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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 2, 2018 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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we'll see you tomorrow. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, jon hamm, from "uncle drew" lil rel howery, and music from g-eazy featuring yo gotti & ybn nahmir. and now, if that's not enough, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that's very nice, thank you. thank you, everybody. hi there, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. very nice. i appreciate it. please, relax. thank you for joining us on a
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very special day here in the united states of america. 72 years ago today in the borough of queens, in the state of new york, a pumpkin got trapped in a tanning bed. [ laughter ] and donald j. trump was born. [ laughter ] today is president trump's birthday. they gave him a carvelle ice cream cake. he grabbed it right by the cookie-puss. [ rim shot ] you know, the vice president is one who actually gets the cake for birthdays. he's in charge of making sure that all cakes that come into the white house were baked by heterosexuals. [ laughter ] it's his most important duty. the first lady, melania trump, i thought this was interesting. last year she wished her husband a happy birthday on twitter. she posted this "happy birthday mr. president" with heart emojis. so this year, she posted nothing. [ laughter ] gee, i wonder why that is. [ cheers and applause ] although she did -- she did give him a card. this is the card.
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happy birthday, you'll never find me. [ laughter ] you know, true love means never having to be in the same room together. so happy birthday, mr. president. by the way, this is the day mueller should have served the subpoena, right? on his birthday. maybe with a candle on it. [ cheers and applause ] the president didn't get a subpoena, at least not from robert mueller today. he did get a fresh new lawsuit filed against him. the new york attorney general this morning filed suit against donald trump, eric trump, ivanka trump, and djtj 2 for what they describe as persistently illegal conduct by the trump foundation, their charity organization. the state alleges that the trumps misused their non-profit to pay business debts and campaign expenses, which is not allowed. the attorney general says trump's kids were collecting money despite doing no discernible work for it. which in fairness to them that's what they do. i mean, that's their job.
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[ laughter ] they collect money. in exchange for being born. [ applause ] quite a story. the board of directors for the charity hadn't even met in 19 years. and trump himself hadn't made a contribution to his own foundation, the trump foundation, in 10 years. most foundations of this type are supported almost entirely by the person they're named after. but it's important to remember, though, this foundation, this isn't the foundation he puts on his face every morning. [ laughter ] that is made of melted crayons and marmalade. this is a different thing. of course trump is angrily denying the charges. i guess we'll see, i don't know. i kind of feel like if you saw the words "donald trump charity" and gave money, you deserve whatever you get. [ laughter ] but back in washington, another team trumper may be on the way out. according to cbs news, white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders is planning to -- [ cheers and applause ] planning her escape from witchhunt mountain. [ laughter ] reports say she'll be leaving by the end of the year.
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she says she's not going anywhere. which of course means she's most certainly going somewhere. she feeted, "does krb news know something i don't about my plans and my future?" i was at my daughter's kindergarten event and they ran a story about my plans to leave the white house even talking to me. i love my job and i'm honored to work for potus." definitely leaving, right? [ laughter ] working with this president makes every day a kindergarten event for sarah huckabee sanders. this is what she had to huckabee-s her way through today. the president is taking heat because of footage released by the north korean state media today in which trump salutes a north korean general during his honeymoon getaway with kim jong un. >> [ speaking foreign language ]. >> jimmy: the reason that's a big deal is because the president as commander in chief is only supposed to salute our military. not other people's militaries. especially not from a country like north korea.
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you see he goes this for the handshake, the guy's like, how about this? trump's like, all right, i'll give you one of those. you get the idea donald trump would salute a plate of general tso's chicken. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] meanwhile, the rest of the world were focused on day one of the world cup today which even if you don't follow soccer world cup is a xhachance to see some the greatest athletes on the planet fall down and grab their shins over and over again. the cup's being held in russia this year and vladimir putin was on hand to see his russian team beat saudi arabia. they beat them 5-0. putin sat with the crown prince of saudi arabia. watch the reactions every time russia scored. >> in the box -- russia's on the board! he drives it. 3-0 russia! the big man scores! >> 4-0 russia lead.
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strikes. 5-0 russia! [ applause ] >> jimmy: they're experiencing joy for the first time, they don't know what to do. so russia is expected to get 1.5 million visitors during the world cup. they're trying their best to make people feel welcome. the state has been training russian workers to smile. for real. russians are apparently not a naturally smiley people. so they're being urged to watch this video we made up. >> russian board of tourism present your first smile. millions of tourists will come to russia to celebrate world cup. as public workers, we must make them to feel welcome. smile! what? never smiled before? smile can be used in so many situations. when baby is born. when team wins. when bear does not eat you. and when world cup tourist looks
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at you in face. follow five rules to smile. rule one, think of most exciting thing. like steven seagal come to your house with gift of cabbage. rule two, elevate cheeks on face. first left. then right. good work, natalia. you are getting it. three, squint eyes and drop jaw. look at you, alexi! smiling like an oligarch. real four, expose teeth. like to bite someone. a little wider, boris. there you go. and five rule, if all fails, hack your face like you do computer. use two clips of paper and rubber band to create smile. bravo, natalia! tourists will get warm feeling looking at you. okay. now it's group selfie time. and remember, if you don't smile, you will be shot to
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death. paid for by wolfpaste. it's like toothpaste but with wolf. >> jimmy: oh. [ cheers and applause ] we're going to take a break. when we come back, something very special. we invited new u.s. citizens to welcome them to america in a way that immigrants have never been welcomed before. so stick around, we'll be right back with that. [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: abc's "jimmy kimmel live," brought to you by allstate. i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself. so get an allstate agent, and be better protected from mayhem. like me. can a ring bearer get a snack around here?
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>> jimmy: welcome back to the show. jon hamm, lil rel howery, music from g-easy with yo gotti and ybn nahmir. today is flag day. i hope it was a windy one for you. flag day was started in 1916 by a group of senators who needed an excuse to go home early one day. it is a day for patriotism. we've heard a lot about immigration and immigrants. we seem to have forgotten this is a nation of immigrants. people who come to this country, or came here because they believe they can build a better life. every week immigrants from all over the world take the oath of citizenship in courthouses, libraries, auditoriums, all across the country without much pomp or circumstance. this is how it goes. so i don't know, i think becoming an american shouldn't look like a visit to the dmv. [ laughter ] it's a big deal and we think it deserves a big deal. so tonight we invited a group of brand-new citizens to come to our show. these are real new citizens.
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[ cheers and applause ] with that i turn it over to dave joseph, the announcer for the los angeles kings. dave? >> announcer: thanks, jimmy! ladies and gentlemen -- your new american citizens! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ on the boats and on the planes they're coming to america ♪ >> announcer: from kigali, rwanda, standing at 5'11", he is a waiter and his favorite tv show is "the o.c." please welcome lody mugisha amini mwangachuchu! [ cheers and applause ] from tehran, iran at 5'4" she is an aerospace engineer who climbs rocks for fun. mehrnoush zare! [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ today ♪ they're coming to america from monterrey, mexico, standing at 5'11", he is a food consultant and has a weiner dog named rivarito. teo elizondo gonzales! ♪ today from collegecutta, india, at 5'6" he's a ceo who likes his eggs sunny side up. parthapratim chakrabothe. [ cheers and applause ] from the philippines, at 5'2" she is a nurse who collects figurines. flor afabl cooley! ♪ today and finally, at 5'7", from crimea, he is a software engineer who likes ice cream. sergei vyacheslavovic getmanchuk!
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ thereg a and gtleneawee urewmeca [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. and i want to say, on behalf of all americans, we are happy to welcome you as part of our country. and now with the official welcome to america gift basket, please welcome another naturalized american citizen, guillermo. [ cheers and applause ] guillermo took the oath about 10 years ago. tell them what they get. >> guillermo: they get an apple pie. >> jimmy: yes, what else? >> guillermo: they get a beer helmet. >> jimmy: a beer helmet. [ cheers and applause ] >> guillermo: and some illegal chinese fireworks! >> jimmy: illegal chinese fireworks!
11:52 pm
[ applause ] >> guillermo: and a pair of trump nuts! >> jimmy: trump nuts, wow. [ cheers and applause ] that is beautiful. each of you gets that basket and the celebration doesn't end here. in back of our studio we have a limo standing by, driven by none other than our 16th president, abraham lincoln. [ cheers and applause ] honest abe is going to take each and every one of you to a big after party at the international house of pancakes. our new american citizens, everyone! god bless america! [ cheers and applause ] tonight on the show, music from g-eazy. lil rel howery is here. and we'll be right back with jon hamm. ♪ they're coming to america they're coming to america ♪ ♪ they're coming to america they're coming to america ♪
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>> jimmy: oh, look at that. that's fun. that's fun. that's how it should go. tonight, from the movie "uncle drew," lil rel howery is here. you know him from "get out." then, with their song from the soundtrack to "uncle drew," g-eazy with yo gotti and ybn nahmir from the mercedes-benz outdoor stage. tomorrow, we have a new show tomorrow, friday night, with tiffany haddish, dj khaled, and music from ella mai. so please join us for that. our first guest is an emmy-winning actor whose don draper suit hangs in the smithsonian museum which is good to know if he ever runs out of clothes. starting tomorrow, you can see him as a grown man in a never-ending game of tag in the movie "tag." please welcome jon hamm. [ cheers and applause ]
11:59 pm
♪ >> jimmy: how are you doing? >> i'm all right. >> jimmy: i heard you were under the weather? >> fighting off a cold. i've been traipsing around the country promoting the movie. >> jimmy: you don't mind if i purell, i have a big game on saturday. >> i don't mind. the last thing i want to do is cause you any -- handicap it at all. >> jimmy: do you have any advice for me in this game? >> uh -- i'm dying to see it. i can't believe this is happening. i want to put money on it. is sal taking bets? >> jimmy: cousin sal and i -- i found out today they have a line on it. >> they established a line. >> jimmy: somehow i'm the underdog. which infuriates me. >> that's impossible. >> jimmy: infuriates me. the city of las vegas, where i you up, is giving me the underdog. >> that's impossible.
12:00 am
that feels like the fix is in. >> jimmy: well, you know what we did, we bet. we just bet on me. >> fair enough. i'm in. >> jimmy: we're going to make them pay monetarily is what we're going to do. >> i'm in. >> jimmy: oh, really? oh, good. [ cheers and applause ] how much you got? that's a lot of money. >> except for the two-dollar bills in my pocket. i'm pretty sure that's $420. which i think is somehow weirdly appropriate. >> jimmy: i won't be drug tested. i will give that to cousin sal, thank you very much for your support. >> it's coming back to me, it's coming back to me. >> jimmy: i know you love the cardinals. they have -- i'm sure you're aware -- >> yes, a big series against the chicago cubs. >> jimmy: in st. louis. >> in st. louis. >> jimmy: you will not be able to attend? >> unfortunately i can't but i will be watching. >> jimmy: what is the greatest cardinals game you ever went to? >> i was 11 years old. 1982. the cardinals were in the world series for the first time since the '60s.
12:01 am
so before my time. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and i went to game one with my dad. we lost 10-1, or 10-0. >> jimmy: terrible. >> i thought, this is it, we're never going to win again. >> jimmy: right. >> then we somehow fought back to get to game seven and we won. i was with my dad. we won the world series. it's the greatest feeling in the world. and the cardinals theme song that year was kool & the gang's "celebration." >> jimmy: i remember that for some weird reason. >> it's the most joyful song in the world anyway. >> jimmy: yeah. >> but when it seems they're singing it about your team, to you? when all of kool and all of the gang are singing right to you? >> jimmy: yeah. >> it's the best. >> jimmy: were they there? >> they were not there. >> jimmy: they didn't show up. >> every radio station was playing it. everybody in cars downtown had some version of it, not synced up, of course. >> jimmy: i'm pretty sure kool & the gang are atlanta braves fans. >> totally. like they have no connection to the city whatsoever. but for that one moment in time they could have gone anywhere. >> jimmy: is that the biggest rivalry in the midwest?
12:02 am
>> cards/cubs? yeah, probably, yeah. >> jimmy: really, it's much more intense than i imagined it would be. >> i mean, it can be. it's also tempered by the fact that it's the midwest. it's not like the yankees/red sox where people want to pull out weapons. >> jimmy: and kill each other, yeah. >> or any philadelphia team and anyone else. [ laughter ] it is kind of like, well -- we'll be gentlemen about it. you always see it. they'll show, you know, shots around the kiss cam, whatever, and there will be one cardinals fan and one cubs fan. >> jimmy: sitting together? >> sitting together or married or something. >> jimmy: do you have any friends who are cubs fans? >> i have many friends who are cubs fans. >> jimmy: you'd go to a cubs game with them? >> i have gone. i went to the world series. >> jimmy: you did. >> i took -- i went to games three, four, five at wrigley. and to each game i took a different friend of mine who is a cubs fan. >> jimmy: were you rooting for the indians? >> no, i was rooting for the cubs. i root for the national league. >> jimmy: did you wear cubs paraphernalia? >> i wore a cardinal hat. >> jimmy: that must have gone
12:03 am
over big. >> believe it or not, it didn't. >> jimmy: it didn't, yeah. >> it was sort of screen shotted and printed in the "chicago tribune," then i was public enemy number one for a hot second. to the point where they finally won game five. and there was a big after party at -- some of the bleachers, outside the stadium, one of the bars outside the stadium. everybody going crazy, they won, they got a chance. bill murray's there, joel murray who worked on "mad men" with me, bill's brother. all of the murrays are there. there's nine of them. eddie vedder, big cubs fan, all these guys. i've got my little cardinals hat on, that was really fun, right? everybody's like, no, get that hat off, now! i'm like no, it's fun and games, it's the midwest, we're all friends, right? they're like no, take that hat off now. to the point where billy murray grabs, it throws it over the wall of the bar into the alley. where i'm like, okay, uh, thanks. like in all seriousness. i look around, there's a door to the alley.
12:04 am
i open the door. it goes to the alley. i see my hat laying upside down in a puddle. i was like, thank you very much. i'll put that back on. >> jimmy: you put it back on? >> i certainly did. >> jimmy: that's real love for your team. either that or your hair was a mess. >> a little bit of both. column a, column b. the moral of the story was, this hat got so much attention because for whatever reason -- >> jimmy: bill murray. >> bill murray threw it. i was in chicago hosting the make a wish gala, their big fund-raiser. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and i started the whole thing about how it's nice to invite somebody from st. louis, a cardinal fan, blah, blah, blah. to various reactions from the audience. i auctioned the hat off. >> jimmy: how much did you get for it? >> it was part of a package, something like 15 grand. >> jimmy: oh, wow. >> yeah, it was a whole thing. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: there you go, a magic hat, like frosty the snowman. >> it ends very nicely. you can put it in a blender, you can put it on the wall, you can do whatever you want. >> jimmy: we're going to take a
12:05 am
break. when we come back we're going to see a clip from your movie which i mentioned to you, i think it's hilario hilarious. it's called "tag." i have a surprise for you also. jon hamm is here. we'll be right back. right back. gotta put the whole bag in. okay. yes! it's really working, jimmy! [humming, thumping] [humming] [thumping] this is the greatest moment of my life! get out of my yard! [birds chirping] jimmy? you're so old. [crunch!] it's the future! you'rwhen you barely cliptreet a passing car. minor accident - no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates
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switch to directv and now get a $100 reward card. more for your quitting cable thing. that's our thing. call 1 800 directv. >> jimmy: did you know the vast majority of automotive crashes involve human error? it's true. that's why the people at google's self-driving car project now known as weimo invented a car that literally drives itself, which is awesome. it's like having an imaginary chauffeur. so we wanted guillermo to test-ride a weimo to show how safe and easy they are but i thought he might be hesitant about getting into a car without a driver. so instead of telling him he would be in a driverless car we told him he was shooting a commercial for a new meat-flavored energy drink. we put him in the back seat. and then the driver escaped and the high jinks began. >> we want to rehearse this? >> guillermo: yeah. >> okay. >> guillermo: hi, jimmy. >> jimmy: hi, guillermo. so what's your big plan to cool
12:10 am
people down? >> guillermo: thank you for asking. i got a cooler full of delicious refreshing salami mist. >> jimmy: have you tried it? >> guillermo: yes. it's delicious and meaty, just like you. and we're going to drive around town and give it out. >> i'll actually be right back. [ car starts ] >> jimmy: what's happening? >> guillermo: it's driving by itself? >> jimmy: what do you mean it's driving by itself? >> guillermo: there's no driver. i don't see nobody here. >> jimmy: where's it going? >> guillermo: it's making a right. and there's no driver. this is crazy. >> jimmy: guillermo, i have a confession to make. >> guillermo: yeah. >> jimmy: we lied to you. there's no such thing as salami motivate. you are in a waymo, guillermo. do you know what a waymo is? >> guillermo: no. what is it? >> jimmy: it's a completely safe, fully driverless car. >> guillermo: oh, my god.
12:11 am
and i got scared the car is driving by itself. >> jimmy: just think how much you can drink now. >> guillermo: and i don't have to drive. i can be responsible. technology, huh, jimmy? >> jimmy: yeah. technology's crazy. isn't it? >> guillermo: [ bleep ] amazing. >> jimmy: i'm sorry i tricked you, but maybe i can make it up to you. do you want to go get some tacos? >> guillermo: oh, my god, we're going to a taco place? yeah. los favoritos. the favorite ones. >> jimmy: have a fun little fiesta. >> where did you grow? >> guillermo: this car drove all around town. it's crazy by itself. >> waymo's created a fully driverless car. it's real and it's here today.
12:12 am
something incredible is here at disney california adventure park. it must be epic! thrilling! daring! come ride the incredicoaster. it's going to be simply exhilarating, dahling.
12:13 am
we are -- global. >> yet local. >> that's exactly right, sorry. one second. hey, could you maybe come back at another time? we're just right in the middle of something, sir. >> i'm afraid not, bob! >> what are you doing here? how did you get past security? >> i didn't. i work here. >> you got a job at my company so you could try to tag me? >> come on, bob, it's over. >> you don't think i can escape from my own conference room? >> where are you going to go? >> well, guess what? watch. now this is happening. ooh. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's jon hamm in "tag" with ed helms. that opens in theaters tomorrow. this is an amazing story and part of what is great about the movie is that really, these --
12:14 am
there really is a group of guys who really do play tag. >> 100%. it started -- the setup there is that a "wall street journal" reporter is interviewing me about my company. >> jimmy: yes. >> and this thing happens where this crazy game happens in front of the reporter. and i try to pick up at the end like, okay, what were we talking about? the reporter's like, no, no, no, we're not talking about your business anymore, we're talking about whatever that was. >> jimmy: and is that how it really went down? >> yeah. >> jimmy: is that how the article -- >> it was like a happy accident. >> jimmy: wow. >> it's based on the story of these ten guys in spokane, washington that have now kind of dispersed around the country, because they're adults with jobs and careers and families, who one month out of the year play this kind of no holds barred game of tag and have been doing it since they were 9. >> jimmy: they'll show up, fly -- >> they'll show up at hospitals, weddings, funerals, and workplaces, jump out of cars, dressed in costume. we have a whole clip reel, it's
12:15 am
real, a whole clip reel at the end of the film that shows the things we did in the movie are what they did. >> jimmy: it's crazy. >> and it's bonkers. we got a chance to meet these guys who came for the premiere. renner had a big party at his house. the first time they'd all been in the same room. the game was not on. >> jimmy: yeah, they do it -- >> february of every year, the shortest month. so everybody was safe. everybody was on base. >> jimmy: one of them was "it" from the previous year? >> one of them was definitely it from the previous year, and they all knew it and they all just ragged on the guy the whole night. >> jimmy: the whole time. i love that so much. >> in their 50s. >> jimmy: i want to apologize to you for something because loo v la last time you were here we talked about emo's pizza in st. louis. you're from st. louis. you and i maintain that -- it's a very popular, regional, local pizza. >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: the worst pizza you've ever had in your life. >> i'll say it specifically. >> jimmy: jon, though, whether he likes it or not, he has to defend it. >> yes, i do. >> jimmy: he is from st. louis. >> yes, i do. >> jimmy: but in the interest of fairness, i brought you another
12:16 am
st. louis treat. >> oh, god. >> jimmy: now this -- >> oh! >> jimmy: i've had, and it's actually delicious. >> yes. >> jimmy: in fact, my wife, who is from st. louis, stole most of these. this is ted drew's frozen custard. >> oh! >> jimmy: now have a look at that. >> this is very good stuff. >> jimmy: i don't know why they gave us plates for it. >> i don't know why they gave us spoons. >> jimmy: what is your flavor at ted drew's? >> it's usually -- i usually do vanilla but you mix stuff in. >> jimmy: don't they do a thing -- because i've been there. where they turn it over and it doesn't come out. >> that ain't going anywhere. >> jimmy: it's called a concrete. >> concrete, right. ah! >> jimmy: this is not ice cream, frozen custard. >> it's like ice cream but three times the calories and fat and everything bad. >> jimmy: oh my god, it's so good. >> the funny thing about ted drew's in st. louis is the main version of it is this old rickety shack that in summertime has a line literally out into
12:17 am
the street. it disrupts traffic. next door to ted drew's is a baskin-robbin's. that should probably be called the loneliest baskin-robbins in the world. because there is never anybody in there. you can see the person looking there across the street at the 9,000-person line. like really, you want to spend an hour in line in 100 degree st. louis heat? >> jimmy: we've got 31 flavors. >> we've got 31 of them. one of them kind of tastes like that. >> jimmy: well, i hope this makes things right with the city of st. louis.i uml bsilst up. >> thumbs up, absolutely. >> jimmy: jon hamm, everybody! "tag" opens in theaters tomorrow. we'll be right back with lil rel howery. ♪
12:18 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: still to come, g-eazy. you know our next guest as the lovable and heroic tsa agent in "get out." his latest movie has a very athletic cast including kyrie irving, reggie miller, and shaquille o'neal. it's called "uncle drew." it's in theaters june 29th. please welcome lil rel howery. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: what's happening? >> i'm just chilling. i'm very excited about my all-white outfit. >> jimmy: you look good. i noticed your shoes. i wonder if i should wear shoes like that for my basketball game. are those like show basketball shoes or you can play in those?
12:24 am
>> no, i think you would hurt yourself in these. these are just for show. ted cruz would destroy you if you wear these. >> jimmy: is that something you got from one of the guys in the movie? who's in the movie? tell us. >> kyrie irving, shaquille o'neal, nate robinson -- [ applause ] reggie miller, we got lisa leslie, aaron gordon's in the movie, tiffany haddish, nick kroll. >> jimmy: of the players -- actors aside, of the players which one is the best actor? >> oh -- well, let me say this. kyrie's amazing. >> jimmy: he's a star. >> he's a star, yeah. but chris webber, he's going to surprise everybody. how funny he is. >> jimmy: really, chris webber, interesting. >> yeah. >> jimmy: did you get close to any of these guys? did you become life-long friends with them? >> not life-long. i can text them, you know what i mean? [ laughter ] they like my pictures on instagram. >> jimmy: whoa, that's big. [ laughter ] did you play basketball with them?
12:25 am
>> yeah, well, that's all we did. it's a basketball movie. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i mean, like for real. did they really let you play? >> i mean, like -- well -- i guess. i can't give out nothing of the movie. i did get a lot of tips from them which honestly -- i know you're playing one on one against ted cruz. >> jimmy: yeah. >> nate robinson, he told me to get my follow-through on. when you take that shot, follow through. >> jimmy: follow through. i don't do that. >> you need to, bruh. >> jimmy: i need to. you're right. that's a good tip. follow-through is important in basketball, in baseball, and in life. [ cheers and applause ] you have to follow through. you've had quite a couple of years now. are your friends and family now excited about your celebrity and wanting to be a part of it? >> yeah, i mean, everybody's excited. my son is in the movie. >> jimmy: your son's in the movie? >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's pretty great. >> really great. >> jimmy: how old is your son? >> he's 8.
12:26 am
little judah, he's really good. i'm so proud of him. >> jimmy: are you? >> yeah, he's really good. but the funny thing is once i did that i guess other relatives thought like oh, okay. >> jimmy: oh. [ laughter ] >> going to put people in movies. my little cousin is constantly hitting me up. i don't know how he got my phone number. like you got a phone? you know what i mean? like seriously, so funny.ite upn the disney movie "descendants." i'm like, bro, i don't know nobody over there. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what? >> like today -- this is a true story. he face-timed me today. while he in school. >> jimmy: really, okay. >> like my friends don't believe -- trying to talk all cool on the face-time. like hey, man, what up? what up? my friends don't believe you're my cousin. i'm like, i'm not. and hung up. [ laughter ] aren't you in school? >> jimmy: that would be a good lesson for him. those guys, most of these guys are retired. the guys you mentioned. at least from playing.
12:27 am
are they still competitive with one another? >> oh, man. >> jimmy: reggie miller. >> reggie and kyrie -- forget just on the court. we did a scene at dave and buster's. you know that hot shot? they went at it, yo. they went at it. >> jimmy: who won? >> kyrie. but it was like -- i try to take an attempt. i was so embarrassed. only made eight points. they had like 70, 80. >> jimmy: yeah. because they follow through. >> they follow through. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: even in pop-a-shot it's important. you shot this movie when kyrie was what, a cavalier i guess he was at that time? >> yeah. >> jimmy: did you know he was going to boston? >> no. >> jimmy: no, you had no idea. >> i remember the day before we had our first read together, i was watching "sportscenter." it's like you want to leave the cavs. we got there the next day, just me standing there with him for the first time. like i wanted to ask, hey, man, you good?
12:28 am
[ laughter ] you want to talk about stuff? >> jimmy: which team do you root for? >> you know something, i'm a bulls fan. [ cheers ] big cubs fan. [ cheers ] cardinal-cubs -- >> jimmy: and you're in "tag" too. >> yeah, it's great. me and jon are like this. >> jimmy: i should have got you some ice cream. >> but i became -- i enjoy watching boston this year. kyrie was very excited about playing with those young guys, jay brown and tightum. he was hyping them up. this is before the season. that was such a good team this year. >> jimmy: it's easier to root for your hometown team, then you meet people and it's like, oh, now i know this guy, i can't root against him. >> you start thinking that. what that is? that's really petty, right? i'm a basketball fan. i started buying -- i bought a kyrie jersey and posted it. >> jimmy: oh. >> it became a thing. >> jimmy: you can't do that. >> people texting, what are you dog, fam? i said, what are you talking about? now you're a celtic?
12:29 am
no, come on, man, i had to give the excuse. i did a movie with him. he's a good dude. we had a lot of small talk. he sent me some shoes. >> jimmy: facetime with him. as far as shaq goes, they're saying this is his best acting work since "kazaam." [ laughter ] is that true? >> that is true. [ laughter ] best work since "kazaam." >> jimmy: did you get to spend time with shaq? he's one of the most fun people in the world. >> shaq is really dope and has a lot of cars. >> jimmy: how many cars does he have? >> i don't know exactly. but i remember one day on the set he showed up in one of the cars. i was like, yo, that car's insane. he's like, yo, do you want to keep it for a week? >> jimmy: really? >> trick question? [ laughter ] i said no. >> jimmy: you said no? >> it was just weird. like what? first of all, all his seats are really far -- >> jimmy: right, yeah. >> i don't even think they go up, you know what i mean? >> jimmy: yeah. maybe that's why he offered it
12:30 am
to you, just to see if you could reach the accelerator. >> he was casual about it, "you can keep it." what? it's not a t-shirt, man. >> jimmy: shaq was going around loaning out cars, that's remarkable. >> he's really rich. >> jimmy: that's like a mike tyson move. >> he's a really rich man. >> jimmy: well, congratulations to you on everything. the movie, it's edllcaclun " e lil rel howery, everybody. when we come back, a song from that very film with g-eazy, yo gotti and ybn nahmir. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. i'm ready. but, clearly, i'm a little nervous.
12:31 am
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank jon hamm and lil rel. apologies to matt damon. here with a song from the "uncle drew" soundtrack called "1942" with help from yo gotti and ybn nahmir, g-eazy! ♪ i don't follow rules and they
12:33 am
don't like that hit a three ♪ ♪ got a flight back ♪ these brand new don't step on my balenci's i'ma hit that if she let me they don't like ♪ ♪ how i talk that flooded out my wrist a puddle drippin' '42 i'm steady sippin' ♪ ♪ yeah i'm on and i'm off that these brand new don't step on my balencis ♪ ♪ i'ma hit that if she let me they don't like how i talk that ♪ ♪ flooded out my wrist a puddle drippin' '42 i'm steady sippin' yeah i'm on ♪ ♪ and i'm off that i don't follow rules and they don't like that hit the club with wifey ♪ ♪ brought a dime back hit the three twice and ran it right back i'm only here tonight ♪ ♪ 'cause in the morning got a flight back talkin' it but you ain't livin' ♪ ♪ like that the porsche cost a hundred this is twice that flooded all my diamonds ♪ ♪ poland spring back in oakland i'm a king i know and halsey is a ting yeah 'rari detailed ♪ ♪ there's not a speck of dust on it i'ma get the bag you can put some trust ♪ ♪ on it everything is new so it's never rust on it and her booty so big ♪ ♪ you could park a bus on it yee
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12:35 am
new don't step on my balenci's i'ma hit that ♪ ♪ if she let me they don't like how i talk that flooded out my wrist ♪ ♪ a puddle drippin' '42 i'm steady sippin' yeah i'm on and i'm off that ♪ ♪ ayy ayy red christian loubs i rock designer shoes hunnid bands for my coupe ♪ ♪ i speed and it go vroom baby sts inhe rf ♪ecause she see them ♪ i'm up now the whole gang got 24's on the coupes take a l me never ♪ ♪ we in love i lied foreign's what we ride in the jet we fly ♪ ♪ if he sayin' he respect me then it's likewise another man say he from another drive-by ♪ ♪ i like the way she shake that cake it's like a race if she bad ♪ ♪ i might take her out not on a date say she boujee she hit my phone ♪ ♪ don't step on my balenci's i'ma hit that if she let me they don't like how i talk that ♪ ♪ flooded out my wrist a puddle drippin' '42 i'm steady sippin' yeah i'm on ♪ ♪ and i'm off that these brand new don't step on my balenci's
12:36 am
i'ma hit that ♪ ♪ if she let me they don't like how i talk that flooded out my wrist ♪ ♪ a puddle drippin' '42 i'm steady sippin' yeah i'm on and i'm off that ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:37 am
♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, "miracle underground." >> we are coming. it's okay. >> 12 boys and their soccer coach feared dead after ten days missing inside a cave. found alive deep within the darkness, trapped by flood waters. how rescuers tracked down the children using markings on the cave walls. and now the race against time. the long and treacherous path to safety. with more heavy rains on the way. plus -- ♪ it was meant to be, it'll be >> staten island superstar for this hometown humble hero fame and fortune were always meant to be. >> i will be an international superstar. >> how bebe rex ah went from writing songs for your favorite pop stars to becoming one


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