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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 26, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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northern california. >> you can really hear the rat-tat of the hail coming down in walnut creek and you can hear it it in larkspurr as well. >> and they can this out. those are snowflakes falling on mount volmer. we captured this just about 30 minutes ago. >> let's bring in the expert. weather anchor spencer christian. >> we have had lightning strikes and thunderstorms as well as the hail and wind. active weather especially in the east bay. just south of tracy along interstate 5.
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white and pink indicates snow. let's take a look at the fremont area. reports of hailstorms and downpours along interstate 880. all of the local highways there. just pouring over there in that area. swinging southward this active weather. and we will see it moving down through milpitas and down to san jose. and points southward. the storm still ranks one on the storm impact scale. you will notice a little mix of snow indicated by the pink and the white there. but it is going to dissipate quickly after 8:00 p.m. or so. and fall apart. and then it will start to calm down by midnight giving us hope for the sunny day tomorrow. >> sounds good.
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meantime, hail piled up in sacramento. check out this video. a dog frolicking around. now from the air, the layer of hail looked like snow in sacramento. this is just hail. it is not snow dpchl y, you can tire tracks. now several drivers got stuck in a huge traffic snarl. sacramento fire tweeted the picture here. >> earlier you can see snow blanketing interstate up by donner lake. chains also required on
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highway 50. this video taken near twin bridges. >> where sky 7 knew over snow-capped hills. a few miles away from mount hamilton. janine de la vega gives us the view from the ground. >> reporter: a pretty picture and not one we are used to seeing in the south bay. certainly a surprise for these cows that were grazing in their once green pass sure. ten miles away the hillside covered in white. >> it was coming down pretty hard. >> reporter: the ground was slushy and wet making road conditions dangerous. cal transcrews closed it. turning away dozens of people who wanted to play in the snow. we were escorted up.
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those who lived on the mountain worked on the observatory. first snow of the snowball fights, any of them happen this morning? >> maybe. short ones. yeah, short skirmishes. >> reporter: cal trans crews tell us they are going to be back up. any time the temperature falls be low 35 degrees they come here. i am janine de la vega. >> we pulled this footage from our archive from half moon bay. it snowed but didn't stick to the ground. this is at a gas station at 19th
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and taraval. don't forget you can get the weather forecast any time on the abc7 news app. we updated it. so you can customize the forecast to specific places you are interested in. the abc7 news app is free and available in google play and apple stores. new details in the emergency alert notification saying. saying sonoma county emergency system was not up to the task. finding that specific procedures for using alert and warning systems were not as coordinated as they would have been but the county lacked timely reliable and coordinated awareness as to the scale, size, and scope of the fires. adding that the system could have sent an amber style alert
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but didn't. in sonoma county 24 people died and 5100 homes were destroyed by the fire. governor brown signed new legislation. department of water resources is now required to inspect dams annually. a huge hole formed. 188,000 people had to be evacuated. more than 7500 homeowners beat california's deadline for retret fitting grants. the money comes from the state's earthquake brace and bolt program which targets houses before 1949.
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controversial decision by the mayor. some are applauding the mayor, and others are outraged by her opinion. laura anthony has the story. >> people are angry about a lot of things in america. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby shaf stands firm about her warning. >> i felt it was my duty to share the information i had particularly because i was sharing information in a way that was legal. it was not obstructing justice. >> the creepy mayor of oakland ought to be the first one that gets cuff for treason. >> reporter: many her office has
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received. the oakland school district sent out its own robo services trying to reassure families. >> we are a school district that stands behind her family. >> reporter: the mayor says she did receive input the number of calls into an emergency hot line has tripled since saturday. >> we have had a lot of calls on the hot line people wanting to ask questions and verify the numbers but no reports of i.c.e. action. >> reporter: one i.c.e. arrest in napa county on sunday. >> in the meantime a set back today for the trump administration over daca.
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the decision doesn't mean the justices won't eventually hear the case, it just prolongs it. >>over all, it still leaves everybody in this weird uncertain space. they don't know how to plan for their futures. we need a permanent solution. >> today's decision takes pressure off of congress to act on a permanent solution for daca and the 700,000 undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s. as children. the u.s. supreme court came to a decision that could deal financial blow. shouldn't be compelled to pay partial union fees. the union argues that the
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employee should. members of bay area labor union joaned together for a rally today. >> make no mistake this is an attack orchestrated by wealthy special interest. to drive down wages and benefits and silence working families. >> the ruling could impact states like california which allows so-called fair use fees. >> senator diane feinstein has failed to win the backing of california democratic party. tonight inside a multimillion tlar condo for sale in san francisco. agents say it is a bargain. plus. a long time bay area family gets created in a bid
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. alameda police were at lincoln middle school after students and parents reported a threat. turns out the threat was for a school in tacoma washington. >> reporter: alameda police officer spent the morning at lincoln middle school. >> a video where there was a threat to shoot up the school. >> reporter: while the school
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was not placed on lock down, some parents picked up her students fearing the worse. >> you think it is a joke, you see comments. >> reporter: the threats spread rapidly. initially alameda police investigators could not find the video. >> we have zero evidence this was going to >> reporter: tacoma washingtonto related to a threat at lincoln high school in washington. the lincoln middle-schooler who posted the video did not do anything criminal.
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no known threats related to alameda or schools parents were notified by the incident by phone and by e-mail. >> florida's governor has launched an investigation on how law enforcement responded to the shooting on valentine's day. 73 governors have called on rick scott to israel. >> the president told american governors who he would react. >> i really believe you don't know until you test it. but i believe i would run into
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it even if i didn't have a weapon. and i think most of the people in this room would have done that too. >> president trump called for raising the minimum age for buying a rifle from 18 to 21. >> tonight california senator dianne feinsten's campaign down-playing. >> reporter: has never had a credible challenger but in this campaign, the lack of an official party endorsement and her margin votes could expect a fight. respected but not revered among delegates who are increasingly more liberal than she is. >> in the race for united states senate, the vote was no
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consensus. >> reporter: feinstein has served in the senate since 1982. assistant professor of political science at cal state east bay believes the 84-year-old moderate could be in trouble. >> the california democratic party is becoming more diverse and more millennial and she has not been adapting quick >> reporter: feinstein some democrats when she seemed sympathetic to donald trump. her challenger says she is out of touch with progressive values. deleon came close with 54% to
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her 37%. feinstein's stop strategist tells me i don't think this is a critical moment in this campaign she has a big lead in all the polls and a big financial advances. >> for my opinion, san francisco, the state of california and our country is lucky to have dianne feinstein. >> reporter: likely to battle it out in the general election in november. in the news room, carolyn tyler. we have pretty much seen it all. >> and it has been a wild day. spencer christian is here tracking the forecast. >> it is going to stay that way for a bit. broad area of green there. whites and pinks indicating
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snow. wintry weather here. reports of hailstorms. it is 46 degrees in san francisco. oakland another dramatic western looking sky in our sutro tower. santa rosa 45. one more view of the western sky from our exploratorium camera. windy and chilly overnight. sunnier and milder conditions tomorrow and a stormy pattern begins late wednesday. still looking at this evening's storm which rarnks one on the impact scale.
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it starts to wind down over the next couple of hours. could produce a wintry mix. and overnight starts to clear out a bit. windy and cold. below freezing. right around the bay shoreline we will see lows in the upper 30s and going to be windy. wind gusts animation we will see gusts ranging from 25 to 35 miles of the coast. morning compute mute going to b. wind advisory in effect from 9:00-ton to 10:00 in the morning. gusts could reach 50 miles per hour at time. then another storm coming in ranking two on the impact scale.
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snow over the hills. likely once again, here is the animation. starting midday about 1:00 p.m. wednesday. overnight thursday the rain becomes more wide spread and becomes heavier and we will see snow mixing in into the higher elevations. we expect a lot of snow in the sierra from this storm. and a good amount of rainfall here in the bay area thursday and friday as well. snow in the sierra. friday evening by 8:00 friday night, anywhere from two to four feet of snow accumulating. here is the accuweather forecast. skipping ahead to wednesday because tomorrow is sunny and boring. rain beginning wednesday afternoon. rainy and windy thursday and friday. maybe mix precipitation continuing into saturday. finally things dry down in time
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for oscar sunday. >> you weather folks get excited when there is weather like this. >> we do indeed. not much to get excited about this winter, this is it. >> the future of
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good monday on wall street,
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the do you rose nearly 400 points closing around ending today 32 points higher than it began. the weinstein company is moving closer to bankruptcy. the studio's board of directors saying they tried to avoid bankruptcy but a deal on a proposed sale, that fell apart. >> the me too movement has hit the animal right's >> allegations of sexual harassment at the largest animal protection company in the country. >> social media helped. i think donald trump had
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something to do with it. we were so angry and women that we had no idea suffered harassment. we found out they did. >> reporter: two high profile leaders at the humane society has resigned. exclusive report tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> we look forward to that. rain, wind, and snow, we have seen it all in the bay area. >> who is seeing the worst of the storm right now. >> check out the view 55 stories up. the floor below you is
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well, we continue to keep an eye on that weather you are seeing right now. this is live
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>> more heavy storms are coming in in the days ahead. high rises continue to in price despite that the tower is sinking. >> now tests in 2015 showed the building sunk 16 inches since it opened in 2009. the owner in one unit put put pt for sale at nearly double. why so high? >> reporter: here is the man who grows weary of explaining that is okay. >> you can't tell visually that it is leaning. >> reporter: we are riding a fast express elevator 55 floors up. this is the millennium tower. if you follow the ratings, greg
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is the 28th ranked in the nation. corner condo with all of its visual accouterments. 2,709 square feet. 550 feet in the air. $5.5 million. and this is a bargain. >> the challenge is finding the buyers that understands the opportunity. >> reporter: selling for 30% less than the peak price. >> they may not understand that an engineering fix is purported to be in the works. >> reporter: meantime don't fix this. the master bedroom feels like you are an elevated aquarium. so does the master bath everybody can see in. >> that's why there are shades.
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>> reporter: moving ones. don't expect to come waltzing in to look unless you are pre qualified. >> the people coming to tour they can afford it. >> reporter: no riffraff. does it come with oxygen? >> you seem it be doing fine. >> reporter: wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> pretty funny. new at 6:00, taking a different approach to placing children in the foster system. announcing a new program with the goal of placing children with relatives instead of strangers. 84% of children are placed with relatives than better outcomes. >> whatever i need, they are al doubt and i am very, very grateful for my grandparents for
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everything they have done for us. >> it will help locate family members of foster children which was previously a big obstacle in the process. a study released there could be a link between e cigarettes and having a heart attack. some say it is too early to draw real conclusions. >> reporter: inside his office, professor stan grant has a growing collection of cigarette packs. covered with images of what smoking could do to you. >> you get a lot of cancer causi causing chemicals and other things that you don't get with ecigarettes. >> reporter: but latest study shows vaping could have health
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consequences of their own. >> doubling in the risk of having a heart attack. >> reporter: those who smoke regular cigarettes has three times as many heart attacks. >> the first evidence of a major clinical adverse events associated with the cigarette use. >> reporter: there are those who take issue with the conclusion that ecigarettes causes heart attacks. >> we don't know if these people used ecigarettes before the heart attack. >> reporter: they don't follow subjects over a series of years. >> not that ecigarettes are causing heart >> reporter: another study is needed. and that utsf is hard at work
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trying to understand how vaping affects the body. >> there are still enough there to be doing a lot of damage. >> reporter: in san francisco jonathan bloom abc7 news. still ahead, at 6:00 " your side" michael finney helps a family trying to keep their house they have
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you get to decide what kind of king you are going to be. >> black panther stayed number one this weekend. giving the marvel movie $400 million in first ten-days. disney is the parent number of both marvel and 12 communities will benefit from donation oakland is one of
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them. lmds lyanne me >> reporter: oakland has three centers. >> they have seen technology that they haven't previously seen and that will help provide, i believe, some of the impetus for them to get involved in our stem programs. >> reporter: students here learn some of the skills to pursue stem degrees and careers. and those skills will expand from a donation from disney. the movie takes place in a fictional location, the most no logically advanced country in the world. the technology in the film has inspired young audiences so it is fitting that we show our appreciation by helping advance stem programs for youth
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especially in under served areas of the country to give them the knowledge. in reality, according to a u.s. department of commerce report only one-quarter of women hold jobs in stem fields in the united states. cal stanley hopes these kids will see themselves in these characters. >> the kids can get a feel for the technology seeing themselves there and seeing themselves behind the scenes going forward. >> reporter: in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. very inspiring. >> let's talk about that snow, wind and rain and spencer will have the seven-day forecast next. >> stay with us.
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>> track today's storm any
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it has been a roller coaster of emotions for a family in
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richmond who spent the last year fending off foreclose sure. michael finney is there with the story. >> this family got creative in a last ditch effort to stay in a home that has been with them for generations. days after thanksgiving and four generations of one family are enjoying a sunny day outside their home in richmond. two youngest grandchildren. along with their mother. and then grandma betty along with great grandma george. grandma has been in this for 43 years. betty suffered severe nerve damage and couldn't walk in
6:45 pm
2015. a few years after her daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> life could happen where they could no longer afford their mortgage. >> reporter: they had been working with wells fargo. they gave the family a modification six years ago but could not find any other options for the family when they got behind in the payments again. the bank sold the loan to an investor early last year and foreclosure proceedings began last year. >> my children need somewhere to stay. >> reporter: bsi financial services took over the loan. turning to their 98-year-old great grandpa for help. >> i had to do it. >> reporter: what he was able to do was qualify for the mortgage through a gi bill.
6:46 pm
great grandpa george could buy the home so the family could keep living there. >> oh my goodness, we are going to save the house. >> reporter: it had already postponed the sale of the house six times to allow the family time to find other remedies. bsi denied receiving documentation the loan had been pre approved. the company demanded full payment in full within 24 hours. >> we told them they had a buyer. >> reporter: the family now packing up and ready to vacate. bsi sold the home to an investor. the investor plans to flip the home and re-sell it. for latoyia, this is about the children. >> they ask me every day, do we
6:47 pm
have to move? do we have to move? and i tell them, we have to. >> reporter: there is good news. great grandpa purchased a home in vallejo. and says everything is going to be fine as long as they are together. now, i want to hear from you. the "7 on your side" hotline is up on week days from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. telephone number is (415) 954-8151. you can also reach me on my facebook page and through the bay area is a beautiful place to live even on stormy days. >> alex shared this video of rain coming down in fremont. >> nice shot.
6:48 pm
spen spencer is back with an update. >> here is a look. check this out. the green represents the rain but look at all the snow we are having. the area of white and pink there. mixed precipitations all up and down the diablo range. berkeley hills, just a few minutes ago falling atop mt. tam as well. this storm ranks one on the storm impact scale. we could see more showers and smother hailstorms. overnight it will be cold and windy mostly clear. lows dropping down below freezing. tomorrow a dry day. little milder today. 60, maybe low 60s and the mildest inland locations.
6:49 pm
thursday and friday we had another storm coming in and it will be stronger than today's interesting developments. rainfall of 1-2 inches. snow over the hills. snow levels come down to 2,000 feet. just about a full week of act weather with exception for tomorrow. and then wind down in time for oscar sunday. >> i think mother nature wants to make sure you are on your toes. >> got me dancing now. on to sports. >> i canceled my golf game on thursday. sharks making note on trade deadline. warriors hit the road for three
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>> announcer: sports with shuman. >> and will add much needed offensive support to their depleted forward group.
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20 goals this year. buffalo received unless cane doesn't resound with san jose. kane was the first over all alll but had off ice behavioral problems and traded him. warriors hitting the road for final east coast team. steph curry did not fly with the team for personal reasons but did play tonight. former warriors flanking comedian tracy morgan. 14 points in the first 18 at the half. kevin durant also 18 in the first half. clay thompson didn't shoot well saturday because he was busy
6:54 pm
playing defense. 12 at the half. dubs trail by one. third quarter, we have seen this before. steph stops and pops. everything is going your way,ay, mcgee fumbles the ball. john stewart can't believe it. they go on to win >> west brook called zaza a dirty player after the game. got tangled pulling patchchullia. $5,000 fine. the decision drops green back to
6:55 pm
14 t's and a little more breathing room. picking up a both received technicals for a shoving match and they still strand. good news for the giants today. family would like to thank the baseball family for well wishes and concerns. please to support that he continues to make significant progress. . the nfl is demanding reimbursement from $2 million for jerry jones for court costs. jones threatened litigation over
6:56 pm
roger goodal's contract. a fine to be levees on jones goodall. thanks. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy-tv 20. we are about to share our streets with robot cars. changes coming to the richmond bridge. drivers are concerned how they affect the commute. >> at 8:00 it is two hours of the bachelor followed by the taod doctor at 10:00 news and s
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gym a >> we appreciate your time. i am dan ashley. >> and i am dion lim for spencer and shu thanks for watching. >> have a great night. introducing the pork from jack in the box. two strips of pork belly, green leaf lettuce, juicy tomatoes and tangy honey aioli even you'll love it, martha security! get him! wow, do you guys workout? try my new pork belly blt, part of my food truck series.
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introducing the pork from jack in the box. two strips of pork belly, green leaf lettuce, juicy tomatoes and tangy honey aioli even you'll love it, martha security! get him! wow, do you guys workout? try my new pork belly blt, part of my food truck series.
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