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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 18, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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breaking news coming from san francisco right now where a gas leak forced neighbors to evacuate this morning. you can see the map, this happening at van ness and filbert, the gas leak now capped as of 20 minutes ago. before that, though, the san francisco fire department went door to door in the four block area ordering those in the first floors to leave entirely, and people on the second floor ordered to shelter in place. again, the leak has been capped at this point. we have an abc 7 news crew at the scene. we'll have updates on the story on the abc 7 news app. to the other top story, this morning, president trump doubling down, defending his controversial zero tolerance
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policy of separating children from their parents after crossing illegally. we are getting a new look right now inside one of the detention centers, this one in mcallen, texas. president trump blaming the senat democrats saying they are fighting immigration reform. the democrats say the president is using this as a bargaining chip to get the wall he wants. regardless, the president made it clear this morning -- >> the united states will not be a migrant camp, and it will not be a refugee holding facility. it won't be. you look at what's happening in europe. you look at what's happening in other places. we can't allow that to happen to the united states. not on my watch. >> this sparked demonstrations in the bay area and across the country. protesters and politicians demanding more information on the welfare of the children and a change in policy. here's abc news reporter
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norman. >> reporter: right now, thousands are in custody, many innocent children over undocumented immigrants. seven congressmen demanded entry into the attention center as the debate rages on. the trump administration's zero tolerance policy of arresting undocumented immigrants and separating them from their children for months adds fuel to the fire. >> today, naurfather's day, we e to fathers whose children were ripped from their arms. >> reporter: this shows fenced in cells where men, women, and children are being held temporarily, some unbare floors. >> i just don't think that this should be happening. something has to be done. >> reporter: enforcement is beefed up along the border, officials claims there's no policy separating family despite 2,000 children already taken. >> adults, they are accompanied
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by a child, that child is temporarily separated from them as they go through a judicial process. >> reporter: dhs secretary addressing what she calls misinformation in the media. >> we cannot detain children with their parents, so we must either release both the parents and the children. this is the historic get out of jail free practice of the previous administration. >> reporter: president trump continues blaming democrats although this is his policy. some critics say republicans are using the kids as bargaining chips to get funding for a border wall, but this policy is not law and could be changed by the administration without help from democrats. abc news, washington. >> thank you. happening today, house minority leader pelosi is headed to the border for a firsthand look at the child detention centers. she's speaking to reporters at the u.s.-mexico border. here, locally, a community still rebuilding from the october wildfires is now on the
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alert for a possible arsonist. abc news reporter amy hollyfield is live in santa rosa. you sent up drone view 7 for a possible look at the new line of fires. >> reporter: we did, and, you know, it's startling to be walking along the nice trailre a the view from up above is even more upsetting. the view from drone view 7 shows the path of saturday night's ars arsonist. there's charred spots every few feet along the creek. it surprised joggers this morning as they came across one after the other. >> i was surprised they went as far as they did. it seems weird someone would do that over and over again. >> reporter: firefighters say a total of 13 fires were set saturday night within two hours of each other. there were three next to the railroad tracks on hern avenue and ten along the santa rosa creek trail. it's distressing to residents who are still traumatized from the deadly wildfires that swept
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through here in october. >> it's distressg, witth community they'd know that, i guess i would say it's disrespectful. >> the community's been through a lot and is on edge, so we are taking it seriously to figure out who this is and stop it. >> reporter: firefighters say they respond differently now since the october fires. they now call other agencies sooner and ask for help. >> we flooded the area with law enforcement, santa rosa fire department and surrounding agencies, and we're very fortunate in the sense all fires were kept relatively small. >> reporter: they believe the person used a lighter and is likely getting around by bicycle. residents say it is just cruel to do this here. >> it's hard to understand what goes through people's minds. it's, obviously, something that was intended to cause havoc and reek grief for whatever reason. >> reporter: santa rosa police have just announced a reward this morning for up to $2500 for any information that can lead to
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the arrest and conviction of the person who did this. firefighters say they were able to keep the fires pretty small, only a quarteror thergest dam. live in santa rosa, amy hollyfield, abc news. >> that gives us context, thank you. new at 11:00, the u.s. supreme court dodged a question about pardoning gerrymandering. tere's two district maps used in the fall midterm elections. the unanimous ruling by the court delivered a blow to democrats. they argued a gop map in wisconsin affected fair representation. in another case, the court sidestepped and saw republicans challenging a map drawn by democrats in maryland. the court, today, let the maps be used. they did not actually rule on whether they were legal. moving to the south bay now. heads up there. the chp cracking down on drivers and pedestrians who break the law in san jose. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live where the enforcement
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operation is taking place right now, matt? >> reporter: chp officer just finished up writing up a ticket to a driver here. about a year ago, though, a 57-year-old man was killed crossing the street here, and that's why they picked this spot, hoping to prevent another tragedy from happening again. today is not the day to be impatient on the road. >> hey, get back in your lane. >> reporter: the chp is conducting a pedestrian safety enforcement operation in san jose. this one is at scotts street. officers had no problem finding people breaking the law. >> reason you're stopped is you ran the red light back there. you get a citation going through the crosswalk with pedestrians there, okay? >> reporter: the reason for the crackdown? aliving roarming amount of fata accidents involving pedestrians. 31 pedestrians have been killed on the roads since the beginning of 2017. >> the biggest risk to safety is
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definitely distractions. >> you cross like that, you get a ticket for it, okay? don't hit the crosswalk, man, that's why we are here. people are getting run over right here. >> reporter: looking for drivers on the phones, eating, putting on makeup, anything taking the eyes off the road. pedestrians can also put themselves at risk. >> don't assume because you have a a green light or a walk indicator or, you know, a sign saying walk, that traffic is going to stop. >> reporter: yeah, the chp will be here all day. they are planning on more operations like this one in the future. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. thousands of bay area homes could be flooded by 2045 according to a new climate report. marin county would have nearly 4400 homes flooded, and san mateo with 4100 homes, and more than 20,000 homes in california are at risk due to rising sea
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levels, and nationwide, 31,000 homes are at risk. happening tonight, a private service launches out of the peninsula, prop is running two high speed vessels out of the port of redwood city. the two boats are slated to make five trips in the morning from 7:00 to 10:00 and five trips between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. san francisco is a new destination from redwood city. the pricing and parking details are posted on many video games? it may be a real disorder. the new classification out today putting a twist on gaming. plus, the new way apple plans to help iphone users in the event of an emergency. i hope you had a great weekend, enjoyed the cool weather, breezy saturday, though, wasn't it? breezes are gone. look at the temperature responding. up to 7 to 13 degrees warmer than this time 24 hours ago.
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59 at the coast. we have a warming trend on the way bringing us into the 90s a couple times this week. can make you feel unstoppable. ♪ but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood, activity or energy levels, can leave you on shaky ground.
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welcome back. gaming disorder is officially a mental health condition according to the world health or organization. it's listed in the classification of diseases published today. not only does this designation mean gamers with issues may be more likely to get help, but insurance companies may cover the costs. characteristics of gaming
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disorder include a loss of control and escalation of gaming behavior despite negative consequences. first responders are finally going to have the ability to see wherecalling 911 from if they are using an iphone. they are releasing a new operating system for the devices this fall. worried about privacy? apple says that only 911 call centers will be able to see your location. according to the national emergency number association, of the 240 million calls made to 911 every year, 80% come from mobile devices, so very needed. a doctor in the south bay is under investigation after getting caught on camera appearing to mock a patient. >> sit up. >> dude. >> sit up. >> sit up. >> i can't get up. >> she curses him at one point as well. this happened at the hospital in los gatos. he collapsed during a basketball game, and he told the doctor he was numb, having trouble
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breathing and was in a lot of pain. he says he realized, though, something was not quite right. >> i knew from when she said something to the security guard, i already knew from that point, i said, hey, can you please take out your phone, take out the phone now, i have a feeling something's going to happen. >> the doctor's been identified as beth keistra. the hospital put out a response saying that the physician's demeanor was unprofessional and not the standard we require of all who provide care through the hospital. we have expressed sincere apologies and working directly with the patient on this matter. well, meghan markle's father opening up about his daughter's marriage and what he said about not being there to walk his daughter down the aisle. the weather window on an area seeing sunshine, faster than it did yesterday, and san rafael seeing the biggest jump in temperatures. you feel the first push of warmer weather today.
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good morning again. we have two warming trends coming our way in the span of the seven day stretch. the second one's going to be robust in places like walnut creek. could push triple digits one day. for sure out towards brentwood. a look at the accuweather highlights. slower breezes today. that means more sunshine, and that warmth of that sunshine is going to warm us a little more. get us back to average today. we'll be warmer than average about everywhere the rest of the week with heat relief at the coast if you need to get away. there's the cloud cover at the
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coast. see it's more stubborn than this time yesterday, but notice the winds, 15 in fairfield, that's not a strong sea breeze, that's one of the reasons we are warming today. in fact, temperatures spot on for average in the south bay, mid to upper 70s, low to mid-80s in morgan hill. sun little harder to come by, and that's why santa cruz is 65 degrees. peninsula is mid-70s. the clouds in the coast, upper 50s for you with mid to upper 60s in downtown, and south san francisco. more sunshine on the bay side. going to the game tonight? it's native american heritage night. typical night, breezy, 56, and breezy again by the end of the game. mar li marlins in town. mid-80s in clear lake and cloverdale. 69 in berkley, close enough, i should have put you at 70 to be with everyone else in the east bay shore and low to mid-70s.
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low to mid-80s, not air-conditioning weather yet in the east bay valleys. this looks inviting. exercising. ocean play. bag play, all better due to the lack of winds today and slightly warmer weather, but he's the way it breaks down in 12 hours. the clouds are well off in the distance looking from emeryville. 61 at the coast. the rest is 75-80. average at 4:00. look at the comfortable evening, upper 60s, and 50s by midnight. on the way, the temperatures are like this morning, 50-60 degrees. all right. pride this weekend in san francisco. temperatures possibly in the mid to upper 70s, afternoon sun after being in the 50s. we got nascar up at sonoma raceway. look at the temperatures there, all over the place from 89 friday to 96 saturday to the race day sunday.
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it'll be much more comfortable and 84 degrees. all right. let's look at the accuweather seven day forecast. our first chance, 90s tomorrow. we'll drop down just a little bit as the sea breeze returns wednesday and thursday, and there's a stronger warming trend for friday, and especially saturday where we could see 100s in the east bay valleys. 80s around the bay. 60s at the coast, and still looking at mid 90s inland. >> really getting the heat in time for pride. a lot of people will be outside and taking to the streets celebrating. >> yeah. >> dancing. >> wear the sunscreen. >> and the hydrates, absolutely. >> you bet. >> what a lot of people were doing this last weekend? >> eating in. >> and watching "incredibles 2." >> i have not seen it yet. >> we have to. they earned $180 million at the box office. this is the big headline, though, the biggest opening ever for an an maimated film for the history of the world. >> yeah, disney. >> wow. they issued an unprecedented
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warning to viewers of the film, there's a scene with the village named scream slayer, the flashing lights, there's concerns about the movie goer ws epilepsy would be at risk, so experts say the flashing lights can trigger seizures. it is common in teens and kids. disney is the parent company of abc 7. all right, harry and meghan made history last month, but her father was not there to walk her down the aisle, and now thomas markle opened up about the marriage to royalty. here's molly hunter. >> reporter: for the first time since markle became a royal princess, her father, thomas, spoke out today in a paid interview for "good morning britain," he spoke about the pain of missing out and not walking his daughter down the aisle. >> i can't think of a better replacement than someone like mr. charles.
11:22 am
he looked very handsome and my daughter looked beautiful with him. i was jealous. i wish i had been there. i wish it had been me, but thank god he was there, and i thank him for that. >> reporter: her mother was there, of course, radiant and very much part of the family. >> unfortunate thing for me now is that i'm a foot note in one of the greatest moments in history. >> reporter: before the wedding, thomas was caught posing for foe tes and admitted it was a mistake. markle told the show how he first learned about the royal romance. she called to say she had a boyfriend, and in the second call, informed him he was british, and in a third call, explain that actually, it was prince harry. >> harry got on the phone with meghan. they told me together, and harry asked for her hand over the phone. >> reporter: markle added the two chatted politics, something british royals really don't do. many of also noting the timing of the interview, one day after
11:23 am
father's day, but we've not heard from meghan or the palace. abc news, london. well, if you're looking for love in all the wrong places, there's a new abc show that has complete strangers ready to walk down the aisle. we'll explain.
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welcome back. tonight, a spinoff of the hit abc reality show "the bachelor," and this is called "the proposal", there's ten eligible singles looking for love competing in four pageant style rounds to win the heart of a mystery man or woman. we say mystery because their identity is concealed from the contest tents. the singles are widdled down round by round, leading to a dramatic proposal. i spoke to the host, jesse palmer, about this format. >> why do you think someone could come on a show like this? >> in 2018, people say dating is hard, it's tough, they can't meet people socially, introduced to people, not having success, on dating apps, swiping, it's not working. they are fans of the bachelor and say, why not? why not go on a show and just give love a try? >> yeah. the series premier airs tonight at 10:00 here on abc 7.
11:27 am
entertaining to watch, but, goodness, glad you're a barbara? >> yes, glad i'm taken. how about you? >> yes. this is a new spin. i'm tuning in. i want to see what he says and advice he gives to the contestants as a former bachelor himself. >> intense, i bet. >> i think there's going to be tears and laughter. have a great day.
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>> today on our show, another player will attempt that pressure-packed climb to a wee about to find t. on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire"? let's welcome our first contestant, a registered nurse from dickinson, texas, elizabeth cagle. welcome. >> thanks. >> where's dickinson? >> it's right outside houston. >> okay, i'm dallas boy. i didn't know dickinson. >> yeah. >> all right. welcome to the show. fellow texan, let's get to a million dollars, shall we? >> absolutely. >> all right, come on, y'all. >> [laughs] >> 14 questions from $500 all the way up to $1 million. you have your three lifelines. they're there if


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