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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 20, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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. happening now, a new round of rain is hitting the bay area. this is a live look from our mt. tam camera as rain falls across the bay area. it's not going away any time soon. and from rain to snow, the calendar may say spring, but it's definitely looking like winter up in the sierra. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. the rain started falling this morning. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the weather. >> hi, everybody. the rain came in late, but when it did, it messed up the latter parts of the morning commute. now things are starting to thin out. 0.04 in south bay.
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and you can see that that wetness down there is spreading all throughout our neighborhoods. in fact, san jose was one of the first areas to get wet. now moderate rain in the yellow. that's moving out to the central valley. the heaviest will be down to the south and even some thunderstorms developing 112 miles offshore. this is part of an atmospheric river that we'll be on the north side of. it will hit the central coast with 3 to 6 inches of rain and locally up to 10 inches of rain. today it starts for us as light rain and continues all day today. that's why the storm impact scale is just a one. there will be some moderate spots with rain today but heavier rain is coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. this was earlier today. this is a video of a downpour in palo alto this morning. if you can safely take video or pictures of the weather where you live, post them on social
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media using #abc7now. we may share them online. appreciate it. >> safely being the keyword. new this morning, a violent wreck has left five people in critical condition in san francisco. this happened this morning at gough and bush streets. that's where we find abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield with the story. >> reporter: this intersection is reopen and traffic is flowing. that didn't happen until 8:15. it took them about three hours to clean up the aftermath of this accident. look at how crushed, how mangled, these two cars are after crashing into each other. one ended up on the sidewalk, bent in the middle from the light pole. firefighters had to use the jaws of life to rip the roof off so they could get to one of the passengers. the impact was loud enough to wake up residents here at gough and bush in san francisco at 5:30 this morning. >> we were asleep and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, just
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huge, loud noise. >> reporter: jim reed was driving the third car involved. he's feeling very lucky he walked away from this. >> i was just starting through the intersection and the black car came flying through the intersection. he took the front end of me and plowed into the silver car and pushed it into the pole. >> reporter: five people in these two cars were taken to the hospital. the police department has not released their conditions, but they all survived. >> the first guy they pulled was, you know, he was -- you know, he could tell he was in discomfort, but the rest of them, i think they look stable, from what i could see. >> reporter: jim reed said he wouldn't have normally been here at this time, but because of a nearby fire, he had to reroute his morning. >> i'm probably a little earlier than normal by accident. i usually come a different way, but there was a fire at polk and jackson, so i came up sacramento street. my timing was different than normal, too.
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>> reporter: at this point, police say they're still investigating. they haven't determined why this happened or who, if anyone, was at fault. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. two people are in the hospital and a gunman is dead following a shooting at a maryland high school. it happened this morning at great mills high school in southern maryland about 90 minutes from washington, d.c. abc news reporter lana zak has more on the investigation and how this gunman was taken down. >> reporter: just days before a national march demanding action on gun violence and school safety, there are reports of a school shooting at a maryland high school. >> you don't expect this because we just had a walkout just a week ago about gun violence. >> reporter: the school put out a statement about the shootig on its website saying the school is on lockdown and is contained. >> a male student produce aid handgun and fired a round, wounding a female student and
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male student in the hall just before classes begun. >> reporter: great mills high where the incident occurred has about 1600 students and located about 60 miles south of washington, d.c. the county sheriff said deputies are on the scene as well as federal agents. officials are telling patients or guardians to stay away and plan to reunite with students at another local school. >> i got a call from my 15-year-old son that goes to great mills high school and he said, come get me. somebody just got shot. and my heart dropped. >> reporter: students inside the school describe the scene on twitter. there was a loud sound and everyone started running. and reacting with disbelief. you never think it will be your school, but it is. why us? this latest school shooting comes a little over a month after 17 students and staff were killed at stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. that shooting has sparked a nationwide gun control action. one parkland student tweeted to
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great mills saying, we're with you. we can stop this from of happening again. there were nails and metal in the bomb. >> new developments in texas. investigators say a package that exploded at a fedex facility came from austin and addressed to a local location in austin. one person was hurt. authorities believe it's linked to the four other explosions in austin this month. president trump made his first comments on the incident today. >> the bombings in austin are terrible. local, state and federal are working hand in hand to get to the bottom of it. this is obviously a very, very sick individual or maybe individuals. >> two people were killed and four others hurt in the our foreexplosio foreexplosions. a couple issues -- snarled a commute for many b.a.r.t.
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riders. a fire caused major delays and prompted the shutdown of service between montgomery and balboa departments for 90 minutes. you new video of an overnight rescue in san francisco provided to us by the fire department. if you look closely at the top, you can see firefighters resc rescuing an elderly women through the window. the woman is okay. no word on what caused the fire. new details on saturday night's huge fire in north bay. supervisor aaron peskin is apologizing for criticizing the fire department. on saturday he said the department was slow to pour water on the fire and called for the resignation of the chief. but now the supervisor is backtracking. releasing a statement in the past hour saying, i apologize to chief hayes-white and i intend to personally convey this to her
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as soon as i return from the spring legislative recess. fire officials say it appears the fire was accidental new. the controversial judge who sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner to six months for sexual assault is in a south bay courtroom. the judge is appealing the decision allowing recall petition against him on the june ballot. abc7 news reporter matt keller is live in san jose with more. >> reporter: the clock is ti ticking. the recall effort is supposed to be on the june 5th ballot but now it's in the hands of a judge for the court of appeals.appeal. they argue he's a state official and they don't have jurisdiction and the secretary of state's office should be in charge. a superior court ruled against them before they appealed. attorneys representing the recall efforts argue this is just an effort to cause confusion and delays.
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the recall movement started after the judge sentenced brock turner, former stanford swimmer to six months in jail for assaulting a woman in 2015. about 95,000 signatures were turned into the registrar's office and the recall question put on the june 5th ballot. the court has 90 days to make a ruling but says this case has been fast-tracked because the deadline for printing ballots is on april 3rd. matt keller, abc7 news. >> thank you. facebook says its investigation is just beginning into how the profiles of 50 million users may have been accessed without permission but it isn't the only one looking into the issue the way congress could be turning up the heat. the reason president trump picked up the phone and called russian president vladimir putin this is morning. and the storm door is open. five consecutive days of wet weather coming our way. let's take a look outside. this is richmond side of
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fremont where police are searching for a missing teenager. they say marco gamboa didn't go to school yesterday. marco is about 5'5", 130 pounds. call fremont police if you see him. facebook reportedly held an emergency staff meeting this morning following the data privacy scandal according to website diverge, which says there will be another meeting on friday, possibly led by ceo mark zuckerberg. cambridge analytica is accused of accessing without consent the profiles of up to 50 million facebook users and using that information to try to sway your vote. senator dianne feinstein says the judiciary committee needs to look into it. >> the industry won't solve these kinds of problems themselves, we'll have to solve them with legislation. you can't have 50 million people lose privacy of their data this way.
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>> facebook stock is down again today. they suffered their biggest loss yesterday, wiping $37 billion off the company's value. happening today, president trump will hold a meeting with key members of his administration to talk about sanctuary cities. members and congress officials are expected to attend. the president said he would take down sanctuary cities. today's meeting will discuss how to use the law to their advantage. happening today, the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments in a fight over a california abortion law. it requires anti-abortion pregnancy centers to inform clients about state subsidized family planning services, including contraception and abortion. state official it is say the law is aimed at making sure women know about all of their health care options. the pregnancy centers say it forces them to send a message that conflicts with their mission to encourage childbirth. the kremlin says president trump called russian president
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vladimir putin to congratulate him on re-election. the two presidents spoke about the need to coordinate efforts to limit the arms race and counterterrorism as well as the seven-year syrian war and a possible bilateral meeting. according to white house press secretary the two did not talk about attacks on our election or the nerve agent attack in the uk. united is making a change. the action the airline is taking immediately regarding pets. hard to believe astronomical spring began this morning at 9:14, especially when you look at the sierra. right now all is quiet, but starting at 5:00 tomorrow evening through 5:00 friday morning, up to 4 feet of heavy, wet snow is possible.
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it's time to take a look at all seven days moving forward. about 0.04 an inch of rain, and that's close to just about everywhere as the rainfall has been uniform in the amount that's been dropping. you can see right now that we've got some green out there. let me tell you what was happening this morning. the radar was super hot during the evening part -- or early part of the morning commute, but the humidity level at 6500 feet was only 11% so it kept evaporating through that layer. once it punched through the layer, it started raining on everybody. the heftest rain is near antoch, brentwood, oakley, and heading on of to the east by
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highway 4 but probably left a puddle or two in the streets. we'll have light rain just about all day today. the air is super saturated in the lowest, say, about 10,000 feet. just not a lot of energy out there to trigger it. all the energy is down to the south with that atmospheric river. we have the one storm still churning off to our west. the other one will come in for thursday, friday and, unfortunately, looks like saturday's going to be pretty wet also. here's a look at the embarcadero where we've had 0.03 an inch of rain. cooler but moderate. light rain tonight, a little drizzle. showers possible friday and saturday. as far as our highs, how about mayeda to upper 50s outside today. maybe a 60 in the south bay. we've got flight arrival delays. it's raining right now at sfo. delays are averaging 45 minutes. notice the temperatures, pretty much in the mid-50s up to
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midnight and low to mid-50s overnight, you can see yellow and orange, a few pockets of moderate rain. at noon, i think the radar initially was under doing the amount of rain. you can see it definitely picks up as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. and then overnight, you can see more rain out there with embedded yellow, which is moderate rain. tomorrow's commute will be completely wet for all of us. you can see the rain continuing into tomorrow afternoon. then it really picks up tomorrow night into thursday morning. that's when we'll have the heaviest rain. that's when we'll have the greatest chance of puddles on the road when you head out for thursday's morning commute. by thursday evening, it starts to all break up and that's it. for the first storm. look at the rainfall totals as we head throughout the next 24 to 36 hours. you're starting to see more than an inch in the north bay. a quarter to half inch for the rest of us. so, the storm's a one today and tomorrow. but then it ramps up to two with that heavier rain coming in wednesday night into thursday morning. and then it tapers off to
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scattered showers. cold showers. we're talking about the chance of thunderstorms and hail once again friday and even saturday. look at those highs, only in the 50s. some spring warmth there. sunday and monday and most of next week is looking brighter and warmer. >> looking forward to that. in the meantime, we'll keep an eye on live doppler 7, right? >> we can do that through the app any time, no matter where you are, where you're going. you can download it now, it's free. we have versions for apple and android devices. we upgraded the abc7 news app so you can customize the forecast for wherever you live. >> thanks, mike. effective immediately, united says it's putting a stop to the shipping of unaccompanied pets on its flight. that means the airline will stop accepting new reservations for its pet safe program but will honor any reservations made through march 20th. the suspension does not affect pets accompanied by passengers in the cabin. united says it's conducting a thorough and stmtystematic revi
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of their program in the wake of recent mishaps involving pets. new research reveals where you can sit on a plane to minimize your chances of getting sick. apparently choose the window. they said people in the aisles are more likely to move around and come into contact with viruses. well, perhaps, not a surprise. if a passenger were infectious they think the 11 closest people in the rows around them have a high risk of getting sick. the rest, the probability less than 0.03. royal wedding watchers, don't move a muscle. new details just dropped this morning involving prince harry and meghan markle's
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a pastry chef who grew up in marin county has been chosen to bake the cake for the upcoming wedding of prince harry and meghan markle. she previously worked for alice waters in berkeley. she lives in london now and she'll make a lemon elderflower cake for the may wedding. a local connection to the wedding of the century.
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>> that's as close as we'll get, isn't it? >> that's about right. attention, dog lovers. national puppy day is three days away. >> on friday we'll be livestreaming our puppy cam live on and abc7 news aa 4:30 in the morning. we're helping find forever homes for all the local puppies. in the meantime, we want to see your dog or dogs or video wiwit with >> how soon are they adopted after thet appear there? >> usually that day but the babies have to wait until they get up to speed or more well nourished. >> thank you for joining us. "who wants to be a millionaire" is next. we leave you with a gloomy, dreary view of the bridge in san francisco. it will stay this way for a while. >> pretty good chance of rain wednesday and turning over to
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showers and possible thunderstorms thursday and friday and saturday. >> folks, try to stay dry. have a good one.
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