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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 13, 2018 2:12am-3:59am PDT

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the the evidence that put two people on death row. the docu series is important so peop cannderstand that it's not always fair. >> "the last defense" tonight a 10:00, 9:00 central. on abc. ♪ how am i gonna change "the view" ♪ [ cheers and applae ] > you know, we talk about a lot of diffe things on this show. and you know, we people do the things they do. and we just came across something in a website called elite daily. it's a lifestyle website. and the woman watalking about the shallow reasons that people date. one of them is because they so they will date someone i guess during the summertime whose house is nicand chill. i mean -- anody? >> dating for convenience? >> well, yeah. they date people because they have good vacation homes.
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>> yeah, i need to date up a little. i'm married. >> i do have a friend that's a nurse and she's on her feet lot. and so she w dating a masseuse. apparently he gave -- >> that's like the "seinfeld" episode thou, you can never get a massage. you try over and o >> he actually had a massage table and he was such a jerk. >> i'd date for that. >> i was like, but he's such a jerk and she's like, but he gives really good foot massages. i was like -- >> can we call that a form of prostitution, do you think? sex for money? >> i dated a guy one time -- >> they might be nuzzling. >> come on. >> sometimes you date people because -- i remember when i was single, especial when i was living in l.a., and i would just go out with almost anybody if they asked me. becaus dating is all aut meeting people. there was one guy, i didn't like him at all and thought he was arrogant but i really liked that he picit >> how far did it go? >> ultimaty you have to be able to talk and have a conversation.
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we went on a few datesnd it was always like, get on the the back, meghan. and i liked it. [ applau ] >> my mom -- get o the back, meghan. my min college, said she us to go on dates just to get a meal because she was paying for college herself. she would go for a hamburger. this isn't datg but i used to love to go to the frnd's house who had the best pantry. you know the family that had the best snacks. >> yes, yes. >> that's always the house i went to, and that's not prostitution. there was no sex. >> i don't think they're talking about that. they're talking about girls moving in because there's air conditioning. hello? >> what i'm saying is extrapolate. if he has a great pantry, i might come over. >> if he's a really good cook like a chef,ou might date someone. >> what about you, whoopi? >> n. >>o. >> no, we always made our own money. i'm sure everyone here can relate, so we don't need that crap. >> you don't want to get on a motorcycle? >> i had a motorcycle. i had to stop ding because it's in the contract, you know. >> y can't ride a motorcycle in your ntract? >> no.
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no ice skating. >> why? >> because -- >> i guess they don't care if i die. >> yeah. i have to say, don't have that inine? >> really? >> yea there was a spatof motorcycle accidents in the sort of early '90s because everybody h a bike. and somebody opened the door. and the biggest thing to knock motorcycles off the road is somebody opening the the damn door. >> yes, ye so a lot of actors got injured. had to shut down films. so it just became part of everyone's rider. no motorcycles, a whole bunch of stuff. >> meghan, you can't ride anymore. >> she can now. but then, no. but you know what, there's more. we'll be back. [ cheers and applae ] >> announcer: a struling single mom turned savior to her entire community is about to get a very special surprise delivery. we are live in texas, next.
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announcer: an jus look enhandl who's coming to hang wh the ladies. jon hamm. kelly preston. vanessa kirby. holly hunter. craig t. nelson. and ed helms. >> oh, that's a good e. the. >> announcer: it's all this week on "the view." simparica is what kills tick and fleas, like us. kills? kills! studies showt the end of the month, it kills more ticks in less time than frontline plus and nexgard. guess we should mosey on. see ya never, roxy! use simparica with caution in dogs with a history of seizures or neurologic disorders. the most common side effects, dirhea, and lethargy. say goodbye to ticks and fleas... with monthly simparica chewables. could clean almost anywhere, all on it's own? (intense music) the shark ion robomaneuvers from floors to carpets. while it spots trouble, it steers around it. th shark cleans, docks, and charges aumatically.
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there is so much bad news in h tedlin. today, we want to spotlight the good people who are quietly changing their communities and their world. i want you to meet one woman whose story literally knocked me out of my bed. take a look. just outde of dallas, texas, you'll find sulphur spring a rural community with a population of 16,000. and like so many towns, drugs and broken homes are commonplace. letitia conliffe grew up ithe throes of that environment and couldn't escape its grip.
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>> my relationship with my mom was not a relationship. she could never tell me she loved me. she would always write it on a piece of paper, but never say, i love you. i was told i wasn't going to be anybody. i wasn't going to amount to nothing, so at made me lash out. that made me start running away from home. i got into the drug life. i started skippi school. low and behold, i got pregnant. i didn' have anywhere to go. soy started living on the streets. >> letitia and her baby daughter were homeless. after losing a friend to dru, letitia knew she was the lucky one. she had a cond chance. and what she did with that second chance was something rather extraordinary. letitia created a daycare d 4's kids club, a safe haven for children. >> these kids go through so
2:25 am
much -- the drugs, the child abuse, domestic violence, teenagpregnancy. sometimes they don't have water, or food. >> and the kids come after school for a hug, a hot meal, and a place to lay their heads, whatever the reason. letitia is mother, counsellor, caretaker, and a source of strength. >> i have to do this for these kids because of what i went through. >> with just a skillet and a crock-pot, letitia manages to feed between 30 to 50 kids a day. >> i just want to give them a chance in life and let theow whatever you go throh, let ms. letitia go through it with you. >> and while letitia has dedicated her life to these kids, she is still struggling to keep heread above water. there are mounting monthly bills. and the overwhelming costs of food and clothing and the basic
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necessities for the kids. >> if i have $20 forhat day, i know i can take that $20 and turn it into where i can feed all my kids. >> letitia has gone through her lifeavings to keep those doors open. anshe says she will never turn her back on a child who needs her. >> my mission is to mentor these kids to want to go off to college, want to be somethin showing me who i can be and for not turning your back on me. >> god gave me a secchance, and second chance was to those kids. >> we just love you, ms. letitia. [ cheers and applause ] >> plee welcome letitia conliffe. you sit. this is for yo this is for you.
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[ cheers and applause ] all right, come on. i just wanted to say that someing made me pay attention. it came on two, three times. it was like, whoop, whoop, whoop! then i opened my eyes and i was i just -- you're a rarity in a country fled with rarities. and you're going to help remind people who they can be, the best of the that's what you do. >> right. [ applause ] well, you're not -- this clearly isn't a job for you. it's your ente life. >> yeah. >> can you telus about that? >> i love -- when i started out with the lil 4's, i always thought i uldn't amount to anything. and i -- i stomped that devil. i weighed myegative to a positive.
2:28 am
and i started this because there's so many people out there, so many kids that seek for this love that they don't get at home. they might be around their family, but do we really know our kids? do we really know what's going on in their mind >> right. >> we don't. >> yeah. >> we let social media take over our kids'life. and we don't know thathat day by day.a is killing our kids [ applause ] >> to give -- to give everyone an idea of how much you do in a teeny-weeny -- when i tell th is a teeny-weeny space, it's like this big. we have a live shot of lil 4's
2:29 am
club, and sean giggya rerter from our dallas affiliate wfaa, he's on site. now, sean, i first saw your piece on letitia, which got my attention. who are you standing there with? >> you know, lil 4's is named that way f a reason. letitia named this placefter her four daughters. we have three of them here. three of heraughters, her son and some volunteers here, they're all out here to support letitia, aonderful woman as we've already seen. >> hey, sean? what's that truck in the back? what is that? >> you know, whoopi, that truck has been here all morning and i still have no idea why. but i think we might be able to find out. this is mabrie jackson and mabrie, i think that truck belongs to you, righ >> it sure does. good morning, we are so thrilled to be here today. we heard letitia knows howo stretch a dollar.
2:30 am
ando we came today to fill her pantry. and we're going to fill that pantry to last through the suer and on in to the holidays. >> that's aming. [ cheers and applause ] something tells meou might be yond t holidays. that pantry >> we certainly are. in addition to the filling we did today, we're going to provide lil 4's kids club with an additional $10,000 to get them through the holiday and also to keep those pantries filled. >> wow, that's absolutely amazing. thank you guys and thank you for helping out. an amazing morning out here. how does it get better than this? >> hi, sean. it's sara, i think i see another truck in theackground. >> you do actually. that's a good ey my vision is terrible and i can't even see it from her that is here because of eric from the jarrell company. and eric, how's it going this morning? >> 2k3w50d, saep. good morning. how are you? good morning, whoopi and letitia. at's the truck from the jarrell company. that youere cooking for 50 ,
2:31 am
children with sily a crock-pot or a skillet. once the jarrell com hrd that, we got with our friends at ge appliance and got you new appliances to do the job, we've got you a new washer/dryer. refrigerator. dishwasher. allhe help you need to keep doing the job you're doing. >> literally everything but the kitchen sink. speaking of all those appliancesthis is a small space. you're going to need a place to put those and this is already packed. to find out whe we're going to put them, this is kevin otto. from seconds and surplus. >> hey, whoopi. hey, letitia. seconds and surplus is going to provid you with a new kitchen. here's what it's going to look like. new kihen cabinets, new counter tops, faucet, sink. and a new kitchen island. >> thankyou, kevin zing. thank everybo for their me and roues we wrap this up.prise before as everybody who's been to texas knows, this summer heat can be brutal. because of that our iends at goodman manufacturing argiving
2:32 am
you a brand-new air conditioning system for your building. so congratulations, letitia. you deserve everything. thank you so much for everything you've done. >> thank you so much, sean. thks to mark maxwell, city manager of sulphur springs who's been secretly working overtime behind the scenes to make this kitchen makeover happen. ank you. >> it's so worth it. [ applause ] >> oh, baby. you know, there's more. there's more. letitia, we have a few people in e audience that we want you to meet. where is michee moran? michelle, tell us why you're here. >> first of l, you're an angel and you're an inspiration. i'm single mother. i raised mson y own. i'm also the founder of skin-eez skin care. it's wearable skin care fabrics. we're donating baskets to the kids and yourself. the fabrics will soothe, smooth, and renew them all day long. and all evening. we're also giving you $20,000.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> but wait, there's more. [ laughter ] ace. telle how to do it. >> grace eya. >> grace eleya, she'also got something special. >> yes, so, a few years ago, all the hair on the back of my head think there were enough stylish solutionso protect your hair when you're going out. i created the slap cap as that stylish solution. what we'd like to is gift you with that cap so you and your kids as well as bless you th $20,000. [ cheers and applause ] >> wait, wait. wait. ho up. hold up for a second. there's more. and finally,lease meet casey kelly. casey, tell us what you're doing. >> hi, i'm casey kellynd i'm the owner of blended designs. a year ago my 9-year-old son that looked like his on a bag.
2:34 am
we couldn't find one and it's because less than 2% of character backpacks include a line of nine ochacters different characters. d we're going to donate. all of your kids will have one of our backpacks. applause ] >> wait, wait, wait. there's -- shh. >> and we are also going to give you $20,000. [ cheers and applause ] >> so, here's what's happening. letitia, you're getting pantry stocked with groceriesa full tchen makeover with althe new appliances, and $70,000 in ca. [ applause ] we say thank you for everything that you do. we thank the volunteers at lil 4's kids club and a big thanks to all of the companies who steppeup to help the kids of sulphur springs. thanks to sean giggy from our
2:35 am
dallas affiliate wfaa for bringing us letitis story and for mo on that story, you can go to- oh, geez. >> and letitia's gfund me campaign. >> visit our website. we'll right back. >> look at the kids. [ cheers and applause ] well, here's to first dates! you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neckooks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-wasd. add downy to keep your collars from stretching. unlike detergent alone, downy conditions to smooth and stngthen fibers. so, next time don't half-wash it. downy and it's done. the french girl's yogurt iset in a glass spot for eight whole hours.
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[conference phone] baloney! [conrence phone] has joined the call. hey balonehere. i thought this was a no by-oducts call? land o' frost premium. a slice above. [ cheers and applause ] so -- i want to -i want you to meet, come here, robin. i wa you to me the woman who put all kinds of work into this. this is robin. >> robin. >> robin. >> she really made all this happ.
2:40 am
[ applause ] so, this is what we'll tell you. there are wonderfuthin happening in all communities around the country. see, find out who's doing what. maybe you can be helpful. stories like this require your help. have a great day, take a little timeo enjoy your "view." [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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th, think you can't turn a cocktail into a cake? think again! becae michael and clinton have a twist on a tropical treat that's a whole lottaolada! >> move over strawberry shortcake. plus, get ready for the next round of kitchen craziness, as we bring you all the action of the 2018 culinary voice it's time to treat yo-self, right now on "the chew!" ♪ [ cheers and applause ] good afternoon and welcome to "thchew." [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much, thank you! so i have a question for you, audien, are you always putting others first? >> audience: yes! is it time to flip the script and give yourself little tlc? >> audience: yes! i thought you'd say that, so sit back and relax because a hour long we're sharing delicious recipes that you can whip up for treat yourself [ cheers a appuse ] >> yes!
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>> yes, all right! so it is tuesday, june 1h, all right so lete ju explain what's been going on. so our friday show and monday show were taped last week. however, we are here in the studio tuesday, wednesday and thursday this ek. friday will be our farewell show that we willape on thursday afternoon. so just wanted to let you know. keeping you posted, all right, so with that being said however there was some bad news that occurred that we did not address, on i guess it was friday's show. anthony bourdain's passing, and i know michael, you have kno anthony for a long time. >> yeah, god, cle to 20 years. you know, it -- wow, he was so impactful on so and i meto close to 20 years ago in the restaurant buness, and when he did his first couple oks, he did the book tours at lola and we remained friends ever since. and he was a reay gicaguy that brought people together. he became famous kind of being
2:44 am
snarky and mean and giving people the business. so then he used that fame to takeeople on journeys throh food tbring cultures and people tether. and he was a really magical guy. and i think, probably more than it's funny. my time, you know tony talked to so many people about food, but never cooked on tv. he brought people on these journeys with him, and when he would come into the restaurants, the fect that he would have on the young cooks. and he would always go aroun and talk to everybody in our kitchen. st a really magical guy. it's left a hole in me that really can't explain. he, i think he was such an important part of what food he h such a terrific impact people and rlly just bringing people together. which in this day and age doesn't happen. you dn't -- he didn't he to agree with you to respect you. and i think that's a lesson that we could all really learn a lot
2:45 am
om nowadays. [ applause ] >> yeah, i met tony ten years ago, a i read "kitchen coidential." and , enth irehesi a on "top chef," i'mike, oh my gosh. you , iowkna t?snghriarky gent. >> snarky, man! snarky! >> this thing is, he didn't -- d i worked with him on "the essential kitchen" and doing "the food fight." but the one thing about tony, even tugh he hadn't been in a kitchen for a long time, you wanted him to like what you did. you wanted, you were like, oh my god. he needs to like my food. [ laughter ] you know? but i was scared of the man, and then oll athf enddsu to him hosting. i'm like, he's just a regular guy. and we saw him here. and he's just kind of like an introvert and a little shy, you know? >> special human being. >> really special guy. ]
2:46 am
>> our thoughts are with his friend, his family and his fans, of course, during this difficult time. some good news, however around here, one of the nicest guys on "the chew" staff. his name is john tumino, he's our senior post producer. and his wife barbara are dparents f the fir time. [ cheers and applause ] his daughter kirsten, ere he is, there's john andise if w his daughter kirsten and her husband michael were welcomed by baby john michael sabinski last night.look at that face! >> look at that face! 21 and a half inches long., .auti l,>> c ion love me some john tu! >> the baby's already taller than me. [ laughter ] all right, i want to tell you a little story about somedy who caught a baseball in a spectacular fashi. so gabby demarco, she was fan who attend pdahe ts read she was shocked when a foul ball went soaring io the stands and straight into her beer. i don't know if you can see it, there it gs. boop, right in the beer! >> yes!
2:47 am
yes! >> she began cheering, so did the rest of the crowd obviously. and thenhe did of course what any sane woman would d chugged the sucker! >> that's fac.tias >> yeah, i love it. did you go to baseball as kid? >> not so much as a kid but as an adult. see, i'm scared toth of that happening toe. fe ithatall gkeoili to f oco ome fnelying at me. because i can't catch balls when people are watching. >> but can you catch them when >> yeah, i have amazing reflexes when nobody's watching. like, if i see somethi drop out of the corner of my eyes i'm like, boop! like boom, i got it.e awakening. but if i know anybody's watching me and a ball's coming at me i'm like, ah! [ laughter ] so when i go to a baseball game i make mfamily promise. they he to swear that if the ball comes at me they have to dive in front of me and catch it. >> i like that. >> i love that, i love that. >> i used to go to a lot of indians games way back in the day, you know, when they still played at the stadium in clevelan which was where the
2:48 am
seat close to 100,000 pele and the indians back in that day. it was when major league and all those movies were made. were te. so you go to a game, there'd be like 5,000 people in a stadium that would seat 100,000 people. you know, so you would end up getting a lot of balls because d u'yowhse you'd run to the ball. i mean, there's no one around you to get the ball. so one time, there was like ten of us. we would always go, like high school, college, stuff like that. and i'm literally talkg to one of my friends like i'm talng to carla. wee not paying attention to the game because we're losing. which is like, something to do the d n anqua head! i'm like, oh! so like, i immediately go to make sure he's okay. two of my other friends, all they care about was, baseball! and they run for the ball! he was completely ne, had a little welt on his head. [ laughter ] but it was one of those great moments where you're jus like -- and then, bam, down on the ground. i'm like, what just happened?
2:49 am
[ laughter ] so yeah, you should alwa pay attentn while you're at a baseball game. >> i know right? [ plause ] here's a story you might like, carla. i don't know why but i feel like you might have something to say about this. there was a girl from australia who just had t worst date ever because her date ran out of the restaurant leaving her to pay the bill. but the owner of the cé, which was in bondi, australia, which is a fabulous place by the way. saw this whole thing happening and he felt so bad for this woman that he gave her, you know, the meal othe hous then gave her a $150 voucher so she can return with somebody better to enjoy a meal. [ applause ] so i guess i have to ask you, as a woman have you ever been sort of been stiffed on a date or has a gucheaped out on you? did he dine and dash? >> umm, yes. i had a date back in the day and i was still working in catering. so my pennies and time wer precious. but somebody set me up with this guy. was so cheap that i was supposed to meet him at the subway. he didn't even come out from the all just in case we had to go back in and he didn't want to
2:50 am
pay again. okay, so that was the first thing. then we to a movie and okay, he wasn't making -- i'm okay with paying for my own self. back in the day i was still buying my popcorn. so i went out, got my little popcorn and he didn't want to get ything, but he wanted some i'm like, okay, i can share. but then after that i'm ke, i'm still hungry so i went out to eat. and i'm like, okay, this dude is not goingo buy any of his food and he wants some of mine, i'm drawing the line. sure enough, we are going ou and he wan some of my food and i'm like, dude why can't you buy your own? [ laughter ] i don't care if you go on a date -- i mean now i might go out and treat mebody, but i was working so hard.i'm likeude cheaping -- there's not going toe a second. yeah, i would've -- you know, once he didn't come out from that subway turnstile, that's when you should've. >> just turn around and leave. >> right, you're like, where is he? i'm saying, let me go down just to make sure. he was standing behind the turnstile! he didn't want to get out! >> or swipe you through!
2:51 am
>> exactly! [ laughter ] >> well, now, you're happily married. >> happily married! [ applause ] >> we have a great show for you today. michael and i are going to show you a tropical treat. it's a pina colada pie, it's s go. from round two of the he action 2018 culinary voice scholarship competition. and up next, carla's in the kitchen with taye diggs! n't go awa announcer: this week, get it because "the chew's" still all new! and we've got the freshness you've been craving. and later this week we've go actress sophia bush, and a grand finale like only "the chew" can do. it's another moneysaving, life-changing, you're gonna miss us like heck week here on "e chew!" it's what i'm lookin' fo♪ ♪ today's the daisy i do ♪ daisy it's true ♪ before i get on the move ♪ i grab my special food ♪ tay's the daisy i see
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from our crazy delicious family to yours. crave those crazy squares. >> announcerget ready for a treat yourself tuesdaytoday on [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "the chew." today's guest is a true renaissance man. he's a father, author, tv, movie and broadway star. and so freakin' funny. plus, you can catch him in the newomantic comedy, "set it up." please welcome back, taye diggs. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, good to see you. >> welcome back. >> hello. >> good to see you. >> so good to see you. so good see you. dude, the last time we saw youi.
2:56 am
catch us up, what is going on? >> oh, having fun,njoying my child. my 8-year-d kid. i wrote another book. >> yes. [ applause ] >> i have a new tv show coming out. ts of stuff is happening. >> lots of stu is happening. >> you are a sharp dressed man. >> i try. i am working with -- i am experimenting with patterns. >> i love it. >> you have four going on. >> i am loving this. >> thank you. >> you have animalrint, you have flowers, stripes, you have got plaid. you have a lot. >> i got a lot. >> you g a lot going on. you have to be taye diggs to pull that off. well, i have to do something. >> so, walker is 8 years old. so how is he doing? what is up with him? >> i am bragging. he just had his -- we just had his pant teacher's -- his mother was there in los angeles. she said o child is amazin the teachers say he is one of the most sensitive young menn the class. so i am very proud. i am very proud.
2:57 am
>> i love it. i love it. so what is one of his favorite foods? >> he loves salmon. he loves rice and beans. i am in a situation --on't cook very often, and i wt to be able to whip sothing up for him real quick so i don't always have to order out. so can you guys help me out? [ applause ] >> yes, and you told me that story, so i am going to show you how to make a cajun salmon with >> okay.s and rice. >> i am hoping it is something walker is going to love. >> yes, i am going to force him to love it. >> yes. that he has.that beautiful hair >> my man. >> he has a gorgeous head of hair. yes >> all right, so here, i h got some oveil in here, i have got some onions. we are going to do the holy trinity, which is celery, peppers and onions. >> oy. >> for cajun food. >> okay. >> so here we have our peppers, we have cele, and i kept the celery leaves. going to put that in >> okay, just right now? >> yup, yup, yup. >> we can just scoop this up. >> scoop the whole thing up there.
2:58 am
>> yep, yep, yep. yes, yes, you're doing it. i mean, right now, there's thing you can't do with this. >> a rig. >> the rest of it? >> yeah, the rest of it. st put it all in there. >> just like so. >> just like so. just like so. the theme of the show is treat yourself tueay. how do you treat yourself? >>h my lor sometimes i feel like i treat myself too often. and being good to myself is treating myself. last night, which was treating myself. >> sleep is everything. >> yes, it really is for me. so, yeah, just now i am getting to the age where you know, the stuff that doesn't seem so cool is cool. >> right. >> taking care of yourself, eating properly, all of that boring stuff. that is me treating myself. >> so we have some kidney beans, which we rinsed and drained. drained and rinsed, put those in here. >> i though you said y rented th. [ laughter ] like we can't afford regular --. >> on that date that i had back in the day, he rented -- but you know.
2:59 am
we bought these. so we can consume them. then we are going to put in here chicken stock, like three quarters cup. so stir that up for me. okay. >> im gog to put in blacpepper. so these are the beans. >> yes, okay. >> so can i te you how i treat self as far as you are concerned. >> how do you treat yourself, as far as am concerned? >> i know that sounds so weird, oh, my gosh. okay, i am going to keep going. you on instagram are so -- your stream of consciousness, when you're just singinghese random songs. [ applause ] you are in the car a lot. we spent a lot of timeogether while you were in the car. >> all right. all right. you know. you have -- you are just so freakin' funny. >> thank you. sometimes i forget that thousands of people see it. >> yeah, we do. self-expressioand i am often reminded it is not just me in the car. [ laughter ] there are a lot of other people. >> we have our peepers on you. >> yes. >> but i am very thankful.
3:00 am
>>his right here looks pretty simpleright? >> it does >> so this is all. so you have to stop stirri it. give me that. >> okay. >> so now we are going to prare the salm. we havthese spices. we have salt, paprika garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, dried thyme and cayenne. >> it matches my shirt. >> it does. >> good planning. >> so stir that up. >> then you are going to sprinkle that on the salmon. >> okay, with my fingers again? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i want to look like i know what i am doing. >> yes, yes, so get in there with your hands. your hands are the love that you are going to give to walker, and put on the salmon. >> yes, the passion that is in the cooking. >> yes, yes. so that looks good and everything -- yep. just sprinkle it right on there. that is it. but cover it so you get all of that flavor. >> yes. >> there you go. >> i really want to cover it. >> there you go. >> that's it. >> yes. >> that is it.
3:01 am
so that one needs some more love. >> okay, so, we do this? >> yep. >> i can do this with him. with. you are going to take the salmon and bring it over here. we are placing it over the beans and then we are going to put the lid on. whene come back, we are going to dig in with taye dis. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
3:02 am
3:03 am
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3:05 am
that's my paword! [ screams ] >> it's my laptop. >> well, bring me my laptop. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "the chew." that was our frienhe hilarious film, "set it up!" all right, so, i'm just going to serve you. >> please. >> put some white rice in the bowl, and now we're going to put our beans, which have cooked very nicely. and then, look at our saon which is poached. it takes about ten minutes or so. you put the top on, you cook it r like ten minutes or until the salmon is to your temperature -- to your liking. >> to my temperature and liking. >> all rig, so, tell u about -- take a bite and i'm going to ask you a question wh your mouth is full. >> all right, i love it. we're working with.'s sewhat mm. >> right? >> oh, yes. [ cheers and applause ] this is good stuff. >> do you want lemon? >> yeah. >> so, tell us about "set it
3:06 am
up it lookso funny. i'm very, very proud of this. i love romantic comedies. lucy liu is in the film. >> lucy liu! we'rg fans of lucy liu. >> lucy liu! i worked with lucy liu on "ally mcbeal" years ago, when i was married, she was my celebrity crush, and then i got to work with her -- i didn't expect that, it caught me off guard. >> how do you walknto a room, and there lucy liu is, and you know you have this celebrity crush, and you're like, "oh, wait." >> yeah, i didn't count on that. [ laughter ] i really didn't have mgame quite right. [ laughter ] but, we had fun. she's a really great friend, and i was able to work with her again in this moe, and we had a ball. i play an awful boss, lucy liu plays an awful boss. we have these two assiants, we run them ragged, so they try to set us up to make their lives a
3:07 am
, has anybody ever tried to set you up in real life? >> no, i'm too scared for all of that, but i did introduce my cousin -- olu ans and misty copeland, i introduced them. >> you did? >> yes so, i feel -- >> oh, my god, you are -- >> somewhat reonsible. >> they've been married a couple of years. >> yes, yes. >> look at you. >> you're welcome, everybody. >> that's a lot of pressure, being a matchmaker, though. if things don't go right, it's your fault. >> i know, right? >> when it's real and it goes well, i take responsibility, but if it doesn' i had nothing to do with it. [ laughter ] >> we wanted to send you home with a little something that you could enjoy this dish with walker asap, and so, it's "taye's takeaways." [ cheers and applause ] >> there you go. >> and we have the little containe filled with some leftovers with your face on it. i love you guys -- ug
3:08 am
>> we know! >> i'm excited. >> thank you so much. >> thank y'all. >> good luck with "set it up." you all, catch taye diggs in "set up," streaming soon on netflix. more "treat yourse tuesday" after the break. don't go away. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] applause ] a hassle meaning you probably don't clean as often as you'd like. for a ick and convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet. there's no heavy bucket, or m to wring out, because the absorb and lock techlogy traps dirt and liquid inside the pad. it's safe to use on all finished surfaces tile, laminate and hardwood. and prevents streaks and hazing better th a micro fiber strip mop, giving you a thorough clean the first time. for a convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet with a money back guarantee. brand power. helping you buy better. nature ges me... energy. clarity. drive. wisdom. courage. natureives... give bac ture valley, proud supporter of the national parks.
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>> announcer: "the chew" will continue in a moment, here on abc.
3:11 am
3:12 am
you're in a group most likely to develop skin cancer, including melanoma. that's why your best shot is to check for a spot. follow through and check your skin. go to to find out how. >> announcer: welcome backo "the chew's" treat yourself tuesday. [ cheers and appuse ] welcome back. l week long we are bringing you the acti from the 2018 culinary voice scholarship competition. yesterday, you saw an omelet with a nail-biting elimination. >> and today the pressure is on as our finalists continue to heat it up in the kitchen. >> slet's see what today's chalnge will bring. check this out. >> announcer: hundredsntered, thousands voted and 20 aspiring efs were chosen for the a $40,000 scholarship to the
3:13 am
institute of culinary education. after cracking yesterd's omelet challenge 12 finalists moved one step closer to their culinary dreams. ♪ >> i made it to the second und, so i am super excited. it was a confidence oster making it to the second round. >> i am excited, i am anxious. little butterfli in my stomach. >> we're all abuzz in there about what the next challenge is going to be. >> i feel like today is probably going to be a little more intricate. just can't wait the get cooking again. >> welcome back culinary competitors,entors and judges. congratulations on making it to the final round. the end of this challenge the top scoring member of each team will win a $4000 scharship to the institute of culinary ucation. [ applause ] are you ready for your next challenge? >> yeah. >> all right, it's time to turn up the heat and add a little sizzle. you'll be making a stir fry. [ applause ] >> beef and broccoli are like
3:14 am
the rst thing i've ever had. >> i don't stir fry, i don't ha a wok ahome. >> just eat stir fry on a plate, that's something i know i am familiar with. it all just seems to good to be true at this point. >> cf sabrina sexton is here to teach you the right way to make your stir fry sing. then it's practice time with your mentors. you' have 30 mutes on the clock in the competition kitchen, where the judges will be watching your technique, as ll as the flavor of your final dish. good luck and happy stir fryg. >> everybody excited? ] >> yeah. [ applause ] >> i am going to turn my wok on and start getting it hot. going to add my beef, a little bit of sesame oil and i am going to keep it moving. then, my snap peas are going to go in. i want to cook my sauce, i want to make sure i don't burn them. little bit of soy sauce, oyster sauce, sherry and then finally, a little bit of cornstarch which is gog to thicken up the sauce. >> if the finalists listen to the technique and they really follow t ste they will be
3:15 am
fine. if they rely on what they think they know, they're not going to be okay. >> everyone ready to get in there and practice with their >> yeah. [ applause ] >> let's make some stifry. >> awesome. >> i am from somalia culture, d in somalia it's kind of not accepted for a man to be in the kitchen. but it's what i wanted to do. there's 21 kids in my family, work of cooking.n't do all the if i win, i will bring somali food to the united states. i am pretty sure you've never had some. >> excuse me, my team needs me. >> o sorry >> i definitely feel like it got a little over toasted. >> they did. >> it was just so heavy for me to maneuver everything. 'cause everything was so large. my mixer was kind of like this big, so -- [ laughter ] >> look at that coming tether nicely. >> oh, man.>> igood to me, budd. >> it needs to be like screaming hot. >> see that? that's too soupy.
3:16 am
>> i am baker, so i've actually never actually worked with a wok before. >> wt do you think this needs? >> i think a little bit more oyster sauce. >> very good. >> i would say a little more sesame. >> it's absolutely delicious. >> practice went really well. much better than my practice from yesterday. >> beautul. >> thank you. >> it's a little too thick. >> chef told me that had a good flavor, there were a few tweaks that i could make that i will employ in this next round. >> is this consistency better? >> oh, yeah. >> nicely done, i want two. >> what's up, guys, how you doing? od to see you. >> so they think i got this done, i know how to do the snow peas, i know how to do the beef, the script.el is going to flip >> being a chef is all about thinking on your feet, so you'll have 60 seconds to grab everything you need to make your perfect stir fry from the thers a tch. >>here's no ef or ow peas
3:17 am
in the pantry. >> oh, my gosh. [ laughter ] >> you must include at least one otn,neegable and one sauce. >> it was like a little too good to btrue that we all felt so go about snow peas and beef. >> when theyevealed the twist, i was shaking on stage. >>hat a twist, my gut dropped for a second. i was rexcited. i have the opportunity to be creative. >> you have 60 seconds. rey, set, go. >> go, go, go. come one gs. >> oh, team green. >> if you have a little extra it's not a big deal. >> i actually couldn't try the beef because i am kosher, so i was able to pick all these vegetarian options. >> you make meball, you will not win the scholahip. [ laughter ] but you will win in my heart. >> i feel like 90% good about it. but i forget cornstarch which is a thickener for thsauce.
3:18 am
60 seconds goes by very fast.. >> 30 seconds left, guys. 30 seconds on the clock. >> i forget both my sauce and the garlic and the sesame oil. >> i don't have the broth, i don't have ginger and i don't have scallions. >> both of them forget to grab >> seven, si five, four, three, two, one. time is up. >> i just anke i blanked out. >> all right, teams, next, you're heading into the competition kitchens were you your dish for the judges.pare good luck, go stir fry. ♪ [ applause ] >> oh my gosh. >> they all look le they're going to throw up. >> yeah. >> and all because you're loing around seeing what you don't have in your basket. >> right, t this is what we always preach on the show.
3:19 am
learn the technique, and then you're good. >> we'll see what happens. be sure to turn in tomorrow to see how the finalists do with their stir fry talents. [ applause ] up next, michael andry pulling out the tropical treats. it's delicious, don't go away. [ cheers and applause ] applause ] america's favorite cookie ♪ delicious chocolate candy ♪ oreo chocolate candy bars ♪ also available in mint flavor ♪
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girl, pepto ultra atin will treat your stomach right. nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea.♪ try new pepto with ultra coati. >> announcer: ready to treat let's do it. welcome back to "the chew." guys, can you believe how hot it is in here? summer is in full swing. >> oh, don't i know it? i am craving a cocktail. but i'm hungry, too. >> i know what we should do, clcombine a drink ana dessert into a tropical treat. >> you are so right. i have just the thg.
3:24 am
gu, les make a pina colada pie! yes. >> yes, sir. >> yes, you know you want that. >> yes, sir. d li to buy a vowel. >> yes, sir. can i just tell you, no fewer than 20 people told me, "be careful there are palm trees falling from the ceiling during this segment." they're inflable palm trees. oh, my god. so, i get injured onhe last couple days of work. >> everybody knows what happens. >> we needed someone to tch the trees. >> all right, so, we decided to make a pina colada pie. which isased on my andma's -- my favorite pie. her pear crunch pie. >> hi, grandma kelly. >> hi, grandma kelly. so, we're basically, le, substituting pineapple where there would be pears. doing a great conut crust with a little bit of rum whipped cream. so, it's going to feel like you're eating a pina colada in the form of a pie. so, shall start with the crust. what do we say aut that? >> we shall. >> let's do that. we've got some butter here.
3:25 am
going to add some light brown sugar, some flour. a nice pinch of salt. and this is important, the sleek and flaked coconut when you buy it in the store. >> sleek a flaked conut, got it, clinton. >> sleek and flaked coconut. all right, so that all goes in there. where'd you just go? >> i forgot my thermometer, i'm back now. >> all right, great. that gets all mixed together. it's like this crumbly, coconut-y, buttery crust. and what you do, is you cook it on a sheetan like this. and then, as it'cooking, you basically just sort of go in there and break it up. and it's a crumbly crust that you put back together. i'll show you what it looks like. so, you put this in the oven. every once in a while, you check on it. d then -- oven, i remember when you made this pie in season one. it was sfantastic. and the crust is so special. >> the crust is really special. >> oh. >> it's like, little almost like coconut cookies. and who else? oh, so good. >> wow. >> and then, what i do is when it's still h enough to handle, you put it up --
3:26 am
like me, just t enough to handle. >> it's not the'90s anymore, buddy. >> i know. don't i know it. >>nybody can handle you now. >> noby wants to, really. >> when you say ndle, do you mean -- >> too h to love handle. all right so, i just pusht into the pie dish like that and i just press it. and it's okay. it's supposed to be crumbling when you eat it anyway. okay, now shall do the custard? >> this is a -- kind of a -- an easy, quick custard. so, the first thing -- i have two-thirds of a cup of sugar. to that, i'm going to add a quter cup of cornstarch, which is going tkind of help the custard hold together. we're going to add about a half teaspoon osalt. three whole egg yolks. three egg yolks and one whole egg. and then, i whisk this together.
3:27 am
anthen, i'm going to add the liquid into that. so, you just kind of want to bring this all together so it's and then i add the liquids. so, i'm nokind of fighting through the egg yolks. trying to stir it up. so, c.k., if you can pour in the milk. >> yep. >> i have two and a half cups of milk here. we have the cornstarch with the egg. they won't curdle like in a aze. like a vanilla sauce. >> so it's together a little bit. you know, we're going to also finish this with a little bit of buer which smooths it out. and then, i go, a tablespoon of vanilla extract and a tablespoon of pineapple juice. whisk that together. and then, i'm going to move th over to medium heat. now, when people make custards and i learned this lesson from my wonderful pastry ch, summer. i always think, like, i'm happen. uld just watch this i'll know when it's the proper thickness. what you want to do is you want to do is stir it continuously, put a thermometer in there. when it reaches 165, it's ready. the eggs will set. if you go over 180, you're in bad shape. so, anywhere between 165 and 180 and you are good to go. >> yeah, you go over 180, it turns into, like, a rubber disc. >> yeah, and likscrambled eggs. so, that comes off. we put it in an ice bath.
3:28 am
i'm going to fold this in.ter. and when we come back, we're going to show you how this whole comes togeer. >> we're going to continue to treat ourselves ter the break. don't go away. n't go away. ...or watery? it could be dry eye. xiidra is the only eye drop approved for both the signs and symptoms... ...of dry eye. one drop in each eye, twe a day. don't use if you are allergic to xiidra. common side effects includ eye irritation.. ...discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye... ...and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface. after using xiidra, wait 15 minutes before reinserting contacts. chat with your eye doctor out xiidra. out of sunscreen, going on a water please! and soda! grandpa!! got it! get low prices today and ery day. targetrun and done. [ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa.
3:29 am
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3:31 am
now possible. new breyers delights. indulge without all the guilt. ♪ >> announcer: we've got a "treat yourselfuesd," right now. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "the chew." fore the break, michael and i took "treat yourself tuesday" to the opics with our pina colada pie. [ cheers and applause ] yes, all right, so we have our coconut crust.
3:32 am
we have our custard that has a little bit of pineapple juice in there to give it some trical flavor. we top this with some fresh n't pineapple. nice and ripe fresh pineapple that we put in the food processor and pulsed. you want to assemble this pie at the last minute, by the way, because if you do this too f in advance, it's going to get all soy. >> oh, right, yeah. >> and then i'm goin ped cream. [ cheers ] >> this is all you. clinton kelly, you came up with this little concoction yourself, and i am so excited to be your assistant and then taste this thing. i am very happy right now. >> it is very good. hold on a second. i just realized daddy forget to take his medicine this morning. [ laughter ] [ cheers ] >> go daddy. [ laughter ] >> oh. >> it's tuesday before the last thursday. there we go. all right. let's top that with that rum whipped cream. and of course every pinaolada needs a cherry on top.
3:33 am
>> oh, that rum whped cream is yummy. >> there you go, carla. want to place that right in the center? >> really? i get to do it? >> yeah, you get to do it. >> okay. boop! [ cheers and applause ] >> alligrvthis sucker up. all right. >> i almost feel like this wouldn't be a bad thing to put somewhere you just scoop it out even. >> i know. okay. >> grab a spoon. >> i was hoping it would work that way. >> here we go. that's the best idea you've had. [ cheers and applause ] >> it sets up nicely. >> mmm. >> i took a big bite. [ applause ] >> ahe textures. thpineapples, the cream. kelly, you are a genius. >> tonhanks, c mntichaliel. >> it's true. >> all rig, well that's that. okay. you're going to love it. >> sstick around.
3:34 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] weome back. what better way to treat yourself than with a two-ingredient recipe. we're about to ip one up from "chew" fan jen in arizona. it's banana flaxseed crackers. look, i mean, we barely have a recipe. we have a banana that we peeled. that's going to take up a line in your recipe. then you have these flaxseeds. i mean -- >> go in? >> pour those in, yep. a half a cup of flaxseeds. so you just keep pushi and doing all that, and then you have this, right here. >> just keep pushing. >> just keep pushing until it's this. i mean, i know this seems really weird and you'ike, "oh, i don't even have flaxseeds in my house" but we have a muffin tin and we greased them. >> clion has a house full of flax seeds. cl d>> yeah, damonikeshem ever
3:38 am
day. >> yeah, damon loves flaxseed. i don't. [ laughter ] >> we have this glass here. wait, wrong way. can't even see it. okay, now we just press, press, press. we put these into the oven for 20 to minutes at like 325, and then you have these little crackers. [ cheers and applause ] look at this. i know, he took them out before the ding. look. i mean, i'm going to tell you, they're not the best by themselves. but when you add some of these other things. >> it's a cracker with fruit. >> it's a cracker with prunes. they are great. >> i'll do it. >> jen, i'm telling you, i don know what you were doinghen you came up with this, but girl, hats off to you. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're out of time. thanks to taye diggs for joining us. come back tomorrow for our tasty timesavers. d our social hey, have a fabulous day, everybody! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
3:39 am
3:40 am
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for up-to 100% leak-free work outs. so usually you need a fare card to get into d.c. metro stations but that did not apply to this deer. it was spotted in arlington, virginia, even as a train approached. got to love the commuter who's too busy on his phone who doesn't notice there's a deer running around. >> he looked up at the end. >> and we are hearing that the deer made it out just fine.
3:42 am
a new report says a cyberattack on a commercial aircraft is only a matter of time. >> it follows a department of homeland security's team hacking into the systems of a 757 two years ago. that model of plane is still in the fleets of several major airlines. boeing says the government test didn't identify any cyber vulnerables in the 757 and it remains confident in its plane. this morning we're hearing for the first time desperate 911 calls from a family of six trapped on a small boat that was sinking. here's steve osunsami. >> we're about to go under, please, send a helicopter. >> reporter: florida authorities are releasing the 911 calls, and warning anyone and everyone with these pictures, this is the family's small pontoon boat that was no match for bad weather moving through the florida keys.
3:43 am
>> our boat has lost power. there are six of us, four adults and two children. >> reporter: on the windy cellphone connection is dana thomas, visiting from jacksonville. they are sinking into the ocean outside of marathon key. >> please help us, please help us, please help us. we're going over. >> ma'am, make sure everyone has their life jackets. do you have a flare? >> reporter: they're in the water and help is far away, but a passing boat comes to the rescue. everyone in the water was wearing a life jacket, which the sheriff says made a difference. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> it's good that they had those life jackets on for sure. >> and pretty lucky another boat came by. when we come back, the other summit people are talking about. and a foolproof way to prevent "game of thrones" spoilers from leaking before the
3:44 am
final season. "the skinny's" next. kiy' next. y's" next. your hair is so soft! did you use head and shoulders two in one? i did mom. wanna try it? yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp and keeps you flake free. manolo? look at my soft hair. i should be in the shot now too. try head and shoulders two in one.
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3:46 am
♪ skinny ♪ just give me "the skinny" ♪ skinny ♪ just give me "the skinny" some news that was going on yesterday before we could get to it. and that was fine, but now we have to dig in a littl >> we really do. and i'm admittedly a newbie here when it comes to "the me caught up. >> we have our global bachelorette analyst in the house to give us just that. >> let's start breaking this down, go inside the numbers if you will. roll that beautiful bachelorette footage as we say. this was the deal, a group date at a spa. some guys and becca, and some of becca's former cast members from last season on "the bachelorette." that's tia, tia, just follow me here.
3:47 am
tia used to date that guy, colton. >> oh, that's awkward. >> and there were questions about whether colton is on the bachelorette for the right reasons. there's questions about girl code as we discussed earlier. there's the kiss. >> i guess becca doesn't have a problem with this. >> it was decided colton was there for the right reasons as opposed to not for the right reasons. so they cleaned that mess up. let's get on to the next mess, which was david. >> what happened here? >> well, it came out later in the episode this guy fell out of his bed. he went to the hospital like with a broken face. there was blood all over the place. like a wild keg party gone mad. >> so confused. >> just fell out of a bed. >> just fell out of a bed. there was speculation about whether or not jordan, the model, had something to do with it.
3:48 am
>> they had a little tiff. >> excuse me, they did have a little tiff in the episode, david you might remember famously arrived in the chicken suit. >> right. >> whatever. >> he fell out of bed and broke his face. >> he fell out of bed and broke his face. maybe we will see him again. he called becca by the end of the episode. sounded okay. maybe he'll make his way back and maybe he won't. >> he said he's used to a king-sized bed. i'm still not satisfied with that explanation. >> it sounds like an excuse i would have made up growing up with my brother. >> i wonder how many cocktails were involved perhaps? >> or a hockey stick suddenly flew out the window. >> all right, we have an investigation launched. >> things got a little rough on this episode. as we said, clay, who is a football player, hurt himself on a group date playing football. this guy winds up going to the hospital, getting checked out. wrist injury.
3:49 am
he's got to have some surgery. >> geez. >> yeah. so he's like, you know what? i'm choosing my life as a football player over you, becca. i'm outta here. >> bye-bye. >> is the show always this dangerous? >> they're dropping like flies. >> like bachelorette joins survivor. >> and like what we said yesterday on the broadcast in case you missed it, the analyst pick to win this whole thing is that guy, blake. >> what's blake's deal? >> blake's deal is that he gets along well with becca, and he's going -- he is engaged to becca right now. >> that's your prediction. >> that is the analyst prediction. >> i forget his name. chase maybe first impression guy rose. i thought he was a shoe-in. but it seems like he's going to doo sst >> garrett was the first impression. >> that's my pick, but i'm hedging. >> he was the kimmel pick.
3:50 am
so -- but the analyst doesn't read the online spoilers. he just goes with it. so that's that. >> so you're saying -- >> blake. >> blake. and i'm saying garrett. >> is he a good sleeper? can he stay in the bed? >> that's a very good criteria. >> that comes up in the fantasy sweep. we'll get to that later in the season. now analyst out. >> i'm all caught up. thank you for the free clinic there. >> excellent analyst as always. we are sticking with the love theme and turning to a couple. some on twitter are calling it the real summit. >> yeah, this is the real deal here apparently. most people have heard of ariana grande, the gifted pop singer always in the top 40. >> unless you are a regular viewer of "saturday night live," you might not recognize pete davidson. >> the two have been dating for less than a month and are now reportedly engaged. >> so what do you do if you're pete davidson and you just got
3:51 am
engaged to ariana grande? well, you go to disneyland, of course. >> look at that. look at the size of the rock. he spent about $100,000 on that diamond ring. >> what? >> snl pays well. >> before he went ring shopping he got new tattoos in honor of his new boo. see the initials on the hand, ag and the cat ear headband. >> true love. >> that is dedication. once you get a tattoo, that's it. you never break up after that. all right, so if you're looking for ed sheeran's wax figure, it's not at the wax museum. >> his likeness has moved into a pretty unusual place. >> now at lady dinah's cat emporium. that would be a cat cafe in london. >> that looks a lot like him. >> but it is hanging out there before moving to its permanent home at madame tussaud's. he loves cats.
3:52 am
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♪ all right, ♪ all right, you know what all right, you know what that sound is, the skinny bonus round. and we are starting with spoiler paranoia on the set of "game of thrones." >> the times of london is reporting that "game of thrones" stars are given digital scripts that vanish once they've been read, yes, self-destructing scripts. >> actor nikolai who plays jamie says once the scene is shot, the words literally disappear. >> yeah. they're trying everything to avoid the spoilers on this one. very serious. >> mind blown. so tiger woods is gearing up for their weekend's u.s. open flor will spendi ery hves in
3:56 am
night in his open bed because he brought his own yacht, it's called privacy. the $20 million yacht has a theater, gym and jacuzzi. you want to know what tiger calls it, though? he doesn't call it by the name privacy, he calls the yacht his dinghy. >> that's just showing off. >> isn't it? that thing's larger than my apartment. >> it's a dinghy. >> my dinghy's parked right over there, thanks a lot, tiger. we also have to save some new time for our new friend. victor oquendo filling in for kendis gibson who's taking time off from swimming in infinity pools. it's been when a year since you've been with abc and you've been pretty busy. >> i've seen this stuff. this was last week in guatemala. the path that some volcanic material came down. >> wouldn't that be lava and ash?
3:57 am
>> it's like toxic gas and other stuff. it was different than the volcano in hawaii. tthatne.ikea volcano gh whh u lditpt while you were t >> it erupted last week also. >> what was it like talking to the people on the ground that were affected by that directly? >> that was unlike anything i'd ever seen before. and it is different than the volcano in hawaii that moves as a slow creep. this was a huge cloud of lava, toxic, volcanic material that you can't outrun. and it was really scary. >> and we have another clip we want to roll of you. >> oh. >> by you, i mean -- >> that's my rescue dog vince. he didn't have that underbite when i rescued him. one day i was making coffee and i looked over and the dude was showing his grille. that's when he was a puppy, see? no grille. showing his grille.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great wednesday. making news in america this morning, the new message from president trump overnight as he makes his way home from the north korea summit. what the historic deal with kim jong-un did not include and what it could mean for the u.s. military. megamerger. >> no matter how big they get, how terrifying to everyone else. >> the company behind some of your favorite tv shows gets the green light to combine with at&t. the impact on your cell phone bill, the advertising you'll see and the future of media. the ex-wife of the suspected arizona serial killer whose violence was allegedly motivated by their divorce speaks out. >> i knew that one day we would be in a situation where he was trying to kill me, and i felt that i had a personal terrorist. >> how she helped catch him.


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