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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 2, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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parents get a letter from their son telling them -- >> how much he appreciates the sacrifices his parents went through. >> but see how he surprised them with something else they never thought was possible. >> oh. >> he broke dad. a young lion's run off with his prey but now -- >> somebody else is getting involved. >> what happens when mr. buffalo storms in to show him who's boss. >> whoa! plus, a prankster who's not stealing from carts. >> he's doing quite the opposite. >> see how long before unsuspecting shoppers finally wise up. >> sorry, ma'am. it is remarkable how bad some people can be at their jobs. even cops. [ laughter ] all right. so right from the beginning of this video, two officers here in ukraine are in pursuit of that
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silver car. they stuff it right into the middle of that planter there and then it gets worse because now that pursuit suspect basically taunts them. and goes round and round as mr. keystone cop tries to pursue on foot. >> like three stooges. it's real? >> it is real and it's so bad and gets worse, might i add, because the car instead of seizing this moment, seizing this opportunity where the officers are now stuck, to take off, the driver doesn't. the driver continues to go around. now, here's where it devolves even further. >> oh! >> blew the tire out. >> with all of these people nearby standing around, this officer, yes, tries to shoot the tire. no word on whether he succeeded or not. >> shoot himself in the foot. >> round we go again. here comes the officer. with those people standing on
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the side of the car. they can't even flinch. one of the officers gets the car going and rams into the back. so now we smashed the front of the car, the back of the car, and discharged a weapon twice in a city center. finally the driver's like, okay, peace, i'm out, leaving one of the officers behind to fend for himself. >> you can't leave your boy at the scene of the crime. >> the car takes off down the street. however, there is another video. here's the culmination of this pursuit. one of the officers does have the 2017 female driver on the ground. now placing her in cuffs and there is some speculation that she may have been intoxicated. ♪ this family here is getting ready to take a photo. they're handed over an envelope. the woman tells them, you need to read this. so then he starts reading the letter and the letter's actually from their son, hans, tells them
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how much he appreciates the sacrifices his parents went through to keep the family above, even when they were facing financial crisis. now, if you notice something in the box -- >> yeah. >> -- that's actually hans holding a sign that says they have no idea i'm graduating. and he's wearing a cap and gown. he tells them, the death of your son, my brother, was very difficult for me and the look on your face was truly unbearable. it was an empty stare i will never forget. hans' older brother died. we don't know the causes. >> oh, man. mom's barely holding it together here. >> the second time i saw that blank look was when you found out i was suspended from the university. i told myself from that moment, i would never do anything to ever disappoint you all again. with hans standing just feet behind them, they opened that second envelope that turns out to be tickets to his graduation. >> oh. >> he broke dad. >> immediately dad just breaks
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down in tears. mom also breaks down in tears. the sister is there and she's also crying. they're asked to turn around. >> oh. >> how did he pull off a secret graduation? >> he said he took basically a full-time job while he went to school full time so he kind of kept it all under wraps. >> parents just want better for us than what they had. so now to see his son here in the cap and gown, all of his sacrifices make sense. >> yeah. such a beautiful moment that i'm sure the parents will appreciate for the rest of their lives. we all know about that circle of life. one animal eats another one then another one. well, this video displays it in ways you don't really expect. check this out. this is in krueger national park. see that? >> oh. >> what was that? like an iguana or something. >> it is a monitor lizard in the mouth of a young male lion and
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people capturing the video came alongside and saw the lions laying down taking a nap. there's this watering hole because one of them found that, here comes the male buffalo and he charges. boom. hits it. >> whoa! >> well, this is a teachable moment because don't you think that lion will remember that maybe i shouldn't mess with these buffalo and try to get them? in this case, you can see it in slow motion, watch. >> landed on his feet, though. typical cat. >> he limped away, not good for a young lion. >> according to the people who filmed this, they said afterwards there were three male buffaloes in the area and they kept charging at the lions to get them away fr the watering hole. theyelike, yno whatou ain't wanted around here. now this lizard -- >> holy cow! look at the size of that. >> that is a big daddy. look at this. >> that strut, like, uh, i'm out here, what you want to do? nobody want to do that with you, go ahead, dog. >> say play through --
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>> you get a free -- is that a hazard? >> uncle smitty 19 who posted it on his instagram channel, this was on a golf course in south carolina. some people say is that the same gator that was at a golf course not too long ago? nope, they're two hours a bapar. not the same gator. >> makes me wonder why they build water hazards in florida, georgia, out on golf courses. just use sand. if i say the word, forthnight, you say that's 40 years, it's the biggest thing right now. we're with the ripka twins and they're going be the fortnight dance challenge. dancers you can unlock or purchase into a hat. they're going to pull them out. they're each going to try it and people on the youtube channel will vote for who wins. >> extras you can buy for your
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kasht character in the game. >> reminds me of, for the older ones in the crowd, you got a cell phone and used to pay a buck or two extra just for a ring tone. >> yeah. >> i knew it. anyway, first one they pull out is the hardest of them all. the breaking one. >> oh, no. >> oh, gosh, this is going to be tragic. >> so that's what they're going to have to do. they get price close because these guys are actually pretty good at dancing. they each take turns grant eed spinning on one hand for poofiv seconds is not something many people can do. the next one they pick is what many people consider to be the easiest. >> oh, goodness, this dance will not go away. >> try it. >> i can't. i have tried u i gos possle you to do it. >> come on, dad. come over here. >> hey. woo-hoo! >> see, this is the thing now
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that's happening in playgrounds across america. the kids are all koidoing all t fortdan fortnight dances. >> you might know the other one. >> can you do the groove jam? >> all going to make a fool -- boom, boom, i feel like i'm in old school. >> how about this one? you will like this one. the robot. >> old-school robot. >> there it is. >> hey, hey. >> now, those are moves. >> yeah. you're the winner. what a great big it you've got the guts to go up to some of these cliffs. how this team spent months exploring the best of hawaii. plus, kayden and cash are in a little food coma. >> chicken nuggets. >> and the struggle is real. >> oh, wow. >> what happens when mom wakes them from their snacktime slumber. >> nugg life is real.
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closed captioning provided by -- new icy hot® lidocaine no mess. desensitize aggravated nerves with max strength lidocaine. icy hot®. hawaii getting a lot of media attention lately for volcanic reasons, but our friends over at team supertramp giving hawaii a cooler treatment. h they spent eight months capturing all of the different beautiful cliff diving spots that the hawaiian islands have to offer. >> poor them, eight months in hawaii, that sounds awful. >> so many different spots. so many different exit points. all of it, though, just stunning.
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especially if you've got the guts to go up to some of these cliffs as high as 80 feet. >> as long as you got the clearance at the bottom, you're good. >> super simple. sup super easy. i don't know. have you guys ever done cliff jumping? >> no. >> on vacation. >> yeah, and i was scared. >> yeah, i know. >> you know, you think that it doesn't look very scary. oh, it's just water at the bottom. yeah, you get to that edge, there's something in your human brain that says, why are you jumping? >> it goes, uh, are we sure about this? >> so many of these people, though, seem to be absolutely fearless pulling off cool midair stunts as well. >> that's it. the show's moving to hawaii. >> we could easily do this show in hawaii. the internet is in hawaii, people. >> right? >> just saying. >> yeah. >> some of these dives take place on the coastline. place i secluded watering holes. some in the middle of the jungle. it you get thirsty, just cut down a coconut and have a little
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fresh coconut water. hire us? all right. you guys ready? >> ready. >> i'm not sure you are. hold on. first video's from china. >> i never see one so quick. you see in the slow mo, that it actually knocks the shoe off. >> she's also only wearing red. how did the driver miss here? >> now, there are reports saying they think that the driver was asleep. but they don't know that because the driver kept going. at the last millisecond, you'll si see as the car goes to the right before making direct contact with the pedestrian. >> yeah, the car kept going but the pedestrian was okay. one of those close calls. speaking of this, though, macau, pedestrian crossing. >> gosh. >> that poor little guy. >> back it up first and give you the story to what's going on. this woman here in black, that's
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mom who's off her head, hasn't noticed she left the boy behind. de css a knos runs tothe ca noe that kid, sends him flying and this is where mom comes up and to check on the child gives him a bit of a slap. >> that's an old-school mom, you wouldn't have been hit by the car if you kept up. >> the internet is joining in on this discussion. i'm like, hey, mrs. inattention mom, check your child is with you before crossing the street. it's not your child's fault. the child apparently wasn't too badly hurt, didn't have to go to hospital or anything like that. a lot of people agree the driver of the car to blame for the situation for driving through the pedestrian crossing. most people talking about the slap. >> what hurt him the most, the slap or the hit? >> the thing. kayden is a little homie, always giving out advice. i imagine that can be very tiring. because he's sleepy. >> aw, he got nuggeted. >> and the struggle is real. >> oh, wow.
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>> come on. in a nugget coma? >> yes. >> being a boy guru is a lot of energy expelled, so, yeah, he needs his rest. >> and his brother, cash, is his new little sidekick. >> kayden, cash. >> nugg life is real. [ laughter ] >> i can imagine there's never a dull moment in the bennett ♪ousehold. imagine if this was your climb to work. >> really glad i'm not a palm tree trimmer right now. >> see the moment that will make you even more glad. and medics dig for a solution to stop migraines. >> and just start pulling something out of her ear.
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this die you see here in this video is working very hard to fell this tree. >> looks like he's climbing it. >> as he's climbing up, you think he's shaving off the leaves of this palm tree. but, no. >> oh! >> oh, brother. >> uh-huh. uh-huh. he fell that tree all right. >> wow. >> yeah. >> that's not how you do it. >> these guys had been out there for two days cleaning up those trees, shaving off the extra leaves and apparently, this was the last tree and so when this guy went up there, he was just thinking this is going to be easy, quick and it turns out he didn't know that while he was working his way up to the top, the bottom had rotted out. >> yeah. >> when the tree just starts leaning, unfortunately, straight toward that house.
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>> yeah. >> hoeaiheet against it. >> whoa. >> oh, man, this slow mo really tells the story. >> right? >> gosh, he got super lucky. >> that pushed him off the palm tree that was falling on to the house and it left him dangling but not crushed. there are no reports of injuries. he was freaked out and so was everyone around him. you see someone else coming over to help him get right back up and then we get a look at how bad the situation is. but, yeah, that roof is going to need a little repair. >> could have been worse. >> nobody -- nobody was seriously injured that we know of. >> krikey. >> i'm really glad i'm not a palm tree trimmer right now. ♪ you know, there are many different treatments for a migraine, but one woman was having a migraine and she decided, you know what, i got to get treatment, but instead of going to her local medical center, she went to the fire
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department which was just fine because they figured it out. >> yeah. that was in her ear, but not just that because that's just a part of something. something bigger. >> a part of the problem. >> firefighters had some fore seps and got her laying down because they can go into her ear. they think something's in there. they find a little something but it was -- >> oh! >> was it a roach? >> the size of that thing in your ear. >> that first piece, like a wing of some sort. >> yes, that was a cockroach. that cockroach was not alive when they pulled it out. >> no blood getting to my hand right now, bailey. >> oh, sorry. >> i hope they still sent her to the doctor. tigt out. >> maybe it's that joke. jack vale's helping people out with their shopping. >> just sneaking groceries while they're not looking.
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>> see what he can load up before it's time to check out. >>
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why does celery sherbet not work? >> it does. it's right there. ever have random supermarket chats with strangers? >> yes. >> next time you do, check behind you because it might be jack vale. he goes up to people, as they're distracted, jack vale is not stealing anything, he's doing the opposite. becoming a putpocket. or a putbasket. people suddenly sense that he's there. >> excuse me. i'm sorry. >> sorry about that. >> that was an impressive save. >> sometimes he does chicken out.
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uncle john goes, look at the wine. size matters not when it comes to doing this. pot of paint. he's waiting. that opportunity to maybe get that second one in there. uncle john working as a blocker. another paint goes in then a very confused woman. >> is this my cart? >> i don't remember this paint. >> this yours? >> see, this is all funny and stuff but see how well it works for a simple prank? if you turn your back and your purse is in your cart there, got to watch it. >> for real. that lady's been distracted. starts off. bang, bang, bang, more, more, more. the whole time she's kiss tract distracted. he loads it up. uncle jaundiohn kisdistract her. while helping her out, they're putting other stuff back in. >> no. >> you got to appreciate the effort for this one. uncle john gets into -- jack --
3:28 pm
trying to get a huge water into her cart skbr that was cool. she was game for it and didn't freak out. >> does eventually manage to get water onto one cart. this fellow here distracted. jack slowly moving his trolley up, starts putting home decorative stuff in there then finally uncle john gets in the water and they just leg it. >> that's it. that's all. we'll see you on the next "right this minute." weaving your own shoes...rgy by out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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