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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  June 24, 2018 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news right now, fire and nature's fury. mandatory evacuations in northern california, thousands forced from their homes. a wildfire doubled in size as reported tornadoes and hail batter the central u.s. sam champion is tracking it all. also breaking overnight, standoff. [ sirens ] two officers shot in san diego responding to a suspect barricaded in an apartment complex. what the s.w.a.t. team found when they finally got inside. battle at the border, protesters blocking this bus carrying immigrant children. activists starting hunger strikes as president trump stands firm on his immigration stance.
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>> we're going to have the wall. >> the new measure that could change how long children can be detained. caught on camera, phone call furor. the woman who appeared to call police on an 8-year-old girl selling water on the sidewalk. how it's led to a social media firestorm. and look at these marvelous mugs. the canine contestants vying to win, if that's even the right word, the ugliest dog contest. >> that hair is natural. it's real, and it's spectacular. >> who was crowned the least attractive hound? and good morning to you. paula has the morning off. we are happy to have whit johnson with us once again. >> i'm like the cousin who won't leave. >> no. >> not at all. >> eating all the food in the studio. >> you're a beloved cousin. >> all right. well, thank you. >> a member of the family. >> thank you. meantime, talking about families, the outrage over the trump administration's
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immigration policy not letting up this morning. sources now tell abc news eliminates a law that requires children be released from detention after 20 days. >> and confusion over how to reunite those families is fueling new protests, including a hunger strike led by celebrities, activists, and members of the kennedy family. >> so we're going to have full coverage from the border and from the white house coming up. but first here we want to tell you about a couple of breaking weather stories. we have severe storms overnight downing trees and knocking out power. and then in california, we have a spiraling wildfire situation fueled by dangerous heat and high winds. so, let's start it off here with sam champion, who is in for rob this morning. sam, good morning to you. >> yeah, good morning, everyone. let's deal right with this. because overnight, this fire really has doubled in size and exploded. they're calling it the pawnee fire. it's in lake county, california, that's north of san francisco. this came just after northern california's warmest day of the year so far. winds picked up overnight.
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at 9:00 last night, 400 acres burning. this morning, as we come on the air, cal fire is telling us 1,500 acres are burning. we have more than doubled the size of this fire. now, 12 homes, most of these are homes, 12 structures already evacuated and burning. 700 homes are under mandatory evacuation in this area. cal fire is telling us the fire has crested another hill. and they're very concerned about what's going on in this area, so, again, right after the warmest day of the year, you spark this fire. california has had a fire season. but now everyone calls all year round the fire season. it's been very, very dry. last year, one of the worst fire seasons in california history. this year, no reason to expect anything different. take a look at those numbers. the heat burning here all the way through. and fires likely to start because of strong winds, as well. where storms are firing this morning, we have a severe storm watch. oklahoma, also into arkansas. these storms will light up your skies. if they haven't yet, they will today. we will revive some storms later and develop a new area.
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liberal, wichita. oklahoma, city, this could be 70, 90-mile-an-hour winds and possible tornadoes in that storm. adrienne, we've got a lot to talk aboutard to i now to the tense standoff overnight in san diego. two officers shot responding to a man barricaded inside an apartment complex. abc's erielle reshef joins us with more. erielle. >> reporter: good morning, guys. just to give you some perspective, this happened less than two miles from san diego state university. police and firefighters responding to a disturbance at that apartment complex met by gunfire. >> we all got shot through the wall. >> reporter: overnight, gunfire erupting at a san diego apartment complex. two officers hit in the hail of bullets now in the hospital. >> are there officers down inside the apartment building? >> i copy. two officers injured. >> reporter: firefighters and police initially responding to calls of violence and smoke. >> so, they were worried about an active fire inside the apartment where the call was. and as soon as they opened the door, they were met with gunfire. >> reporter: one firefighter taking cover inside an apartment as shots rang out later rescued
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by the s.w.a.t. team. >> the fireman has a phone. he's trapped in the hallway in apartment number 6. he can't move. >> we're going to coordinate how we can get him out. >> reporter: the entire complex evacuated as police exchange fire with the alleged gunman. >> s.w.a.t. has the large robot inside clearing the rooms. at this point, it does appear that the suspect is down. >> reporter: that suspect pronounced dead at the scene. and police are investigating what led up to the shooting. the chief says officers have responded to that apartment multiple times in the past. but at this point, it's unclear what those calls may have been for. >> a dangerous situation. >> yeah, very tense. >> erielle, thanks so much. now to the battle at the border as questions swirl about what will happen to more than 1,800 children separated from their parents. sources tell abc news republicans in congress are gearing up for a vote that could impact their futures. abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri is at the white house with the latest. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. two white house officials tell me that the president would
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allows children to stay in detention centers for more than 20 days. it's a way for him to keep his hard line on catch and release while keeping families together. the vote on that bill could be early this week. president trump at a rally out west saying he inherited the crisis at the border. >> this is the same sight that obama had, that bush had. same sight. same thing. in fact, they said look at this sight. look at president trump. look at this picture. excuse me. it was 2014. it was president obama. okay? >> reporter: in a previously recorded interview with former governor mike huckabee, trump once again falsely saying the democrats are to blame. >> it's the democrats' fault. they refuse to sit down and draw an agreement that's good for security and good for everybody. >> reporter: but new legislation could be in the works. overnight, abc news learning that republican lawmakers are preparing a bill that fixes the president's hastily drafted executive order.
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>> 60 years, nobody's taken care of it. >> reporter: hill and white house officials telling abc news they're planning to vote on a bill this week that would eliminate an existing court settlement that requires that children be released from detention within 20 days. and while the president stands his ground -- >> we need people that can help us. we want a merit-based immigration system. we need safety at the border. we need the wall. the wall's going to happen. it's gonna happen. >> reporter: his staff feeling the heat. press secretary sarah sanders kicked out of this virginia restaurant while at dinner with family and friends. the restaurant owner telling "the washington post" she kicked her out on moral grounds. outside the closed red hen restaurant, signs offering thanks and appreciation. but not everyone agrees with the restaurant. on the facebook page, many users voiced their frustration. one user writing, they need to change the name of this place to the red bigot inn. with more one-star ratings than five-star ratings. will be nice to see a closed sign in the window soon. sanders tweeting, last night i was told by the owner of red hen in lexington, virginia, to leave
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because i work for potus, and i politely left. her actions say far more about her than about me. former government ethics official walter schaub said that sarah sanders may have violated ethics rules with that tweet because she condemned the restaurant with her white house official twitter account. he said that she may have also violated an endorsements ban. >> all right. tara palmeri at the white house for us. thank you so much. >> all right, and protests are growing at the border. now members of the kennedy family are teaming up with activists and celebrities to take a stand for the children separated from their parents. abc's marcus moore is in mcallen, texas, where the protests have been intense. marcus, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, adrienne. dhs released a statement overnight saying more than 500 children who have been separated have since been reunited with their families, this as the controversy over those separations continues to unfold. chaos outside this immigration processing center in mcallen, texas.
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protesters blocking a bus carrying immigrant children. their obscured faces frozen in time. these moving images captured saturday. [ chanting ] >> reporter: tensions boiling over at the border amid calls to reunite separated families caught crossing the border illegally and charged under the trump administration's now amended zero tolerance policy. sara dill among the volunteer attorneys who met with detained parents eager to know when they might see their children again. >> but when it got to their children, that was when they broke down. that was when the tears flowed freely. that was when they just lost all strength and ability to hang on. >> reporter: to date customs and border protections says more than 500 children have been reunited with their families since may. but that number doesn't include those children held by other agencies still separated from their parents. among them, 8-year-old danny. he's in new york. his mother being detained in el paso facing charges after crossing the border illegally. his aunt neechina serrano
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trying to reunite them. >> el paso processing center has not responded. we have already bought the bus ticket. >> reporter: back in mcallen, outrage over stories like this one fueling a groundswell of activism with the coalition led by legendary human rights activist dolorhuerta and kerry kennedy, robert f. kennedy's daughter, declaring a 24-day hunger strike in solidarity with separated families. >> we're sacrificing a little bit of pain. maybe hunger pain. but not the kind of pains that these families are suffering or these children are feeling. >> reporter: and as those protests continue, dhs says an additional 16 children will be reunited with their parents in the next 24 hours. dan? >> marcus moore along the border in texas. we appreciate it. let's bring in abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos who is going to be hosting "this week" a little later this morning. >> good morning. >> good morning, sir. so, let's start with the president out on the stump in nevada yesterday as we saw in tara palmeri's piece. despite all the uproar over immigration, he said, quite clearly, he wants to make immigration a big issue in the
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coming midterms. smart politics? >> this is his issue. no question about it. go back to the first speech to the first day of his presidential campaign in 2015. this was the central issue. the president believes it works for him. he's going to ride it all the way to the midterms. now it's a tricky one coming up in these midterms. on the positive side for the president, it does tend to unite and rally his republican base. get them fired up. so that could help in a lot of red states. on the other hand, it could fire up the democrats also, fire up latinos, and turn off suburban women who republican house candidates need if they're going to survive. i think a good thing to look at is where the president was yesterday. nevada. dean heller is in a very tight race for the senate there. the republican incumbent. >> he's been critical of the president. >> he's been critical of the president. he's been moderate on immigration. when he introduced the president, he didn't mention immigration at all. he simply talked about tax cuts. >> we're heading into an interesting midterms. full employment act for political reporters. so let me ask you about another related issue. tara palmeri also reported earlier that congress is preparing to vote on a narrow
7:12 am
bill here that would quote/unquote fix the president's executive order on these family separations and give leeway so you can hold families for more than 20 days together. does that mean we're heading into a future where we're holding families perhaps indefinitely behind bars? >> if it passed. i think it's unlikely. that a law like that is going to pass. if you get a republican majority in the house behind it, i believe there are enough democrats in the senate to filibuster and prevent that from passing because a lot of democrats think it's both inhumane and impractical. you can't simply detain families for a long period of time. and as you point out, the current law says that you can't detain children for more than 20 days. in fact, this week a judge is likely to strike down the president's executive order on those grounds, saying, no, this is not compatible with the law because it is going to keep kids beyond 20 days. once that happens, it could be a free-for-all all over again. >> george stephanopoulos, thank you for your analysis on this sunday morning. i want to remind everybody george has a big show this morning. immigration at the top of the docket. he's going to go one-on-one with
7:13 am
senator jeff flake and congressmcongres congressman luis gutierrez, plus the power house "roundtable." all coming up on "this week." george, thank you. whit, over to you. turning to the social media firestorm over an incident caught on camera. it involves a woman who appeared to call police on a young girl selling water on the sidewalk. abc's zachary kiesch has more. >> reporter: this morning, more on this san francisco woman allegedly calling the police on a young african-american girl selling water near at&t park. >> she calling police ittle gir. you can hide all you want. >> yeah. illegally selling water without a permit. >> reporter: in this instagram video posted on saturday, a mother claiming this woman called the cops on her 8-year-old daughter after demanding to see the young girl's permit for selling water. the video getting millions of views overnight. the woman identified as alison ettel now being dubbed on social media as permit patty. ettel told "the huffington
7:14 am
post" she only pretended to call the police, blaming the noise. quote, it was literally nonstop. it was every two seconds. come and buy my water. it was continuous. and it wasn't a soft voice. it was screaming. ettel says the issue did not have anything to do with race. adding i completely regret that i handled that so poorly. this comes after several widely reported instances of white people calling the police on african-americans who are living their everyday lives. two months ago philadelphia police arrested two african-american men inside a starbucks accused of trespassing. >> what did they do? what did they do? tell me what they did. >> reporter: ettel also says she has received death threats. she tells abc news the video has been taken out of context. and "usa today" reports the girl's mother told them she had recently lost her job and her daughter was trying to raise money to go to disneyland. overnight, we're that that someone came forward on instagram
7:15 am
with the money to take that trip. we're seeing a lot of examples of this. it's not just starbucks. it's a little disturbing. i think if we start to see each other in each other, you know, maybe we don't call the cops. in this particular case. >> you know social media has really shined a light on how divisive this issue of race is and continues to be in america. zachary, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> really appreciate it. a lot of other headlines, for that, as always, dr. ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> i felt it coming. >> you seem doctorial this morning. >> it's the glasses. >> very nice tie. >> thank you. dan, good morning. adrienne. whit. good morning, everyone. we begin in south carolina where republican congressional nominee kate arrington is hospitalized in critical condition and scheduled for more major surgery after being seriously injured in a car accident. this was friday night. arrington had defeated incumbent mark sanford in a primary earlier this month was traveling with an aide when a wrong-way driver hit the vehicle. the aide was also hurt. also the driver of the other vehicle was killed. arrington's democratic opponent joe cunningham is suspending all campaign
7:16 am
activities until further notice. and we have breaking news from germany where police say at least 25 people have been injured in a building explosion in a western city. four of those injuries said to be severe. a car nearby -- cars nearby destroyed by the debris. no word on what may have caused that blast. at the vatican, trun plomat w once stationed in washington, d.c. to five years in prison for possessing and distributing pornographic images of children. this is the first sentence of its kind sent down from the vatican. the monsignor now faces a canonical trial which could lead to his removal from the priesthood. voters go to the polls in turkey this morning as the country holds high-stakes presidential and parliamentary elections. president recep erdogan is seeking another five years in office, which could lead him taking on new powers that critics call anti-democratic. in saudi arabia this morning for the first time women are able to drive. the last remaining ban in the
7:17 am
world against female drivers was lifted officially at midnight local time. women and male supporters have been fighting for nearly three decades for women to have the right to drive. and while they now have that right, women in saudi arabia still can't swim in public, compete in sports, or interact with men other than their spouse, among other things. finally, a world cup stunner. the reigning champs eking out a victory moments before the final whistle. check this out. germany and sweden, tied at 1-1. five minutes into extra time when tony cruz -- check this out -- scores the winning gold. germany wins. [ speaking german] >> what? [ speaking german ] >> amazing this morning. pronunciation. >> hopefully that's what it means. >> that means final score 2-1. deutschland had been facing an early elimination since facing mexico. >> you're not going to tell us what that means? >> that means final score, 2-1. [ speaking german ] a note, i think you spoke
7:18 am
four languages in that update. >> i think so. if you believe that, check it out. >> by the way, mexico, the leader of that group now. some didn't think they would make it through to the next round. mexico, two wins. the big upset over germany. >> we have a soccer fan. >> yep. >> yes. >> let's talk about weather. sam champion is in for rob. >> in english. >> we're so happy to see you. but you have some news. i mean, all over the country, it's been kind of wild. >> yeah, a lot of rough stuff to talk about this morning. let's get the overnight storms. right to that, pictures. four reports of tornadoes yesterday. one in upstate new york. remember when you never thought new york and tornadoes would be combined in a sentence? well, there you go. we also had some very strong storms and a line of winds further west, anywhere from nebraska to texas, we're talking about those winds in excess of 70, 80, 90 miles an hour. so, what develops today? well, let's start with the storms that are going right now. overnight we still had some rolling storms through this area right there in oklahoma, kansas area. we'll watch more develop today. look how we think towards paducah, kentucky. lifting right along the warm
7:19 am
front. sorm of those storms will get some juice as well, and they'll continue to move east. we're likely to pop up storms similar in the areas where we had yesterday. just a little bit more to the east and a little bit more to the north.u how mu rn we're tal about. so look at oklahoma where we had some heavy flooding in these areas. we're likely to see heavy rains. standing water as well. so, keep an eye on that. that's where the storms develop tonight for tomorrow. and they're likely to stay good sunday morning. i'm lisa argen. a red flag warning still in effect until 8:00 tonight. upper elevations are still quite warm. the relative humidity is low and the winds are still blowing offshore here. otherwise, the cooling trend gets under way for the rest of us with 64 today and clouds. half moon bay at 70 and breezy in san francisco. 74 across the bay in oakland. inland, we'll see temperatures just at about 90 degrees. it's a good 10 to 20 degrees
7:20 am
>> one thing i should mention, if you were chilly yesterday, dan, numbers back up to 86 degrees today. a lot of people in new york for pride. so they'll be a little more comfortable. >> you going to be out there marching? >> i shall be out there walking and looking. >> he said walking. >> let me ask you a question, sam. >> yes, sir. >> what is your favorite way to commute to work? >> probably walk. i love to walk. >> okay, well, have you ever been in a rush to get to a meeting or to get home and realized that walking or the bus or a train didn't work for you? i'm going to tell you about a man with a unique way to get to work. by paddleboard. check it out. this may not be your typical daily commute, but for scott holt, this is how he chose to beat traffic. >> i chose the paddleboard that day because the freeness factor was big. i wanted to be on my own schedule. >> reporter: moment, who lives in new jersey, had an important meeting to get to in manhattan one morning.
7:21 am
running late, he floated the idea of taking his paddleboard across the hudson river. and so he hopped on for the 30-minute ride. holt slung his briefcase over his shoulder and paddled through the choppy river, decked out in his suit and tie, as he dealt with a different kind of morning traffic. >> ferries were going every which way. the wakes were kind of coming at me from behind so all the different directions, and it got a little tough. i almost fell in a couple of times. >> reporter: with soggy shoes, holt arriving at the meeting right on time. >> probably not the only time i'll do it. i mean, i showed up dry, and it was free. so, i could see myself doing it again. i don't want to rule it out. >> not sure whether he went back the same way. >> i just love this story. i mean, the dedication that you have to ndheore strength. my god, man. >> imagine if he had fallen in. he said he almost fell in. i guess that blows the meeting and sort of defeats the whole purpose. >> if he walked in wet, no matter what -- >> yeah. great conversation starter. >> confidence in your ability comes from wearing the suit. you get on a board crossing the
7:22 am
hudson, you are confident. >> that's true. >> i'm with adrienne. it's about the core strength. coming up on "gma," the woman who recorded a video of a teenager shot by a police officer in pittsburgh. she's now speaking out about what she saw when the officer opened fire. plus, it's officially summer, and that means shark season as millions of families hit the beach. the warnings you need to hear. "good morning america" is sponsored by walgreens. trusted since 1901. stretsmooth scarred soaked the sun does not care. but we do. walgres au e ecaill tonowhat w e heal skin.
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good morning. i'm carolyn tyler. a brushfire in lake county is growing with mandatory evacuations ordered. what's called the pawnee fire broke out about 5:30 yesterday afternoon. it's now burned 1500 acres.eatr
7:28 am
alameda, berkeley, fremont and hayward fire are on their way to lakeforecast. here's lisa argen. carolyn, good morning to you. the lower elevation, the winds have switched. you can see the low clouds and fog here. the marine layer pretty deep. 50s and 60s out there. the upper elevations with the on shore, that offshore flow. all in all, a cooler day today. still, though, with a red flag warning above 1500 feet. you're going to be vigilant with that.
7:29 am
7:30 am
welcome back to "gma" on a busy sunday morning. happening right now, the breaking news. two police officers shot in san diego when they were met with gunfire while responding to a suspect barricaded in an apartment complex. that suspect pronounced dead at the scene. police detaining one other person there. also right now, royal visit. prince harry taking a trip to the african kingdom of lesotho to unveil a home and a school there donated by the charity he co-founded with that country's prince seeiso who was also a guest at the royal wedding. both princes dedicating their charity, aimed at helping hiv k.inrnational mpetitors gett re world egg throwing championship in the uk.
7:31 am
the events include throwing and catching eggs, target throwing and iruf you happen to choose the raw egg, you not only end up with egg on your face, but you're out. >> that looks like a fun game. >> this is the 13th year for the egg competition. and the proceeds benefit charities, so it's a fun way to get all over your face. >> yeah. >> file it under everyone needs a hobby. >> and there's a festival for everything. >> i think so. >> for better or worse. and coming up on the show this morning, the coast-to-coast warnings about sharjs. what you need to know before you hit the water. as adrienne says, it's important to punch the shark in the snout. >> that's what they say. >> you got to use wisdom around those sharks. first, to pittsburgh. protesters once again taking to the streets over the fatal police shooting of a 17-year-old boy. now the woman who recorded video of the shooting is talking about what she witnessed. abc's kenneth moton is in pittsburgh with her story. kenneth, good morning.
7:32 am
>> reporter: good morning, adrienne. this community did experience a fourth night of protests ahead of antwon rose's funeral tomorrow. from demonstrators to police, they're all talking about the cell phone video, now a critical part of the investigation. [ chanting ] >> reporter: it's the video that's fueled anger and sparked protest. an east pittsburgh police officer seen opening fire on an unarmed 17-year-old antwon rose as he and another passenger ran away from a traffic stop. what made you pick up your phone and start recording? >> it was the tone of the officer's voice. his tone. he was very harsh. he was screaming. >> reporter: this woman asked us not to show her face. she described how officer michael rosfeld shot antwon three times. >> it was like he was taking target practice out on this young man's back. he didn't flinch. he didn't say stop running. he didn't say anything, anything at all. but the way he looked, i could tell he knew he messed up. >> reporter: the 23-year-old also captured this moment as paramedics worked to save the teen's life. >> they had him on the
7:33 am
stretcher, and i had a good view. and it didn't look like he was breathing then, so i just felt like he was gone. [ chanting ] >> reporter: so many in this community are demanding answers. [ chanting ] rain didn't stop this massive saturday march through pittsburgh. >> police are not judge and jury. they're to enforce the law. >> reporter: investigators say the car antwon was riding in was suspected of being involved in a drive-by shooting earlier. they also say two guns were found in the vehicle. and antwon had an empty gun ammunition clip in his first pocket. >> here they go again. >> they're trying to cover up here so that way they can say, we're not going to charge him because it was a justified shooting. >> reporter: we have reached out to officer rosfeld's attorney but we haven't heard back. the county district attorney says the officer is cooperating with the investigation. guys, back to you. >> kenneth, thank you. we appreciate your ongoing coverage there. let's switch gears and check the forecast. yet again a lot going on in the weather department. sam champion in for rob this
7:34 am
morning. hey, sam. >> hey, good morning. it is true. we have a lot going on. and, dan, i feel like a lot of times i give a forecast for america but so many times a forecast for the desk because yesterday there were so many complaints with the cool temperatures around the new york area. >> it was just cold. >> yes, where temperatures were stuck in the 60s. everyone complaining here in the studio. >> i liked it. i busted out some fall wardrobe pieces that i could extend into the summer. >> okay, adrienne, put them away. because we're going back into the 80s and high 80s at that in some cases today. you don't need them today. where we had that little stationary front, it kept it cool and cloudy. now it's to the north. 84 degrees is the heat index. temperatures will be in the 80s. it will feel like 5 degrees warmer because of the humidity involved in that heat. we'll get scattered storms through the hour. by 7:00 p.m., we're watching the storms move towards boston. by 11:00 at night, they have cleared the entire board. if you're going out today, early today in the northeast, you're fine. it's dry early. it's just afternoon storms will run into the evening hours, as well. now, we've been talking about all this heat that's beens been
7:35 am
building in the west and staying in the south. well, it makes a run into the northeast, as well. long term. well, you know, i feel about 50/50 with these long-term forecasts. i love them and i hate them. but i know everybody wants to see them, so that's what we're thinking. you get a warm july start from the ohio valley to the northeast. good morning to you. waking up to low clouds and fog at the coast today. cooler for everyone. 60s at the shoreline. 70s around the bay. mid-80s in the afternoon. plenty of sunshine an >> all that weather brough >> all that weather brought to you by trivago. so, america, i just wanted to balance your need to know with their need to know, and i hope that we all got a little something out of it. >> we represent the people. >> i saw adrienne yesterday walking around with a parka. >> i did have a coat on. >> fall wardrobe. >> i did have a coat on. >> i'm still trying to figure out the east coast weather. i need a raincoat. i'm sweating. i need a suitcase everywhere i go. >> it's like a lot of places in
7:36 am
the country. i mean, think of texas. it's a big roller coaster of emotions during the summer. you said you love it and hate it. it's like a workout. >> absolutely, and that's why you need us, america, because it changes every day. there you go. >> we need you, sam champion. >> exactly. >> thanks for your smiles and your forecast. all right. coming up on "good morning america," we mentioned it. it's shark season. how to keep yourself safely away from -- >> it's the snout. >> do whatever you gotta do. >> i'm still not convinced the snout punch actually works. we need to speak to somebody who pulled that off. >> an expert. >> yeah, exactly. and the little girl taking the internet by storm for her love of carbs just by the loaf. >> is that bread? >> that's still ahead in "pop news." >> that little girl is -- oh, my goodness. i feel you, girl. >> that little girl is -- oh, my goodness. i feel you, girl. goodness. i feel you, girl.
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welcome back, everybody. as we have been talking about welcome back, everybody. as we have been talking about the beach getaways, summer vacations. >> yes, sunshine. >> yes, but during this first official weekend of summer, shark warnings are going up at some beaches across the country. at the same time, swimmers hit the waves looking to beat the heat, the sharks head to shallow water to warm up. abc's marci gonzalez joins us in santa monica. marci, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, whit, good morning. yes, experts tell us this is
7:41 am
prime time for shark sightings near shore. that's why beachgoers are being told to be on alert. this morning, signs like this posted along beaches from coast to coast warning about shark sightings. >> yeah, i have grandkids out in the water right now. so, you can't help but be concerned. >> spring and summer is the time right now where we're seeing a lot of sharks out here. >> reporter: check out this close encounter. stella pohl kayaking this weekend in monterey bay, california, with her marine biologist friend. these images capturing a ten-foot great white just feet away. >> it wasn't interested in us in any threatening way. it wasn't following me. >> reporter: but that isn't always the case. >> see the fin. it's swimming toward the guy now. >> reporter: this video from last year also from monterey bay shows a great white knocking this man off his kayak, taking a bite out of it. thrashing around in the water before the man was rescued. just last month, a 10-year-old boy bitten swimming in waist-deep water in south carolina. >> it was a total shock that i got bit by a shark. >> reporter: experts say shark
7:42 am
attacks are rare, but warnings like this should be taken seriously. >> it's good caution. at least people are informed, they know there are sharks there. they can make a decision if they want to go into the water or not. >> reporter: but if you do decide to go in, some tips from experts. avoid swimming at dawn and at dusk. they say don't wear anything that's shiny that a shark could confuse for a fish and this one is probably a little easier said than done. if you do see a shark while you're in the water, move away calmly and slowly. they say any quick movements could draw a shark's attention. whit? >> marci, good. that's a lot to take in. think about it. >> good advice. get rid of that shiny bathing suit. >> i'm having trouble talking. >> those shiny swim trunks sam was going to wear today. >> so, the gold lame thong is out. >> i thought you were going to say gold lame swim shorts. >> it's a no-go. it's a nonstarter. >> it attracts sharks and other things. yes. all right, sam. ron was practicing.
7:43 am
>> all right. meantime, coming up here on "good morning america," the proud pooches on parade at the world's ugliest dog contest. who took the prize? and "fixer upper" stars chip and joanna gaines make more room in their home. yeah! we're talking about a baby, baby! it's ahead in "pop news." yeah! we're talking about a baby, baby! it's ahead in "pop news." baby! it's ahead in "pop news." but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief from moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain, and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling,
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7:46 am
matted fur. matted fur. matted fur. wonky eyes. misshapen bodies. all part of our favorite -- our very favorite pageant here at "weekend gma." >> it's the annual world's ugliest dog contest. no dogs in gold lame thongs that i could see there. sam is covering all the action for us this morning.
7:47 am
>> yes. >> some say contests are about beauty. we offer something completely different. beauty is not the issue in this contest. the judges actually want, well, the worst of the worst, and this competition gets ugly. >> world's ugliest dogs rock! >> reporter: you have your hairy dogs and your scary dogs. all roughing it out on stage for the 30th annual world's ugliest dog contest. canines from all over flaunting what some might call imperfections from their hair -- >> no matter what we do to it, it turns into dreads. >> reporter: to maybe unusual sounds and snorts. >> he's loud. he makes interesting noises. >> reporter: those lazy tongues and droopy eyes, well, they're all the more reason to love 'em. >> that hair just, it's natural. it's real, and it's spectacular. >> reporter: many of the contestants are rescues given a second chance at love. now catching the judges' attention to get the title the ugliest of them all. >> zsa-zsa. >> zsa-zsa.
7:48 am
>> reporter: a 9-year-old english bulldog from minnesota. owner megan brainard attributing the win to her many imperfections. >> definitely her shoulders and her underbite and eye problems. >> reporter: while some might call zsa-zsa ugly on the outside -- >> she's come so far and is so beautiful in my eyes. >> reporter: and in our eyes, too. the winner walked away with $1,500 in prize cash. and actually the real message of this, they say, is to advocate, adopt and adore for pets. you know, leaving pets in shelters no matter what they look like, they all need love. >> not withstanding the fact that zsa-zsa looks like a gila monster with sleep apnea, i will say -- >> is that what we were hearing there? >> i will say the snarling -- >> imagination. >> this cause is so important. just telling people, there are all sorts of animals out there. they may not look traditionally cute. but they're important to give a home. it's a great cause. >> all worthy of love. >> appreciate it. coming up on "gma,"
7:49 am
delicious ways to celebrate pride month. that's coming up in "pop news" with a.b. >> yeah. delicious ways to celebrate pride month. coming up in "pop news." with a.b. >> yeah! heartburn and gas? ♪ now fight both fast new tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums new tums chewy bites with gas relief
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♪ "good morning america" is "good morning america" is sponsored by pronamel toothpaste. protect your enamel against the effects of everyday acid. ♪ she can do the hard news. she can do the "pop news." >> all of it. >> what can she not do? >> all right, give me more, guys. give me more. >> she can sing too. >> she can sing. >> yes. >> swim with sharks. >> i might be -- i can't swim with sharks. >> not yet. >> i might be singing for my supper in a little bit. it's a full house for chip and joanna gaines. the "fixer upper" couple announcing the birth of their fifth child. >> more? >> yes. >> five. >> that means they're going to bust down a wall, create a whole other area. a tree house. and it will all look amazing as we all love those designs. joanna posting on instagram our baby boy crew gaines is here and we couldn't be more in love. and brigitte nielsen is a mom again at a "people" magazine reports the
7:54 am
actress and her husband, welcomed their newborn daughter, frieda in los angeles. the actress posting this picture on father's day. this is again her fifth baby. and she is a phenomenon. 54 years old. >> five? >> five children. >> we're bursting at the seams with two. completely overwhelmed with no control whatsoever. >> no control. talk to us about it, whit. >> i know. >> that seemed very real, whit. >> the struggle is real for whit johnson in his house. >> a little bit. a little bit. >> let's talk about hoop dreams because i want to make sure we get to our next story. out of the b.e.t. experience celebrity basketball game, stars like caleb mclaughlin and miles brown, trevor jackson, battling it out. lots of great moves. they look like they're having fun. nice move, everybody. the b.e.t. experience culminates with tonight's b.e.t. awards live he hosted by jamie foxx once again. of course, we'll be on the red carp tbrg you the latest on the winners. now for our favorite story of the day. i would like to take a moment. all of your carb lovers, come to
7:55 am
the screen. this little girl is all of us right now. katie bloodworth of georgia. notice her daughter cradling a loaf of bread in her arms like it was an animal. >> oh, yes. >> she snatched it out of the pantry. then she just went in, dug in. shared this on youtube. >> strong move. >> what do you have? where did you get all that? is that bread? >> is it? >> there's your answer. right there. >> no. >> bread. >> oh, the sheer delight. olivia, we so -- we so relate to you. this hilarious video viewed thousands of times. i think it's going to be viewed millions by the time it's all said and done. >> not even by the slice. who needs that? >> i wonder how it all stayed together. yeah. just dig in there, girl. while we're talking about food, we have some desserts honoring pride month as new york city holds its pride parade today. we have special edition ice cream bars provided by magnum ice cream in rainbow colors. available till the end of the month at magnum new york.
7:56 am
we have popsicles by people's pops given to guests at the dream's downtown hotel pool. the black and white cookies with the rainbow surprise in every bite. >> that's good. >> available at dylan's candy bar. thank you so much. >> it's melting. >> very nice. >> we'll have coverage on facebook live and on abc news. >> great job. have a great week, everybody. >> yes, enjoy. >> yes, enjoy. have a great week, everybody. >> yes, enjoy. good morning everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. a strike team with firefighters from alameda, berkeley, fremont and hay their way to lake county to battle a rapidly growing brushfire. the pawnee fire has now burned 1500 acres since igniting yesterday around 5:30 p.m.
7:57 am
at least 12 structures have been destroyed. another 600 are threatened. fire was growing quite rapidly. resores were aggressively working on that. primarily dozers and hand crews going on the fire and the engines being utilized for structure defense. >> the mandatory evacuations are in effect for spring valley. advisory evacuations are issued for the community of chalk hill. totaling about 3,000 residents in all. let's get a check now of the accuweather forecast. here's lisa argen. >> carolyn, good morning to you. the fog is back and most of the winds have shifted at the surface. upper elevations still an offshore flow. there's the fog. 57 in the city. 61 in gilroy. we have gray skies here from the golden gate bridge. we have a sunny day and it will be breezy at the coast. numbers will be cooler. 10 to 20 degrees cooler around the bay. 4 to 6 degrees cooler for most of you. we will see the winds shift
7:58 am
later on throughout the day. still, above 1500 feet. we do run the risk of those wildfires with low relative humidity and warm temperatures. 64 half moon bay. 74 in oakland. san francisco breezy and 70. over the east bay hills, 90 in concord, 88 in san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows the cooling trend continues throughout the workweek with 80s inland, 70s around the bay. towards the end of the week, it looks like the heat will build again in the inland valleys. that's next friday into next weekend. today, pride parade, looks good.
7:59 am
8:00 am
"this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. >> the president backs down. >> we're signi an executive order. we're going to keep the families together. >> a rare reversal for trump after relentless critici. >> we will not intentionally separate children from their parents. we are better than that! >> trump's turn-about scrambled the administration, confused congress. raises new questions. reunited? where will they be kept? what does it mean for the next families who cross? and the children suffering so much trauma. we'll bring them to tom bossert the president's first homeland security expert, and our panel of experts. >> we'll go through congress. we're working on a much more comprehensive bill. >> trump now says republicans
8:01 am
should stop wasting their time. >> it's the democrats' fault. bu


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