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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 10, 2018 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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rain rolling in later today, mike. >> a little bit is the key. not going to good morning, america. president trump lashes out after an fbi raid on his personal lawyer's home and office. he calls it an attack on our country. >> they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys, a good man, and it's a disgraceful situation. >> agents seized documents related to stormy daniels, bank statements and more. the fallout overnight. zuckerberg in the hot seat. the facebook ceo facing a grilling on capitol hill today. set to apologize for compromising private information of those 87 million users. will the social media giant be forced to make major changes? road rage caught on camera. police search for the driver who slammed this motorcyclist right off the road. the manhunt this morning. jumping for their lives.
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flames ripping through this dance studio. several young girls escaping this blazing fire, leaping off the balcony, the heroes on the ground racing to rescue them. the incredible escape. good morning, america. it's great to be with you on this tuesday morning. and what a scary situation, a narrow escape from that fire ripping through that dance studio. young ladies jumping off that balcony there. we'll hear from the men who helped save the day just ahead. >> wow. >> they did do quite a job. but first, that dramatic news from the white house. a furious president trump firing back after the fbi raided the home office and hotel room of his longtime counsel and confidant, michael cohen. the president was surrounded by top military brass as he called this an attack on our country. >> agents seizing electronic devices and documents related to that $130,000 payment to porn
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star stormy daniels. abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is in washington with more on all of this. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: amy, good morning. the stakes appear to be growing higher each week, almost by the day, and now the president's personal attorney of more than a decade, part of his innermost circle, is facing legal jeopardy. fbi agents stunned the president's personal attorney michael cohen monday in early morning raids on his office, home and the hotel where he was staying in a starkly aggressive move involving one of mr. trump's closest allies. sources familiar with the investigation telling abc news fbi agents took his electronic devices, phones and a host of documents, including related to his $130,000 payment to stormy daniels in the days leading up to the 2016 election. >> this did a strike at a person who is very close to the president, who obviously had extensive communications with the president on some issues that are of great personal interest to the president. >> reporter: the raids coming
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just four days after mr. trump made his first comments on daniels saying he did not know anything about the hush money payment. >> why did michael cohen make it if there was no truth to the allegations? >> you'll have to ask michael cohen. michael is my attorney and you'll have to ask michael. >> reporter: daniels claim she had an affair with mr. trump in 2006 before he was president. >> it was entirely consensual? >> oh, yes, yes. >> reporter: but the white house says the affair did not take place. >> look, i can tell you the president's denied the allegations. >> reporter: last night cohen's attorney stephen ryan calling the raids completely inappropriate and unnecessary adding, it resulted in the unnecessary seizure of protected attorney/client communications between a lawyer and his clients. cohen has said he tried to resolve daniels' allegations, which he says are untrue, as part of his friendship with mr. trump. but critics have suggested that the $130,000 payment amounted to a campaign contribution aimed at helping trump in the election by keeping the daniels allegation secret.
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sources tell abc news the special counsel's team uncovered information that concerned them and discussed it with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein because it appeared outside of the special counsel's mandate of investigating russia. rosenstein decided to refer the matter to the u.s. attorney's office in the southern district of new york, which then sought a search warrant after a review. george. >> right, approved by a judge. okay, pierre, thanks very much. now to that furious response from president trump. i want to go to jon karl and, jon, what a surreal scene there in the white house. the president surrounded by all those military brass and then really let loose. >> reporter: he is angry, george. he is lashing out and the president is openly musing about firing the special counsel. it took no prompting, surrounded by the nation's top military leaders for a meeting about syria. the president instead launched into an attack against special counsel robert mueller. >> so i just heard that they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys, a good
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man, and it's a disgraceful situation. it's a total witch-hunt. i've been saying it for a long time. >> reporter: he went on for nearly eight minutes calling the raid on his personal lawyer's office a, quote, attack on our country. >> talking about a lot of serious things with the greatest fighting force ever and i have this witch-hunt constantly going on for over 12 months now and it's a disgrace. it's, frankly, a real disgrace. it's an attack on our country in a true sense. >> reporter: his wrath aimed not just at the special counsel, but also at his own attorney general jeff sessions. >> he should have certainly let us know if he was going to recuse himself and we would have used a -- put a different attorney general in. so he made what i consider to be a very terrible mistake for the country. but you'll figure that out. >> reporter: and for the first time he publicly mused about firing the special counsel investigating him.
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>> why don't i just fire mueller? well, i think it's a disgrace what's going on. we'll see what happens. but i think it's really a sad situation when you look at what happened and many people have said, you should fire him, again, they found nothing and in finding nothing that's a big statement. >> reporter: some of the president's closest allies in congress have warned him that firing mueller would be a grave mistake that would trigger a constitutional crisis, maybe even impeachment. people close to the president have told me that he has heard that message, that he understands it but, george, after what we saw last night, nobody has any idea what the president will do on this. >> none at all. thanks very much. let's talk more with our legal legal analyst dan abrams, chris christie, federal prosecutor and former new jersey governor and friend and ally of president trump. does he understand what firing robert mueller would mean? >> i think he does. i think he does but i think that
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what jon just said is right. i thinkk the president is really angry about this and expressed that yesterday. i think he does understand it. but i think there's lots of people who are concerned that, you know, his reaction to this may overcome what -- that's a big problem. it's a big problem. i've told him that. you know, you can't -- you can't fire the special counsel. you just can't and i think now we're looking at the u.s. attorney in the southern district of new york, who i know well, a guy from new jersey appointed there by attorney general sessions, this is a good guy, jeff berman. he is a boy scout. he'll do the right thing. >> and dan, explain how many hoops they had to go through to get this raid of michael cohen's office. >> right,, robert mueller did not make this decision. robert mueller made the decision that this is actually outside the scope of what i'm supposed to be doing. >> to be clear he came upon evidence he thought of some criminal activity. >> it seems he came upon some sort of potential criminal activity. he then hands it off effectively
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to rod rosenstein, who is the deputy attorney general says, look, we found this, you decide what to do with it. rod rosenstein then makes a referral meaning basically says to the southern district of new york, look, here's what we got, you decide what to do with this. then the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, appointed by jeff sessions just recently, interviewed with donald tmakes a decision to then seek out a search warrant, a judge then signs off on it. the standard for a judge to sign off on this is high. furthermore, it's probable cause that a crime was committed, that evidence might be destroyed but you've also had these internal justice department regulations, when it comes to something like raiding a lawyer's office, you literally have to keep going back and forth to main justice, everyone here -- >> approved every step of the way. but how extraordinary here, the president's personal lawyer. >> it's not that extraordinary in this respect, for a president, sure, but i mean, you know, this happens, you know, i did it when i was u.s. attorney.
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you get permission, but as dan said, you know, they went to justice at least twice on this, rosenstein sent it to the u.s. attorney in the southern, he took an independent look it and he could have just said i don't see anything here or i'll just serve some subpoenas or take some less intrusive steps. he thought that one of two things was happening. either he had evidence that cohen was not cooperating with subpoenas that had already been served and/or that cohen was in the midst of destroying evidence and that's what he went to the justice department with. this had to get signed off by the head of the criminal division and by the deputy attorney general again. before they get to the fbi and execute. >> michael cohen in some legal jeopardy. see what the investigation uncovers and increases the pressure on him perhaps to give information on president trump. >> yeah, but i don't think he's going to violate the attorney/client privilege. look, there is an exception to that. a lot of people say what about attorney/client privilege here, yes, there are two issues there. number one is there's going to
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be a team of people who are going to go in and determine anything that's potentially protected by the attorney/client privilege and say this information does not go to investigators, period. the second thing is there's an exception called the crime fraud exception which means that if the authorities believe that the president and his lawyer or anyone and their lawyer are together engaged in a possible crime or fraud, then the attorney/client privilege doesn't necessarily apply. we don't know exactly. >> we just heard from the president on this right now. he said the attorney/client privilege is dead, total witch-hunt. >> attorney/client privilege is not dead because the way the justice department will approach it. there will be a taint team because you don't want to taint the prosecutors investigating it by seeing potentially confidential information. they'll separate it into stuff that's privileged and stuff that isn't and then of the stuff that's privileged is in any evidence of crime or fraud. >> no privilege for evidence of a crime.
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>> or a crime or fraud or ongoing crime or fraud. >> it would have to be between the two of them. if they think president trump may have committed a crime there's still an attorney/client privilege there with his lawyer. >> it's got to be conspiracy-like situation, george, that they see clear evidence and let's remember one other thing, people will try to jump to conclusions about a lot of things. the only thing we know for sure is what i said a long time ago to you which is there's no way you can make this investigation shorter, but there's lots of ways you can make it longer and this is evidence of that. >> thank you both. let's go to amy. george, we're now learning that president trump has cancelled his trip to per you for the 8th summit of the americas. the president staying in washington to oversee the syria response. >> this seems like a matter of when not if there will be a military response. we kno the use of chemical weapons was a red line for president when he ordered that missile strike last year.
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add to that, the trump meeting late yesterday surrounded by senior military leader when he made his intentions quite clear. >> we're making a decision as to what we do with respect to the horrible attack that was made near damascus and it will be met and it will be met forcefully and when i will not say because i don't like talking about timing. >> reporter: the u.s. is trying to get as much evidence as possible as to what suspected nerve agent was used in the attack and how it was carried out, amy. >> we just heard president trump saying he doesn't want to discuss timing but it sure seems like things are moving pretty quickly. >> reporter: they really are and the u.s. has an array of military options. the u.s. destroyer is now left port in cyprus. missile launchers are possible from that destroyer. submarines and b-2 stealth bombers so it could be a larger response than last year's to send a stronger message and
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it could be soon. this is not without risk, however. would syria retaliate and russia has had strong warnings as well. we have some 2,000 military personnel in syria. that is, of course, always a concern. amy. >> all right, martha raddatz, we know you'll stay on top of it, thank you. to mark zuckerberg in the hot seat. the facebook ceo making the rounds in washington before his testimony to congress about that privacy scandal with 87 million users waking up to an alert that their private information was shared and mary bruce joins us from the committee room where zuckerberg will be questioned. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, michael. this is a critical test for the tech giant. in just a few hours, mark zuckerberg will be sitting right here getting put through the congressional gauntlet for the very first time. he's likely to be pressed on everything from user privacy to russian meddling, to how to prevent your data from being misused in the future. this morning, the embattled facebook ceo is bringing his apology tour to capitol hill.
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meeting privately with lawmakers monday, mark zuckerberg swapped out his signature gray t-shirt for a suit. mr. zuckerberg, are you doing enough to protect your users? in prepared testimony the 33-year-old billionaire admits facebook has been used to spread fake news, hate speech and allow foreign interference in elections. it was my mistake and i'm sorry, he says, i started facebook. i run it and i'm responsible for what happens here. according to "the new york times," zuckerberg's been busy preparing, lawyers and outside consultants coaching him on how to appear humble and react if interrupted, even setting up mock hearings with advisers acting as members of congress. it's a critical test for the ceo who's been mocked in the past for his approachability, including this week on "saturday night live." >> hi there, collin. two, three and away. nailed it. >> this morning, 87 million facebook users are waking up to
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this notice at the top of their feed informing them their personal data was shared with cambridge analytica. the political consulting firm hired by the 2016 trump campaign but lawmakers say it's not enough. >> if we don't rein in the misuse of social media, none of us are going to have any privacy anymore. >> reporter: the firestorm now has some users logging off for good including apple co-founder steve wozniak. >> certain things you thought were more private were not and maybe nothing is and it just sort of hit a breaking point for me. >> reporter: take a look at what zuckerberg will be facing here today. this is a rare hearing of two committees which means he's going to be questioned by a whopping 44 senators. that's a roughly half of the entire u.s. senate, george. this is going to be a marathon. >> boy, it certainly is. thanks very much. we move on now to that blaze
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that ripped through a dance studio forcing young girls to upfor their lives off a balcony. abc's whit johnson has the story. >> reporter: unimaginable fear. young dance students forced to jump for their lives. >> get down, get down. >> reporter: from a burning new jersey strip mall, the flames engulfing the building with people trapped inside. the massive smoke clouds billowing up into the sky. >> hook and ladder, your services are requested. >> reporter: neighbors and first responders rushing a ladder to the second floor to get the girls down to safety but it isn't long enough to reach. one terrified young student kicks it over forcing the others to leap into the arms of rescuers waiting below. >> they were screaming help me. help me. help me, please. >> reporter: one of the first people on the scene was local businessman tony nehmi who, along with police officer jimmy dalton, helped evacuate the dance studio. >> the girls were trapped on the second floor and they escaped due to the bravery of these two guys right here. >> reporter: the dancers back safely on the ground receiving medical attention miraculously
7:17 am
no one seriously injured. >> it's a miracle with the heavy fire volume that we had on arrival that they got out the way they did. >> reporter: more than 12 hours later fire crews are still here dousing the building with water, putting out hot spots. that fire ripped through the dance studio as well as a neighboring car wash and restaurant. the cause of the fire still under investigation. george. >> okay, whit, thanks very much. michael. george, now to the boys of winter. the chicago cubs home opener was postponed because of snow. but that didn't stop the players from taking the field anyway to play in the snow and have an impromptu snowball fight. also they captured the moment -- the unusual moment posting selfies and had these photos on social media and even the stadium organist was not going to be left out playing "jingle bells" to the empty park. >> oh, no. >> but the game will be played this afternoon when hopefully the only white on the field will be the foul lines. >> oh, yes. >> but the only person who can
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tell us about that will be rob. so, rob -- >> no pressure, rob. >> all of the attention over to you. spring is here, it's obviously in portland, michigan, where snow was falling. 11 games in the last 12 days of the major league baseball season canceled because of snow, cold and rain but we do have some warmer weather. the next three to four days will warm up nicely into the 70s and maybe lower 80s. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike
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nicco. showers today and tomorrow, cooler conditions both days. quick warming friday and saturday before tracking another storm for next week. today down in the south bay, low to mid-70s. the least likely area to see rain. mid-to-upper 60s around the bay and east bay. low to mid-60s along the coast into san francisco. tonight temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler, back in the 40s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, light showers today, light to moderate showers tomorrow. ooh, the anticipation of warmer temperatures. bright colored ties. >> we're ready for it. we're going to force it. >> i'm bringing it. >> okay, rob. coming up, "the simpsons" getting slammed, finally responding to the criticism over the character apu. road rage. the manhunt this morning for a driver who knocked this motorcyclist right off the road. t right off the road. with her own two hands. each unique piece comes to life in the same way... a messy, sloppy, splattery way.
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good morning, east bay! let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning at 7:23. reggie aqui. a threat called in by bay districts has investigators beefing up their security. it appears an e-mail sent to school districts from sonoma to south san francisco was a hoax. police say it was part of an online challenge to get classes canceled. bay area schools say they are going to be open today. let's see what traffic looks like with sue. >> and a challenge getting up to santa rosa. we have an accident northbound 101 blocking the second lane from the left. northbound 101. and there it is right at college avenue. so, you are stacked up now before highway 12. let's take a look at some of your drive times elsewhere. if you're traveling 680 from highway 4 to walnut creek, you're looking aat about 15
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>> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> thanks for sticking around. your storm impact scale is a one, light to moderate showers tomorrow. temperatures are mild out there, low to upper 50s most neighborhoods. your commute planer i put caution out there, even though the rain will start after the morning commute ends and probably ends commute begins, but there could be some slickness left over. thursday, it's mainly lake end sino and napa counties. another chance of rain next week. another update in 30 minutes and you can find us on our news app and hope you join us every weekday morning from 4:30 to 7:00.
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relief that works as hard as you do. ♪ you can go your own way yes. >> i'm lip-syncing it. >> welcome back to "gma." rock & roll hall of famers fleetwood mac making headlines as the legendary band makes a comeback on the charts, one of the members is going his own way. >> i like that. >> lindsey buckingham won't be there when the band returns to the stage for a new tour but the band announced monday that mike campbell of tom petty and the heartbreakers and neil finn of crowded house will replace him so the show will go on. >> all right, sounds good. we have much more on that ahead. the top headlines, president trump firing back after an fbi raid on his lawyer's home and office. agents seizing documents related to stormy daniels, the president calling it a disgrace. also right now, the poisoned daughter of a russian spy was released from a british hospital.
7:31 am
she will be taken to a secure location while her father is still recovering in the hospital. and at least six people are dead after this fiery plane crashed on a famed pga golf course. the plane went down on the tpc scottsdale course in arizona just after takeoff. an investigation is under way. >> yeah, that was sad. we'll begin with the backlash against "the simpsons". the show is under fire for how it responded to criticism of one of its most famous characters and abc's eva pilgrim is here with the story. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning. "the simpsons" feeling the heat this morning. the show under fire over concerns of racism with one of its oldest, most popular characters, finally responding but what they did and how they did it is not sitting so well with some fans. >> please pay for your purchases and get out and come again. >> reporter: apu, the convenience store clerk in "the simpsons" long the focus of allegations of racism for a stereotypical portrayal of indians.
7:32 am
and on sunday, the show acknowledging the controversy but not apologizing. >> well, what am i supposed to do? >> it's hard to say. something that started decades ago and was applauded as inoffensive is now politically incorrect. what can you do? >> some things will be dealt with at a later date. >> if at all. >> reporter: one of the show's original writers predicting a backlash on social media tweeting before the episode, new simpsons in five minutes, twitter explosion in act three. the episode coming after the trutv documentary "the problem with apu" spotlighted the issue last fall. >> how many of you were bullied in any capacity as a child? raise hands. how many had to deal with like being called apu or that being referenced? >> reporter: hari kondabolu, the documentary's creator, tweeting, wow, politically incorrect? that's the takeaway from my movie and the discussion it sparked? man, i really loved this show.
7:33 am
this is sad. "the simpsons" response tonight is not a jab at me but what many of us consider progress. utkarsh ambudkar known for his roles in "the mindy project" and "pitch perfect" played apu's nephew on the hit show in 2016. his character calling out apu as a stereotype. >> you're my uncle and i love you but you're a stereotype. >> take a penny, leave a penny. i'm indian. >> reporter: he says the episode failed to address the larger issue. >> it just seemed like "the simpsons" has always been a cutting edge show and it seemed like a lazy copout and basically them saying, you know, yeah, we had problems, you know, things used to be inoffensive and now they are. when the fact of the matter is in 1989 when apu was written it was offensive then. >> reporter: overnight, 20th century fox telling abc news the producers prefer to let last night's episode speak for itself. >> "the simpsons" just sort of responded to it with a shrug
7:34 am
like, oh, well, it was fine before, now you guys decided it's not okay but whatever. that was sort of the way it was taken. >> hey, ganesh, want a peanut? >> please do not offer my god a peanut. >> reporter: hank azaria who voices the character has not commented about the episode but spoke to tmz about the documentary last december. >> i think it's an important conversation, one definitely worth having. >> reporter: and the call is now for the show to retire apu, the character. but more than that, to make sure that they strive for diverse voices around the table, to have those discussions about what is acceptable and to make sure all the different voices are heard at this discussion. >> makes a lot of sense. thanks, eva. now we're going to go to bill cosby back in court in the wake of the me too movement, his retrial on sexual assault charges is getting under way. before he got inside, a topless protester confronted the comedian, even jumping a barricade. abc's linsey davis is outside the courthouse near
7:35 am
philadelphia. good morning to you, linsey. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. well, the core of the case is still largely the same, a lot has changed. there is a new defense team and there's a new defense strategy, new witnesses and, of course, a new climate in our country with the me too movement, but it was that protester yesterday who grabbed many of the headlines on day one. just before opening statements began in bill cosby's sexual assault retrial, #metoo met the comedian face-to-face outside a pennsylvania courtroom monday. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> reporter: when a topless protester jumped a railing just feet away from cosby and rushed toward cameras. the woman, who had women's lives matter and the names of his accusers painted in red and black all over her body, was quickly apprehended by authorities and identified as 39-year-old nicolle rochelle, an actress who appeared in several episodes of "the cosby show" as a friend of the comedian's on-screen daughter rudy.
7:36 am
>> and your mother is going to pick the three of you up at the dance and drop rudy off here. >> that's the plan. >> reporter: this is round two for the 80-year-old comedian after his first trial ended in a hung jury last spring. but the context is rather different. his retrial comes just six months after #metoo swept the country, bringing down powerful hollywood men like harvey weinstein and kevin spacey. nearly all the potential jurors questioned in cosby's case told the court they were familiar with the movement. the players are also different with the exception of andrea constand who is at the center of the case, the temple university basketball administrator who says the once most famous television dad drugged and assaulted her at his house in 2004. this time around the judge is letting five additional accusers testify including model janice dickinson. >> i trusted this man and i stuffed it. i compartmentalized it because i was embarrassed. >> reporter: cosby says any
7:37 am
encounters were consensual and has pled not guilty. in opening statements monday prosecutors revealed for the first time cosby paid constand nearly $3.4 million in a civil settlement in 2006 arguing that it showed the high price he was willing to pay for her silence. cosby's lawyers are expected to argue that same sum shows constand is motivated by greed. and cosby is now being defended by tom mesereau who famously got that not guilty verdict for michael jackson in his child molestation trial. opening statements by the defense are expected this morning. michael. >> all right, linsey, and what happened to the protester who was arrested yesterday? >> yeah, so rochelle was charged with disorderly conduct and released and as a result cosby's team is now asking for increased security here at the courthouse, michael. >> all right, linsey, thank you so much. amy. well, this morning police in florida are asking for help. they want to find the driver of this car who knocked a motorcyclist, darin hendrickson,
7:38 am
right off the road. look at that. hendrickson said his frightening ordeal began when the driver of that car threw a metal object towards him and a car traveling behind them actually caught this incident on a cell phone. the video showing hendrickson motioning toward the driver in an attempt to get him to pull over but the driver as you see then took matters into his own hands careening right into hendrickson and then speeding off. this morning, hendrickson who suffered broken ribs, says he is just so grateful to be able to hug his young son again but police on the lookout for the driver of that vehicle. >> they got to find him. thanks very much. coming up here, new questions this morning, gps could become the focus in that terrifying bus crash injuring dozens of students. well it finally happened, zachary. somebody burned down my she shed. nobody burned down your she shed, cheryl. well my she shed's on fire. your she shed was struck by lightning. zachary, is my she shed covered by state farm? your she shed's covered, cheryl. you hear that victor? i'm getting a new she shi-er she shed.
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back with that scary crash on a long island parkway. the top of the bus was sheered off by a low overpass that injured dozens of students and officials are asking if gps played a role in the accident. abc's gio benitez is here with the story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. police say the bus driver was using a consumer grade store-bought gps rather than one intended for commercial drivers and that it may not have alerted him to low bridges on that road. that's part of the investigation right now. this morning, police looking into whether a gps is partly to blame for this devastating accident. >> it happened so fast and, you know, there's really no words that can describe it. >> ambulance to an auto accident eastbound. >> reporter: sunday night the
7:43 am
bus carrying 43 passengers, mostly high schoolers on their way home from a spring break trip to europe slammed into one of the low bridges on a long island southern state parkway. a road commercial vehicles including trucks and buses are banned from due to its low overpasses. >> either a chaperone or the bus driver said, duck. >> held up my hands and felt glass on my hands. >> reporter: signs on the parkway say commercial vehicles are prohibited but police say the driver was not familiar with the road and relied on a store-bought gps. that did not include warnings for oversized vehicles like a commercial gps might. we've seen truck after truck crash into overpasses. there were 13,000 incidents like this in 2013 alone. so in 2015 we jumped into an oversized snowplow to test three popular consumer gps systems to see if they would alert us to a low bridge hazard ahead. >> we are approaching the bridge right now. no alert.
7:44 am
not a single one did. and the new york department of transportation says that a new electronic alarm system to warn drivers of oversized vehicles about the overpass had just been installed near that crash site, but guess what, it was still being tested. >> that's a major flaw. >> yeah. >> okay, gio, thanks very much. thank you, gio. coming up, "wheel of fortune" fail. the tiny mistake that cost the contestant a whole lot of money. >> ashley, it's your turn. >> i'll solve. >> ashley, it's your turn. >> i'll solve.
7:45 am
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7:48 am
we are back now with that "wheel of fortune" fail. we were talking about who could be so good on that show. we think george would beat us all. >> you know it. >> there was a contestant on the show who missed out on thousands of dollars of prize money because of a mispronunciation. abc's diane macedo is here with the story. >> reporter: yep, it's true. so flamenco/flamingo, they sound very similar but if you pronounce them wrong on "wheel of fortune" it can cost you lots of money and unfortunately contestant johnny learned that the hard way. >> what's up there? >> flamingo dance lessons. >> sorry. ashley, it's your turn. >> i'll solve. flamenco dance lessons. >> yeah, that's it and we're going to -- there we go. she's got it. so, to explain what we all heard was -- and i know you didn't
7:49 am
mean to say it but you gave us a "g" instead of a "c." >> so, there you have it. the correct answer was flamenco dance lessons like the spanish style of dance. he said flamingo like the bird. >> does he think he said flamenco? >> probably. >> he had this look of surprise but pat sajak explained we heard a "g" and the judges decided that was not close enough. he looked dumbfounded but ashley took that $7,100 home and the trip to europe. both of those things were on the line. here's the worst part, though. that wasn't johnny's own flub of the night. take a look at this one. >> $2,500. >> "c." >> sorry. >> oh, no. >> this is one of those before and after clues. dog and pony, show me the money was the full clue. there were only two letters left. the wheel was on $2,500 and johnny missed it. he asked for the letter "c" which of course was not in the puzzle. it wasn't a good day for johnny.
7:50 am
>> jonny had a rough day. >> a bad day. the wrong time. >> right there, bankrupt right underneath. >> hang in there, johnny. >> it'll get better. thank you very much, diane. coming up, youtube under fire, new questions about protecting your children's privacy online. and check out this sixth grade teacher. she has had it. she is blasting students and parents on facebook. hundreds of thousands are weighing in. and parents on facebook. hundreds of thousands are weighing in. just listen. (vo) there's so much we want to show her. we needed a car that would last long enough to see it all. (avo) subaru outback. ninety eight percent are still on the road after 10 years. come on mom, let's go! we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig.
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7:54 am
'tis the season in the valley there and they got a festival going on there and we do still get snow in the rockies. winter park has seen so far -- and we're only to april 10th -- the entire month the average there so incredible april for snow across parts of the colorado rockies. this warm ridge will hold tough for another day across parts of the southwest, including phoenix, with high wind warnings and fire alerts. might see a record high for them and temperatures in the 80s in los angeles. in the 80s
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning, south bay! let's get up and get going. >> "abc7 mornings." >> good morning at 7:56. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." a chance of rain in parts of the bay area today. meteorologist mike nicco, when's it going to happen? >> about 9:00 today and another storm tomorrow. light showers today, moderate tomorrow. here we are at 9:00 up in the north bay. and you can see by noon it tries to move into the heart of the bay. by 4:00 trying to move into the central, or the east bay and south bay, but notice there's just not a lot of rain with this system, less than a tenth of an inch. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. going to be much cooler, though, the next few days. a lot of slow traffic out there for your tuesday morning as the commute is in full swing right now. we have a couple of really problem spots with an accident that was briefly in lanes north 101 near college and santa rosa, cleared off to the shoulder for some time, but you are stacked up all the way into the park. we also have very slow traffic on the peninsula, north 101 near peninsula avenue. >> thank you, sue.
7:57 am
another of another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and hope you join us every weekday from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. the news continues now with "good morning america." hope you have a great day. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. president trump is firing back after fbi raids on the home and office of his personal lawyer. thousands of documents seized including those relating to that big payment to adult film star stormy daniels. the fallout this morning. new this morning, youtube under fire, questions now about your children and their privacy online after 20 consumer groups file a major complaint with the government. what parents should know this morning about keeping your kids' information private. the sixth grade teacher who's had it. blasting students and parents on facebook saying teachers are getting treated disrespectfully on all sides and that parents have to stop coddling their children. hundreds of thousands of people weighing in. the teacher talking to our cameras overnight. ♪ "roseanne" is back tonight.
8:01 am
the original becky is here live and she's bringing an exclusive sneak peek of tonight's big episode as we say, good morning, america. get you in the groove this morning for "roseanne" coming up tonight. good morning, america. great to have you here on this tuesday morning, george, i thought i saw you do a move and you were just moving your hand. >> i got excited. >> reaching for his coffee. it's still a move. >> speaking of dancing you may remember paige vanzant best from "dancing with the stars" speaking out about how her own childhood struggles took over with bullying and how mma fighting helped her push through. a courageous and personal interview with her ahead. >> we'll begin with dramatic fbi raids of the home office and hotel room of president trump's personal attorney. you see him right there. he is furious. president trump lashing out yesterday calling it an attack
8:02 am
on our country. want to get the latest from pierre thomas. >> reporter: good morning. in a starkly aggressive move, the fbi conducted those raids taking cohen's electronic devices, phone and a host of documents including some related to that payment to porn star stormy daniels. the action taken against trump's personal attorney who he's known for more than a decade left the president frustrated. this morning he's tweeting, quote, attorney/client privilege is debt. also writing a total witch-hunt. the president is clearly fuming. >> i have this witch-hunt constantly going on for over 12 months now and it's a disgrace. it's frankly a real disgrace. it's an attack on our country in a true sense. >> why don't you just fire mueller. >> why don't i just fire mueller? i think it's a disgrace what is going on. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: he's been warned firing mueller could set off a constitutional crisis. he's clearly very angry and no one knows what he's going to do,
8:03 am
george. >> it is back on the table. okay, pierre, thanks very much. amy. now to facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg testifying on capitol hill today facing some tough questions from congress about that privacy scandal. let's go back to mary bruce who will be in the room when zuckerberg is in that hot seat. mary, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. well, in just a few hours the tech giant will be sitting right here facing off with lawmakers for the very first time. he's likely to be grilled on everything from user privacy to russian meddling in the election to how to prevent your data from being misused in the future. in his prepared testimony, zuckerberg admits facebook has been used to spread fake news, hate speech and allow foreign interference in elections. and he will apologize saying i started facebook. i run it and i'm responsible for what happens here. now, it comes as 87 million facebook users are being informed this morning that their information was shared with cambridge analytica, that political consulting group that worked with donald trump's campaign in 2016 and there could
8:04 am
be really serious far-reaching consequences to this. if your information was shared, experts tell us it's possible that advertisers could use it to specifically profile and target you in the future or worse it could be used as cyberblackmailing. a very special day for robin. she's been honored with the distinguished service award by the national association of broadcasters, the recognition given to those who have made a significant and lasting contribution to our field, a perfect description of robin's career. in her acceptance speech she spoke of the people who helped her along the way especially her family thanking them for teaching her the importance of service to others and has advice for broadcasters working today. >> i know that these are very uncertain times in our industry and the world for that matter, but why not choose to see uncertainty as meaning there are
8:05 am
endless possibilities. along with uncertainty comes fear. when fear knocks, let faith answer the door. >> and robin received a standing ovation for her speech. it's a very special day for journalists and a family member we all love and respect here at "gma" and congratulations. >> well deserved. >> so much to learn from robin. always has words of wisdom for just about anybody. congratulations, robin. >> congratulations. coming up here new questions about youtube. your children and their privacy online. and the teacher who is fed up with facebook's -- fed up with her facebook post that is striking a nerve calling out students and the parents for coddling their kids and lara, what's going on upstairs. >> we have a great audience. [ applause ] >> lecy goranson is here. she plays becky on "roseanne" and will talk about tonight's brand-new episode and so much more we need to discuss and we'll get to that. stick around, everybody.
8:06 am
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wow, welcome back to "gma." i can't hear anything anymore. welcome to all of you. great to have you here. do you like dwayne "the rock" johnson? [ applause ] well, we have got a message from him. >> good morning, america. i am coming to you guys tomorrow live from here in london. i am global as always and reminds me of my favorite song. ♪ around the world i've searched -- i'm not going to sing right now but drink my tequila.
8:11 am
i'm coming for you. get ready, "good morning america." [ applause ] how about some "pop news." >> you got it, george. good morning to you guys. good morning, everybody and to you. get ready because our favorite time of year is around the corner, shark week. >> oh, yeah. [ applause ] >> love me some shark week. just don't tell that to this guy who thinks it's all about him. >> i've had my chair of championships and waawards but having your own week is the ultimate. shaq week, let's do it. >> shaq week. [ applause ] here's the thing, shaq, it's shark week. 30th anniversary no less. the popular program celebrating the milestone with that new ad campaign and shaq hosting the annual event when it airs this july on our pals discovery. >> we all did double takes. [ applause ] >> yeah.
8:12 am
very popular. >> could you imagine being a shark and then shaq is in the water in that cage. what the world is that. >> you don't have to imagine it. it's happening. >> i can't wait to see it. [ applause ] >> i got a sneak peek. it ain't pretty. hey, also in the news, happy to report carrie underwood is getting ready to get back on stage. [ applause ] the academy of country music announcing she will perform a brand-new song at acm awards in las vegas this sunday. the seven-time grammy winner posting this photo rehearsing with her band and writes, missed you guys. you might remember last week -- yeah, that picture, i posted it last week, right here in "pop news." in the studio, we were hoping that this would be the very thing that would be announced and here it is. this will be underwood's first public appearance since a horrible fall in november. she broke a wrist and needed many stitches in her face and that new song, the "american
8:13 am
idol" alum sharing this image teasing that it will drop tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. eastern. carrie, you know we're big fans. >> she has glitter tears. >> yeah. >> we cry glitter teefrs sometimes too. finally, take a look at these guys. roll it. so, check this out. having a whale of a time literally. a man named jules williams used a droeng to capture a pair of whales using their blow holes to create rainbows. >> oh. >> yeah, there you just caught a little glimpse of it. look closely. it's very cool. whales can frequently be spotted near california's coastline around this time of year as they my great to the warmer waters of the gulf of mexico. we thank you for that video. >> beautiful. [ applause ] >> thank you, lara. >> you're welcome, george. our "gma" cover story now, a coalition of consumer groups is
8:14 am
calling for a federal investigation of youtube and youtube is fighting back against claims they violated privacy laws by collecting information on kids. abc's becky worley is here with more on what parents need to know. hey, becky. >> reporter: good morning, george. yes, youtube being accused of violating the children's online privacy protection act. that law requires companies get parental condition sent in order to collect certain information on kids. youtube saying its main site is not for children. some parents are confused, though, about how to protect their kids' privacy. lauren fulmer says her kids are on youtube all the time. >> youtube is extremely popular in our household. >> i like to watch kid things because it's really cool and there's lot of the of kids stuff on it. >> reporter: more than 20 consumer advocacy groups filed a contemplate with the federal trade commission asking for an investigation into youtube and its parent company, google. >> youtube is collecting tons of information on all of us when
8:15 am
we're watching videos and including all the children who are watching videos so given that, they need to get parental permission to collect information from kids. >> reporter: it alleges youtube is in violation of the children's online privacy act which requires companies obtain parental concept in order to collect certain kinds of personal information on kids under the age of 13. the info the group claims is being collected is telephone number, location information and identifiers. >> if this is truitt pretty bothersome to me. i feel like it's very important to keep their information private. >> reporter: the ftc confirm it had received the complaint and had no further comment. youtube said it is reviewing the complaint and will evaluate if there are things we can do to improve. youtube is not for children and that its youtube kids app is specifically designed for children adding we have clear ads policy that restrict advertisers from targeting personalized ad to to children
8:16 am
under 13 or collecting personally identifiable information from them. if you click on youtube's main site terms of service, the terms state you affirm you are over the age of 13. you also can't register for an account without navigating an age gate. >> there is a lot of content out there. and accessibility is overwhelming, so being able to share that information a little bit more clearly so that there's a clear understanding of what is being shared would be very helpful. >> becky, this is important stuff. what else do parents need to know about all the data that's being collected? >> well, george, a lot of the big internet company, google, youtube, facebook make money by selling targeted advertising based on user data. i mean i'd love to grab a device and tell you click settings, uncheck this box, it's just not that straightforward if you want to keep using these services. and, remember, youtube says their site isn't meant for children so they've got youtube kids, a separate site that
8:17 am
doesn't target them with interest-based advertising. >> i know they say that we're all shaking our heads here because our kids are on youtube all day long. >> yeah, i mean i think it's important to remember, though, as we worry, we're not talking about identifiable data being sold that's for presenting stranger danger. this is about awareness and, remember, if you don't want anybody tracking what your kids are watching, remember this old device, the dvd player, yeah, nobody knows my kids watch it. >> going old school. becky, thanks very much. >> every kid at home was like what, is that? i have no idea. now we have a "gma" parenting alert. a texas teacher has had enough. she took to facebook with a big message saying, quote, people absolutely have to stop coddling and enabling their children. deborah roberts is here with what prompted this social media rant. this teacher is fed up. >> she is, michael. she is expressing exasperation that many teachers apparently are feeling across the country.
8:18 am
there have been protests about low pay and now this texas teacher says, disrespect is an issue too. her rant on social media has gone viral with nearly half a million views. this morning, a frustrated teacher striking a nerve. >> i've had responses from people literally all over the world. >> reporter: people everywhere relating to sixth grade teacher julie marburger who was so fed up with bad behavior from students and parents that she resorted to social media to vent writing teachers get treated so disrespectfully from all sides. and that parents have become far too disrespectful and their children are even worse and adding, people absolutely have to stop coddling and enabling their children. it will not serve them towards a successful and happy life. she even went so far as to share pictures of her classroom she says displays utter disregard for school and personal property from her students. >> we've had pictures drawn into books, books that i personally bought for myself that students
8:19 am
have drawn inappropriate pictures in or inappropriate words in. sometimes i have students even coming and getting things off of my desk just taking things that don't belong to them. >> reporter: the 45-year-old saying she felt compelled to write that post after a particularly tough day in class. >> i had a student who i had an issue with and decided to call his mom while at school and she was disrespectful and rude to meo on the phone in front of her son and in -- i actually had the class right there with me too and they could hear what she was saying and it was quite embarrassing. >> reporter: marburger says while she never expected to get so much attention the reaction from parent, teachers and her administration has been positive. >> i was worried after this kind of blew up all over facebook that people would be offended by it and what i found is that i'm getting more support now.
8:20 am
>> reporter: she suggested that she might walk out of the classroom but marburger says probably not just yet. she's weighing her options. there's a chance, though, she says she might leave after this school year but i suspect with so much support, michael, that may not happen. >> all right, thank you so much. deborah. she definitely needs support. for more perspective ericka souter, editor of is joining me. it sounds like this teacher has the recipe for disaster right now. what can they do to turn the situation around. >> first, the parents have to get involved. we can't ignore it. it's not fair to the teacher, not fair to the other students and doesn't do your child any favors. so parents should start looking at their relationship with the teacher as a partnership. they have to work together to give their kids the best educational experience possible and make sure they're doing the right thing. >> what can parents do? i mean you talk about having a relationship with the teacher. schedule conferences maybe. bring the kid in as well. have individual conferences with the teacher. >> exactly. you have to be involved.
8:21 am
you have to ask questions to the kid, make sure they're doing everything that they should be doing, make sure they know you are interested in their behavior at school and how they're doing at school and be proactive. when the teacher sendsen ae-mail and says there's something wrong, schedule that conference and get involved and make sure you're working together and your kid should know there are consequences. she described an incident where a parent admonished her in front of the child. that tells that kid that, hey, i can get away with anything. make sure your kid knows they can't behave badly. >> do the teachers shoulder too much responsibility -- >> some of us are juggling multiple kids and multiple jobs. it's easy to say it's the teacher's responsibility. we have to take a part in our kids' education as well. >> you're a parent 24/7, 365. doesn't matter. ericka, thank you so much. over to rob. >> all right, michael, you know, with all the social media, computers and devices sometimes
8:22 am
i wish i was a wild animal again. check out your "gma" moment. a ly fwhchlt x found in northern ontar ontario, north bay, kind of wanting to take a little nap in the sun but the snow won't go away so he is kind of slipping. forget about that nap. i'm going to wait like the rest of you till summer comes. that's what's happening in cana good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. showers today and tomorrow, cooler conditions both days. quick warming friday and saturday before tracking another storm for next week. today down in the south bay, low to mid-70s. the least likely area to see rain. mid-to-upper 60s around the bay and east bay. low to mid-60s along the coast into san francisco. tonight temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler, back in the 40s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, light showers today, light to moderate showers tomorrow. >> and now to our exclusive interview with paige vanzant.
8:23 am
she recently opened up about her struggle with an eating disorder and revealing the dark secret that changed her life and so much more in her memoir, "rise: surviving the fight of my life" and kayna whitworth sat down with her. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: good morning. paige says the toughest battle that she's ever faced was outside the octagon and after ten years she is finally ready to talk about the intense bullying and sexual assault she survived when she was just a freshman in high school. >> right elbow. >> reporter: paige vanzant's fighting style in the ring made her one of the most successful rookies in ufc history. her all-american looks and dance background propelling the 24-year-old to fame placing second on "dancing with the stars." now in her new memoir titled "rise," she opens up about her difficult childhood that started with being bullied in high school. >> i didn't have anywhere to run to. i didn't have anybody to turn to and when it gets bad enough i
8:24 am
had to run in the bathroom and eat my lunch on the toilet in the bathroom because i felt too scared to eat in the cafeteria. >> reporter: at 14 vanzant says she was sexually assaulted at a party. >> i felt like i was a smart girl. my parents raised me well. they raised me to know better and to have some intu wig and it all went out the window because i was so lonely and i was in so much pain i just -- all i could think about is, wow, i have somebody that wants to be my friend. >> when did you first know that you were in a bad position that night? >> when i walked in the door of their house, i was like, this probably isn't a good idea so it was right away and i was like, no, i probably shouldn't be here. >> you still went in. >> i did. >> reporter: for the first time she recounts the events of the night that nearly destroyed her life. >> i was a changed person through the whole thing. i became a totally different person. >> she says classmates found out
8:25 am
about the alleged assault leaving her feeling alone and looking to end her own life. >> i didn't see any other way out. when you're in that position, when you're feeling that much pain, you feel like it's not that you want to die, you just don't want to be in pain anymore. >> reporter: she only recently revealed her dark secrets to her parents. >> i didn't want to disappoint them. i didn't want them to be mad at me and i feel like once i told my parents it would be real. >> reporter: she survived and thrived coming back stronger than ever finding her passion, mma fighting. >> mma fighting definitely saved my life. it saved who i was as a person too. >> reporter: winning her first ufc fight at just 20 years old. now at a crucial time with a call for women's equality reaching a fevered pitch, vanzant says she's encouraged by the brave voices coming out of the me too movement and she's finally ready to share her story. >> like aly raisman and her
8:26 am
story coming out first is what i needed to move forward with my book and i really hope if i can change one life then me telling my story is worth it. >> well now happier than ever, paige is planning her wedding and with the help of her mom they send out gift boxes to kids around the country who experience bullying. >> that's fantastic. thank you so much. coming up next here on "gma," "roseanne's" lecy goranson is here live. don't go anywhere. [ applause ] >> announcer: ten of the hottest athletes are about to get dancing. this friday the new cast of "dancing with the stars" will be revealed live and they're all electrifying athletes. >> we're ready to meet the full cast. >> announcer: only on -- >> all: "good morning america."
8:27 am
good morning, north bay! glethz up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." hi, good morning you. i'm natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." a threat called into 50 bay area school districts has some administrators beefing up security this morning. it does appear, though, the e-mail sent to school districts stretching from sonoma to south san francisco was a hoax. police say it was part of an online challenge to get classes canceled. bay area schools say they are open today. let's get to sue hall with traffic. hi, sue. >> good morning. checking in with the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights have been on since 5:30. even the carpool lanes are sluggish. the empty lanes are cash-paying lanes. so, believe it or not, the fastrackers not so much. we have no reports of stalls or accidents, but tough grind on east shore from hercules into the city. >>
8:28 am
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simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $40 a month for 2 full years when you sign up for tv. plus, get 3x the speed of at&t and directv. click, call or visit a store today. all right, we have a chance of light showers today, light to moderate showers tomorrow. both are a one on our storm impact scale. in fact, here's the latest data, and it really dries up the system considerably. look at that, a few showers up in the north bay through noon, a few showers for the rest of us this afternoon, and by evening, it's over. so, we'll get less than 0.1 inches, if anything. little more wet weather tomorrow. >> all right, mike, thank you. we'll have another abc7 news update in 30 minutes and always
8:30 am
on our news app and join us every welcome back to "gma" and we've got a great audience with us this morning. yes, we do. [ applause ] good morning, everybody at home and in our studio. amy. >> i have a question for our audience actually. so who here has ever -- we're calling it pocket dial. >> it's butt dialing. >> who has butt dialed someone by accident. everyone has, right so a man by the name of james stevens from georgia is saying he lost his job after he accidentally butt dialed his boss. and might have been saying some negative things about said boss while -- he definitely was. but the boggs then said, okay, he listened in, first of all
8:31 am
like a solid 12 minutes then said you can either be fired or you can resign. what do you guys think? should he have lost his job? he didn't know his boss was listening. >> it depends on what he was saying. >> should the boss have been listening though? >> no. >> but would you listen? >> yes. >> okay. 12 minutes, what was he saying? that's a lot to say. i'm sorry but i'm listening and you're -- bye. it just -- yeah. >> but, see, i always hang up immediately. >> you're so nice. >> who wants the information? if it's bad you don't want it. >> sometimes you hold it and are like, yeah, come on -- you're waiting for them to acknowledge or think they'll figure out they called you. when i don't hear anything i hang up. if it was juicy, i wouldn't hang up, you're right. [ applause ] >> so stevens has filed a lawsuit saying that knew he kneh
8:32 am
pocket dialed and that violated his privacy. we'll have to see what the courts say. >> i'm anxious to hear. >> really going to be in court. >> yes, exactly so we'll see what happens. >> would you listen? >> 100%, yes. [ applause ] >> not listen something protecting yourself. >> if the first thing you hear when you pick up is something salacious, then it's pretty intriguing. if it's just my mom like placing her order -- >> which i've heard. >> that's a very good point. i guess we'll continue to keep an eye on that. >> don't talk about me michael. >> nothing but glowing remarks for you, amy. >> we'll have to follow up on that. interesting story. >> absolutely. next we'll bring out a guest to our table, great guest. she's one of the stars of the revival of "roseanne," plays oldest daughter becky. please welcome lecy goranson. [ applause ]
8:33 am
>> how are you? >> you're back. always good to see you. >> thank you. [ applause ] my gosh. >> welcome back. >> yeah. >> i know, it was just yesterday that i was here but now i don't have my backup, right? i have you guys. >> we love you. >> thank you and congratulations. [ applause ] >> on behalf of the conner family, thank you, america for watching our show. we are so thrilled. it is just amazing. [ applause ] >> it really is. and the show is a huge hit again and why do you think it's
8:34 am
resonating with people so much? >> well, i think, you know, a family that struggles has been an archetype through many, many years of what people can relate to no matter what socioeconomic bracket you're in or what your race is, i mean, everyone struggles with their family. and i feel like roseanne does that in such a raw and honest way and it brings humor into it so when you're watching it you can say, wow, i can laugh at some of this stuff, some of this really hard stuff in life that happens at home that, you know, maybe we can, you know, make a couple of jokes about it so i think that's why. >> so many can relate to it too. with the political discord in this country right now so many families are having the exact same discussions. were you surprised at all by the reaction to all of the political commentary that's on the show and divisiveness on the show within the family. >> you know, our show has always
8:35 am
had that element to it since day one. you know, i think when things come from a personal level that it resonates on a personal level and so its think people thought it was going to be very topical but it's really not. the politics come through the relationships in the family and that's why it resonates so much but we're really glad. we want people to talk about this stuff. that's part of what the show is about. we want families to have dialogue. we want friends to have dialogues and i think that's really part of the success of the show. >> so your character becky is hired by andrea to be your surrogate coming up in the episode and, of course, andrea played by sara chalk who used to play becky, indeed. >> sarah chalke. >> a preview of that. >> will you stop it? you're not going to scare me out of this. >> well, you're too damn
8:36 am
bone-headed to listen to reasoning. what if this is the one baby you can have? you're just not thinking this through. >> i don't want a baby. i have a dog. you know what, i'm not coming over here again. >> can you believe that? and she was the smart one. >> perfect example. it got very tense then you get a laugh. >> exactly. yep. >> i was listening to roseanne give an interview and she talked so much about the writers behind the scene. you whitney coupling and norm mcdonald. >> wanda sykes. >> that is a dream team. >> yeah. i mean, you know, as an actor when you have writing that you have to resist or kind of bring more to, it's really exhausting. you know, our writing just supports us and it just -- i mean, just this particular show tonight, there's so much
8:37 am
complexity, i mean, becky goes on a real journey in the show and it doesn't feel forced. it feels organic and it's also when i cracked open the script for this show, i was doubled over laughing. >> wow. >> i was crying and laughing and, you know, having all of those elements is just really a blessing for an actor. >> about the cysthood between you and becky, darlene, the same as it was 20 years ago. i'm wondering as an actress to come back, did it feel the same, the two of you picked up where you left off. >> we just launched right into each other right away. you know, offstage sarah and i are very, very good friends. so we have a lot of fun going at each other on the show but one thing that's really uncomfortable for becky and darlene this season is that they're kind of realizing that they might need each other a little bit like as friends and, you know, siblings and it makes
8:38 am
them very uncomfortable. [ laughter ] but they're giving it a go. they're giving it a go, you know, and it's hard for me to say there's love there, but -- >> there might be. >> we're working towards it. we're working towards it. >> you look like you're having a blast and we're having a great time watching it. >> we really are. [ applause ] >> thank you for coming back. >> wait, wait. do we have time? can we talk about your bag? >> oh, yeah. >> you're from the family is based illinois. >> from outside chicago. >> will you explain? [ applause ] >> this is a bag that is near and dear to your heart. >> i did this interview with "the chicago sun-times" doing press there and the first thing that was said, if you question that lecy is from chicago, look at her bag. i mean it's so kind of -- >> seeing a lot.
8:39 am
>> thread bare and it was funny because we had such success with the show that i got this beautiful bag from our abc president, channing and it was so luxurious and my mom said, that bag is going to get stolen, you keep that cubs tote. >> lecy, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you so much. >> be sure to tune in for "roseanne" tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. >> go, cubs. - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit it's just my eczema again,t. but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey!
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hey, welcome back to "gma." we have a harry potter worldwide exclusive for you and the kids are very pumped about it. in honor of the 20th anniversary of "harry potter and the sourcer's stone" coming to the u.s. we're revealing the new covers for the books and illustrated by world renown artist brian selznick. i'm here with some of the super fans of harry potter. what do you think so far? [ cheers ] pretty pumped. help me out. if we put these altogether, kind of slide them together, put them together. oh, yeah, i think we've got a camera up top here because what this does, it creates a mural that illustrates the entire story arc of harry potter so there's a lot of wizardry and magical sorcery things happening and it's just beautiful. 180 million copies have been
8:43 am
sold so far in the u.s. you can bet that number will go up when these paperback editions come out and go on sale june 26th nationwide. are you excited to read it all over again, hi, there. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. cooler weather for all of us, a chance of light showers everywhere, except for mainly the south bay. my accuweather seven-day forecast. all of us get light to moderate >> i feel more magical already. michael. >> always magical, rob. it is time now for the ultimate guide to eating clean. i'm here with "the new york times" best-selling author dr. ian smith. he has his 15th book out called "the clean 20: 20 foods, 20 days, total transformation". doc, welcome to the show. good to see you as always. [ applause ] now, the best part about this book is that "the clean 20," you
8:44 am
talk about eating clean, a lot of people are thinking what is clean eating? >> yeah, basically we're try fog reduce the amount of processed foods so all those artificial ingredients things like preservatives, those artificial sweeteners, we're getting rid of those and eating the food in a more natural state to have more of the powerful foods that are natural. it's easy. this is about eating 20 foods for 20 days or more that you choose so it's completely customizable. people have lost on average ten pounds in 20 days. people love that. but beyond that there's increased energy levels, people report lowering blood pressure, cholesterol levels and the good news is there aren't hard rules but some things you need to follow. >> talk about 20 foods. >> yeah. >> okay, 20 foods, we have ten here. why is it raw ingredients. >> well, you have things like leafy greens which are important for vitamin k, for fiber. you look at your carrot, vitamin eight, lemons are a great detoxifying agent.
8:45 am
salmon, omega-3 fatty acids. eggs are important. a lot of protein to eggs. avocados so 20 ingredients you can pick. easy ingredients, extremely affordable. very easy to follow and there's some things you can't do when you're trying to eat clean. no white flour so go with whole grain flour. we want to make sure we're not eating or drinking soda. so we want to have things like water, flavored water, no soda. can you deal with that. >> no, i can but our audience is like, ooh. i'm trying to focus here. we'll get into the food part. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> this is breakfast. what is so different about this breakfast. >> you get three meals. you get three snacks a day and it's basic food this is an omelet so the idea you have high protein and have you fiber with your antioxidants. you can eat bread on the program. whole grain or whole wheat bread. things like this like chickpeas
8:46 am
which make hummus and of course your cucumbers are wonderful. this is what a great breakfast will look like. very filling and fiber and protein in the morning. >> lunch. going against the grain and with the lunch, low carbs. >> so we're reducing our carbohydrates and increasing protein so it's low carb, high protein and the beauty of this is at lunch you're really hungry, this will fill you up much long enand keep you full for all those times when you have hunger pangs. >> i kind of want that right now to be honest with you. what do we have for dinner? how can we increase our vitamin intake. >> salmon, my favorite, omega-3 fatty acids. brussels sprouts. my wife makes great brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. it lowers the glycemic index and the book has over 60 recipes so you can make them all in 30 minutes. >> portion size. >> portions are important. but there's tons of food in this program. people love it because you can eat all this food and not feel hungry.
8:47 am
that's key. >> exercise. talk about exercise. 20 minutes. >> 20 minutes four days a week, the book has all your exercises with you as long as your snacks doing ice skaters, doing steam engines otherwise called the standing crunch and people in the audience will do something called some chair assisted squats so, everyone, get up. >> get up. >> get up, get up. get up. so the book has simple exercises so basically feet shoulder width apart and get right above your seat, two inches and hold it for five seconds. >> ooh. >> and then up. right. so chair squat, chair dip, the book has all of it in there. >> get up and move and eat clean is there only 20 minutes, you can do it. lose weight and feel stronger. our facebook page is the clean 20. join us on facebook. we got a good challenge going on. >> appreciate. for more information about eating clean check out our website, dr. ian smith's new book, "the clean 20" is out right now and everyone in our
8:48 am
studio audience is going home with a copy of the book. coming up, finding love in the digital age. we'll be right back. [ applause ] together forever-a pixar night time spectacular. ooohhhh. ahhhhhh.
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so we're back now with love rules. i'm here with the author. joanna coles, former editor in cheever of "marie claire" and "cosmopolitan" magazines and out there she's helping everyone navigate dating in the digital age with this brook which is so smart. who has dated and tried online dating? just raise your hand. it's all good. nobody? well, listen, we've got a lot of help for you. really, you just focus in. talk to me, joanna, we've seen a lot of these dating books. why do we need this book right now? i know why i think. i thought it was so clever. >> thank you, it's really i think of it as a diet book for
8:51 am
love because food and love are two things we cannot do without. we have enormous appetites for both and yet there's junk food and also junk love. and i think of it in terms of emotional calorie, how do you want to spend your emotional calories? you need a nutritional love diet, don't put the junk stuff in your body. it's not going to do you any good. >> we'll show you what you meaning. great way to look at it. always worried about your weight and always worried about fining love and there are a lot of similarities that you pointed out. talk to us about what the love weight is. >> well, one of my first rule something you have to establish an ideal love weight and that has to be realistic. people understand this through the lens of a diet and think i have to lose 60 pounds by next week. i'm not going to eat anything or, you know, for ten day, no, and the next day you crash and burn and you're cramming it all in so you have to think what do i want? do i want someone for the next six months or someone to fall in love with and have kids and how do i find someone that wants
8:52 am
what i want at the same time? >> all right. we'll get a little more into this by walking over here right now. [ applause ] watch out. on the runway here. >> thank you. we want to stay away from this. we want to stay away. >> and you talk -- junk food is sort of like hooking up. >> well, i think hookups are like french fries or like doughnuts. they are fantastic in the moment. you eat them off someone else's plate and you think they don't have any calories. >> that's true. >> but they do and often you wake up the next morning thinking why did i do that? >> i feel gross. >> why did i do that? these doughnuts look irresistible. don't they? yes, yes. they know what i'm talking about. but i think of a doughnut as sleeping with an ex. you're hungry, you want something comforting and then 45 minutes later you are like why
8:53 am
did i do that and you're still hungry and you're still hungry, right? this will not satisfy you in the long term. >> we have ten seconds -- let's focus on the positive. >> yes, yes, so key is to surround yourself by people who are kind who are compassionate who you actually like that you're not dancing around trying to please and they are the avocados, the almonds and the eggs that you want and think of dating apps as costco, full of options but you have to find the fresh produce aisle. >> there are so many fabulous analogies in this book, you guys. it makes perfect sense when you put it the way you have. >> thank you. >> stay away from the dough thoughts, people. >> stay away from the doughnuts. >> "love r ♪ ♪
8:54 am
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good morning, bay area! let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." a heads-up, a chance of rain in parts of the bay area today, and meteorologist mike nicco tracking that. hey, mike. >> yes, yes, natasha, a chance, and parts. that's the key. we have a better chance tomorrow. both are one on the storm impact scale. notice hardly any radar returns in the north bay through noon, hardly any in the afternoon hours across the bay, and then by the evening, it's gone. so, this system's definitely trending drier. look for more wet weather tomorrow. checking on your commute, southbound 680 through walnut creek, we have an accident near treat blocking the third lane from the left, so we are seeing some slowing behind that. take a quick look at some of your drive times along 680, 24, and 580. it's kind of brutal on 580, but it is recovering. >> good to know. thank you, sue. it's time for "live with kelly &


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