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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 2, 2018 2:30am-4:00am PDT

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a good monday morning, i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm maggie rulli. much of the country is baking in an early summer heat wave. temperatures for a large part of the east and central u.s. will climb into the 90s today and it will feel much hotter, staying that way through the fourth of july. president trump is predicting a vicious fight over his next pick for the supreme court. his list is down to five. but susan collins says she won't back any nominee looking to roll back abortion rights. lebron james is heading to l.a. to play for the lakers. he signed on for four years to
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follow in the championship footsteps of kobe, shaq, magic, kareem. >> the list goes on and on. and now serena williams is a mom on a mission. she missed last year's tournament due to her pregnancy and comes in as the 25th seed after withdrawing from the french open last month. those are some of our top stories on this monday, july 2nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." we do say good morning, everybody on this monday. we're looking forward to seeing the next two weeks of play over there in wimbledon. >> they have a lot of sports action, exciting. we also have something of concern to so many people because of the holiday this week. >> yeah. the hot story today for most people across the country is the extreme heat in new york and all the way across to the midwest. >> in the midwest, a different
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kind of severe weather. heavy rainstorms and flooding, flash flooding at that. here's rob marciano. >> reporter: dangerous weather sweeping the country, turning deadly in iowa, after a well-known sportscaster was swept away by extreme flash flooding. seven inches of rain falling in des moines in just a few hours. >> oh, my gosh. people are stalled here. >> reporter: it took four people to push this car to dry land. five reported tornados in nebraska. more than 180 reports of severe weather across the midwest in just the past 24 hours. just east, sweltering temperatures adding fuel for those storms, now exposing more than 100 million americans to sizzling heat. the humidity makes it feel like 101 in chicago. in philadelphia, also feeling like 100 degrees, but even hotter for phillies players and fans in the stadium.
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people on the streets in the sun on this hot concrete, which according to this thermal camera has temperatures over 120 degrees. >> we're just dripping sweat everywhere. >> reporter: gio benitez witnessing firsthand how fast a car heats up. his body temperature going from 98.3 to 105 in 30 minutes. 18 children dying in hot cars so far this year. >> as you can see he's joining the free the knee campaign. it will be a scorcher for much of the country. >> and paul williams has the forecast. morning paul. >> good morning maggie, kendis. the real feel, between 100 and 110, that's how hot it's going to feel in the afternoon from noon up to about 5:00 with reduced air quality throughout the northeast. there will be spotty showers along the ohio valley region.
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sweltering in texas, over towards memphis and dry heat for us in vegas as well as phoenix, with temperatures near 100, maggie, kendis? >> thanks, paul. and abc news has confirmed that u.s. and north korean officials have held their first face-to-face meeting since last month's summit between president trump and kim jong un. the talks took place sunday in the demilitarized zone. meanwhile, john bolton says the u.s. has a plan for north korea to get rid of its nuclear weapons in one year. there are reports that kim is still moving ahead with his nuclear program. canada is retaliating against u.s. tariffs by imposing fees of its own on goods made in this country. justin trudeau made an appearance in a town where catsup is made. the tariffs on steel and aluminum are higher at 25%.
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and voters in mexico are ushering in a new era. thousands poured into the streets overnight to celebrate the landslide victory of lopez obrador. he is promising to reshape his country. >> president trump was among the first to tweet his congratulations. but we'll have to see how their relationship develops. brad mielke has more. >> five years ago, henrique nieto came to power because people wanted change. but five years later people say violence and corruption is worse than ever. now they've made a radical change. amlo ran far to the left of his predecessors. laura rodriguez is a journalist based in mexico city for over 20 years.
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i asked her why is this his moment? >> he's a man of the people. he's gone around the country, tried to really understand the issues. he's fought a very long time. he's proven himself a very good man for mexico city. so this is his moment, partly for those reasons but partly also because of the failure of recent presidents. and the alternative political parties who've promised so much and given so little. >> and think about this, guys, mexico's current president has not had the warmest relationship with president trump. well, all four of the candidates last night said they would be tougher on the united states. you can learn more about mexico's next president on "start here" later this morning. check it out on apple podcast or your favorite podcast. >> so you're saying the new guy will not pay for the wall? is that what you're getting to at this point? thanks to brad there. in the meantime, police say vengeance was the motive behind a stabbing rampage at a 3-year-old's birthday party in
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boise, idaho. six children, including the birthday girl and three adults were injured. the suspect, timmy kenner, was angry because he was asked to leave a complex. he's held on nine counts of aggravated battery. a candlelight vigil was held overnight for the victims who are refugees from africa and the middle east. an american tourist has been killed and nine others injured in a boat explosion in the bahamas. it was carrying 12 people. it burst into flames. others on a nearby boat jumped into the water to help those scrambling to safety. the coast guard airlifted four to a hospital in florida. others have been airlifted to nassau. we turn to a police shooting in portland, oregon. the postal worker who was shot and killed was only trying to break up a fight.
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>> this comes just two years after police at the university were allowed to carry guns. marci gonzalez reports. >> reporter: the actions of two portland state university police officers under investigation after a man was shot and killed as he tried to break up a fight. family saying this is jason washington, seen in cellphone videos trying to calm tensions between a friend and a group of men early friday morning. here you see the gun in his hollister. he falls and the gun tumbles to the ground. as he reaches for it, police shout, then shoot multiple times. >> i understand the guy has a gun. you don't know, but still. we didn't feel threatened by the guy with the gun. he was a cool guy, nothing was going to happen. >> reporter: the sheriff saying washington did have a concealed carry permit. just hours earlier, washington, who was a navy vet to talk to our abc affiliate as he and his friends watched the
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college world series. >> going to be champions tonight. >> reporter: near the scene this weekend, one of his daughters writing i love you dad, you didn't deserve this. and the psu police department hasn't commented except to name the officers involved, officer shaun francis and james dooley are on administrative leave. marci gonzalez, abc news. rescue workers say they are now making progress in their search for a boys soccer team trapped in a cave where they've been for more than a week. they're using huge pumps to lower the water level. but the boys and their coach have not been heard from in a week. divers believe they're getting closer to where the group may be stranded. they are from 11 to 16 years old. the makers of a popular salad dressing have been recalled over a labeling error. they may contain milk and eggs. the recalled bottles have a best if used by date of january 13,
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2019. customers can return the product for a refund. well, now thanks to science we have something else to make us self-conscious. we are not washing our hands properly. >> the u.s. agriculture department found americans get hand washing wrong 97% of the time. >> that's pretty much 100%. >> the other 3% of the time they're just not washing their hands at all. the biggest issue apparently is we don't wash them long enough. >> or with enough soap and water. you're supposed to do it for at least 20 seconds. other problems include not getting our hands wet enough and not washing the back of our hands. i have to admit the back of our hands, that's not something i remember. >> what? >> you don't either. no, you don't! >> i'm a germaphobe. >> you wash back here?
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>> it's a scrub down, i'm like surgical. like post-surgery. >> i'm calling him out. i'm going to find out about this. >> i'm a germaphobe. coming up, you might want to keep your eyes on the sky today. it's world ufo day, and this morning we're keeping an open mind, looking back at a ufo case that landed smack in the middle of the u.s. supreme court. but first the bullying case pitting the mother of a young boy against her son's kindergarten teacher. you're watching "world news now." her son's kindergarten teacher. you're watching "world news now."
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watch this. surveillance camera rolling there as the moment a road collapses in southwest china. it sent the retaining walls plunging to the ground. another angle here. all of this, no deaths or injuries were reported. and there's no official word yet on what might have caused it, but some officials are blaming heavy rains in the area. he at home, an unusual case of classroom bullying is playing out in miami, florida. >> the mother of a young boy is accusing her son's kindergarten teacher of bullying him.
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here's zachary kiesch. >> reporter: the mother is livid after she says her son was bullied, not by a student but by his teacher. >> he was behaving super weird. he didn't want to go to school. >> reporter: after her complaints were ignored she put a recorder in her son's backpack. you can hear what she claims is the teacher calling him a loser. but it doesn't stop there. at another point, aaron's mom claims the teacher complains about both of them. the district says the principal previously met with the boy's mother and moved aaron to another class. the school says if the allegations are substantiated, there will be disciplinary action. but the family says that's not enough, telling abc news, they
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may file a lawsuit if the teacher is not dismissed. >> my client's ultimate goal is to have this teacher removed from her position of power and that no other child ever has to go through this again. >> our thanks to zachary kiesch. coming up, world ufo day. >> the case that landed before the supreme court. you're watching "world news now." supreme court. you're watching "world news now." i feel like a fish with no wat.
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time's time's up. >> a scene from one of my all-time favorite movies, "independence day". can you believe it's been 22 years since this came to theaters? woo. this scene reignited the debate about extraterrestrial life. >> and it made us wonder how long has jeff goldblum been a star. >> decades. >> he's in "jurassic world" and
2:49 am
that movie. and we're marking world ufo day by opening up the vault to 1982, a look back at an unusual case, bringing some of the ufo secrets out. >> the supreme court has been asked to review a decision that keep secret more than 100 government documents about unidentified flying objects. calling themselves citizens against ufo secrecy is suing to have the papers released. roger peterson has this report on continuing controversy over ufos fact or fiction. >> reporter: in 1947 a private pilot reported seeing plate-like objects and the term flying saucer fueled movie producers. >> this is not another flying saucer scare.
2:50 am
>> reporter: from 1948 to 1969, more than 12,000 ufo reports were investigated. they explained all but 700 of them. including one about a cylindrical object. the air force says it no longer investigates ufos and has no comment beyond its conclusion none of the sightings indicate a threat to national security. no other government agency will talk about ufos either. >> you have to keep on trying to explain in terms of natural phenomenon to occur in the real universe. >> i think we can explain all these things. >> i think there's a good many of these things that could be explained, yes. >> truly puzzling cases, and i
2:51 am
mean puzzling that have stumped the experts. and those who say it does not exist simply have not studied the subject. >> reporter: he has studied ufo for 30 years, first as an adviser, later on his own. his files contain unexplained sightings from 140 countries. he doubts they come from other planets because of the distances involved, or that they are secret government experiments. >> it's just not done or a secret device coming from 140 countries. also, i think it would have been immoral to send men to the moon using antiquated tools. >> i guess we all want to know. >> reporter: and so do the other hundreds of people each year who report seeing something no one can explain. roger peterson, abc news, near reserve, new mexico. >> spooky.
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>> what they found is they are among us and we are all going to die.
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♪ wow, "sicario" did not do well at all. >> i haven't seen any of these movies. in the meantime, thousands of athletes are convening in seattle this week for this year's special olympics usa games. >> this year two runners are standing out among the others, making history in their own right. here's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: they are not related by birth, but with the
2:56 am
same last names and matching passion for running, this team is meant to be. just look at all their medals. >> i run eight marathons. >> i've done 30 marathons. >> reporter: as training partners, they've wracked up multiple accomplishments. and haven't let autism hamper them. andy and colleen are set to take the field in this year's special olympics usa games. >> participating in 3k and 10k. >> reporter: it's an organization they both have a long history with. for andy, all the way back to when he was 5 years old. this year the pair makes history as the first special olympics athletes to ever receive a sponsorship. brooks running company is providing them guidance and support. >> not only are they two of the
2:57 am
best athletes in their events oy glass-half-full spirit. >> reporter: it paves the way for them to overcome challenges every day. >> with his disability, that's one of his most difficult things, socially connecting with people. >> she's been very accepted and everybody roots for each other. >> reporter: as they inspire others and themselves. >> don't ever set a limit on these kids. it's amazing if they set their mind to it what they can accomplish. >> you guys are like tv stars now. >> yeah. >> it's amazing after so many years they can get a sponsor. andy's pretty impressive. he can run a marathon in less than three hours. >> top 6% in endurance athletes. >> top six in endurance athletes.
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1 # this morning on "world news now," the dangerous summer heat wave baking the nation this," the dangerous summer wave baking the nation this week. >> triple digit temperatures scorching the east with records breaking in many cities as new wildfires force evacuations in the west. your holiday weather forecast just ahead. also this morning, the deadly tour boat explosion in the bahamas, the vessel erupting into a fireball. onlookers from a nearby boat watch in horror, some even jumping into action. the coast guard racing to the scene. it's official, lebron james is heading to l.a. cleveland will have to say a painful good-bye to its king once again.s and cavs fans. tickets to amusement parks can be expensive, and plus it is really hot outside.
3:01 am
so why not take your kids for a ride on the dad coaster, right from the air conditioned comforts of your living room. it's monday, july 2nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> the dad coaster looks pretty cool. >> it looks really fun. >> it looks more fun than the other one. >> we should start a kendis coaster. >> i don't think anybody would want to go on that ride. let's get started with the extreme heat. across the country, it is pretty, pretty hot. >> very hot. temperatures outside will feel like more than 100 degrees, all the way from the carolinas up to the canadian border. this wilbepetu of these cities ten years. everyone is urged to take it easy in this weather. don't have to tell me twice. >> this was the scene in philadelphia where the temperatures got above 100
3:02 am
degrees there at least on the field. much higher in the rest of the stadium as you can imagine. and to make things worse, that was an extra-innings game. >> looks a little miserable. it was so hot in chicago firefighters had to hose down this draw bridge so it would open because the steel had expanded in the heat. >> wow. in des moines, iowa, the temperature dropped suddenly and the skies opened up resulting in catastrophic flooding. nearly nine inches of rain in less than four hours. police say the force of the downpour and how long it lasted caught many people by surprise as you can see there. several people were rescued, but a local radio sportscaster was swept away by the floodwaters and killed as a result. >> residents are being told to evacuate in a rural area of northern california as the so-called yolo fire burns out of control. it's now covered more than 32,000 acres and is adding about 1,000 acres per hour.
3:03 am
smoke from the fire is drifting into the san francisco area. that's about 75 miles away. >> yolo fire? >> yeah. not a great name. >> not a great name. >> was fomo taken? >> too soon, kendis! >> they'll figure it out. >> so the firefighters should not expect any help from the weather and there's no relief in sight for the east as well. >> accuweather's paul williams has the forecast. >> good morning, maggie, kendis. the real feel, between 100 and 110. that's how hot it's going to feel in the afternoon from noon up to about 5:00, with reduced air quality throughout the northeast. there will be spotty showers along the ohio valley region. sweltering in texas, houston, dallas, oklahoma city over towards memphis and dry heat in las vegas and phoenix with temperatures near 100. >> i should clarify, the yolo fire was named after the county of yolo out there in california. a candlelight vigil is
3:04 am
planned in boise, idaho for the victims of a stabbing spree. six children and adults were injured. some suffered life-threatening injuries. the suspect, timmy kenner, had briefly stayed at the complex and was angry over being asked to leave because of behavioral problems. the stabbing victims were from ethiopia, iraq and syria. but no evidence of this being a hate crime right now. and the landslide election in mexico. lopez obrador declared victory. he campaigned on ending corruption and reducing wide-spread poverty. it's his third bid for the presidency. president trump congratulated him saying he looks forward to working with him.
3:05 am
obrador says he's looking for friendship and cooperation with the united states. in the meantime, the president is narrowing his list of candidates for the supreme court. republican senator susan collins of maine says endangering roe v. wade would be a deal breaker for here. here is lynda lopez. >> reporter: president trump says the fight to confirm his choice for supreme court will be vicious. the president, in an interview with fox business says despite this, he expects the process to go quickly. at first saying -- >> i think we're going to have support from democrats. >> reporter: then a few minutes later, reversing himself. >> the other side, all they can do is obstruct and resist. >> reporter: one of those things democrats hope to prevent, relitigating roe v. wade. >> it is probably the one people are talking about in terms of having an effect. >> reporter: for conservatives, including many evangelicals, the prospect of a second trump
3:06 am
appointment is a dream come true. >> we'll continue to fight for a nightmare. with senate republicans holding a razor-thin majority, the president is courting five key players, joe manchin, heidi heitkamp and joe donnelly. and two republican women with a history of strong support for abortion rights, susan collins and lisa murkowski. >> overturning roe v. wade would not be acceptable to me. because that would indicate an activist agenda that i don't want to see a judge have. >> reporter: president trump says he'll announce his choice july 9th. lynda lopez, abc news, new york. joone year.
3:07 am
it also includes the dismantling of north korea's ballistic missile program and chemical and biological weapons. it comes despite a report that kim jong un is still developing weapons. meanwhile, cnn reports officials met in the demilitarized zone for the first time since the summit. investigators are searching for the cause of a deadly tour boat explosion in the bahamas. an american tourist was killed and nine others injured when the boat burst into flames. stunned onlookers on a nearby boat jumped into the water. they were fearing another explosion would happen. the coast guard airlifted four americans to a hospital in florida. others have been treated at a
3:08 am
hospital in the bahamas in nassau. now to what's being called a miracle rescue. a crew member on a norwegian cruiseship went overboard. he was rescued later by another ship. passengers cheered as he was pulled from the water. they had dispatched planes to search. by nightfall, he was presumed dead. but sunday morning he was spotted drifting in the water 28 miles north of cuba. he's in stable condition. no word how he went overboard from the ship. incredible. >> 22 hours. >> i wonder what he had, was he treading water? >> the will to live. apparently, it's not enough for a train to travel 80 miles per hour in japan, so one of the country's new bullet trains got a new look. >> it's the hello kitty. it has a life-sized doll.
3:09 am
a crowd of 400 came to see off the first pink and white train that will run for the next three months. it hopes to boost tourism and the local economy. i would love to ride that. >> as you know, japan is obsessed with hello kitty. >> i would board it just for that selfie. you had me at a hello kitty selfie. coming up, the new development in the case of the so-called dancing doctor. how medical authorities have put a stop to her surgical performances and what she can no longer call herself for at least two and a half years. and how fans are reacting to the earth-shattering news about lebron james packing his bags for l.a. you're watching "world news now." l.a. you're watching "world news now." i'm alex trebek, here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85, and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget,
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police in portland, oregon say at least four people were hurt over the weekend when right wing demonstrators clashed with antifa counterprotestors.
3:13 am
they called it a riot and revoked the group's permit, using firecrackers and smoke bombs to disburse the crowds. there were about 100 people on each side. at least nine people are now facing charges. and we're hearing new details about the so-called dancing doctor. >> medical officials in georgia have now hit the pause button on her medical license, suspending her license to prevent her from practicing for the near future. here is adrienne bankert. >> reporter: the woman known as dr. booty isn't operating anymore. ♪ >> reporter: when she agreed to give up her medical license for at least two and a half years, but those questionable videos aren't even mentioned in court documents. the board saying she failed to conform to minimal standards.
3:14 am
it found in one case, a patient received a different procedure than was listed in medical records. and a surgical assistant did surgery without supervision. that woman now has brain damage, with evidence an unlicensed person in the room at the time was held out to be a nurse. she told steve osunsami -- >> i have medical assistants well trained. >> so you don't have any nurses in your office. >> not at present. i did at one time, yes. >> reporter: adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to adrienne. and the doctor is hopeful the suspension will be lifted. she said she got the permission of many of these patients to do these music videos. >> it's tough. you see the music videos, and
3:15 am
they're somewhat entertaining at first. you can't help but say oh, she's dancing, but then you take a moment to think there's surgery happening behind her. are they safe? are they following protocol? she says they were. but -- coming up, king james finds himself a brand-new kingdom. >> he's packing his bags for the bright lights of l.a. a king dolladom. >> he's packing his bags for the bright lights of l.a.
3:16 am
3:17 am
♪ ah, yes, famed crossroads of the world there in l.a. four years ago, lebron james proved you can go home again when he signed on for the second tenure with the cleveland cavaliers. >> and sunday he showed us you can leave again when he signed with the lakers. his management group announced the four-year, $154 million contract to take his talents to southern california. >> he used instagram to say
3:18 am
good-bye to cleveland. but not regular instagram, instagram story. >> interesting choice. >> it wasn't like ig official. >> he wants you to click that story icon. >> the message which only lasts 15 seconds, obviously, thank you, northeast ohio for an incredible four seasons, this will always be home. fans reacted. >> he's a free man. he worked for what he's doing. if he's grinding and wants to leave cleveland. more to the merry for him. >> l.a., nah. >> i was very disappointed in lebron. i think that he needs to be a little bit more loyal. i think this is his hometown, and he should have stayed with it, especially if he wants to go down as maybe the greatest of all time. i think he should have stayed with his hometown. >> the people who came out today, who have busy lives and
3:19 am
said we're coming to staples center right now to say welcome to l.a., lebron. >> check out those fans in l.a. i love that they're trying so hard to be supportive, good job. thanks, lebron. >> that boyfriend that's gone on to something a lot younger, cuter and skinnier. >> i'm not jealous. i have my own thing going on. >> i'm not jealous, you're jealous. and lance stephenson, you remember him from this, lebron's nemesis who gave us this classic meme. lance is joining the lakers, as well, as teammates. >> do you think they'll hit it off? >> let's go from that to the biggest sport ever out there. >> ever? >> to the special world cup music, shall we?
3:20 am
♪ >> i actually kind of like it. >> i kind of like it, seriously. we could totally jam to this. what is this? so the tournament's round of 16 ended with two matches, host nation russia wasn't given much of a chance against a spanish team ranked in the top ten. >> but if we've learned anything from this world cup, that's why they play the match. spain got off to a good start. it's knocked into the russian net. sergio ramos even celebrates this. it was an own goal. nice try to take credit for that. >> in any other stadium and any other city in any other country, that would have counted as a goal. later in the first half, russia earned a penalty, or he would have gotten credit for it. earned a penalty kick right there off that handball. the russians put it in, stayed .
3:21 am
>> ooh, then it was time for a penalty kick shoot out. its goalie stops the final shot. russia goes on to quarterfinals with the upset. not just any upset. >> that's amazing right there. match number two. >> match number two decided russia's quarterfinal opponent. russia's quarterfinal opponent. croatia went up against denmark. >> after a scramble it's knocked in just off the goalie's hands. two minutes later, denmark trying to clear the ball, and it goes off the teammate's hand and the croatian striker -- well, croatia wins again. >> it also went to extra time. croatia was awarded a penalty kick. and he makes the game-saving
3:22 am
stop and goes on to another shootout. i love this. the celebration. i love this. the celebration.
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crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ let me it's a monday voice. so, you know, a lot of people made fun of president trump when he started talking about this whole space force that he wanted. >> not the only one, apparently. >> now there's actually a space war that is taking place. there's an azerbaijani man who's come up with a parliament for a space kingdom. he's trying to get some citizen astronauts there and try to create this whole environment across the universe. >> are we going to see kendis for space president? >> no. >> you heard it here first. >> they plan to start out in the moon to create this kingdom.
3:26 am
and in about 10 to 15 years, he hopes to have artificial gravity operations somewhere and even had this ceremony to create his own parliament. and of course he got voted in as head of the parliament. but the space kingdom is upon us. >> would you go? >> no. >> i like it here down on earth, you know? >> a weird ceremony for it. >> it's real. could it be a thing? here's also something that is a thing. it's hot outside. you're trying to entertain your kids, but you don't have to do anything too flashy or expensive. throw them in a laundry basket in front of the tv and rock it back and forth and now you have a dad coaster. >> i love her reaction to it. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
3:27 am
>> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> i love listening to her. you hear dad, be careful. it's a great idea, even for adults. >> it's the simplest things. you don't need to take her to six flags. i love her screams. [ screaming ] >> her dad posted it doesn't take much to satisfy your child. let's take you overseas to edinborough, where there's an unknown beachgoer who was spotted -- >> he's a genius. >> -- hanging out at a portobello beach on a couch. >> where's the ottoman? does he have an ottoman? >> need a tv hookup as well. how did he get the l-shaped couch out there? >> got to get the sand out of the cracks. we're going to leave you with this really cute dog video. don't touch my cake!
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>> this morning on "world news now," president trump's pick for the supreme court faces pressure from within his own party over roe v. wade. and while he pushes back against calls to reform i.c.e., a mother and daughter's emotional reunion after being separated for months by authorities. and new details about the horrific stabbing spree at a 3 year old's birthday party. what happened to the suspect before he decided to target the children. and the shark attack sending chills across beaches around the world. >> what the girl was doing when she got pulled in by a shark. and what you should never do with sharks even those considered to be safe. and hollywood is rolling out the red carpet for king james himself. how tinsel town's glitteratti is welcoming lebron james. it is monday, july 2.
3:31 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." >> so let's just change the name from lebron to l.a.bron. >> maybe he'll be in a musical next. >> we're still waiting for space jam 2 to come out. >> did we just come out with this idea? we'll plan more after. >> now that they've got it there, him out in l.a., we'll break it down later. but we're going to start this half hour with the president who is mulling over a shrinking list of candidates to fill the supreme court vacancy that he has now. >> he is preparing to announce his pick one week from today. a moderate senator is making it clear that a stance on roe v. wade will be a factor.
3:32 am
tara palmeri has more on that. >> it's probably going to be vicious, because the other side, all they can do is obstruct and resist. the whole thing is resist. >> reporter: the president already has a short list of top-five contenders but may face resistance in his own party, resistance he can't afford. susan collins of maine telling martha raddatz. >> a candidate for this important position who would overturn roe v. wade would not be acceptable to me, because that would indicate an activist agenda that i don't want to see a judge have. >> are you going to ask your nominees beforehand on how they might vote on roe versus wade? >> that's a big one. probably not. they're all saying don't do that, you shouldn't do that. >> reporter: some are also calling on him to get rid of i.c.e.
3:33 am
ou get rid of i.c.e., you're going to have a country that you're afraid to walk out of your house. >> reporter: this weekend, rallies against the administration's immigration policy. some democrats lashing out at the agency. >> we need to rebuild our immigration system from top to bottom. starting by replacing i.c.e. with something that reflects our morality. >> i don't think i.c.e. today is working as intended. i believe it has become a deportation force. >> reporter: a position the president is seizing on for the midterms. >> all it's going to do is lead to massive, massive crime. that's going to be their platform, open borders, which equals crime. i hope they keep thinking about it, because they're going to get beaten so badly. >> reporter: the president issuing a threat to those who have taken protests to the next level. >> i hope the other side realizes that they just better
3:34 am
take it easy. they better just take it easy. >> our report from tara palmeri. in the meantime, as the trump administration faces calls to get rid of i.c.e., many immigration families are still waiting to get their children back. >> there was an emotional reunion nearly two months after they were taken at the border. the father is still being detained by u.s. immigration officials. and turning now to the populist wave hitting mexico with voters electing an anti-establishment leftish firebrand. he pulled off a decisive victory in his third attempt at the presidency there, rising to power on widespread voter anger and discontent. he's now vowing to reshape the country by tackling corruption and the president here tweeted congratulations saying i look
3:35 am
forward to working with him. turning now to weather. we're only a week or so into summer, but it's feeling, well, feeling hot outside. really, really hot. temperatures are in the 90s or higher. >> it took a while to get here, but members of washington d.c.'s church handed out water and ice cream rather than hold services in their un-air-conditioned building. the heat wave is not running out of power anytime soon. >> let's get the forecast from accuweather's paul williams. >> look for the weather to feel like 100 to 110. we're going to have reduced air quality as well. sweltering conditions throughout the south part of the country. and for the southwest, dry and hot there as well.
3:36 am
fourth of july, still staying crazy hot throughout the midwest, ohio valley region and mid atlantic region. kendis, maggie? >> our thanks to paul. an idaho community is reeling after a stabbing rampage at a 3-year-old's birthday party. nine including six children were injured in the attack. all of this at an apartment building in boise. now the suspect is timmy kenner, and he's being held on nine counts of aggravated battery. six counts of injury to a child. they say his motive was vengeance. he had been asked to leave an apartment in the complex because of his disruptive behavior. the local authorities say they've never seen anything like this attack. >> people were scattered across the apartment complex, both within the apartments themselves, lying in the street and in the walkways. it's untenable, unconscionable, pure evil in my mind. >> pure evil in the police's mind. now many of those victims face life-threatening injuries.
3:37 am
that apartment complex is home to some refugees. the refugees from ethiopia, iraq and syria. but police say there is no evidence that the attack was a hate crime. and now a scene that looked more like a movie this weekend. a chopper filled with armed men swooped in and helped a killer escape. it was all caught on video. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: a daring jailbreak from this french prison. he was serving a 25 year sentence for murder. breaking out by helicopter. you see two men dressed in black running out and a helicopter pulling away with the man inside, onlookers cheering. the getaway copter later found burned near a suburb of paris. the accomplices took the helicopter pilot hostage and forced him to go to the prison. no one was injured. he would take his criminal
3:38 am
inspiration from movies and actors like de niro and the movie "heat", watching scenes hundreds of times in order to recreate them in real life. this isn't the first time he has managed to escape from prison. he escaped in 2013 and was caught shortly after. but it wasn't always like this for the gangster. in 2010, he vowed to change his life around, going on a press tour promoting a book about his past. authorities on an extensive manhunt to find him. drones were seen flying over the prison for several months, leading officials to think he was planning this for some time. eva pilgrim, abc news, london. it now costs more to buy heinz catsup as well as other popular american products in canada. the canadian government has
3:39 am
started imposing more than $12.5 billion in tariffs on u.s. goods. it's retaliation for the u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum. justin trudeau celebrated at a plant where local catsup is produced. protests in iran in the meantime over poor water quality are turning violent. at least 11 people have been injured in clashes between police and protestors. residents say the tap water is salty and muddy. if it runs at all. more than 200 people have been poisoned by the polluted water. seattle has become the first major city in the u.s. to ban the use of plastic straws and utensils. ignoring it, you better not do it, it could result in a $250,000 fine. greenpeace says 40% of plastics in the ocean are from single-use plastics like straws and utensils.
3:40 am
soon you could see other cities like new york following the lead. and we go to the seismic news in the sports world, lebron james moving west with his title hopes. >> he signed a four year $154 million deal with the lakers. oddsmakers now seem to love l.a. the odds of l.a. winning it all used to be 20-1. now it's 7-2. it's right behind the defending champion golden state warriors. meanwhile, cleveland's odds have now dropped 500-1. that is such a sad thing. i shouldn't laugh. i'm sorry. >> that hurts. that hurts. >> a lot more coming up. >> should mention one tricky move by the cleveland front office is that several months
3:41 am
ago in february the cavaliers had everybody with front row seats there sign three-year deals in order to get those seats. >> that's so sneaky. >> they locked them in. >> that will be so sad if they are empty now. >> the good thing is you'll be able to see lebron when the lakers come to town from your front row seat. basically. >> sorry, sorry, cleveland. coming up in "the skinny," how lebron's big news is being received in his new hometown. the words shared by schwarzenegger. but first, one woman's dangerous tangle with a shark. what she did that got her dragged right into the water and what ended up being the results of this. you're watching "world news now." " now." of this. you're watching "world news now."
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and it's yours just for calling. so call now. so the japanese just s so the japanese just set off so the japanese just set off this new rocket. let's see how it turned out. >> good. >> that's awesome. that's great. >> oh! >> oh! >> that's not supposed to happen, right? i don't know a lot about
3:45 am
science, but that doesn't seem right. >> oh!hat pposedn unmanned rocket that crashed back to earth just seconds after it went up. the rocket was unmanned and no injuries were reported. this was the company's second attempt at an inexpensive rocket launch and their second failure. it was a private company's launch. >> take -- take three, right? >> yeah. >> low-cost rockets. >> low cost. also overseas, a woman's recovering in australia. this is a scary one. she got dragged into the water by a shark. >> we're now learning what she was doing when she was suddenly taken by surprise. here's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: bit by a shark and dragged by a finger into the water. she was on holiday at a popular spot to feed the sharks when she >> i thought the finger was gone. i thought if i looked at it i would probably go into shock. >> reporter: those with the 34 year old had to convince her her
3:46 am
hand was still attached to her hand though bloody. >> be mindful of your surroundings and don't feed sharks. >> reporter: the shark is a nurse shark that usually does not attack humans but could have mistaken her finger for food. adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. when we come back, king james is getting the royal welcome from tinsel town. >> "the skinny's" next. >> "the skinny's" next. town. >> "the skinny's" next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ just give me "the skinny" it's skinny time. and it's going to be one of those skinnies that crosses the sports world, the entertainment world. >> we've got it all. >> lebron is heading to l.a. >> the ink is barely dry on the $154 million deal with the lakers, but already the reaction is lighting up social media. kobe bryant tweeted out a warm welcome to the family. >> laker legends kareem, magic,
3:49 am
shaq. kobe doesn't look too happy. the message from snoop dogg, welcome home, king james. >> chrissy teigen tweeted out a survival guide saying friday is sunset rose. laser facials on monday. the rest of the week is running into people you don't like at soho house. so l.a. >> then there's the former governor. >> lebron, welcome to los angeles. this is so exciting that you're coming to the city of stars. you are without a doubt going to t. the biggest star of all, on >> he obviously lost his razor. >> such a warm welcome. >> three years ago, lebron appeared in the movie "train
3:50 am
wreck" with amy schumer. >> he was actually kind of good in it. >> he was great in it. he was really, really funny. a lot of people are saying he has this whole hollywood vibe. if he wants to get into the acting business possibly. >> speaking of celebs that are famous in many different industries, posh spice. she's living up to her name, being posh. >> one engagement ring apparently isn't enough, neither is two or three or apparently even 13. >> i can't go that high. the singer turned designer has added reportedly a 14th ring to her engagement collection, celebrating her 18th anniversary to david beckham. >> the first ring was $85,000. >> that's all you got, david? >> an $85,000 diamond.
3:51 am
now ring number 14, $158,000 square cut, yellow. brings the collection to a nearly estimated $12 million. >> that's mighty bling on your finger. >> a whole lot of apologies over the years from david. what did he do? >> everyone's shaking their head. i thought it was romantic, and everybody's like he did something. >> what was her name? and speaking of engagement rings, paris hilton has come up with an innovative way to protect hers. >> she's been showing off her $2 million pear-shaped masterpiece. >> but she's hired extra security and revealed to "access live" that she's now taking to wearing a fake version of the real thing. >> yeah. she's had several replicas made,
3:52 am
so she can travel around free and worry free. >> huh. i have an engagement ring on, but you can't see it.
3:53 am
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3:55 am
♪ remember a couple years ago when wax figure beyonce did the lip sync battle there? all to be surprised by the queen herself. everybody getting in on the lip sync battle. beyonce, of course, has no need for a lip sync. >> who won? >> that's a drop mic moment right there. nobody can beat this lip sync battle. but now we're going to turn to an unlikely group of battlers. >> reporter: cops in cars, lip syncing to pop songs, that has just become a thing. instrumental sometimes. but mostly just a cappella-ish.
3:56 am
♪ and it all started with this guy, alexander menna, a deputy in bexar county, texas. that's a song by the cumbia kings. but it wasn't the song that inspired him. >> it lets the younger generation know that it's okay to go up to an officer and just say hi, and that way they know we like to have a good time, too. >> reporter: but when the sheriff's office posted he had a mean lip sync not many can beat, that's when cops all over the country started posting. that's when this san antonio cop came back with "bye, bye, bye" by in sync. ♪ >> reporter: and corporal glenn matthews singing "overnight mail" by george strait.
3:57 am
then two laredo cops who want to be spice girls. ♪ you tell me what you really, really want ♪ >> reporter: our men and women in blue and their sound tracks in motion. >> my biggest problem with lip syncing is -- >> what? how could you have a problem with lip syncing? >> it's mouthing the words. it screws up -- every time we try to do these recordings in my office with my producer and diane, i screw it up all the time. what would be your lip sync what would be your lip sync song. >> my lip sync song? will smith, jazzy jeff, original cd, parents just don't understand. >> boom. this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> that's what's making news in america this morning. morning. making news in america this morning, vicious battle. that's what president trump is predicting as a crucial republican senator speaks out saying she won't support a supreme court nominee who opposes abortion rights. the latest from washington. plus, breaking overnight, the political earthquake in mexico. the populist who has been elected president in a landslide and what he's vowing to do. miracle rescue. a cruise ship worker goes massi. this morning how he was finally found in the ocean 22 hours later. lebron goes to hollywood. basketball's biggest star is cruising out of cleveland and landing with the lakers. what he's saying now to the devastated hometown fans he's leaving behind once again. and this morning, the shocking turnaround in vegas. what the o


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