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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 20, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> wa-wa. >> the youngest children are being held in what's called a tender age shelter. the government plans to open a fourth shelter. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. >> protesters hackled homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen while she was dining at a mexican restaurant last night. >> no borders, no >> the group describing themselves, they said they could not stand by and nell nielsen eat in peace. she eventually left the restaurant. she shared activists >> a facebook campaign to help reunite undocumented immigrant parents separated from their
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children has now raised $10 million. two facebook employees started this on sunday. more than 190,000 people have contributed. for more information on the immigration debate, go to our website, your time is 4:31. if you're just joining us, a quick update on weather and traffic where you live starting with meteorologist mike nicco. >> let's take a look at our roof cam. you can see the flags unfurled once again as we look towards the ferry building. it's a stiff sea breeze that will keep us below average and pretty cloudy through the morning hours. here is the way it breaks down with my accuweather 12-hour planner. 52 to 57 at 7:00. mid 50s at the coast, upper 60s to low 70s around the bay and inland neighborhoods. 74 around the bay, 57 to 60s at
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7:00. another check of the morning commute. no major issues to talk about. the south bay, 101 and 880, the inbound side traffic heading towards us. we aren't seeing any significant slowdowns, starting to slow down in our particular areas. one of the spots that's always heavy early, 44 minutes in the yellow. westbound 4 antioch to concord okay. san rafael to san francisco, the north bay commute still light, in the green at 17 minutes. breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> when you look at this new video we have, we're tracking breaking news after a large vehicle crashed into a building in san francisco. at least one person is hurt. they do have life-threatening injuries. this happened only an hour ago. emergency crews on scene. you can see damage to the building at
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ar gail low boulevard. police tell us utilities were shut off in the area out of safety concerns. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on her way to the scene right now. she'll have a live report from the scene as the investigation is just getting started. so that's coming up in our next half hour. a warning before you pack for your next trip. the tsa announced a new policy that could change what you put on your carry-on. >> the problem is powder. matt keller joins us from mineta san jose airport. >> reporter: good morning, yes, powder. the tsa focusing on that domestically. if you fly internationally, you'll face the same scrutiny. according to "usa today," the tsa will request foreign airports with non-stop u.s. flights start taking a closer look at powders.
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that will be cosmetics, to baby powder, energy mixes. focusing on containers about the size of a can of soda. the tsa is concerned about powdery substances that may be a hazard like fentanyl and pepper spray. tsa officials told "usa today" this isn't a bag, but they gave this example. they don't want travelers returning with a large container of more rock con spice in a carry-on bag. a checkpoint officer throws away the powder before the person boards the plane. live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. san leandro police are investigating a deadly stabbing that may have started as a bar fight. police arrived at the safe dloet way parking lot late last night to find two men stabbed.
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one died at the sooep, the other in critical condition. four men came out of the nearby sons of liberty bar and got into a fight. it's unclear what started that. investigators say they're looking at surveillance video. >> in the east bay concord police are investigating a deadly crash that also hurt three children all under the age of 10. this happened around 6:30 last night on concord boulevard and park side drive. officials say it appears a gray suv t boned the white car. the three kids were passengers in the suv and were taken to children's hospital in oakland for treatment. the victim suffered fatal injuries. san francisco leaders and b.a.r.t. officials scheduled to announce a joint plan to improve safety and public health conditions at the civic center station. this video of drug users shooting up inside the station got worldwide attention and put pressure on b.a.r.t. to make changes. there are so many homless in and around the station that outreach
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teams are being recruited. santa rosa police released surveillance videos. this attack happened sunday night in the parking lot of an apartment complex on jennings avenue. this is the person they're looking for. the victim says the man put his hand up her dress after he pushed her down. when she screamed, he ran off. a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. police are recommending people travel in groups after the recent beatings of two bay area man. someone attacked scott long, a human rights activist who deals with lgbtq issues. he was severely beaten on june 9th as he was walking home in oakland on 35th and kansas street. he says there doesn't seem to be a motive. here, tim tate believed he was targeted because he's a drag queen. he was leaving the eagle bar about 10:00 p.m. on june 9th.
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he was attacked on bernice street as he was heading home. >> i went down. didn't hear anything. it was out of the blue. he just beat the living -- out of me. >> his drag name is ginger snap. he was punched, kicked and drag. san francisco police are treating that as a hate crime and they have surveillance video that will hopefully help them solve this case. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's take a look at temperatures. low to mid 50s. antioch and brentwood temperatures in the low 60s. let's take a look at the rest of our neighborhoods. vallejo 52, 51 in santa rosa. mid to upper 50s along the bayshore. we've got 60 in los gatos. as we look at the golden gate bridge, you can see a little
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hazy, a little foggy once again just like it was yesterday morning. our fastest breezes, if you're going to be on a ferry today will be north of the bay bridge it will be cool this morning mass transit and mild to slightly warm if you're heading inland during the afternoon hours. san francisco today really locked into the mid and upper 50s for the better part of the day as the sunshine won't break out until about the lunch hour. in the peninsula, we'll see sunshine by 10:00, 63. 72 at 4:00. backown to kind of a chilly 64 at 8:00. in the south bay we'll start off in the mid 50s and hit the mid 60s at 10:00. a lot of sunshine in the afternoon hours. mid to upper 70s and about 66 at 8:00. big warming trend still on the way with triple digits possible for today. hopefully everything is cool on the roads so far. >> we are looking good so far today. a few minutes ago, mike mentioned they had overnight work on the bay bridge. they were doing inspections in the two left lanes. i did just check in with
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caltrans. it looks like the work has wrapped ahead of schedule. yesterday they were out there until about 5:00 a.m., resulting in bay bridge metering lights being kept on. i can show you the bay bridge toll plaza is looking okay so far today. we do have a little stackup in the cash lanes on the left-hand side. right side looking good. fast track looking good, too, at this time yesterday where we're already starting to back up. i don't think we'll have that same issue today. no major issues so far this morning. we'll take a look at the central valley filling in and slowing down coming up in about ten minutes. i want to jump back in. back to our breaking news we're tracking in san francisco, a truck slamming into a building. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield just arrived on the scene. she is joining us here live. amy, what's going on? >> reporter: the truck is still there. let me get out of the way so you can see it. it is in the garage. police are still here talking to
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people, gathering information and trying to help these people figure out where to go. there are six units at this building at arguello and clement. they've turned off utilities just in case, just trying to mitigate the situation here, try to get any risk out of the way that they can. they asked all these people go ahead and find a new place to stay until they determine the stability of this building. the driver who crashed here was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. obviously police have not been able to talk to that person. so still unclear why this happened or what could have caused the driver to have missed a turn or just to have crashed in here, whether drugs or alcohol was involved, whether the driver fell asleep, whether there was a medical condition, it's too soon to tell. that driver is in the hospital. we will keep you posted as this situation develops. that is the latest here at arguello and clement. live in san francisco, amy
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hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> that's so stunning to see that van all the way into that building. an iconic san francisco church is stripped of its spas stor pastors, the difference in pastors, the difference in philosophy.
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let's start off talking about baseball. marlins and giants. a day game at at&t park. temperature slightly warmer than the last couple nights. 58 at 12:45 to 62 at 3:45. will be becoming mostly sunny, breezy, wear the sunscreen. you'll definitely need it. see where the heat is today. 100 in fresno, 112 in palm springs. low to upper 70s in san diego and los angeles. 91 in yosemite. chico 94. let's head to tahoe where 80 today will be one of the cooler days moving forward. mid 80s with total sunshine friday through tuesday. natasha. there's a new poll showing democrat gavin newsom has a huge lead over his republican rival john cox. the los angeles times poll finds newsom has 45% of support. cox is receiving about 28% of support, and 27% say they're still undecided. an iconic san francisco
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church getting stripped of its pastors and the question is why. glide memorial could change as we know it. abc 7 news reporter caroline tyler has the story. >> reporter: if you spent any time in the bay area, you've probably heard of glide, known for its mission of serving the needity, for its inspirational choir that attracts celebrities and the ordinary. for reverend cecil williams who retired after 50 years but keeps on going. karen hanrahan is head of the glide foundation. she and the trustees received notice from the bishop who oversees churches, glide's clergy, the two you see seated on the left will be reassign $and not replaced. one of the deputies was booed when she broke the news last sunday. >> i know today is a hard day.
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>> reporter: the church hierarchy declined to comment on why this is being done. hanrahan believes the rift is caused by a difference in the philosophy and the new bishop trying to exert control. >> she brings a more conservative religious philosophy with her, and we feel it's not in line with glide's values. >> reporter: sources tell us there is tension between the glide foundation, a $20 million non-profit that runs the social service programs and the united methodist church over who has authority over the religious institution. as of july 1st, there will be no preachers to lead the congregati congregation. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. it's 4:46 now. canada will become the second nation to make recreational marijuana legal. the canadian senate approved the move last night. prime minister justin trudeau tweeted it's been too easy for our kids to get marijuana and
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criminals to reap the profits. today we change that. it will be a few months before cannabis is legal there. a new survey showing airline passengers will take the money when it comes to giving up a seat on overbooked flights. many airlines made changes in many airlines made changes in how they handle situations. the go group survey found more than 75% of business travelers would give up their seat, 85% for leisure passengers, but for how much? business travelers said $2,000 was a fair price. for leisure price it was $750. so now all of you know where to start. >> thanks. >> thanks, reggie. >> interesting the difference because business people probably pay more for their tirkts because they're more last-minute. you and i are months ahead of
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time trying to figure out the cheapest fares. >> and they actually have to be there. >> how did you explain that? i took the money. do the meeting without me let's take a look and show you what's going on as far as your forecast. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here is a look at walnut creek, one of the areas that will be spared from the heat today and tomorrow, but not as we head towards friday and saturday. we start to see triple nighttime clouds and comfortable for sleeping, even when we have the moderate risk for heat friday, saturday and sunday. see this curl in the atmosphere? that's an upper level low. that's why we have such a stout sea breeze yesterday and again today and why we're going to be a little bit below average to average temperaturewise. 79 in san jose. pretty close to average.
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79 in milpitas. quite a spread clara valley. upper 50s to mid 60s in the coast. sausalito 67. we'll jump into the mid to upper 70s where the sea breeze will have its greatest effect is across our north bay and also from about oakland northward. you can see 60s there and then low to mid 70s for the rest of the east bayshore. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s a lot like yesterday in our east bay valleys. my accuweather seven-day forecast, the 90s come back tomorrow and the possibility on friday and saturday. in our hottest day statted, it will only be 70 there. pretty comfortable on the roads. we're looking live at the san mateo bridge, not many folks out there. the westbound side starting to fill in just a bit. no major blocking issues. we've had very few issues whatsoever. none of them causing any big
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delays. we are improving on the nimitz as well. southbound 880 past marina boulevard, we had a disabled big rig having mechanical trouble. we are back to all loans open and we are in the green. not in the green onto the tracy area. we'll check on that coming up next. >> major mobile providers joining forces. facebook running video adds on its messenger service. >> on today's tech bites, a big move by all the major u.s. mobile providers. >> verizon, at&t, sprint and te t-mobile will no longer sell location data to brokers. together the companies have more than 300 million subscribers. facebook started playing auto play video ads. >> rolling out with a handful of users before it expands. it can control the ads by hiding or reporting some of them. but you won't be able to disable
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the ads. amazon is rolling out a new deliver rif system for apartment dwellers. >> it's called hub, offering a safe space for your amazon packages where they can be stored before you pick them up. keeping your kids busy over the summer can be a challenge. how they can bowl a few strikes for free. for free. a couple takes walking down
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you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's talk about pride. it's coming up in san francisco friday, saturday and sunday. look at those temperatures. mid to upper 70s, just remember that sun is going to be strong. so prepare yourself for that. if you're looking for something to do to get the kids out of the house, how about bowling? 13 bay area center are taking part in a program where kids can receive two free games every day. they need to be registered on the kids bowl free website. each center may have different guidelines as to when the free games are offered and whether shoe represental is included or if you have to pay for that. we have a link on our website, a startup backed by one of the most powerful venture capital firms in silicon valley hopes to make avocados stay ripe twice as long. you can see in the video the difference in avocados with and without the product.
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a product made of food waste and other materials is mixed with water and coats the avocados. it changes how water and oxygen get in and out. bill gates is part of the deal. costco will start selling the avocados in the midwest. 4:55. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. the alameda county fair resumes today. one of our milder days. oh, man, that asphalt and temperatures in the hundreds friday and saturday. today is a great day to go. 68 at 11:00. a comfortable opening. 78 with the strong sunshine, but that's really nice especially for pleasanton this time of year. 57 at 11:00. we have nascar at sonoma raceway. temperature 91 friday, 96 saturday. but for the big race sunday, 84. that should be more comfortable. >> oh, yeah, bring your sunscreen no matter where you're going, mike. we're doing okay so far today. no major issues on the roads.
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we're looking live at our walnut creek camera. southbound 680 traffic starting to fill in. not many folks hitting the brakes there. heavier traffic westbound 205 to 580 down to 11 miles an hour. overall that's pretty typical for that stretch this time of day. we're keeping a close eye on the bay bridge after yesterday's tough commute. we'll head back there coming up at 5:00. new research about the health benefits of marriage. married people may be less likely to develop heart disease or die from a heart attack or stroke. researchers found people who were never married, divorced or widowed had a 52% higher risk of heart disease. the study didn't determine exactly why that is, but there are theories. one newlywed couple found a way to save on the sky-high cost
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of weddings by reciting vows at 34,000 feet. the pilot officiated the nuptials over the intercom 45 minutes before the wedding. passengers wrote marriage advice on napkins. they just leave las vegas, the marriage capital of the world. several bay area cities trying to move away from plastic straws. the new problem that's now causing. the push to cap surge pricing in one city made it all the way to the mayor's desk. surveillance foot tooj shows a man taking a puppy right out of a garage. now the search is on to find him and his distinct suv. much more on the breaking news we're following in san francisco. a car slamming into a building. crews are out there right now crews are out there right now trying to f
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a van slams into an apartment in sfrachblt look at this new video. the van entirely inside the building. it is really stunning to see, natasha and reggie. right now there's concerns for that building, the stability of it. we'll have a live report shortly. >> i'm sure the driver as well. jess, thank you. good morning, on this wednesday, june 20th. it's 5:00 a.m. >> first we want to get you a check of weather with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi everybody. let's take a look at the winds and the clouds this morning. look at that gust of 37 in fairfield. what a headwind if you're coming down 80 towards san francisco. ten miles per hour in


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