low in oakland. and san francisco dropping to an overnight low of 40 degrees. the 12-hour planner on sunday, we have that cold morning early on. it's a lot of sunshine throughout the day. but what you'll notice in the afternoon, that breeze kicks right back up about 10 to 20-mile-per-hour. and temperatures still below average for this time of the year. it's a lot of sunshine to finish off the weekend. 5 a the high in san francisco. 58 in oakland. squeezing out 60 in san jose. 61 in antioch and cool high high in 59. sanity rosa. on the storm impact scale we use this exclusively at abc 7 to give you better idea what to expect with each storm. the system coming monday it's light. but it does look to give equal chance to everybody to see some moisture out of it. not a lot. rainfall likely less lyn
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than.25. and there is a chance of hail. future weather gets to you midnight early monday morning showers beginning first in the north bay and early in the morning on monday you can see kind of widespread showers light in nature throughout the bay area. and we're likely going to see a wet monday morning commute south of the golden gate. so prepare for that. that driving. may be a a little bit slower back to work and school next week. winter storm watch in effect or the sierra. 4 to 10 inches likely. isolated spots could see a foot by monday afternoon. the accuweather 7-day forecast. dry tomorrow. morning showers monday. break between storms tuesday. then the next storm coming late wednesday into thursday. this could be a soaker right now. it's a one on the storm impact scale but that could be two as we get new information in the next couple i. finally as entering march the rain returns. >> see how exited he gets about rain.
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>> it's a meteorologiy thing. >> thanks. >> we got a sports thing going today. a des moines thing going too. >> des moines, washington. i didn't there was a des moines in washington. >> that's right. >> it's like the thunders who are in town. the warriors and the thunders. no. see what happens when i sit with eric. can the dubs slow down the force of nature that is russell
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the oklahoma city thunder on abc 7. tip off at 5:30. okc crushed the warriors in two previous meetings. the warriors should come in highly motivated. always motivated mike shumann live at courtside at oracle. how you doing, shu. >> all right, larry. a lot of anticipation for this game. an unusual situation here tonight at oracle. no team in the steve kerr era lost three times in the same team in one season. of course okc as i step away you see draymond warming up. okc already won twice here. in addition to the all k.d. and rush drama. thunder have a chance to do something no one else has done. they look like a team determined to do just that. >> but you go into a game
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knowing that a team a has beaten you twice handily. you have to take that into account. and plan accordingly. and i think our guys will be ready to go. i think we have, you know -- two games against them we weren't competitive. >> we got to come out with a sense of urgenc. we got to take the game. can't sit back and be relaxed expect it to go our way. sometimes we can do that. but most of the time we got to go out and take it. it's not judges just about the first 5. it's the total 48 minutes, how can we be consistent with the effort for 48 minutes. >> russell westbrook scored 34 in both contestsle paul george 38 when here at oracle. should be interesting tonight. javale mcgee will start at center over zaza patchouli. jordan bell and patrick mccall both out. here at oracle should be a good one. mike schulein abc 7 sports. >> the first quarter key.
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>> college hoops. shawn miller will not coach and after it's reported offense wire tapped. >> the university of arizona released a statement saying the decision was made jointly by miller and the school in the best interests of the program. sociability head coach lorenzo roe mar will take over the head coaching tonight at oregon. eaten is going to play. and shawn miller likely will never coach in college again and this scandal is just beginning, because there is a lot of implications for many big time programs. >> you bet big names involved. >> we'll see how it comes out. and warriors and thunder at 5:30. >> all right. we need a little revenge. thank you, larry. >>
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well tens of thousands turned out to celebrate the year of the dog in grand fashion today. >> abc. news was in san francisco's chinatown for the community street fair. the festival closed down part of the avenue. >> many will also attend the parade kicking off in less than an hour. >> we might sneak out for a little view. >> shh. we are hard at work. >> that's right. sorry. thank you for your time. i'm eric thomas. >> dion lim for drew and eric and shu and
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