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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 10, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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>> crews were hard at work but somehow one of the contractor laid down the wrong kind of track. >> our news anchor dion lyme dug for answers how is happened and how long it takes to correct. >> dion. >> the city contract culled forn price tag by tens of millions. sfmta is requesting the contractor pay for all costs for removing and replacing the contract sfl we don't anticipate additional costs to the city. when a contractor stlag ls are does anything in the not in the contract it's up is them to. >> we have to deal with it. they're they'll fix it inof live it grad of that. >> talk about a big headache. we should point out our call to attituder perrini asking for compensate wasn't return. >> thank you. ground was brekeen today on a development ten yeerps in the
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making. as san francisco's historic pier 70 shipyard. the the 28 acre development includes 2,800 units. many affordable. supervised mellia cohen says the revitalization builds ohhen a connection to piece of the water front never before accessible. >> beyond access this project will deliver about 750 million dlarps of public benefit to our san francisco city. $750 million. >> the project will take more than ten years to complete. a shocking confession in court today where a 19-year-old pleaded guilty to murdering 19-year-old lizzette questa on tesla road in february. she was stabbed as we reported. the latest from the courtroom in dublin. lizzette questa's father sat in disbelief as he took in the news that one of the two
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suspects accused of murdering his daughter was entering a guilty plea in court. 19-year-old daniel gross solemnly faced the judge in jailhouse gash as the charges were read aloud he loudly apply much assault with a deadly weapon guilt. causing great bodily harm. guilty, the charges could put him in prisoned for life. >> daniel has been absolutely committed to accepting responsibility for his friend's death. and he prfd that when he confessed to the police at the very outset. and he has proven it today by entering his guilty plea to the charges np. >> earlier in the day gross's pregnant fiance 25-year-old melissa leonardo entered a not guilty plea to the murder. it was back in february that the 19-year-old lizzette was found mortally wounded and crawling along the stretch of of tesla
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road stabbed repeatedly. she died at the hospital after gichg the authorities the names of the two people that she said attack her with a knife. gross and leonardo were arrested at this home in modesto and charged with murder. shaken family members declined to compensate on camera after the pleas were entered. in a prieve interview with abc 7 news her father had this to say. >> no, no they have to pay for what they did. i mean it won't bring her back. but at least they are not out there running around the zreets. >> the d.a. indicated to the judge they will pursue sentencing as a first degree murder. gross will be back in court on june the 11ing. no trial. in dublin, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. two men suspected of a fatal stabbing last night in santa rosa are no custody. authorities in modesto arrested 20-year-old john yes lewis martinez and cardin herda today
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following a statewide armt. police say the two men stab the victim a number of times during a fight around 7:45 last night .victim died at the hospital and name has not been released. prosecutor from across california plan to meet tomorrow to focus on cold case that is might be linked to the goldman are golden state killer. today the santa barbara district attorney filed four charges against joseph deangelo suspected of being the golden state kill are. . the former police officer faced two charges for crimes back in san diego county dating back decades. one double murder case dates back in 1979. the other to 1981. violent cold cases never grow cold for victims or their loved ones. they never do. in fact, most of them spend their lives feverishly seeking answers. deangelo is 72 years old and
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remains in jail in sacramento after being arrested last month. a major settlement in a sexual harassment lawsuit brought against good will industries of the greater east bay and a jan toerl service company. good will and cal dot industry freed to pay $850,000 dars. the suit alleges they faced routine sexual harassment by the director supervisor. the plaintiffs include young women with developmental disabilities. in the north bay a long awaited update about cleanup efforts ever a the deadly north bay fires. >> according to fema and california office of emergency services most work is finished. >> there has been real prg. our reporter wine friedman is live from coffey park, a neighborhood decimated in the fires. wayne? >> reporter: good evening, dan. most of the work is 99% they say. there are two houses left to be cleared away.
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they are behind a bridge that burned down. the army corps of engineers will have to build a bridge to the homes in order to clean the properties. in the meantime here in places like coffey park it's looking up. what a difference seven months can make in the charred ruins of coffey park. that was then. and today mike williams has his future in his hands literally. that is the benefit of being a contractor reabling the home your family lost. >> life for me will always be before the fire and after the fire. >> and after the cleanup. today fema and the california office of emergency services shed light on how they managed california's biggest clearance projects since the 1906 earthquake. >> i think everybody sort of underestimated the size, scope and scale of the magnitude. >> the state and federal government spent $1.3 billion removing 2.2 million tons of debris that if spread out would cover 314 square miles.
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314 square files is a lot of debris. and this over here just a small portion. all the cars from the fire zone. more than a football field's worth. >> could you even estimate how many cars are here? >> oh, i have absolutely no idea. >> kristen bern works for recycling solutions in santa rosa one of seven different debris dump sites in four counties. this mountain of concrete came from the foundations of fountain grove and coffey park. fema and the army corps got to this area early today because of flat topography and access. as to whether the many contractors did a good job. >> if i had to give enemy a letter grade i would give average or below. >> mike williams describes it as somewhat rushed. he pointed to burned fence posts left partially emhe had bedded in the ground. one might call it frog with figurative splipt zbleers when will it be over for you? >> when the -- when the trees come back. >>? annett rosa, wayne friedman abc 7 news. seven people have to look
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for other places to stay after an early morning fire in san francisco. started around 2:00 a.m. in an apartment at glendale and market streets. fire officials say a woman lichaj there saw the flame floridas and helped other residents of the building evacuate. one person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire is uninvestigation. the san jose foothill play host to 27 s.w.a.t. teams battling to see who is best in the west. santa clara county sheriff's office has been of the hosting the event at gun range in san jose since 1992. teams from across the state include several from the bay area are competing in six different courses. campbell police came in second last year, the only team to beat them is glendale police from southern california. oh, there is more to the the contest than bragging rights. >> so that one week we can grow better as a tactical team and police department can make the communities wherever they are safer for the overall good of the community. >> tomorrow the scores from the individual events will be added
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up. the winner of the best in the west will be announced. >> looks like a tense competition. is it going too fa or just a sign of the times? the campaign that is texting california voters that has raised eyebrows. >> and allowing students to express themselves, the legislation that could change the dress code for a graduation. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. breezy this afternoon but only getting windier tomorrow night. i'll let you know what that means for the weekend coming up. >> thanks sandhya. and the decision by united airlines involving tomat
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he's been called a rockstar lwinning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold. san francisco mayor mark farrell launched a major initiative today to help house the homeless, get them off the streets and in some cases reconnect them with families pl farrell unveiled the $30 million package at a community housing
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center south of market and includes funding to expand shelter capacity and open four new navigation centers. but the plan also called for doubling the city's homeward bound program which attempts to locate family or friends willing to take homeless individuals in. >> last year some nine hundred individuals used project homeward bound and of that total less than 4% returned to san francisco. this program is working and having a dramatic effect and we are doubling the funding for this program. >> mayor farrell later toured facilities at the bishop swing community house. his proposal calls for funding 200 additional housing units in the city. >> we have also been reporting on san francisco's ongoing efforts to clean up needles that litter city streets. the chronicle reports that the city hands out about 400,000 singers each month through health programs. the majority get tossed at the city disposal site but the reporter ace 154,000 theedles
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end up on streets, parks or public spots. next month the city is going to start having teams of workers dedicated to picking up needles, something locals and tourists have been complaining about. you know about robo calls but lately political campaigns have been doing something else talking about texting us. >> jonathan bloom explains how they got your number and why it's legal. >> reporter: how would you react if you got a random text from a campaign. >> not favorably. >> yes yet that's what happened when our reggie' guy got a text from rose about gavin newsom's. >> it's like a invasion of privacy. >> there are plenty of theories. >> someone sells it, company sells dp. >> it turns out they had your number all along. >> get out early to vote. >> like political phone passengering campaigns text you at the number you gave when you registered to vote. >> i'm so grateful to all of you. >> it started during the last presidential campaign. now newsom's campaign is one of
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many. >> texting hundreds of thousands of voters per week and this is an effort to talk to voters in a way native to them. >> the fact in is 2018 text somethings how we kpung. like it or not np campaigns like newsom have seen the results and giving it two thumbs way up. >> the response rates are just it's unheard of compared to email or even traditional phone or door knocking operations. >> and most people we talked to agree they'd rather a text thaen a phone call. >> when you answer the phone it's annoying with a text can you read it okay, whatever. >> that's exactly what the campaign is hoping for. by the way, rose is a real person. the law requires every text to have a live volunteer on thor sfleend we train the volunteerless toft the conversations you a thenically and of course if people are asked to be removed. >> rose didn't respond to the request but the newsom campaign says supervisors look over the texts and make sure it's done. jonathan bloom. abc 7 news. we have put together a little explainer of the election text messages on the website,
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kwebts also you can meet the candidates in the june primary. happening now, teach frers san jose evergreen school district are on the march demanding a fair contract settlement agreement. tonight's demonstration is part of the ongoing dispute. the district says it's losing money fl declining enroll pmt meta. the teach remembers gathering at silver creek road and march to john j. montgomery elementary school for a rally before the school board meeting there. students at california's public high schools and colleges will have more friedman of expression at graduation if a proposed new bill is signed into law. the measure allows students to decorate the caps and gown was items of cultural significance. it's main backer says the school districts and universities have been inconsistent with the policies which led to some students choosing for the to participate in graduation ceremonies and in some cases lawsuits. >> these are things like eagle
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feathers for native americans or kenta claws for africa rn americans. it oft been results in litigation. >> the bill is limited to curle expression it won't dictate whether students reflect items that reflect political or religious views. >> all right is cutting your cable cord the right thing to do? "7 on your side's" michael finney has answer zblas a lot of people asking that question these days. >> cable costs a lot of money. >> that's true. a lot of people are cutting it. >> they are. less every year. it's amazing. you may think of tv antenna as the old rabbit ears people sometimes covered in tin toil to try to get a reception. those days are gone. consumer reports effort it the latest indoor model to get a clear picture how they are keeping cord cutters connected to local programming. >> zach robin smith ditched cable eight years ago bought a tv antenna and never looked back. >> it's raining badly out,
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sometimes i lose a signal. most of the time it comes in fine. and the picture is extremely clear. >> that includes local news or his favorite late night talk shows. which he still able to access for freon over the air channels. >> pretty much everything was there. and it's, you know, i don't have to pay extra for it. >> consumer reports recently tested ten indoor antennas trying them in two locations near a window and near the tv. across the board, the woentd location worked best. they also found that while antennas come in a variety of shapes, the design is not as important as where where you live and what you are surrounded by. >> if you live in a mountainous area or you live in the city and there are a lot of buildings that could strikeout signals then you may have a tougher time nan someone lichaj in a neighborhood where there aren't a lot of tallables. >> for best results consumer reports says place the antenna high in the upstairs room or attic if possible. try different locations and then
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rescan to see where you get the most channels. and if at first you don't succeed in getting great reception try some other models. >> you work with the retailer that has return policies because not every antenna does well in the house. >> and just because the picture is free does not mean it's poor quality. the over the air image may even be clearer since it can be less compressed than what you get on cable. >> so, you know, free plus better performance is a good deal for most. >> free is always good. and may also help to know where the nearest tv transmitter is especially if you have a drexel model. the federal communications existing has an interactive map on the website we'll add a link so you can check it out. >> onto weather. now the accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> and the weather looks fantastic especially for the weekend plans. right now live doppler 7 shows no fog at the coast. wispy clouds but the skies are
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pretty much bright with a mix of high clouds. it's a breezy in san francisco. 23 miles an hour winds right now. it 21 in fairfield. that wind is coming off the ocean water. wind switches direction and as it comes off land we'll notice that the temperatures will rise even more than they did today. so some areas started the warming trend today. tomorrow we go warmer 78 degrees in san jose. average high is about 75. saturday 81. and then we'll see a cooling trend that takes us right on through mother's day and into early next we can. right now i want to show you live picture from the santa cruz camera. this is a good place to be today. very nice looking weather. bright skies good day for sailing. temperatures right now 61 san francisco, 64 in oejd. the coolest spot is half moon bay a a. san jose 71. here is the abc 7 news pier 39 camera. and looks like the sea lions are resting right now. while people are watching sunshine outside nice view. 81 in santa rosa. temperatures in the 70s to
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novato to napa. and livermore as well. now our warmest spots managed to gets up to the low 80s along the coast 50s 60s. you will you will see more sound and passing clouds from the south beach camera. gusty in the hills tomorrow tonight. sunny and warmer saturday. and pleasant and mild for mother's day. tomorrow night here is what you watch out for a wind advisory for the north and east bay hills. really above 1,000 feet this also covers the strait and the delta. winds gusting up to the 5 a miles an hour. there is potential for downed trees and power lines and blowing debris. with this comes increased fire danger. be aware of this. as we head into tomorrow. hour by hour look noontime it's breezy outside. not terribly windy bup the winds start to increase as we head into friday night. 9:00 p.m. you notice 30 miles an hour winds there calistoga 25. in santa rosa it's remaining gusty through saturday morning before the winds start to dial back later on saturday amp.
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but the wind direction allows the temperatures to rise. heading into friday and saturday. tomorrow morning clear. numbers in the mid-50s to the mid-40s to 50s tomorrow afternoon. a mild day in the south bay. 78 in san jose. 76 sunnyvale. if you want sunshine you got it on the peninsula. low to upper 70s. 76 in san mateo. 78 redwood city. coastline low to mid-60s. laugh moon bay 65. breedy in daly city. not too warm. downtown san francisco 70. in the north bay 60s on the coastline so the 80s for the warmest spot. 83 sand rafael. heading in the east bay 74 oakland berkeley. inland areas will be wrm. pretty nice looking day though. not too hot. 3 in livermore. 85 in fairfield. i want to show you highways happening saturday morning. fog well to the stougt near monthera. it moves up. by saturday night into sunday, a cooler pattern sets up for mother's day.
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but still pleasen for the planner for mother's day. morning fog cool near the coast at noontime. mild around the bay and inland in the afternoon. if you going out for brunch nice weather. accuweather seven-day forecast sunny and warmer for friday. we'll go with the similar pattern saturday. mother's day temperatures drop and the cooler pattern takes us to next week. you can download the app and check out the temperatures any time you want. so dan and kristen looking nice for the moms out there. >> including you too. >> thank you. >> thanks, dan. >> thanks so much. he is snapping up the money. zpit a salary of $1, the founder of snap chat can claim. >> new at 6:00. the coffey at meetings and how important
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein the customers have spoken. united airlines will not be getting rid of tomato juice after all. it was reported the airline was
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canning the beverage from offerings to extreme line on flights under four hours. creating an uproar online and united clearly listened. the company took to twitter making the announcement after one user said tomato juice tastes better in the air. we know it's not disappearing from the united drink cart. today democratic members of the house intelligence committee released thousands of facebook ads it says were paid for by russian attempting to interfere with the election. their report outlines when the ads gain are began when they andreaeneded and how effective they were process. the most ads ran in may. 2016 and april of 2017. the report tracked advertisesments starting in the summer of 2015. one of the most popular ads was one called back the badge. generating 73,000 clicks. the highest paid executive of a publicly traded company in the u.s. works for a tech company perhaps one you might
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not expect. bloomberg reports nap cofounder and ceo evan spiegel made $$505 million ahead of other tech ceos. snap is the company behind the popular app snapchat. speakle's salary is a dollar but he got a payout when the company went public. his compensation it more than double the ceo of google who raked in $144 million. >> good work if you can get it. >> right. >> the. the rock band nine inch nails announces return to the bay area. >> you might want to look at how they are
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that violent crime went up 18% in san francisco. in la, mayor antonio villaraigosa put more police on the streets and cut violent crime in half. california's police chiefs trust antonio for governor.
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i'm ama daetz coming up on news at 6:00. they took the appliances. tonight only on abc 7 you'll see what was left after airbnb guests ransacked an east bay home. also the concern that a prominent bay area opioid
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treatment clinic could face the axe. one doctor says it couldn't come at a worse time. and a "7 on your side" warning about buying concert tickets from established third party outlets. you might be told they're no good. all that plus myrhh more in of a our on abc 7 news at cycler dan wab kristen. see you then. talking about concerts. . the rock band nine inch nails is going on tour and the san francisco is the stop. >> you have to get the ticket the old fashiond which. the band posted this wheat announcing the date. >> you have to go to the box office in person. now the band says this is one way to cut down on resellers and realizes the process will suck they say but in a different way. but. >> you pay me 20 bucks i'll stand in line and buy your ticket. >> wormed news tonight with david muir up next. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of tonight, the dramatic homecoming. the return in the middle of the night. three americans held prisoner in
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north korea, arriving home. the president and first lady waiting. and tonight, the president has now revealed when and where he will meet face-to-face with kim jong-un. and what the president tells our jon karl about what kim jong-un really wants. the other major hot spot we're watching tonight comes after the president tears up the iran nuclear deal. israeli war planes now striking iranian military targets in syria, after what israel says was an iranian rocket attack. the severe weather hitting the east at this hour. the threat right now. two confirmed tornadoes already. and now the storms from the carolinas up through d.c. and new york. the new concern tonight about the potential for a massive eruption. why authorities are now watching


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