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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 9, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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across the street from a church. that's it tonight, the sprint to singapore. president trump in the air right now, heading to that historic showdown with kim jong-un. he's now calling it a mission of peace, saying he'll size up north korea's dictator and will know, quote, within the first minute if he's serious about negotiating. this, as he left the g7 early, the president telling america's allies, we are not looking to play games. also tonight, new details about that deadly gator attack. a woman walking her dogs, authorities making a chilling discovery. the tsa outrage. a 96-year-old woman in a wheelchair padded down for six minutes. did officers go too far? the tsa responding tonight. new details in the shocking death of anthony bourdain. what investigators are revealing about his final moments.
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were there warning signs? and the golden dynasty. the warriors sweeping the cavs in the nba finals. the secret lebron kept for most of the series. and has the king played his final game in cleveland? good evening on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega, in for tom llamas. and we begin tonight with the world watching that high-stakes summit. president trump now just days away from coming face to face with kim jong-un. president trump in the air right now, he boarded air force one in quebec late this morning. pulling out of the g7. early. leaving a pack of angry allies in the wake. he left a last-minute wide-ranging news conference, his first in nearly 500 days, the president talking tough about our allies, while praising the north korean dictator, saying hopefully we would have liked each other. and within the first minute of their meeting, president trump says, he'll be able to tell if kim is a reliable negotiator.
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the president is now calling this trip a, quote, mission of peace. our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz leads our coverage in singapore. >> reporter: president trump on air force one tonight, heading to the historic summit. before taking off, increasing the pressure, saying he'll be able to see if kim jong-un is serious about easing tensions in an instant. >> how long will it take? i think within the first minute. i'll know. >> how? >> just, my touch, my feel, that's what i do. how long will it take to figure out whether or not they're serious? i said maybe in the first minute. >> reporter: and if the north korean dictator isn't serious, president trump says he'll walk out of the room. >> i think i'll know pretty quickly, whether or not in my opinion something positive will happen. and if i think it won't happen i don't want to waste my time. >> reporter: now their face to
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face just days away, the art of the deal president is trying to manage expectations for his most important deal yet. >> start at least a dialogue. as a deal person i have done very well with deals. i'd like to accomplish more than that. but at a minimum, i do believe, at least we'll have met each other and we will have seen each other, and hopefully we would have liked each other. >> reporter: the president shutting down questions whether his meeting with kim, a dictator accused of numerous human rights violations, might amount to just a photo-op? >> everyone said, the haters, they say, oh, you're giving him a meeting, give me a break, okay, there's nothing -- it's never been done before. you know, it's never been done before. >> reporter: the president calling the summit a mission of peace, but warned this historic opportunity won't come again. >> it's a one-time shot, and i think it will work out very well.
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>> you heard the president there, a one-time shot, he says. martha joins us from singapore. martha, with both leaders arriving tomorrow, you're already seeing tough security measures in place? >> reporter: really some incredible security measures here, cecilia, as you can imagine for both leaders. but what's more incredible is, when you think about the fact that just six months ago both these leaders were threatening to annihilate each other. >> they have come a long way. martha leads us off tonight , thank you. and we'll have much more on this historic meeting. george stephanopoulos hosts "this week" from singapore in the morning and in the evening, dade muir brings us this broadcast, "world news tonight" from the summit. as we reported president trump did depart the g7 early, leaving behind festering tensions with our closest allies. that rift on full display in this photo. the president, his arms crossed, seated, surrounded by the world leaders that's he now feuding with. he said their relationship is a solid 10, but is it really? abc's david wright is following
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this diplomatic drama in quebec city. >> reporter: today, president trump turned up late for a working session on gender equality. finally tiptoeing in the meeting already well under way. later, pictured arms crossed. seated, surrounded by his g7 colleagues. a sharp contrast to these images from friday of the world leaders trying to put on a united front. but the president threw down the gauntlet just before leaving quebec, telling reporters he'll cut off trade with any nation that doesn't stop what he considers to be unfair trade practices. >> it's not a question if i hope it changes, it's going to change 100%. and tariffs are going to come way down because people can't continue to do that. we're like the piggy bank that everybody's robbing, and that ends. >> reporter: trump said previous u.s. presidents allowed other countries to take advantage of
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us. >> so i don't blame them, i blame our leaders. >> reporter: trump also repeated his call for the world's leading industrial nations to give russia a seat at the table. >> some people like the idea of bringing russia back in. this used to be the g8, not the g7, and something happened a while ago. >> reporter: what happened was that in 2014, russian troops stormed into crimea, illegally annexing it from ukraine. >> obama can say all he wants but he allowed russia to take crimea. i may have had a much different attitude. >> reporter: trump suggested that it's pointless to keep punishing russia. an idea that most g7 leaders strongly reject. but trump dismisses any suggestion his approach is causing friction with our closest allies. >> angela and emmanuel and justin, i would say the relationship is a 10. >> reporter: in the end, the president could not get on that plane fast enough.
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clearly eager to get on to singapore but also presumably relieved to put the awkwardness of this summit behind him. cecilia. >> certainly seems so. okay, david wright, thank you. we want move on now to florida, where authorities recovered the body of a woman attacked by alligator. their search for clues leading to a grime discovery. here's abc's arielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, that grime discovery in a south florida lake. a woman out for a walk, found dead, the victim of a vicious gator attack. the authorities wrangling the reptile friday. initially finding a human arm inside. earlier that morning, a witness spotted the 47-year-old woman taking a stroll with her dogs. moments later she vanished. that witness calling 911. her dogs roaming the banks of the lake. one badly bitten. no sign of their owner. >> there's a gator about 300
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feet away from us in the middle of the lake. >> reporter: recovery efforts overnight confirming worst fierce, leading to the woman's body. florida wild life experts say that while attacks on humans are rare, alligators nest in the summer making them more aggressive. authorities warn, never walk along waterways in florida with small children or pets this time of year, because they can be mistaken for prey. there are more than a million gators in the state of florida alone. and experts say they can lurk in the smallest bodies of fresh waters. we want to turn to indiana now, where authorities have arrested the third and final suspect in the ambush of an atf agent. 25-year-old bernard graham s surrendering to authorities this amp. accused of shooting the agent on thursday during an undercover weapons investigation. the agent shot twice, expected to survive. and we have an update in the shocking death of anthony bourdain. investigators in france confirm that the cause of death is suicide.
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we're now hearing more about his state of mind in those final days. abc's adrienne bankert has the latest. >> reporter: tonight, french investigators try to piece together that led anthony bourdain to take his own life. ruling out of any suspicious activity and saying toxicology tests are being done. authorities trying to help his family understand what led to this tragic end. his mother gladys bourdain tells "the new york times" that his close friend told her he had been in a dark mood these past couple of days. but this sommelier in a restaurant where bourdain recently finished filming, said he appeared happy. >> everything was fine. >> fellow travelers, this is what you want, this is what you need. >> reporter: the bestselling author turned tv host, created a food and travel empire. bourdain died in a region he loved. in 2006, while shooting episodes
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-- in 2014 episode he's shown enjoying a lavish meal, adding a sentiment more bitter than sweet. >> i'll never eat like this again in my life. chef, merci. the meal of my life. >> bourdain's shocking death as the cdc releases new numbers showing an alarming spike of suicide rates of middle-age americans. if you have been having suicidal thoughts, call the number on your screen. 1-800-273-8255. that's 1-800-273-8255. cecilia. >> we cannot give that number out enough, adrienne. thank you. we do want to turn now to the severe weather threat this weekend. tornado watch in effect in parts of minnesota and iowa. this hail part of the same system already hammering residents in north dakota. abc's rob marciano tracking it all. you've got your eye on some storms moving from minnesota to maryland tonight? >> reporter: that's correct, cecilia. as a matter of fact, ocean city, maryland, getting a half a foot
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of rain today with some of those storms. that batch is bringing to move offshore. along the stationary boundary, we got other disturbances. one rolling through louisville and another one in northeastern iowa. tornado watch in effect this evening, and a flash flood watch for northern illinois. where they already had heavy thunderstorms this morning. chicago is going to get it again tomorrow morning, those roll eastward. once again, saturated soils and more heavy rain for them tomorrow. >> thanks, rob. next tonight, it's graduation season, and one valedictorian is making national headlines for her speech, when she went offscript talking about the me too movement. she says her microphone was cut off. abc's marci gonzalez reporting in from california. >> reporter: this high school valedictorian silenced mid commencement speech. she says as she tried to speak out about sexual assaults on campus. >> which is why even when some people on this campus, those same people -- >> reporter: addressing the
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graduating class in california this week. veering from the script approved by school administrators. telling abc news that she was about her claim about sexually assaulted by the fellow student and the school's handling of other cases when the microphone was cut. >> if nobody knows then nothing can change. so that was my goal. it was just to speak up for this issue. >> reporter: classmates chanting to let her speak. the school district telling us, due to student privacy issues, we cannot and should not respond with specific information. she goes on to finish her speech in this video posted to youtube. >> learning on a campus in which some people defend perpetrators of sexual assault. >> the reason i spoke up wasn't for me, it was for everybody as a whole. even people who aren't affected by this. >> she's now motivated to
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continue speaking on women's rights issues when she starts classes at stanford this fall. cecilia. >> okay, marci, thank you. next tonight, a new dynasty in professional sports, the warriors sweeping the cleveland cavaliers. but it was lebron james wearing a cast on his hand in the postgame press conference that has everyone talking about his secret injury and whether the kid from akron who became the king of the nba, may have played his last game as the cav. here's abc's t.j. holmes. >> there's a new dynasty in the nba. >> reporter: golden state warriors, champions again. >> total domination here in game four. >> reporter: sweeping the cleveland cavaliers, crushing the king on his own court. >> we got the job done with a 4-0 sweep. >> reporter: lebron james did put up a fight. but revealed after the game he's been dealing with an injury since that critical game one error by j.r. smith, who mistakenly ran out the clock. lebron says he lost his temper and punched a whiteboard.
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>> pretty much played the last three games with a broken hand. >> reporter: tonight, fans in cleveland are on edge. fearing it may have been lebron's last game as a cav. he'll be a free agent with several cities openly vying for the game's best player. >> when i decide what i'm going to do with my future, my family and the folks who have been with me the last 20 years will have a say-so, and ultimately will come down to me. >> reporter: the warriors, meanwhile, are heading home with their third title in four years. one place there won't be a celebration is at the white house, the president announced that in fact neither team, whoever won, would be invited to the white house to celebrate their nba champion. nba commissioner adam silver has called that situation sad. cecilia. >> we'll be following that story. okay, t.j., thank you. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. the new revelation about those deadly wine country wildfires. what investigators are saying
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tonight. plus, the growing outrage over this tsa pat-down of a 96-year-old woman in a wheelchair. >> what do you think she's going to do? and the incredibly close call at a doughnut shop, how could anyone survive this crash? mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. metastatic breast cancer is trying to stop me, but not today. today, there's a new treatment for women like me who won't be held back. learn more at back now with the airport pat-down sparking outrage, a 96-year-old woman in a wheelchair searched by tsa officers. abc's kenneth moton has more on the video going viral. >> reporter: that's the voice of a fired-up jean clarkson. tsa officers at dulles international airport in may, giving her 96-year-old mother from indianapolis a full-body search. she said her mom was unable to walk through the metal detector. >> what do you think she's going to do?
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>> reporter: one officer tried to block clarkson's view as she and her fiance angrily watched and commented. >> what is going on here? a 96-year-old -- >> reporter: the six-minute enhanced screening of the great-great-grandmother, who could barely lift her arm, sparking outrage. the video viewed nearly 9 million times on facebook. it's not the first controversial pat-down by the tsa. this 10-year-old girl from north carolina checked from head to toe. >> pat-downs are caveman security. in this age, when we have the ability to have facial recognition, video analytics, behavior prediction, this is not the way the tsa should be operating. >> reporter: the tsa defended the pat-down of the 96-year-old woman, telling abc news saying it's committed to security while treating passengers with dignity and respect. cecilia. >> kenneth, thank you. up next, when we come back on this saturday, the moment a home depot worker comes face to
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with the all-new ecosport from ford. to the index now, investigators say a local utility company is to blame for last year's deadly california wildfires. you'll remember those images in wine country, 44 people killed, nearly 1,000 structures destroyed. authorities say pacific gas and electric lines and utility poles started a dozen of those cases. the utility company is blaming drought and extreme heat. and to washington state, you don't want to be these customers, picking up their coffee and doughnuts, when a truck comes barrelling into the
5:53 pm
doughnut shop. a woman barely missed. the driver arrested on the suspicious of driving under the influence. and a different kind of run-in for a home depot worker in florida. that is a pet monkey left in a truck by a customer, despite the leash that you see there, it got out of that truck, the worker was on break. she said the monkey jumped on her neck and bit her twice. history made at the racetrack, triple crown winner justify coming in first at the belmont stakes. just the 13th triple crown winner, ever. and up next, the traffic stop caught on camera. we promise you have never seen one like this before. it turns out that officer and the driver have actually met. you don't want to miss this. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day.
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and finally tonight, a routine traffic stop with a surprise ending. here's abc's john donvan. >> how is it going today? >> i'm all right, thank you. >> reporter: when a new jersey police officer made this stop, captured on bodycam, he had no idea the person in the car was someone he shared a lifetime bond with. the younger guy on the right is michael patterson, the officer on the scene. on the left, michael bailey, the guy in the car pulled over for a minor violation involving a tinted window. >> i grew up -- >> reporter: it turns out that they had met before, a long time ago, in fact,
5:58 pm
on the day that michael was born at home in this house. and on that day, a police officer had been called to assist in his birth. the story was a family favorite. >> my mom, she would tell the story every year on my birthday. >> reporter: well, by amazing coincidence, that cop matthew bailey, the guy who delivered him, now retired was the very guy he had pulled over. something neither of them realized at first until they started chatting. listen in. here's where they realize it. >> the first thing i deliver at that house. >> at the house? >> that was the first baby i ever delivered, and i remember. >> that was me! that was me! that was me! >> no way. >> that was me. i was born at home. >> reporter: and that's how they became friends. this retired cop and the kid who he delivered, who decided not to write a ticket that day. john donvan, abc news. thank you for watching. have a wonderful saturday. good night. ight.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, the team, the trophies. back here in the bay area ready for tuesday's celebration. and we're one step closer to naming a san francisco mayor with a big change coming on top the leader board today. and terror on a north face hillside as we face a heat wave this week. the party keeps rolling and it won't stop for several days. thank you swaggy p. for a little champagne there. the warriors landed in the bay area, and next stop tuesday's parade. the warriors team landing late this afternoon in oakland. carlos? >> reporter: well, fans started
6:00 pm
going wild here in oakland as the plane landed complete with a fire water salute. but the real moment was when steph curry and kevin durant stepped out holding those trophies. the golden state warriors arrived in style greeted with much frenzy as players held their latest awards high in the air. >> had the guys play probably the best night of the playoffs last night. >> reporter: to catch a glimpse of the defending champs. >> from following them in the way back we believe phase it's amazing to see the growth of this team. >> reporter: die-hard fan fulisha johnson was the first to show up arriving at 11:30 this morning. as the city of oakland gears for yet another historic parade the city mayor was


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