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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 8, 2018 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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a long, injury-filled season ends in style for the golden state warriors with another larry o'brien championship trophy. completing sweep of the cavs in cleveland. steph with 11 points last game had 12 in lebron james revealed he had broken left hand in frustration after cavs lost game one. dubs by nine at break.
11:36 pm
warriors start to pull away. steph would finish with seven threes, 37 points. but kevin durant had triple-double, mvp second year in a row. mindi bach in cleveland with reaction. >> reporter: not only won back-to-back titles first time in franchise history, sixth championship overall. only the boston celtics and los angeles lakers have more. >> being in this position, winning three out of four years with the group i get to do it with every single day, no better feeling. call it run through the tape to get to the finish line. great night. >> grateful to get this opportunity. feels good to be part of group like this. to win two championships, that's what you want as nba player. >> hardest nba season i think i've ever had. >> why?
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>> there's so much wear and tear, emotionally, physically, it's just a grind. and here we are, we made it. >> oh, snap. 80. klay just googled himself rgs it say three-time champion already, that's dope. >> abc7 sports. >> that's hilarious. and giants beat washington and a's defeated k.c. how about this for steve kerr, five-time champion as player for bulls and spurs, three times with the warriors and rolling. could be good for a long, long time. >> and interesting after the parade, celebrate now, and we've all been talking about decisions that might be made. interesting to see what the team looks like next year. >> changes. core four, steph, klay, k.d. and draymond will be back. back end will look different to get new bodies and new energy to
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be refreshed. this regular season, a lot of nights they just didn't want to play. need new energy in the build and on the roster. lot of people will want to play for golden state warriors. >> maybe lebron. >> could you imagine? >>
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san pellegrino. ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. that's our report. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> what a week it's been. i'm ama daetz. for larry, sandhya, all of us, thanks for joining us. >> we leave you with highlights from the dubs' clean sweep of
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the cavs. world champions again. >> good night everyone. go dubs! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, billy bob thornton, from "tag," hannibal buress, this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from aloe blacc. and now, for the time being, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. hola.
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thanks for coming. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. and for those of you who weren't with us earlier tonight in primetime, shame on those who were not. we had another big night of basketball here at abc, game four between the golden state warriors and cleveland cavaliers. president trump today said he will not invite the winner of the nba finals to the white house. he said if they don't want to be here, i don't want them here. melania was like, hey, really? [ laughter ] the president will, however, welcome the new nhl champion, washington capitals, who won their first-ever stanley cup last night. [ cheers and applause ] congratulations to the washington capitals on their great play and winning the stanley cup. alex ovechkin, the team captain, was spectalar. a true superstar. d.c. is popping in many ways.
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what a time. what a time indeed. alex ovechkin last night became the first russian-born team captain ever to win the stanley cup, which means there will soon be another russian in the white house what a surprise. [ laughter ] usually they have to sneak in. sadly for me the capitals beat the vegas golden knights. i grew up in las vegas, cleto grew up in las vegas, and we were excited. the city really rallied around them. the last time an expansion team, a first-year team in any sport got to a championship, was 1968. 50 years ago.. 50 years ago. and so this is an amazing achievement. i congratulate the knights for at. selfishly i'm worried that washington beating vegas isn omen for my one-on-one basketball next weekend against ted cruz. ug about it. i realized, ts is notn omen, it's motivation for me to avenge la nht's loss. [ cheers and applause ] so one wee from tomorrow, las
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vegas will give the scourge of washington, d.c. the beat-down he deserves. on the very good chance you have idea what i'm talking about, ted cruz, the senator from texas, was unhappy i cpared him to a blobfish. [ laughter ] and the blobfish wasn't too thrills either, wby the way. he challenge med to a one on one-game and i accepted the challenge. next saturday in tas it's on. ted has been doing some trash tweeting. fear not i'm working hard to get ady for jimmy kimmel. should i are creep out ted cruz is hanging photographs of me in his hotel room? he was caught today strolling the halls of the senate by tmz. [ laughter ]et in the senate? for that matter, how did ted cruz get in the senate? anyway, here's what senator cruz had to say. >> -- basketball game with jimmy kimmel starting to get a little more final here. place, what's the latest? a >> it's going to be a wkrom saturday and i'm looking fun.
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>> in high school you played basketball, he played clarinet. how is he possibly going to beat you? >>ell, listen a, i was a mediocre high school player. i rode the bench an awful lot. i don't know how it's going to shake out. my team is terrified that jimmy kimmel's going to dunkn me. >> jimmy: that i wouldn't worry about. [ laughter ] i have a two-inch vertical leap the only drunking i do is charitable thing? what does that work for? >> so the terms of the challenge -- jimmy kimmel was making fun of my rockets for losing. >> jimmy: okay,old on. first of all, i did no suc thing. i know wt you're trying to do here, lyin' ted, trying to turn the fans in houston against me because you say i made fun of the rockets. i did not make fun of the rockets, made fun of you pretending to be a fan of the rockets. and looking like a greasy blobfish while you did it. [ laughter ] but go on. >> was blaming me for their loss. >> jimmy: yeah, that is true, i
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did blame him for their loss, an i still do. if he stayed home, they'd be playing cleveland tonight. >> so i challenged him to one on one. i said the loser has to give into 5,000 to the nonpolitical charity of the winner's choice. i'm hopeful that the day will end with jimmyriting the check and making a difference in some kid easy lives. of us making a difference in ne me kids' lives. i have a feeling it's going to be me. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] so that will happen on sarday, june 16th. we're calling it the blobfish basketball classic. we'll have detai on how to be there in person next week. it will be in houston, texas. meanwhile, president trump is i7 summit where he had the chance today to pose for a photoith all the leaders he's been bashing on twitter this week. justin trudeau, lder of canada, very uncomfortable. trump has been hammering two of our closest allies,anada and
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france. and while doing it kissing up to russia again. the g7 ud to be the g8. they kicked russia out of it afte russia illegally annexed crimea and invaded ukraine, which is stillt's time to forgi sia should be in the should be meeting. why are we having a meeting without russia being in the meeting? and i would recommend and it's up to them, but russia should be themeeting. ithoul be a part of it. you know? whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run. [ laughter ] and in the g7, which used to be g8, they threw russia out. they should russia come back in. because we should have russia at the negotiating table. >> jimmy: wow, isn't that considerate. [ cheers and applause ] nothing to do with the elecons, that's a witch hunt. he wants everyone to get along. russia already has a
11:49 pm
representative at the g7, his name is donald trump. [ laughter ] the president also weighed in today on a controversial subject of whether, as president, he can grant himself a pardon, to which he answered, yeah, man, i would love to. >>'m not alov the law. i never want anybody to be above the la t thearns are a very positive thing for the president. i think you see the way i'm ing them. and have an absolute right to pardon myself. but i'll never have to do it because i didn't do anhing wrong. >> jimmy: right. if i did do anything wrong, i will. he's looking at thoands of people to pardon right now, many of whom haven't even comtted their crimes yet. [ laughter ] that's how committed he is. he likes to give passeds to famous people. he's already floated the idea of a paon for martha stewart. today suggeed that another high-pfile pardon might be in the works. >> there will be more pardons. beautiful.alice yesterday was i thought jk johnn, which
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was recommended by sylvester stallone a some great boxers, i thought jack johnson was a great one. i'm thinking about somebody that you all know very well. and he went through a lot. and heasn't very popular then. >> o.j.? >> and he wasn't very popular -- no, i'm nothinking about o.j. >> jimmy: anyone if he was? oh, hi, guys. how you doing? all the best people. here's a guy trump might have to pardon. his laer, rudy giuliani. rudy's done it again. rudy tried a new tactic this week. instead of saying sething dumb on behalf of the presidt, he said something dumb on behalf of the first lady. he spoke at an event in tel aviv wednesday where he said melania knows reports of trump's affair with stormy daniels are untrue because she believes h husband, and weirdly melania's spokesperson said, hold on a second. is is a quote. she said, "i don't believe mrs. trump has ever discussed her
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thghts on anything with mr. giuliani." at's kind of all you need to know about what's up in that house. [ lauger ] how would rudy giuliani know what melania thinks? you watch him speak for two seconds, pretty clear he dsn't even know what he thinks. trump's press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders. she's been hammered for playing dodgeball with the truth this week. even more so than usual. while it's hard to make excuses for anyone who goes along with all this stuf sarah sanders, not only is she getting beat up in the white house, lately she's been having a tough time in her own house too. ♪ >> mom, can we have ice cream for breakfast? >> your father made his position crystal clear. >> ice cream, ice cream, ice cream! >> i'llet you rely int that you finish my answer. >> did she just call you a colleague? >> i would be happy to answert if you would sto do that.
11:52 pm
>> okay, mama. >> thanks, guys. >> mom, you forgot to feed u >> jimmy: you know, that happens. all right. hey, you know what? kidsre going to get their credentials. we have to take a break. we will test the loyalty of waiors fans up in oakland, "this week in unnecessary censorship" too. ick around, we'll be right back. ♪ oh my life ♪ ♪ is changing every day ♪ ♪ in every possible way ♪ ♪ ♪ i want more ♪ ♪ impossible to ignore ♪ ♪ impossible to ignore ♪
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welme back to the show. billy bob thornton, hannah ball burress, music from aloe blacc is on the way. first uber. you know uber. the guys who deliv cologne t your nose?
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uber's been working on mysterious new product to safeguard their driversgainst one of the pmary hazards of the job. uber applied for aatent for technology that can identify drunk people. i thought uber was the technology to identify drunk people. [ laughter ] bu apparently dvers are tired of dling with unruly customers who have had too much to drink. they argue, they fight, they vomit in the car. so they're working on software n easier way to identify them. look at your watch. if it's after 10:00 p.m., that's a drunk person about to get in your car. but i thought that was interesting. uber is working to get the drunks out of their cars and back behind the wheel where they belong. [ laughter ] today game four of the n finals. e warriors and the cavaliers for four straight years, which is a lot. and of course fans of both teams are very loyal. we decided to put their loyalty to the test. we went to oakland to tk to warriors fans. wesked them if they wouldn't
11:58 pm
mind just to save the camera crew a trip, if they'd put on a jersey supporting the cavaliers. so again, to be clear, we asked warriors fans to pretend to be cavaliers fans battle loyaltycourtesy. and, well, here's how that went. >> big wriors fan? >> big warriors fan! >> from here in the bay hear? >> yes, i am. >> big warriors fan? >> yes, i am. >> what do you love about them? >> everything. i love the rriors, i love all the player i love the titude. wh!we love the warriors! >> go, warriors! whoo! >> you a big warriors fan? >> yes, i am. >> what do you like abt them? >> i love the spirit, the intensity, they're grt. >> go, warriors! >> that's wonderful. on this cavs stuff and s the ut same kind of thing? i don't want to have to go all the way to ohio. >> i don't want to wear that t-shirt. >> i know. can i get you to put this on and say something good about the caves? >> get out of here.
11:59 pm
i ain't going to do that. >> no, no one's going to s this, nobody watches tv anymore. >> get out of re. there's no way i'm going to do that. >> it's fine. if your friends seeit, tell them you're on ambien. >> no, no, i can't do that. >> could i possibly get you to throw on a cleveland shirt and do the same? i have to get both sides. >> okay, sure, what the hell. >> that would be great, tt would be great, thks. i sure appreciate you flipping like this. this is great. >> geez. >> watch your glasses. oh, that's great. oh, terrific. >> okay. >> a cavs hat too. why do you hate t warriors so much? talk about w you hate the warriors. >> they're the worst. they stink. >> how long you been a cleveland fan? >> uh -- many -- many years. >> everything. love about them? go cleveland! >> lebron is tgger than jesus. >> lebron, you're the man, all
12:00 am
your hard work, your dedication, we love you, the city loves you! thank you foall your work! we're number one! >> yeah, that was great. that was great. is loyalty importanto you? >> oh, absolutely. >> watch the cavaliers beat the warriors on abc! >> we're getting in trouble here. >> big cavaliers n? fan. ah, i'm a big cavaliers >> what do you love about them? >> i love -- king james, of course. i love the -- the camaraderie, the team spirit. >> i can't believe you, man. i can't believe you. >> i promised him no one would see this. >> he's straddling the fence, nothing like a bandwagon. all these years you've been a waior fan? >> i'm just ting t help him out. help in the world, are you h kidding me? sit down! now he throws it down. i'm done with you, man. >> ipologize, don't tell
12:01 am
nobody. >> i'm going to tellthang out w doughnut shop. you're done. you need to take that off. [ cheers and applause ] when winslow finds ou he is going to be furious. before we forge ahead, it is friday night which means it's time to bleep and blur the big tv moments of the week whether they nee it or not. it week in unnecessary censorship." >> do you and the president's attorneys believe the president has the power to [ bleep ] himself? [ bleep ]ing himself.n of but he -- doesn't say he can't. >> the president h never said he'd [ bleep ] himself, i don't know where the president would go [leep ] himself. >> but i don't think president should [ bleep ] himself. >> he's a big [ bleep ], big [ bleep ]. tough [ bleep ], tough [ bleep ]. >> i still feel good even with turning my ankle last night, getting a finger jammed into my [ bleep ]. >> i'm ready for my big
12:02 am
[ bleep ]. >> a massive alligator decided take a [ bleep ] on a woman's front doorstep. >> donald trump's very large [ bleep ] was basically on xi's head. >> talk about your grip on your [ bleep ]. you want to show everyone at home how y grip your [ bleep ]? >>ust like this. >> i have been [ bleep ]ing your [ bleep ] r the last hour. >> you'd have a hard time uching your nose with? >> i'm going to say [ bleep ]. >> eado it from here. [ cheers and applause ] >> jmy: tonight on t show, music from aloe blacc. hannah bell bress is here. be right back with billy bob thornton! it's super surday at kohl's!
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>> jimmy: hi there, welcome back to the show. nighfrom a very funny new movie called "tag," hannah ball burress is here. his song, "brookly in the summer," aloe blacc from t mercedes-benz stage. next week we have many new shows. some say too many new shows next we.
12:08 am
bob odenkirk, jon hamm, jamie foxx, kevin costner, samuel l. jackson, dj khaled, and tiffany haddish, with music from future, weezer, ella may, gallant with asap ferg, and g-eazy featuring yo gotti too. boy do i feel white metimes. [ laughter ] anyway. i'll be white all next week, too. our first guest is a great actor and dictor and remains the billy-bobbiest oscar winnein the history of this country. season two of his show "goliath" premieres week from today on amazon. please welcome billy bob thornton. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how are you doing? >> hey! >> jimmy: you know what? you know, i know people are
12:09 am
happy to see you. i didn't expect you to ge a "yow!" >> oh, yeah. >> yes, i have. ur life?made >> jimmy: you . for whom? >> i can't tell you. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it was a arite situat but okay. i e,hiing like a conc you're a big sportsfan, right? >> y, sir. >> jimmy: i know you watch all the st. louis cardinals gas. >> yes. >> jimmy: you're czy about th. do you watch baetball? nba guy? >> you know, i watch the nba, but i'm mainly an ncaa guy. >> jimmy: you like the college basketball games? >> love college basketball. >> jimmy: what's your college basketball team? >> well -- i grew up as a razorback fan. it hasn't beenamazing lately. but we have in the past had some greateams. >> jmy: your dad was a basketball coach, what, a high >> yes, high school basketball coach. if you imagine "hoosiers," only
12:10 am
a lot more poor, that was my life. >> jimmy: unpaidersion of "hoosiers." s that his job? he volunteered? >> that was his job. >> jimmy: did you play for him? >> never did. we liv in a town that was about 10,000 people. he cched at little schools around there. so he was never my coach, thank go >> jimmy: why do you s thank god? >> he was really -- he was kind of like bobby knight, you know. >> jimmy: oh, really. >> i thought bobby knight was a great coach. but he was real hard to play for. but h players loved him. >> jimmy: they did, okay. >> jimmy: well, the players love him, that's good. you feel like may he would have been tougher on you? >> i'm sure he would have been. >> jimmy: right. >> he was tougher on me about everything. so yeah. >> jimmy: did he coach you in any sports at all? >> well, you know, he taught me some stuff. i was a baseball player. so i played basketball. but my main sport was baseball. i was a junk pitcher.
12:11 am
and you know how when you're a kid, a lot of times -- you remember when they put the rope out with the tire on i and you throw through the tire? >> jimmy: right. >> get your control down. well, my dad, whoas pretty crafty, he lai a mattress against a tree in the backyard. and he put the tire on the ground. and leaned it against the mattress. so i would -- to teach me to keep the ball down. jimmy: interesting. >> and i learned to throw my slidercurveball, you know, right into that tire. >> j all sorts -- >> oh, yeah, a lot of stuff. >> jimmy: did you ever throw a knuckleball? >> i couldn't throw a knuckleball. i canhrow one, but it's not great. >> jimmy: it doesn't wobble at all? >> no, it's -- it's not like tim wakefid or somebody. no, it's pretty weak. buddy throw a screwball. >> jimmy: you did, really? a screwball? >> threw a screwball. >> jimmy:hat happened to the screwball? >> well, i don't know. >> jimmy: it just went away. >> it's now called other things. >> jimmy: i see. >> they've got about 30 different kinds of fastballs. >> jimmy: screwball is a good
12:12 am
name. >> i love a screwball. >> jimmy: it's not just a good name for a pitch, it's a good name for like children. >> comedy. >> jimmy: "hey, screwball, get in the house! >> exactly. the thing about the screwball, it's kind of hard to control. so if i was on that day, you couldn't hit it. >> jimmy: right. >> if i wasn't, i would hit people with it. >> jimmy: i see. >> i either stru you out or hit you in e head, one or the other. >> jimmy: well, so is it true that you were the heaviest baby in like the history of your county? >> the world, jimmy. >> jimmy: the story of the world. >> no, i -- >> jimmy: what did you weigh as a baby? >> was in the newspaper as it said the fattest baby in clark county. i still have the picture. when i was 7 months old -- and you have to -- well, you know. you are a father. you know this sweet thing and all that kind of is uh. people that don't have kids
12:13 am
maybe won'tet this. when i was 7 months old i weighed 30 pounds. >> jimmy: wow! wow. >> and that's -- that's a big old baby. and by the time i was 3 or 4, i became a beanpole. >> jimmy: wow. >> i used to eat sticks of butter like candy bars, my mom >> jimmy: why were they letting you in the refrigerator? >> they didn't. >> jimmy: we do have the picture. is thi the one? that was in the newspaper? >> yeah, there you go. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: biggestaby in the county. you're pleasantly plump but not like -- i wouldt thinkike newspaper fat. >> no, that's -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's newspaper fat? >> yeah. >> jimmy: have you everhought about making a sequel to "sling blade"? is that something you've ever seriously considerate? >> i don't kn. i think -- sometimes things are better left alone. i mean, i'm not sure what it
12:14 am
would be. and i think the chance you take with stuff like that is just too great. i mean, it became iconic. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so kind of why mess with i if you did it again -- >> jmy: i'm not saying you, should but i love that movie. and it's like -- ah, you just -- aot of times people will -- i guess they do, they can actually ruin it retroactively in a way. >> yeah. that doesn't live up. sequel >> i think about that sometimes because -- like i don't watch things i do, because i think somehow magically i'moing to change history if i watch it. i'll watch it again and then people won't like it and i won't like it. i'll just leaverying -- shut the lid on everything. >> jimmy: i think that's called some kind of obsessive/xaulsive >> i'm sure of that, right. >> jimmy: this show, goliath, on amazon, this is a great show. this is the second season othe show. they all come out at once on amazon, correct? >> yes. >> jimmy: yes. do you like that?
12:15 am
that they all come out aat once? yeah kind of. iteels like you're making an mi think it' good that people are able to watch it straight through. and i've caught myself doing it a couple of times, you know. you think y're going to watch one episode, and then -- >> jimmy yeah, one of our producers -- >> 3:00 a.m., all of a sudden you're on episode 7. >> jimmy: one of our producers did that with your show last night. he just started watching it and nehing he knew the sun was coming up. you play a lawyer who's an alcoholic, and y shoot in santa monica, in venice,ere in l.a. do the people now -- are you now knn by the locals for -- i me, i imagine you're out on the street quite frequently out there? >> yes. and we shoot down at sheajay, the legendary bar/restaurant down ther >> jimmy: how long's that been around? >> 1959. a lot of people he graced that
12:16 am
place. steve mcqueen. people like that used to hang out there. and, you know, it really- in that area, you see more tourists than you do locals. locals go in sheajay, but the people on the street, like we're filming in the pking lot or whatever, i always see people from nebraska and new jersey everywhere. and it's always fun. because i'm kind of codependant and feel like, you know, these are the people that put shoes on my kids. so i feel like i -- you owe your fans. >> jimmy:ot literally, you're not letting your fans touch your children? >> no, actually -- >> jimmy: you do, that is really codependant. >> but it's -- i just think when they wt to take pictures -- a.d.s, i drive them crazy. >> jimmy: in the middle of the shoot, somebody strolls in, you stop and take the picture? >> yeah. moly it's tourists there. but the harder thing also when we're shooting down on the boardwalk in venice.
12:17 am
because there are a lot of characters on the venice boardwalk that have been there forever. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> i mean, and they know me. and so -- >> jimmy: you might be one of them. [ lahter ] >> well, you know? i definitel have been one of them. >> jimmy: oh, yeah? >> atertain points, yes. but you know -- we've had couple of scenes where i was -- there was one scene in particular where i was on the phone. i'm supposed to be talking pals. and i've got the thing up to my ear re. and i'm walking down the venice boardwk. and the whole crew's there, shooting this scene. a lot of dialogue on the phone. and this guy rid up on a bicycle that i've been seeing out there for 25 years. he man, how's it going? i'm like, yeah, i kind of in scene. yoknow. and i just couldn'telp it. stopped, talked to him, asked how he'd been. the a.d.s are running down there screamg at everybody. i can't lp it. you know, when people are
12:18 am
enthusiastic, i like to encourage them. you know? >> jimmy: that's good. that's nice. [ cheers and applause ] billy bob thornton, he encourages enthusiasm. season 2 of "goliath" premieres a week from today on amazon. we'll be right back! moderator: okay. we are going to talk about cars today. if you were going to design your perfect car, which ree features would you choose? safety with the kids. fuel efficiency. man: affordable price. my dream car would ve l of these things. moderator: what if i told you that there was a car that did have everything? seriously? woman: okay. moderator: this is the chevy cruze. man 2: go chevy! get 20below msrp at's almost $4,700 on this chevy cruze. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. on this chevy cruze. inserting shock absorber... customizing pressure... new schick® hydro sense protects skin from irritation. the shock absorb tecology a.
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hi there. stillcome, music from aloe blacc. our next guest is a very funny actor and comedian with a very funny new movie about a group of adult friends who still play tag. it's called "tag." and it opens week from today. please welme hannibal buress. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> how y doing, man? >> jimmy: i'm doing well. i felt when i shook your hand you moved back as if i was going to kiss you. >> no, it's people yelling. it's really quiet back there, you step out -- >> jimmy: that's backstag this is onstage, that's why. >> they wer lling. but'm relaxed now. >> jimmy: good, you're relacked. everytngll right? >> everything's good. >> jimmy: may i ask you to answer very honestly, iant to ask you a question. when thesaid, we've got a movie about adults playing tag, what was your initial reaction?
12:31 am
>> how much does it pay? [ laughter ] no. i readhe script. the idea is kind of absurd. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> i read the script. it had some funny stuff in it. and there's movs about way more extreme, weird thin. like genocide. >> jimmy: yeah, that's true. there's none of that in this movie. >> no genocide, it's very relaxed. "tag" is "fast and furio" without cars. [ laughter ] thout, oh, this sounds ridiculous. but i have d say this is of the funniest movies i've seen in a long time. it's a very funny movie. was it fun to shoot? >> doing movies is boring. >> jimmy: yeah. it is, yeah. >> it's sup boring. like it' so much free time. it's so much free time. so much free time that one of the oer actors, jake johnson. >> jimmy: yeah, he's funny. >> one time i popped in his
12:32 am
trler, there was some down time. and he was in there building a exercise machine. and i'm like, there's so much time. it's so much free time. you're in here building [ bleep ] for real? you' in here doing stuff that's harder than our aual job. >> jimmy: it is kind of ridiculous, isn't it. >> yeah, he had a screwdriv, instructions. he was focused. and he built it. really beautiful, i think.g >> yeah. jimmy: explain this. because i think younow what i'm talking about. with the tweet that you tweeted. >> well, while i was filming "tag," the "spider-man" preher mere was happening. "spider-man." were in >> i have a small role in "spider-man." thank you. [ cheers and applause ] ha! >> jimmy: they don't want to -- >> it was two powerful scenes. >> jimmy: they saw what happened earlier, they don't want to scare you now at this point. so you were invited to the
12:33 am
hollywood premiere. >> o"spider-man." but i was filming "tag." and i couldn't make it. and so i still wanted to be a part of the premiere so i hired sebody to go for me. >> jimmy: you put this tweetup. and the tweet says, l.a., i com timing for an event tonight, pay $500. >> yeah. >> jimmy: e-mail to >> yeah. [ cheers andlaus] first of all, i want people to know, 500 bucks is good pay for l.a. >>immy:yeah. >> yeah, for an actor in l.a., day of? >> jimmy: to go to premiere? >> yeah, hey. so -- >> jimmy: byhe way, were tre a hnah ball lookalike 1 and 2? >> yeah, i went for the hannah ball look alike, we don't have those available, tre's some weird stuff going on that i don't know about, who the hell
12:34 am
got hannah hannah ball lookalike 1 and 2. >> jim: how many e-mails cutting? >> ndreds. some from white people wasting my time. from portland, you're not even in los angeles, you're portland, you're white, you send aicture to be my look-ike, you're waste ambigus time. >> jimmy: you did find a guy? >> i found a guy. i worked with him before o a thing i shotor mtv movie awards. oh, he' not crazy. >> yeah, i knew he wasn't crazy and he would be somewhat professional. >> jimmy: so he goes to the premiere. >> jimmy: as you. >> i sent him the edentials. i e-mailed him. i tell him who to ask for wn he gets there. and they let him [ lauhter ] they let him on. >> jimmy: and how far -- now, what did you instruct? did you tell him to do interviews as you? >> i said, do interviews, just play it cool, man. i said, just stay stuff i would
12:35 am
say. say stuff you say, it was a good time working with the cast, it was so much fun, you know. when youork with people, you become like a family after a while. [ lahter ] >> jimmy: andhis work the with what percentage of the media? >> with enough to make me really happy. [ laughter ] he did an interview. >> jimmy: i have the interview. i want to show it. curious as to whether you got to see it all. >> yes, he was on instagram live. we we on set on "tag" doing nothing. [ laughter ] so i was able to just watch him the whole time. i was able to -- that's how much time on movies, that i was able to plan this entire tng out from across the untry. i was able to hire a lookalike, to the premiere, tell him what [ laughter ]watch him do i while i was filming a movie. >> jimmy: so now this interview, somebody on the red carpet. >> yeah. >> jimmy: got hold of this guy. >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: and thinks it's you.
12:36 am
>> i'm here with hannah ballike such an incredibly huge universe like this? >> you know, it was a great opportunity. i d a lot of fun. "spider-man" is huge. we grew up watching "spider-man." to playoach wilson, working with the cast, it was a great time. i had a blast. you know, i wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmyshe had no idea. >> he was -- he looks nothing like me. [ laughter ] he's four inches taller and in way better shape. >> jimmy: whate s wearing, did you tell him to wear that? >> no, i said wear something nice. [ laughter ] that's a solid shirt. it's not my style, though. shout-out, joe carroll. >> jimmy: that's joe, okay. nicely de, joe. [ cheers and applause ] i know you're a bketball baske. >> jimmy: did you watch the
12:37 am
finals? >> yeah, ias watching -- we we were in miami.r. and i went to some friends' house in miami. and take it -- i don't drink anymore. i started taking psychedelics. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: for real? >> i took some acid. i took some acid and it was fun. basketball'super interesting on acid. >> jimmy: is it? >> then the commercials during the game came on. and it was kanye on "celebrity family feud." and i was like, yo, i'm really tripping right now! [ laughter ] i was like, what? oh, man, this is some good acid, what am i seeing? he was laughing it up with steve harvey. ha ha ha! i was likethis is crazy right now! [ laughter ] turns out that was real. >> jimmy: yeah, that is -- that's this weekend, it's stuck iny brain. >> jimmy: it's reall good to see you. veryell done. i'm impressed. very strong. hannah ball bues


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