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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 2, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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firefighters are hoping to make lots of progress today in a raging fire burning east of lake bariessa. hundreds of homes have been evacuated. firefighters are hoping cooler weather today will slow the advance of the fire burning iniin yolo and napa counties. it's scorched 44,500 acres. 115 structures are threatened. the fire is 3% contained. full containment is expected friday. abc 7 news reporter is live. li.
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amy? >> reporter: hi, kristen. the fire looks to us as if its kiinup right now. you see these homes along county road 23 here, and now look at that ridge right above them. just full of smoke. it's like a wall of smoke up there. looks like a lot of fire activity. they are hoping that this afternoon's cooler temperatures will help. but firefighters tell me they also worry that the winds could shift this afternoon and whip up this fire even more. the red sun rise delivered the news before fire officials delivered the news. here's a look at the flames overnight. firefighters now say this fire has consumed 44,500 acres. that's 12,000 more than last night. >> it's something to be concerned about. the fire is growing this size
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because there's a lot of dry vegetation out there and a lot to consume and push it. >> reporter: evacuees are huddling together as they wait for news. a few motor homes and trailers are now parked in this neighborhood on maine street off of grant. firefighters gave them a dire prediction. >> the firemen came up to us and told us that the fire threats, the fire up on the hill, you have three minutes to get out. >> reporter: sylvia duetand her seven cats and dogs weren't too far behind him. >> i'm just sad. just sad. i wonder if i made the right decision to leave. >> reporter: firefighters say 116 structures are being threatened. they do think the weather is going to give them a break today. >> winds are still going to be there and the temperatures are going to be a bit better than
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they have been over the weekend. >> a lady that was walking said come down to our house and we'll take care of you. >> that's so lovely. >> yes, it is. it kind of restores your faith in humanity. >> reporter: as far as those evacuees they say it's too soon to say when they will be able to return home. firefighters telling me this morning their goal is to have full containment by next tuesday, july 10 >> amy, thank you. now to the latest on the pawnee fire in lake county. it spread to another 1,000 acres over the weekend. it's charred land. the pawnee fire has destroyed 22 structures since it began a week ago saturday.
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air quality is big concern during this wildfire and you can see why. there's still a lot of smoke in the air especially north of san francisco. mike nico is here now with the latest. >> we've been watching the smoke drift southward. this is the smoke in the upper levels. this is the marine layer heading to east. that's the smoke moving left to right across your screen this morning. we checked the latest air quality measurements and everybody's doing fine. there's nothing unhealthy out there right now. and the air quality district management is saying it won't get unhealthy as most of the smoke is going to stay in the upper parts of the atmosphere and not work its way down as much as it did yesterday. the winds with going to shift. they will be gusty around the fire itself. notice they turn again tonight through tomorrow morning, which means we'll get more smoke tomorrow at least during the morning hours. and look how they switch back to
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southwest tomorrow afternoon and that'll be the last time we see the smoke from this fire. it'll blow the smoke up into the sierra. if you're heading up there for the holidays, it's going to be really smoky in the high country. >> if you want updates on these fires, get the abc 7 news app. last night at 8 we pushed out these updates about the evacuations and road closures. the golden gate park golf course is closed until further notice following a fire at the clubhouse. it started around 3:00 a.m. and took firefighters about an hour to put the fire out. the clubhouse was built in 1951. >> they have lots regulars, lots of tourists who just come here to enjoy the wonderful scenery and the actual golf course that's there and the building itself. and .
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>> no one was hurt. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. also new this morning, an american born man accused of planning a terror attack in cleveland on the fourth of the july had discussed traveling to san francisco. 48-year-old arrested yesterday. according to an fbi document pitts expressed his support of al-qaeda and also discussed possibly traveling to san francisco to conduct additional targeting and recognizance. new at 11:00, abc 7 news has confirmed a security guard was shot and killed in san francisco's candlestick point area. griffith housing place at the development around 5:30 this morning. the man was rushed to nearby hospital where he died from his wounds. he's not been identified yet. no arrests have been made and no
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suspect description at this hour. now to an abc news exclusive. president trump's long time personal attorney michael cohen is giving an in-depth interview. cohen told abc news chief anchor george steflopdous, that his loyalty lies with his family, signaling he could be willing to cooperate with special counsel robert mueller. more from washington. >> reporter: michael cohen has described himself as a fix it guy for president trump. he's even said he'd take a bullet for his boss and told fox newsla last year. >> i'll do anything to protect mr. trump. >> reporter: but in an interview cohen makes clear where his allegiance stands. saying to be crystal clear, my wife, my daughter and my son and this country have my first lielt. federal prosecutors are investigating cohen for alleged violations of election law and possible violations tied to his personal business dealings.
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haz not been charged with any crimes yet. in april the fbi raided cohen's home and office, seizing a host of documents. president trump lashed out. >> it's a disgraceful situation. it's a total witch hunt. >> reporter: but cohen says i don't agree with those who deeminize or vilify the fbi. i respect the fbi as an institution as well as their agents. >> you don't do this interview and say these things unless you're looking for a possible deal with the southern district of new york. >> reporter: his comments are a strong signal that cohen may be willing to strike a deal with federal prosecutors. last month the president told abc news he's not worried if cohen might flip. >> just wonder if you're worried. >> no, i'm not because i did nothing wrong. >> federal prosecutors are likely looking that $130,000 hush payment he made to adult film star stormy daniels. cohen said he couldn't comment but hope today one day answer
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that question. abc news, washington. a lawsuit is growing against the company hired to cleanup toxic soil at the former hunter's point naval shipyard in san francisco. according to the lead attorney in the case some 2,000 more plaintiffs are set to join the suit against tetra tech claiming health problems. two former employees have been convicted of faking soil samples and falsifying records to demonstrate that the radioactive waste from ships involving nuclear testing was being improperly handled. soccer fans from two of the world's best teams this morning have gathered in san jose. brazil knocked out mexico in the end. abc 7 news reporter matt cellar is live inside the stadium. matt, another great matchup is on the
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>> reporter: yeah, hi kristen. i actually borrowed a seat here. we've got the belgium game versus japan right now, but the game this morning mexico versus brazil. at the stadium in san jose, a celebration. 7,500 fans gathered around the big screen to watch mexico versus brazil in the round of 16. most were cheering for eltrif. brazil fans were pumped up as well. >> let's go. >> reporter: the mvp of the game, well, for this san jose man it was his nanny for allowing him to go to the watch party. >> i'm a stay-at-home dad and i've got a nanny. thank you. >> reporter: the game was competitive to the end. brazil won 2-0. it was hard to hide the disappointment on the faces of
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mexico fans, well, except if you're this guy. >> brazil played well and mexico did what >> reporter: brazil fans gracious in victory. >> happy for brazil, but i hope mexico does better next time. >> we love it, and we'll come back again. >> reporter: outside the stadium long after the game was over mexico and brazil fans celebrated together. a reminder of why they call this the world cup. all right, i got kicked out of my seat. they got the tacos and they've returned. but brazil will be playing the winner of the belgium japan game, and of course that game will have a watch party here at the stadium including all the remaining games of the world cup. so a good time out here and a big party in>> matt, looks like making a lot of friends out there, too. >> well, new sexual assault charges against harvey weinstein. that is coming up. thded out this
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morning against the disgraced movie producer. and an unbelievable update out of thailand regarding
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happening today a memorial service is set to get under way for one of the victims killed in a shooting at a maryland newspaper. the family of deputy editor rob hiaasen is holding a celebration of his life today. the family says the dress for the service is summer casual
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because rob would never want you to put on a suit for him. he was one of the five staff members killed last thursday at the annapolis "capital gazette." the suspect who had a reported grudge against the paper is being held without bond. president trump is starting a crucial week in his presidency. he's preparing to pick the next justice of the supreme court. the president knows it will be a battle. he say on fox news talking about resistance from democrats, but he might also have some trouble from members of his own party. >> if a candidate for this important position who would overturn roe v. wade would not be acceptable to me because that would indicate an activist agenda. >> the supreme court showcase or showdown comes as the president deals with backlash from his immigration policy. there are massive rallies all across the contra including some here in the bay area this weekend protesting families being separated at the border.
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new developments in new york where harvey weinstein is facing three new sex crime charges involving a third accuser. the manhattan district attorney says the grand jury investigating other accusations against weinstein added another t cntsf first degree criminal predatory se weinstein has denied any nonconsensual sexual encounters. several thai families are feeling very relieved and thankful this morning after 12 boys and a soccer coach survived being trapped inside a cave. they've been trapped in the cave since june 23rd. that's when heavy rains flooded that caval. officials hoped the boys ages 11 to 16 had med it to a dry area inside the cave with enough air so they could survive. and they did. all right, you love animals
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and being one with nature, well let this video serve as a warning the next time you want to feed something in the water. feeding sharks. i'll pass for now. here let's take a look at what's going on. hi again, everybody. we've been folkicusing on what' going on with the five. that is the marine layer and one of the
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all right, let's take a quick look at some
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highlights there and you can see what we're doing with. sorry, i was kind of updating some stuff there looking at the latest air quality, and everything is running fine. we do have some delays at this morning. let's take a look at our temperatures and you can see most of us much cooler than we were 20 hours ago. 60 elsewhere, a few 70s in the south bay and deep into our inland east bay neighborhoods and up into the north bay. clearly much warmer than everybody else at 92 degrees. thankfully those temperatures will be dropping into the 80s to help the firefighters the next couple of days. here's the accuweather highlight for today. slow sunshine and kind of smoky also. breezy and cool for independence day. in fact, you'll be grabbing blankets and coats if you're heading out in the evening hours
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to see the fireworks. here's the smoke from last night as we had a bit of north-northwesterly wind. you can see the last couple of frames here it's starting to switch again and come out of the northeast. what you're seeing along the coast, the grayer clouds, that's the but that's the saving grace. even though it's going to bring us a small craft advisory, it's also undercutting that smoke and bringing out the cleaner air over the ocean. we've got 68 daily city, and half moon bay 62. mid-60s there downtown, south san francisco and south suleto. and then upper 70s to low 80s through most of the north bay valleys. up around clear lake and ucaya mid to upper 90s.
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only 70 in oakland. more sunshin7 in fremont. as you head inland today we'll have low to mid-80s in most neighborhoods and then some upper 80s around antioch and brentwood. we'll get into the 77 degree range inland by 7:00 but down to 69 at 8:00. inland dropping down to about 71, and then mid-50s to low 60s at midnight with the marine layer coming back. temperatures from the low 50s to mainly low 60s when you wake up tomorrow morning. let's take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. more cooling tomorrow and more temperatures wednesday. upper 50s at the coast, 70s the rest of us and you can see the 80s return t the bay friday and some 90s inland as we head into the weekend. >> it feels so cool, but we remind ourselves that's the bay area in the summer.
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thanks, mike. an australian woman admits she made a big mistake while on vacation. she was hand-feeding sharks as part of a tourist excursion when one just grabbed onto her and dragged her off a boat. the whole thing was caught on video. you can see how quickly it happened. this was on australia's northwestern coast. the woman's friends were able to get her back on the boat. the incident left her with a broken finger, but she is otherwise okay. if at first you don't succeed, try, try again they say. inspirational words some engineers in japan can use this morning. we'll tell you what went wrong
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it's back to the drawing board for a group of engineers in japan. and burst into flames just seconds after liftoff in hokkaido, japan, this weekend. they believe the engine malfunctioned. the good thing is no one was onboard, obviously, and no one
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was hurt on the ground. it's just a matter of trying to figure out where the engineering went wrong. from all of us here on abc 7 news, thanks for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire is coming up next. we take you to a live look outside with a gorgeous shot of this fog bank. have a good one.
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>> welcome to whiz kids week. some very smart young people are here playing with us today. each of them hoping they can add a million dollars or so to their college fund. this is gonna be fun, so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to "millionaire's" whiz kids week. [cheers and applause] so let's welcome our first whiz kid who won two persuasive writing awards at a model united nations competition. from raleigh, north carolina, 15-year-old maya burchell. welcome, maya. >> how are you doing, mr. harrison? >> well, first of all, you're incredibly polite. i'm good. >> thank you. no one ever asks how i'm doing, so thank you very much. i'm having a great day. i would be better if i could give you a lot of money. >> i'd like that, too, for sure. >> well, you're about to face 14 questions. the money value's growing from $500 all the way up to


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