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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 1, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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of control fire i'm ready. but, clearly, i'm a little nervous. there are so many expectations. like, on the sticker, "city mileage this, highway that." uh, that's a lot to live up to. but i heard no gas gets better mileage than chevron with techron. yeah, no better mileage. it's proven. so that's a confidence builder. it's proven; no gas gets better mileage than chevron with techron. care for your car. so much for my new car smell, guys.
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the hills are on fire. an out of control inferno to our north and east is creeping into napa county. and you probably saw smoke and ash today across the bay area. good evening, everybody. the county fire has quadrupled in size just the last 24 hours. this map shows you exactly where the county fire started. it is now burning in parts of napa county. no residents are under evacuation orders right now. sky 7 flew near the fire today. it's just 2% contained. more tan 1,200 firefighters are
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attacking the blaze on the ground and in the air. live team coverage on the county fire tonight. we begin with lil >> reporter: just west of here, highway 128 is closed to traffic, one of several areas under a mandatory evacuation. the fire on the hills east shows no sign of slowing down. in fact, what cal fire has dubbed the county fire has grown significantly since it started on fire. more than 100 are thetenned and the smoke is starting to take a toll. >> it is getting bad now. be re. >> this is time lapse video from the nevada size mo logical lab. mandatory evacuation orders have been issued west of pleasant valley road and several near by
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areas. >> tomorrow the road was open again. then i lose my spot. i lose the money. and i lose my time, my work and i don't know it. >> today is my first day on vacation, and i have ten days office and i'm not going to ruin. >> this security worker says he won't leave until everyone else does. >> i'm okay with it. if it gets bad enough and they tell us we have to leave, then i'm leaving. >> crews are dealing with high temperatures and shifting winds as they work to establish control lines. >> we are going along the edge. as the fire comes down off the hill, stopping it before it comes off the community. >> cal fire says full containment is expected on friday. live in winders.
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>> thank you. spencer is tracking the conditions around the fire and whether the smoke limb packet the bay area tomorrow, spencer? >> it looks like it will be better for us. you can see on the satellite image the smoke has been blowing down in our direction. this is from the winds aloft. the good news is the surface is shifting right now. but one more quick look at conditions near the fire. relative humidity down to 38% right now. gusts up to 12 miles an hour and the wind in that area will continue holding steady in a rather light range during the overnight hours. right now in the bay area, the wind is shifting in varying directions. whatever the case may be, the wind is blowing to the east and back north. we will see improving air quality tomorrow and that will continue as long as the wind continuing blowing in that direction. >> sounds good. we'll take it, spencer.
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thanks. you almost certainly noticed all of that smoke and ash today. this sight was common across the bay area where ash fell on the cars. kate? >> reporter: well, i watched as the fog rolled in last night and i thought summer in the city is here. but then i think hike so many us in the bay area i was a little perplexed this morning when i woke up to that strange orange glow. >> i came out and everything was just yellow. everything looked like the end of the world. it was very surreal. >> kevin was surprised to witness this weekend go from sunny to spooky. >> i opened the blinds and everything was still yellow. i knew something was up. >> something was up. up above a layer of summer fog. >> the smoke is just blowing right up over the fog. >> the fog is actually trapping
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smoke that blew into the bay area from the county fire. >> that is help fful a thin layer of that ash covered cars and patio furniture, which left some neighbors concerned. >> we have never been anywhere near the fire problem. but last year was just such a disaster. it's definitely something that we're really concerned about. >> we came over the long way. all smoke, smoke, smoke. it's horrifying. >> we ran into joe an walking along a marina. they live in davis, less than 15 miles. the bay area smoke and fog mixture is a big improvement. >> it is 98 there. we grew up in the bay area. we said let's drive an hour and cool off. this is really a welcome
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temperature. >> all right. so all weekend, all this wind has been blowing the smoke from the county fire all over the bay area. go ahead and take a look at these maps because tomorrow the wind will shift from a northerly direction east away from the bay area by tuesday or wednesday. but keep in mind that it could start to get smokey by mid-week because of all those 4th of july fireworks. >> all right, kate. thank you. now, smoke and ash poured into nap pa county all week long. this is what it looked like in front of the winery today. you can share your photos with us andashtag now.yecontainment . on this map, you see the fire in the top left hand corner near clear lake.
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it's just northwest of the county fire. tonight cal fire says 14,500 acres have burned and containment is at 73%. there is still a mandatory evacuation order in effect for the community of double eagle where 50 structures are threatened. 22 structures have been destroyed since the fire started last saturday. >> we are sending out updates from the abc news app. the fire grew to 23,000 acres and sending smoke over the bay area. sign up for those push alerts to get updates straight to your mobile devices. >> developing news now where an unknown substance sickened he po sending people to the hospital. eight people in the store on east dunn avenue were reporting symptoms ofdistris. the report was that some pepper spray may have been released. no word on the condition of
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those who were hospitalized. >> shockwaves across the sports world tonight and big implications for the warriors. lebron james has decided to sign with the lakers. oh, my gosh. so much speculation and finally it is here. >> it's not quite a rivalry yet because the lakers are still young and need to build. but they secured the biggest piece of the foundation. the king has agreed to a four year max deal worth $154 million with the lakers. the fourth year is a player option, but it is the longest deal james signed since his contract with the miami heat. he hospitaled out after he returned to his hometown of cleveland. now, james played all 15 of his seasons in the eastern conference. he will face the warriors four times during the regular season instead of two.
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james cannot sign until july 6th. but the ripple effect is already underway. the lakers reached agreement with three free agents, including one key player from the warriors. and we will have more of that coming up. >> that sounds good. we're just at the beginning of this. >> well, in an instagram story tonight, lebron james posted this. thank you, northeast ohio, for an incredible four seasons. celebrities and athletes are weighing in tonight. kobe bryant tweeted, welcome to the family, king james. an official nba bandwagon form attached. i'm welcoming all new lakers fans. but it is only fair that you all fill out one of these. i have been a laker all my life. make your decisions public. and former california governor arnold schwarzenegger posted a
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video. take a look at this. >> the proud welcome to los angeles. this is so excited to be coming to the city of stars and you, without any doubt, are going to be the biggest star of all, on the court and off the court. love it. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, a coffee shop after an employee found a camera in the bathroom. >> i have been a customer here since 1972. >> an east bay institution serves its last meal. >> jordan bell dishes out dips to kids next. >> yeah. probably safe to say this
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whoa! an australian woman won't be feeding sharks ever again. she was recently standing on the back of a boat hand feeding fish. now, they're usually a gentle species. she thought her finger was bitten off, but it was just broken. she'll now watch sharks from the inside of a boat. thank you very much. mexico has elected a new president. and although the results aren't official yet, he has 20% more votes than the next closest candidate. his two main rivals have conceded defeat. supporters surrounded his car in mexico city tonight. he campaigned on promises to
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boost infrastructure spending and kick start president trump's former personal attorney is breaking his silence on good morning america tomorrow. he tweeted a photo with the anchor today. he is under investigation for potential bank fraud and campaign finance allegations. he paid stormy daniels for the 2016 election to keep quiet about her alleged affair with trump. >> a woman drowned tonight after having to drown three children. it happened after 6:30. the county sheriffs office says an undertoe carried three kids out into the waves. a woman went to help them but got swept away herself. family membered saved the
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children but were not able to save the woman. >> never turn your back on the water. it is very dangerous. there is a large sneaker wave that can come out. the water is extremely gold. >> it can happen in an instant. >> officials have not identified the woman, but say she was from the east bay. >> a man is facing two felony counts tonight after he allegedly hit a camera in the bathroom of a coffee shop. he is charged with sexual exploitation of a child or burglary. that camera was the size of a usb charger and plugged into an toilet. an employee found the camera three hours after it was installed. n a a favorite restaurant. the last day of service. the restaurant has hosted special events and wedding
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receptions, along with private parties with its usual fair for 50 years. a long-time employee said the restaurant had a good run. >> another reason is because our release is pretty much coming to an end, and, well, the restaurant has a lot of repairs to do and it is time for us to close. we open since 1968, so i think it is time to close. >> today's champagne brunch was the last time served. the closure has been announced since may. >> nbc championship jordan bell is taking part at the overnight camp as part of the warriors basketball camp. he's spending time with over 125 kids, leading drills and games. it is his way of giving back. >> i love working with youth. i'm a big fan. always said i would do if i made it big, which is give back, whether it is time, money or whatever it is. i try to get as many camps in as
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possible. it is my third one this summer. i'm just trying to go around and visit as many camps as possible. >> bell will spend the rest of the off season with his squad. >> getting back to the weather right now. spencer, we're going to take any relief we can from this wind. >> we got a little relief today. but we do have that smoke and ash in the air. that's going to improve tomorrow as well. here's a look. we've got mainly clear skies inland. but the fog is pretty solid along the coast right now. pushing out over the bay and will continue pushing overnight. a surface wind in various directions. at the surface it is beginning to move the smoke out already and that will continue tomorrow. look at the gusts right now. 41 miles an hour. the wind is blowing out toward the delta, out toward the central valleys. the problem is that the wind is
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still bringing smoke into the barrier. here is a live view. current temperature readings 57 in san francisco. 61 mountain view. here's a nice view looking west ward. this is a nice, clear view. 57 degrees right now in santa rosa. 61 at concord and 60 at liver more. and the view looking from the bay bridge. clouds will hang around for part of the morning commute. air quality will improve tomorrow and it will be breezy and cooler for 4th of july. overnight, lots of low cloud and fog, as i mentioned. early morning hours will be mid to upper 50s and visibility will be reduced for some early morning commuters. starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning, the fog will be around through the morning commute, but
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it will push back to the coastline by mid-morning. we'll sunny skies over the bay and inland. the fog will linger at the coast and dissipate a little bit. high temperatures will be generally in the low to mid 80s. over at morgan hill 86. look for mainly upper 70s. 77. on the coast, low 60 and half-moon bay. in and around san francisco, highs in the mid 60s. 82. 79 will be the high at nap pa. 70 at oakland. 76 union city and the inland east bay. meanwhile, our warmest regions with highs in the mid to upper 80s. here is a look at the about you weather seven day forecast. it will cool down a little bit on tuesday. it will be a lot cooler on wednesday, which is 4th of july. it will be partly cloudy and
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breezier along with the cooling on 4th of july. temperatures start to rebound on thursday and we get a warming trend at the very end of the week. going into the weekend, it will feel a lot more like summer. >> would you call this an explosive forecast. >> she's a fire cracker. >> hey, i was crystal geyser alpine springpasses through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally. crystal geyser is the only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally.
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how far does crystal geyser alpine spring water travel from its source to the bottle?
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less than a mile and a half. crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. the a's may have lost to the indians today, but the annual root beer float day was a winner. >> a's president was one of the many scoopers, along with local celebrities, a's players and apl alum alumni. he called himself the most excited here. >> well, they're coming out and they're looking at getting
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autographs and maybe a scoop of ice cream. i get to reach over and get ice cream any time i want to. >> you tell them. today's root beer float day raised more than $40,000 for the a's community found. that looks so good at this time of night. >> great event. >> i have worked with dave stewart. he can eat a lot of ice cream. he can put it down. >> it was a great day for the a's. as far as that was concerned, it was a sweet day for the giants. and one hunter pence had a nice outing. he m
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first he works through a
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thumb strain. through any set back, hunter pence looks for the positive. that's why his teammates love it when it pays off as it did today in arizona. joe panik was 2 for 5. that made it 5-3 giants. hunter pence subpoena neis up n. coming in to pinch hit he brings in two with a double down the line and that ended up being the cushion that san francisco needed. look at his teammates. they are pumped for pence. he brings pence home with this base hit. the giants sweep the division leaders with a 9-6 win. they won 10 of their last 12. the a's game went like this. exciting like first like you are when you go after a foul ball and then went so wrong. the a's got stomped. cleveland sent ten batters to
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the plate. 8 runs, 5 singles, 2 doubles, 2 walks before the a's even recorded a single out. clevland hit 11 doubles in this came. that's a record as they rolled the 8th, 15-3. >> it's unfortunate this game got completely out of hand for us because the guys felt great about not only plays well, but coming back. we felt like they had a chance to come back, and we didn't come all the way back. >> just an unfortunate couple of innings there. the good thing is we have a game in a couple days. so all those runs count for one win for them. >> yankees and the red sox are battling for the top of the al east. aaron judge just crushed it off david price. that's the 22nd of the year already.
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but he wasn't the only one. the yankees hit since home runs in this game. 3 of the 6 came off the bat of that man. finished 3 for 4 with four rbi. halfway through the season the yankees have 137 home runs, half of a major league record, held by the seattle mariners. yankees just routed the sox 11-1. the teams are tied atop the division. if you didn't know it, today is bobby banea day. the mets wanted to get rid of him. fine. but starting in 2011 you are going to have to pay him $1.19 million every year for the next 25 years. yep. today is his payday. so that $5.9 million with 8% interest is work $29.8 million. yep. he gets paid for another 17 years. i have a feeling that whoever
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made that deal is no long there. sports report is sponsored by river rock >> they're happy. the mets are
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this is >> once again, in headlines the county fire continues to grow, and it is now burning in parts of the bay area. 32,500 acres have burned since
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the fire broke out yesterday afternoon. it is 2% contained tonight. there are mandatory evacuations tonight and evacuation advisories in parts of napa. the fire is sending smoke and ash to the bay area and caused an orange glow in the sky. the winds are expected to shift tomorrow. cornell has more on the battle against the county fire. >> this is the worst fire i have seen since we've been here, which is about 25 years. >> neighbors are hoping and ght.gast te and the s tir elements. cal fire battling a monster fire which exploded overnight. crews doing water drops. we counted one every four minutes. >> more than 1,000 firefighters are on the front lines, which has now moved into napa county.
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the view shows the growing fire putting up so much smoke. >> we knew coming into this weekend that we were going to have very hot weather conditions. we have been under a red flag warning now for most of the weekend. >> frank gear was under a mandatory evacuation order, but he's not leaving his ranch. he's got faith in firefighters. >> i didn't want to leave the place and have to haul the pets out. >> they're ready to go. >> yeah. i definitely put stuff out that. >> structures are threatened. he fears it is too late. >> i'm not holding out. so if it is not touched, i'm exstae exstatic. >> spending this message to firefighters. >> well, we thank them. >> cal fire says 30 structured are threatened.
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some may be homeless. it could be days before this fire is under control. >> two local groups gathered today with toughed animals and books and blankets to deliver to young immigrants. abc 7 news was they say their calls and e-mails have not been answered, but they plan to stand outside and sing songs in spanish and other latin american languages. >> the people working at the places can't stop us from singing loud and making our voices heard through the walls. >> some people with the groups were making a longer trip to the border in texas. >> overseas now, a man hunt opportunity after a daring prison escape. this is not his first dramatic
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escape attempt. abc news reporter has the story. >> reporter: a daring jailbreak from this french prison tonight. the notorious gangster serving a 25 year sentence for murder, breaking out by helicopter. you see two men dressed in black running out, then a helicopter pulling away from the prison courtyard with sayeed inside. the get away helicopter later found burnt. the accomplices took the helicopter pilot hostage and forced him to go to the prison. no one was injured. he told the french magazine, he would take his criminal inspiration from movies and actors like robert de niro in heat watching scenes hundreds of times in order to recreate them in real life. this isn't the first time he has
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managed to escape from prison. he escaped in 2013 and was caught shortly after. it wasn't always like this for the gangster. in 2010 he vowed to change his life around, going on a press tour, promoting a book about his criminal past. tonight authorities on an extensive man hunt to find him. >> the french media ve porting that drones were seen flying over the prison for several months, laetding officials to think he was planning this for some time. >> unbelievable. now, in contrast, the launch of a rocket in the early hours of friday resulted in some pretty spectacular pictures. check it out. the rocket took off in the clear night sky beneat a nearly full moon loaded with nearly 6,000 pounds of cargo including genetically identical mice and 63 freeze-dried packets of
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coffee from new york. the rocket should dock tomorrow. >> back on earth, the company hit its milestone. production wrapped up at 5:00 a.m. musk wrote the company could hit 6,000 cars a week by next month. the company experienced many delays. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. a lip sink challenge for police departments across the country. who is the best? and you be the judge. >> shifting wind tomorrow will blow out some of the smoke and
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back now with the lip sink
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battle for the ages. all from a group you may not expect to get down. >> cops in cars lip syncing to pop cars. instrumental sometimes. but mostly just a and it all started with this guy, a deputy in the bear county sheriffs office only 12 days and 1.2 million views ago. but he says it was at any time song that inspired him. >> it also let the younger generation know that, okay, it's okay to go up to an officer and just say hi and that way they know that we like to have a good time, too. >> but when the sheriffs office posted that he had a mean lip
11:47 pm
sync not many could beat, that's when cops from all over the case compete sg compete. >> that's when these videos came in. glen matthews singing overnight mail by george and then duet time. >> our women and men in blue and their sound tracks with lips in motion. nice seeing them have some fun. one last check of weather now. no lip syncing in this forecast. >> we've got fog at the coast moving over the bay. overnight lows in the early morning hours will be mainly in
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the mid to upper 50s. tomorrows highs mostly sunny skies will range to mid to upper 80s in the warmest inland locations. here is the seven day forecast. temperatures will rebound at the end of the week and we'll have a fairly mild to warm weekend and good news for tomorrow, smoke and ash that moves in will be blowing out tomorrow. not completely but at least better air quality than we had today. >> we need that. min day, i'm so impressed with how you can pronounce all of these world cup names. >> i don't know if i can get through this one. it is hard. all right. two more countries chocked up the tournament and javale mcgee will return to the bay area as an
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lebron james coming to the pacific division sets up a show down with the warriors four times during the regular season. he intends to sign a four year $154 million contract with the lakers. as soon as he announced the deal, the other pieces quickly began to fall into place for l.a. pope agreed to resign with l.a. the guard will return on a one year deal worth $12 million. pacers free agent will also join the lakers on a one year deal worth $4.5 million. javale mcgee will also don the purple and gold. espn reporting that he agreed to a one year deal with the lakers, $12.4 million for mcgee. he spent the last two seasons in
11:53 pm
golden state. he connected on 70% of his shots. >> the super bowl winning safety posted a lengthy message on twitter in which he wrote to talk away from the game by choice is one thing. to walk away from the game because of the risk of paralysis is another. he suffered a serious neck injury last season and said tests have not shown any signs of healing. russia continues its improbable run through the world cup. its first game came down to a shootout. the spaniards got on the board. russia finally found the correct net with a penalty kick in the first minute, scoring to tie it up at one. down to the penalty kick.
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spain misses. that gives russia the win. russia advances to the quarter finals. they will face either croatia or denmark. croatia made it out of the knock out round so, you know what's going to happen against denmark. they got the equalizer moments later. the defender hits it off his own teammates face. this also decided on penalty kicks. the winner, croatia advances and we'll play russia in the quarter finals. temperatures near 90 for the final round of the quicken loans national. tiger woods shot under 66. that's 11 under par for the tournament. that was good enough for a fourth place tie. he's in the zone. 49 feet this putt on 10. this will be for eagle.
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it's good. he would birdie the next four holes. then he would tap in for par on 18. he was eight under 62. he picks up his first win on the pag tour. he won by eight strokes. 21 under overall. final round of the women's pga championship. she went to the clubhouse at ten under par. sun young park in trouble on 16. yeah. she did a lot of gardening on this win. a great chip for par. she, too, finished at three under. so there was a playoff. birdie on the second play off hole gave her a championship. it is her major title. nascar in the windy city. what a finish in chicago. kyle bush and kyle lar son. larson would regain the lead.
11:56 pm
bush would take him out. bush would hold off harvik. fifth win of the season. you can see the damage to bush's car. he said what happened? we were just racing. >> we just never gave up and always kept working on it, kept making the most of it. i was able to lead all those laps. i don't know what y'all are whining about, but if you don't like that kind of racing, don't even watch. >> and this is a little nicer. javale mcgee tweeted this out moments ago. he was in our studios ten days ago. he wanted to thank dub nation for back-to-back championships. thank you to my brothers for bringing me along. i'm thrilled to begin this new chapter. i am honored. >> he will be missed. he is a fun personality.
11:57 pm
abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino.casi you wish good things for good people. he's good peeps. he did good things for the people around here. >> such a cool guy. >> we don't wish him well, though, in l.a. >> oh, yeah. hey, thanks so much for joining us, everybody. on behalf of spencer and mindy and all of us, thanks
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o, say can you see, lovers of liberty. by dawn's early light, a political cat fight. with nary an end in sight. olivia: as the audience here in l.a. as well as the rest of the country could see, senator grant was the clear winner of the debate. you witnessed a desperate woman up there, lashing out, knowing all the momentum is now with susan. sally: three debates in, and with billionaire hollis doyle polling a distant third, mellie grant and susan ross continue to battle for the soul of the republican party.


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