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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 3, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> ryan hunter-reay the winner. his strategist said i'll show you the lap times later. that might have been your best drive ever. hard to argue with the performance that ryan hunter-reay put on today. just knocking out fast lap after fast lap after fast lap. putting enough pressure on alexander rossi to come away with the win. >> as you mention those laps, they were qualifying laps. his fastest lap was almost a second quicker than the next person on the day. >>he are the championship andings. before the indy 500 and now after the second of the detroit double header races. what a big two weeks it was with
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the double points at indy for the 500. dixon helping himself greatly. sebastian sliding a good bit back. josef newgarden from the lead to 39 points down in fifth. >> he's got a lot of work to do after this weekend. >> if i was a young driver starting in indy car, i would watch hunter-reay's performance every night before i went to bed. that was quite impressive. >> that's how it's done. >> 17th career win. 8th win on street circuit. >> alexander rossi just got out of his car. obviously a very frustrating day for alex. alex, let's talk about the last few laps. >> i don't have an answer for you. i need to talk to these guys. we don't understand. i don't have anything to say. >> once again, very frustrated
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as you can imagine. >> trying to figure out what happened that left him in a disappointing 12th position. look at the scott fountain and victory circle. will be a happy sight for ryan hunter-reay. tireless worker in support of raising money for cancer research after losing his mom to cancer. second on saturday and a winner on >> doesn't even look like he worked that hard, does it? [ cheers and applause ] >> yes! whoo! >> first stop for ryan hunter-reay to give
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congratulations to the crew, to michael andretti, team owner. no question this was a team effort today. sometimes you win a race with strategy. sometimes with pace. today you did it with both. your engineer said he thinks this might be your best drive ever. what do you think? >> you know, after i took that second set of blacks, primaries, the firestone, i started to get in sync with the car. then as i got in the rhythm the car was doing everything i needed it to do. when we started the last stint, rossi was more than a straightaway ahead of us. i couldn't see him. i put my head down. the thing was flying. so happy for the team. i wish my wife and boys were with me. they're the best. this has been a long time coming. that was going to be a heck of a fight in the end.
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we're here in victory lane. this car deserves to be where it is. it was a heck of a car, heck of a strategy. i drove my rear end off. >> what was the mindset? when you closed in on alexander, he was a teammate, you saw that first puff of smoke. rou are you going to wait and see? >> i was strong out of turn two and he wasn't. i was going to try inside out site. i saw a puff of smoke once. once you see the monkey in the tree, you have to keep shaking it. it fell out. he's been so strong. this weekend was tough on the brakes. i locked up a few times and almost went in like he did. he's done a fantastic job this season. we're going for the championship. this goes to show we're here to
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stay. alex now moves up to fourth in the championship. his first win since pocono in 2015. >> thanks, rick. wound up in front of the most impressive drives. "world news" or your local news is next. thanks to this wonderful crew. for a long run covering the indy cup series. treasure them all. we end with ryan hunter-reay's amazing performance. thanks for watching.
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with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides, for effortless comfort. don't miss the final days of our semi-annual sale! save up to $700 on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends sunday. something that bees are sensitive to. and he is showing that if you're just chill, they'll leave you alone. in fact, he scoops up a bunch more bees in his hand. >> dang. i'm scared. what if he's wrong? >> they're friendly.
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we are friends. they can feel me and i'm relaxed because they don't see me -- >> there you go, we have learned the science of how to not get stung by bees. >> that's it? >> so what -- wait. there's a second -- >> there's a second video. >> ian put it-an put them -- >> oh! >> ahh! >> in his mouth? >> ahh. >> this is. wh what happens when you're in the middle of your video teaching people to not get stung by bees and get stung by a bee on your nose. you can hear him. i don't know if he got stung in his nose or on his nose. he's showing everybody what you have to do, this happens. >> you know that was a bee slap, come here, stupid. >> now he's afraid, so now he's putting out those -- >> get em, boys. >> is there a videoit his face all swollen? >> let's no sign of that.
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let's hope he's okay. these adrenaline addicts are looking to send it. >> way, way, way, way up high. >> see their incredible journey to the top. >> oh, my god. and couples test their dna to see if the results change their mind about each other. >> i'm actually, like, really surprised he would say that. >> why dna can be a dicey proposition. >> everybody got a play cousin but your play cousin can't be your man.
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closed captioning provided by -- new icy hot® lidocaine no mess. desensitize aggravated nerves with max strength lidocaine. icy hot®. the "rtm" videos app, now you can watch videos while you wait. cure for boredom. download it now. i got to say, fellows who run the adrenaline addiction youtube channel do some pretty
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cool stuff. they're crazy, but it's cool. this time around, they're in thailand. of course, they're playing tourists but that's not the reason that they went to thailand. they went because thooey're goi to do a base jump way up high. so the next morning they head out. >> we're going to try to walk up and around the backside of this cliff. >> a long trek ahead of them. >> we made it to the first openi opening. we have to go all the way up to there, pretty gnarly. no ropes. >> yeah, that. >> eke. >> is pretty brutal. >> finally make it to the top. >> first he takes in the view. >> one of the best views i've seen. charles is jealous because i get to jump down and he has to hike all the way down. >> at that point, i'm like, you know what, teach me how to base jump right now. >> told him to meet him in a few hours. >> i don't know if it's even doable. i can't see over the edge. like, all the way across this cliff face and there's, like, no good spot to launch from. >> guess i'm going to have to hike back down. >> uh, no. >> this one is decent, but there
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is a tree, like, 30 feet down and then 90 feet down, there's a ledge with a bunch of trees on it. >> optics are a little intense, but that hasn't stopped them before, so over the edge he goes. oh. >> that's incredible. >> oh, okay. so he pulled his chute and now he's gliding away from the mountain. that's good. >> that has to be such a good feeling that you're alive. it feels s good to base jump a parachute down, that moment you're like, cool, i'm not going to die. >> yeah, woo! >> he made it down. one of the locals is like, dude, okay, i guess you just flew in from nowhere. cool. he lived to see another day. i'm sure we'll see another video soon. >> got the farmer's approval on that one. it can often be a struggle to get jeans that fit really well. >> yes, we know. >> what about these genes? g-e-n-e-s? >> my name is haley. >> i'm bobby.
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we've been dating for about seven months. >> seven months. >> hi, i'm smara. >> i'm gabriel. >> we've been together for two years. >> we have two couples. they took a dna test and are getting the results back to see if their dna is a match. >> dude, that's -- no, that's dangerous. because now you're going to have excuses to break up. >> that's kind of the interesting bit about this soul pancake video. the first results, biocomb biocompatibility. >> we're, like, 67% compatible overall. biocompatibility is 80%. >> so our kids will be superhumans, right? >> basically. >> you see, interesting they bring that up. i remember when i was having kids, my blood type and my wife's blood type meant my son was essentially allergic to her. she had to have an injection to deal with that so it didn't reject the baby. very interesting. >> is what? >> our neurocompatibility is 86%. i'll take that. >> eerokay, yeah, me, too. >> good numbers.
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what's that mean now? >> as a couple one of you carries the explore version while the other person does not. this is the 100% ideal match. we're getting somewhere. >> in certain relationships it works when you're the same person moving in the same direction and other relationships work when you're kind of the opposite and balance each other out. i don't think there's a negative to any of this. >> this is all very interesting. i wonder the more we all start participating in these dna tests, is this all going to become part of our, like, dating profiles now? >> yeah, mine is going to come back as mexican. >> now, these couples have their results, does it change their outlook on each other? >> i honestly really wouldn't take any of this and, like, change our relationship because of it. >> for our newer couple, it doesn't seem to bother them, either. love conquers all. doesn't matter what the test results say. >> good for you. nice and optimistic. you just wait ten years. >> let's wait for the follow-up video. about three months.
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>> hey. a wakeboarder's cutting through the lake. >> he's going to end up a an epic smooth landing. >> what happens when he finally gets some big air? >> oh, man. >> i don't know if i classify that as a sail. plus, dad is trying everything in the book to be baby's first word. >> dada. bahh. >> cool. this should work out great, right? >> see why the lesson clearly doesn't stick. >> daddy. or suffer excess mucus? left untreated mucus can build up causing further problems. treat mucus buildup early with #1 doctor recommended mucinex 12 hour. the bi-layer tablet immediately releases to thin and loosen excess mucus and lasts for 12 hours. learn more at treat excess mucus with mucinex 12 hour and enjoy living well. do you really think i woke up like this?
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flourished by falling again. >> we're going to call that a trick. >> okay. we're going to go with a flourish on that one. let's see if you agree with that on the second video. how much of a flourish is this one? yes. a full fail. in this case, a face full of water. you know i'm not a big fan of trailers. i'm definitely a fan of this one. this looks like a good idea. >> oh. >> oh, man. >> so fun until it wasn't. >> no. not even from the beginning did it look like fun. did you see how crazy that downhill was? >> it did look like fun. i mean, you're freestyling, no control. you know, you're just going down the hill on some wheels and you think it's going to be good. >> i love this because nick and i are just watching the video. like, you idiot. not quite sure what was supposed to happen, but what did happen
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was failed gold. baby's first word is a big deal and moms and dads are trying to get baby to say their name first. this dad in the video is reading the kid, your baby's first word will be ka drdada. >> nice. >> by jimmy fallon. . >> yeah. >> dad says dada. makes the noise. that's the animal on the next page represents. >> dada. peep, peep, peep, peep. >> mama. [ laughter ] >> all that work. >> the little one says mama. >> you can always rely on kids to do the exact opposite of what you need them to do. >> mama. dude plants a pair of panties to prank his lady.
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>> hopefully she thinks i've cheated on her with another girl. >> see the drama unfold when she discovers his dirty little secret. >> are you serious? >> just chill out. >> he should ask her to apologize.
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>> if you want to see the whole thing, go to and click on tv show or check it out on our mobile app. he has a great surprise for his girlfriend. i do mean great but not necessarily for her. >> i'm going to go to the shops and buy some lingerie that she has never seen before then i'm going to basically place them in my bed and hopefully she thinks
3:28 pm
that i had cheated on her with another girl. >> hopefully my girlfriend thinks i cheated on her. >> uh-huh. >> hopefully she don't punch you in the face. >> hold on. that would make a great video. >> so they settle in the comfy bed. you can see the panties peeking out from right under the pillow. and then here's the moment she finally spots them. >> whose are these? >> they're yours. >> no. >> immediately, oh, they're yours, they're yours. you left them here. >> they're yours. >> eww. whose are they? >> they're yours. >> they are not mine. >> immediately gets defensive. starts gas lighting the heck out of her. >> who's been in your bed? >> no one. chill. they're no one's. >> she's like, wait, hold on. >> you're acting weird. just tell me. >> yes, h e is acting weird. >> you always want to correreat argument, don't you?
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>> of course he immediately turns it around on her. >> do they take you all into a class and teach you this? this is, like, perfect. >> textbook. >> so they do teach you. got it. >> i'll see you later then. >> are you [ bleep ] serious, babe? >> she starts getting up. she's out of there. >> hey. they're yours. >> just leave. leave, girl. leave. >> yes. grab your stuff. get out the door. >> [ bleep ]. >> and this is the moment where he finally decides it's time to reveal this is just a prank. >> they're not. >> they match your hair and t-shirt. >> oh, thank you. such a sweet -- >> i have the best boyfriend. >> that's our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time on an all new "rtm." don't forget to check out
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welcome to "world news tonight." the new claim from the president's legal team. could the president pardon himself? his attorney says he probably does have that power, but it could trigger an impeachment. so, would he do it? plus, why the president's lawyers think he can't be forced to testify. killer on the loose. the race to find a suspect in three murders, including a famous forensic psychiatrist linked to the jonbenet ramsey case. and tonight, a fourth murder under investigation. out of control. western wildfires forcing hundreds from their homes, while severe storms hammer the heartland. skipping chemo. a promising development for tens of thousands of women with breast cancer. they may do better without chemotherapy. dr. jen ashton standing by.


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