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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 12, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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president trump's wide ranging s cferees ncreou t ready to pr celebrate? sky7 live over the parade route in oakland a we count down to dubs nation celebration. see the balloons in gold and blue there. >> yeah. i loveal b do our friends jessica castro and matt keller. they are live in oakland along the parade route for us so we'll check with them in a se ndcofi.rst let's go to meteorol mike nicco who has yr parade day forecast. hi, mike. >>yb y.hi, don't expect theal u comforting breeze. it will pick up after the celebration is over. that of that at 11:00, plus 80. drink a lot of water. 280 in san jose where it's 60 degrees right now. temperatures a little bit milder this morning. that higher base is goi to
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lead to higher temperatures this afternoon. we start off around 50 at the at t, 60 everywhere else at ct noon, mid-70s to upper 80s. already warm at lunch. it gets down right t,ho96 at 4:00. a little toasty during evening hours, he73 t to 81. let's find out about the morning commute. hi, alexis. >> unfortunately we have a few e nblousotsp up, including westbound 92 on the foster city side of san mateo bridge a box truck and semi past foster city. sounds like one lane blocked, the far right heading to the scene calling for an ambulance. we possibly have injuries there, too. bay bridge toll plaza, i have a feeling folks that aren't heading to warriors parade are skipping bart and deciding to drive. we have toll plaza and metering lights flipped on at 4:30. we'll talk more about the parade mass transit impacts coming up
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in a few minutes. >> alexis, thank you. we start with new developments overpass, president trump heading back to the u.s. after historic summit with kim jong-un. >> the president agreeing to provide security guarantees to north korea in exchange for kim's commitment of the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. he says kim agreed to destroy a major missile testing site afte. he also says the u.s. will stop, quote, very provocative war games with south korea. president trump says he and kim are committed to recovering remains of prisoners of war. he sat down with abc anchor george stephanopoulos for this inte >> even my enemies calli historic. we've done something unique. nobody met with the family, nobody at a high level. >> no president has. >> no president certainly. we've done something we're very proud of. it's a very song president trum without otto warmbier, the
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american students died days after being freed by north korea. he suffered severe brain damage while in captivity. the president said warmbier did not die in vain. >> there is plenty more coverage of historic summit live in si singapore coming up right after abc 7 mornings. they broke a 40 year championship drought, steph, clay, dray and iggy brought ra oakland. >> then kevin durant in 2017 and another title for the warriors. when will 2018 be like. find out on abc 7 or stream it on the abc app. >> we're already on the parade route with some folks who got there early. matt keller and jessica castro live where the dubs nation celebration is about to kick of. the games are over and the cebrle niotoday.
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>> that's right. there's a lot of people already as the sun continues to come up. in fact we get a little entertainment, one fan singing already. >> allinds of so kngs. a hot dog vendor went by. you know it's a party. they have the grilled onions a bacon they start to grill up. >> that sounds good with a cup of coffee. >> in the too early for a hot there is a parade at 11:00 a.m. let's show you that parade route right now. >> here it is. a quick look. starts at 11th street and trachls up broadway to 20th. make a right to harrison and another right down what is normally 18th street to lake side drive and another to 14th street. >> the warriors celebration eselease of a new sneaker. abc 7 news on broadway and oakland where an under armour pop-up shop will open after the
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parade. they report curry 4 and 5 sneakers. it will be open two days so get them while it's hot. >> you may want to wear comfy sneakers, a lot of cheering and standing around as we cheer on the victory of the dubs. we're so excited. our victory parade here third .eti third time is charm. >> back-to-back. it's funny. we talked to a lot of people who said they had been to parades before but a couple of people saying they have never been to a parade. this is the first opportunity they will come out and see the parade. good for them and people coming out, expecting a million people. >> we should note a little different in years past, no big rally at the end. it's going to be interactive. hopefully fans will interact with their favorite player as they stop and make announcements and speeches along the way. >> a lot of fun oackut to you i studio. >> looking great out there, guys. thanks so much. if you can't make it to the parade in person, we have you covered. catch dub nation celebration right here on abc 7. >> live coverage starts at 10:00
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this morning. if you are headed to the parade, detailed information about transportation, street closures and parade dos and don'ts. that's on next the major milestone for north bay wildfire cleanup. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. east bay hills, sun breaking out across neighborhoods. it's going to push us 8 to 12 degrees warmer than average, which brings a moderate risk of heat today so be careful. >> thank you, mike. skycam over lake merritt, live picture from above. can you see some of the parade celebration preparations under way. barricades up, flag banners are hey, want thedone.est internet?
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a delicious chew that protects for an entire month. ask your vet for more information. reported side effects include vomiting and itching. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice. >> let's take a look in the north bay where 40s are gone, still pretty cool, low- to mid-50s. it tiburon 57, clear lake at 64. we have 60 alameda, san jose 61. same thing tracy, brentwood 62. everybody else mid to upper 50s
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until we get to the coast. daly city, 50 degrees. take a look. notice the lack of fog. if you're exercising do it earlier. won't be as hot. sunny and breezy at the ocean, small craft advisory. south of the bay bridge small craft advisory from 3:00 to 9:00 in the evening hours, west winds 30 to 35 miles per hour. all right. couple more days of school, that's it for some of us. starting off 50 to 60 at 7:00, 60 at the coast at 11:00, 71 to 83 with strong sunshine around the bay and inland. look at those temperatures at 3:00. kids are going to want to stay inside especially inland with those mid-90s. let's get a check of that morning commute. here is alexis. >> i do want to take you back live to sky7, oakland and all the warriors parade preparation. lake side drive. balloon arch i know you love. lobl aoks like service vehicles this point getting set up. i am seeing a few fans along the
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parade route there. looks like there's a lot of good spots open here this morning. so of course this is all along the shores of the lake and surface street closures already in place that have been there since noon yesterday and going until 7:00 today. keep in mind, packed, over half million people will ride bart to the festivities today. use 12th or 19th. some changes for contra costa county this morning so make sure you check on those. peak hours for ridership between 9:00 and 11:00 and 12:00 and 2:00. >> thank you, alexis. all over cleanup from north bay wildfires is now complete. >> this is largest cleanup since 1906 earthquake. lasted over 4500 parcels that sign up for cleanup program was cleared last week. according to press democrat 40 properties cleared where the tubs fire happened. 2 million tons of ash and fire
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related debris had to be hauled away. >> we are counting down to dubs nation celebration. coming up next, the special way you can show your warriors pride today. >> finals mvp kevin durant stopped by to speak with jimmy kimmel last night. he's revealing who the real mvp is, as in most valuable partier. >> remember to show us hu you're partying today, post photos and partying today, post photos and man 1: this is my body of proof. woman 1: proof of less joint pain... woman 2: ...and clearer skin. woman 3: this is my body of proof. man 2: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 4: ...with humira. woman 5: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. avo: humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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. ba sky7, 6:15 live over oakland. can you see with the where the parade is starting there, the baoon arch. pye gathering there when we were out there before 4:30. our crews seeing people putting their chairs out. now we are just 3:44 before the celebration. >> 10:00 a.m., parade at 11:00sn chairs, ready to sit out out, hopefully great vantage point. if you go there, there's a special way to show you para parade. will matt and jessica sharing pe t this morning. at ng this parade, usewitter and
6:16 am
snapchat. >> snapchat has a cool filter, says championsn oth l ike ewet champions today. of course our team golden state video filter has yellow and blue confetti that rains down on you, which is pretty neat to see. >> do we have pictures there th? we've been doing this a lot, doing selfies. it's a there we go. >> there we go. >> you can see they flattened it. a filterha tt look flawless. >> flawless. >> maybe not there, ghost like on the left there. you look great. everybody can look great with erltfi sons hapcna something el that looks great i know reggie likes yellow and blue b
6:17 am
aralchon ulop here. >> we have one guy practically doing karaoke and entertaining the crowds, which is great. reggie, i think that's your kindred spirit out here singing for everybody. there he is. >> that can go either way. >> we are still a good four, five hours so he is -- >> he needs to pace himself. i'm a little worried about his stamina. >> living his best life. >> yes, he's going through the whole catalog, too. >> we'll see if he makes it. >> we'll check in in just a moment. >> see if he's still living his best life. see you in a little bit. it has been a whirlwind week for warriors as they celebrate championship for finals mvp kevin durant. >> he's back in the bay area this morning but he stopped by jimmy kimmel lthe parade and th >> you have a parade tomorr. >> 8:00 a.m., i have to hurry andp get back.
6:18 am
8:00 a.m. >> who is the most valuable partier? >> draymond. >> he had his shirt off on the plane. >> he's been that way since january. >> is that okay? >> that's so funny. >> that shot is everything. >> you'll see k.d. in oakland this morning and swagy p. if you're going head to to find out everything you need to know about the dubs nation celebration. if you can't go stream or watch it on abc 7. >> it is shirtless weather if that's your thing. >> start with the pink t. >> $175 at barney's frney's frns out, so you're out of lu.
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>> whatever swagy p is wearing. >> a million best friends. put that onlinease you're not with us. >> one of those areas hit mid-90s, sunshine on 680. one of the hottest days this week is today. it will be clear again tonight, even out to the coast where it will be cool to mild as you head through the bay and inland. a 60s. the heat will break in time for father's day. look at cloud cover, a stout north to south breeze moving across the waters of the ocean. that's why you'll see a lot of sunshine today like the rest of us. let's see what it does to temperatures. what really sticks out in the south bay los gatos, morgan hill, 90s, mid to upper 80s. start in mid-80s, drop to 78 at millbrae. a little less heat there. mid to upper 60s along the coast with that sunshine. especially when you're startgin.
6:20 am
mid-70s downtown, south san francisco, sausalito. san rafael, everyone else low- to mid-90s in the valleys. north shore low- to mi80 in ther 70s. air conditioning weather mid up vaer 90s in east bay st eywe'll do it again tomorrow. you'll notice the cooling starting thursday especially around the bay and inland. it will move inland friday. coolest day saturday and a touch warmer but still pretty nice for father's day sund. hi, alexis. >> good morning. i know we're trying to have fun talk this morning but we do about on the roads as well. i want to head back to danville. northbound 680 near el pintado. a few crashes, a second one north of the initial crash. we have far right block and onlooker delay. 60 between alamo and danville.
6:21 am
not a massive back-up yet but certainly keep an eye on residual delays westbound 92 past foster city. two trucks involved in a crash. that has cleared from the three right lanes. check out this camera here. this is westbound 92 just passed the toll plaza. you're heavy across the bridge. not great. we'll take a look at drive times next. >> thanks, alexis. a health alert for anyone who picks up a snack at work. >> hard work pays off. see the surprise of dubs fans who dedicated their time to helping others. >> good stuff. first here is ginger zee for what's coming up at 7:00 for "good morning america." >> good morning. coming up ongm "a" singapore for that history making summit. george speaking first to the ing.ident just after that kim jong-un promising the worldt me wiee a major change. can the president really trust him and will he regret strikeing a deal with a dictator.
6:22 am
what he tdol our full team coverage and reaction around the globe
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65 at :00, byoon it's aro 80 by the
6:25 am
time things are over. over the parade route in oak you're going to top out at 80 degrees. that's about 10 degrees above average. like most neighborhoods you're going to be warmer than average today and tomorrow. i don't think that will stop any of us from having a great time. just remember a lot of nonalcoholic liquids if you can to temper the heat today. >> good advice, mike. thank you. our neighbors to the north have a plan to save a protected species, reportedly asking permission to kill california sea lions because they are threatening endangered fish. they report california marine mammals are predators of a fish in oregon. the sea lions eat so many steelhead there's a 90% chance they will do ex tingt. if approved they could trap and kill as many as 92 sea lions every year. a study shows food offered at work adds up to a whole lot of extra often empty calories. researchers at cdc found workers take in 1200 calories food and
6:26 am
drinks per person per week. the food comes a variety of places, cafeteria, vending machines, common areas and meetings and events at work where they provide the cake or bagels. workplaces need to promote access to healthier foods including listing calories and nutritional it it. if you find carrot sticks, that's what happened. >> i like cake. >> two fans got a surprise for their hard work for boys and girls club. >> they will be at the celebration parade. >> that's a great reaction, too. this how kenny and naomi reacted after they found out they would be the united airlines float this morning. the two volunteered an incredible amount of time towards the project. a commitment that didn't do
6:27 am
unnoticed. everything you need like hats, water bottles and, of course, a warriors parade. >> we'll be looking for them. that's wonderful. a whole lot of coverage at 7:30. >> including this. fans have already picked out prime spot for the parade. matt and jessica have a great spot. they are at the beginning where the parade will step off. >> see the man with the giant flag? >> he's ready to go. he wants everyone driving by to acknowledge the dubs this morning. we love it. plus we're live in singapore this morning covering that other big story. president trump anno
6:28 am
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6:30 am
now at 6:30, historic meeting. president trump and kim jong-un announcing a major deal after coming together in singapore. could it mean peace on the korean peninsula. final days for toys "r" us. the deals keep getting better if you act fast. >> oakland ready to party. sky7 live over the parade route. look bathed in gold this morning. how appropriate. everyone getting ready to celebrate third nba finals win in four years. >> complete coverage of dubs nation celebration including jessica castro, matt keller and amy hollyfield live at the parade route in oakland.
6:31 am
good to see you all. >> everyone looks great. first start with getting you out the door so we'll talk to meteorologist mike nicco. >> i really like that shot. why don't we go back to it. tells the tale of sunshine everywhere including oakland. if you're just joining parade forecast, dubs nation starting at 6:00. it will 865. you want to dress in layers. by the time we get to 1:00, sunny and 78, 10 to 15 degrees warmer if you're out in the sunshine. let me break down the day if you're not one of the lucky ones that gets to go there. walking out with 50s and 60s all the way from 70. noon around the bay, mid-80s to 90s at 4:00. hope you have air conditioning or some way to beat the heat today. we'll vitt again tomorrow. show you that next.
6:32 am
here is alexis. >> mike, looking at a few trouble spots on the road, nothing parti stackup back into the maze as the metering lights on just over an hour ago, 5:28 this morning. some folks don't want to deal with huge crowds on bart are driving today instead. do keep that in mind. it's a busy day all the way around for bay area. 580 richmond san rafael bridge looking got 8 minutes, 29 across san mateo. that is all due to an earlier crash on the foster city side. all lanes back open. westbound 84 dumbarton bridge, alternate, 10 minutes. talk more about mass transit and service changes for warriors parade coming up in just a few minutes. thanks, alexis. we've put together dubs nation compilation, information before the celebration. >> whoa. >> 2015 was when warriors fans really got that spirit because they hadn't seen a win in decades. 2017 the start of the new era with kevin durant and 2018 the dawndynasty.
6:33 am
>> hopefully you have your best warriors gear on this morning because we have a dubs nation celebration to talk aboutat11 a championship parade will roll on through. good morning you two. >> good morning to you. we are so excited out here. there are a ton of excited fans already lining up all along the parade route. >> a beautiful morning. it's warming up here. we've got the warriors fans. hey, fans, warriors! >> warriors! >> they are ready to go. they are ready for the parade at 6:30 in the morning. they have about 4 1/2 hours to wait before the players actually come by on the floats. when they do come by we want to what's going to take place at 11:00 for this parade route. here is a quick look at the parade route from our truck camera on the left, travels up
6:34 am
broadway to 20th, right to harrison, another right down what is normally a one-way street there, 19th street to lake side drive and another right to 13th street. >> if you're headed to the parade check dos and don'ts of dubs nation celebration. don't bring hard sided containers of any size including coolers and thermoses. don't bring glass containers or cans lawn furniture or folding chairs or any alcoholic beverages. you can bring signs or banners but they can't be too big, can't exceed dimensions of 18 x 18". there are things you want to bring to be prepared. bring sunscreen, hats, water, anything else to keep you hydrated. and of course bring that excitement because it's going to be quite t fans are really exci morning. check in with amy hollyfield on broadway and 12th where she's hanging out with some fans. hi, amy. >> good morning, matt. look behind me.
6:35 am
the front row is about gone. so if you arrive now you're going to be behind at least one row of people. these are the early birds. i asked them what time they all got here to secure this spot and they told me between 5:00 and 6:00. they have got a few hours to go but you can see they are very excited. lots of enthusiasm out here at 12th and broadway. look at that banner above broadway, back-to-back champions. how good does that look? a couple of fans bragging to me they came from reno. i have them beat. i met a brother and sister duo who came from houston, home of those rockets that we beat to make it to the championship. they say they are expecting a great day. >> excitement, a lot of action with klay thompson. that's my baby. but i'm just excited to be here honestly. it's good to see all this blue and gold. it's real good. >> now, here is a look at the
6:36 am
very, very e arlymoing. wet ts video of people arriving between the 4:00 and 5:00 hour. we met people who left at 10:00 last night. it's really interesting to listen to fans and their experience. now that they have a couple of parades under their belt, they know how to do it better. some people telling us they got better. they know when to leave, how to find good parking. at least we're getting experience, practice, getting better at it. looks like it's going to be a great day. still plenty of room. don't be worried if you haven't left home yet. just know front spots are filling in. reporting live and sending it back to where a lot of fans gather where the players launch. that's a great spot. >> you can actually see folks behind us, cable cars, the floats back there, some flags and they will be coming right up here on 11th street to broadway. really exciting and we're 5 1/2
6:37 am
hours. we've got the countdown on the clock to the screen, 4:23 to coverage. >> get sibs readgns ready. i like that golden dynasty. >> cool. >> look at people gathering behind amy and her live shot. they came out of nowhere. >> a number of people out there. thanks, guys. if you can't make it in person, we have you covered a lot of angles. dub nation celebration on abc 7. >> live coverage starts at 10:00 this morning. if you are headed to the parade, can you get detailed information about transportation, street closures, parade dos and don'ts on switch gears, the north korean summit. this morning president trump says north korean leader kim jong-un agreed to destroy a major missile testing site. >> president trump invited him to the white house. tara palmeri live in singapore.
6:38 am
good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. >> it was a historic summit. kim's commitment will did he nine the moment. ending with a promise. >> we have a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind. the world will see a major change. >> president trump signing an agreeme agreement. >> we have developed a very special bond. it worked out for both of us far better than anybody could have expected. >> reporter: in that letter president trump agreed to provide security guarantees to north korea in exchange for kim's, quote, firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the president sitting down with abc's chief anchor george stephanopoulos. >> i think he wants to denuke. that's very important. without that, there's nothing to discuss. >> not at the top of the agenda, human rights. >> i believe it's a rough
6:39 am
situation over there, no question about it. i think ultimately we'll agree to something. >> it all started with the historic handshake and smiles and pats on the back. president trump leading kim jong-un into that private one-on-one where he looked into his eyes and came out saying -- >> i really think it was a good meeting, a lot of progress. >> their one-on-one lasting 40 minutes ending with a signing and an invite to the white house. president trump said at a press conference that the details of the deal will be worked out over the next week. he said although the agreement doesn't have the word verification in it, they will be verifying whether kim is truly disarming his nuclear arsenal. at the same time president trump admitted, quote, scientifically it takes a long time to denuclearize. reporting from singapore i'm tara palmeri, abc 7 news. back to you, t.
6:40 am
some remarkable moments between these two leaders. >> an incredible series images, incredible moments, things that you would not think imaginable until you saw them take place. the president seemed to relish every moment of this, clearly sees this as the defining moment of his presidency. >> much more coverage coming up on "gma" starting at 7:00 a.m. you are never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. look at los gatos, 67, cooler in the valley, mid to upper 50s, downtown san jose, 61, mountain view at 60 right now. temperatures mid to upper 50s along bayshore, starting around san francisco all the way to the south bay. 52 half moon bay, 59 danville and fairfield. novato about 51. let's talk about your commute. hopefully air conditioner
6:41 am
working on bart, mass transit and your car as we hit mid-80s to mid-90s in most neighborhoods away from the coast. it will be choppy south of the bay bridge this afternoon. we do have a small craft advisory. talk about san francisco. 58 at 8:00. look by noon 65, hanging out in the upper 60s throughout afternoon hours down to 62 by 8:00. we'll head down to the peninsula and notice the temperatures will start to climb. noon 76 to 80s around 1:00 to 3:00 anderson back down to 76 by 6:00. 69 by 8:00. south bay heading south, temperatures up the scale. 63 at 8:00. noon we're already 82. hanging onto the mid-80s throughout the afternoon hours, back down to about 72 by 8:00. these aren't even some of ourey d to 90s there. take a look at accuweather forecast. i promise cooler weather for those that don't have air conditioning. that's coming.
6:42 am
what about those out on the roads this morning. >> expect a lot of company. it's not too bad but starting to get busy. i want a live look at preparations and the scene in oakland. just a gorgeous start to the day along shores of lake merritt. a lot of street closures. a lot started shutting down at noon yesterday. it's not a big surprise. many will remain closed until 7:00 this evening. you can see news trucks out there this morning. i believe matt and jessica not too far from here and crews setting up this morning as well. keeping a close eye on traffic. right now it's looking okay. mass transit is obviously the way to go. if you're trying to get to the parade half million over that riding bart to the victory parade. if you are going to the festivities, 12th or 19th. no post rally this year so don't need to get off lake merritt. they are ramping up service, extra trains, additional customer service. i have been checking in with
6:43 am
bart, so far so good everything according to plan peak hours kick in between 9:00 and 11:00. as everyone exits the parade between noon and 2:00 this afternoon so have some patience. hopefully you've got a clipper card, too. there will definitely bea stude graduation speech is suddenly cut off. some powerful voices are coming to her defense. >> at 6:43 looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. pretty flat, down 2 points, 25,319, an update on how the markets are doing coming up next. and an update on how we're doing in oakland as people get ready for the parade this morning. we are less than -- i should say
6:44 am
6:45 am
♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
6:46 am
it seems like just about everywhere you can't get away from the heat today. eureka and monterey not bad, mid-60s with sunshine, 74 san francisco, 83 l.a. yosemite 93 still pretty warm and tahoe at 80. let me show you what's going on in tahoe, warmer than average next couple of days, dry front,
6:47 am
thunderstorms possible sunday and monday because of him, hurricane bud, which became a 4 overpass. it wasn't supposed to do that, still supposed to weaken, become a 1 when it hits cabo san lucas thursday morning, 75, 80-mile-an-hour winds, 12 to 14 foot waves. then you see it goes up into arizona and eventually sierra and that's why we have a chance of storms there. natasha. >> mike, thank you. 6:34, happening today, families and activists in the north bay plan to show up at board of education to speak about high school value particular attorney graduation speech. they cut off her microphone. she was going off script to talk about sexual assault. families want to know how it will change sexuality assault and harassment allegations. it starts at 6:00 at petaluma schools. if you haven't taken advantage of toys r us
6:48 am
liquidation sale you better hurry. >> announced discounts range from 50 to 70% at stores that are still open. however, just a warning you might not find exactly when you're looking for. analysts say most of the good stuff sold weeks ago. taking a look at new york stock exchange. we're still hovering at a lot of nothingness. down 5 points. asian markets all up overnight after president trump met with north korean leader kim jong-un. today watching federal reserve meeting on interest rates. back to more fun. look at this unique view from sky7. this is 19th and madison along the parade where people have been gathering for two hours. when it comes to parades people aren't joking around. >> i love that perspective. if you're headed to oakland there's a lot to see and changes this year.
6:49 am
matt and jessica back to explain. good morning. >> good morning. the games were so intense during playoffs today, all about the celebration. >> about fans out here. we want to show you around. the crowd filling out. at least two rows of people lining this parade route at 11th and broadway where we are. >> but a lot of room, too. that's the thing. 6:39, parade starts at 11:00. if you want a good spot plenty available. this the beginning. cable cars and floats behind us ready to go. if you want a great spot, now is the time to come out and get it. >> you know what else can you see behind us, the cool mural we have video in the process of get it done. artist known as vogue, look at this, really created something amazing. it's a dub dynasty mural commissioned by the hotel.
6:50 am
he wanted to have five of the best well-known warriors but settled on kevin durant because of time constraints. it looks amazing, really something to see. >> come out here broadway and 11th. come out and take a picture with the mural. get the spot
6:51 am
>> isn't this exciting the second time in a row or not as exciting? no? it's not? >> it's still fun. free drinks is cool. in a championship, you're supposed to party all summer. you can't get tired first two days. >> do you have party plans for the whole summer? you do. you should. why not? >> i like that smile. >> perfect way to answer that. k.d. also brought some hardware to show jimmy. when he asked about the idea of signing lebron james to the team, durant says he doesn't think that will happen. >> that millennial pink sweatshirt sold out online, about $200. >> his answer, is it as excite the second time around? you get free drinks. >> i'm sure he can afford all the drinks in the world he would like. >> do you want to buy for the bar. >> maybe he should buy them for everybody. absolutely. maybe that's what he means for free. let's talk about what's going on. hopefully they are giving away
6:52 am
free water or they take it with them. a lot dressed for coolness, as we look live at the parade route this morning. there's 11th street in oakland, i should say. what we're seeing very much in the way of warm temperatures today. in fact, sunny. displas, sunscreen and dress in layers if we're going there. we may be 50s now but 80 pi the time it's over. cool at the coast for father's day. nothing extreme. see how it breaks down, high temperatures behind me, 66 in ingleside, 76 bayshore, 74. today east bay 59 to 80 at 4:00. high temperatures look at this. upper 70s richmond and berkeley, low- to mid-80s everywhere else. peninsula, 58, noon 70, 80 at 4:00. our high temperatures millbrae 78 and low- to mid-80s for the
6:53 am
rest of the peninsula. mid to upper 60s along the coast. head to south bay where we warm from 59 to 87 from 7:00 to 4:00. a lot of mid to upper 80s in the heart of the south bay. head deeper south, morgan hill and look at the huge spread here, 40 degrees warmer as we head into the afternoon. mid to upper 90s in inland east bay neighborhoods after starting off in the upper 50s to low 60s. my accuweather forecast 50s and 60s tomorrow morning. temperatures about the same tomorrow afternoon except the coast will the cooling begins there and hits all of us by saturday our coolest day. alexis. >> head back live to sky7. the preparations in oakland this morning for, of course, the warriors parade. right along lake side drive, lake chalet restaurant if you're family with that. looking like a gorgeous morning. a lot of surface street closures. many have been in place since noon. many will last until 7:00 this
6:54 am
evening. there are ac transit detours and bart ramping up service today, too. we're seeing folks getting lined up. seeing a lot of folks setting up. there we go. i think we have a guy in a bike. i saw somebody waving a flag around this morning. it is definitely starting to ramp up out there. also hearing from chp, northbound 880 off-ramp to oak and broadway will be closing soon and closed for the majority of the day just trying to control that traffic coming into the oakland area. northbound 680 near el pintado, a crash blocking one lane and a back-up on the southbound side, too, due to onlooker delay. next traffic update just before 7:00. >> thanks, i never thought i'd say this sentence but san francisco has a new design for public toilets. they have okayed with bulbous metallic orbs, replacing green kiosks.
6:55 am
it needs to pass historic preservation hearing. this summer. >> chrome or mirror. am i the only one that doesn't mind crazy green old -- >> i feel like >> one hashtag to rur, dubs on 7. post them online with the hashtag so we can easily find them and put them on air. >> live in oakland. 12th and broadway. some police officers are getting ready to be part of the parade and protect those there to watch it. as you can see, plenty of fans behind barri
6:56 am
6:57 am
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6:59 am
fans who signed up early to get the best view of their players. starting at 10:00 this morning. download abc news app to watch it on the go. >> hottest days of the week mid-60s around the coast, 90s inland around 4:00. >> number four, of course. a half million planning on using bart to get to festivities so plan ahead. number five, a man killed in a crash identified with a doctor with john muir health. she was driving northbound on the freeway when a pine tree fell on the road. chp investigating whether she fell on the car or she collided with it. number six san francisco mayor's race london breed leads by 1,000 00 votes, still 18,000 voted to be counted. >> warriors victory celebration includes release of a new sneaker, under armour pop-up shop. they will have exclusive pairs
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news. president trump and kim jong-un make history. >> we will have a terrific relationship, i have no doubt. >> a stunning moment on the world stage as the once fierce enemies meet face-to-face for the first time. extraordinary images as they sign this high-stakes agreement. the north korean dictator who's boasted of weapons that could reach the united states, now commits to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula and promises the world will see a major change. >> now this morning the first interview with president trump. just hours after that historic meeting, sitting down with george. >> we've done something that we're very proud of. >> but can the president really trust kim jong-un? >> kim is a brutal dictator. how do you trust a killer like that? >> does the president have any concerns striking a deal with this young dictator?


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