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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 16, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." ♪ sheer exhaustion on everett for climbers entering the death zone. >> once you cross there, every second, you are dying. >> see the brutal task of documenting the ascent while trying to just stay alive. ♪ freddy was finally rescued but in all his nine years -- >> he's never had a bed. >> the moment he trades his confusion for some full-on comfort. >> aww. a driver starts recording because -- >> watch what happens next. >> why it's definitely time to pool over. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web.
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including a family scavenger hunt in honor odad. >> it's his 70th birthday. >> the clue that says he spotted his gift. >> what is it? what is it? to call this video incredible is criminally underselling it because it's going to leave you feeling like you're on top of the world. it's all shot by elia, shooting an expedition up to the south summit of everest and it really gives you a feeling of just how tough it is to be up there. this entire thing is taking place in the death zone. above 8,000 meters. 26,247 feet. once you cross there, every second, you are dying. humans only take in about 30% of the oxygen compared to if they're at sea level. and at the same time, you're still trying to climb.
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>> like, this is how high planes go when they reach their cruising altitude. >> yep. that's exactly why it is so dangerous. even if you've got bottled oxygen. he's not just on the ascent, he's shooting the ascent, so as such, he's using way, way more energy. here's an example of what i mean. you see this shot right here, see the guys are walking toward the pretty famous part of everett. the next shot you'll see is him at the top. so basically, he shot all the way ahead so he could plunk himself here and get an absolutely incredible shot of this team then approaching and making their way up. now, you see this cracking shot right here, this dude comes up right by the camera. but what this also gives, if you listen to the sound of this video, it shows you just how hard it is to do anything. [ heavy breathing ] >> i sound that way after five minutes on the stair stepper. >> tell me about it.
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>> you see their way across saddle rock. he has to pause ten others to get to the summit first so he can place the camera and get the shot. >> woo! >> that is the team making t way up. he does actually put one quick picture in to celebrate his little victory as well. >> you got to. >> but that's just half the journey because you got to the top, you have to get your way back down. you have to get out of the death zone before the weather turns, before you turn, before you die. >> wow. that's wild. >> now this is all from an expedition in 2013 and don't worry, everybody made it down safe. freddy took his freedom day ride. >> oh, my goodness. hi, buddy. >> hey, freddy. >> freddy has just been rescued. he's smiling, tongue is out all the time. this poor nine-year-old freddy, he was rescued from a mill and
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the people at national mill dog rescue, they got him out. and this was his day of freedom. the national mill dog rescue, their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, adopt and educate people about this. so, now he's at lily's haven. this one has not had something his entire nine years of life. >> going to give him -- >> he's never had a bed. this is his first dog bed. >> he doesn't even know what to do. he really doesn't. >> she has to pick him up and put him on the bed because he doesn't know what to do. the beauty is once he figures how comfy the beds are, good luck getting him out of them. >> it's a wrap. >> watch how quickly he adapts to this bed. >> he says wow, this ain't so bad. >> oh, this is nice. this is nice. >> he's so cute. you love your bed? >> he hasn't had love. he's about to get more than he probably ever thought he'd get because this is his forever family, and i got to say, they are the perfect family for
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freddy. >> we were so excited, we saw freddy come off the bus when he was res cued. we've been waiting for a dog. we got preapproved. when he came off, we knew he was the one for us and would be a great brother to our other dog, cinnamon. >> aww. as you can see, they have matching tongues. and the family said they were perfect for each other. >> they're adorable. well, they are now siblings, you know, playmates forever. >> oh, you guys. ♪ sometimes you can just see things coming. we're in the philippines and we got this big truck moving full speed ahead, and a couple of guys on some scooters. pay attention to the dude in the green helmet. >> he's inpatient. >> oh, yeah. that's why t veo tck tke, no room for you, dude. >> oh! run over his
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head. >> as he starts to get impatient, he comes up on the side of the truck. looks like the back wheel hits the sidewalk. he leans in and the truck rolls right over his head and neck. >> look at his helmet. >> then he stands up and falls back to his knees. a couple dudes on the bike pull off but before they can get to him, he leans up against the wall and looks like he starts to pass out. miraculously, it's being reported he survived. >> yeah. the helmet took the brunt of the hit. it doesn't mean his skull or head isn't injured. up next, we have some rainy conditions on the roadway. the dude recording says he saw this pool being transported. and in this type of wind and rain, we know where this is going and apparently this dude did, too. he pulled out a phone. >> watch what happens next. it's wobbling and wobbling and leaning. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> and boom. >> oh. oh. >> oh. oh. oh. oh. >> yep. that's it. >> look at the size of that trailer,
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honestly, everything in this was just poorly thought out. >> yep. the pool goes down into the road. takes the trailer with it and now those drivers have to pull over. >> the plus side is they don't have to fill it with water, it will get there already prefilled. so many people have seen the images coming from guatemala after the covolcano eruptions. dozens of people killed. so many others displaced. areas evacuated. buildings buried under this ash from the pyroclastic eruptions that we know are very violent w coming together. this is little jorge, and he is taking money out of his piggybank. he's been saving money for a bicycle but today, he's decided to do something different with that money. >> yeah, that's mom that asks, what are you doing with that money? h he said he's going to send it to guatemala. >> i love it when kids -- the
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moment where they just give up all the money they have in the world because somebody else needs it more. >> he and his family live in the states but his family is from guatema guatemala. that is a huge part of why he wants to help. mom asks why are you doing this? he said, well, i love guatemala. and he says i will never abandon its people. >> oh, okay. >> wow. >> then the camera pans over to where her daughter, vivian, is sitting and she talks through her tears. [ speaking foreign language ] says she understands what the people are going through and that even people that don't have much are giving. he is is not going to get the bicycle he was saving for and the daughter was saving for a laptop. >> mom should be proud. she's raising some passionate children. >> she hopes that other people from watching this would be inspired to also maybe reach in their pockets and help the country when it needs it so desperately. >> hoping people would follow her children's lead. >> uh-huh.
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ah! >> a teenager showing off. what could possibly go wrong? >> everything. >> the trick that proved it. >> oh. >> oh! and it's a beautiful statement of true love. >> the moment i saw you, i knew my life would change forever. >> the elaborate proposal leading to a picture-perfect moment. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands?
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closed captioning provided by -- keeps going even after you take it off. it boosts the release of endorphins relieving pain for hours. smart relief. turn off pain. a teenage boy, his friends,
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throw in a bridge, throw in a canal, what could possibly go wrong? >> everything. >> exactly, charity. >> ah! >> that boy is hanging from that lamppost and his friends are egging him on. >> looks like he's over a canal. >> the lamppost is not over the canal. the lamppost is over the concrete walkway that's next to that canal. >> yeah, i'm already done watching this because whatever they think they're going to do is not going to happen. >> not at all. >> he's swinging his body because he's trying to get enough momentum to swing over and land in the canal. >> just stop. climb back down. >> he's not swinging hard enough. >> that's going to hurt so much. >> oh, snap. poor little ankles of his. >> snap. yeah. >> his ankles were fine, but keep watching. >> oh. oh. >> oh! i couldn't even watch it. >> oh, no. >> cracked his head, his shoulders. >> oh, dude. that kid is going to have issues
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for the rest of his life. >> according to his dad and local reports, he broke arms and legs. he has multiple fractures. and his dad says none of his friends who happened to be there have come to visit him in the hospital. the least of his worries. >> ah! >> if your friends jump off the bridge, are you going to, too? >> oh, my gosh. what a stupid, stupid move. dear allison, the moment i saw you, i knew my life would change forever. the first thing i said to you was that you're going to be my wife. well, now i want to make that a reality. >> asking his lady to be the love of his life for the rest of his life. so he wrote an open letter to her and created this video. >> you're the most loving, courageous, and strongest person i've ever met. i can't wait for a lifetime full of smiles, laughter, competit n
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competition, adventure, and ice cream with you. >> here they are, gotten all their pictures together. he and one of his friends is hanging them around the home. >> wow. look at that. >> all right. everything is set. >> today i'm going to ask you to be more than my best friend. >> she walks through the door. >> i'm going to ask you to spend the rest of your life with me. and if you agree, i promise to always take care of you. always love you. and always try my hardest to keep getting better because you deserve the absolute best. >> okay. let's just be honest, nick has all the words, okay? but she's speechless and as she makes her way down this rose petal path -- >> just sit down right there. >> i've been wanting to ask you a question now, pretty important question for a while. and you haven't been giving me a response yet. >> we know on "right this minute" timing is everything. >> i think it's because i've been asking at the wrong time. >> stop. what is this? >> oh my gosh, i love it.
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>>? you're finally ready to answer this question instead of giving me the cold shoulder, follow the rose petals to the backyard. >> oh my goodness, that's so cute. >> she heads out the door. there he is. he gets down on one knee. she says yes. congratulations. some guys spot a wind turbine and get a bright idea. >> it's kind of a cool little feat if you can bring your feet to climb up that thing. >> why the real adventure begins on the way back down. >> james bond stunt. plus, a prankster eavesdropper. >> i didn't hear. >> why taking notes has strangers taking notice. >> sir, we weren't talking to you, but okay. got simparica now. simpari-what? simparica is what kills tick and fleas, like us. kills? kills!
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bit of a cooler name. >> it's called being a journalist, a hood kid, and a black woman mixed in. #blackgirlmagic. >> he's taking notes on stran r stranger's conversations. >> won't talk to you about it or will? >> oh, my gosh. he's got that creepy 'stache, too, right? >> sir, we weren't talking to you, but okay. >> can i quote you on that? >> i didn't hear. i'm writing a book on doomed relationships. >> sorry, could you speak a little louder? what did you just say? >> it was a private conversation. >> is this the moment -- >> the woman is out, she's like i'm not dealing with this, i got to go. >> he is violating some serious personal space rules. >> hey, guys. are you guys going to talk about anything interesting? >> ooh, that guy doesn't look
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amused. >> now the man from the first couple in the pink shirt starts to get annoyed. >> i just need, like, one more line and i'm good. >> i would start talking about really weird stuff. >> now he rolls up on this group of cosmetologists. >> sorry, guys, i don't want to interrupt. you said product knowledge? >> yes. >> product knowledge. >> said i'm, 'r so confused right now. [ laughter ] >> he feels like he's like, okay, i'm trying to be friendly, but i really don't understand why situation here. >> now remember, the woman he was sitting with, she was tired of it so she left. >> having a weird day. >> like, what? jet and his buddy here have a pretty cool goal for today. >> we're living in mexico, and
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we saw all these wind turbines and thought, man, that would be really awesome to jump off one of those. >> you know, like every idea, something outrageous and find something you can do with it. >> obviously when you're a basejumper like these guys, it's kind of a cool little feat if you can bring your feet to climb up that thing. >> i take it they have to ask people for the code to get in there and to get on top of that thing? >> so they show up to their location. they start looking up at that turbine and for many of us, when we see these, it's just kind of like a cool funky ornament. >> i feel like a tiny, tiny little human being because they're so enormous. >> they make their way up using an elevator that i'm sure they got permission for. yeah. totally. and once they're up there, check it out. >> jump off the other side. >> propellers. >> that's what i said, making
12:24 pm
fun. >> they're calling this free to fly from negative four productions and once they're up there, the first one takes his mark, takes a deep breath, i'm sure, maybe five, and he starts running and for sure, jumps off that thing and, well, think that's a pretty successful jump. >> james bond stunt. ♪ >> the second guy jumps. they meet down at the bottom celebrating. one, they survived, two, they did it, and now they can have some tequila somewhere. >> find something else to jump off. dad's celebrating a big day so they took him on a very large scavenger hunt. see the treasure that's got dad in tears. >> oh! >> what is it? >>
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>> yeah, he's still a lot of wet. for now i probably will stick with my towel. all right, guys, we're on to the last piece of this treasure hunt. we just ditched my mom and dad. they're staying behind to clean the bus out. making dad clean his bus out on his birthday. >> hanging out with this is how we bingham, very large family vlog. everyone is here today. uncles, brothers, cousins, grandkids, brothers, sisters, and of course, dad.
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right there. it's his 70th birthday. so they took him on a very large scavenger hunt. >> what did you get on your phone here? >> he's trying to figure out the last clue. >> something that everybody in the family feels dad has most certainly earned and deserves. >> oh! >> that's it. all you get out of dad at this point. oh, my. water works. >> what is it? what is it? >> something brought him to his knees. is it a car? >> it's halle berry. >> there it is. a nice audi a-8, full of all the features dad always wish he had. >> oh, my god. oh. >> and the whole family knows that dad loves audi. he's got one, but it's in the shop most of the time. in fact, the better part of dad's professional life has been spent on buses and on other traa
12:28 pm
that's je .>> and so we think it's time yu take something home a little bit nicer. >> and it's really fast. >> he said they're a big family with a big vlog and they give big gifts. >> hey, kids, kids, '67 mustang. keep that in mind for dad. >> happy birthday, duded. we love you. >> i love you. >> that's all for now. we'll see you next time on "rtm."
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