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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 19, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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new details revealed in the last 30 minutes after an officer-involved shooting overnight. >> but first this is what you can see as you head out the door this morning. that's right. fog has arrived. >> tuesday june 19th, you're never more than 7 minutes away from accuweather forecast. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi, gang. good morning. golden gate bridge one of our foggiest spots this morning as we have light winds and high pressure and the sinking air compressed marine air pushed it closer to the ground. you may feel claustrophobic from yesterday. let's take a look from our roof camera. can you see the top of the bay bridge easily, at least the western span. let's break down the next 12 hours starting at 7:00, ftse mid to upper 50s. no different there. by noon you'll notice the difference away from the coast where we'll be in the 50s, 70s to near 80 around the bay and inland. by 4:00, 5 to 84. by 7:00, 71 to still 77 inland. so the house hasn't had time to
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cool off just quite yet. let's talk about the morning commute. hi, alexis. >> good morning. plenty of problems to get around out there today, mike, including the bay bridge commute. it's been a tough one so far today. we had early roadwork westbound 880 on the bay bridge before treasure island. that cleared by 5:00 but had a ripple effect this morning. those metering lights on at 4:45 this morning. we've got a couple issues behind that as well. westbound 24 ramp to northbound 13 still closed. they are trying to upright a vehicle that flipped over early this morning, so that's causing delays. now we're hearing about a new problem inside caldecott tunnel westbound 24, number three partially blocked by that. an update on that. plus a crash in san francisco right around 101 and 880 on that merge. a lot to talk about. next traffic update coming up in less than 10. >> breaking news from abc 7 live desk. >> we are following breaking news in union city where a traffic stop led to exchange of fire with police and juveniles
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that followed by a policeman hunt. matt keller has the newest information from investigators, just into with police. hi, matt. >> good morning, jessica. there are several scenes, we're at whipple and railroad avenue. my photographer will zoom in on this vehicle on whipple road. there's a flat front left tire also bullet holes in the vehicle. appears to be to it camry. new details in the past half hour. six officers fired their weapons. the three suspects were juveniles. multiple weapons were found. take a look at the video from earlier this morning, a big response. police say the shooting between the officers and the suspects happened at 11:35 last night after officers attempted to stop a car at e street and railroad avenue in union city. the suspects drove off a few blocks where i'm at now railroad avenue and whipple road where all three suspects jumped out and ran into the neighborhood.
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s.w.a.t. teams in the area from fremont police. all three suspects were captured and taken into custody. at least one of the suspects was shot. police say his injuries do not appear to be life threatening. no officers were injured. yeah. regardless of the age, i mean, it's sad. obviously when juveniles. scary for officers and everybody involved. we're very fortunate that none of our officers were hurt or killed during this incident. >> union city police say other agencies are involved. they will not comment on which departments the officers who fired are from. road closures here are a reality in this area for the next five hours or so as this investigation continues reporting live in union city matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. this morning there's a growing 0 col rans for the zero tolerance
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policy. estimates have 2,000 children separated from their parents in detention centers. >> in san francisco we expect a demonstration of the outrage felt by many around the country. amy hollyfield live outside the city's i.c.e. office. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. a protest is scheduled outside i.c.e. office. san jose leaders speaking out. bishop of san jose wrote to trump administration calling the policy that separates children from their partners un-american, unchristian and inhumane. immigration leaders speaking out. we have a local leader from the republican party bringing the other viewpoint to the discussion. >> it's unfortunate but it's necessary. we have to stop the tide of people coming in illegally. if they know that's going to happen, less people will be
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coming. >> they are arguing anybody that crosses the border is illegal, they lose the right to their kids and family separation is something required by law, which is not true. >> the letter from the san jose bishop is one of dozens by religious leaders written to the government about what is happening at the border. the protest in front of i.c.e. headquarters in the city. reporting live in san francisco, amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. a growing number of lawmakers are getting a firsthand look at the conditions at the detention centers. house minority leader nancy pelosi is demanding an end to the policy after visiting a detention center in san diego yesterday. congresswoman spear will go friday. several gop lawmakers want an end to the policy. texas senator ted cruz introducing emergency legislation to keep migrant families together. if you or someone you know is
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having an immigration issue, you can take action and find an ally at action. click the human rights section. you'll find information on everything from contacting aclu to rapid response agencies that can help during i.c.e. activities. all at action. police made an arrest in two recent unprovoked attacks in san francisco. >> they recognized the suspect from a surveillance video we're about to show you. a warning here, it may be difficult to watch. the 58-year-old man charged with aggravated assault. police say he's the man who repeatedly kicked a homeless man in the tenderloin neighborhood. he's accused of attacking a man riding a muni bus on 8th street near mission. both attacks happened last moment. happening in the north bay, don't be alarmed if you see armed police officers and emergency vehicles. >> they are conducting active shooting response training. that training is today from 7:00 until 4:00 in the afternoon at sir francis drake high school.
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san marin police say there will be loud noises and shouting and do not call 911 if you see emergency response at that school. a second training will be held on thursday. less than a week after a roller coaster derails, another one gets stuck. this time leaving riders 200 feet in the air. countdown to pride. the event to get the party started and raise money for a good cause. >> i'll have that forecast coming up. i think you're going to like it. first a beautiful shot of the east bay hills. you can see the cloud deck bouncing up against it. today only san francisco is average. average. everybody else is going to be
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head out, 51 in daly city, pacifica 52, half moon bay on the bayside of the peninsula upper 50s. pretty much the same thing everywhere else thanks to cloud cover homogenizing, santa rosa 52 for our extreme. only an 8 degrees spread. you can see the fog getting thicker across golden gate bridge. this is the foggiest spot this morning. exercising going to be warmer
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this afternoon. ocean great, cool this afternoon. small craft advisory on the bay. look at areas in yellow. from noon to 9:00 we've got winds coming around 25 to 35 miles per hour. quick look at the north bay. temperatures ranging from 59 this morning, 77 at noon, how about mid-80s during the afternoon hours. i'll have the rest of the accuweather seven-day forecast next. here is alexis. >> good morning, mike. a lot to get to on the roads. bay bridge toll plaza talking about this all day today. unfortunately very early start for that back-up approaching metering lights. those were turned on at 4:45 due to roadwork that wrap on time. it's had a ripple effect. all the approaches to the bay bridge toll plaza early. good news getting into the city, southbound 101 before cesar chavez earlier crash has cleared. that really has thinned out. south bay first issue of northbound 101 before oakland road. sounds like a three-vehicle crash blocking two left layups and that back-up is solid south
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of 280, you're down to 6 miles an hour. >> thanks. san francisco pride parade this weekend. >> lgtb center got started earley center of pride fundraiser. proceeds from last night's event do towards expansion of outreach to homeless lgtb youth providing warm meals, job opportunities and internships. the excite could be felt throughout the building. >> if you ride bark or walk on the streets, you don't even have to go to the parade, it's sort of an uptick in fabulousness in the entire city. >> best sound bite of the morning. >> yeah. >> list of pride events around bay area at coming up next, the reason your next flight at sfo could actually lead out of oakland. >> plus north bay fire survivors to most people, i look like... most people. but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real.
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a maryland superman was not faster than a speeding bullet. in fact, it came to a complete stop. a car on superman of steel roadwork in bowie locked up near the top of the 205 foot high ride. they managed to get all riders to safety before rescuers arrived. >> as a former marylander i'm proud of you for pronouncing
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bowie correctly. according to business times the company needs treasury management to work closer in proximity to each other, so 91 jobs relocated and five others eliminated. they are moving 64 to los angeles county. the others relocated to arizona, utah, arizona and north carolina. the jobs will be moved by september 28th. alaska airlines has come up with a fascinating way to help passengers whose flights are constantly delayed or canceled at sfo. the airline will reschedule those flights to either go to oakland tore san jose and then shuttle you to sfo. alaska says weather, construction and air traffic control restrictions can cause long delays out of sfo. you already know that if you fly out of the city. providing another plane at another airport and getting you there for free may work out for frequent flyers. we'll see if it's enough of an advantage. >> very compelling.
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six flags in vallejo is celebrating the birth of the baby sea lion. take a look. she's resting on her mama's flipper there. lulu is a first time mom. they are launching a contest to name this tiny new addition. mom and baby are currently not on display but get excited because you will be able to see them at seal cove habitat by next week. they are sweet. >> adorable. >> mom's name is lulu. could be lemon. >> oh, my gosh. >> who are you? who are you? how do you know that brand. >> that was amazing. >> you like that? >>. >> that was the best ever. >> i'm going to quit now. >> sold. >> i want to go back to the sfo story if we can real quick, talking about delays. we've got them this morning. >> of course. >> yup. here is the picture. yup, sfo delays because of the low clouds. i like it when i stun you guys. that was fun. all right.
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let's move on. i'm kind of in a good mood. accuweather highlights, sunshine and warmer afternoon. cool lows, clouds return tonight and extended warm to hot through the weekend. all right. let's take a look at our temperatures and 12-hour planner for san francisco. can you see that narrow margin once again and 59 engingleside, everybody else 60 to 67 downtown for the warm spot. east bayshore 56 to 73 from 7:00 to 4:00. start with cloudiness, end up with sunshine, breezy low- to mid-70s in most neighborhoods. 69 richmond, 79 fremont our spread. on the peninsula, breezy today with cloudy conditions this morning. by the afternoon hours sunshine will warm us mid up toer 70s. 82 in redwood city. only 50s, upper 50s along the coast. in the south bay we're going to have temperatures range from 79 in milpitas, 88 gilroy, san jose 83. up in the north bay the range will be a little bit narrower, about 82 in sonoma to 87 in
6:19 am
santa rosa. cloverdale possibly 91. in east bay valleys that's where we're going to see more 90s, upper 80s to low 90s our first time this week of reaching 90 because we get a little break tomorrow and come back thursday. then let's go to 100 possibly friday and saturday with low- to mid-80s around the bay and 70s at the coast. hey, alexis. >> good morning, mike. we've got all kinds of issues on the road this morning. want to start you off with a little better news westbound 24 on the ramp to 13. we had a long-term closure due to a flipped vehicle earlier this morning. we did confirm to chp that ramp is back open. delays improving, approaching that scene. however, westbound 24 still backed up because we've got a four-car crash inside caldecott tunnel blocking left lane of three stacked up into orinda. south bay good news northbound 101 before oakland road, two-car crash blocking two left lanes just pushed it off to the right shoulder. traffic heavy approaching that to the 286/80 split westbound
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580, dublin, one hour 11 minutes, westbound 4, antioch to concourt in yellow at 25. looking good, 101 san rafael to san francisco 16 minutes. >> thanks so much, alexis. "good morning america" coming up on abc 7. >> let's bring in ginger zee with a live look at what's ahead. hi, ginger. >> thanks so much, reggie and natasha. good to be with you tuesday morning. coming up, growing crisis at the border. president trump doubling down on his zero tolerance policy. we're hearing new recordings of children separate freddie their parents. now members of the president's own party are calling him to put a stop to this. the very latest as president trump heads to capitol hill to meet with them today. also ahead, new alert about video game addiction. a lot will want to hear this. world health organization is classifying it as a mental health disorder. give you the warnings signs to look for if you've got a problem. plus summer pool dangers.
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this video is so scary and viewed millions of times. a toddler successfully scaling that safety ladder for aboveground pool. the parents thankfully are right there but the video sparking concerns. we'll tell you what you need to know to keep your children safe. it's coming up only on "good morning america." >> that video. >> i never would have imagined that kid could have done that. that is so important to watch. >> they are so resourceful, so amazing. >> ginger, we'll see you soon. thank you. health alert, more and more kids taking supplements. could be unintended risk. sexual abuse allegations at a prestigious schools and actions officials are taking. actions officials are taking. >> a live look outside
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you are never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. temperatures peaking from 4 to 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. hope you enjoy it. >> thanks, mike. the branson school in ross has hired a law firm to investigate allegations of squall abuse against girls by a school employee. marin independent journal says three former students came forward to report the abuse at the prestigious private school a letter says the allegations are deeply upsetting and asks anyone from additional information to come forward. >> new at 6:00 a.m. a study published says nearly a third of
6:25 am
all children and teenagers are using an over the counter supplement and they can lead to serious side effects. they include multivitamins and growth hormones. the dangers teens can face taking over the counter supplements. >> the interesting thing is there are gender differences. teenager girls taking salsium, and boys taking omega 3 and bodybuilding. >> parents are encouraged to see what they are taking and discuss them with doctors. north bay will have an addition to the legal team erin brockovich. her clients awarded $333 million in a settlement over contaminated water in hinckley, california. there's going to be a reception
6:26 am
for brockovich at the teamsters hall in santa rosa at 6:00 tonight. pg&e responded to the report that blames power company's equipment for causing 12 of the north bay wildfires. they say this, the loss of life, homes and businesses and extraordinary wildfires is simply heartbreaking and we remain focused helping communities recover and rebuild. we look forward to the opportunity to carefully review cal fire reports, understand agency's perspectives. we continue to believe our overall programs met our state's high standards. new at 6:30, growing calls for president trump to end the forced separation of families at u.s.-mexico border how local tech employees are getting involved with that effort. here at the live desk tracking breaking news in union city. a shooting overnight between several juveniles and police officers and we will take you to officers and we will take you to the scene nex crystal geyser alpine spring water starts here, officers and we will take you to the scene nex passes through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source.
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how far does crystal geyser alpine spring water travel from its source to the bottle? less than a mile and a half. crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. now in union city. an officer-involved shooting and new details just coming in during the last hour. >> the opening bell about to ring in wall street any minute now. investors set for another rocky day as president trump threatens new tariffs against china. >> plus millennials being blamed for something again. a new study revealing tipping is
6:30 am
apparently not in their vocabulary. >> ouch. good morning on tuesday june 19th. thanks for waking up with us. >> never more than 7 minutes away from accuweather forecast. let's start there. we've got a bit of a cloud layer. >> here is a tip, it's gray outside and hot this afternoon. nothing like later this week. there's the gray we're talking about. i've overlaid clouds on live doppler 7 and put last three hours into a time lapse. can you see the increase on cloud deck. there is a few foggy spots like dpg bridge this morning to watch out for. for the rest of the morning commute temperatures pretty much the same. maybe a touch cooler, mid to upper 50s. at noon we're going to be warmer than we were yesterday. 71 to 80 with sunshine at the cast. 75 to 88. you can see that summer spread developing between the bay and inland by 4:00. then at 7:00 we're still barely holding onto 80 inland with 71 comfortable degrees around the bay. all right. we'll take a look at accuweather forecast coming up. how about the commute, alexis.
6:31 am
>> it's been a busy one so far unfortunately this morning, mike. i want to take you to westbound 24, caldecott tunnel. we've got a crash involving four vehicles in number three. that is reportedly blocking left lane. speeds speeding up getting into the tunnels. clearing stages you're jammed for three miles past orinda and lafayette. still trying to bounce back south bay heavy, 17 miles an hour, 14 miles an hour due to an earlier crash before oakland road. all lanes back open there. bay bridge also a lot of issues. we'll talk about that next. >> thanks, alexis. happening today president trump heading to capitol hill to talk to republicans about immigration as the outcry over child separations at the border is growing louder. >> stephanie ramos joining us live in washington with the latest on the emotional issue. good morning, stephanie. >> natasha and reggie, good morning. we've heard from lawmakers,
6:32 am
former first lady, current first lady all seemingly not on board taking children away from parents who cross the border illegally. president trump isn't budging on his zero tolerance policy. opposition to president trump's zero tolerance policy is growing. republican senator john mccain is weighing in in making it clear it's a trump administration policy and not the way to go. in a tweet mccain says the administration rescind this policy and should do so tonight. but overpass attorney general jeff sessions says the administration is doing the right thing. sessions says the policy is sessions says the policy is being used as a deterrent. hopefully people will get the message and come through the point of entry and not break across illegally. >> even if it means traumatizing more children.
6:33 am
in this recording first obtained by website propublica, can you hear children and their desperate sobs, calling for their parents. the president says he's disturbed by the situation but stands by his policy. >> the united states will not be >> the united states will not be a migrant camp, and it will not be a refugee holding facility. won't be. >> reporter: homeland security secretary kirsten fljen nielsen insists the children are being cared for but cannot say why it is we only see pictures of boys in the pictures released but not girls. >> why is the government only releasing images of boys held, where are the girls? where are the young toddlers? where are the young toddlers? >> i don't know. i'm not familiar with those particular images. this was an idea floated by
6:34 am
kelly. ted cruz introducing emergency legislation that would aim to keep immigrant families together after crossing the border. but if trump's policy is in place, it's unclear how much of an impact, if any, cruz's legislation would be. reporting live from washington, stephanie ramos, abc 7 news. >> thank you, stephanie. you can find more details about the family separation controversy on our website, more now on breaking news we've been following throughout the morning. union city police investigating a shooting involving several juveniles as well as police officers. officers. there are multiple crime scenes we've been watching. matt keller has more. matt. >> we're owner whipple road and railroad avenue. this is where the vehicle chase came to a close. you can see a to it camry, as
6:35 am
the cameraman zooms in you can see damage to the vehicle. there's a left tire and bullet holes in the side and rear window as well. new details, suspects were juveniles, multiple weapons found. take a look from earlier, big response. police say shooting between officers and suspects happened at 11:35 last night after officers attempted to stop a car at e street and railroad avenue in union city. the suspects drove off a few blocks to where we're standing at railroad avenue and whipple road where all three suspects jumped out and ran into the neighborhood. s.w.a.t. teams were seen in the area along with fremont police. all three suspects were captured and taken into custody. at least one of those suspects was shot. police say his injuries do not appear to be life threatening. no officers were injured. on scene investigations are expected to take hours. >> we're extremely busy dealing
6:36 am
with a number of crime scenes, processing them to make sure we have relevant evidence. >> they say other agencies involved. they will not comment on which department the officers who fired are from. expect roads to be closed in the area in the next several hours. matt keller, abc 7 news. a reward for an arsonist who set brush fires still hearing from north bay fires. we sent a drone showing you the path of saturday night's arsonist. take a look at the char spots every few feet along santa rosa creek. police offering an award for an arrest in this case. all the fires set within two hours of each other. they believe he used a lighter and likely getting around with a bicycle. >> budget battle under way san francisco city hall. the mayor's $2 billion spending plan. he wants more money for
6:37 am
legislation and police. they want $100 million for homeless shelters, rent subsidies and services for low income residents. the supervisor's budget committee set to make final decisions next week. they need your help finding a robbery suspect. take a look at the incident at the public storage. that suspect pulling out a gun and demanding money from the employee. he drove off in a 1990s model silver chevy blazer. it's not clear how much he got away with. no one was hurt. if you have any information you're asked to contact san jose police. you are never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. mid to upper 50s down in the south bay until morgan hill and 2. san jose is 59. temperatures mid up toer 50s everywhere until bodega bay, 49 and 52. let's take a look at the commute from the golden gate bridge perspective. this is our foggiest spot. that and robin williams tunnel. a little difficult to get
6:38 am
through there. driving, the only thing you have to worry about today other than hopefully your air conditioner works today. ferry ride, breezy and choppy, more than yesterday. some of the mass transit stops and stations are going to be hot. temperatures in san francisco start at 53. head into the low- to mid-60s during the afternoon hours. for the peninsula we start 61. we jump to 71 with increasing sunshine by noon. mid-70s from 1:00 through about 6:00. then 68 during the evening hours. that's pretty comfortable. now south bay will be 63 at 8:00 with cloud cover. by 10:00 sunny. noon, sunshine and flirting with 80, mid-80s in the afternoon hours down to 78 by 6:00 and 72 by 8:00. now, this is just our first heat wave. the second is even stronger. it's going to hit this week. we'll talk about that coming up. first, you've been pretty busy this morning. >> we've got a lot of incidents to talk about. start you off on bay bridge toll plaza. that was really our earliest
6:39 am
trouble spot this morning. those metering lights on at 4:45, almost 40 minutes ahead of schedule due to roadwork. it's had a ripple effect throughout the morning. we are stacked up longer than average through the maze. now a problem once we get onto the bridge past treasure island, disabled vehicle blocking one line-of-lane. calls to chp sounds like that person may have run out of gas. we have crews on the way to help out there. approaches to the bay bridge toll plaza, 11 mile an hour on westbound 580. reports of a disabled vehicle there approaching that 80 interchange. 7 miles an hour coming through the emeryville stretch. then westbound 24 inside caldecott tunnel, a crash, did check with chp it is in bore three blocking left lane, four vehicles total involved. check out that back-up that stretches between orinda and lafayette. the tow truck arriving. hopefully have the lanes open soon. a slowdown in the south bay. we'll head back there next. thanks, alexis. a heads up this morning on new
6:40 am
malware attack has been discovered and may have been spying on people for years. >> and let's show you a live look right now at the big board at the new york stock exchange. investors getting ready for another rocky day today. you can see it's already down 286 points. i'll explain what's going on next. plus health concerns lingering after north bay wildfires. why researchers want to find women pregnant when the firestorm hit. >> it is 6:40. as you get ready for the day, keep on top of weather and traffic. traffic. keeping a live look at sfo right
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
heating up from the desert southwest, 107, mid to central valley mid to upper 70s, why inland neighborhoods so hot. 64 monterey, 88 yosemite. here is a look at tahoe. yesterday was 67. today 75. average is 73. for a high look at low- to mid-80s wednesday through monday. pride is coming this weekend to san francisco. how about mid to upper 70s with sunshine. we've got nascar up in sonoma at the raceway there. low- to mid-90s friday and saturday, hopefully cool breeze
6:44 am
and 82 kicks in for the race sunday. >> sunglasses and tank tops for sure. thank you, mike. now turn to the controversy over trump administration's no tolerance policy separating hundreds of children from their parents. >> today president trump will meet with house gop leaders on capitol hill to talk immigration. >> all 49 senate democrats are pushing back against the policy. they have signed onto new legislation that would stop this practice. >> here in the bay area protesters are expected it gather at i.c.e. headquarters in san francisco today. >> that is where we find abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning. yes, there is a protest scheduled here in front of i.c.e. headquarters in san francisco. meanwhile bay area religious leaders speaking out against the policy and what is happening at the border. san jose's bishop has written a letter calling the policy separating children from their parents unperson, unchristian, and inhumane. we asked religious leaders about
6:45 am
that stance. we reached out to a local leader of the republican party about why he agrees with the trump administration. >> it's unfortunate but it's necessary. we have to stop the tide of people coming in illegally. if they know that's going to happen, less people will be coming. >> to use children as a pawn in a game of economics and trade policies is immoral and unethical. it defeats what we stand for as a country. >> the letter from the bishop is one of dozens sent by religious leaders and other activists in the last week calling on the trump administration to change the policy. the protest is scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon here at the i.c.e. headquarters. reporting live in san francisco, amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> all right, amy, thank you. want to check in on this, a couple in silicon valley has been raising money. so far $4.2 million raised on facebook now.
6:46 am
to help reunite immigrant parents with children. we've been monitoring this as it's going up. it will go directly to get parents out of detention. the original goal was $1500. that is the minimum pond amount for cases like this. this has gone viral, though. it's raised enough money now to bail out more than 2500 parents. we have a link and more details for you at >> that's an incredible amount. this next story is just so sad. an oakland woman desperately wants to get her stolen dog return. she says charlie is more than just a dog but emotional support that keeps her going. lauren was diagnosed with depression and couldn't take care of herself. she said charlie helped her fears. she went to a lucky store on east 18th street. she had to tie charlie up outside because the store only allowed service dogs not emotional support animals. >> service dogs are allowed in lucky. service dogs are allowed
6:47 am
anywhere you want to take them. for an emotional support animal it's a lot more difficult to explain. >> in less than 10 minutes lauren got outside and charlie was gone. lauren, a product designer hasn't been able to go to work or eat without charlie so let's get this dog back home. researchers at uc davis studying whether toxic smoke from north bay wildfires harmed pregnant women and unborn children. amy took a picture of the heavy smoke. her 8-month-old son phoenix born days. >> this is different than a wildfire with particulate matter. these are houses and garages, house paint, refrigerators. >> a lot of women seem to be interested because i think they are wondering the same things, what was i exposed to, am i still being exposed and what effects this could have on their
6:48 am
child. >> uc davis researchers are still looking for women pregnant at the time of the fire or soon participate in the study. we have more information on the website for you, tesla ceo elon musk has sent an e-mail to employees about sabotage against the company. trick car website obtained a copy of the letter. musk said a worker made damaging code changes and sent large amount of highly sensitive data to third parties. musk said he just learned about it over the weekend. he said the person involved was upset about not getting a promotion. musk says the company is investigating whether the employees was working with other people. now to your morning money report, a malware attack under way since 2013 and you may not even know you're infected. >> called turns on cameras.
6:49 am
the worry is it could spread or already has. right now there isn't anything you can do to block it, so cyber security experts are still trying to figure out exactly how it spreads and how to stop it. they are recommending you tape over the camera on your laptop. you may soon be able to get a discount on your uber ride if you're willing to wait. uber testing a new feature that offers cheaper fares if you delay your pickup rather than requesting a ride now. feature tested on uber employees in san francisco and l.a. no word on when that can expand to the rest of us. >> here at the live desk tracking stock market, take a live look at the dow. you can see the big board on your screen. we're down 300 points already this morning. investors are reacting again to fears of a possible trade war with china. that's why we're seeing so much volatility. we saw that overpass. now you see the stock market opened, things very much down.
6:50 am
new worries after president trump threatened more sanctions against china last night. the president threatened tariffs on $200 billion in chinese goods. if china goes ahead with the tariffs they have threatened. now on a related note, "new york times" reporting president trump, though, despite all of that has promised that apple won't face any tariffs, that they won't apply to iphones imported from china. interesting and something to keep take watch on. >> thanks. when it comes to tipping, a new study says millennials are the cheapest. >> 10% of millennials don't tip at all when dining out compared to 3% among the rest of us. this according to a study released by credit those millennials who do tip in restaurants tend to leave about 15%. gen exers are more generous, leave between 18 and 20%. >> there's no excuse for not tipping at all.
6:51 am
that 10% is alarming. >> it is. what's happening, natasha, with those millennials. >> maybe when they make more money they will tip more. >> i think that's true. >> maybe it will get better. >> millennials, do better, stop making everyone look bad. >> that's about 10%. let's talk about what's going on. seems like no one wants to touch that topic otherwise. let's talk about the east bay hills camera. it's just a gorgeous shot of the low clouds and fog kind of nestled into the nooks and crannies of the east bay. i'm running a time lapse. i'll post this on @mikenico. it's going to be gorgeous. rst warming trend peaks today, briefly cooler tomorrow and a surge of hotter temperatures come in for friday, saturday, and sunday. let's take a look at cloud cover. that extra hour of sunshine hour and a half will push it up.
6:52 am
clings to the coast and comes back in the overpass hours. 79 milpitas, los gatos, san jose to gilroy 88, 823 in redwood city, mid up toer 70s for the rest of the peninsula. upper 50s to near 60 along the coast. mid to upper 60s for downtown south san francisco. if you're going to the game 59 at 7:15 dropping to 57 at at&t park. head up to the north bay low to uner 80s in most neighborhoods along east bayshore, 6 in richmond, 79 fremont. our last stop our hot spots mid-80s to low 90s in the valleys of the east bay. my accuweather seven-day forecast the 90s don't stay away long. they come back thursday. do up to triple digits for friday and saturday. hopefully the heat eases sunday. alexis. >> good morning, mike. we have had a lot of issues so far today. looking live at the bay bridge. that has been our number one trouble spot. we do have a lingering issue here. you can't see it on camera.
6:53 am
past treasure island westbound 880, a disabled vehicle blocking left lane. sounds like that person may have run out of gas. we do have a crew on the way to assist. hopefully they will have that clear soon. heavy approaching that. starting to improve here, westbound 24 through the lafayette and orinda area. we had a multi-car crash. four vehicles involved inside caldecott tunnel on the right shoulder. down to 13 and 30 miles an hour approaching that scene. really that's back up in the lafayette, too. southbound 101, santa rosa to petaluma, 17 minutes for you, westbound 580 castro valley to maze at 16. 101 south bay recovering 680 and highway 85. an earlier crash cleared near oakland road but you're in the yellow at 23 minutes. >> thanks, alexis. president trump wants the pentagon to begin the process of forming a sixth branch of the military called space force. >> global affairs correspondent
6:54 am
into on "gma" about what that means. >> in a purely military it, a space force would over look satellite and new technologies. president trump can't do this on his own. he needs congress. >> space has traditionally been domain of air force. congress needs to write a law and carve out funding for a space force. now to a video viral and it's disturbing to see, a toddler climbing a gate that's supposed to stop children from getting into an aboveground pool. the massachusetts family captured the boy on video nearly getting to the top before his mom takes him down. the ladder was locked but he was able to grab onto the slits in the door and pull himself up. his parents share the video to warn others. >> he was 4 feet from us.
6:55 am
when i turned to see actually what he was doing he was up the ladder. >> have to watch them every minute. >> experts say if the pool is unopened, put a fence around the pool and take the ladder off, put it where the kids can't get to it. >> really alarming. alexa, hey, girl, can you get more towels. housekeeping, call room service, concierge through amazon's alexa. the company making the announcement that this summer marriott will place echo smart speakers in ten of its hotels. data from guests will be deleted on a daily basis. marriott says if you don't want the device you can ask it be removed from your room. >> it's a brave new world. >> she's listening. >> coming up, seven things you need to know before you go. >> instagram photo. >> instagram photo.
6:56 am
are you two getting along? oh, yeah, yeah. [ hiss ] [ gasps ]
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us or heading out the door, the seings you ned to know before you go. number one, three juveniles in custody after an officer-involved shooting in union city. police say they exchanged gunfire with those suspects after a pursuit. one juvenile was shot but
6:59 am
expected to survive and no officers were hurt. >> number two, president trump will speak with republicans today about immigration. there is a growing nationwide backlash against separation of children from their parents at the border. number three, the dow is down again this morning. here is a live look at the big board. as you can see we are way down, almost 350 points. fears of a trade war are leading stocks to trend downward again. >> number four, tesla ceo elon musk sent an e-mail to employees about sabotage against the company. musk claims a worker made damaging code changes to tesla's manufacturing system. an investigation is under way. number five, we're waking up mostly cloudy. a few patches of fog missing during golden gate bridge. it's going to be sunny and warmer. number six, a little bit of good news on the bridge, westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze over an hour and 22 minutes across. number seven, we end on a
7:00 am
cute note. six flags in vallejo celebratings if you sea lion. they are launching a contest to name the baby. >> the mama ismaking n good morning, america. and breaking news this morning, crisis at the border. president trump doubling down on his zero tolerance policy. >> the united states will not be a migrant camp. >> as calls grow from his own party to stop separating children from their parents. you will hear the recordings of children crying, asking for their mothers and fathers. >> daddy! >> that audio sparking an outcry. and the new images inside the facilities raising questions. more than 1,000 people crammed into what looked like cages. breaking overnight, flash flood emergency. dozens of rescues across the midwest. people trapped in their cars as


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