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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 9, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california. "abc 7 news." >> quite the welcome home for the six-time nba golden state champion warriors, three-time champion golden state warriors. i'm eric thomas. moments to a heros welcome. live in oakland where players stepped off the plane to excited fans. >> eric, it was a sight to see.
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as the plane pulling up and the fans going wild and the first two players steph curry and kevin durant. holding the mvp final's trophy and holding the larry oh bryant trophy and the fans came to watch it all. >> they arrived in style greeted with frenzy. fans waited for hours to catch a glimpse of the fans. >> they are all so humble. they are not selfish. that's what i like about them. >> reporter: bringing out the brooms for the sweep. the first to show up arriving at 11:00 this morning. >> reporter: while the players are a fan favorite, one fan wanted to give a shoutout to the head coach. >> all of the players putting it out on the floor, and steve kerr
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has the semiindustteam and he ks he is doing. >> reporter: gearing up for a parade, the city's mayor is proud of the residences and how they product themselves. >> you can see the pride and dignity and i have to thank everybody for celebrating beautifully last night. we had no incidents. a very joyous city. >> reporter: with celebrations continuing through tuesday, you can bet there will be a few sick calls. >> i'm calling in sick, sorry. i'm going to lose my job. >> reporter: yeah, that's not something you want to say on tv but of course a lot of people might be calling out sick that day. the parade happening this tuesday in oakland. the city of a -- [ inaudible ] >> sorry about the problems with the signal there. he is saying that the parade is
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tuesday and going to be shorter than last year's parade. you'll get details as we move closer to it. warrior's head coach sharing that he is looking forward to the parade when he stepped off of the flight from cleveland 25 minutes ago. >> the parade is going to be awesome. the it is a great day. we are making an annual event. so i look forward to it. >> steve kerr owns eight, eight nba championship including five titles he won while playing with the chicago bulls and san antonio spurs. warriors fans spent hours grabbing the latest championship gear. and cornell barnard has a look at them wearing the pride on their sleeves. >> reporter: dub nation lined out the team store starting at 7:00 a.m. to be the first to
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snag that swag. loving her championship gear but she is done with king james. >> good job to lebron, it is not about him. it is about dub nation. >> reporter: money, no object when you are talking dub dynasty. >> i'm buying t-shirts, a tank top and several hats. >> reporter: jimmy walton just wanted the hat. i'm so excited. i got the hat. >> reporter: let's face it, it's all about the hat. they were gone within hours last year so this year there's a limit. you can only by six. >> graphic sport's wear with san francisco started printing the gear the second the warriors clenched the title. we asked retail manager jeff to give us a figure. >> we can't share that. but we do well.
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we have been number one in sales for the last four years. >> reporter: another run for championship gear, an annual tradition for dub nation. >> gsw, all day everyday. >> in oakland, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> the verdictry parade tuesday in oakland 11:00 in the morning and more than 1 million fans expected. starts at broadway at 11th street and turns right on 20th street and harrison and lake side drive and ends at 13th and okay. this year no rally. and fans can lineup as early as 6:30 in the morning. taking b.a.r.t. might be the best bet. b.a.r.t. estimates the busiest hours will be from 9:00 until 11:00 and noon until 2:00 in the afternoon. b.a.r.t. carried more than a
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half million of people, the fifth ridership day in b.a.r.t.'s history. detailed information about the transportation, street closures and victory day parade dos and don'ts on the website. live coverage starting at 10:00 a.m. tuesday morning. developing news, president trump on his way to singapore for the unprecedented summit with north korea leader kim jong-un. leaving from canada and arriving late and ditched sessions on climate change, clean energy and ocean protection. he will use the intuition in the meeting with kim. the same instinct that made him a successful businessman. within the first minute i will know. >> how? >> my touch and myl. at's what i do. i think quickly i will know whether or not something good is going to happen. i also think i'll know whether
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or not it will happen fast. >> tuesday's summit will be the fist ever for a sitting. u.s. president and north korean leader. a new leader in san francisco's mayor race. 50.13% and leno with 40%. breed lead on election night and ranked choice votes counted. it is still processing provisional ballots. and new developments in a shooting involving san francisco police. source tells abc7 news a suspect shot by police after a car chase was previously shot by police six years ago. officers say two officers running after a suspect in north beach when the shooting happened
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after midnight outside of the taupe lounge, the suspect is oliver, a gang member shot in september 2012 after pointing a gun at a police officer. lead to protests in the mission district and today's shooting left him in critical condition. one man died and two others hurt in san jose. police received a number of calls after 4:00 this morning. one victim at the scene and died later. and two showed up to the hospital with one stab wound each. they are expected to be okay. a swimmer is alive thanks to an off-duty firefighter. happened to be the first person to notice the man was in distress in a swimming race. began cpr and the police department boat crew joined in and ferried the man to aquatic
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park and his heart began beating again. the late anthony bourdain hd a profound impact. >> he was one of the best thing that is came along for me. >> how the two became close friends following her review of the olive garden. >> a woman attacked on the job at home depot by a customer's pet monkey. >> a windy start to the week. once the winds move out,
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tribute pouring in and fans of bourdain left flowers and post-it notes and bourdain once served as an executive chef. and bourdain defended maryland haggerty. >> maybe they were not so ridiculous and telling the story of how people eat in the middle and how people don't live in big cities and go to fame restaurants and drink exotic wine. >> it is hard to remember. >> bourdain helped her accomplished a book. a home depot employee doesn't blame the monkey attacking her after it went by
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zurk in florida. attacking maryland howard on monday. walking arounded and wearing a dieper and tried to find the monkey's owner. >> and i looked down anden went like that and she reached out to my hand and with was so sweet to start. i was going to get somebody to go to the service december and can announce the monkey is loose. >> the monkey seemed to be spooked and has several wounds. brides to be enjoyed a pop up event this san francisco bringing them to an unexpected place to grab a gown for a bargain price. >> chestnut sweeping the kentuc kentucky derby and breakness and belmont states coming up in
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sports. >> the
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a pop up store attracted many brides, abc7 news in west portal where hundreds of gently worn bridle gowns and low prices and shopping services that customers would expect in a high-end boutique. one lady shopped for her wedding in november. >> you are probably any other going to twaer again. it is cool they have great brands for good prices. >> it will run for the next two weeks or until the store runs out of dresses. sharing the thrill of victory and we would like to thank abc7 news for sharing
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pictures. this fan celebrated in cleveland and in front of an ad featuring lebron james. >> and this family from vietnam. >> and here are fans celebrating with the team, kind of, the team. >> you might see the photos on abc7 news or >> now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> the winds will not be with us. today, breezy to start. live doppler 7 showing is you high thin clouds streaming in from time to time it is a bright picture and the a windy one. live look on the rooftop from kgo and those flags in the wind and sfo look at the gust. 44-miles-per-hour so it is wind
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yes i and know survnovato and k temperatures on the cool side in terms of june members. 60 in san francisco, 65 oakland and a cool 69 in san jose and 72 in santa rosa. the winds, going through ebb and flow pattern once again. tomorrow morning, future tracker wind gust showing you 7:00 in the morning and not that bad at the coast. winds light. increasing tomorrow afternoon by 3:00 and likely having 15 to 31-miles-per-hour and by 8:00 tomorrow evening, the winds are active. overnight tonight, mid 40s to low 50 clr of fog and cloud cover. highs on the sunday and breezy to windy across the region again so the winds gusting over 20-miles-per-hour at times in the skpar-- 64 in san francisco
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in oakland, 74 in san jose and 76 and antioch. tracking two storms. hurricane aletta weakening and a category one storm, will kick out of sea and not affect land. tropical depression three-e a cluster of thunderstorms and in the coming days a hurricane. tuesday night into wednesday morning you can see it gets close to cabo san lucas. if you have plans to travel to cabo, you want to stay abreast. monday, the winds will relax and feeling warm. high of 69 and 72 oakland, 72 high in san jose and the numbers will rise more on tuesday.
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the accuweather seven-day forecast, it is a windy afternoon and tuesday gets hot and for one day. we cool off on the coast mid-week and nice back to reality thursday into friday with the fog returning along the coastline. monday, the winds are out of here. >> just checking. anthony bud flores with sports. >> and warriors went back to back last niet in cleveland and today they returned home what it
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now sports from abc7 news. >> with three championships in four years a dynasty or golden era. the back to back champs returning home and steph curry doing a shimmy with the sweeping cleveland in cleveland. kevin durant named mvp for the second year in the row. the scary part for the rest of the league, the four all stars in their prime. >> i don't think with all thought this was possible. we just went out and played the game and got to be able to have a trophy and bring it home to the bay, it is special. >> this is a long skbree long g
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season and probably played the best game in the playoffs last night. saving the best for last. >> big drama in the big apple. t history made for the triple crown. >> justify is the 13th triple-crown winner! >> justify wins the triple crown and edges out -- wire to wire to win the belmont stakes and mike smith the oldest jockey to win the triple crown at 52 and -- he trained american pharaoh four years ago and justify, the 13th horse to win the kentucky derby, preakness and bole monelmont in same year. >> the winner won 43 of the last
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46 women's grand slam titles. looking to run out of gas and giving halep the first career grand slam title. >> the giants of the nation's capital where the nationals got inspiration from the stanley cup championships. the first pitch and check it out, just a bit high so asked for a doover and this time the playoff mvp and used a four-run inning to get a 5-0 lead. three-run shot and seventh of the season. now 5-4 until bryce harper crushes it. the 19th of the year. a solo shot and win 7-5. as and royals. an rbi-base hit. and 1-0, kc.
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seven innings allowing three hits and danny duffy struck out batters and nice defense there on the marcus pop up. in the 9th inning with a solo home run and the royals -- the final is 2-0. the as will wrap up with the royals sunday at the coliseum. for some reason great athletes can't throw a baseball in other sports. they have trouble throwing the ball. >> that was a blooper. >> maybe if kevin durant was there. >> i thought it was fine. >> you notice the houston series, it was over the moment chris paul hurt the hammy and they were going to win and sweep in the finals. >> only if i took a second mortgage. >> too much talent wins all the time. more than
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new on abc7 news at 6:00 firing tearing through a north bay hillside. iconic sex symbol may be too steamy for a city in in in in in a statue of marilyn monroe
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across the street from a church. that's it tonight, the sprint to singapore. president trump in the air right now, heading to that historic showdown with kim jong-un. he's now calling it a mission of peace, saying he'll size up north korea's dictator and will know, quote, within the first minute if he's serious about negotiating. this, as he left the g7 early, the president telling america's allies, we are not looking to play games. also tonight, new details about that deadly gator attack. a woman walking her dogs, authorities making a chilling discovery. the tsa outrage. a 96-year-old woman in a wheelchair padded down for six minutes. did officers go too far? the tsa responding tonight. new details in the shocking death of anthony bourdain. what investigators are revealing about his final moments. were there warning signs?


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