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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 11, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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. tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." sheer exhaustion off everest. the climb is entering the death zone. once you cross there, every second you are dying, see the brutal task of do you meaning the askrept while trying to stay alive. a guy is able track down a dog that really needed help. the rush to safety for eight very good reasons. it's a wild joyride with some ladies. what happens when cops swoop in for the first kill? we are breaking down the left on the web, including the videos
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that drew some criticism about safety and rhoda responds. now get the full story what we heard around the world. >> it causes this video incredible incriminating under selling. it will leave you feeling like are you on top of the world. it's shot at an expedition up to the south summit of everest. it really gives you a feeling of how tough it is to be up there. this is taking place in the death zone, above 8,000 meters, once ub cross there, every second you are dying. humans only take in about 30% of the oxygen compared to if they're at sea level and at the same time, you are still trying
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to climb. >> like this is how high planes go when they reach their cruising altitude. >> that's exactly why it is so dangerous. even if you have oxygen, he's just not on the acrept, she shooting the ascent. as such he is using more and more energy, the guys are walking towards the famous par everest. the hillary step. but the next stop you will see is him at the top, basically he shot all the way ahead so he can pluck himself here and get an absolutely incredible shot of this teen then approaching and making their way up. now you see this cracking shot right here. what this also gives, if you listen to the sound of this video, it shows you just how hard it is to do anything. >> i was down that way after five minutes on the series's
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steper. >> tell me about it. you see them making it down this shuttle rocks, then he has to pass ten other climbers to get to the summit first so he thinks he can place the camera and get the shot and there is the two making their way up. you have to put one picture in to celebrate his victory as well. >> you got it. >> you have to get your way back down e. you have to get out of the death turn before you turn, before you die. >> wow, that's wild. >> now, this is all from an expedition in 2013. don't worry, everybody made it out safe. i got to tell you, dogs are really smart, especially the dog in this video that really needed help this is in serbia, this dog happened to bout feet from the dog rescue shelter.
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>> it's a great place to be, i into the woods right there, so they've got to find her, once this guy starts breaking through the brush and gets closer, you can see she's just situated herself in there. she's laying down quietly. she doesn't sneak. can anybody venture a guess? >> to get a quiet place to give birth. >> she is heavily pregnant. they said she was ready to welt at any time. he finally gets ahold of her. it isn't easy. it is, he gives her a big kiss in the head, she's like, ah, thank goodness, so he gets her back to the shelter. there is a whole crowd, oh my goodness a new friends a new friends. they have to clean out the room with straw because they want a quiet place for her to have puppies so they cleared it out. >> i want to give her that
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night, she gave birth. there she is, happy, they say, you know what help us out or help a shelter out. donate, they need someone to help them when they find mom like this in distress. if you know anybody in serbia, looking for a puppy, boom, try the dog rescue sheller of dog in a box. questioning these police officer tactics, others are praising them. the two guys are right in front of them. they just snatched a woman's purse. well, they're not going to get away with it today. >> they've already disappeared. >> as soon as they went crashing into their scooters, both groups went in different directions, but they didn't get very far, they were later arrested. . >> if the cops start doing this, they might start stopping. >> others are saying they could
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have and they don't feel that's okay. >> i know teaching them the lesson is the criminal justice system. its the process. i think part of it is the initial reaction. part of it is, these guys are scum. >> you get what you get. if spain /* in spain, the driver of the car is being find about 500 euros which is the equivalent of $588 because he's technically in the lane. >> they're pulled over, right? >> no, he's stopping traffic to do this. >> as a matter of fact, you see the bus maneuver around them, as the video goes on, they continue driving and make a u-turn as the girls part back that way as well. this is dangerous. also, it's about 12 points, they have about 12 points on their
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license. recently a millionaire was doing a student with their car. i think they're trying to put an end to it. >> why does it sometimes feel like people really live in a bubble. >> daily. just go to twitter. >> these girls are playing in a bubble. it's awe some. this is the youtube channel, the fabulous hair. she is with her little girlfriends and they've got something. they put it together. then they do this. >>. >> one, two, three. >> how cool is that? they are able handle it, toss it to the ground. isn't that cool? >> that was crazy. >> i love he's turned into a little girl in this video as
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well. >> all right. i am actually going to send this video to my daughter. >> yes, it's fun. then you will be doing this with her over the weekend. >> they cuddle on the floor, they will try to get this bubble around her. of course. >> this slime stuff gets kids off the screen, it gets them sort of measuring, doing little science experiment, gets them involved. it's quite fun. >> they're interacting. >> they start working that slime. right about here, they try it one last time. >> one, two -- >> oh. piggy bank.
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>> he's been saving money for a bicycle. indifferent.'s decided to >> the future president of somewhere, something. and buckle up for one crazy hot wheels ride. >> up and -- oh. brought to you by -- i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands?
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. >> closed captioning provided by -- ou take it off. it boosts the release of endorphins relieving pain for hours. smart relief. turn off pain. . >> so many people have so many images after the volcano eruptions, dozens of people killed, so many others displaced. areas evacuated. buildings buried under this ash from the classic eruption that
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was very violent, which is why so many people are coming together. >> he is taking money out of his piggy bank. he has been saving money for a bicycle. but today he's decided to do something different with that money yeah, that's mom that asks, what are you doing with that money? he sends e says he's sending that. >> they give all the money in the world because somebody else needs it more. >> he and his family live in the states. his family is from guatemala, that is a huge reason of why he wants to help. mama, why are you doing this? and he says i will never abandon his people. oh, okay. then the camera pans over to where her daughter is sitting. she talks through her tears.
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like he understands what the people are going through, even people that don't have much are giving. it's not going to get the bicycle he was saving for the daughter was saving for a laptop. >> mom should be proud. she is raising some good children. >> she hopes others watching this should be inspired to reach in their pockets and help the country when it needs it so desperatel desperately. >> if your child has an obsession with roller coasters and hot wheels. you will appreciate this video. apparently hot wheels has a car called the zoom in, you can melt a gopro on top of. so put it on the track and let her rip. >> i love this video. it's so cool. it's impossible to get until the technology got good enough, you can shrink it down. >> they're sending it straight into the ocean? >> well, not quite the ocean.
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>> the water nonetheless. >> i love that they've created an entire track 'raw and seaweed and everything. >> what's the worst thing about it, you are imagining it on a big scale, when you put the camera down here, it looks like your imagination. >> yes, this is absolutely awesom awesome. >> he's buying his friend a car. or is he? >> but he can't. >> "right this minute. request itself. >> still to come. >> having a date with a stingray. >> what happens when someone eating you to get a smooch? >> you stay here, i'll suck your hand. plus, when it pizza, nothing willsame. t's about to get a whole
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. >> you guys kiss on the first date? >> it depends. . don't fell. >> what she says. >> her in trinidad, kisses on the first date. >> they take it to a bar in this case a sands bar. >> maybe, if the conversation is good. >> these are trained. they know if they come to this area, humans will feed them. i'll suck your hand. because they do. they do. they do. when you give them real food, there it is. >> there were some other stuff going on, here's eric holding it, this is them dancing. they do have their barbs, but in the 30 years that they have been dhog down in grand cayman, there
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hasn't been any injuries. he gives him a kiss. this is supposed to be seven years good luck. ten watch the stingray gets up close and gets him on the side. >> does this work? if i break a mirror and break out with a stingray, am i evened out. >> i think. so it's like the rule of the universe. ollie is okay. >> yes. >> and he's got beef. >> when are you told to get up, get out, exercise, eat well. one company in canada is taking
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a stand. with the opposite. >> you had me at pizza. >> nothing will ever be the same. >> a food tray. >> so greedy. >> this is so good. >> yeah if you want to eat your pizza in bed. they have got the pizza box for you. >> i am all for this. not greedy, it's >> i'm trying to get my life together. it's downhill. >> it's not as easy as you think, it's a special thing for father's day. it's only offered until june 11th. so if are you in canada, if you like your boston pizza, you can use the #bp in bed to enter, en may get the opportunity to have it delivered. >> i may celebrate fathers day this year or pizza. a little girl and a truck driver
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perfectly show how to share the road. >> now, get the stories behind the thumb's up. that's become a viral sensation. >> we had 150,000 views.
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all the skin came off. she's pretty happy. she says she might try it again. driving, cyclists. who's the -- how should we be treating each other well? the debate is over, thanks to
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one conscientious truck driver and 4-year-old rhoda. she is pedaling along, you see a line cars and a huge truck lined up behind her. after that gap is opened. giving them lots of space. rhoda responds. >> ahaha. >> can we all just get along? >> it's so simple. she takes a video on how to behave on the road. >> it makes a difference when it's a cute little 4-year-old that does that, not like a grown-up. >> the point is the grownups aren't as smart. >> leave them the space they need on the road. even the grownups. >> but, okay the internet is also where all the worst people
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in the world live. rhoda is also gentleman to demonstrate in yet another video how to deal with them. that's right, girl. >> and done. so there we go. we're getting life lessons on how to be better people live vieia skype "right this minute." hi, guys. what are you guys doing with all the cycling? >> we were at a training for a big bike rider flying in this summer. we had a bad time with the truck. so when we com back in. we were just amazed. this guy sat back. we've even met danny the truck driver now. >> cool. >> how did he feel about thumbs up? >> i thought about honking a horn. >> do you think that your video
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will change or have some positive effects on motorists/cyclists relationships on the road? >> i saw the video and i thought, it's a good news story, let's make good driving, good manners, let's make that aspirational, make everyone want to be a good road user. by the following morning, we had 150,000 views on my phone, which was vibrating non-stop. >> how are you guys as a family handling the trolls? >> yes! . >> thank you so much for putting good news out there in the world. we think the road is a shining example of what we should all strive to be. thank you, guys, thank you. >> bye! >> thumb's up. . time flies when you are having fun, we've flown to the end of
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>> tonight breaking news we're just a short time away from the historic first. president trump face-to-face with kim jong-un. the president set to sit down with the north korean dictator. the first time a sitting u.s. president has ever met with a north korean leader. after months of calling each other names, the president tweeting we'll know what will happen. will kim give up his nuclear weapons? what will he demand in return? also tonight, who is this mysterious dictator? in just moments, he will be thrust onto the world stage beside the president of the united states. but he has been ruthless, ordering the execution of his uncle. it's believed the assignation of his own br


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