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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 2, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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. tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> she wasn't getting married but this woman decided to go ahead. >> and have a father/daughter dance that day. >> the story behind the touching scene that will live in her heart forever. >> a pedestrian decides to cross the road. how her plans come to a screeching halt? he's a big man with the nba champion golden state warriors. >> he also happens to be a doughnut fanatic. >> what happens when damian jones takes the bob's doughnut challenge. we've got nick and gail breaking down the best on the web including internet sensation little billy's latest adventure.
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now the man behind the mouth reveals his face and what his wife thinks of his youtube tom foolery. >> she tries not to laugh because that encourages me. this gorgeous photo is of meredith in a wedding dress and her dad. a very special photo. it happened the day before he passed. his family knew he was getting very sick. she got the idea to borrow a wedding dress and have a father/daughter dance that day. this was just a moment she wanted to have for the eventual wedding she would some day have and she selected daughters by john mayer as the song they danced too ♪ i know a girl >> he grabs his land and slowly
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starts getting up because nothing is going to stop him from having that father/daughter dance. >> i can't imagine being her dad, staring into the face of your own mortality, but having such a joyous moment. my head can't comprehend the amount of emotion here. >> did she show this video at her wedding? >> she did. she had her first dance. she had just reconnected with the man that would some years later become her husband. you see that the family are there recording and documenting this very special moment and eventually he does become very weak and his family has to help him sit back down but you know just how incredibly special this moment was. >> the fact that he passed the next day makes me feel like he got everything he wanted and needed out of it. >> after you lose a parent, having these moments are so important. if people are in similar
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situations, they should do what they can to make something like this happen and i'm glad she did. >> this moment will live forever. we're going to start in mexico where you're just waiting for it to happen. this young lady says she wants to cross the street and she goes for it, one leg doesn't. >> oh! and she falls backward. >> it's her high heels that she's wearing. she doesn't have any grip. she sees that car coming but she slides directly in front of it, a fracture knee and bruises to her body but, guys, the irony of the situation is she's doing this 160 feet from the crossing. >> why do you blindly just run across the street and hope nobody's coming down the street? >>ortunately it wasn't too, too bad but she's going to have quite the road to recovery.
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>> our next video is from brazil and it's one of those videos where, i guess it just wasn't your day to die. >> oh! >> wait a minute. >> yeah. a vehicle and a motor bike make contact. this woman is just standing there. her 5-year-old, she takes a glancing hit from the motor bike but she's straight back up on her feet. >> do we know the condition of the motorcyclist? >> the rider stays on the floor. he does remove his helmet later. there are reports of serious injury. she too was relatively unharmed. the only extra bit of the video i got was the driver was cited for dangerous driving. if you're going to have a malfunction while flying your powered para glider would you prefer on or off?
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>> what? >> yeah. >> the engine? mark honey cut decided to go up flying but while he was up there the engine got stuck in full throttle. >> i came up here to get near the clouds and film facebook live for everyone. >> off then. >> it may not seem like a probably or a big problem for mark but in a para glider like that, now you're just climbing. that thing in his left hand is the throttle, in this case, the more he squeezes that handle, the more throttle goes to the engine. now it's totally broke. >> you can just wait it out, when you run out of gas, you can make your way back down. >> and that's what mark chose to do. >> he manages to start cutting out the tube. bringing his ppg back down earth sel landing and he discovers the problem.
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this tiny little piece of engine mount right here, right where the throttle cable mounts to the carburetor it's just flatout broken. >> might want to fix that. >> he handled it well though considering this could have been gone really bad. landed safely, did a great video and learned a lesson. >> bob's doughnut is a staple in the knob hill neighborhood in san francisco and in addition to all the doughnuts, one of the most popular things there is the bob's doughnut challenge. you eat one doughnut in three minutes and it's just as simple as that. my friend damian jones is a center for the golden state warriors and he is a doughnut fanatic. when he goes from city to city, he visits doughnut shops. he stopped by bob's doughnut. he's been eyeing this challenge for quite some time now. >> that doughnut just seems relevant to him. >> you have a point.
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he's seven feet tall. >> that doughnut didn't stand a chance. >> my heart rate's going up. i'm so excited. >> do they have a gluten-free version? i would do it any way. >> what do you get? the doughnut for free. >> if you finish the challenge, you get your money back, a t-shirt and listed in bob's hall of fame. >> they're coaching him in the background. >> get it under two minutes. >> 45 seconds. >> his official time was 1:59:29 so in addition to be a two time nba champion he will be enlisted into the bob's doughnut hall of fame. >> this is more important. >> seriously. here comes the lambeau
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cruising the boulevard. >> if he's not the owner, that is a brilliant way to still a lamborghini. and dad wants the tv remote. >> but his head is to too comfortable leaning against the pillow. >> and what do you expect him to do? reach for it? >> how he calls in the perfect backup. anif you've got a lifee. you gotta swiffer the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood
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kong when the car -- excuse me! wait a minute! sir, please stop your car, sir! >> these things do come with a hand brake. there's no one in the driver's seat. >> nobody. >> it does come to a stop after it bumps up against this curb and, of course, it attracts a very large crowd. everybody with their cell phones out. it also attracted the attention of this man who i assume is the owner who sheepishly opens the door -- excuse me, pardon me -- if he's not the owner, that's a brilliant way to steal a lamborghini. >> there's so much that is lucky about this situation, the fact that it didn't get out of control or hit anybody else and there's not too much damage to it. it's the best case scenario considering the stupidity. >> pretty much. you mentioned earlier that the handlockdown, didn't set the hand brake. here he's gently trying to walk
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this lamborghini back off the curb. i doubt he will ever do this again. could be a few small scratches. obviously the biggest injury was to the man's pride. there are certain perks that i have now learned come with being a parent, because let's say you're laying in bed like a king and you're watching tv, but the remote control is just a few inches too far for you to move. he's clearly trying to make it work, right? he's reaching for it, but he has a plan b. it's probably a plan a. >> come here! hurry up. >> just call for your kid. >> hurry love that. komtorming t busiss. quic gh the doorteme
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>> ared me the remote. >> you still did it. >> close my door. >> love you. >> he's going to hate him. >> no. that kid is going to have kids of his own and he's going to do the same thing kind of like this guy's dad did to him probably. >> and that's why he's saying this, this is a carry-on tradition that will be passed on to his family for many generations to come. >> carry-on tradition. can she sit in grandpa's chair? >> she's not moving. >> the judge is ruling next "right this minute." and still to come. >> good evening, sir. >> catching a ride with batman. >> as long as he's got one seat for me that's the greatest ride ever. >> seeing why being in the backseat ain't all super. plus the skate boarders down for the count.
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with max strength lidocaine. icy hot®. we're dating an athlete, you've got to be ready for just about anything because accidents happen. >> this video comes to us from duncan. >> and he lays there for a second. >> that hurts. >> if anybody's ever injured their tailbone, they know it hurts forever. >> he hits twice. he hits up on that rail and down on the ground. >> now he girl walks up and she's like hey, hey, hey wait a minute. >> oh, heck, no, you didn't. >> get out of here with this. >> how it we not see this coming? >> i'm over here feeling all bad because his tailbone's busted. >> instead he busted out a big fat diamond.
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>> he's like 12. >> and the crowd goes wild. >> nope. >> you might need a time-out after this one. >> i'll take it right a basketb game. >> this is a serious situation. we've seen basketball players go down and not get back up. >> but we don't believe them any more. now we think he's faking it. >> technical foul. >> we've seen this before as in 15 seconds ago with the guy in the skate park. >> when athletes actually hurt themselves and can't get up, their girlfriends are going to be up, like -- it's not the girlfriends. it's the ones that want to be the girlfriends. are you okay? are you okay? >> groupies. what if you're in the middle of nowhere, what's rural uber like? >> when's that uber getting here? >> you've got justin and craig
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quite literally in the middle of nowhere. they're uber's on the way. >> justin and greg? >> jump in to the bucket seats and don't forget to buckle up. >> perfect. >> what? >> we used to do this over our dad's tractor except we didn't live in the middle of nowhere, but it was fun. >> what if you were in a major city, let's say gotham city. >> good evening, sir. >> are you batman? >> no, no. you must have mistaken me for someone else. i guess i have one of those faces. >> what is a superhero who is a billionaire doing driving an uber? well -- >> when your income is a and your expenses are b -- >> aren't you a billionaire? >> yes, a billionaire with a
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debilitating shopping addiction. >> that's pretty bad. >> i bought the moon just so i could rename it bat moon. >> i think it would be a lot better for business if you drove the bat mobile around instead of this old mini van. >> that's the greatest ride ever. turns out i'd be wrong. >> robert, doesn't like it when i pick him up from practice in a military grade tank. i'm tired from all the judgmental stares from the other soccer mom's and their eco friendly prius. >> i don't think that merits a beat down. >> just ridiculous. little billy's back with a
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new gag. >> no! >> whoa. >> now we're meeting the man behind the filter and getting the story behind this
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video, go and use our mobile app. >> better than cooking. we became big fans of little billy when he brought us his very first magic trick. >> he's so sweet. >> today, he's having a bit of trouble taking the
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>> the situation is not tip top right now for little billy. going to have to get it-to-work. psychs himself up. >> whoa! >> all right. cool. that didn't quite go according to plan. >> breathe, remain >> he's in the right place for it. >> no! >> drop a grenade in there. >> somebody did. >> i'm just trying to think about that. >> little billy has been cracking us up now and it's time to find out the man behind this comedy, so live by skype "right this minute" we have little billy. >> hey! >> hey! >> he's cute. >> otherwise known as charles. welcome to the show.
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whereabouts in the country are you, mate? >> i'm in whaacacac >> what are you doing when you're not doing little billy? >> i'm a teacher. >> is that where the idea from little billy came from? >> i have a son that's 4 years old. that's where i got it from. >> how did your students even find out that you were this character? >> i showed them. >> show it to them before they find you, right? >> yes, yes. >> are you going to find little billy taking up more of your time? do you see yourself doing both? >> that is my dream is to be able to do this like full time. i'm going to keep doing this. i'm going do it regardless. i do hope to do it one day full time. >> he just dropped a new video. i'll give you a quick clip. they take july 4th and fireworks
3:27 pm
very seriously in texas and he's just trying to find the right one. >> do you have any wiggler bombs? full metal jacket? pig's feet. >> we are pretty amused by it. do you have a lady, what does she think about it? >> i'm married. she tries not to laugh because that encourages me. >> mine too. >> she has the best poker face in the world and so sometimes i to stuff and i don't know if she's aggravated or if she's laughing but trying -- she's definitely the hardest crowd. >> she has to be. somebody has to keep you in check. >> we'll pick you up as much as we can. little billy, charles, round of applause. >> thank you. you're all the best. >> take it
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tonight, the miracle in the cave. the moment a boy's soccer team is found alive, ten days after vanishing inside a maze of dark tunnels. >> the boys have been found. >> families rejoicing. but now, the new race against time to rescue those children. cohen's warning shot. the president's former personal attorney and fixer breaking his silence in an abc news exclusive. telling george stephanopoulos ld take t loyalty is now to his a bullet for the president. the deadly vacation horror. a tour boat exploding off the bahamas. a young american dancer losing her legs in the blast. and new details tonight about the woman who did not survive. extreme heat wave. the summer scorcher now turning


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