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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 27, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> but you can do the forecast, mike. >> when the clock struck midnight last night, look what rotated over the diablo range south of livermore. the white is the snow and there's mines road. you can see for a couple hours snow there. right now everything is dry. enjoy a calmer commute today. in fact, you can see still breezy as we look at the ferry building and the flags unfurled there. 37 and 42. the winds make it feel ten degrees cooler. low to mid-50s with sunshine at noon. mid-40s to 50 with stars at 7:00. let's find out about the commute. >> yesterday was tough with the wet roads. this morning we're trying to find an accident in the mcarthur maze. our live shot on there. we're not seeing it there. supposedly westbound 80 right near west grand, within the mcarthur maze. we are seeing slow traffic on the car-pool lane heading into the toll plaza and delays coming
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in from 580 and 80. 880 continues to be your best look. slowing out of tracy into dublin/pleasanton. >> take a look at this. flu fresh, fluffy snow. >> commuters may have their hand full but it certainly is beautiful. matt keller is there live for us. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. fluffy, white. that would describe many people's comforters on their beds. they may want to get under that more and longer this morning because it is cold outside. but it is very beautiful when you see the snow. check out this video that we have up here in the livermore valley. this is around 2:00 a.m. this is livermore valley on mines road. this is below 1,500 feet. the snow was sticking to the ground, sticking to trees, and sticking to cars. the photograph who shot this video said there were very icy conditions making it dangerous to drive.
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of course if you're in the upper elevations you may not see the snow but you will see cold temperatures and possibly freezing conditions. be careful out there if you're driving and especially of those icy roads. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. listen to this, parts of the bay area still drying out from the weather yesterday. hail pounded on the roof of a home in larkspur. a mix of rain and hail descended on mill valley. you see the icy sheen on the wood there. rain and hail started hitting around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. >> chains are required on all vehicles without snow tires in the sierra. this camera at i-80 is showing you why. chp stopped cars to check for chains. any vehicle without them had to turn around. with more storms approaching be sure to have the abc 7 news app.
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we have upgraded so you can customize the forecast to specific places you're interested in. you can see what the weather will be like up to seven days ahead. the app is free. you can get it in google play and the app store. heavy rain this time last year caused devastating flooding in san jose. one of the hardest hit communities came together to heal and get prepared for the next disaster. >> starting to make our lives again and i'm afraid the water will just come again and we're going to lift the threat again. it's really frightening to live like that. i know we need the water but sometimes i pray it doesn't rain like it rained last year because it's really scary. >> families gathered for a meeting last night to hear what officials had to say about new changes. the director of emergency services says there is now a better system in place to gauge the water level in coyote creek and new technology to alert residents in harm's way. faculty came together for the first full day back on campus since the february 14th
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shooting at stoneman douglas high school. the school's yearbook staff posted this photo. they want to thank everyone for their love and support. you can see the banner above them. it says be the change you wish to see in the world. the sheriff's deputy at the center of the florida shooting controversy is now defending himself over accusations that he did nothing to stop the attack. >> former deputy scott peterson failed to enter stoneman douglas high school or engage with the shooter during the massacre. his lawyer release aased a lett saying he was unfairly being attacked and the allegations he was a coward are patently untrue. his attorney said peterson had the presence of mind to send administrators to the school's video room hoping to obtain a escription of the shooter. president trump says that he would have done things differently. >> i really believe -- you don't know until you're tested but i really believe i'd run in even if i didn't have a weapon and i think most of the people in this room would have done that, too. >> the shooter's court appearance has been canceled
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today. his next hearing is set for thursday. alameda county supervisors will take up a controversial issue, urban shield training exercises for law enforcement. the department of homeland security funds urban shield which trains s.w.a.t. teams. the alameda county sheriff's office says the training is valuable. critics argue it's a step towards police militarization. officials will consider recommendations from an urban shield task force today. people plan to rally against urban shield outside the county building this morning. the lgbtq community got a big win when it comes to discrimination in the work place. >> you can sit down with mayor mark farrell. anything is on the table. all you have to do is win a lottery. and here's a look at our chances of rain the next couple of days. a beautiful picture of sutro tower. you can see how breezy it is this morning. that will keep us dry today. live weather and traffic conditions are on your screen througho
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6:08 now. governor brown signed legislation that addresses the near disaster at the oroville dam. the law set standards for dam inspections and requires review
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of records as well. the department of water resources is required to inspect the dams every year. last february a huge hole formed in the oroville dam's main spillway and emergency spillway nearly washed away. 188,000 people had to be evacuated. san francisco interim mayor farrell wants to meet face-to-face to talk about your concerns. >> he's holding open door chats twice a month. each person will get ten minutes with the interim mayor. the online registration form you have to fill out to have this chat. asks for your contact information, the issue you want to talk about and when you're available to meet. you are entered no a lottery. we do have a link to the form on we'll start with temperatures and how much cooler it is this morning. three to nine degrees cooler. there's a windchill that makes it feel about ten degrees cooler. menlo park, 40. 41, pacifica. menlo park just changed to 39.
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everybody else at least on the bay side in the mid to upper 40s. back over to the east bay shore, 38 fremont. oakland at 42. 44 san jose. low 40s in our inland east bay neighborhoods. 38 right now in santa rosa. i thought i'd show you what's going on if lake tahoe. look at all that wonderful snow still falling. it is going to taper today. back here at home if you're doing outdoor activities breezy at times. watch that windshield this morning. if you're out and about switch out the umbrella for sunglasses. here's a look at our chances of rain the next seven days. we start with a storm coming in tomorrow and then just soaking us thursday and friday. rain, probably snow, hail friday, and lingering into saturday morning. hour by hour look coming up next. sue, you have a new accident? >> i do, yeah. unfortunately it's in milpitas northbound 880 just before 237. apparently a vehicle overturned and is in a ditch. the other vehicle is in center divide. it's not blocking any lanes
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right now but eventually they'll have to get the cars out of there so you will find delays northbound 880 in milpitas near highway 237. otherwise looking at pretty nice commute. we do have metering lights on. we'll check back in a couple of minutes. thank, sue. how big of a raise would it take for to you break up with your significant other? i know. it's bizarre. believe it or not that is our question of the morning and there's a reason for this. go to and let us know right now. you can watch those results update on your screen. it's going to be kind of like a -- what do you call it, a sliding thing. >> it's at $40,000. >> it keeps going up. >> you might want to hide your screen from your significant other as you vote. no registering, go to we're talking about this because there is a new survey about the true price of love. we'll get to that in a moment.
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6:14 now. a 14-year-old student is accused of planning a school shooting in stockton.
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police say school staff member called to report a student had written plans to gun down others. the teen was booked into the juvenile hall on terrorist threats. police say they take all threats seriously. the latest incident comes one week after 12 students and two adults were arrested for making school threats mostly on social media. police say they responded to at least a half dozen schools. no one was hurt. a federal appeals court ruled that firing workers over their sexual orientation is a form of discrimination. the ruling goes against the trump administration which said last year the law was not intended to provide protections to lgbt workers. at least two federal appeals courts have banned discrimination over sexual orientation. a third has ruled the other way. they did that last year. the divide could set up a possible supreme court showdown. 6:15 now. oakland mayor libby schaaf is being praised, criticized, and even threatened. mayor schaaf is defending her
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action and oakland sanctuary city status. you're about to hear angry voice mails her office shared with us. >> and the little creepy mayor of oakland ought to be the first one to get caught for treason. >> she put the i.c.e. agents in jeopar jeopardy. >> i believe i acted absolutely within the bounds of the law but, more importantly, within my ethical obligations as mayor of a city. >> immigration advocates say calls to an emergency hotline tripled since mayor schaaf issued her warning saturday. clean up and repair work taking longer than anticipated in san mateo. a broken water main flooded parts of the campus. it is reported cleanup is still in the beginning stages. the water main broke nearly three weeks ago leaving significant damage behind to the parking lot, the gym, the church, and a classroom. school officials hope repairs will be done in eight weeks. a new shopping tool available on amazon.
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android users can try before they buy. it allows customers to see what a piece of furniture or appliance would look like in their home before they click the buy button. it has 15,000 products available right now for viewing in augment the reality. so what rates increase would it take for to you break up with your partner? even if you are single we want to hear from you. >> so there's going to be a sliding scale when you go to vote and it will show you anywhere from zero to $100,000. this is very quick. your partner doesn't have to know because it's anonymous. so let's see if you have the same mind-set as the millennials who responded to a new survey. the financial group asked 364 single employed millennials without kids what they would sacrifice for more money. >> they said they would end a relationship if that meant they would get $37,000 in a raise. on average men said it would
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take $46,000 to break up with their partner. women said it would only take $27,000. >> ouch. i don't know what conclusion to draw from this. >> ouch. >> or there isn't one. >> you know what, look at what your partner is doing right now as they're voting. i know i just said it's anonymous but, look, it could save your life. >> $50,000 is where we are right now. all right. >> my wife likes to play the lottery so i'm sure she'll never reach the goal she needs to get to get rid of me because she's never going to win the lottery. >> wow. >> you are priceless, mike. >> thank you for digging me out of that hole. she's not watching yet. she wakes up in about 12 minutes. hi, everybody. it's time to open up that door. the weather window, if you will, on the exploratorium. it's still rough on the bay because the breezes are still
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out there and on the bridges, also. that breeze is bringing us mostly sunny and milder afternoon. a soaking storm. salvaging a weekend, the only day of sunshine will be sunday. so let's take a look at the breezes, 29 in napa, 36 in fairfield. 13 in santa rosa. you can see other people below 10 miles an hour of it is calm in some spots. highs today along the coast from half moon bay, 56 to about 60 santa cruz. we could drop down to 52 in bodega bay. 58 to 60 around most of our neighborhoods. tonight you can see the clouds encroaching from our next storm. so we'll call it partly cloudy. around san francisco, san mateo, low to mid-40s. the rest of us in the mid-to upper 30s. a look tomorrow at noon. that's the moisture returning. just random showers. steady rain moves into the north bay after the evening commute. look at thursday morning's commute. and you can see it becomes
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moderate to heavy rain. just like yesterday rolls from north to south. that is going to be one of the tougher commutes. by the time we get through friday we've had two moderate storms and the snow level dropped down to around 2,000 feet which means we could have a repeat of what we saw yesterday and last night. here's sue. checking back in with the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights have been on for an hour now. we are full up and the car-poolers are getting by just fine but if your commute takes you from hercules all the way to san francisco, delays are building now to about a 40-minute drive and about 15 minutes of that is stacked up here at the bay bridge toll plaza. back to milpitas where we have an accident northbound 880 before 237. not blocking a lane but apparently a vehicle overturned into a ditch and then there's another vehicle involved in the center divide. again, they'll have to get a tow truck there to clean the vehicles out. at that point we may see slowing. for right now you're getting by okay if you're traveling to 237
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in the westbound direction. we are a little bit slow halfway across that drive to the peninsula. >> sue, thank you. congratulations. a couple of bay area cities are being recognized for being the hardest working in the whole country. >> but there's a down side. are you tired of being crammed into planes? why the shrinking of leg room on your flight could be a thing of the past. a look at what's ahead on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. good morning. coming up on "gma" the school resource officer at the center of the florida shooting firestorm is now defending himself against those who say he should have entered the school and approached the killer. we're live from parkland this morning. plus, a few of the stars of the upcoming "avengers" cast are here with a
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we're back at about 6:24. the potential rainfall, about an inch and a half to two inches, maybe up to three in our mountains by the time the storm winds down saturday morning. thank you, mike. we are days away from the academy awards. here's a live look right now at the dole by theater in hollywood. >> high expectations for jimmy kimmel hosting this year. he talks about how he will handle the politics around the
6:25 am
me too movement. >> i do worry about that because i have a tendency to not strike the right tone in my life. and so, you know, i do think about that. >> how will you know if you've gone too far? >> i'm sure the internet will tell me. >> he's not wrong. >> twitter will clap back. >> this isn't his first time hosting the oscars. last year he was on stage when the wrong movie was announced for best picture. he talks about that fiasco and how it will not happen again coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." you don't want to miss hollywood's biggest night. you can watch live here on abc 7 this sunday, march 4th, starting at 5:00 p.m. if it seems like you are working longer hours, you are not alone. >> especially here in the bay area. personal finance determines who works the hardest. guess what came in at number one. san francisco. second, fremont. third, jersey city, which i'm
6:26 am
still trying to figure out. number four, washington, d.c. fifth, new york. sixth, oakland. seventh, boston. the report analyzed nine different factors including the average workweek hours, employment rate, share of workers leaving vacation time unused and share of workers with multiple jobs. >> the side hustle with a real thing. >> people are working too hard but you have to in order to pay the rent. standing desks may not be as healthy as advertised. the new study you should probably sit down for. and new details about president trump's first visit to california since taking office. what parents need to know about the spike in teens sexting. we are looking at an accident southbound 880 in milpitas. now they're saying it is southbound. the original location was northbound. this one near dixon landing road. not 237. just before 237. that's the one with the vehicle
6:27 am
overturned into a ditch. all lanes currently blocked. all lanes currently blocked. we'll have
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coming up on 6:30, good morning. welcome to tuesday, february 27th. >> you are never more than seven minutes away and mike has a lot to tell us for this week. >> there's a lot going on after
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today. today's a quiet day. yesterday we needed the sunglasses and umbrella. you can see from live doppler there. we need the sunglasses today. take a look at the breezes. they're still out there but are waning a little bit. 24 at sfo. 36 at fairfield. so still a windchill to contend with this morning. my 12-hour accuweather planner, could feel ten degrees cooler. low to mid-50s with total sunshine at noon. low to upper 50s at 4:00. still cooler than affect and a nice evening. it will be calmer, mid to upper 40s. hi, sue. good morning. let's clarify what's going on in milpitas. a car overturned into a dch on the right-hand shoulder. a car in the center divide southbound 880 after dixon landing road, before 237. chp had originally begin us a northbound location. they're now saying southbound. and the right lane is blocked. the other lanes are getting by. let's zoom in at our 3d look at
6:31 am
what is happening southbound. you can see it's bumper to bumper as you make your way south to 237. give yourself plenty of extra time. >> thank you, sue. speaking of the commute, heads up if you drive across the richmond/san rafael bridge. >> the first test starts today. reporter amy hollyfield live at the bridge for us. today's test might be confusing for some drivers. >> reporter: yes, natasha, and that's the message of the day. ignore the signs. and they're putting out a sign to emphasize that point. unfortunately, i have to show you a typo for caltrans. it says sings under we know they mean signs. you'll see signs being tested on the bridge today. you will see them as you drive from marin to richmond on the richmond/san rafael bridge. they will start lighting up arrows at 10:00 this morning, but it's just a test.
6:32 am
you should pretend they aren't even there. you will not have a new lane to drive in today. they plan to start opening up the right-hand shoulder in april. it will be available during peak times to 2:00 to 7:00 every day. the hope is to ease congestion. traffic has increased in this corridor by 13% in the last five years. some commuters are skeptical. >> the one experience we know for certain in california is every time we have a traffic tie-up because the freeways have too few lanes and we add more lanes, what we also do we add more people that come from greater distances and pretty soon the same old bottlenecks occur again. >> reporter: the shoulder won't be open all the time because they like the idea of having it available as an emergency lane when possible. the green arrow will let you know that it is open to traffic. a red x will tell you it is closed. they will be testing every
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configuration and every sign over the next few weeks so be aware of that. they're not opening that shoulder lane until april. so one more time, this is just a test. ignore that typo back there. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> i can't get over that, amy. so funny. >> they do sing under the test, please let us know. that could be entertaining. we have some great videos from our viewers and our tower cameras capturing the storm and hail had a moved throughout the bay area. >> the hail came down for several minutes from oakland to hayward yesterday afternoon. some areas there was enough left on the ground for people to pick it up and take a closer look. >> they thought it was amazing. they're like it's raining ice. it's raining ice. yeah. and then they thought it was going to be snow. >> all of a sudden it started dropping from the sky and i think we were thinking that maybe it was going to almost start to snow for a minute there because it seemed really cold. >> in clayton it was so cold it
6:34 am
seemed more like snow than hail. the wintry mix of surprises gave bay area residents something to talk about. this was the wild scene in north concord, sheets of rain turned to hail before hitting the ground. the hail melted away pretty quickly. let's look at sacramento now. this is impressive. the hail came down so quick a lot of people thought it was snow. it covered the ground with more than an inch of hail in some areas. the national weather service says some of pellets were nearly the size of a dime. the hail was so deep in spots that cars were slipping and sliding and it made the afternoon commute a treacherous one. the region was also hit with lightning and thunder. in the south bay mt. hamilton got about 3 inches of snow. from sky 7 you can see the snow northeast of san jose. the ground was slushy and wet making road conditions difficult. caltrans closed and crews will be back. anytime the temperature falls below 35 degrees they go out as a precaution.
6:35 am
look at this video. a young girl loving the snow in santa cruz. the santa cruz mountains there. she #abc7now. that's how we found it. a suspected wrongway driver arrested after causing a major pileup in vallejo just before 9:30 last night on westbound i-80. the chp saying as many as four cars may have been involved in the crash. all lanes were closed for about 40 minutes. it's unclear how many people were hurt. and then this, a dramatic end to a car chase in the east bay. richmond police posted these photos on facebook last night. that's a car that crashed right into a home. this morning two suspects are in custody. iron triangle neighborhood tried to stop a dodge challenger which was reportd stolen in a carjacking. the driver refused to follow orders and stepped on the gas leading police on a chase. the suspects eventually crashed into the house and then they
6:36 am
tried to run. with the help of witnesses and a k- unit police found and arrested both suspects and no one was hurt. 6:36 now. happening today santa clara county will address gun violence in the wake of a florida school shooting. the board of supervisors will reaffirm the efforts to prevent gun-related deaths and will consider endorsig the march for our lives school safety campaign and organizing a gun violence and mental health summit. students in palo alto rallying for gun control. about 100 students from dw unn high school showed their support. dwyane wade said that he cried when he learned that one of the shooting victims was buried wearing a jersey with his name and number. oliver's parents revealed that detail in an interview on sunday. they said their son was excited that wade was returning to the miami heat. wade tweeted about oliver yesterday saying this is why we will not just shut up and dribble. the tweet referring to a fox news commentator objecting to nba players making political comments. happening today sonoma
6:37 am
county supervisors will get public input on the next steps in the fire recovery effort. they'll be discussing a report from a state that is critical of the county's emergency response system. the report says the county wasn't up to the task of warning neighbors of the oncoming danger and found procedures weren't as coordinated as they should have been. the report says the emergency response system could have sent out an amber alert type of system but it didn't. in sonoma county alone 24 people died and more than 5,100 homes destroyed by the october wildfires. the winds are calmer in the south bay. the temperatures reflect that. mid to upper 30s in los gatos. saratoga, cupertino, santa clara. everybody else around 40 to 44 in san jose and also in mountain view. 37 right now in newark. lafayette, 33. i saw one report around lafayette, 29 degrees. easily the cool spot this
6:38 am
morning. san pablo and san francisco, alameda and san carlos, 46 degrees. a look from sutro tower. just how dry and clear it is this morning. it is a cooler morning so dress appropriately on mass transit. the roads, most of the dampness has been dry and breezy early on the bay. not quite as breezy this afternoon. for the kids today no need to worry about them getting wet. those temperatures still hanging in the upper 30s to low 40s. not as chilly at 11:00. 50 to 53 degrees. by 3:00 just sunny and dry. a good day to be outside. 53 to 58 degrees. sunshine all day today. 49 at 8:00. 52 at noon and then mid-50s to about 4:00. back into the upper 40s this evening. east bay valleys, 40 this morning but about 57 by noon. 61 possible around 2:00 and 4:00. i want to show you this real quick. this will be a big part of my weather cast. the moderate storm coming in
6:39 am
thursday and friday with a soaking amount of rain. for now turn it over to sue and what's going on with the breezy bridges this morning. we had an earlier accident approaching the bridges pushed off the lot before the toll plaza, slow and go across the span for about a 20-minute drive. we have sky 7 going to this accident in milpitas. it is southbound 880 before dixon landing -- before 237 after dixon landing road. it's blocking the right lane. there's sky 7. excellent. you can see the emergency crews there with the overturned car in the center divide and also in the right-hand ditch. at first we were told all lanes were blocked. now the right lanes are closed. you can see the fire truck blocking a lane of traffic and that overturned car off to the right ditch there. so expect slow traffic as you make your way southbound towards milpitas on 880. brand-new this morning apple
6:40 am
wants to hire doctors near its cupertino headquarters, and the company is actually planning to open what's being called an ac wellness clinic. according to a new report by cnn just out this morning, it would operate as an independent medical practice for apple employees. cnn is reporting right now apple has already posted jobs for some primary care physicians and a variety of other health care positions. the ac wellness clinics are reportedly coming this spring with locations near new apple park and the old headquarters infinite loop drive in cupertino. exciting news. back to you. the warriors are heading to washington but not to the white house. how the team is planning to spend their day off in the nation's capital. >> i'm sorry about the incorrect video. this is an encouraging update on a wrestler who ended up paralyzed after a match. paralyzed after a match. the
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
let's take a quick look at the sierra because this is the storm you all have been waiting for. 7:00 tomorrow evening through saturday at 10:00. 12 feet of snow at 2,000 feet. 1 foot. four feet above 3,500. nearly six feet of snow in the highest terrain. a look at lake tahoe. traveling will be a bear thursday, friday, and saturday morning.
6:44 am
we had our own snow. go back to midnight on mines road. look at that. over a span of about two hours all that white you see was snow that fell down to about 1,000 feet. in fact, abc 7 news reporter matt keller is in alameda county where they saw a good amount of the snow overnight. hey, matt. >> reporter: good morning, mike. it is cold out here but, guess what, it is really beautiful as well. let me step aside so you can see the foothills just above livermore here. you can see the snow still sticking around early this morning and really it's covered a lot of the foothills in this area here in alameda county. really beautiful this morning. check out this video. a beautiful video overnight. this is the livermore valley on mines road around 2:00 this morning about 1,500 feet. the snow was sticking to the ground, sticking to trees, sticking to cars. the photograph who shot the video said there were very icy conditions at the time making it dangerous to drive. of course if you're in the upper
6:45 am
elevations you may not see the snow but will see cold temperatures and possible freezing conditions. we must be in a wonderful spot because my photographer just turn his camera around, and you can see mt. diablo from here as well and you can see the snow on mt. diablo really beautiful this morning. check out the mountains and the foothills around you and see snow. reporting live in livermore, matt keller, abc 7 news. we have breaking news. seaworld ceo is out. he is suddenly stepping down. this is just coming in. this is as the company reported huge fourth quarter losses, more than $20 million. it's a lot worse than people expected. seaworld parks have struggled with attendance amid a lot of criticism for their orca breeding and orca shows. he was actually hired to help restore the park's image but to
6:46 am
in avail. unclear who will take over. >> not a good sign for that theme park chain. president trump is making his first trip to california since taking office. he will be here mid march reportedly to see prototypes for a potential border wall. according to "the washington post" the president will attend the republican national committee fund-raiser in l.a. "post" reports this trip has been postponed several times because of concerns from aides he will be met with protests. there are few details about the trip but he could be visiting san diego where prototypes are on display. the warriors are spending their day in washington, d.c., with local kids. the team will take them to the national museum of african-american history and culture. only players and coaches will attend that private event. klay thompson revealed their plans last night. the warriors made these plans after president trump withdrew his white house invitation to the nba champs. steph curry made it clear that he didn't want to visit the white house. a pleasant hill high school wrestler who suffered a spinal cord injury during a match last
6:47 am
month is improving. the injury left ryan joseph paralyzed and on a ventilator. this is our latest update on him, though. ryan is able to get around in a wheelchair now. his father shared this video to show ryan's progress. the teen is undergoing treatment in colorado and is expected to return to the bay area in april. an alert for parents this morning, a new study says teen sexting is on the rise and the images are becoming more explicit. a new pediatric study finds one it four kids under the age of 18 receives inappropriate messages including nude photos. "good morning america" spoke to some teens who say sexting is more common than parents may think. >> straight up ask you for them. they're not really -- they're not really, like, shy about asking. they'll just ask you straight up, hey, send me nudes. >> there are some teens that don't recognize the cause and effect nature. once you press that send button, there is a possibility that
6:48 am
those pictures will be distributed. >> legal analysts say some images quaul if i as child porn. "gma" will have a live report including what parents need to watch out for. it's been nearly six months since the equifax breach. >> there are no new rules to protect consumers. hackers stole personal information including social security numbers from more than 145 million americans. checking your credit report is free on sites like paying more for less leg room, that's a constant complaint these days. we expect a review from the faa about the seat size and leg room issue. this could lead to the end of airlines reducing space for passengers to get more seats onboard. i don't know by how much more they could reduce it without just having you stand. >> this is very true. it's interesting that they could
6:49 am
get involved in this. here is a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets under way and you can see that we are up still about 31 points, the same as it was several minutes ago when we checked in. 6:49 now. whether you sit down or stand up at your desk, it is still not a substitute for exercise. this according to a new study published in the journal ergonomics. >> standing desks, the problems with sitting, poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle, are not completely solved with prolonged standing. researchers in australia say there's not enough movement and found evidence standing too long can lead to muscle fatigue, back pain and swollen veins. the best way to keep healthy is to get up, move around and take a walk every hour or so. they do have the standing desks now with the treadmill. >> right. >> so that would solve the problem. >> sounds like torture. sounds awful. tip of the hat. here's meteorologist mike nicco.
6:50 am
hey, mike. looking at mt. tamalpais. it's a soft start to the morning. i just saw sky 7, absolutely gorgeous. there you go. doesn't that look phenomenal? that's near mt. hamilton, i assume, because they haven't told me. that looks great. i just wanted to show you that real quick. that's what we're waking up to. take a look up when you get outside. let's go on and talk about our accuweather highlights. mostly sunny, breezy and warmer than yesterday. partly cloudy, calmer and dry tonight. the strongest storm since january 8th. that record setter is coming tomorrow. right now it's out in the gulf of alaska picking up a lot of moisture. you can see the bright white clouds, that's the deeper moisture that will be coming in starting tomorrow. but for today enjoy all the sunshine and temperatures from 58 to about 63 around the bay and inland. 63 the exception. 62 napa. about 56 to 60 along the coast.
6:51 am
tonight about the same as this morning. mid to upper 30s until you get around richmond, oakland, so a few showers develop wednesday afternoon as the moisture comes back. steady rain moves into the north bay during the evening hours and becomes moderate to heavy at 5:00 in the morning thursday through 9:00 in the south bay. so just like yesterday that morning commute will be a bear. more rain comes in during the afternoon and evening hours. and then we'll get a second push of this storm as we head into friday and look at these rainfall totals, an inch and a half to nearly two inches by saturday morning that puts the storm as a two, moderate for both thursday and friday. scattered showers saturday morning means light. saturday afternoon into sunday increasing sunshine and finally dry. sue? commuters on southbound 880 into milpitas really experiencing delays this morning. we had an overturned vehicle in a ditch on the right-hand side. you're stacked up now to mission boulevard and so 680 would be a great alternate route. video from sky 7 earlier.
6:52 am
you can see the right-hand lane blocked with the fire truck. there's that overturned vehicle in the right-hand ditch. they have not gotten it out of there yet. expect delays once again. might want to try 680 as your alternate route this hour. guys? thank you, sue. neighbors in west oakland saw when a water main burst on magnolia street. none of this water flooded into homes but the spray was so powerful it kept tossing small rocks at the nearby homes. we're now hearing from a group benefiting from disney's latest donation, the boys and girls club in oakland. >> we first told you about this yesterday. disney is donating $1 million to the boys and girls club benefiting 11 local clubs helping children explore careers in s.t.e.m. >> the kids can get a feel for the technology, seeing themselves there and seeing themselves behind the scenes creating it going forward. >> this donation comes as disney
6:53 am
is celebrating the success of "black panther." it takes place in the most technically advanced place in the world. the director says he hopes the kids will see themselves in those characters and be inspired to explore a career in s.t.e.m. disney is the parent company of abc 7. a new study shows there could be a link between e-cigarettes and the risk of a heart attack. heart attack. >> electronic cigarettes and vaping could have its own serious health risks. one doctor says daily e-cigarette users have almost doubled the risk of having a heart attack. others say it's too soon to draw the conclusion that e-cigs cause heart attacks and one possible explanation could be that people at risk of heart attacks may be turning to e-cigs to quit smoking. the nation's largest auto dealership retailer has to pay more than $2 million to settle an environmental lawsuit filed in san jose.
6:54 am
auto nation faces accusations of illegally disposing of hazardous materials. the district attorney and seven other california prosecutors also claim auto nation mishandled personal information belonging to customers. auto nation released a statement that says it's committed to environmental compliance and stewardship and the protection of customer information. santa clara county taking a different approach when it's placing children in foster care system. abc 7 news was in san jose where county officials announced a new program with a goal of placing more children with relatives instead of strangers. it's based after a program in l.a. where 84% of children are placed with relatives and they have better outcomes. improved technology will make placement easier helping to locate family members of foster children which was previously a big obstacle in the process. the seven things you need it know before you go. >> we'll keep you up to date with weather and traffic.
6:55 am
this gorgeous shot of the snow this morning which is such a strange thing for us to say but that is from sky 7.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
coming up on 6:58 on this tuesday morning, whether you're just joining us or heading out door, seven things you need to know before you go. look up at our hills. this is what you're going to see. it's a gorgeous morning. it's cold. cold enough that the snow is still there and a little breezy so those temperatures at 7:00 on my accuweather 12-hour planner feel cooler than that. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. grab the sunglasses. number two, the cold weather has made for a very exciting morning. look at all that beautiful, fluffy snow. this is outside of livermore on mines road. big flakes were coming down around 2:00 a.m. caltrans crews testing these new signs on the richmond/san rafael bridge today preparing to open a third lane on the eastbound side. testing expected to last several weeks. and number four, we are still following this overturn accident southbound 880 before 237. that car still in a ditch. fire is blocking the right lane.
6:59 am
please try 680 as your alternate. number five and this is brand-new, white house communications director hope hicks is set to appear before the house intelligence committee at any minute now. her testimony is part of the ongoing russia investigation. number six, the warriors will spend today in washington, d.c., with local kids. >> and number seven, it's national pancake day. ihop is raising money for benioff children's hospital. you'll get a free throw stack of buttermilk pancakes. delicious, nutritious, kind of, and for a really good cause. i want to pont out something, look at the sun behind my head. >> you're glowing, reggie. >> i've always known that about you. >> your halo. >> i don't know what it means, it could mean my last day or best day. >> your mom loved you so much
7:00 am
she called you son. >> and look at this shot this morning.what's making good morning, america. fighting back. the embattled sheriff's deputy accused of doing nothing to help those students during the high school shooting is now defending himself. newly revealed audio recordings raise questions about what really happened as president trump weighs in, saying he would have handled it differently. >> i really believe i'd run in even if i didn't have a weapon. breaking news for our viewers in the west. massive man hunt for a murderer who killed a man on facebook live stream. chaos on the highway. dozens of bikers caught on camera taking over boston's interstate terrorizing drivers, clashing with police. many of them escaping. ♪ and counting down to the oscars. one-on-one with host jimmy kimmel. how he plans to handle the me too movement, politics and the thousands of jokes he's considering.


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