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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 15, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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elizabeth holmes founded one of silicon valley's hottest start-ups and called the next steve job. the rising star crashed toering and faces fraud charges. i'm larry bowl. elizabeth holmes and formerly chief operating offers are charged with counts of conspiracy to exit wire fraud and nine counts of wire fraud. >> chris wynn was at the courthouse when the indictments were handed down. he joins with us details. chris. >> reporter: ama, a federal grand jury has indicted elizabeth holmes as well as the former president of her company. we want to show you video from moments ago. this was holmes leaving the courthouse following her arraignment this afternoon. both holmes and balwani have pled not guilty to the charges. theranos founder elizabeth holmes was once considered a rising star. but friday afternoon her fall
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interest from grace continued as she appeared in district court to face charges of wire fraud alongside former company president. holmes founded theranos in 2003 pitching the company's technology as a cheaper more efficient way of doing blood tests. this meeting shows her meeting with joe biden we he visited the companies newark lab in 2015. however federal prosecutors say holmes and balwani engaged in a multimillion dollar scheme to defraud investors and a separate scheme to defraud doctors and patients. alleging the two of themlied about the accuracy and rile ability of products. in a statement u.s. attorney for the northern district of california said investors large and small from around the world are attracted to silicon valley by its track record, talent and promise. they are also attracted by the fact that behind the innovation and entrepreneurship are rules of law that require honesty, fair play and transparency. both holmes and balwani whose
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attorney declined to comment on the case were each released on $500,000 bond. they were ordered to surrender passports at the arraignment. if convicted, holmes and balwani could tease up to 20 years in prison. friends and family were in the courtroom today to both both holmes and balwani each facing a total of 11 counts -- 11 charges related to wire fraud. they will both return to court on august 15th. here in san jose. live in silicon valley, chris wynn, abc 7 news. >> thank you. i want to show you the time line. elizabeth holmes founded theranos in 2003 when a student at stanford. the company took off in 2014 when holmes was featured in several national publications with her the next steve jobs. well things quickly unravelled in the fall of 2015 after a "wall street journal" investigation questioned the legislate macy of their blood testing technology. then months later she was banned from running the lab in theranos
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had the license revoked. the securities and exchange commission then sued holmes and the company. she settled in march of this year. a theron oz story crossed over to pop culture as well bad blood secrets and lies in silicon valley start up published in may and there is a mf with jennifer lawrence set to play elizabeth holmes. stay with abc 7 news and abc 7 for the latest developments in this case. be sure to they had the app to get the updates sent to your phone as soon as new developments break. two young women at the south bay facing criminal charges accused of having sex with several minors. talia sisco and tina are accused of having unlawful sexual intercourse with 15 and 16-year-old business. tina was working as a teacher. carlos saucedo is live outside the courthouse with the details.
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carlos. >> reporter: well detectiving working this case have been able to identify three victims but say there is a fourth possible victim. and more victims could come forward. these are the so-called best friends facing multiple charges of unlawful sex with minors. 24-year-old talia sisco and 23-year-old tina par andy. >> they zrib themselves to each other as sexual deef antisocial. that's what they call themselves. >> the santa clara county vfr sheriff east office began investigating after being tipped off about the ib inappropriate behavior. they used so many to initiate contact with three boys between the ages of 15 and 16. during their investigation, suspect talia sisco was a student teacher at bernal intermediate school. >> none of the victims appear at this point to have come from the middle school. they were high school boys that were the victims that we have identified. but because of the interaction with the schools we're always cautious. >> once the school was notified,
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they removed sisco as a student teacher. but investigators fear there could be more victims. >> we do believe there is a fourth victim we don't have further information on that victim we're asking the community to assist us in that. >> we went to the listed home addresses of the two suspects. no answer at siscos. over at the others someone appearing to be a relative told us no comment. and there is still the possibility that the women could face additional charges if more victims come forward. anyone with any information is encouraged to contact authorities. reporting live in san jose, carlos saucedo, abc 7 news. >> thank you. san francisco police released some body cam video showing a man shot in the back qulastweekend.during a on saturday police say officers stopped a group of mep for having open containers of alcohol. the former grant and vallejo in north beach. things evolved here. one of the men oliver ran from
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officers and toss add loaded glock pistol before an officer shot him striking him two times in the back. police have yet to release the name of the officer involved in the sheath. the victim remains in the hospital we posted the body cam individuals on the website at a shooting at a cemetery in hayward left five people hospitalized with gunshot wounds. >> happening outside the chapel of the chimes and today police looking for the suspects. >> leslie brinkley is live with the latest on the investigation. leslie. >> reporter: well the shooting happened right here just off of busy mission boulevard right in trnt of the main mortuary. one cemetery worker claims that one of the victims was even chased and shot among the graves. it was a quiet normal evening at chapel of the chimes cemetery a group of 50 people were inside the chapel for a 7:00 p.m. viewing. outside on the vast lawn another
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separate group pitched a tent and chairs at the grave site of a loved one. the general manager says many cultures value spending hours at the cemetery with a picnic and a chance to be near a lost loved one. that's where the shooting took place. staff called 911. >> the scene was pretty chaotic when the officers arrived. initially they located three victims of gunshot wounds. in the driveway area in front of the mortuary. >> one woman who heard the gunfire says she saw people drinking una tent, some with guns. >> they told us that we were on lock down for an hour. and we were there like the whole time they told us not to get out. >> the chapel was placed on lock down as police canvassed the neighborhood for witnesses or suspects. they came upon the 7-eleveno oc workers say they noticed a man in the parking lot with a wound to his arm. they claim police handcuffed three young men and took them away in ambulances.
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>> well i heard the commotion. the police cars and the ambulance. and i just kind of glanced. >> a fifth shooting victim drove himself to a local hospital. police towed two cars. they are new hoping to interview the victims to figure out a motive. all five victims are listed in stable condition at local hospitals. chapel of the chimes says they will prioritize safety as they reevaluate security. they may limit gathering that involve chairs and tents. and they say they're also possibly going to look into hiring private security. reporting live in hayward, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> thank you, leslie. a suspected color even release at of an east contra costa county chemical plenty sent people to the hospital. it was inburg this morning. sky7 flu ore the scene. dow chemical teams assisted with
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the ponce. the four employees are expected to be okay. a swimming pool that was the sce aorhe foreseeable future. sky7 flew over the pool at the shadow rock swim club in san jose. 35 people got sick after investigators say a pool maintenance worker mixed two incorrect chemicals together. plussing a cloud of fumes that made several people including children sick. firefighters say the fumes were potentially fatal. the cleanup process is now under way. the pool will be inspected by experts before it can be safely used again. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecasts with spencer christian. a windy afternoon and cooler than yesterday this time tp let's look at live doppler 7. you can mostly sunny skies away from the coastline. check out gusts right now. 2-mile-per-hour in san francisco and 29 at concord and napa. all around the bay wdsre 520 ature change shows 5 to 10 degrees cooler than most
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locations this time yesterday. the view from the roof top camera showing low clouds moving oh over the sky line of san francisco. 58 in the city. 62 across in oakland. 73 in san jose. gilroy only 63. 5 a at half moon bay. and look southward from emeryville we see clouds building there. 779 in santa rosa. napa 65. 70s in novato fairfield and concord. an interesting father's day weekend. i'll give you details later. larry. >> interesting, not like i like the sound of interesting. spencer see new a few minutes. the commute is back to formal on 580 in castro valley. fws a mess this morning after a semioverturned near eden canyon road. officials say the big rig rear end add car before 5:00 a.m. two people in the car were injured and taken to a hospital. at one point all lanes on 580 were closed that snarled traffic for miles. a very special guest graduation speaker.
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>> it's thrilling. >> you probably didn't have a graduation speaker like in the 8th grade. hilary clinton drops in for a visit in san francisco. plus could this help you avoid the long dmv lines? the changes coming to offices this weekend. "7 on your side" michael finney is taking questions on twitter and facebook. post hem them with the hashtag ask finney. he will answer the questions live later. >> here is a question if you're on the skyway in downtown san francisco? how do i get out of the traffic? it's a nightmare whether coming into the city or trying to get out. on coming traffic to the lower deck of the bay bridge and the east bay that's bumper to bumper. same on the right-hand side for
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it appears we head into a full scale trade war with china. the u.s. will be imposing a 25% tariff op $34 billion worth of chinese goodsly july 6th and another $16 billion later. >> and china says it will retaliate. lyanne melendez in the newsroom with how this might affect us. >> you should know the two countries u.s. and china have been negotiating to try to reach some kind of compromise to avoid this point. but until now the talks have failed. fact. china has been stealing american technology and trade secrets for years. by imposing a 25% tariff on hundreds of chinese products, the economists say the trump administration is punishing china. >> it's more like they're just punitive and targeted punitive saying you can steal stuff but then it's cheaper when you steal stuff but we're making it more expense toef sell. >> the tariffs focus on
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aerospace, robotics and machinery. >> it can no longer play by rules when it was 10th or 15th largest kme economy in the world. it's now the second largest. it's and its trading patterns affect everyone. >> china's commerce ministry responded we will introduce taxation measures with the same scale and intensity all of the economic trade and achievements previously negotiated by the two parties will be invalid. >> when the price of a car goes up or a refrigerator or whatever goes up people by less. so you worry about losing jobs in those other industries. >> history has taut us that a trade war is not good for the u.s. in 1930 the smoot/hawley tariff act was passed raising tariffs on 20,000 imported items. here is what happened to the u.s. unemployment rate. in 1930 when that tariff went in effect unemployment was at 8%. the follow year, 1931, to a it reed to 25%.6% and in 193233
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a month ago after president trump increased tariffs on chinese steel that country retaliated by refusing to buy some u.s. imports. the wine and agricultural industries in california are feeling the impact. >> we are the fifth largest economy in the world. and tariffs will impact our kpee, jobs, price the goods. this is not good for anyone. >> the new tariffs will go into effect on july 6th. and u.s. business leaders are urging both countries to resolve this through negotiations but there is little sign the talks will resume. in the newsroom lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the city of san jose is taking a major step toward upgrading wireless service in the city. mayor sam liccardo says they have reached agreements with verizon at&t mobile tie and to install technology on light poles. liccardo says the installation also improve the quality of wireless service and speed up
4:17 pm
the deployment of 5 gtology. he added up grating the broad band infrastructure is key to building a smarter city, advancing the long time economic competitiveness. apple signed oprah to a multiyear deal. in a statement released today the cupertino based company says it will create original program with oprah who is expected to have an on screen role as a host and interviewer. that deal will not effect her contract with her new york she launched in 2007. >> some dmv offices will be open tomorrow, saturday to ease the lng lines brought on by people applying for new licenses used at airport security checkpoints lid saturday from june 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. beginning in july the offices will be open the first and third saturdays of the month. driving tests will not be offered during the hours. in the bay area, concord, hayward, claimant avenue office
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in oklahoma, pleasanton he hadwood san jose processing center, santa clara and santa rosa offices will be open. the alameda county fair is now open. and this morning you could say it was a bit of a stampede getting into the fair when the gates opened. >> it looked like the wild west through downtown pleasanton. matt keller shows us the second annual cattle drive. why so many people are pumped for this fair. >> reporter: sad up, the alameda county fair kicks off today. organizers say downtown pleasanton is known as a place with upscale shopping and restaurants. but one day a year the opening day cattle drive pays tribute to the area as wild west beginnings. 150 head of cattle wrangled up by cowboys and cow girls herded through the strets. people line up to see the spectacle before the fair opens up. inside the fair, a mix of new and old. classic rides are here. but something new for the most daring. it's called turbo.
4:19 pm
spins riders 114 feet in the area. ious just don't get on after lunch. >> it's a four seater you're on either end it's for the for the faint of heart. you want to make sure that you go on an empty stomach. >> speaking of food you have classics like the giant hotdogs and corn dogs. s also ice cream and creativity deserts if you look for the dish you may not have known existed, let me introduce you to the fruity pebbles slfrp on a stick. and then there is this. >> we also have fight roe jenn infused cereal you eat it and you can below smoke out like a dragon. >> the fair goes through july 8th we have information on the website. in pleasanton, matt keller abc 7 news. >> i would pay good money to see spencer christian blow smoke out of his nose like a dragon. >> i'll do that with a corn dog
4:20 pm
zp. >> haters on corn dogs. >> you said you had an interesting forecast. what does that mean. it means that father's day may not be so sunny or dry as we hoped. before that, i knew you were going to talk about the alameda fair because i'm a forecaster so i have the alameda county fair weather graphic up already for tomorrow. now, i know it opened today. but tomorrow morning, at opening time 11:00 a.m. it will be sunny and bright. in fact all day long. temperatures middle of the day. mid-to upper 70s then into the evening hours brezy and cooler. looks like pleasant weather for day two of the alameda county fair. right now we are looking at pleasant across the region. sunny skies. windy. a little bit of low cloudiness forming on the coastline right now. current temperatures readings range from upper ifts at the coast and in san francisco to mainly low and mid-sixth around the bay shoreline. mainly sixth and 70s inland. here is a live view from the east bay hills looking at clouds coming from the coast. it's going to be breezy and cool
4:21 pm
this weekend. both days. sprinkles are possible on father's day. that's the interesting part. but they won't be widespread or heavy. and a warmer and droier pattern developing next we can. overnight look for clouds and clearer inland. the farther inland you go. overnight lows in the low to mid-50s and tomorrow's highs range from 60 at half moon bay to mainly upper sixth and 70s around the soerl lane. and mid-to upper 70s inland. although locations like antioch and up north at clover dale top out at just above 80 degrees. mild in the warmest spots. but even cooler on father's day. here is the forecast animation starting 10:00 tonight. notice the increasing clouds near the coast. especially early sunday morning. weee could be s we don't expect widespread rainfall. but the sprinkles could occur any time overnight into sunday.
4:22 pm
then later in the day by midday father' days, lingering clouds but probably no precip. if there is any measurable rain at all probably on the more than .02 or .03 in the locations that get dampness. here a break down of father's day. 8:00 in the morning. maybe bt la of drizzle. clearer skies by noon and into the afternoon. and the highest temperatures will probably get close to about 80 degrees in our inland areas. then you can see it turns warmer monday. and much warmer midweek to late week next weak. by tuesday into oh by friday we see high temperatures inland in the low mid-90s. t day cloudy0s around thehe cst and. dridsle. >> on the bored walk may be chilly. >> maybe fun with you chilly.
4:23 pm
>> thank you. >> well planning the so-called june gloom. what you can do on days you don't want to be outdoors. are high heels a thing of the
4:24 pm
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renowned physicalists being
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stephen hawking receive a. it was highlighted by his voice being beamed into space 3,500 light years away. the invitation for the service specified anyone born before 2039 could attend allowing time travelers to come back and honor helm. after ward hawks was interred between charles darwin and isaac newt zbloon members of the philadelphia eagle have the bling to go with the trophy. the players received the super bowl rings during a ceremony last night. made of pure 10 karat white gold. each as 219 diamonds and 17 rare green sapphires. there is an image of a dog representing the team as underdog status on the run to the first ever super bowl victory.the ng are valued right around $35,000 apiece. not too shabby. incredibles 2 opens in theaters nationwide today. it looks like a lot of people are excited to see it.
4:27 pm
>> according to fan danko, the disney pixar sequel has broken the record for the most advanced ticket sales for animated film. the previous mark set by finding door y in 2016. the release comes 14 years after the original hit theet zbleers i always wanted to do another incredibles because i had such fun doing the first film. and it was the oem time in my career so far that i've gotten to take something from initial seed of an idea through to completion. i always wanted to return to these characters because i love them. >> incredibles 2 has a high bar to reach the match the first film earning $63 million at the box office. dinsz is the parent company of abc 7. >> the first movie was fun yee. the first press conference on the white house lawn, reporters calling it unprecedented. >> are we on already. >> we're op. we're live. >> yeah the president walks out of the white house, talks with reporters,way he said coming up.
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how far does crystal geyser alpine spring water travel from its source to the bottle? less than a mile and a half. crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. . >> announcer: live, y live, this is abc and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. the founder and former chief executive officers of theranos has been charged with did he frauding investor and doctors and patients. elizabeth holmes tepd down from
4:31 pm
her position today. the chief operating officers has been charged. chris wirn was in district court what he they were charged with nine counts of wire fraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. abc 7 news reporter carlos saucedo tweet add photo of these two women arrested on allegations they had sex with teenage boys earlier this year. talia sisco and tin an per andy taken into custody yesterday. a judge ordered former campaign chairman paul manafort sent back to jail after prosecutors say he tried to influence the testimony of two witnesses. it's a big legal blow for manafort in his battle with special counsel robert mueller. abc news reporter stephanie ramos is live for us with the story. stephanie. >> reporter: ama, the judge made it clear that paul manafort will wait for his trial in jail because based on evidence the judge says, he can't be trusted to follow the conditions of his release. he stood on the stanl with donald trump as he prepared to
4:32 pm
accept the republican nomination. now paul mafrpt is behind bars. his bail was revoked after prosecutors sakdsed him and an associate of contacting two witnesses trying to get them to lie about manafort's lobbying work for ukrainian politicians with ties to vladimir putin. one witness making the explosive claim manafort was trying to quote, subborn perjury. u.s. marshals took mafrpt into custody immediately after the judge's ruling. his waive, seen leaving the courthouse alone. manafort also faces several felony charges, including tax evasion, bank fraud, money laurnding conspiracy and acting as an unregistered foreign agent. he pled not guilty. his lawyer isn't talking. >> any comment at all. >> on twitter president trump seemed to defend his former chairman writing wow! what a tough sentence for paul
4:33 pm
manafort. who has represented ronald, regan bob toll and many other top political people. didn't know manafort was the head of mob. what about dommy and the crooked hillary and all the others? very unfair but earlier in the day before the decision, the president appearing to distance himself from manafort. >> he worked for me for what 49 days or something. a very short period of time. >> despite the president's tweet, manafort has not been sentenced. his first trial is scheduled for september. in washington, stephanie ramos, abc 7 news. ama. and stephanie trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani is floating the idea of a. le pardon. what's that all about? >> he absolutely is. rudy giuliani insinuating the paul manafort could get a presidential pardon. he said this just house after the d.c. judge revoked the bail. this is what giuliani said. the russia investigation could
4:34 pm
get cleaned up with presidential pardons in light of paul manafort being sent to jail. he left it there. >> stephanie ramos reporting live from washington, d.c. thank you. president trump raised concerns again today with a series of comments during a tv interview and back and forth with reporters. this started with an interview on fox news morning show program where the president made a curious remark about north korean dictator kim jong un. >> you mean this now when you said you wished. >> you don't understand sarcasm. >> the president also sounded off on yesterday's report from the justice departments inspector general. >> the report yesterday may be more importantly than anything it totally exonerates me. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction and if you read the report. >> you have oufr the inspector general report actually had nothing to do with the mueller investigation into russian meddling into the 2016 election. it was focused on the investigation into hillary
4:35 pm
clinton's emails. former impose of then scandal plagued british political firm cambridge analytica formed a new company and quietly working for the re-election campaign. according to the associated press. the new firm defies links to the trump campaign but confirmed to the a pch it's doing campaign work for the republican national committee to for during the 2018 elections. cambridge analytic aire was brought down over obtaining the private information of facebook users. the company shut down last month. san francisco mayor elect london breed spent part of her day thanking supporters in one of the city's oldest neighborhoods. abc news was at the restaurant when the mayor elect shared the vision for san frcisco's ,nclu hiring police officers to increase patrols across san francisco. mayor elect breed paid tribute to mayor ed lee who died suddenly last december. mcdonald's is making a switch from plastic to paper. the details.
4:36 pm
plus fighting the june gloom. just ahead, ideas to get you out and about even we the weather may not be cooperating. i'm experience christian the. the clouds look gloomy. wi
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with jack's new $3 sauced & loaded fries. only at jack in the box delivered exclusively with doordash - order now. well a few minutes airing spencer was telling us about the cooler weekend and the june gloom in the bay area. you might want to think about things to do indoors. desiree perea is here with ideas. let's start with clown school which i didn't know was a real thing but some suggest i could teach. >> clown school in san francisco can be at circus center. in cole valley. you can fly on the trapeze. >> you've been on the trapeze. >> they have $5 fridays only $5 to go. you can wear a tutu and you have professional trainers. it's safe. you have the safety net. and it's a great way to try something different. >> why don't we have a video of
4:40 pm
that. >> i would love that. >> all right. how about if i'm looking for a beverage and maybe a fire. because it's cooler out. >> yeah. it's cooler. and it's also really good for date night as you can g to chambers in the phoenix hotel in the tenderloin. and they have indoor on outdoor fireplaces, a large cocktail menu. brunch and din. and don't forgot to take the picture in front of the be amazing illuminated zblien a huge sign. >> a huge sign, be amazing. >> i'll try it. if you want to go rock climbing but under controlled conditions as a beginner >> i recommend you go to mission cliff. you can learn to rock climb but obviously indoors and with a belay crew. they have multiple paths. can you get harnesed up with rope. have somebody safely navigate. and if you are scared of heights
4:41 pm
like me you can go bouldering not more than 10 to 15 feet off the ground. >> excellent. a lot ofpeople may not know that the star guard klay thompson loves to play chess. >> we can't guarantee that. >> but klay thompson appears not gaern the. >> but you can learn to play chess at the mechanic institute. located in the financial district. can you take classes. you can also join tournaments. no matter the level of a chess player you are you can find somebody who can stimulate you intellectually. and they also have an entire library of audio books, movies and they do events and have guest lectureses. >> a great place to hide out and learn. >> and think. you mentioned libraries there are still people reading box. spencer christian has one out. go pick it up. you have a book store in mind. >> go to city lights book store
4:42 pm
in the heart of north beach a three story book store a landmark in san francisco. it was really established in the 50s when the beat generation was big here. and you can go to the third floor, dedicated to poetry. pick up becomes from the beatnik poets. and then across the alley to the suvio, a salen opened in the late 40s, early 50s and get a hot cocktail there, hot ieshish coffee and enjoy the poetry while overlook the jack kurak alry. >> and you got a couple -- a the subpar miniature golf in ghiradelli square. you can see the painted ladies or the building and go to urban
4:43 pm
putt, the mission, a 14-hole course and battle an octopus in order to get around the hole. and they sls a restaurant and a bar upstairs. and you can make a full day and i prefer making a competition out of looser buys the next drinks. >> we might have to do that sometime. get the abc 7 team together. how about if you just want to kickback and watch movies? >> kicking back and watching movies is fun in san francisco go to the castro theater. obviously it's in the castro. and right now they're doing the international lgbtq film festival. happy pride, everyone. that's a great way to get involved. but they also have programming like sing along musical which the audience is amazing at. they play classics and even new blockbusters changing it almost everydy. can you go as much as you'd like it's two stories and beautiful always go early. there is a live organist playing before hand. >> very nice. desiree thanks for coming in.
4:44 pm
>> thanks for having me. >> enjoy the june gloom weekend everybody. >> now the forecast with spencer christian. let's hope it doesn't get too gloomy. mainly sunny skies now. but a big of fog on the coastline beginning to reach locally over san francisco and excuse me out over the way as well pl during the overnight hours we'll see even a bit more of the low clouds. it pushes out on the peninsula. but most inland areas seeing clear skies. overnight lows in the low to mid-50s tomorrow abundant sunshine especially inland over the bay. but lingering low clouds on the coast. highs range from sixth at the coast to 70s around the bay. and it will be cooler than average inland. but a big warm jum coming next we can. using antioch as 7-day high temperature trend as the indicator of the pattern. the average high in antioch this time of year is mid-80s. notice below average the next three days. but bounces up in the 90s next
4:45 pm
week. and inland locations see that same temperature pattern. the seven-day forecast clouds linger a bit on father's day. sorry about that. may even be a spot or two of springily weather. but then gets sunnier and warmer monday. then all of next week a nice warm-up. >> it's about the company you're with not the weather. >> i agree. >> thanks, spencer. no more high heels why more women than ever giving them away and what they're turning to. >> "7 on your side" michael finney. what you do when somebody uses your social secu
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id that are switching out high heel shoes for comfortable options. the this store calls itself the world's largest thrift store. it resales clothing online. now they say there is a spike in the number of customers getting rid of high heels. >> over the past three months we have seen a 38 percent increase in the number of heels sent in cleanup bags to thread up. >> at the same time thread up is seeing a 50% increase in sneaker sales on the site. the stasks dovetail with that show that u.s. retail sales of high heels down 12% last year while the sneaker sales were up 37%. even tennis star serena williams recently tweet add photo with sneakers with a designer gown. "the new york times" speculates the me too movement might be behind the decline as more women dress for themselves rather than being sexually appealing to men. >> on to consume consumer news
4:50 pm
time for ask finney "7 on your side" michael finney. answering questions sent via twitter abfacebooken and email. the irs sent me a notice that my social security may have been used to obtain employment. should i put a fraud alert with a credit card bureaus. >> i would that's a good idea. fraud alert lasts 90 days. you can have it go further if you wish. new, that should be the first thing do you. next contact the social security administration. make sure your earning records are straight. generally they are. under these conditions. now tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 i have a report on credit freezes how they are changing. actually for the better. that would be worth watching as well. okay hope from san francisco asks is it appropriate to pay tip when there is a tax and health care surcharge in a restaurant. >> yeah, you bet it is. employees don't get the tax. they don't get the health care money either. tax goss to the government. the health care money goes to the restaurant owners. all companies in san francisco have to offer health care by
4:51 pm
law. but as far as i know only some restaurants add the surcharges to pay their costs of doing business. now supermarkets and clothing stores are not adding health charges, surcharges neither are tv stations we have the same laws here. all businesses are under the law. not just restaurants so do not burn the wait staff that's just not right. >> meghan asks i'll be attending a we hadding in the napa valley in october. we want to stay the weekend when the best time to make restation innovations for a hotel room. >> three, four months ago. i'm not kidding you. that's hard this isn't. primetime. some hotels are full. getting a deal is going to be all but impossible. you really have to do research and you need to start right now. i also want to you consider staying outside of wine country and driving in for the wedding or actually better yet getting a car share to take to you the wedding. that way you can have a good time there and not worry about driving back to the hotel. if you have a question to for me you can record a 10 to 15 second long question share is on social media, use the hashtag ask
4:52 pm
finney soic fine it. reach me on the facebook page and through >> thank you. all right state health care ofcis e ming to declare thatgnific risk.the propalt supe that coffee should have warning labels. health officials say a review of more than 1,000 studies published by the world health organization shows there is not enough evidence to prove that coffee causes cancer. mcdonald's is saying goodbye to plastic straws. at least in the united kingdom and ireland where mcdonald's will switch to paper straws starting in september. the changeover is expected to be complete next year. the company is also testing alternative straws in the u.s. where some bay area cities are already considering bans on plastic straws. two kansas parents stuck with a $132,000 bill after their little toddler accidentally knocked over a sculpture inside of a community center.
4:53 pm
surveillance footage shows the child running around hugging the glass mosaic sculpture and then it comes down. there it is. and it's about to go. the oh, no, the insurer sent the bill to the child's parents saying they were negligent in allowing the toddler to run around unsupervised >> the parents argue the sculpture was poorly protected and did not have a do not touch sign. >> what was the bill do we know. >> $132. >> goodness. all right well how is this this for unusual a former secretary of state gave a graduation speech to san francisco 8th graders. practice the discipline of gratitude. >> that's hillary clinton behind the tripod how she spoke to the 8th grader. >> right now dan with news at five new at 5:00 look at the damage to 30 cars where police tell abc 7 news about the vandalism in napa county.
4:54 pm
a second chance for a golf course. what seemed a lost cause is now an opportunity for redemption. and idgor from young frankants. a bay area teenager plays the part to a national award. he is great. those stories and
4:55 pm
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news at 11:00. students at one san francisco middle school were in for a special treat at their graduation today. abc 7 news anchor dion lim was there as hillary clinton spoke at the hamlin school. >> her appearance at ham lip was hush shall from the public but the you a applause from her speech could be heard well down the street. [ applause ] >> those attending the ham lip school 8th grade graduation friday were streeted to a special guest speaker. >> it was surreal to see hillar clinton. i never thought i'd ever get to see her in person. >> while the school kept the event private even defying the appearances it was clear judging by blocked roads police presence and secret service someone big was about to set foot on grounds. sure enough at quarter to 10:00 clinton and her entourage were whisked sunday. >> whatever it might be. >> with limited seating many parents watched from afar. these images were taken by residents at a neighboring condo
4:58 pm
complex hoping to sneak and peek and hear the message. >> i didn't know she had the hardships of bullying. i have gone through some of that as well. touched my heart. >> when her speech ended. >> so congratulations. i can't wait to see. >> as quickly as she appeared, clinton was escorted off stage. >> though her words made a lasting impression on the student at hamlin. in san francisco, dion lim, abc 7 news. >> now the school hasn't commented but parents tell us hamlin was able to secure the clinton as a speaker because she is good friends with a woman whose granddaughter graduated tool. reminder the latest news any team with the upgraded app with the enhanced video features, custom station and t ge ns you realtime. thanks for joining us to be abc news at 4:00 i'm larry beil.
4:59 pm
abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. a massive fall from grace. a former tech heavyweight indicted on criminal charges. we are live with details with of alleged multimillion dollar scheme. windows blown out, cars vandalized. what police are telling abc 7 news about the incredible damage in napa county gunfire at a mortuary, an investigation into why someone shot up a grave site in hayward. and the bay area teenager wins a big acting award and can't wait to go to new york to pick it up. disneyland on steroids for me. >> live breaking news. and that breg news has to do with the silicon valley start uponce worth $9 billion. well, not anymore. the woman who ran it is now indicted on fraud charges. the government comes down hard on a former bay area bigwig. geng i'm dan cash bely. i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze. the found of theron has been charged with did he frauding doctors patients.
5:00 pm
chris wynn is live in san jose with the story tonight. chris. >> reporter: dan and ama, friends and family were in the courtroom today to support holmes as she appeared in court for the tiers time this afternoon. she pled not guilty to the charges. once known as a rising


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