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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 11, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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race, and the counting is still far from over. me shorts and sunscreen. it's going to be a warm week in the bay area. an exciting time for all this to be happening, we have our big parade happening for the warriors. a good monday morning when it comes to mondays. we'll check in with mike nicco t.r a look at the for>> theuns c asthe wa rriors fans tomorrow. first let's get you out the door this morning. 13-mile-per-hour wind at sfo to 10 at fairfield. not very strong. that's a sign high pressure is starting to take over. that's why we've got the warming trend beginning today. you wake up this morning, temperatures in the mid 50s at 7:00. we'll stay in the 60s at 4:00. noon, 73 to 80. that's close to where we ended up yesterday. we still have a couple more hours of warming u 78 to 85 around the bay and inlabd by 4:00, cfo73 to 78 78 78 78
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8:. >> tununhertfo bay bridge drivers this the toll plaza, metering lights about 5:20. i'm hearing about a new collision past the metering lights blocking lane seven in the toll plaza where all the lanes start to merge together down to five. it's heavy getting from the made through the toll plaza this morning. also have a crash in the richmond area on westbound 80. highway 4 to the maze, 27 minutes for you. about 17-minute drive -- make that 20 minutes across the bay bridge. southbound 101, san francisco t nine minutes take a close look accused to start fires at two different day care centers. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller live in newark. good morning, matt.
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>> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. the safari kids on newark boulevard is closed. they're ope ti siraoutiro can see some of the repairs being done at this location here. major damage was done. police were called out to the preschool and day care on the afternoon of may 26 pgt. this was a saturday, a memorial day weekend. officers assisted the alameda aa county fire investigation. police say this woman brought a molotov cocktail to the safari kid dpreschool and day care, attempted to light the molotov, but it wouldn't light. the woman removed the wick and smashed theedotlot and left the behind after throwing it through the door. police are hoping someone knows who this woman is and turns her in to police. live in newark, matt keller, abc
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7 news. new this morning, an odd investigation happening in san jose. it appears an officer's air bag deployed in their patrol vehicle but there wasn't any visible damage to the car. this is in the san jose state parking garage at 9th and san fernando. we have a call in to sjpd to see what happened and if the officer was injured. president trump's position remains clear and unchanged. the denuclearization of the korean peninsula, the only outcome the u.s. will accept. that's the message from secretary of state mike pompeo. right now we're counting down to the historic summit between president trump and kim jong-un. they will meet one-on-one with no one else on the room. after mr. trump's one-on-one meeting with kim jong-un, there's a scheduled expanded meeting with members of both sides joining them. then that's it. the white house says more meetings could be added. president trump says he'll know within the first minute if kim jong-un is serious about
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negotiating a nuclear deal. that one-on-one meeting will happen at 6:00 p.m. our time. stay with abc 7. george stephanopoulos is reporting live in singapore coming up on "good morning america." we'll have coverage throughout the day as well. a man is finally in custody following an hours' long standoff. neighbors spotted the man with a rifle threatening to kill people. deputies surrounded his home near san pablo dam road and used high pitch noises to try to get him out of the house. neighbors say he was arrested a week ago for a similar incident although that time there was no gun involved. they say they're afraid he'll be allowed to return home. the drama over who will be san francisco's next mayor continues. the weekend started with mark leno leading the race. after ten us of thousands of ballots were processed sunday, london breed is now up by more
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than 1,500 votes. the department of elections needs to count theemng >> she's waiting andni rai watc lke the rest of us. she's very excited obviously to see the outcome. i think for a lot of us here in san francisco, we feel like we're in a state of limbo. >> we're not stressed out, not sweating. th i w oesur do. we seek to have every vote count no matter what the contest is, no matter who the candidates are. >> in a statement mark leno said, quote, ipt remains to be seen of tex nheew ft it's not over. oakland getting ready for another big party like no other. a million fans expected for the championship parade celebrating the warriors' third title in four years. the banners are up all over downtown. the parade starts tomorrow at broadway and 11th endin at 13th and oak street at lake merritt. this year's celebration will not include the usual post parade rally like we've seen in years past.std the warriors are sayin
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they're including interactive stations along the route. happening today, b.a.r.t. needs to finalize their plans for the warriors championship parade. fans are urged to take public transportation because parking will be extremely limited and will fill up early. if you do take b.a.r.t., they say you should get off at the 12th or 19th street stations. on the day of last year's parade, b.a.r.t. carried more than half a million people andnded up being the fifth highest ridership in its history. if you can't be there in person, catch the parade right here on abc 7. our live coverage starts at 10:00 etaida. t m.inayfo rmatmoion on our websit parade transportation, street closures and championship parade dos and don't, all of it one of the military's most wanted fugitives arrested in california. what cracked the case after three decades. robert difficult nir row sen sword at last night's tony awards. the comments that have everyone talking this morning.
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l's tal a the par read tomorrow. it will be in the 60s. 73 when the parade starts to 80 by the time irt ends. dress in layers, have the sunscreen and the sunglasses and have fun. take a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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we've got palo alto at 47. same thing in napa. san francisco 49. concord at 58. antioch 61 degrees. here is a look at the golden gate bridge, the soft morning sunshine. notice the lack of clouds. we're going to have warm sunshine if you're out and babt today. if you're going to be over the ocean or playing on the bay, it's going to be a breezy one. small craft advisory from noon until 9:00. winds will be from 15 to 25 miles per hour coming out of the west. let's get the kids out the door near 60 at the coast, 11:00. 68 to 75 and then it will be warm this afternoon, 75 to 86. here is alexis. >> heading back to the east bay where we've got a few trouble
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spthot yis're traveling through the richmond area past solano area, we have a two-car crash, one lane is clocked and for some reason it's taking a while for the tow truck et gto delay, stop-and-go traffic from highway 4. westbound 4 mckeown, we have vehicles down the hillside. doesn't sound like any vehicles are blocking lanes, but a lot of folks stopped to help out. they're sitting on the right-hand shoulder and chp arrived to thestein. next update at 6:20. a 35-year-old manhunt is now over after investigators from travis air force base captured one of the military's one wanted fugitives. this is captain william howard hughes, junior. the air force claims he deserted the force in 1983 after working on classified planning during the cold war. investigators san jose he spent the last 35 years living under a phony name. they caught him during a pa ion a held at
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a scary water rescue, serving as an important reminder to be so alert when you're at the pool.t a pool in minnesota. one of the boys noticed someone was missing. 13-year-old cody runyon is 4'11", weighs less than 80 pounds. he dove into action and pulled an unconscious boy from the pool. a woman also rushed to help. >> i went underwater and i see him laying on the ground, sitting down and was passed out. >> and he was blue and he was cold and he was ndwe clearly deceased. >> desiree, who you just heard from, performed cpr. it's only something she learned once, more than a decade ago. within 30 seconds, tedcao
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no b agn. e's doing just fine and says he's grateful to the people he now calls his story. now to the peach that a lot of people are talking about this morning from the tony awards, politics taking center stage when robert de niro criticized president trump and it got censored ase to see.'r y [ cheers and applause ] >> he dropped the f word several times when referring to the president last night before urging the audience to vote in november. the crowd cheered him and gave him a standing ovation. de niro then continued with the prepared introduction of bruce springsteen. net neutrality ends today, the rule requires internet providers to provide eke call office to all web content. >> consumer reports has a warning on how it may affect you. data caps can become more widespread. internet providers now have the ability to charge access fees to
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content providers like google, facebook and net an beicfl given higher priority leading to price hikes. internet providers can sensor content as well or block websites or apps that offer competing services. despite this, major internet providers say the web should remain unchanged. you've heard of maternity and paternity leave. a pet food company is offering paid pawternity leaveo adopted three-day paw terpity leave. 90% of the employees have a pet. they say it builds trusts and prevents behavioral disorders in the future. >> that makes sense. good for them. a pet company. >> norway and finland have all the nice things. they treat their people real
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well. >> they do. >> a lot of vacation, great health care and now this. ,> incredible taxes that they do? be pagan incredible elec bill heat is coriming. ctthe good thing is, it's just about two or three days, and then it's going to go away once again in time for the holiday weekend. san jose, about 56 under sunshine right now. my first accuweather highlight is the sunshine and the warming trend. tonight is not going to be quite as cool as it has been, mainly clear once again. star gazing, absolutely, and a minor heat wave. let's talk about san francisco. kind of break down a new graphic here. we've got your 12-hour planner here, and then right behind me, we'll throw in your high temperatures for today. you can see the 70s once you get over toward the bay side. for the east bayshore, 56 to 73 at 4:00, 66 at 7:00. look at the high temperatures from 72 in richmond to about 79
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in fremont. on the peninsula today, temperatures almost the same. a lot more 70s during the afternoon hours, even 81 for the warm spot in redwood city. 60s in daly city, pacifica and half moon bay. in the south bay high temperatures will top out in the low to mid 80s and then we'll go up to the north bay where we'll have mid to upper 80s today and one more stop will be our inland eastbound neighborhoods. the 90s aren't here yet. those are tomorrow. i'll give you brent whood to antioch at 89. dublin the school spot at 85. low to upper 50s tonight. mainly clear out there. you can see the string of 90s tuesday, wednesday and thursday. 80s around the bay. 60s and 70s, more comfort for those neighborhoods starting wednesday. good morning, mike. i want to head out to the central valley where, of course, we have a slowdown on westbound 205 to 580, down to 10, 25, closer to 20 miles per hour as you approach altamont pass.
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eastbound out of tracy, i'm hearing about a flipped big rig on 205 before the i-5 interchange with a couple lanes blocked. we've also had delays on the bay bridge commute this morning. westbound 80 looking okay getting close to san francisco. we've had two separate issues for the bay bridge drive. a disabled vehicle that cleared and a minor crash just beyond the metering lights. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze, 33 minutes. about a 26 minute drive across the bay bridge. southbound 101 san francisco to sfo in the green at nine minutes. rob marciano is live from new york city with a look at what's ahead on "good morning america." >> hello, natasha, good morning, reginald. hope you had a great weekend. coming up on gma, we're hours away from the historic summit. president trump and north korean dictator kim jong-un one-on-one, face-to-face in singapore. on t
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of course, by george. we have complete coverage all morning long. also ahead, a new warning after a terrifying alligator attack. a woman killed while walking her dogs. this as more sightings are reported across the south. what may be behind it and what you should look out for if you go to that area. fresh off his third nba championship with the golden state warriors, you've heard of it, steph curry joining us exclusively live. what h w e'd hisnew baby on the way. we just can't get enough of the bay area, guys, and the championships you're racking up. congratulations to you all and steph. >> it's a good habit to have, rob. good to see you again. we missed you. >> miss you guys, too. have a great week. >> you, too. thanks. san francisco is considering new help for the struggling taxi industry. kidnapped at birth. a 19-year-old
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you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather foreca forecast. stheeg bngni today anywhere from three to eight degrees above average. we haven't even seen the 90s come into the forecast yet. >> thanks, mike. new at 6:00, a new study finds toddlers in america are eating too much added sugar. prm gs wse as the kids get older. they found for 6 to 11-month-olds, 61% of the sugar
6:25 am
in their diet was added sugar. by the time t years old, that amount went up to 98%. children should be getting daily sugar from vegetables and fruits instead. san francisco now considering subsidizing cabs equipped with wheelchair ramps. according to "the examiner," there's demand for wheelchair accessible taxis, about 760 trips per month 2017. i the agency has proposed subsidizing cab companies or drivers up to if they install ramps in cabs and maintain them. what felt like a flashback to the '60s, very colorful col
6:26 am
outfits at the street fair yesterday in haight ashbury. one of america's largest lgbtq communities celebrated pride month with a parade in southern california. >> thousands of marches and many more spectators enjoyed los angeles's pride parade. politics played a major role in this year's celebration. activists cut a wedding cake to protest a recent supreme court ruling who sided with a baker who refused to bake for a same sectioned couple. >> in a little town, it's not easy to find other people like you. when you come here and everybody is gay and it's like -- you're full of this feeling -- iitli's nice. >> organizers had a big issue saturday when they had to turn away thousands of ticket holders because the event reached capacity. they were able to use those
6:27 am
unused tickets for sunday, but no word on any refunds. by the way, san francisco holds its pride parade on june 24th. >> 6:26 now. next at 6:30, last week ihop announced it was changing its name. this morning we know what the name will be. >> some of us have a big reaction to it. also one person killed after a dramatic ending to a kidnapping investigation. how the victim was able to get away before this fiery crash. >> plus we are counting down to the historic meeting between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. new de
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now at 6:30, on the brink of history, less than 12 hours to go before president trump and kim jong-un come face-to-face. the warning from the president this morning. here at home, the last-minute preparations for the warriors' celebration parade. the growing excitement and one tradition you won't see this year. maybe this is where you want to be this week. temperatures heating up across the bay area, and some areas could flirt with triple digits. >> just one lonely person walking along the sand this morning. >> that looks nice, doesn't it? >> moment of zen for sure. >> we're winners today. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. mike, you're tracking the forecast today. of course, for our parade
6:31 am
tomorrow, too. >> absolutely. i'll have that coming up. first, let's talk about today. hi, everybody. we'll start with live doppler 7. you can see clouds along the peninsula coast. that's the gray. otherwise quiet out there. grab the sunglasses. you'll need them today, and a little bit less in the way of clothing compared to over the weekend where it was much cooler. today temperatures mid 50s at 7:00. 60s at the koeftd until 7:00, back in the 50s. 73 to 80 at noon. that's around the bay and inland. starts to get a little breezy, but the sunshine wins today, 78 around the bay to 85 at 4:00, back to 73 to 78 by 7:00. let's find out about the in >>ni mike. i want to take you to the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. we're looking okay right now. we had quite the stackup at the toll plaza a few minutes ago. conflicting reports from chp. we possibly have a crash on the westbound or the eastbound side of the bridge around the toll plaza. i was guessing it was westbound due to that backup. i'll follow up and have an update in just a few.
6:32 am
drive times, westbound 580 tracy to dublin 1 hour and 17 minutes. westbound 4 antioch to concord okay, in the yellow at 30 minutes. southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, north bay commute as usual, in the green at 16 minutes. the president trump just hours from sitting face-to-face with north korean leader kim jong-un. we're just getting a few more details from the white house. i also want to show you this live picture of singapore. that's where the meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. tonight our time. we did learn moments ago it's going to be pretty much a whirlwind trip for the president. he'll leave hours after his first one-on-one meeting. he's going to have then a gupin. legoo abc news white house correspondent tara palmeri live in singapore with more on this story. >> reporter: good morning,
6:33 am
jessica. president trump seemed optimistic about striking a deal with kim jong-un. at the same time he seems to be down playing expectations saying that the details are still being hammered out. president trump landing in singapore, confident about his chances of success at that high-stakes summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. less than 24 hours away from that his to be sit-down at a meeting with the prime minister of singapore. tweeting, great to be in singapore, excitement in the air. kim jong-un touching down hours earlier, staying at the heavily guarded st. regis hotel. arriving with his sister, kim jong. kim toward singaporean prime minister lee, the whole world is watching. north korean state media said trump and kim would discuss a permanent and durable peace
6:34 am
mechanism. secretary of state mike pompeo saying overnight the president is, quote, well prepared for the meeting. president trump trump warning it's now or never. >> it's a one-time shot and i think it's going to work out very well. >> reporter: going with his gut, he said he'll know right away if he's serious about denuclearization. >> within the first minute. >> reporter: in a rare move, not overselling the outcome. >> in the minimum would be a relationship, you start at least a dialogue. >> reporter: president trump and kim will meet tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. local time at an island called sentosa which means peace. a white house official says their first meeting will be one-on-one followed by a working lunch with other officials. president trump is leaving earlier than expected at 8:00 p.m. local time. reporting from singapore, tara palmeri, abc 7 news. abc will have live coverage
6:35 am
of this historic summit at 7:00 a.m. on "good morning america" as we count down to the 6:00 p.m. summit. one person is dead and another in critical condition after a kidnapping investigation in san francisco led to this fiery crash in the east bay. the cell phone video showing officers dragging a kidnapping suspect away from this burning car. >> the police officer, she pretty much handled it calm. she had to hold a gun on him for whatever reason, and she asked for a fire extinguisher. we're all yelling for the guy to get out of the car. >> several people tried to help. the suspect now in critical condition. his female passenger died. san francisco police say the pair was wanted for assaulting a woman in the tender loin before shoving her into the trunk. fortunately the woman escaped well before that crash. 6:35. on to developing news in the
6:36 am
north bay where a fire forced people from their homes. >> it erupted in a narrow alley in downtown sausalito. you can see the roaring flames in this video. the fire damaged two buildings near princess street and bridgeway including a starbucks and six apartments. several people are now displaced. >> there are six residential it third floor. they're not going to be able to come back in tonight due to the utilities shut off. >> one firefighter was hurt when he got a shot from burned electrical panels. the firefighter was checked at a local hospital and released. no word yet on a possible cause for the fire. happening today, b.a.r.t.'s police citizen review board will meet in oakland to hear about the use of force within the department. this report may include information about a deadly shooting in january. this is video from that scene after b.a.r.t. police officer joseph mateu shot and killed sahleem tindle. investigators say tindle was
6:37 am
armed while fighting another man. his family is suing b.a.r.t. police. 6:36. dub nation getting ready to watch a victory parade tomorrow in oakland. >> here we go again. before you think this is going to be exactly like the other celebrations we've seen, there are some key changes and that includes a missing component that you need to know about. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the 19th street b.a.r.t. station. that's where b.a.r.t. is going to be discussing its plans. hi, amy. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is going to have a meeting today to start getting ready to accommodate al% these people. the trains carried half a million people during the last two parades. we also see barricades have already been put out. they'll use these to corral all the fans. this is at 20th andbr. the cy getti ready to do this for a third time. one big change coming, there won't be a rally at the end of the parade this year. the last two parades ended with a rally at lake merit. last year the players, coach and manager gave speeches to the
6:38 am
crowd. this year the city and the team want the parade to be the main event and want players to interact with players on the route. we met a fan this morning who does not like this idea. >> it would be a big disservice if they don't do it. i really think so. >> what do you like about the rally? >> because it gives a chance to see the players in their own element and see them excited about what they really accomplished for the whole season. it was a hard season for them, so i'm glad they did it. >> the parade starts at 11:00 tomorrow morning at broadway and 11th. public transportation is encouraged. be sure to have your clipper card ready to avoid all the lines. parking will be limited downtown because of all the street closures. so hop on that train if you can. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. if you can't be there in person, catch the warriors victory parade right on abc 7. our live coverage starts at
6:39 am
10:00 tomorrow morning. a great opportunity to download the abc 7 news app. you can watch it live on the app even if you're at work. we have information about parade trngs, street closures, championship parade dos and don'ts on you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. like many of you, i'll be working tomorrow so i'll be watching dubs on 7. if you're going to be out there, temperatures will be warming from, say, the upper 50s -- i hear people may get there as early as 6:30, 7:00. 80 by 1:00. dress in layers. sunscreen and sunglasses needed. 43 in alum rock. pretty much everybody else in the low to mid 50s until you get to saab pablo. gorgeous looking sunshine. let's talk about the commute planner because the breezes will pick up again if you're driving on the north-south bridges or on a ferry this afternoon.
6:40 am
here is a look at san francisco. 58 at 8:00. notice the mid 60s by 10:00 and mid to upper 60s through 4:00, back to 60 by 8:00. on the peninsula, a little warmer. start at 59 at 8:00, 71 at noon, back to a very comfortable 68 by 8:00. our last stop will be the north bay. one of our warmer spots where we'll start to hit the 80s after the lunch hour when we're at 77. that's up from 59 this morning. we'll be back down to about 73, very comfortable at 8:00. we'll take a look at that heat wave coming up in your father's day forecast. first turn it over to alexis and see what's going on on this monday morning. >> it actually got pretty busy as of an hour ago. let's head to one of our incidents. we're trying to sort this out with chp. on 580 east of the toll plaza east of the richmond-san rafael bridge. it looks like the westbound
6:41 am
side. but sounds like minor either way. no backup on the eastbound side. you're definitely heavy on that approach to the bridge if you're traveling westbound, traveling towards marin county. down to about 9 miles an hour for you. we're in touch with chp and say as soon as they get it sorted out, they'll let us know. a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a tough morning there, a couple minutes on the bay bridge. both are clear now. definitely slower than usual on that approach. b.a.r.t., just a heads-up, for tomorrow, about a half million planning on taking b.a.r.t. to the warriors parade. running rush hour service all day. get your clipper card loaded up today. there will be a long line at those ticket machines tomorrow morning. next update in about ten minutes. a powerful performance at the tony awards that brought everyone to their feet. >> you're looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we're up about 46 points right now. we'll check in a again in a couple minutes. couple minutes. steph curry up realer wi l
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the tropics are churning. major hurricane, category 3, 150-mile-per-hour winds. it's offshore right now. it will weaken as it bypasses puerto vallarta and heads straight for cabo san lucas. notice winds dropping to 45 miles per hour. looks like a rainstorm and maybe a rough surf storm. back at home, mid 90s in the central valley, 76 in tahoe today. it's going to warm up into the 80s as we get deeper into tahoe for tuesday, wednesday and thursday before the 70s come back for the holiday weekend. >> thanks so much, mike. take a look at your screen. you can see this woman carrying what appears to be a molotov cocktail. police say she's suspected of trying to start fires at two day care stersz. the latest happened over memorial day weekend. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller live in newark. >> good morning, reggie. for some reason the suspect is choosing these holiday weekends
6:46 am
for these attacks. the latest one happening here in newark a few weeks ago. police were called out here on the afternoon of may 26th, that was memorial day weekend. it was determined this fire was deliberately set. it's being connected to this woman. these pictures are from the thanksgiving weekend, from last year. police say that woman brought a molotov cocktail to safd farry kids in union city. she couldn't get it to light, removed the wick and smashed the bottle through the glass door. the note here is referring clients to safari kids. live in nurk, matt keller, abc 7 news. this morning we're hearing from a young woman kidnapped at birth from a florida hospital. she's now 19 years old. kamiyah mobley was kidnapped in
6:47 am
1998. investigators say gore yeah williams posed as a nurse, abducted her and raised her using the name alexis. the teen says williams told her a secret when she was a junior in high school trying to get a job, but she didn't tell anyone at the time. >> she told me about the kidnapping. she told me what she had done. >> why protect her? >> i loved her. >> last time we talked you still consider her your mother. >> i still do call her mom. >> a judge sentenced williams to 18 years in prison after she pleaded guilty to kidnapping. 18 represents the number of years williams kept the baby away from her biological mother. the teen says she's trying now to find a balance, a way to keep everyone she loves in her life. the 19-year-old says she's now getting to know her biological family. this is a special weekend for many victims of the north bay wildfires and helped them. abc 7 news was at the oakland coliseum as the a's hosted north
6:48 am
bay day yesterday, the team giving away more than 3,000 complimentary tickets to people affected by the fires as well as firefighters and first responders. the gesture kuchd the heart of one young man who lost his home. >> a lot of our neighbors, we haven't seen them. this just gives us a chance to reconnect. >> it's great to be thanked for the job we do and be appreciated, and we appreciate it in return. >> this is our way of really thanking them and really celebrating them and telling them that they're an important part of our community. >> the a's held their annual salute to bay area firefighters before the game against kansas city. by the way, the a's won 3-2. >> it was an emotional moment during last night's tony awards. drama students from stone mman douglas high school in parkland, florida, taking to the stage to sing "seasons of love" from the musical "rent." ♪ all about love >> their high school was the site of the valentine's day
6:49 am
shooting that left 17 people dead. this performance was a surprise for their drama teacher who was in the audience. she had just received a tony award for excellence in theatre education. the background on this was, she hid 65 of her students in a room for two hours during the shooting. all of those students ended up being okay. this is a tribute to her, a tribute to fellow students and to the ones who of course were lost during the shooting. >> that young woman we saw at the end hit that high note and everyone in the audience was in tears. incredible. canada's prime minister justin trudeau threatening new tariffs on american goods. >> he's fighting back after president trump refused to back down on tariffs on aluminum and steel imports at the g7 summit over the weekend. the president tweeted, sorry, we cann cannot let our friends and enemies take advantage of us on trade anymore. we must put the american worker first. this could lead to higher prices
6:50 am
on goods from cars to beer cans. now your morning money report. tesla about to take its auto pilot feature to the next level. >> the next version of tesla will enable, quote, full self-driving features. making this announcement in a tweet saying version nine will be released in august. it's the next step to having fully autonomous cars. apparently you shouldn't get too excited or scared because full self-driving features mean the car can drive itself, but that doesn't mean it will because there are still regulations and limitations on self driving cars on public roads. taking a look at the new york stock exchange, up about 27 points. futures were down overnight after president trump's rocky meeting at the g7 summit. investors are looking to see how the president's meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un goes. new at 6:00, i-hop has temporarily dropped pancakes from its name. it's now known and i-hob with a
6:51 am
b. they're finally revealing what the b stands for. now, it's not breakfast. ♪ >> oh, boy. the b stands for burgers, everyone. ihob released this announcement on twitter about 90 minutes ago. why are they doing this? so we'd talk about it. it's a, maing ploy. ihop wants you to know they sell more than just pan zblaeks it's just temporary. >> they made it sound like it was permanent. didn't give any indication that this wasn't a permanent change. >> i will say that brunch burger looks real good. i will say that. >> it's 6:50 in the morning and we're starving, natasha. >> you tell me your name is ihob, then fine, that's what i'll call you. >> i thought it was either for
6:52 am
brilliant, or burn it down. either one way or the other. since it's temporary -- >> it's just burgers. >> i meant, if you try to change something like that, you could ruin the franchise, is all i was saying. >> taking a look at what's going on, still a nice place to go. here is a look at the roof camera. you can see at 6:52 this morning the broez breezes, they'll be kind of late. it will start feeling warmer than it did yesterday and a higher heat risk for tuesday and wednesday as the mini heat wave moves in. just not as hot for dad's weekend. a look at high pressure steering the storms to the north and building the heat over here. the areas of low pressure will come through and break the heat wave. starting wednesday at the coast and for the rest of us thursday. during the day, the clouds along the peninsula coast. that's about it. get ready for sunshine and temperatures in the low to mid aets for most of the south bay. 89 in gilroy,
6:53 am
mid 60s along the coast, low 70s in downtown south san francisco. in the north bay, mid to upper 80s. along the east bayshore, richmond at 72, oakland 76. 79 in fremont. inland mid to upper 80s. let's take a look at my accuweather forecast for tonight. how about low to upper 50s? so milder than this morning. the clouds still clinging to the peninsula coast. a string of 90s three days, tomorrow, wednesday and thursday inland. 80s and then dropping back into the 70s by thursday around the bay. staying in the 60s for the most part at the coast. have a good one. here is alexis. >> we finally got to the bottom of the crash in the richmond area, just east of the toll plaza for the richmond-san rafael bridge. it does sound like it was on the westbound side. it's all clear now. you are definitely heavy on the approach. the good news is we no longer have lanes blocked. westbound 80 in e of a crash blocking one lane. have not seen anything blocked
6:54 am
right now, but you're also stop and go basically all the way through that el cerito area into emeryville. in the tri-valley, southbound 680 past sunol boulevard, a minor crash on the shoulder but traffic is heavy back to 580. we'll take a look at a new collision in pinole coming up next. fresh off winning his nba championship steph curry appeared on "good morning america." the al star talked about what this year's title means to him, his teammates and his family. >> they're excited. they're getting old enough to really appreciate kind of watching me on the tv and celebrating with me. every opportunity i have to share this with them i'm going to do that, and one day they'll look back and hopefully appreciate the opportunity they had to be a part of my championships and see how happy
6:55 am
we were as a family, as a team, an organization. i think it's a pretty special opportunity. >> that was a cool picture. you can hear how curry and the warriors celebrated in cleveland after the win only on gma. after the win only on gma. that's at geyser alpine spring water starts here, passes through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally. crystal geyser is the only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally. hey, want thedone.est internet? and now, xfinity mobile's included. you could get up to five lines. you could save 400 bucks or more a year, which you could spend on a funk-tastic music video. ♪ dance party boom. ♪ simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet, with three times the speed of at&t and directv, and tv for $35 each a month for a year when you buy both. and ask how you can save with xfinity mobile. click, call or visit us today.
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6:57. if you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. number one, president trump is in singapore this morning. we're now less than 12 hours away from his historic meeting with north korea's kim jong-un. his position remains unchanged, the denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome that the u.s. is going to accept. number two, san jose police confirmed an officer did have to be treated after his air bag randomly deployed overnight. the car was not involved in a crash at the time. that officer is out of the hospital. number three, dramatic cell phone video shows officers dragging a kidnapping suspect away from his burning vehicle in emeryville. he is in critical condition. his female passenger died. the victim who was kidnapped is okay. number four, after years of delays an 80-story office building is set to open this morning at the world trade
6:59 am
center in new york city. 3 borld trade center is the fourth office building at the site where the twin towers once stood. number five, temperatures up to five degrees warmer this morning. that means the big story this afternoon is temperatures climbing to seasonal levels as we start a heat wave that will last through wednesday. number six, one new crash in pinole, westbound 80 near pinole valley road. lane three is blocked. if you're coming from the highway 4 area, about 40 minutes to get to the maze and another 25 across the bay bridge. number seven, dub nation getting ready for another championship parade in oakland tomorrow. this year there will not be a rally. instead, they're offering interactive stations along the parade route. if you can't make it, you can always watch it here on abc 7. our coverage starts at 10:00 a.m. >> we'll be streaming that as well. >> the boss will be watching
7:00 am
tomorrow. they won't care. >> what's an interactive station? >> we'll find out. i think it's an opportunity for good morning, america.y for brink of history. president trump and kim jong-un just hours away from shaking hands at their high-stakes summit in singapore. the first time an american president has ever met with a north korean leader. >> how are you feeling about the summit? >> very good. thank you. very good. >> can trump strike a deal with one of america's most fierce enemies and get north korea to give up their nuclear weapons, all this while he engages in a war of words accusing canada of trying to sabotage the summit. we're live in singapore with all the latest developments. our team covering it all right now on "gma." also this morning, flash flood alert. cars trapped under water on the highway overnight as hurricane bud churns in the pacific expected to turn into a major category 3 storm just hours from now.
7:01 am
deadly alligator attk.


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