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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 16, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, the desperate search for victims in the deadly miami bridge collapse. >> there are two cars under there. >> we have new details on what happened just before that collapse onto a highway. plus, the questions now being raised about the special way the bridge was built, a method used across the country. also breaking overnight, signs of another shake-up at the white house. the president ready to fire another key official. this as the russia investigation expands with another subpoena from special counsel robert mueller. the fda makes a move to change how cigarettes are made. a new push to make smoking less addictive. plus, the wild upsets as march madness tips off. walmart's bold plan to build an army of robotic bees. how would you like to run into this guy at the beach?
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a good friday morning, everyone, and we begin with several new developments. moments ago authorities confirmed at least six people have been killed after that bridge came crashing down onto the highway below. there are reports that the cables had loosened and were being tightened at the time. >> we're now hearing from first responders who desperately tried to save workers trapped in the rubble. others pulled people out of crushed cars even using a wooden stick to rescue someone at some point. abc's maggie rulli is at the scene. maggie. >> reporter: diane and kendis, right behind me you can see the destruction. this massive bridge now just crumbled concrete scattered across the eight-lane highway. overnight rescue crews were desperately searching for survivors, but now that mission has turned into one of recovery. >> there's two cars under there. >> reporter: overnight rescue crews frantically worked to get
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to those still trapped underneath the weight of this nearly 1,000-ton bridge. >> there's blood everywhere. >> reporter: bringing in search and rescue dogs and heavy equipment, many first responders fighting to keep victims alive. >> and two unconscious. two conscious that were injured just in a state of shock. one of the unconscious was not breathing. one was breathing. a major laceration to his head. we started compressions on the one that was not breathing. i started screaming to the crowd to please give me doctors or any first responders. i needed help. >> reporter: the bridge was meant to be a beacon of collaboration and hope connecting students at florida international university to nearby sweetwater. >> this bridge was about goodness, not sadness. now we're feeling immense sadness. >> reporter: heralded as a feat of engineering, the school posting this video of the bridge going up in just hours this past weekend using accelerated bridge construction. the entire piece of bridge was
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rotated over the eight-lane highway in the largest use of this relatively new technology. authorities say they were conducting a stress test on the bridge thursday morning, and florida senator marco rubio tweets that the bridge collapsed when the cables were being tightened. >> part of this project is federal funding. the families of those who have been hurt and who lost their lives deserve to know what went wrong. >> reporter: the state's top leaders all calling for a full and thorough investigation. >> and, again, if anybody has done anything wrong, we'll hold them accountable. >> reporter: since 2010 more than 800 of these instant bridges have been constructed and they're supposed to be a safer way to build. now a 15-person ntsb team is on site working to find out if this tragedy was caused by a design flaw or a construction error. diane and kendis. >> maggie, thank you. and that method of construction of bridges is supposed to be safer because the long-term construction is done away from traffic. >> in the meantime, abc news has been looking into the history of the construction company that built that bridge. so here's what we found. the company was sued this month after a tsa worker claimed he was injured on a makeshift
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bridge at the airport there, but records show no other major problems. >> now, the bridge designer was reportedly fined in virginia back in 2012 for a mishap during a bridge installation but only minor injuries were reported there. >> another important note on this investigation, officials say the firm chosen to review the bridge project was not prequalified by the state. we're expecting to learn a lot more about this throughout the morning hours. and we're also following a developing story overseas. rescuers have been deployed to the site of a military helicopter crash in western iraq near the syrian border. officials say seven u.s. airmen were on board. they have not confirmed how many were killed. we're told the chopper was operating as a medevac. officials say there was no sign of hostile fire, but they are not ruling that out. another day, another staff shake-up is looming at the white house. "the washington post" first report, the president has decided to fire national security adviser h.r. mcmaster even though press secretary sarah sanders denied any change. an announcement is expected
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after the president chooses mcmaster's replacement. it appears the russia investigation is expanding now that special counsel robert mueller has subpoenaed the trump organization demanding documents about russia. this comes as the administration announces new sanctions on more than a dozen russians for interfering in the election and for malicious cyberattacks. abc's kenneth moton has the latest on all this. kenneth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kendis. yes, no word on the scope of this latest subpoena, but it's an indication of the extent of the special counsel's wide-ranging probe. the white house and the trump organization both say they will continue to cooperate. this morning, special counsel robert mueller's russia probe is reaching into the trump family business. abc news has confirmed mueller subpoenaed the trump organization for any documents related to russia. >> speaking for myself, i own nothing in russia. i have no loans in russia. i don't have any deals in russia. >> reporter: "the new york times" reporting the subpoena was issued over the past several weeks. a source familiar with the
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investigation tells abc news the subpoena is a sign mueller's investigation is expanding and he's obtained information which raises more questions about the financial dealings of the trump organization. in an interview with "the times" last year, president trump said the special counsel would be crossing a red line if he looked into trump business dealings. the white house wouldn't say if that's still the case. >> as we've maintained all along and as the president has said numerous times, there was no collusion between the campaign and russia. >> reporter: as the russia investigation expands, the president is joining uk prime minister theresa may and other leaders condemning russia for the poison attack on a former russian spy and his daughter in england. >> do you think putin was behind this, mr. president? >> it looks like it. i spoke with the prime minister, and we are in deep discussions. a very sad situation. it certainly looks like the russians were behind it, something that should never ever happen. >> reporter: and for the first time the trump administration hit several russians with sanctions for alleged election
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meddling and accused moscow of an elaborate plot to target the u.s.' electric grid, air travel and their water supply through cyberhacking. kendis and diane. >> all right, kenneth moton live for us from d.c., thanks, kenneth. we're seeing exactly what a sheriff's deputy did while the parkland, florida, school massacre unfolded. authorities have released scot peterson's movements outside stoneman douglas high school. once he was notified he and a staff member rode a golf cart to the building where the shooting was reported. now, he took a position 30 yards away and stayed there for about four minutes but never actually entered the building. now, peterson was suspended for not going inside and resigned and is now the subject of an internal investigation. and time now for a look at your weather on this friday morning. two storms in the west are packing a one-two punch, the first is taking aim at the
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northern plains and the south. the second will move into the plains on sunday and could strengthen into the fourth nor'easter this month. we're four days away from the official start of spring and forecasters are predicting a warmer than normal season for most of the country. it'll be wetter than normal for the great lakes and the northeast. drier than usual for most of the west. coming up, a setback for bill cosby's legal team. also the dramatic video as a plane crashes and flips onto a street in florida. and new research on the amount of plastic in the bottled water that we drink.
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the search resumes this morning for a worker missing after two explosions at this chemical plant near ft. worth, texas. two other people were injured,
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as well. investigators say the explosions may have been caused by static electricity after a worker scraped his foot on the floor. a small victory for prosecutors in bill cosby's sexual assault retrial. the judge will allow five previous accusers to testify against him. they'll be chosen from a list of 19 women submitted as possible witnesses. a cosby spokesman is downplaying the ruling saying it just shows the prosecution is desperate. the trial begins march 29th. the most serious charges have been dropped in a deadly case of hazing at penn state. timothy piazza died after a pledge event during which he was allegedly given 18 drinks in 90 minutes. more than 20 former fraternity members are charged in the case but prosecutors have now dropped all assault charges. five former brothers could still be tried for involuntary manslaughter. and four indictments have been handed out for a deadly hazing case at louisiana university.
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maxwell gruver died in september there. his blood alcohol more than six times the legal limit to drive. >> iheart media, the company that runs more than 850 radio stations across the country has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. the company says it'll keep operating after reaching a deal with creditors. it says it will not affect its popular streaming app or its concerts. walmart is looking to bolster its source for food by creating an army of robotic bees to pollinate crops. the company has applied for a patent for the drone-style devices. the unmanned robots would be programmed to collect pollen from one plant and deposit it on another. walmart says it's planning to expand its dproesry delivery service with a goal of serving 40% of u.s. households. drone bees. >> interesting. when we come back, the early upsets from march madness. >> and there were a few. but first an airline pilot who says she was drugged and raped by her co-pilot speaks out and demands change in the industry. also ahead, donald trump jr. and his wife decide to go their separate ways. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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claritin-d relieves more. we're back to show you a fortune in precious metals scattered across a runway in siberia. the bars of gold and silver weighing about 44 pounds apiece fell out of a cargo plane shortly after takeoff. as one would expect, local residents scooped them up, but the mining company that owns them says they have all been returned now. back here at home, dramatic video shows the crash landing of a small plane on a busy street near disney world in florida. two men inside the plane survived. no word yet on what caused the crash. a veteran pilot for alaska airlines has been suspended amid accusations that he drugged and raped his female co-pilot during an overnight layover. >> in a new lawsuit filed against the airline, betty pina claims 50-year-old paula faris engelien took her to his hotel room after buying her two glasses of wine that made her black out. she said she woke up hours later
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and noticed her clothes missing. >> i saw the nightstand and saw my black purse, and i opened it to see if my phone was in there because i couldn't feel it, and my underwear were in my purse. why would i put my underwear in my purse? i've never done anything like that. >> now, pina says she's not alone. she calls sexual assault a pervasive problem in the airline industry. alaska airlines says they're taking the case seriously. captain engelien has not responded to our request for comment. domestic violence is front and center in a dispute between the singer hi and snapchat. an ad for the social media app featured a would you rather game asking users to choose whether to slap rihanna or punch chris brown, a mockery of her domestic violence history. now, snapchat pulled the game and apologized but rihanna said it's time to get rid of the app altogether. that, by the way, just her saying that, it tregerred a sharp drop in the company's stock price. president trump's oldest son
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is getting a divorce. donald trump jr. and vanessa trump say they're splitting up after being married in 2005. they have five children. the trumps released a statement saying they decided to go their separate ways but will always have respect for each other. a new study is raising some questions about what's inside the bottled water that we drink. a nonprofit group tested some of the most popular brands and found 93% contained tiny particles of plastic in the water. it's not clear if those particles end up being harmful to our health, but the question has prompted the world health organization to launch a review of the potential risk. the fda has unveiled a new strategy to reduce the number of smoking deaths in america by making cigarettes less addictive. the new regulation plan would reduce the levels of nicotine allowed in cigarettes to nonaddictive levels. one proposal would cut nicotine levels by 97%. the idea is now open to public comment before a federal government review. >> okay, now to march madness, which, is, of course, living up
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to its name so far. 16 games are in the books and and there are 16 more later today. >> the biggest upset so far came last night when buffalo shot the lights out against arizona. the bulls knocked down 15 three-pointers. the wildcats only had two. buffalo won its first ever tournament game. with that they face kentucky tomorrow. >> it wasn't even close there. and rhode island had a chance to win at the buzzer against oklahoma. ah, but they settled for overtime. now rhode island pulled away with some clutch three-pointers. it's their second consecutive season with a tournament win, but they're going to take on duke tomorrow. >> that will be a tough one. >> yep. and here's where the madness really comes in. loyola, chicago, versus miami. loyola was down by a point until they win it just as the time expires. a great end to their first march madness game in 33 years. loyola plays tennessee next. >> and that was also one of the biggest upsets, so -- and it
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poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. ♪ time to check "the pulse" and the secret behind jack daniels' whiskey. >> okay, so we're learning about this, it is, of course, one much
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the best-known brands of whiskey out there but daniel always admitted he was taught all he knew about distilling by nathan "nearest" green. turns out he was a slave and after the civil war daniel hired uncle nearest as he was called and paid their family well. >> now some whiskey made from green's original recipe is being dispilled. it'll be called uncle nearest 1856 and will be available in about a month. >> sign us up. a researcher who was fascinated with sharks must be really jazzed about some of the photos that he's seeing. >> check these out. he took them off the coast of mexico. that's a great white estimated to be about 20 feet long and 4,000 pounds circling his fellow researchers in their cage. >> while he's still in a boat. as you can see, it's bigger than that cage. the photos are part of a shark identification project. >> wow. >> i don't see any selfies with him and that shark. is >> yeah, i'm guessing they'll be able to identify that one if they ever see it again which they probably hope not to. next an update on irgo, the
4:23 am
dog that was flown by united airlines to japan instead of kansas city. >> so, the german shepherd has been reunited with his family in kansas. there's quite a welcome. plenty of cameras there in kansas city to see him there. now, after being given the royal treatment by the airline on a private charter flight. >> yeah, his owner says irgo was overjoyed when they arrived at the airport last night. >> oh, he instantly jumped up and was crying. when he's super excited, he cries. >> ah, swindle says during the last few hours of irgo's 12-hour flight, united airlines updated them every hour, even sending them pictures of him during the flight. so he got the royal treatment on the way home. >> apparently it was all just a mere mistake that took place in denver. they went out to walk two dogs and then just placed the different dogs in the wrong crates. >> yeah, so they're now working to reunite the other dog with its owner in japan. >> all right. well, finally in the spirit of march madness, a robot that knows how to put some points on
4:24 am
the board. >> yeah, it was created by engineers at toyota. they say they made it in their spare time, you know. >> there it is. it's a pretty good shot, not bad at all. when some real players tried to distract it, the robot actually still made the shot. it's still a long way from a slam dunk, but it is definitely a start. clutch player there. >> yeah, shaquille o'neal is jealous of his free throw skills. >> shaq is jealous of anybody who could make a free throw. >> fair enough. >> more news after this. yeah. more news after this. >> shaq is jealous of anybody who could make a free throw. >> fair enough. >> more news after this. stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. and for pain relief and a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am.
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the bay area waking up to a cold, wet friday. you're looking live att highway 101 in san jose. rain, slick roads going to make it a slow ride to work today. it's 4:27. if i were you, i'd go back to sleep. can you call in sick? is that an issue for you today? >> no one goes to work here on friday anyway. >> that's true. the weekend is upon us. already. you are never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast. do you need the umbrella all weekend long? >> sunday, we'll have no rain. here's a look at the downpours. vasco road between livermore and towards discovery bay in brentwood and also through the sunol grade. 680, 84 right there. that's where we're going to have the most puddles and maybe around hercules also.
4:28 am
let's put it into motion. it's going to be wet, especially outside of the north bay. it is a little milder than yesterday morning. temperatures in the 40s and near 50 in concord and san jose. 30s are only around clear lake. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. we're taking a look streets this morning. this is 101 and 880 in south bay. road spray kicking up. i've got about a dozen incidents. that tells you one thing, folks are driving too fast for conditions today. we have a commuter issue. if you're riding b.a.r.t. at 16th street mission, that's closed due to a pg&e power issue. as of now, there's no no estimate on that opening. you can head to 24th street station for an alternate. >> alexis, thank you. we have breaking news. a deadly crash in san jose. >> the victims all very young. let's get to matt keller. matt? >> reporter: good morning. a very active scene here on
4:29 am
communications hill in san jose and a devastating crash. my photographer is zooming in here. we got this vehicle parked in front of us. it just moved there. the san jose police department just moved it there. they're blocking the scene, the cars to the right of the vehicle and the injured is in the middle of the street here. it shows you how devastating this crash was early this morning. we're working to get information confirmed by san jose police. we saw a yellow tarp over the vehicle which usually indicates it's a fatal crash. this happened after 1:30 this morning. this happened at cass lino and manuel street. a big response from san jose fire. you can expect this street to be closed for a while between kbhun indications hill boulevard and manuel street. san jose fire is coming back to the scene. obviously, there's something that the san jose police department needs their assistance with, a lot of times that's extrications. we'll let you know this morning
4:30 am
on abc 7 mornings. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. two bay area schools will be closed today because of shooting threats found on their bathroom walls. martinez junior high school and burlingame intermediate school are closed out of an abundance of caution. they do not believe the threats are real but they're not taking any chances. it's now 4:30. if you're just waking up with us, good morning. let's look at weather and traffic with mike. >> reggie, we'll start with the storm impact scale today and tomorrow. still light for showers and thunderstorms. the best chance of thunderstorms will be today. look at the snow level down to possibly 2500 feet in the north bay to 3,000 feet in the south bay. my 12-hour planner. a slippery start. more waves of showers and thunderstorms are possible. the coverage will taper a little bit during the evening hours. i think the morning commute is going to be the one with the


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