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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 20, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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nice being here. reggie will be back on monday. >> gma starts right now. good morning, america. breaking news, james comey's bombshell memos revealed. what they say about his encounters with president trump. his accounts of the president's conversation with vladimir putin about prostitutes as trump adds rudy giuliani to his legal team, giuliani vows to help end the investigation. breaking overnight, captured. the grandma on the run accused of murdering her husband and her look-alike. finally caught. we'll tell you where u.s. marshals found her. outrage on campus. the fraternity suspended over this disturbing video. >> i solemnly swear. >> i solemnly swear. >> to always have hatred in my heart. >> promoting racism, sexism and homophobia. overnight the fraternity speaking out. what they're saying about the tape. barrier breaker, the incredible moment senator tammy
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duckworth makes history bringing her 10-day-old daughter onto the senate floor. will this spark a change in the workplace? ♪ ariana grande's big comeback. the superstar singer defying gravity and overcoming tragedy with this chart-topping new song overnight. ♪ good morning, america. a little brand-new ariana grande for a friday morning. >> yeah, big show and big moment for ariana grande. her first new song since that tragedy at her concert in manchester and that song was the number one trend overnight. great to have her back in action. >> great to have her back and great to have diane sawyer on "gma" and she'll be here to preview her special tonight on "20/20," "hidden america."
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first we're going to begin with those infamous james comey memos based on his notes with encounters with president trump released to congress and obtained by abc news overnight. they reveal comments president trump allegedly made about vladimir putin and fired national security adviser michael flynn. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is tracking all of this for us there in d.c. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: robin, good morning. that's right. those controversial comey memos now in the hands of congress and president trump is weighing in. overnight, abc news obtaining the memos former fbi director james comey wrote after those controversial encounters with the president. the memos turned over by the justice department to congressional investigators last night largely match comey's congressional testimony and what he said in an exclusive interview with abc news. after his first encounter with president-elect trump on january 7th of last year, comey wrote he seemed preoccupied with salacious accusations from unverified intelligence. the subject, prostitutes.
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there were no prostitutes, there were never prostitutes, comey recalled trump saying. and comey telling george -- >> he interrupted. started talking about it. do i look like a guy who needs hookers? >> reporter: roughly after a month and another meeting with trump in the oval office comey wrote the president was again talking about prostitutes. he wrote, the hookers thing is nonsense but putin told him we have some of the most beautiful hookers in the world. comey noted trump didn't say when putin told him this but confirmed the conversation last night. >> he told you that he had had a personal conversation with president putin about hookers? >> yes. >> reporter: also released comey's memos regarding what trump allegedly said about fired national security adviser michael flynn. the memo confirmed comey wrote, trump allegedly said, i hope you can see your way clear to letting this thing go, to letting flynn go. he also revealed a new bit of detail. according to comey trump said flynn had serious judgment issues. overnight, trump tweeting that
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comey's memos prove there was no collusion or obstruction of justice and that comey leaked classified information. comey supporters have said such statements are simply not true. >> and pierre, comey's former deputy director is now facing the potential of criminal charges? >> reporter: that's right, robin. the justice department's inspector general is asking the u.s. attorney's office here in d.c. to decide whether andrew mccabe who was recently fired should be prosecuted for misleading investigators. mccabe has denied those allegations, but now faces the prospect of a possible criminal investigation by the very agency he once led, robin. >> all right. thank you. two more developments in the russia investigation. for that let's bring in our chief white house correspondent jon karl. and, jon, after weeks of scrambling the president beefed up his legal team in a big way. >> reporter: he sure did, george. he is bringing in rudy giuliani. giuliani, of course, is the former mayor of new york, but he is also the former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. that is the very u.s. attorney's office that ordered the fbi raid
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on michael cohen's office. here is what giuliani said about why he took the job. quote, i am doing it because i hope we can negotiate an end to this for the good of the country and because i have a high regard for the president and for bob mueller. that's what he told "the washington post." he also revealed his advice that he has already given the president on how to deal with the special counsel saying, quote, my advice on mueller has been this, he should be allowed to do his job. he's entitled to do his job. now, george, the big question, of course, is whether or not the president will take that advice on how to deal with the special counsel. >> right, he's gotten that advice before. meantime, we also are learning more about the meeting the president had last week with the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, who is overseeing the russia investigation. >> reporter: yeah, now, this is according to a source close to the president. a source close to the president tells abc news that rosenstein told the president that he was not the target of the investigation that led to that raid on michael cohen's office.
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the president's attorney's office. not a target. now, george, the justice department has had no comment on this. rosenstein has had no comment on that and, of course, not being a target now does not mean that he would not become a target of that investigation down the road. >> okay, jon, thanks. more from our chief legal analyst dan abrams and let's pick up right there, dan. how significant this revelation, if true, about rod rosenstein and the president? >> not particularly because there's no way that a judge would have signed off on a warrant to do that raid on michael cohen's office and his home, et cetera, based on information they were trying to get on donald trump. meaning, you don't go to a lawyer's office to get information on the client unless there's some evidence of a crime being committed between the two of them. so that's hardly surprising. the question becomes, is he a target of the larger investigation? even if he isn't as jonathan points out that can always change. >> i guess the other question is it depends on what they find in -- >> that can change everything. that can change everything but
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there's still going to be attorney/client issues with regard to cohen and trump and nothing exchanged between the two could be used against them. >> these comey memos. the president up and tweeting on this this morning. last night the president said the comey memos just out show clear there is no collusion and to obstruction, also he leaked classified information. wow, will the witch-hunt continue? what's surprising here is the president is using -- basically now using the comey memos to back up his points. in the past he's called them a hoax and fake. >> that's right and if you take the comey memos at their word, they're devastating to president trump with regard to whether he's telling the truth. he wrote these at the time. let's remember when these memos were written. they were written at a time when james comey presumably wasn't worried about his job. and they detail conversations the president says never happened. you know, if these conversations did happen, and it sure looks like they did based on these contemporary memos, it means that the president's lying.
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>> the referral of andrew mccabe to the justice department prosecutors? >> i think that's a dangerous situation for andrew mccabe. this is a separate office. this is the department of justice handing it off to a u.s. attorney's office in washington, d.c. which in theory investigates this independently. they're going to look at it, determine do they think that the misleading leads to the level of a crime. andrew mccabe needs to be concerned. >> okay. dan abrams, thanks very much. over to michael. thank you, george. now to that other story breaking overnight, the grandmother accused of killing her husband and her look-alike going on the run is finally captured. abc's marcus moore is in texas where she was found. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: michael, good morning. they tracked her down to south padre island which is a popular spring break and summer vacation spot along the u.s./mexico border. this morning it is where lois riess' alleged run from authorities came to an end. she is the smiling, seemingly pleasant grandmother who has been the focus of a multistate manhunt for weeks. a source telling abc news a sharp-eyed manager at a
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restaurant in south padre island, texas recognized lois reiss after she asked for a menu. marshals later finding her at a neighboring restaurant where she was having a drink, then in handcuffs without incident. >> right now she's being held in our facility and we're working with both the minnesota and florida detectives to best put the case together. >> reporter: riess was one of the most wanted fugitives in the country. police say the 56-year-old shot her husband david in their rural minnesota home back in march, then took off in their white cadillac escalade, soon after spotted at this iowa casino. u.s. marshals joining the search as riess allegedly drove to ft. myers, florida. authorities say that she befriended 59-year-old pamela hutchinson, a stranger bearing a similar appearance, before shooting her to death.
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last seen on surveillance video taken just hours after the second alleged killing. investigators say this is riess with the car she's accused of stealing from one of her alleged victims and later here walking into a florida hotel right up to the check-in desk. this morning, it is unclear why she was in south texas, just 30 miles from the u.s./mexico border. and according to the marshals they believe she had been in the south padre area for the last several days staying at a motel 6. sources tell abc news that investigators believe she's been living off of a $2500 jackpot she won at a louisiana casino. michael. michael. >> thank you, marcus. looks like her luck ran out. robin? >> all right, michael. now to new details about that deadly engine explosion on a southwest flight. new video shows the panic on board. understandably so. as southwest faces more criticism this morning, is the airline taking too long to inspect its fleed? abc's linzie janis has more on that. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning. southwest is defending itself saying that although it opposed suggested regulations last year, it did take steps to improve safety. it comes as more cell phone video emerges from passengers
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who feared for their lives. >> everybody, breathe. relax. >> reporter: this morning, newly released video showing the terrifying scene on board southwest flight 1380. this passenger wearing her oxygen mask recording as a flight attendant desperately tries to calm people down. >> everybody, breathe. we are almost there. >> reporter: the attendant yelling out the location of the defibrillator. >> it's in the front, the cabinet. >> reporter: as investigators study the plane's failed left engine that hurled debris cracking that window and killing passenger jennifer riordan, the faa says it's preparing to order more inspections on hundreds of heavily used 737s. the order would come one year after the engine's manufacturer recommended more frequent ultrasonic inspections of some fan blades after a similar incident in 2016 also on a southwest flight. but some u.s. carriers including southwest objected to the time
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frame for completing the new engine inspections. southwest tells us it implemented its own inspection program last year and it's now accelerating those engine checks. >> in addition to our accelerated inspections, we're meeting with ge and boeing on a daily basis regarding the progress of the inspections and we'll continue to work with them throughout the investigation. >> reporter: and this morning, we're hearing from passengers on board flight 1380 who say they've received a check for $5,000 and a travel voucher for a thousand dollars from the airline. the airline is calling it a heartfelt gesture. robin. >> all right, linzie, thank you. michael. all right, robin. now to new details on that deadly ambush. two sheriff's deputies shot and killed while they were sitting at a restaurant in florida. the suspected shooter is also dead. abc's victor oquendo is there in trenton, florida, with more. victor, investigators are still searching for a motive.
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>> reporter: good morning, michael. the gilchrist county sheriff says he doesn't know why his deputies were targeted. we're right in front of the restaurant where this happened and you can actually still see the bullet holes in the window where the shooter fired through. the sheriff calling those deputies the best of the best. two florida deputies killed in an ambush while on duty. >> need to stage in area, officer down. >> reporter: sergeant noel ramirez and taylor lindsey were eating at this restaurant in trenton, florida when a gunman shot them through a window. >> after 26 years of doing this, nothing prepares you for senseless deaths. >> reporter: ramirez, a veteran deputy and loving father, 25-year-old lindsey, just beginning his career. >> they were men of integrity. they were the best of the best. >> reporter: officials say the shooter is 59-year-old john hubert highnote of bell, florida, found dead at the scene and believe he was the only assailant and while the sheriff bobby schultz says there is no
7:14 am
motive yet, he lashed out. >> what do you think happens when you demonize law enforcement to the extent that it's been demonized. >> reporter: president trump tweeting his support saying, my thoughts, prayers and condolences are with the families. florida governor rick scott also supporting the small community saying, it is a true evil for anyone to hurt a law enforcement officer and in florida, we have zero tolerance for violence, especially against the police. >> going to put that badge back on where it's supposed to be and strap on that gun again and get out there and do our jobs, because that's what sergeant ramirez and deputy lindsey would want us to do. >> reporter: and the suspect was found dead of a gunshot wound very close by. the florida department of law enforcement is now investigating, but, again, michael, there is still no motive here. >> all right, thank you, victor. our thoughts and prayers are with their families as well. robin. now to new developments in that starbucks incident. philadelphia's police commissioner and the mayor are now both apologizing after donte robinson and rashon nelson were
7:15 am
arrested. abc's linsey davis is here and has those details. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. one week later the philadelphia police commissioner and mayor are both taking a page out of starbucks' pr book and issuing those apologies and the police commissioner isn't just saying he's sorry, he's also creating change. he says the department did not have a policy for these kinds of situations until now. [ chanting ] >> reporter: philadelphia city officials are now saying they're sorry. >> i fully acknowledge that i played a significant role in making it worse. >> reporter: the philadelphia police commissioner who initially said his officers didn't do anything wrong when they arrested these two black men in starbucks now says he made a mistake. >> i can appreciate in light of the starbucks policy and how well known it is to many, why these two men were appalled when they were asked to leave. for this reason, me, i apologize to them. >> reporter: and thursday night,
7:16 am
philadelphia's mayor also offered an apology to donte robinson and rashon nelson who say they had just arrived at starbucks for a business meeting when nelson asked to use the bathroom. he says the manager told him no unless he made a purchase. they told our robin roberts it was just two minutes later that the manager called police. >> so, when they do approach you, what do they say and how do you react? >> as soon as they approach us they just say we have to leave. >> reporter: robinson and nelson say this is a problem that goes far beyond what happened in that coffee shop. >> what do you want to see happen here? >> what i want is for a young man to not be traumatized by this and instead motivated, inspired. >> reporter: and now a north carolina man says a similar incident happened to him in a charlotte starbucks in 2016. lamarcus cook says he was asked to leave by security because they didn't believe he had made a purchase. he says he had made a purchase. he streamed part of the encounter on facebook live and has since hired an attorney. robin.
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>> yeah, this story continues on and on and, again, we have to remember next month starbucks is going to have an afternoon of racial bias training. we'll see what happens. >> thousands of stores all across the country. new details about the celebration of barbara bush's life. the public will be able to pay their respects to the former first lady today from noon until midnight at st. martin's episcopal church in houston. tomorrow a private service will be held for 1500 guests. the bushes, clintons and obamas are all planning to attend. first lady melania trump will be there but president trump will not. i will anchor our full coverage tomorrow starting at 12:00 eastern right here on abc. want to go to rob tracking those wildfires in the southwest. >> hey, george, new fire broke out across eastern parts of colorado shutting down i-70. you see that area right there where they were doing some water drops. also a fire breaking out in central california in the canyons and valleys in between -- near the sequoia national forest with winds gusting there out of the north and look at this satellite picture. this is our new high resolution satellite that shows the detail
7:18 am
of the ray fire that burned almost 500 square miles in western parts of oklahoma and you see the smoke there billowing up high into the sky. some parts of the panhandle seeing their driest six-month period on record and critical fire danger across parts of the southwest today. we may see a little rain getting into the fire zone of western colorado and western oklahoma and eastern colorado later on today. that would be good. tiween nmermax f. y orou hi, there. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. my accuweather highlights. sunshine and warmer weather
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dominate today's forecast. in fact, all the way through the weekend and into monday. and the dry season definitely taking toll. doesn't look like any chance, a good one, through the next two weeks. low 60s at the coast, breezy there. mid-to-upper 60s around the bay, low to mid-70s inland. temperatures tonight in the mid-40s to mid-50s. how about those 80s? but if you're going to the coast, it's still going to be breezy and cool. coming up, we have that outrage after a sturbing and offensive video of a fraternity service described as extremely racist and homophobic. what that fraternity is saying this morning. and diane sawyer here live with her incredible investigation into harassment in the workplace after spending months traveling talking to hardworking everyday americans sharing their stories of harassment and abuse. americans sharing their stories of harassment and abuse. the free-standing, cord free vacuum that can live anywhere because it has two rechargeable batteries.
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for your chance to win a free treatment. hey, good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." so, happening today, some relief for those of us who travel across the richmond san rafael bridge. the third lane of the eastbound side of the bridge will open at 2:00 this morning. it will ease the evening commute, which is known to stretch to highway 101 and clog neighborhood streets. a lane will only be open from 2:00 to 7:00 every day, and there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 9:00 this morning. hey there, sue. good morning. we've got good news and bad news. an earlier sig alert on eastbound san mateo bridge with a car fire has been cleared. westbound still remains a bit slow. and bad news in concord, southbound 242. we have reports of a fatality involving a motorcycle and a tow truck, southbound near concord avenue, and you are jammed from highway 4 south on 242.
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>> sue, we appreciate it. thank you. mete
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hi, there. welcome to friday. a little bit milder this morning, mid-40s to low 50s in most of our neighborhoods. already 54 in antioch, and that's some of the warmth that's going to spread through our inland neighborhoods the next couple of days. commute planner, i've got green for everything. there is a little bit of fog along the coast in and along the golden gate bridge. otherwise, pretty nice morning out there. let's look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. we go from winter to summer in a couple of days. look at that spread this weekend, nearly 20 degrees as we hit mid-80s inland, mid-70s around the bay, mid-60s at the coast. i know someone over there who's happy about this. >> yeah, excited for earth day, too. thanks. next on "gma" has the me too movement changed the world for women beyond hollywood? diane sawyer has an eye-opening report. we'll have another report in 30
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minutes, on our app and just a bit of haze and fog out
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where are you? [whisper] i'm everywhere! ♪ ♪ pretty smile and just walk away ♪ >> it was wonderful to see carrie underwood back on stage performing at the academy of country music awards on sunday. that was the first time appearing publicly since that accident that led to more than 40 stitches on her face. well, this morning she's now revealing what exactly happened when she was injured. we have those details coming up. >> she did great. >> she did. we have a lot of headlines to get to. congress now has those infamous memos from fired fbi director james comey based on his notes about encounters with president trump, his accounts of president putin and michael flynn. and more than 2,000 students are walking out of class to mark
7:31 am
the 19th anniversary of columbine and raise awareness about gun violence at schools. and remember this family right here, the schwandts from michigan appeared on "gma" back in 2015 when they had 12 sons, were expecting their 13th child who was a boy and welcomed baby 14. >> and? >> another boy. >> oh. >> cute boy, come on. >> adorable. they said they're just as excited as they were with the first one, all of them, very excited about all of them. >> you don't have a choice. 14 deep. that's good. congratulations to them. that's good. but now we turn to that outrage at the campus of syracuse university. a fraternity suspended after disturbing video emerged of members using slurs that the school calls extremely racist, anti-semitic and homophobic. this morning the fraternity is apologizing, and gio benitez is in syracuse with the story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey there, michael. good morning to you. this is the frat house where that video was recorded. it was posted on a private facebook page but quickly made its way to university officials. this morning, syracuse university launching an
7:32 am
investigation into this video of theta tau fraternity brothers. >> this is sacred. do you know what you've signed up for today? >> i do know what i signed up for. >> reporter: the full video too disturbing and offensive to show here. the school paper obtaining a copy and posting it online. >> i solemnly swear. >> i solemnly swear. >> to always have hatred in my heart for. >> reporter: hatred, the students say, while using slurs for black people, hispanics and jews. the university calling it extremely racist, anti-semitic, homophobic, sexist and hostile to people with disabilities. >> we are dealing with the aftermath of an incident in our university life that challenges what we stand for as a university. >> reporter: syracuse says it immediately suspended the fraternity before the video was made public. what kind of punishment could these students face? >> it could range from suspension through expulsion. we have to do the due diligence and we're taking this very, very
7:33 am
seriously. >> reporter: overnight the fraternity put out a statement saying the video was taken out of context. that the event was a satirical roast for a new frat member who espoused conservative political views and maintains the other members were trying to make light of certain stereotypes writing -- the young man playing the part of this character nor the young man being roasted do not hold any of the horrible views espoused as a part of that sketch. but now students outraged. they want the university to release all of the videos it has. >> i don't think it should be withheld to protect the individuals that did it. >> reporter: something the university says it can't do. theta tau is now the fourth fraternity at syracuse to be suspended this school year and this morning the university tells abc news, it plans on making changes across all greek life starting with a full review of activities and mandatory bias training for students. and in that statement, the
7:34 am
fraternity's national office also calls the actions on the video truly disgraceful. they and the university are of course investigating. michael. >> gio, again, the fraternity is saying this is all part of a skit. >> yeah, and you know what, it's not clear if that will make any difference. in talking to university officials i can tell you they are very, very upset about this, and clearly so are the students. >> thank you, gio. upset as they should be. thank you very much. george. >> michael, thanks. to the conclusion now of the criminal investigation into the death of prince. no criminal charges will be filed as investigators reveal that prince died after taking counterfeit pain pills laced with a deadly drug. abc's eva pilgrim is here with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. tainted pain pills. minnesota investigators now revealing mega music star prince likely unknowingly took counterfeit medication, this as we are getting a look at those moments before his death.
7:35 am
this morning, newly released video of prince dressed in black looking gaunt walking into his doctor's office alongside his bodyguard curt johnson just a day before his death. the sheriff's office also releasing this video of johnson making two trips to a local walgreens later that day to pick up prescriptions for the superstar. the next day prince suffered a fatal overdose. these never before seen images show the inside of his home the day he died at his kitchen table, a pair of sunglasses and uneaten meal waiting. >> we need a paramedic on paisley park, 7801 audubon road. person down, not breathing. >> reporter: police rushing to his paisley park estate in april of 2016. deputies finding pills scattered all over his home. this bag with the words opium found tucked in his music vault, shelves and shelves packed full of recordings, one labeled works in progress. another box, jam of the century. folders full of lyrics, a bank bag full of cash.
7:36 am
authorities say it was counterfeit vicodin laced with fentanyl that killed the star. but have decided not to pursue criminal charges saying there is no evidence who gave the star those particular pills. >> there is no doubt that the actions of individuals around prince will be criticized, questioned and judged in the days and weeks to come. but suspicions and innuendo are categorically insufficient to support any criminal charges. >> reporter: his death shining a light on a growing counterfeit drug crisis. experts say hundreds of thousands of fake pills flooding the u.s. drug market. meanwhile, fentanyl killing 20,000 people just last year. >> we've never seen anything like fentanyl before. this is a new level of deadliness. and, you know, again, it only takes two milligrams to kill somebody. >> investigators say they face major obstacles with the case, one of which prince didn't use a cell phone so all the communication about the medication was person to person,
7:37 am
conversations, nothing was in text message so it was really hard to determine who was involved and who knew what about this medication, how that medication got to him. >> wow. >> what a story. thanks, eva. coming up, diane sawyer in her new investigation into hidden america, hard working women sharing their stories of sexual harassment on the job. diane will join us next. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? do you wear this every day? everyday. i'd never take it off. are you ready to say goodbye to it? go! go! ta da! a terrarium. that's it. we brewed the love, right guys? (all) yes.
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>> we're back now with a special investigation into sexual harassment in the workplace. in the wake of the time's up and me too movements diane sawyer spent seven months traveling across the country speaking with hard-working women about harassment and abuse on the job. everybody from waitresses, truck driver, hospitality workers, it's a special edition of "20/20" called "my reality: a hidden america." we are thrilled to have you here. it is their reality and they want to change it. >> that's right. and after all these months of talking about hollywood and all these months of talking about both coasts, we sent out a message saying what is the secret, the truth of your life and we got a torrent of e-mails from people saying, can we make this matter? can we make all this matter for the lives of people out in the middle of the country. we've all laughed a lot about waitresses and how they get good tips.
7:42 am
>> go out and get those tips! >> oh, wow. >> they're not real. see, honk-honk. >> do you think she thinks i have a beautiful face or is she just saying that? >> they do work on tips. >> it's one thing to laugh. we got a message saying imagine you are living it. >> i've had guys -- i'll say hi, welcome. what can you get for you, and they'll just say show me your [ bleep ]. would you walk into an office and say that to somebody? >> reporter: a veteran waitress says every week for 20 years she's smiled because she needs the money for her kids. >> i had one guy say i could watch you walk away all night. your wife and children are sitting right next to you. >> reporter: from all across the country a torrent of voices asking us to tell their story too. >> he reached under my dress. >> pulled me onto his lap. >> followed me around the restaurant.
7:43 am
>> reporter: remember for one-third of americans 52 million people, restaurants were our first job, teaching us our value in the workplace. >> i started when i was 16 years old. >> reporter: now this young woman is ready to tell her story. seven years later this is madison now. >> i feel so naive for even going in the car to begin with. >> and so many of us were in this profession as our first jobs and very young but i just want to say as we traveled the country, there's such determination and spirit out there, older women wanting to make everything safe and respectful for younger women.
7:44 am
men coming forward, a lot of men coming forward saying this is our fight. we're ready to join it. let us help. >> so happy that you're doing this. the time's up, me too high-profile women and what they went through and rightfully so, but these women that you discovered, they don't have that -- those types of resources. >> no. >> they really want a change. they really want to effect change. >> these are the voices that you haven't heard and they want change and want the conversation to shift now to solutions, all of us together. every one of us because that's what it takes to change a world. >> because they can't -- when we often say, oh, well, just quit your job. they can't quit their job. >> no, on average, on average the worker, the federal minimum wage for one of these servers is $3.23 an hour. they are living entirely on tips. they're feeding their family on tips and paying their rent on
7:45 am
tips so some of it begins with all of us just seeing workers in a new way. >> i was telling you when you did the ashley judd interview and then talked -- gave us a sneak peek of what you were doing tonight in a bigger scope, and there was a woman, i can't forget her voice. she was sitting in her car and she said i've got to pay the bills. i have to go in and knew what she was about to face walking into her workplace. >> we stayed in touch with her for all these months and we have some big news tonight. >> all right. >> we really do. >> all right and diane's "my reality: a hidden america" airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> great to see you. >> you're going to see me at lunch. >> yes, i am. >> i've come here to make a date with robin. >> when she's working on a special like this you can't get close to her. now that it's done because she puts everything into it. lunch. >> see you soon. >> we'll be right back. oon. >> we'll be right back. siness wi travel... even when i travel... for leisure.
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♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ back now on "gma," as we wait for spring to bloom in new york city. >> why do we have to wait? >> we've been waiting a long time, george. i'm with you. while we wait people across the globe are glued to a live stream of one special garden in the tucson botanical gardens. rosie, the so-called corpse flower, also one of the world's
7:50 am
smelliest. the blooming process can take up to ten years and it could bloom at any moment now. we posted the livestream on our facebook page. millions of people watching overnight and this isn't the first time people have become hooked on something like this. you remember april the pregnant giraffe. well, livestream of her waiting to give birth racked up more than 230 million views in less than three months. of course, there was the puddle in england that became an internet sensation as thousands of people watched people trying to cross over the puddle. but back to rosie, i think it's better to see it on the livestream instead of being there to smell it. >> the way you referred to it as the corpse whatever, that kind of gave you an idea. not the best smelling. but staring and watching. just waiting for it. >> it's entertainment. >> coming up, so many people think they're allergic to penicillin but a new study is raising big questions and dr. ashton is here to explain. come on back. r. ashton is here to explain. come on back. you feel unstoppa. but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood, activity or energy levels,
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welcome back to "gma." i know it's cold across the northeast. this is what you have when it's cold in the spring, great spring conditions up on the mountain there. mt. snow. that way to the lodge. they had a three-foot base. nearly two inches -- 2200 inches of snow in season so that's good stuff. from a lot of these resorts this is the last weekend. get out and enjoy. cold temperatures and freeze warnings across the south. moderating temperatures to seasonable levels across parts of the northeast into the weekend. across parts of
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by ford. going further so you can.
7:56 am
hey, good morning to you. im natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." let's get a traffic update now with sue hall. hey there, sue. >> good morning. unfortunately, we have a fatal accident to report to you. this is southbound 242. abc7's sky 7 is over the scene southbound at concord avenue. coroner's on the scene. an investigation is under way. they have issued a sig alert. south 242 at concord avenue, still with lanes blocked, and you can see a significant backup. so, your alternate would be westbound 4 to 680 and then take 680 in the southbound direction. mike? >> all right, sue, thank you very much. hi, everybody. let's talk about going to the beach this weekend. that's where it's still going to be foggy and kind of cool, so no warmth there, but if you're on the bay or out and about, man, it's going to feel like spring. temperatures at the coast, low 60s there. mid-60s around san francisco. upper 60s, near 70 around the bay, and low to mid-70s inland and it just keeps getting warmer this weekend.
7:57 am
natasha? >> mike, thank you. coming up on "gma," inside the "scandal" series finale. we'll have another update in 30 minutes and on our news app and join the team every weekday morning 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. you can hardly
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. james comey's bombshell memos. what they reveal about his encounters with the president. his account of trump's conversation with vladimir putin. the latest from washington this morning. "gma" health alert. are you allergic to penicillin? why you may not be and why this allergy could put your life at risk. dr. ashton is here to discuss. carrie underwood, revealing for the first time what happened in that brutal fall that sent her to the hospital with a broken wrist and 40 stitches to her face. i one scandalous ending. the final shot of the primetime phenomenon ending on this. did olivia pope finally get her place in history in the reveal this morning about just who was there looking at that painting? ♪ a lovely day christie brinkley is here live making over "gma" viewers
8:01 am
sharing her secrets to looking super. ♪ a lovely day >> she's here to say -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] >> playing one of michael's favorite songs. yeah. >> "lovely day." >> always blaring out of his dressing room. happy fri-yay. christie brinkley. supermodel. super mom, great to have her here this morning. she's going to share her supermodel secrets. making over three lucky "gma" viewers. >> lucky, lucky indeed and we're so excited about new ways to connect with you around the clock. so make sure you join the we are "gma" facebook group today and dr. ashton is answering your questions about penicillin allergies after her segment. we can't wait to discuss that topic that matters to a lot of you. >> always full of good advice. a lot of news as well and begin with those james comey memos.
8:02 am
they're based on his notes from encounters with president trump released to congress yesterday. obtain bid -- obtained by abc news overnight, and we want to two back to pierre thomas. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: george, good morning. we've been pouring over those many comey memos and include pretty salacious stuff. comey writes about briefing the president concerning that unverified intelligence that he was in moscow cavorting with prostitutes. there were no prostitutes, there were never prostitutes comey recalled the president saying and comey said president trump brought up prostitutes another time in the oval office. comey quoted president trump as saying, the hookers thing is nonsense but said that vladimir putin told him we have some of the most beautiful hookers in the world. the memos also dealt with what president trump allegedly said about fired national security adviser michael flynn confirming that president trump allegedly said i hope you can see your way clear to letting this thing go, to letting flynn go. and there was a new bit of detail according to comey. president trump said flynn had serious judgment issues. so there you go, george. conversations about hookers and the national security adviser,
8:03 am
quite the mix. >> all out there right now. pierre, thanks very much. michael. >> george, now to that other story breaking overnight, the grandmother accused of killing her husband and her look-alike on the run for weeks when finally she was captured overnight. let's go back to abc's marcus moore in texas where she was arrested. good morning again, marcus. >> reporter: michael, good morning. those authorities tracked down lois riess in south padre island. a manager at a restaurant recognized the 56-year-old after she asked for a menu and marshals were called there and found her at a neighboring restaurant where she was alone having a drink. she's been the focus of a multistate manhunt for weeks now. accused of shooting and killing her husband david in their rural minnesota home back in march. before traveling to ft. myers, florida, where authorities say she befriended a woman who looked a lot like her and police say she may have killed that woman to steal her identity. taking her cash, credit card and i.d. all missing from that victim's purse.
8:04 am
eventually overnight authorities found her, miss riess, at that restaurant in south padre island and investigators believe she may have been living off of a $2,500 jackpot she won at a casino in louisiana. >> thank you, marcus. robin. now to something we've never seen in the senate. a baby. senator tammy duckworth, the first senator to give birth while in office is marking another first, bringing her precious 10-day-old daughter, maile into the chamber. the first under a year old to be allowed in after the senate voted to change the rules. duckworth tweeting that maile would keep to the senate dress code wearing a blazer. history making day for the senate but as her for maile, her mom says she slept slew the whole thing. >> this time. >> yeah, this time. this time. exactly. precious. coming up here, we have that health alert about pencicillipe,
8:05 am
so many think they're allergic but now a new study raising questions about that. countdown to the royal wedding. meghan markle making waves with this dress on thursday. who are the top contenders to design her wedding gown? plus, christie brinkley is here as you know sharing her supermodel secrets transforming that is women and we've got a great audience as well. are they playing board games? yes, they are. >> okay. we'll explain. good time up there. from the first moment you met, it was love at first touch. and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection. that's why only pampers swaddlers is the number one choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection. so that all they feel is love. pampers the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents
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8:09 am
friday feel, doesn't it? >> yes. >> welcome back, everyone. what a great audience we have here on this friday morning.
8:10 am
and look who we have for "pop news," sara haines. >> i'm back. >> you're back. >> we begin with a mystery solved. country music superstar carrie underwood revealing for the first time how she sustained that injury requiring more than 40 facial stitches. on the bobby jones show she told fans it happened while taking her dogs out at night tripping going down a step and didn't let go of the leashes, landing awkwardly as she tried to catch herself. she's fine now and just wants to get back to her music. in fact just released a trailer for her brand-new album, "cry pretty." and there she is in the studio hard at work. "cry pretty" due out on september 14th. i had a whole new respect as a dog owner. you never let go of the leashes. that's really how she hurt herself which when you walk the dog, you know how a big dog will take off on you. i'm used to chihuahuas, they can't pull very far. when you do walk a bigger dog they can take off and, yeah. so -- >> well, good reason.
8:11 am
you take them out, honey. come on. >> that's why you'd be walking the dogs every night, michael? >> we're glad she's okay. back in the studio. that's the best part. sticking with the new music theme how about some ariana grande? >> yes. >> the pop star dropping her long awaited song "no tears left to cry" overnight. a little listen here. come on. you can feel it. ♪ it's her first release since her 2016 hit album "dangerous woman" and the first since the tragic bombing at her concert in manchester, england, last year. this already climbing the charts. also new in music after a lot of speculation kanye west confirming on twitter he is working on not one, but two new albums. a seven-track solo album he's s
8:12 am
wo working on, due on june 1st, and one called "kids see ghost." all in one tweet at a time. there are 2 0 characters to wrap it up in one tweet. but we like more kanye. >> two separate albums. >> but it was practically in sentence like hello, i have a new album. it might be coming out soon. >> well, i am excited. [ applause ] >> the first time i've seen twitter after that in -- >> you knew what it was. yeah, it's tweeting. okay. next to one of the funniest women in showbiz. i love her. she is my spirit animal. tiffany haddish. explaining why she is proudly committed -- she's committed a hollywood fashion faux pas which i don't understand but wearing the same dress more than once. >> come on. >> come on, people. in fact, had dish has worn her white halter gown for three big occasions. to the academy awards last month, when she hosted, "saturday night live"
8:13 am
and the first time at the premiere of the movie got squirrels trip" and now she tells "w" magazine she's repeated it for a simple reason. it was a business investment. >> when i saw the receipt, i cried. a roof over my head, food in my stomach, my family's health. like those things -- i think that's what money is for and most important. but i guess fashion helps. get more money. [ applause ] >> have you ever -- i have done this where you go to spend money and you divide it by how many times you foresee yourself using it. >> oh, yeah. >> it justifies the expense. >> sure. >> right, george? >> it does, though. fashion helps. you heard it from her. >> i heard it here first. i will step in and make my pod news debut. first time i've ever -- >> yeah. >> i've got a special announcement about lara. she's not here and now we'll show you one thing she's been up to shooting a new special for
8:14 am
the travel channel called "eat, drink and haggle." makes sense because three of lara's passions. we know she loves flea markets and enjoys a cocktail and loves typing new places to eat and drink and doing it all across america started in my hometown, cleveland, ohio. that's right. we want to show you a little bit of it right here. >> are you kidding me? i'm lara spencer, and i'm hitting the road for the ultimate weekend getaway. >> i have a lot to see here. >> reporter: the way i see it the perfect weekend combines three things, seeing the best places. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: eating the best food. >> now, this is good eating. >> reporter: and finding the best deals at flea markets. >> i have $50 cash. >> reporter: and i'm not flying solo. >> every form of food you've ever imagined is here. >> reporter: i have a local wingman at my side. >> alan. >> lara. >> reporter: to show me some of the best kept secret spots that
8:15 am
you need to see for yourself. cleveland, it's on. look out, america. this is "eat, drink, haggle." >> it's great. one of the things lara does, she picks an insider in every city and in cleveland, she picked an old colleague of mine that runs an ad agency. opens a lot of places who can show all the perfect spots. >> you know what name was suggested that didn't make it, "boondogle." that was the running name for that show because only lara spencer could find what she loves to do and pay her for that. >> the show looks great. >> you can all see it 2:00 p.m. on the travel channel. set your dvr saturdays. >> she has worked so hard on that. [ applause ] so in other words she has an excused absence. >> yes. now or "gma" cover story. we have a health alert about penicillin. a new study in the journal of pediatrics found the majority of children who thought they were allergic to the antibiotic actually were not and dr. jen is here to explain. >> good morning. happy friday, robin. >> thank you for letting me get up and stretch my legs.
8:16 am
>> the significance of this? >> we want to have a disclaimer. some people do have a life-threatening allergy to the antibiotic penicillin. >> yes. >> that is not who this study and this information applies to. it applies to the other 90% of people. and i see these former children who were adults literally every day when i ask if they have any allergies and they say, yes, penicillin. the next question medically should be what is your reaction? because if you get a rash a couple of days after taking penicillin, that is not a serious or qualifying reaction. if you get a little g.i. upset, nausea, vomiting, not a life-threatening allergy, so what this study did is took about 100 children who were thought to have a low-risk allergy to penicillin, tested them. gave them penicillin, not a single one had an allergy reaction so talking about this concept of de-labeling a child when they get to their doctor or emergency room. >> there's a problem if you think you're allergic and you're not. >> big problem, okay, first of all we have to remember penicillin is the most widely
8:17 am
used antibiotic in the world. medical and financial aspects used to treat skin infections, upper respiratory infections, ear infections, sometimes urinary tract infections, pneumonia. if you can't get it we are forced to go to other antibiotics, cousins that tend to be more sophisticated and expensive. put you at higher risk for other complications. patients stay in the hospital longer when they come in saying i'm allergic to penicillin, and they have a higher risk of surgical site infections postoperatively. you need to know if you are allergic. if you are not, not only is it expensive financially, but it puts your health in jeopardy. >> one of the first questions you're asked. >> absolutely. we ask it all the time. >> how do you know if you are or not? >> here's what people should know. parents or adults, they should take their child to an allergist, get skin tested. it is easy to do and then if they're determined to not be allergic that labeling comes off. if they are determined to be allergic that's a completely different category but this is potentially life saving information.
8:18 am
>> you'll have more information. >> yes, ma'am. >> talk on our new website. >> "gma" all day. >> "gma" all day. all right, michael. all right, robin, say it ain't so. "scandal" is over, everybody. >> ah, i know. i know. >> such an emotional night for gladiators everywhere. the long awaited finale aired last night, and it did not disappoint. "nightline's" juju chang is here with all the reaction. >> reporter: well, you know, it's impossible to know how much popcorn and red wine was consumed, but i can tell you e the "scandal" finale was the number one trend on twitter as legions of gladiators bid farewell. after seven seasons it was all about sex, power and corruption and last night marked the end of an era. this photo in the iconic oval office set taken just after the final scene of "scandal" had just been shot. star kerry washington posting overnight. so many of the show's memorable scenes taking place right there in the office of the presidency.
8:19 am
the center of the "scandal" universe. >> this is most likely the very last time that you and i will ever be in the same room together. >> reporter: after 124 explosive episodes a memorable good-bye to the landmark show that became a phenomenon. >> the final "scandal." >> reporter: making history in 2012 for having the first black female lead in primetime in 40 years. >> it's handled. >> reporter: following the story of political fixer olivia pope. >> we need more. >> reporter: created by powerhouse producer shonda rhimes and memorably live tweeted by the cast, producers and writers just about every thursday night. >> you came up with gladiators. gladiators came from you. >> reporter: thank-yous from the cast overnight. >> we're so grateful that you acknowledge our sisterhood. >> that's right. >> so much of what our ship is about is women supporting women. all you girls out there holding it down on twitter. we love you, girl power.
8:20 am
>> you can do anything you dream. >> especially if you got your sister with you. >> reporter: last night's finale the most tweeted of the season as the show's stars say good-bye sharing these snapshots from their viewing party as they all watched the final episode together. after the show, shonda writing good-bye, gladiators, i will be forever grateful. here's to future sunny days. i sat down with the actors behind the groundbreaking role before the big finale. olivia pope has evolved so much in seven years. in what ways have you seen her evolved and what have you learned from all that? >> yeah, i think it's so funny because i think when i started playing olivia pope, we were very similar, more similar than we are today, right, because in the life of the show i've gotten married and had kids and started a production company and she has not gotten married and chosen not to have kids. we do share this entrepreneurial spirit and she's taught me a lot about courageously going after
8:21 am
your wins in life and not being told no. >> reporter: what did olivia pope win in the end? a place in history if these final moments are any clue. the very last shot of the series, a larger than life painting of olivia pope in red, white and blue, two young girls in the national portrait gallery looking up at it. we the people painted along the side. and that older girl right there looking at it, shonda rhimes' daughter, harper. >> isn't that cool she had her daughter in there. so cool. and, you know, we were saying that's clearly an homage to those young girls staring at michelle obama's official portrait, and on twitter people are speculating whether that means olivia pope becomes president. whether there is a series. shonda said she left things open. >> she seems to be back with fitz but fitz would not be president again. i think she becomes president. always a comeback. >> always thinking. >> always thinking, everybody. the end of an era. we look forward to a comeback of "scandal." i'm joking.
8:22 am
now over to rob. all right, michael. well, we have fitz and we've got fritz, the golden retriever. here's your "gma" moment. play a little catch with some snacks. there's the golden retriever. miss number one. potato chip -- miss number two. and does he have this one? nailed it. okay. now gatsby, his younger brother has more learning to do. i think he's a st. bernard. just right off the schnauzer and again. one more try. oh, with a strawberry. you got to get the strawberry. oh, my goodness. gatsby. all right, we'll work on that and tune in next week with an update. hi, there. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. my accuweather highlights. sunshine and warmer weather dominate today's forecast. in fact, all the way through the weekend and into monday. and the dry season definitely taking toll.
8:23 am
doesn't look like any chance, a good one, through the next two weeks. low 60s at the coast, breezy there. mid-to-upper 60s around the bay, low to mid-70s inland. temperatures tonight in the mid-40s to mid-50s. how about those 80s? but if you're going to the coast, it's still going to be breezy and cool. countdown to the royal wedding is less than a month away. one big question who will dine design meghan markle's wedding dress? diane macedo is here with the top contenders. good morning, diane. >> the designer of meghan's dress is a tightly guarded secret but we have people and they've uncovered some clues. >> congratulations. >> reporter: the countdown is on. less than a month to go until meghan and harry's big day and the duo is showing no signs of slowing down. they appeared thursday night at a women's empowerment reception. meeting with organizations and charities working to promote global gender equality. a cause markle has long championed. at the event, meghan opted for
8:24 am
the popular jackie o. dress by black halo, but it's her wedding gown that has everyone talking. three, the favorite, christopher bailey, the visionary behind iconic british brand burberry who showed his final collection. >> one of her closest friends mar does anderson, who we saw by her side at the invictus games, has been going into top secret meetings with burberry executives in london a few days ago. >> reporter: the other are. rdem and ralph & russo who created her $75,000 inc. engagement gown and are now refusing all comment on meghan. >> any designer that is doing the dress on the big day will have to sign a strict nondisclosure agreement and with ralph & russo they've actually had to move their external pr company in-house and may be one of the biggest clues they could be one of the dress designers on the big day. >> reporter: abc news has also learned meghan is following a bridal boot camp regime to get ready for the wedding. >> she's kicked up her workouts
8:25 am
into high gear and apparently focused on cardio work with one of harry's personal trainers here at kensington palace. meghan was recently seen visiting a yoga instructor somewhere here in london and that will be part of her big bridal body workout. >> reporter: with the help of jessica mulroney, the stylist behind her look, meghan is now planning another special event for her wedding weekend. >> meghan is actually planning an american-style rehearsal dinner with her nearest and dearest here in london. that will take place probably without members of the royal family. >> reporter: still on the to do list, the all important honeymoon destination. and, remember, she is expected to wear two dresses on the day. roland mouret is considered an additional contender for the reception dress, which is expected to be a little less formal and a little more glam. she's going to look fantastic. >> it's her wedding day. >> great forensic work. >> my detectives on the case. >> we'll be right back. christie brinkley is here. [ applause ] back. christie brinkley is here.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. jessica castro with "abc7 mornings." happening today, protests are planned across the nation to demand action be taken to end school shootings. this walkout marks the 19th anniversary of the columbine school shooting. students at notre dame high school in san jose plan to leave class about 10:00 and march to city hall. they will hold a moment of silence to remember those who lost their lives in mass shootings. and now let's check our traffic. hi, sue. good morning. good morning, everyone. we're headed back to concord, where we had an earlier fatal accident with a motorcycle down on 242 near concord avenue. chp issued a sig alert that's been out there for some time. you can see the whole stretch of 242 is backed up on to highway 4, highway 4 backed into pittsburg all the way to 680.
8:28 am
>> sue, thank you. meteorologist mike nicco has a meteorologist mike nicco has a look at our ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
8:29 am
good morning. happy friday. thought we'd start with temperatures. upper 40s to mid-50s already, and look at this, hazy sunshine out there but good commuting weather all throughout the day, no matter which avenue you're taking. my accuweather seven-day forecast, going to get kind of warm this weekend, jessica. >> looking nice, mike. thank you. we'll have another abc7 news
8:30 am
update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and abc7news.c ♪ welcome back to "gma" on this friday morning and thank you guys for joining us this friday. we have a great audience with us here this morning. and some of our audience has been busy playing board games this morning. how long have you guys been at it? >> about an hour. >> about an hour. >> who is wining? >> i am. >> i am. >> well, you know what, that's what we're going to talk about. we'll talk about board games and if you're trying to wrap things up during a board game there's a new article in "the wall street journal" exposing the secret to ending an endless board game. we all know them. some people are making it endless and ending it by cheating. yeah, that's right. more people playing games as parents try to pull their kids away from technology which i like but as we all know they can
8:31 am
go on a little too long sometimes so adults admit they're taking matters into their own hands. one mom explaining, i'd say let's just play one game for bedtime but the game will go on and on so you have to do something. i am glad they didn't figure out their mom who is a lawyer of all things was a cheater. >> oh. >> oh, yeah. what kind of lesson would that be if you taught your kids to cheat to win the game. have you ever cheated to finish a board game that was running too long? >> what's cheating? >> you did. you did. you cheated, george. if you got to ask what that is you've done it. >> last time i was home in mississippi. amber and i decided when my niece was graduating we were baby-sitting her children and one of her youngest sons was playing a board game. i think he changed the rues because we didn't know the rules so i don't think he was cheating, i think he just modified the rues a little bit. >> you concede. say you girls won. >> we make excuses.
8:32 am
the kid cheated, robin. >> not my sweet ryan. he didn't do that. >> but i will admit i have done it. i have. i'm just tired. i'm ready to go to bed. >> with the twins. >> doesn't matter who it was with. [ laughter ] >> i'm telling you on. >> i'm telling on myself. >> can we agree it's not a mo mortal sin. >> some people say what are you teaching your kids? we got shelly over here. you know, she's playing monopoly at the table over there and you have one boy and three girl, shelly. you used to have family game nights on sunday but you would never cheat. >> no. we wouldn't. well, there's an age difference between -- eight years so the big kids would never let the little kids cheat so also life, you don't get to cheat at. you have to work hard and make smart choices and sometimes it's luck and sometimes it's not luck but you have to keep at it and that's the lesson i want all my children to know. >> good for you. >> that's a good one.
8:33 am
[ applause ] then we have cassie is at the same time as shelly and cassie, you kind of modified the game a little bit. >> i do. look, i have a 7-year-old and monopoly can take like eight hours if we play by the rules. so we just, you know, alter the money situation a little bit so it's more appropriate for time. >> more appropriate for time. >> i like that. [ applause ] well, thank you, guys and i know rolando is over there saying he's winning. you say you're winning. how many people can win when there are four people at the table and two people raise their hands. i don't get it. at the end of the day, george, you know, like you said, i don't think there's anything -- >> if you shorten things up. >> monopoly is a long game but i love it. >> it is. >> so nothing wrong with that. >> another question out to the crowd. what do you think of voice mail these days? >> ooh, wow. >> whoa. well, you guys are certainly not alone. debate has been trending on twitter whether or not they're
8:34 am
still develop haven't. i hope to ban voice mails. got nearly 4,000 likes. and one person agrees saying if it's important people should text or call again. another person said, oh, god, no, then i'd have to take phone calls rather than get the voice mail. i don't know. i don't think they should be banned. >> i don't -- i'm not very good about checking them but one of our executive producers, si money, can we have a shout -- she admitted to having 212 voice mails unopened. 212 she hasn't listened to and look how many she has in her in-box. >> you can delete those. >> i could delete those. [ applause ] >> but -- >> you don't always have to check. if you saw somebody's number coming in. >> that would give me anxiety. i would have anxiety. i feel like i'm missing something. people trying to reach me, 134,000 people are trying to reach me, simone. >> i know. but simone said it's usually her mother leaving the voice mail about, i'm sorry, i'm not supposed to tell this, simone, about recipes and things like that.
8:35 am
>> let's defend her. she reads the transcripts. >> she does read the transcripts. not just recipes but life advice. >> i'm bad at checking. i'm a texting and e-mailer. i'm not necessarily a phone talker. i don't like when i'm texting and then the person calls me. [ laughter ] i have -- >> why do people do that. >> i almost threw a fame out there. i love you, man, but you got to stop. >> i call my daughters and they don't take the phone call and text me instead. [ laughter ] >> that's frustrating. >> those are teenagers. >> i got something here. something that came along our producer's newsfeed. an incredible celebrity look-alike contest that's gone viral started by a principal and the teachers at the universal institute charter school in philadelphia. the contest is part of spirit week. it's intended to get the kids excited to go to school and to take part in the state's standardized testing and it works. both kids and the teachers got all dressed up as their favorite
8:36 am
stars. let's see if you guys can guess who these people are, the look-alikes. this first one is an eighth grader alaia. she dressed up as -- can you see it? can you see, guys? can you see? >> tlc. >> oh. >> left eye. left eye. all right. tlc's left eye. even had the pose. >> okay. >> now we have a third grader. see, she looks just like her. a third grade teacher who got in on the ago. let's see if you can see what tiara was dressed -- come on. she's giving you a big clue there, whitney, yes, all right. [ applause ] we love you, whitney and take a look at second grader zaden. >> michael jackson. >> michael jackson, yes. very good. and then we have a third grader. [ laughter ] >> i love this. >> did you see "black panther"? yes, michael b. jordan's character.
8:37 am
yes. yes. >> very good. >> that's very good. >> that was a good one. wakanda forever. >> that was cool. >> as long as it gets the kids to take the testing it makes it more fung for them. then i think we're all for it. >> all for that. >> great job, you guys. great job. [ applause ] >> thank you, michael. coming up, the fashion doctor is in the house. changes to your wardrobe that could revolutionize the way you feel. change your clothes, change your outlook. >> all right. [ ap
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
in the commercial break, you know, we got great audience members and brought this -- a little michael strahan for him to sign. look and he signed his behind. that's so cute. lovely. >> that's the only clean spot to sign. >> i didn't want to say anything. but you know what, we are back with the dress doctor. she calls herself a fashion psychologist focused not only on how clothes make you look but the science behind how they make you feel. adrienne bankert is back with that. i've often said you got to change the way you feel -- have to change the way you look forward to change the way you feel. >> all of us know you got to dress your best, right? fashion is a huge part of your personal brand.
8:41 am
she offers styling from the inside out and says why you're dressing a certain way is far more important than the label. they say dress for success. but fashion psychologist dawny karen says we've got it wrong. >> a lot of times people are on autopilot and not aware their clothing affects how they feel. >> reporter: sometimes called the fashion shrink karen types her theory of fashion psychology at new york's fashion institute of technology. and in her counseling practice she uses talk therapy to understand how her clients feel about themselves, how they view the world and how believe the world sees them. >> the misconception fashion cannot be smart. fashion does not have it. >> reporter: karen says most outfits tall into one of three category, mood illustration dress or wearing how you feel at the moment, mood enhancement dress, using your outfit to enhance your mood or repetitious
8:42 am
wardrobe complex. wearing the same types of clothes every day. >> as a fwags psychologist i'm here to show you there's layers to why we wear what we wear. >> reporter: we decided to put her theories to the test on this woman, elianaa kissner who says she wants to look on the outside the way she still feels on the inside. >> before i was a mom i did a lot of tailored fitted things. in my experience being a mom it's a lot of flowy and soft and stretchy and drool-safe clothing. >> what's your ultimate goal. >> feel good about what i'm wearing even when i'm in the trenches taking care of my baby. >> reporter: after a quick analysis. >> there's this. >> this mom's outfit went from there to this. >> well, right now you're doing a little bit of mood illustration with the leggings and then you're doing mood enhancement with the top and the jazzy belt. how do you feel.
8:43 am
>> i feel great. i feel energized. >> so you're giving me a little premom and current mom and so from now on i want you to kind of balance the two. >> yay. thank you. [ applause ] >> you can tell she feels more confident already. you might already be dressed but for the future she says if you're wearing the same kinds of look every single day you're doing it for emotional support. the university of delaware and the london college of fashion offer similar courses, so certainly get out there and tacking the world in your great o outfit. >> what i often say you have to change the way you think in order to change the way you feel but i never thought the way you look can change that. >> the way you think about yourself on the inside certainly has an affect on what you do and choices you make on the outside. >> we'll have christie brinkley here with some secrets. a little bit later. now to rob. >> hey, robin. got a good-looking crowd out here from all over the country. jordan and kylie from ft.
8:44 am
lauderdale. has his gloves on and hat. bring it. it's chilly out here, guys, right? we're braving it. 38 degrees right now. go to central park, take in the sunshine. sheep meadow. up to 50 but windchills of 30 degrees and it's been that story for the last month and a half. we will get milder here from minneapolis to d.c. to new york city over the next three days. at least a more seasonable level into the lower 60s. sounds all ri good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. total sunshine today, a little hazy at times, and temperatures average, to if not, above average. my accuweather seven-day forecast. our warmest days are ahead of us this weekend.t? all right.? good-looking crowd here in new york city. lots more "gma" coming up after this commercial break. stay with us.
8:45 am
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♪ come on vogue
8:47 am
>> come on. one of the most famous supermodels. christie brinkley. [ applause ] she has rocked the industry for almost five decades now. all morning long she's been making over three lucky women. own it, baby. making over three women in our audience and we'll see their transformations in just a moment. of course, we want to get sequins going here. how do you do it. >> it's no secret. i share everything in my book. you know. because i literally had to write a book about how i do this because every year the routine gets more and more and more. but i can tell you it starts with really good nutrition. i'm a lifelong vegetarian and i have a great dermatologist for the little tweak, you know. and but what's important that you can do every day is great skin care and that starts with spf. that's the most important tip i can tell you is to protect your skin from the sun and also
8:48 am
indoor you can have -- there's a lot of things indoor that age you as well? really. >> oh, absolutely. indoor infrared from microwave oven, cell phone, computers and you want to cream that can protect you interest that as well because that's being thoroughly modern. >> you have three tips. three top tips you would say. >> three top tips, i would say the spf, i would say don't go to sleep with your makeup on because the nighttime your body is repairing and restoring and refreshing. you want a scream that's going to help you, you know, have peptides that will help you build your collagen and elastin. it's all about that. >> make time for yourself. >> make time for yourself. i always say -- [ applause ] and i'm going to say four, attitude of gratitude. that is the key to everything. >> i know and you're grateful for everything. those beautiful children you have. >> oh. >> the business empire you have built. >> well, i'm trying. [ laughter ]
8:49 am
you know, i ask myself all the time, will it make somebody's life happier, easier, better then i'm on to something and i go for it. >> well, you went for it with three very lucky viewers. so shall we get them to. first is karen. let's see her before picture. okay, looking good. now, karen, come on out. let's see you now. oh. [ applause ] oh, you got it. oh. you're a new mom, right? >> new mom. >> you were saying you were having a little difficulty in sleeping and thought it was giving you bags. >> and no time. >> so what's the solution. >> well, so the solution to bags is very easy. under eye concealer. but the trick is -- the trick is a lot of people will cake the under eye concealer on underneath. it's best to start with a light foundation, that's going to warm up your skin tones and we use my foundation, it's really -- just the lightest most feathery and
8:50 am
then put a pop of blush on your cheeks because that's going to bring out some color. >> look at that. >> and then -- [ applause ] right. so we put a little pop of blush and then put your concealer on and unfortunately i forgot to bring the brush to the set because i like to start with a little brush right in the inner corner and then gently smooth it around in one direction brushing out. >> that looks good is there that will take care of it. >> good. great. all right. thank you. now let's see catalina before. all right. and now catalina. hello. [ applause ] catalina, she is single ready to mingle. and she wants to go from the office to a date so what does she do? >> i mean, all my girls are so
8:51 am
gorgeous and have such gorgeous skin but you know what, you want to keep it gorgeous so i say you always have to start with a great moisturizer that has spf and, you know, all of that and her skin is so lovely, as i say my foundation is very, very light and feathery but i put a little touch on my hand and for her skin, because you want to keep it light. you don't want to weigh it down. a lot of people will put too much and too much can actually cause you to see all of the wrinkles and everything. she doesn't have a wrinkle. but so i add a little drop of my oil, very natural essential oils and mix it together and i use a big brush which i forgot to bring on the set as well. we've been in a rush this morning. but then i would just put it very lightly around the face. blending the edges, always make sure you turn your face to the side to make sure that you don't have a line right there and -- >> looking beautiful.
8:52 am
>> voila. >> we want to get to the last one. renae this. is renae. renae before and look at grandma, come on out. renae. [ applause ] you're not a grandmother. so what did you do here. >> i mean, what did -- well, first of all what we started with, you know, eyebrows are the anchor of your face, right? and as we age, our eyebrows get a little bit thinner and very often the outer edge is gone. you've got to put that back on. i have a "the greatest showman" blond brow liner. you see here, and we just lightly went with the direction of the hairs and then we take the hairs right down and make sure that we complete that brow because that gives the whole thing a softer look. >> you see, simple as that. christie, thank you very much. our beautiful models.
8:53 am
wonderful. [ applause ] all i've got to say is we'll be right back. >> beautiful. [ applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> announcer: next week on "gma" it's two days of red hot music. first wednesday, boy band break out sensation why don't we takes over the morning then friday kylie minogue jump starts your weekend as only she can.
8:56 am
next week only on "good morning america" presented by pepsi. >> oh, look how adorable. so sweet. thank you, christie. she's giving us tips, giving us tips on how to have a great day. great weekend. [ cheers and applause ]
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8:59 am
good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." let's check our weekend forecast with mike nicco. hi, mike. >> hi, jessica. hi, everybody. we'll start with santa cruz. unfortunately, this is the way the coast is going to look. you'll be lacking warmth while the rest of us are enjoying spring to summerlike conditions, beginning with mid-to-upper 70s inland, low 70s around the bay, low 60s at the coast. you're saying that's not impressive. then look at saturday, sunday and monday. there you go, there's some warmth. sue? >> looks fun. all right, we have better news in concord. this earlier fatal accident has been cleared out of lanes, so traffic should begin recovering. southbound 242 after concord avenue, you can see 680 is slow. and check out the backup on highway 4. it's typical, like an early-morning commute out of pittsburg all the way to and through concord. >> sue, thank you. time now for "live with kelly and ryan." we'll be back at 11:00 for the
9:00 am
"abc7 midday news" and our >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the highly anticipated "avengers: infinity war," anthony mackie. and she's the voice of moana and one of the stars of "rise," auli'i cravalho. plus, we will have a performance from andy grammer. all next on "live"! and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: good morning, hey!


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