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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 12, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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a brave volunteer lowered in. >> they have to work hard. >> wait until you see his amazing save when they finally pull him up. >> a small aircraft comes in for a landing. it's up again. >> our cameras inside captured it. a massive elephant towards this small car. >> you look like you need little push. >> the not so subtle message. no marking allowed. >> broking down the best on the
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web including a you tuber. >> he is like do not play with my emo he rzeshe gis enr. crew ns brazil working very hard at this construction site. the crowd then has gathered. you can see there's a firefighter now being lowered into the hole. the hole is about 21 inches in diameter and roughly 60 feet down. the firefighter thooz has to go the way to the bottom. they rigged his legs with a rope because that's how they are going to put him out. they have to work hard and diligently. they really have to get to the very very bottom. >> that level of trust you have got. they tied it around your ankle. >> was there a lamp or anything
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on his helmet? >> he will show his way as he goes down into this hole. they need to retrieve it fast. they start bringing him back up quickly. >> the toddler turned away far second. he turned back around and he saw it going up. that's how he was able to know what had happened to his daughter. he immediately rushed to get help. it was firefighters that were able to rig up this very simple system to rescue this chieltd. >> any broken bones or anything like that? >> no. she was taken to the hospital. didn't have any major injuries. she was down there for 15 minutes. relatively speaking it was a pretty awesome
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>> secure your seat belt. >> seriously, secure your seat belt. >> guys up on the side of the hill. you can see this sort of small aircraft. 18 passengers. it comes in for a landing. up again, down again. up again, down again. up again, down again. it is getting worse. it's getting bigger. now it's heading off the side of the runway. starts digging into the front. now you're on a cloud of dust behind it. you can see people running and finally gets caught up on the fence. it looks like quite an exciting ride if only we had footage from inside the plane. here it is. >> exciting. >> bigger bounce. huge bounce. that's where the video suddenly
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cuts and it picks up where the plane has cut. you can see all kinds of people on board. all passengers and crew were able to make it ton plane. the speculation is apparently it is being reported that during the landing the nose wheel made it impossible to control. however a lot of people are calling this and suffered the land puncture during the bad landing. >> you're free. >> can i get a why i ought to? >> why aougi ought to. >> you can see right there there's an elephant. this elephant is being helpful. in these game reserves you're
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not allow today drive off the road. you to be in an area that's prescribed for that. now, this little car is clearly not a 4x4. the elephant is like you need little push. >> get off the grass. >> i do know that the elephant seems to be okay. i hope they got the full damage waiver. a very large mammal here. his family is on a site seeing tour. they said you know, we saw whales in the water decid sbe would get a little closer. i want you guys to know how close it hello.
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okay. that was one heck of a show. >> on the boat. >> they said they had no idea it would get that close. they hoped it could get closer. >> that was wild. they all did get super wet but they all have great pictures. it's a situation that happens far too often amongst roommates. >> come on. we got to get it together. >> every time i try to talk to you you just ignore me. for once please will you guys just chip in. >> he has not been paying your share of the bills. i can't even be in the same room as either of you. >> you have t the first to do that. he can't even. >> and then there was two. >> i'm so sorry you to deal with
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lack of respect. you need to kpafrpexamine the w treat people. >> christie needs that money. >> it's really nasty actually. >> where is she going? >> any where any where any where >> she is just going to walk out over >> let's face it. >> face it. >> you can't just -- >> nobody wants to chip in. >> he's going to need a ring. >> he will need to clang a lock. >> this is another video put
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together. they never it's kind of a cool little piece if you can bring your feet to climb up that thing.>> whyt k a tour of an abandoned texas hospital. >> you can see they left in the middle of caring for people. >> the whole thing was filled to the top with water. >> see what's lurking around every eerie corner. own lasagna at olive gardenatr starting at $12.99. with over twenty combinations of sauces and toppings. the best lasagna is the one you create. new lasagna mia. for a limited time only at olive garden.
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>> we are inside of a hospital that closed down due to hurricane harvey. >> hurricane harvey made land fall in houston. you can see an abandoned hospital that hod to ad to be evacuated. >> you can see the date all frozen in time. this guy was on morphine. >> you can see they left in the middle of caring for peechlt. >> the scary thing is we just restarted hurricane season. >> they took out hospital bed, some supplies. >> look at this equipment that's still there. it looks brand new but unused cht it is just left behind. you can see we are going onto the first floor down there. >> it wasn't this floor that suffered the most catastrophic damage. >> this will keep the black mold away. >> this is where you see the effects of all of the water from
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that hurricane. >> remember, this whole thing was fill today ted to the top w water. >> look at all of the mold on this wall. >> that's freaking sad. now that we see what that looks like you understand the magnitude of the damage. >> he is looking for the laboratory. >> oh, my god. we are not going in there. >> it's a death trap. >> oh. >> they take one peek inside and realize they need to get out. >> we are aborting mission trying to get out of here. >> so many freaking hallways. >> they were able to get out, but again, it's really really sad that a place of healing like this is just a skeleton abandoned because you can't use it anymore. >> it's a wake up call. you to be grateful for everything you have got. everything could happen any
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where. they have a pretty cool goal for today. >> we are driving in mexico. we saw these wind turbines and thought it would be really awesome to jump off of one of those. >> like every idea you find something you could do with it. obviously when you're a base jumper like these guys, a cool seat if you could bring your feet to climb up that thing. >> i take it they had to asked people to get on top of that thing? >> they show up to their location. they start looking up at this turbine. for many of us when they see these it's kind of like a cool funky ornament. >> i feel like a tiny human being because they are so enormous. >> they make their way up using an elevator that i'm sure they got permission for. >> totally.
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>> once they are up there check it out. >> make it fun and jump off the other side. >> make it fun. >> they are calling this free to fly and once they are up there the first one takes his mark and takes a deep breath. he starts running and for sure jumps off that thing. well, that's pretty successful jump. >> it's james the second guy jumps. they meet down at the bottom. one they survived and they did it and they can get t have tequila somewhere. little dawson needs help. >> they saved her life.
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video that is shooting towards a million views. >> thomas found out where they lived and gave them their stuff back. >> nice. >> she savage. did you see the truck holds up to the doorstep of this building. dryers, trash, toys, everything tips out onto the >> something tells me thomas doesn't care. >> i think the new landlord
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cares. >> good luke to that landlord. part of me salutes you. let's go to india for a white water rafting adventure which i think we should call flipped raft adventures. so you already have a hunch about what's about to happen, right? you have a group of adventure seekers on this. they are doing such good job until they are not. >> okay. >> well, right in that moment the raft gets flipped upside down sending everybody into the water. to guy on this raft starts getting people out of the water. he gets most of them up on the raft. there is one last person still in the water who appears to be really exhausted. he gets back in the water. at this point the guy goes under the raft, no problem.
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check this out. he lifts the raft and you can see the guy slide out from under it. they all grab him. like i said, they are exhausted. they can't r guides come into play. they are able to execute this from the water in no time. when that second raft arrived they are able to trance for the watter in water. he flips it and presume they got everyone back on and they were able to continue. >> it would be a lot more dramatic. >> but nicely executed. >> a fun birthday surprise. >> high fives all around. >> get way bigger
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it oun on our mobile app. >> i love this a lot. >> there's nothing like a good brushing. ♪
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>> she is pretty popular but alo well known he loves to prank his boy jonas. >> what's the car you want? done. go outside. ? we know jonah is the butt of his jokes. his real name is nick. here they are celebrating jonah's birthday. they told him to cover eyes. he does it. they sit the government on top of him. they ask him what he thinks it is. >> oh, yes. >> high fives all around.
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>> we can still do >>. >> do not commit any emotions. >> even we can't celebrate. >> okay. breathe, breathe, breathe. he steps outheoornd he looses it. he gets behind the wheel, turns the key. >> i'm still skeptical. >> he has also bought his friends pretty sweet rides. now jonah has his dream car.
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to night history made in singapore. the fir u.s. president meeting face-to-face with the leader of north korea. tonight inside the summit. the president shaking hands with north korean dictator kim jong-un. the american and north korean flags right behind them. the moment you can hear kim jong-un say it was like a scene from a science fiction movie. once fierce enemies, now signing an agreement. the president now heaping praise on the north korean leader. kim jong-un promising "complete denuclearization," and what president trump offered in return. how it will affect u.s. troops in the region, the concession that caught some, including south korea, by surprise. and the abc news exclusive. the first interview with president trump immediately after the summit. george stephanopoulos asking the


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