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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 19, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> thank you to tom. that's what's making news in america this morning. making news in america this making news in america this morning -- flashpoint at the border. new audio of children separated om their families. >> mommy! >> this morning, the growing calls on both sides of the political aisle to end the family separation policy and how the trump administration is defending it. plus, a new firsthand account of where the children go after they leavehese detention centers. and breaking overnight. flash flood emergency, drivers stranded. a hospital flooded. a dam failing. this morning, the growing weather threats in the midwest and where the storm is heading now. pool safety alert. this video is raising questions after a toddler climbed a safety
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ladder for an aboveground pool. see how to keep your kids safe. those stories, plus a new way to get a cheaper ride with uber. also, too hot in the firehouse? the firefighters busted in a pornography investigation. and taking fast food service to a whole new level, the chick-fil-a worker going to extra mile to help a customer. important run, the fries are better when they're hot. as we say good morning on this tuesday. we'll start though with the sights and the sounds at the southern border as more children are separated from their parents. and we're seeing images now of families in metal cages and for the first time hearing the cries from those being separated. this as the white house said that the zero tolerance policy is necessary to enforce the law. stephanie ramos has the latest from washington. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: absolutely, good
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morning. you know, we have heard from lawmakers, former first ladies, the current first lady, all seemingly not on board with taking children from parents who have crossed the border illegally. but president trump doesn't seem to be budging on his zero tolerance policy. opposition to president trump's zero tolerance policy is growing. republican senator john mccain is weighing in, making it clear family separation is a trump administration policy and not the way to go. in a tweet, mccain says the administration has the power to rescind this policy. it should do so now. in an interview on fox news overnight, attorney general jeff sessions says the administration is doing the right thing. sessions said the policy is being used as a deterrent. >> hopefully people will get the message and come through the border at the port of entry. and not break across the border unlawfully. >> reporter: even if it means traumatizing thousands more children.
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in this recording, first obtained by the website propublica, you can hear children and their desperate sobs calling for their parents. the president says he's disturbed by the situation but stands by his policy. >> the united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility. it won't be. >> reporter: homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen insists the children are being well cared for. but cannot answer why we only see images of the boys in pictures released, no girls. >> why is the administration is only releasing pictures of the boys, where are the girls? >> i don't know -- i'm not familiar with those particular images. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz is introducing emergency legislation that will aim to keep immigrant families together after crossing the border.
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now, if trump's policy is still in place it's unclear how much of an impact if any cruz's legislation will have. diane and kendis. >> stephanie, thank you. we're now hearing from the civil rights lawyer who turned over the audio recordings of those crying children to the news website propublica. the southern says she hopes the recording will be a wake-up call. >> you can listen to it and it's pretty clear what it is. i know the whistleblower. the whistleblower was just horrified by the sound of the children weeping, as is everybody else, and made a recording of it and came to me for legal advice and asked me if i would -- if i would forward it to ginger of propublica and release it to the public and i have done so. >> the attorney's not releasing the name of the facility. but said it was recorded
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recently. up to 1,000 migrant children are now being housed in south florida. the newest arrivals at the facility got there last week. it's not clear if they crossed the border alone or separated from their parents. nearly 12,000 undocumented children are now in the government's care and, in just a few minutes, we'll hear from foster parents who were caring for children who haven't seen their parents in month. trump is threatening to impose new tariffs on china. he's threatening to impose a 10% tax on $200 billion china goods. if beijing doesn't change its trade practice. china refused to make concessions after the previous round of tariffs. stocks in china fell sharply today on the news. back in the u.s., we turn now to the severe storms in the midwest causing flash floods that have turned deadly. officials fear the worst is yet to come after torrential rains even caused a dam to fail. overnight, a flash flood.
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areas under water. in illinois, the deluge sending temperatures crashing from the mid-90s into the 70s. >> the street is completely flooded. >> reporter: manhole covers blown off. within moments, drivers became trapped in submerged vehicles. this photo shows three people on a car's roof helping a man escape. you can see the driver trying to climb out of a back window that has been smashed open. and parts of a hospital in the city evacuated after water started flowing through the halls. and in wisconsin, a state of emergency declared after a dam failure, raging water can be seen pouring right through the broken dam, flowing for miles downstream across the border into minnesota. the fire chief says the biggest concern is still at least 24 hours away when the river is expected to crest. >> we're still looking at the high water not being here yet.
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with the dam breaching like that the surge is what we're worried about. >> reporter: causing part of it to collapse, the bridge was just repaired weeks ago. >> we just put this new patch of road just last week because it washed out two years ago from a bad storm and they just got it all repaired and now we're back to square one again. >> reporter: in neighboring michigan, the governor has now declared a disaster in two counties. and one death has been attributed to the floods in wisconsin and the storms are not over yet. let's get a closer look now at your forecast for tuesday. good morning. the front's pushed through giving us cooler conditions in the northeast. stormy weather in d.c. downpours continue along the coastline courtesy of tropical moisture. widespread thunderstorms from chicago, omaha, rapid city,
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throughout nebraska, all the way into montana, reaching into idaho. we brace for severe storms, in denver and for the southwest, still blistering heat expands. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. coming up, a way to save money on uber rides. but there's a catch. and also ahead, a far-out idea from president trump, why he wants the pentagon
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the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ]
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we're back with some new video from the hawaiian volcano and the lava flowing from what's known as fissure 8.
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the lava is traveling up 15 miles per hour and is measuring 100 feet across in some areas and it's flowing toward the observation. the lava now covers 9 square miles. a new warning about rising sea levels and what it could mean for the u.s. economy. a new study warns that more than 300,000 coastal homes in the u.s. could be flooded on a regular basis at least in the next three decades. all of this because of higher tides. scientists warn that high-tide floods could happen once every two weeks along much of the u.s. coastline. and researchers say the states with the most property at risk are florida, new jersey and new york. and houston now, more than two dozen workers at a food distribution plant have been sicken by a carbon monoxide leak. many are in serious condition. there was not proper ventilation. they say they did not find a working carbon monoxide detector. u.s. military officials are voicing some skepticism about the president's order to establish a so-called space
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force, a new sixth branch of the armed forces. he says the united states must, quote, have dominance in space. the creation of a new command would require the approval and funding from congress. the president offered few details on how it would be set up. defense secretary mattis is among the military leaders who has expressed reluctance about the program. the founder of jetblue is starting up a new budget airline. according to airline weekly, he has raised $100 million to launch the new carrier called moxy airlines. he has also reportedly ordered 60 new planes considered to be more fuel efficient than older models a new option to save money on uber rides. the app allows you to wait a little longer for your ride and get a reduced fee. uber fees vary by the time of day and the amount of traffic.
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so far the feature is only available to uber employees on the west coast. coming up, dunkin' donuts facing a backlash. the sign that was spotted at the register. also ahead, the effects playing video games could have mental health. and a new safety warning. a toddler seen climbing a safety ladder with ease. tep back and talk about protecting your enamel. it's important to look after your enamel because it's the foundation for white teeth. i believe dentists will recommend pronamel strong and bright because it's two fold. it strengthens your enamel, but then also it polishes away stains for whiter teeth. so it's really something that's a win-win for the patient and the dentist. gives skin the moisture it needs and keeps it there longer with lock-in moisture technology skin is petal smooth
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with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health. we're back now with some government-provided pictures of a new detention facility for immigrant minors near el paso, texas. teen boys who entered without adults are being housed here. thousands of protesters have gather at the facility demanding the end to a policy that separates children from parents. >> we're hearing from foster parents who are trying to help those children after they're released from detention centers. the foster parents are jen and carl here from michigan. they didn't reveal their identities so we shadowed their faces. they spoke about a 10-year-old
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from guatemala who's now in their care. >> but when he came to us, he was extraordinarily fearful. he came in all black clothes. he traveled at night with his dad they didn't want to be seen. they wore all black. he really didn't want us to see his face. our children arrived with toys and gifts and candy and he didn't have capacity to even look at them. he was afraid to eat and look. his clothes were solid. he wouldn't use the bathroom when he transported here. he urinated and defecated in his clothing. he was afraid to eat anything from us when he first came. those are the horrific things. >> he couldn't communicate with us, right, he didn't skip. he was almost in shock. >> and the president of the american academy of pediatrics said the separation of children from their parents is a form of child abuse. and dunkin' donuts in baltimore is facing some
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backlash after a customer posted a photo of this sign, asking people to report if staff member shouts in a language other than english. the company has responded the local owner determined the sign was inappropriate and has removed it. the world health organization says compulsive playing of video games qualifies as a mental health condition. according to estimates, the so-called games disorder affects no more than 3% of the gamers. a sign of the disorder when playing games takes over other desires. the behavior would need to last more than a year to be diagnosed. critics warn that the new classification could unfairly stigmatize young players. negative effect of the weather is toddlers drowning in swimming pools. in massachusetts a couple had a close call when
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their 2-year-old son climbed a locked safety ladder to their aboveground pool. the video has been viewed more than 18 million times. they say they shared it to warn others of this danger. >> it was scary. because everything happened so fast. he was four feet from us and when i turned to see what actually he was doing, he was up the ladder like an american ninja. >> drowning is the leading cause of death for kids between 1 and 4 years old. experts say the best advice is never take your eyes off of children on or near the pool. the black panther star chadwick boseman created the moment of the night last night at the mtv movie awards. he was named best hero. during his acceptance speech for that award, he said we all need
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to honor real-life heroes. then this happened. >> i want to acknowledge someone who's here today, james shaw jr. if you don't know james shaw jr., he fought off a gunman in antioch, tennessee, at a waffle house. he saved lives. come on up here. >> thank you, brother. >> so, this is going to live at your house. >> boseman gave shaw his golden popcorn statue. several other winners from the movie "black panther." up next, in the pulse, the top five states for a road trip. let's go. also ahead, the firefighters busted in a firehouse porn
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♪ summertime okay, it's time to check the pulse, starting with the best states for summertime drives. road trip. >> the number one spot goes to wyoming. >> wyoming. >> it was judged to be the most affordable state and one of the most beautiful with yellowstone and the tetons. >> the grand tetons are there. number two is north carolina, followed by minnesota, texas and florida. let us know if you agree with the list. give us your feedback on our website. >> where is your favorite place to road trip? >> manhattan. man, you can get to 0 to 10 in 5
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hours. and two firefighters in akron, ohio, have been suspended after being accused of making pornographic videos at the firehouse. >> the longtime couple allegedly posted the individual joes online and may have broken some rules about using city property. they reportedly been good employees for 15 years. >> their union rep said that this is the first time that he has ever heard of a case like this. but it could come down to them losing their jobs over this. >> why did they put it online? i mean, why do it there in the first place. okay, most people who look up at the clouds they see clouds. >> sure, but a man from south carolina saw a little bit more than that when he snapped this photo of a cloud, he said he thought it looked like the president. the president on a windy day. side by side of the president on
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a windy day. >> the photographer said as soon as he posted the picture the jokes started flying. someone on twitter said, nobody forms clouds like i do. the best clouds are trump clouds. i see it. worker at chick-fil-a in virginia gets our vote for employee of the month. >> chasing down a customer who drove off without part of their order. the 19-year-old with chicken sandwich in hand sprinting across the parking lot to catch up with the car. customer service at its best, people. he can't believe how much attention he's getting, he said. >> if only he'd do that on a sunday. if only he'd do that on a sunday. now you're so busy soaking up all this attention, you don't see the car in front of you. and if i can crash your "perfect day", imagine what i can do to the rest of 'em. so get allstate,
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take a look at the crowds. you can see the gray there. not as thick and widespread, marine layer not as tall, faster sunshine and warmer temperatures this afternoon. if you're leaving now dressed from temperatures low- to mid-50s in the north bay, mid to upper 50s elsewhere brentwood and los gatos at 60 and 61. less than three minutes away from accuweather planner and alexis in traffic. >> looking at richmond side of
4:28 am
the bridge where we have overnight roadwork. can you see cones blocking two lanes so you'll have to move over out of fasttrack and carpool lanes and use the regular lanes. should be done by 5:00. i'll watch that closely to make sure they get cones picked up. roadwork 880 between 29th and 23rd avenue. i'm not seeing showdowns. they did have stop and go approaching that. it looks good, could be wrapping ahead of schedule. a minor crash in the oakland area, we'll check on that next. right now, breaking news in the east bay. gunfire in union city between people in a car and several police officers, happened on e street and railroad avenue. abc's matt keller at the scene right now. matt. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. we still have an active scene at
4:29 am
railroad and e avenue. both sides are taped off as they continue their investigation here. take a look at the big video, the big response happened at 11:35 after officers attempted to stop a car at e street and railroad avenue. the suspects drove off at railroad avenue and whipple avenue, where they got out. s.w.a.t. teams in the area. all three in custody, one was shot. witnesses say it does not appear to be life threatening. no officers injured. no ongoing danger to the public. they will release more about the shooting this morning. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. thank you. a reward offered to catch an arsonist who set brush fires. take a look at the path of saturday night's arsonist. you can see the char spots every
4:30 am
few feet. police offering an award up to $25 for an arrest in this case. fire crews say all of the fires set within two hours of each other and they believe the person used a lighter and is likely get around on a bicycle. >> it's hk 4:30. if you're just waking up, let's get to the weather. >> let's talk about the roof camera, clouds are lower than they were this time yesterday. haven't heard of fog outside the coast where visibility is three miles to two miles in some areas. here is the way the day breaks down. temperatures mid to upper 50s, now through 7:00 with clouds becoming pretty extensive. and then by noon, the clouds are back to the coast and we'll have a lot of sunshine elsewhere. look at these temperatures. already 70 to 80 around the bay and inland at noon and 76 to 88. so more warming today with temperatures above average. even during evening hours 71 to 80, temperatures at


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