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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 16, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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in the front seat. >> this video was taken in china. as you can see right here you have four kids up front. a police officer is a bit astonished. then he opens the back >> there were 11 kids in the backseat. there were 16 people total in this five seater car. >> a level of danger. four in the front. no one is wearing a seat belt. you an air bag as well. any kind of accident you got a lot of dead kids. >> this man could get into a lot of trouble. because of all of the demerits he would get for all of the people that were over the limit in his car he could lose his license.
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need fast pain relief just pick and roll.e a mess? new icy hot® lidocaine no mess. desensitize aggravated nerves with max strength lidocaine. icy hot®. my son thinking i'm the coolest in the world. >> some of you may know. >> i have a c >>. >> how do you get to school? >> yes. >> yes. >> i feel about as old as his son every time i watch one of his videos. >> wait. just
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>> he will go >>. >> he gets to work by going to sleep. >> yeah. i made it. i made it. >> some mounting and worrying. >> time to test it out. >> what she is holding it, right? >> i'm ds appointed. it needs >>. >> somebody that has to be
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saying i have to market that. >>. >> they will say how is he going to rev this up? >> not going put it on it. he is only five, yes? he is only five. i'm >> turbo. >> so we look forward to a video in the future. >> this is a teaser that even you are okay to >> she on a mission. i do believe that's -- >> no. that's violet, the daughter.
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she can make herself invisible. >> you never saw the incredibles? >> that is jack jack. >> like his super power. he can take it and make it a nice tasty little pizza. >> that was cute and >> hi. >> first time hearing in his entire life. he is doing that slow turn like what is this sound i'm hearing for the first time? this is something new. >> he is turning because he has the coolest name. >> yeah. >> he is like a hero from some movie. >> this is one of my favorite moments like i have a new sense. >> yeah. >> you hear that? >> yeah. >> he starts jumping up and
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down. he now hears daddy's voice. >> yeah. she jifumping for joy? >> whatever kind of music he starts listening to i think he'll be dancing. >> my favorite moment of them all is right here. it is the first time he hearing these words. >> i love you. i love you. >> i could watch these videos day in and day out. there is always that really precious moment when it sin ks in. sk >> in this video posted be i the harold it is mom. baby charlotte recently got these implants. >> you hear that? >> she starts looking around like this is a new sense for me. >> mom is the one that gets emotional. >> there is something in this situation, if you don't want them to go through struggles and it's a little moment for mom
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going it will be a little bit easier. >> she was born deaf and she is now 11 months old. this is the first time she is hearing. . this dude dropped everything and he is on one grand adventure exploring. that's next. plus red bull racers test out a new track. >> watch them weed through this tough trail. >> don't you wish you could do that though? >> yeah. simpari-what? simparica is what kills tick and fleas, like us. kills? d of t month, it kills more ticks in less time than frontline plus and nexgard. guess we should mosey on. see ya never, roxy! use simparica with caution in dogs with a history of seizures or neurologic disorders. the most common side effects are vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy. say goodbye to ticks and fleas...
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the fastest, non-drowsy, allergy reliefment. to help you break through symptoms. get back to the moment with allegra. he move today teach english. he is exploring this time the back country of chile in the area. >> it's beautiful like the change of colors and everything. >> he documented this journey into this park.
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i don't think i said that right. >> it's a privately owned park designated to rescue, preserve and spread native culture. john documented his experience to over three days of blogs. it took him to get to this park here where they will mount up horses over the next three days. >> he has very little experience because this horses know what they are doing and so do his guys. so much to see including glaciers and mountains. it is a gorgeous place. john even gets to see some. one of the reasons why this park was created. once the horses got him to this point he had to headache u u u up into the mountains. >> not only because it gets you baa because it leaves a history behind. >> they left their legacy str h
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scratched into the rock here. these are all engravings. >> you started talking about this. i have been thinking about south america with that frontier feel. there is all sorts of stuff. i feel like i have been inspired by all of these that want to visit. the second red bull is involved in any sport it will be hair raising. this one is nothing short of that. >> >> it is already tricky! they were right after each other. >> this is the easy part. >> really? >> wait until you see what's
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coming up. i can't believe he has presence of mind to guide us through this while he is trying not to break his nose. >> that is tough. >> we slip between different camera angles. >> look at that. we dropped probably 5 or 6 meters. >> that is quite a ride. >> from changes in terrain to what looks like big holes on the track. >> don't you wish you could do that though? >> yeah. >> i do. >> watching the video. they finished the track. they high five each other and celebrate the fact that they can do this. >> thanks, guys. families celebrate a big day. >> they are celebrating father's day together. >> find out what
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it's delicious.
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so easy even a dad can do it. >> the table is set for a father's day barbecue. >>. >> we th is the best. >> this is hosted by 23 and me. they invited some of their customers who have used the genetic testing service to help them reconnect with people, specifically their fathers. >> what better twway to spend a father's day than with his daughters? >> yes. she shared her story after she did the 23 and me test. >> when my results came in there are also relatives and the first one who wrote back was my cousin. he text me and he said oh, my god, i think i know who your father is. >> it made me cry like a baby. >> she got to find her dad. as soon as he saw her picture he knew. >> do you see him?
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>> he came and saw my mom again for the first time and he met me and his granddaughters. >> it was very emotional. >> they said we can't help you. the service was able to help her. all of these people -- >> yeah. >> 23 and me has filled in a blank in my life. >> i love how they were able to celebrate together. they got special gifts like something most of us have with our dads, pictures. >> they formed a bond and the kids and the family all visit and hang out. it is a really special service for them. >> having my father in my life celebrating father's day i'm so excited. >> that's all we have time for on this episode. check out for more. we'll see you next time on an
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