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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 14, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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after 275 days apart this dog is saying -- >> i have missed you so much. >> the long journey to finally get becca and maggie back together. it's a crash that's no accident. >> that car targeted that cyclist. >> the reason behind a dangerous driver. a trip to littered beaches inspires two guys to launch a remarkable clean-up mission. >> we removed over half a million pounds of trash from the ocean. >> how you ask? >> it's simple. we are breaking down the
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best on the web including a dad that sits down to talk about father hood. >> i'm warning you now i needed these. >> a lot of times -- >> the surprise when their son says thanks for the small moments and big memories. this is a reunion unlike any other. >> yes. >> i'm allowed on the bed? >> that dog is screaming i have missed you so much. and that is because maggie and the dog haven't seen each other in about 275 days. that's almost a rebecca has been waiting for an heart. now she has the stay at the
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hospital waiting for a heart to come in. that has meant that maggie has had to stay with different people waiting for her owner. >> interesting she is waiting for a heart. >> there is your heart on four legs. >> the dog has so much to say. >> let me tell you. >> it is all about the cash. >> this video is just over two minutes long and is the entire time the dog is out of its mind with joy. >> rub my belly? >> yes. she sits down and curls up. one person gets up and kisses rebecca. >> best medicine. >> i hope it's not so long before they get to sea each other again. >> they took the dog where rebecca is. they are actually on their way to a new place where their dog will be staying. rebecca continues waiting for a
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heart. it was such a happy heartfelt moment. check this out. across the street right there there's a cyclist. also a man in a car. watch right there. >> what the heck? >> oh. >> street. >> the man on the bicycle is dating the ex-wife of the driver. the car is in the ex-wife's name. >> i can't imagine why she left him. >> officials say if the gate
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wasn't open there would have been more severe injuries. the cyclist is expected to survive. some other people were injured as well. they are expected to be okay. the good news is police caught up with that guy. somebody else drives up on the sidewalk in this >> watch it from this second angle. you can see the store pro pry ter talking to a man sitting in front of her. he did see it coming but not in enough time. she going to be okay. the man who is driving 81 years old. witnesses say the car was just out of control. >> if you at home have children this is the story you want to pay attention to. it is a story after alex and
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andrew. >> washed up on the shoreline. >> when you see a site like this. >> i walked up and said how come no one is doing anything to clean this plastic? he responded we clean it every morning. this is what happens. >> there needs to be a shift in thinking about how they clean and what they use. >> they were seeing fishermen pushing it out heading out into the >> it created the same old business model as they had the locals to compound plastic. >> and before the ocean was born. we have crews cleaning the ocean
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seven days a week. we operated out of 26 different countries. today we removed over half a million pounds of trash from the ocean. >> how? >> it is simple. it is funded entirely. >> these bracelets made from 100% recycled glass and 100% recycled plastic. >> she is locked inside the
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library. when she didn't appear they got worried. >> that means in the last two hours. >> the library says they do it a last call and then they leave. >> their tl are worst places to be locked inside of. >> it's all right. you didn't do anything wrong. >> she is scared so mom is talking her down letting her know she is not in trouble. of course there has to be some type of emergency release. her mom instructs her to stand up and see if it works. >> really? >> these are things we learn as adults. she probably doesn't know it yet.
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been avoided. >> again, we see an animal trapped in a well. the animal a one-year-old female calf stuck in there all they created a ramp for her and she kept interfering. and that's when the struggle really begins for her. >> a ts poi why can't they get down there and put some sort of strap under her >> it is one-half the size. >> this is the classic story of i think i can i think i can.
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multiple times she tries to go but then she -- >> she slipped back down. this happened several times. >> maybe they could stretch the arm out beside her and gently pull her up. >> i don't think the arm of it is big enough to get around >> trag to get her to get some type of grip. she climbs and everybody starts cheering as she makes her way to the sttop. >> her goal was to relocate her with her
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they have going to get it running to make it like a rock crawler truck. they could take it home and turn it into the truck of their dreams. instead they are going to hot wire it. >> okay. >> we know it's possible. is it as easy as the movies make it seem? >> if you know what you're doing, yeah. >> they are hot wiring it because they don't have the key. it's locked. >> this is super simple. the trick of this whole thing is the ignition lock. >> point is you don't have the key in here as you can't turn that lock. that's big shaft that goes into the steering column right here and you can't move the steerin s leave out. >> they don't need to teach the thieves every trick. >> clipping away at the wires
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and doing stripping and >> they get it back to their house. >> damaged cosmetically. other than >> still to come, little evan is little sad. hear her adorable and stay
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in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. gold bond. >> she doesn't know why. >> you don't want to turn somebody is flying and
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apparently this viral video with one of those. >> he is a jumpy chick too. >> and i think we found video of this one when she was a little girl. >> i didn't have a bad attitude as a child. >> stank. >> your attitude >> jealousy doesn't look good on you. >> she is this good at two. >> two. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> let her tell you a littls jeo
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have you guys heard of a place call k k k k k k somebody else just learned there's a water park. >> as you can see over the back here this place looks insane. >> yeah. today he has ally law with so mission aborted. >> i'm glad they did. ibout c >>y e up hopping over the wall. they have got to run of the place. it's just really early in the morning. it hasn't opened yet he identifies his first target. >> he will slide into a broken toy i think c.
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>> it looks outrageously danger use and probably risky. >> blue or orange? >> let's be honest, you're probably going to die if you do this one. let's go on this one. >> while he goes sliding down he is doing it buttocks down. core sorry, bro. goes back for another go. he joins the buttocks out >> they will do what they do best. >> i really need to go to the >> right. this dad is reflecting on father hood. >> a lot of times they will act like they don't know i'm
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to >>. >> i guess just get to wk.>> fa days away. so we sat down with this dad to talk about father hood. i'm warning >> i needed these. my boys are always like clean up, do your
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>>. >> i want to make sure i'm the father to them i never had. i was pretty serious about being a dad. fear drove me in the beginning. you'll have the challenging moments. i'm raising babies, boys to >> if you could what would you say? >> even though it may not seem like it they hear >> he says you don't always get it right. >> he is like okay. he said i kept looking up and i didn't know where you were.
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>> at that stage you're too cool. >> here is where the video takes a little bit of a turn. >> his oldest has a message for him. >> i want to say thank you for showing me how to be a man. >> thank you for bringing me into this world. >> you don't get it until you get older to appreciate what you try to do for you. >> who wrote that for you? >> you guys are becoming good men. you're more than welcome. >> now the tears start. that's what most parents want to know. you're listening that you understand their contributions are for the bigger picture. several organizations to put this message out to point out how important dads are in their
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the bombshell report on james comey revealed tonight. did comey's actions cross the line? publicly chastising hillary clinton for 15 minutes on national tv before revealing he wasn't recommending charges. then 11 days before the election revealing he was investigating again. then saying there was nothing there. and the ig report asking why james comey did not reveal the fbi was also looking into the trump campaign at the same time. and the fbi officials and their personal text messages. what they reveal. also tonight, the destructive tornado slamming the northeast. destroying buildings. several wounded. the manhunt at this hour. the shooter opening fire outside


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