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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 29, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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for long lines if you're traveling for the fourth of july. a live look at sfo. the record breaking day expected at airports and on the roads. >> it's hard to believe we'll set a record for most passengers at airports today. but that's what they're telling us. good morning on this friday, june 29th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast and mike nicco bringing a warm-up, too. absolutely. a summer surge starts today. look at the cloud cover around half moon bay down to santa cruz. that's it. most of us waking up to some haze out there, a nearly full moon. let's break down this day of transition. low to mid-50s. low to upper 50s. that's about the same as yesterday. look at all that sunshine starting out. by noon we're comfortable at the coast. 60. near 80 to near 90 away from the coast. and still a w wr f o
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for once. not hav jacket. here isalexis tk t at wardrobe, mike. we have the fourth of july holiday. lighter volumes on friday. i am having a tough time. 28 miles an hour, though. 18 miles an hour approaching altamont pass out of the tracy area. that is not too bad. normally down to 10, 15 miles an hour by this point in the morning. we'll look at very light drive times up next. take a look at this. the "capital gazette" in annapolis, maryland, reporting this after a deadly shooting. police releasing this mug shot,. liceay oerndftfit-deee
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he ope the gssorewsroo across the hall from the newsroom spoke with george stephanopoulos on "gma" about what he heard. >> it was more than a noise. i could feel it in my chest and so i leaned out -- i leaned out from my desk as i often do to look out into the hall and into the "capital gazette" office. the door was gone. it had been shattered. it was in a million pieces on the ground in the hallway and there was a man. there was a man who was holding a shotgun, a black shotgun. he had it up. he had it braced against his chest and he was moving through the lobby. you can see this entire interview at 7:00 a.m. right here on abc 7. keep up to date on this developing story with the abc 7 news app. we sent a push alert shortly
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after the shooting yesterday. it is free to download in the app store. we're expecting new details about the violent end to a 43-year-old cold case murder. 72-year-old steve crawford killed himself yesterday in san jose as police knocked on his apartment door. new dna testing linked crawford to the 1974 stanford chapel murder in the death of arlis perry. crawford was a campus security guard and the one who found perry's body. authorities say crawford was always a suspect but there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. many stanford graduates are stunned that the haunting cold case has now been solved. it's on the it sounds satanic. >> reporter: she graduated from stanford in 1974.
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at the time of the arlis p murder, she had a job on campus and would visit therial church found brutalized. >> and you think, oh, my god. it could have been me. >> reporter: posted in their online archives, the monday after the weekend murder includes details about steve crawford, the security guard who found perry dead and later became a suspect. baldwin remembers vividly how her life at stanford changed in an instant. >> there was some maniac out there. all of a sudden you were being told, don't walk alone at night. >> reporter: 43 years later new technology led detectives back to crawford. golden state killer investigator explains why dna is so crucial when it comes to solving cold cases. >> you are now dealing with human life spans and so people that you are investigating or witnesses that you want to talk to, they have passed away during that time. >> reporter: there have been major advances in dna recovery
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and profile development. kate larson, abc 7 news. happening today the case of oakland's deadly ghost ship fire is back in court. almena and max harris are both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the december 2016 warehouse fire f. convicted they each face up to 39 years in state prison. the attorney for almena says a plea-bargain is at least a possibility. the trial is set to begin july 16th. the abc 7 news i-team reported almena rejected an offer from the district attorney's office for 18 years in prison. the settlement talks are set to continue today. 5:05 and also happening today a protest outside of the epa office in san francisco. demonstrators say that epa director scott pruitt will make an appearance today and they plan on picketing outside of the office on hawthorne street starting at 9:00 this morning in support of environmental protections. oakland mayor libby schaaf is bracing for the worst. she said she expects the
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department of justice to use every means at its disposal to investigate her warning to immigrants about a federal sweep. the feds want to know where she got that information. legal experts say an obstruction of justice case would be difficult to make because schaaf's warning was so broad, it did not encourage anyone to commit any illegal acts. all right. if you are traveling this holiday weekend you are certainly not alone and consider this your heads-up. tsa warning today, may be the busiest travel day we have ever had. >> that's what they're saying. our colleague jessica castro live at sfo this morning. good morning, jessica. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. that's what they're predicting. it will be very busy. it's important to get here early. today could be the busiest day in airline history. right now it's quiet since things are early but you do want to get here early to the airport. folks are planning to take an extended holiday and that means record numbers are leaving town
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today. that's all according to the tsa. it's because of the holiday that falls in the middle of the week next week. according to bloomberg news 2.6 million people are forecasted to fly today. it's not just air travel that will be tough. aaa says a record 47 million americans will travel more than 50 miles over the entire holiday period. and even if your plans keep you in the golden state you'll need some patience because an estimated 5.4 million californians are expected to travel this weekend. that is almost more than 300,000 more than last year's all-time high. needless to say, you want to get here early. it is all green right now and we checked oakland and san jose mineta.
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fingers cross it had stays green all day. for now, reporting live at sfo, i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. i want to show you what's going on across the country and take a look at these numbers. we're in the 90s to 100s. in fact, most of the midwest is under excessive heat advisories if not warnings. you can see those temperatures just baking in dallas from 100. even 86 in boston. no matter where you're going, summer is waiting for you. back here at home, we've got the sunset at about 50. one of our warm spots. both sides of the bay shore, mid-50s in walnut creek and pleasanton. as you head out to pittsburg.
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what are you going to do today? beaches good. tons of sunshine. a little breezy. a little warmer, too. exercising better earlier in the morning when it's calm. on the bay, it will be brisk, south of the bay bridge once again. those west winds blowing. it starts at noon and goes through 9:00. that's prime time to be on the bay. you have to be careful. the roads. what's going on with alexis? we do not have many people heading into work or school or heading into work or school or activities at this early hour. i expect the lights to flip on due to the holiday next week. 101 in san francisco that has cleared. westbound 580 tracy to castro valley, 47 minutes for you.
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highway 85 to the san jose airport at 12 minutes and 280, wide open at just nine minutes. three laws designed to improve traffic safety that take effect on july 1st. in one the dmv will take over the regulation of not for hire private carriers such as church buses or employee shuttles. another is to have seat belts for kids between 8 and 15. thirdly the blood alcohol content level drops to 0.04 for anyone who gets paid to transport passengers in personal vehicles. it is officially the end of an era. today all toys "r" us stores will be closing for good. >> many stores closed earlier this week. if you plan to go, the company says you can expect up to 70% off whatever's left.
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how far does crystal geyser alpine spring water travel from its source to the bottle? less than a mile and a half. crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. we're coming up on 5:14 this morning on this friday. our coolest temperatures are outside right now.
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we're in the 60s at 8:00. 10:00, 76. mid-80s by noon. look at those low to mid-90s from 1:00 all the way through about 6:00. may need the air conditioner today. if not for sure tomorrow. it gets even hotter. i'll have that coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. today's "gma first look" a desperate rescue effort in a flooded cave system in thailand. >> and 12 young members after soccer team and their coach have been missing for nearly a week now. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look" the massive overseas investigation under way to find 12 trapped soccer players and their coach in a thailand cave. people, including u.s. military members, scouring the mountain looking for alternate or hidden entrances into the caverns. the boys ranging in age from 13 to 16 have been trapped since saturday when they ventured heavy, constant rain flooded the
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passageways making it impossible for them to escape. >> we don't know how far they have gone into the system. >> reporter: overnight outside the cave families setting up shrines and offerings as they gather to pray for the boys' safe return. we'll have a live report from thailand coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma first look" i'm kendis gibson, abc news, new york. san bruno police want to find this man. they say he tried to rob the speedy spot around 9:00 wednesday night. the man apparently showed a gun but when the clerk went to pick up the phone, he took off. san rafael police are trying to figure out who vandalized a salvation army truck. it's a mobile kitchen that served meals during the october wildfires. someone broke into it on tuesday or wednesday, stole food, pots and pans. the damage and theft is said to
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be $5,000. the stolen goods are things they need in emergencies like for the wildfire season. the organization is now accepting food and kitchen equipment donations. if you'd like to donate we have posted a link with information on our website, 5:16. police arrested a homeless individual likely on drugs when he allegedly fired a flare gun at a park. this is the gun police took from the man. it's a flare gun. officers responded to calls at franklin park and they found and arrested 40-year-old benjamin smooty. officers learned he created a disturbance at a nearby preschool as well. he brandished a firearm and carried a concealed weapon. an oakland teen at the center of a national debate over what defines death has died. in 2013 jahi mcmath was declared brain dead after complications after throat surgery. california declared her dead. mcmath's family moved her to new jersey where a ventilator and
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feeding tube kept her alive. yesterday her family's attorney announced she was removed from the machines last week after suffering from kidney issues and internal bleeding during surgery for an intestinal problem. mcmath's body will be flown back to the bay area next week and her brain will be used for research. sheriff's deputies and police in san mateo county should carry narcan to help prevent fatal opioid overdoses from a report issued from the civil grand jury. narcan can be administered nasally and can save the lives of anyone accidentally exposed to fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid through skin contact or inhalation of airborne particles. 19 people in san mateo county died as a result of exposure to fentanyl. the fda knows the likely cause of an e. coli outbreak in romaine lettuce that killed five people. contaminated canal water in yuma, arizona, is the reason. water samples tested positive for the same strain of e. coli.
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the fda will continue to analyze samples. more than 200 people were sickened in the outbreak. the last known sickness was reported more than three weeks ago. the wizarding world is coming to san francisco. >> i'm so excited. harry potter will make its west coast premiere next fall. j.k. rowling helped. harry now works for the mystery of magic. he has sent his second son to hogwarts. dates and ticket information will be announced in the coming months. yes, yes, yes, yes. >> everyone says the show is amazing. >> they do. >> i have to warn you, it's in two parts, it's very long. yes, you have to buy tickets to each of the shows. >> if it's weeklong, i am there for it. >> it's probably going to be like the next "hamilton." >> take me there, j.k. take me there. >> how long are we talking? >> how long will it be here? >> how long is the actual play? >> six hours?
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>> six hours of pure magic, mike. >> i can do that. if you need someone to go with. >> let's do it. we'll wear scarves and make a whole thing of it. >> we'll talk about which house we're going to be in. it's 5:19. got a jump on the go. the inland temperatures, we're looking very, very mild. in fact, we're 61 this morning. 93 at 4:00. 87 and that's after jumping out into the low to mid-90s as we head throughout the afternoon hours. all right. kind of got ahead of ourselves there. back down to the south bay where we're looking at 280 and 17. a hazy start in the south bay. what about my accuweather highlights? it's going to show you when they come up that it will be sunny today and temperatures are going to surge back up to summer levels. by tonight we'll see stars.
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a lot more 60s out there and dropping below average. here's a look at san francisco where we'll top out in the mid-60s at the coast but low to mid-70s on the bay side. now over along the east bay temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s during the afternoon hours. could be warmer with low to mid-80s from san mateo southward. as we head back into the south bay let's take a look at the temperatures that are in the mid-80s and up in the north bay getting ready for low to mid-90s like we're going to have in the east bay. it's even hotter tomorrow. we pull back the coast and bay. by tuesday we're back to average. cooler than average for independence day. alexis? good morning, mike. >> we are looking live at the south bay commute, 101 and 880. we did have a minor issue south of there right around the 280/680 merge but that has cleared off to the side.
5:21 am
no delays approaching either areas. it is light today. looking good if you are going to be using mass transit this morning. we had a minor issue with the connector. we had a mechanical issue during the afternoon commute yesterday. we did just double-check and confirm with them this morning. normal service has resumed. we have 44 trains in service right now with no delays. everything is looking great as far as mass transit is concerned as well. we'll head out to the central valley in a few minutes. we have ignition and liftoff. a spacex falcon 9 rocket on the way to the suspicion station this morning. it blasted off from cape canaveral. it's carrying 6,000 pounds of cargo. the falcon 9 should arrive on monday. property values are surging in silicon valley. a new report showing they're up significantly compared to a year ago. according to our media partner "the mercury news" 2018-2019
5:22 am
assessment rolls shot up 7.34% higher than a year ago to more than $483 billion. due to large growth from apple, samsung and buying land and properties across the county. millennials planning to buy a home in the near future are getting savvy when it comes to pulling together funds for a down payment. nearly 10% of millennials who took part in a survey say they sold crypto currency to save for a down appointment. 43% said they took a side gig. part of a survey said nearly 25% say they also received a cash gift from their family. >> i met with a realtor and that was one of his questions. >> your mom or dad going to help out? >> no. amazing. it is a first for the 49ers. all preseason games will be streamed online for free this
5:23 am
summer. you have to be located in the bay area to live stream the games for free. they will have to pay an access fee. coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. and why president obama will be in the bay area today. >> despite fun
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in no hurry to me anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works in just one week. with the fastest retinol formula to visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®. moms love that land o' frost premium sliced meats have no by-products. [conference phone] baloney! [conference phone] has joined the call. hey baloney here. i thought this was a no by-products call? land o' frost premium. a slice above. it's 5:25. if you are just joining us or about to go out the door, number one, police released the mug shot of the man charged with killing five people at a maryland newspaper. authorities say 38-year-old jarrod ramos targeted the "capital gazette" newspaper in annapolis andstwspexpecngo h-ye that came to a violent end
5:26 am
recently. steve crawford shot himself as deputies knocked on his apartment door yesterday. number three, fire crews are watching for hot spots after a fire broke out along interstate 780 in benicia. the cause still under investigation. i'll show you that coming up in about five minutes. i want to focus on the heat that's going to help exacerbate that situation as temperatures today under a summer surge, even hotter tomorrow. number five, we are not only friday light, we are holiday light on the roads this morning as well. only one spot. that of course is getting out of tracy. an hour. san francisco's minimum wage increases to $15 an hour on sunday. number seven, it is you " u.
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all of the remaining stores will close today if you plan to go, the company says you can expect to go up to 70% off anything that's left. i imagine it's pretty picked over at this point. snapchat apparently isn't doing it compared to instagram. the stories they use to copy what snapchat was doing, doing very well. items that disappear after 24 hours. >> i think you can save them, too, to stay at the top of your feed. facebook, which owns instagram, says they use story features every day. snapchat saw only 191 million active users in the last quarter. copycat music and videos on stories. you have to watch out.
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>> they are the big man on campus constantly. coming back with another 90 minutes of news including the demand for an audit at the alameda county sheriff's department.
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5:30 am
a turn of events when police tried to arrest a cold case suspect. how police linked him to a murder that happened more than 40 years ago. a closer look at the car police believe may be responsible in a pedicab crash. and should daylight saving time stay or go? you can have a say whether we keep changing our clocks in california. cplicated messre ex, june 28 it is now friday. >> mike, i'm enjoying the long days
5:31 am
now. >> they are nice. the thing i tell everybody, the sun comes up at 5:50 now. and i have an east facing bedroom. so it bothers me on the weekend because i can't sleep in. if you have one of those, you know what i'm talking about. think about waking up an hour earlier like at 4:50. >> you have strong feelings. you're not the only one. >> i do. >> put on a facemask, man. an eye mask on. that's what i do. >> do you really? >> i do. >> okay. here's a look at the winds. they tell the tale. notice how they are significantly slower, about 12 in concord and 10 in fairfield. this time yesterday they were three times as fast. notice the cloud cover along the peninsula coast. just about total sunshine. temperatures this morning starting off -- if you're walking outside saying nothing different, you're right. it's not until noon with the mid-70s to mid-80s around the bay and inland and 80 to 90 by 4:00. this evening still warm.
5:32 am
still have good news, alexis? i sure do. blackout curtains will change your life as well, mike. i highly recommend those. one new issue in the tri-valley, southbound 680 just past andrade. a crash involving a motorcycle. it sounds like the rider is okay. debris scattered across the three right lanes. very light volume still at the bay bridge and no metering lights yet. thanks, alexis. developing news. a man accused in a deadly shooting is charged with five counts of first-degree murder. police are still searching for evidence at the "capital gazette" in annapolis. kenneth is there for us. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. he has been hit with five counts
5:33 am
of first-degree murder after that deadly shooting rampage. suspected gunman in what appears to be the deadliest attack on journalists in the u.s. in years. >> this was a targeted attack. on the "capital gazette." >> reporter: shots fired yesterday afternoon. investigators say the suspect, 38-year-old jarrod ramos. >> the guy was holding what looked like a big shotgun pointing it deeper into the office like he was targeting people. >> reporter: inside five people killed. another two injured. employees scrambled for cover. the paper's crime reporter tweeting there's nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you're rered erf the paper says the suspect a history of social media threats against him and the paper for reporting on his guilty plea to stocking his ex-girlfriend in 2011.
5:34 am
>> he kept track of the reporter and i. he knew we had left. i doubt he was looking for me when i came in the door but was looking to retaliate. >> reporter: "the baltimore sun" wrote tributes to the victims, rob hiaasen, wendi winters, gerald fischman, john mcnamara and rebecca smith. the newspaper's front cover, the "capital gazette" refusing to let it stop them from covering let it stop them from covering the story. the "capital gazette" reported his alleged threats to authorities years ago. he filed a defamation lawsuit in 2012 and lost. one of my friends worked with rob hiaasen who was an editor and it just says he inspired her to become a
5:35 am
journalist. it has such an impact on so many of us in the business. a go fund me site is helping pay for medical expenses and funerals. we do have a link on our website. and now on to developing news to that stunning end to the decades old stanford cold case murder. today we expect to learn more information on how investigators solved the mystery of who killed a 19-year-old in a campus chapel. >> when police finally had the evidence they needed the suspect shot and killed himself. matt keller is live in san jose. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. leading to that arrest in san jose, finally some closure for a community and a family. >> a mother and father lost a daughter, a husband lost a wife.
5:36 am
santa clara county sheriff said this man, steven crawford, is responsible for the death of arlis perry. a former security guard who made the call to police after claiming he found the body inside stanford's memorial church back in 1974. thursday morning sheriff's deputies attempted to serve him with a warrant. he shot himself before making he shot himself before making direct contact with deputies. there was no dna at the time of the murder, of course. we continued to submit to the crime lab and it came from, i think, an item of her clothing. >> reporter: there is no evidence suggesting they knew each other. reporting live, matt keller, abc
5:37 am
7 news. video showing the car san francisco police say is responsible for a hit-and-run that left a pedicab driver in critical condition. the driver of the gold four door was swerving through traffic on the embarcadero before slamming into the pedicab. the impact cause it had to collide with another one. a family of fourwere hurt. fire crews in the east bay have been on the scene of a wind blown brush fire in benicia all night guarding against any playerups. high winds pushed the fire to seven acre the winds burned another nearby. hydrants were nowhere near the fire the fire in lake county is
5:38 am
50% contained. cal fire lifted more evacuation orders as the flames move away from populated areas. there's concern about containment lines because of a red flag warning that has been issued starting this morning. mike has been talking about that. >> clear lake is 66. humidity only in the 40% range. temperatures in the mid-40s to upper 50s, that will change in the afternoon hours. separate times for separate areas. let me try to break it down for you. lake and solano counties, it goes through about 5:00 sunday goes through about 5:00 sunday morning.
5:39 am
they pushed it up, i should say, about 12 hours. still going to be dangerous conditions out there. the winds will pick up as you could see there, pretty light. they'll be running around, say, 8 to 15 until we get to the evening when they start hitting 15 to 20. that's why we're looking at such that's why we're looking at such dangerous conditions. grab the sunglasses. there's a few clouds along the coast. that's it. mass transit will be cool. some will be hot this afternoon. some of the stops are down in the south bay. 61. 87 at 4:00 and a nice 76 by 8:00. recab what we've seen so far. light traffic.
5:40 am
you have some hot spots? >> one in particular. this is the same hot spot we had yesterday. this is past andrade, closer to vargas road. as you head into fremont, initially it sounded like the rider was okay. now chp saying maybe it wasn't the rider. we do have one other vehicle involved here and we have some debris scattered across the three right lanes. we're starting to see a backup approaching the scene. i will certainly pass that along. the north bay looking good here. it sounds like southbound 101 right around geyserville road we have an overturned vehicle but that is off on the shoulder. no delays through that stretch. we'll look at drive times in a few minutes. thank you, alexis. southern california congresswoman maxine waters has canceled two planned speaking engagements in texas and alabama because of death threats. she's become a lightning rod
5:41 am
the president tweeted about waters saying be careful what you wish for. waters told cnn capital police are investigating the threats. president obama will be in the bay area today. this is video from an event in los angeles yesterday. today's event is at the daughter of a hedge fund billionaire. the least expensive ticket is $10,000. demanding an audit. protesters want to know how the sheriff is spending their taxpayer dollars. they point out the budget increases while the jail population has decreased by 44% over the past ten years.
5:42 am
members say they will begin their rally at 10:00 in front of the supervisors building. voters may get a say on whether to change daylight saving time. supporters say the practice of changing our clocks twice a year is outdated and studies show that losing an hour of sleep in the switch increases the chance for heart attacks, work place injuries and traffic accidents. if voters approve the measure, the legislature would decide on whether to stay at standard or daylight saving time permanently and there are a couple more hurdles after that. it's not as easy as it sounds. the chance of it happening seems low but there's a chance. price hike, the commute that is getting more expensive. a data breach impacting 340 million people and businesses. the records that may be at risk. the califni officers. a big job for these k-9s. a live look outside on this friday. beautiful. the sun coming up. mike said the sun rise would be at 5:50. he's not wrong.
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely.
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i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. how far does crystal geyser alpine spring water travel from its source to the bottle? less than a mile and a half. crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. the peninsula is not going to be quite as comfortable as it has been all week. it's going to be breezy once again. we start off with sunshine and 60. hit 75 at noon and low 80s during the afternoon hours. back to 71 at 8:00. the north bay will really sizzle
5:46 am
with a couple hours of temperatures in the 90s from about 3:00 to 5:00. we start off with 62. about 79 at 8:00. 102 in palm springs. mid to upper 90s through the central valley. mid to upper 60s and breezy along the coast today. a look at the seven-day forecast for tahoe. it's going to be warmer than average just saturday, sunday and monday. mid to upper 70s sunday. thank you, mike. heads up if you ride the ferry. you'll pay more for fare starting on sunday. san francisco bay ferry raising fares object all routes from 10 cents to 50 cents each way. it's intended to offset rising costs. patrol has k-9s who graduated yesterday. they'll be teaming up to take down suspects and sniff out drugs.
5:47 am
after 13 weeks of training they're ready to get started. >> we have an additional tool to do that so, yeah, we're excited. >> the k-9 officers will be assigned across the state. all right. it's 5:47. let's get over to meteorologist mike nicco. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. it is time. let's do it. a live look and what you're seeing right there is a little bit of haze hanging around but a clear start. sunshine that will bring us a warming trend today. not quite as mild as it has been the last couple of nights. there are a few clouds i've been tracking along the peninsula coast. a couple hours from now. they're gone and look at all that sunshine this afternoon as
5:48 am
high pressure takes over and brings in some dry air. low 80s around milpitas and low 80s around milpitas and sunnyvale. 77 today with sunshine in santa cruz. low to mid-80s, even with a breeze today, you're going to climb above average. millbrae the most comfortable, 76. south san francisco, sausalito at 78. even mid-60s up across the north bas.beheac a big spread across that small land there of real estate or small area of real estate. low to mid-90s inland. along the east bay shores low to mid-80s most places, oakland about 78. 92 to 96. my forecast for tonight, look at that, mid-50s, even nearing some 70s. out around antioch and
5:49 am
brentwood. hopefully you can sleep well tonight. by tuesday, wednesday and thursday we're back to average if not below average. be safe. here's al>mo ha trouble spot so far this morning on what really is a holiday light commute so far. southbound 680 and vargas road. chp still on the way to the scene. we should have more information. we do know we have the three right lanes blocked now and that is quickly slowing things down from the sunol area. westbound 580 tracy into dublin. 38 minutes. that's not terrible out of the central valley. we're back in the red. up to 36 minutes. highway 101 to cupertino. you're in the green at just 16 minutes. >> and coming up at 6:00 we'll break down some new rules of the
5:50 am
road that are taking effect july 1st. first, are these similar songs? the new lawsuit ed sheeran is facing. a live look outside at 5:50. a live look outside at 5:50. abc 7 the only place you can discover paint bleed you under your tape...... not with frogtape!
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here's a look at the peninsula, sfo. not expecting delays on what could be one of the strongest days this week or this year of travel. i wanted to show you the temperatures, there we go, from yesterday to today. notice there's a 6 to 15 degree jump.
5:53 am
no more 60s. mike, thank you. amazon getting into the online pharmacy business by purchasing a startup called pillpack. it's not clear if it will continue to operate independently or if it's going to be integrated into amazon's main online marketplace. it is already licensed to deliver drugs in 49 states and delivers prescriptions for several pharmacy chains. we'll have to see. a data breach may have exposed information on nearly 340 million individuals and businesses. >> the company is it does not include social security numbers or financial details. surprisingly it has not commented yet o the leak. a new way of doing business, in a settlement with california and seven other states the company is agrowing to conduct security audits and develop new strategies to safeguard consumer information. if the company fails or drags its feet, there could be hefty fines.
5:54 am
last year the breach had nearly 150 million people's information stolen. did ed sheeran steal a hit from marvin gaye? >> this is the question at middle of a lawsuit. ♪ darling, i will be loving you until we're 17 ♪ >> so romantic. the mega hit "thinking out loud" doesn't sound too much like marvin gaye's classic "let's get it on." the suit alleges sheeran and his producers copied melanie, harmony and now the partial copyright owner wants big bucks in return. a similar lawsuit was thrown out in 2016. a lot of musicians saying this is one of the most popular chord progressions. >> alexis, i think the same
5:55 am
songs have just been produced over and over. >> at this point it's hard to come up with an original. there's so much out there already. i think that's probably a tough case. we'll see. we'll see how that turns out. unfortunately, things are not looking better for our situation in the tri-valley at vargas road this is now a sig alert. we have a crash involving a motorcycle, hov lane and left lane are the only ones open and you are really crawling approaching that scene. the backup now several miles long. a little bit of good news, the bay bridge very light and still no metering lights. it is holiday light. hi, mike. let's talk about what's going on tonight. the a's in town. the giants are out of town. it's bark at the park tonight. temperatures start around 70 and drop to 62. bring your pooch and have some fun. the pleasanton forecast because it's the alameda county fair again today and it's starting to feel like it normally does with
5:56 am
the temperatures starting at 77. already 90. comfortable at 7:00 as the sun and heat fade. 67 by 11:00. jazz your thing, no more jazz festiv festival. we've got it. 79 and sunshine saturday. make sure you have one of those fans with you. sunday, a much milder afternoon, 71 degrees. a lot of sunshine. have some sunscreen with you. have fun. 79 degrees in the city, mike, people will be flipping out. thank you. it's the first of what could be a series of decisions from lebron james. he has until midnight eastern time to decide whether to opt-in on his 35.6 million dollar deal to cleveland or become a free agent on sunday. yesterday stephen a. smith got people all crazy because he reported that lebron texted warriors star kevin durant to gauge his interest in teaming up with him as a member of the l.a. lakers. lebron is rumored to be considering a move to los angeles. >> all i heard was that lebron james had reached out to k.d.
5:57 am
asking about his interest in los angeles, and that's as far as it had gone. from what i heard k.d. smirked and laughed about it because his attitude is i beat lebron james the last two years. why would i join forces? and that's w i'veard and what i reported. all right. well, nba reporter of tweeted sources close to lebron told him lebron did not text k.d. so, k.d., show us the receipts. a lawsuit filed against one of the largest student loan servicers. and libby schaaf is brace for th
5:58 am
5:59 am
and good morning. you have made it to friday. june 29th. i think a lot of you have off
6:00 am
today, don't you i'm getting that feeling. >> it feels like holiday here, mike, because you're here. you're bringing us some great weather. >> never more than seven minutes away from the warming trend coming our way. waking up mostly sunny. a few patches of clouds especially on the coast from the east bay hills camera you can see just how bright it's becoming. the sun came up about ten minutes ago and we're waking up to temperatures the same as they have been all week, low to upper 50s. 60 at the coast but 75 to 83 around the bay and inland. it gets less comfortable. 79 to 88 around the bay and inland. by 7:00 we're 76 to 82. no jacket required this evening. alexis? sounds good, mike. overall we are really light with the exception of one spot and, unfortunately, it's the same place we had trouble yesterday. obviously a different issue but we have a crash southbound 680 at vargas road. this is a sig alert, a collision involving a motorcycle and probably some injuries


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