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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 8, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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♪ a performance with a powerful anthem. she wanted to make the song upbeat. ♪ >> how the fight of her life let her sing from the heart. >> she is amazing. >> a biker shoots the breeze. >> lying down this winding way. >> the moment he goes from flying to rolling. cow. look what's right next to the fence. >> the brave guy that tries to get baby back to mom.
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>> we are breaking down the best on the web. a prankster eves dropper. >> we weren't talking to you but okay. this is kathy vaughn singing i didn't do it on my own. >> wow. that voice. >> this is her original piece. she didn't buy her first guitar until 28 she didn't even write her first song until 32. >> you would think she grew up singing and playing music. >> she is singing about the support she was getting from everybody around her.
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it becomes clearer when i sew you this live video from 2016. >> today we are going get rid of this. i was diagnosed and i had had hd double >> it has been release add few days ago. the release has come along with this lyric video. >> she wanted to make the song up beet. >> it is amazing how she created a masterpiece. >> i hope that we can look forward to many many more songs and albums from kathy
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>> some times you get what you get. this dude is about to get it. >> lying down this winding way. king his way around that turn. >> excuse me. pardon me. >> he comes up on the side of this. he is like okay. bye. at some point they say she going about 106 miles per hour. on a road like this you have to be so careful. >> that's all it takes. oh no. is he still going? >> topple, topple, topple, topple. >> what was longer the ride to fall? >> the bike finally stops and so does he. >>. >> dude, you're so lucky to be walking. people died doing this exact thing. >> we have a parked car. >> someone is like asleep>>ea
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thatan is asleep and he spotted him. a tap on the window. finally he comes to and immediately starts driving right into that sign. >> you have to open the door and turn off that car, man, take the keys. >> what? >> he keeps going. is he sleep driving? >> what? >> i'm so glad that happened considering. >> when he saw the dude he wasn't sure if he was alive. he wan today make sure he couldn't be held accountable for anything. >> if somebody described it to you you wouldn't believe it unless you saw the
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he decide today get out of his car and some of them were getting in the weather. he said he doesn't know that much about cows but he says right there, that cow kind of scratch the ground with her hoof look what's right next to the fence. she had a baby. >> through an electric fence? >> it seemed like the baby must have slipped through there. the cow was most likely born that way. it had been out in the sun and it needed a nurse because it had been dehydrated. >> you don't want to get involved with animals and wildlife. this situation was created >> he is right there sliding the baby through. the calf was trying to -- >> using a stick. yeah. he t prote himself. they did get a couple of shocks.
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baby gets through. >> look at will flo. he starts snuffing the baby. he contacted the farmer and his wife. they didn't know she had calved. when they invited him to go see flo and the baby as they tagged its ear he gets out there and the baby is like hey, i remember you. that is stinking >> they say nothing good happens at night. i lied. if something amazing can happen especially if you're into
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surfing. he has light he could hold in it. >> it is working all right. >> that's a great great great gt >> it time. >>. >> coming good morning. >> he looks pretty
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>> they found an old abandoned jet ski they are going to basically he said he solved the problem. the simple message that will blow you away. and someone screwed up. >> he got a screw in his fixer. >> what happens when it's time to execute a little lefty loosey. bottom line is, moms love that land o' frost premium sliced meats have no by-products. [conference phone] baloney! [conference phone] has joined the call. hey baloney here. i thought this was a no by-products call?
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gold bond. some times you have a bad day. you say boy, this day was screwed up like this >> this gentleman was doing some work. he will cringe. >> unscrew it. >> he puts the drill in reverse mode. he makes sure you uncrew it the right way first. >> just yank it out, right? you to screw it out. >> he is not giving up. >> righty tighty, lefty loosey. >> he is not going to give up.
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>> does he show the aftermath? >> yeah. he does. >> that is the bravest, most courageous man where ever he is. >> how far would you go for a perfect picture he drove 5,000 miles to get one. >> you see him >> i accidentally followed him to this area. here for a little bit. >> now you're in front of these fools. >> he keeps doing it this is an amazing video. >> yeah. >> it seems very simple. do not under estimate the difficulty of planning this,
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lining it up perfectly, being the same distance. suddenly he is in the grand canyon. >> come on. >> somewhere in tennessee he is very frustrated. maybe this will where are we now? washington d.c. >> okay. >> so >> he went from portland to portland. >> yes. he went from portland, oregon to portland, maine. >> that is the perfect
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when you catch something legit. >> hey. >> you shouldn't expect anything less. >> oh, right. it is not some guy doing it in the backyard. he is a world champion. >> did you see that? the guy is obviously good. >> he is a champ. he is like why aren't the judges here? he is like why aren't the judges here? >> you be the
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w it a solution? create a bigger one. >> we create add viral video. >> he said he solved the problem. his daughter captured all of it. why don't you -- it gets everything done. if there is glass in here it goes crashing. >> what i'm >> >>. still so come -- >> he is giving these officers a fun for their money. >> some m go he is in a race to save it. >> the swift attempt to keep it above the surface. belong to you.t doesn'y so if you have heart failure,
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>> the kind of video that shows with a slowly descending camera. desperate people focused on it. you know what's happening here, a drone has lost contact. that is in a race to save it. he has to stop >> yeah. >> you know by any necessary he wants you. >> it is one hand t dro lik the are wching ousands of dlarsz heading for on live yan.
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>> a camera pointing in the perfect direction. i love it. >> the next involves people waiting for the waves to come in. keep an eye on this fellow with a cam corder in his hand. all you could see is his hand and camera. maintaining the integrity of electronics. >> he is giving officers a run for their
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>> this happens to be in australia. we get the goat running on this dash cam. apparently it was chased for 20 minutes. no one could catch up to him as he was weaving through traffic. they did catch him and we did find out it would have a forever ho home now. >> lebron will need a forever home too. over to thailand, one of them runs over and runs away, dropping and ruining one of them. >> he is like the owner isn't
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even right >> how things get interesting when he
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>> it is 30 bucks. >> yeah. >> that's
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>> it's called being a journalist. #blackgirlmagic. >> he is taking notes on stranger conversations. >> he won't taub lk to you or h will? we weren't talk to go you but okay. >> could you speak la little louder? what did you >> are you going to talk about anything interesting?
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>> that giep doesn>> i need onem good. >> you satd product knowledge? >> yes. >> this is great. >> i love >> he feels like i'm trying to be >> the woman she was sitting but, she left. >> head to our web site, it's all there. >> tonight the stunning death
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of anthony bourdain. the celebrity chef, writer and tv star taking his own life in france. one friend saying he had been in a dark mood recently. tonight the tributes pouring in. president trump arriving late to the g-7 and planning to leave early. the president posing for pictures right next to the allies he bashed hours earlier. now he says he's focused meeting. the woman missing in florida. search teams on the scene tonight. this beating caught on camera. facing m


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