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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 6, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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currents that you can't see that have life guards and first responders so concerned today. >> super dangerous today. for sure. >> reporter: jessica from napa is keeping a very close eye on her two sons who are sampling the water at ocean beach, she wants both of them to stay on dry land. >> it's not safe today. see how the waves go out, they'll suck you in. >> reporter: swimming is never recommended at ocean beach, this weekend especially. >> you're going to have two forces meeting together, which also creates turbulence in the water. >> reporter: this captain says remnants of hurricane fabio near baja is churning the pacific. >> they create rip currents, and stheek sneaker waves. >> reporter: life guards are asking people to stay out of the water. surfers are still out there taking advantage of big waves.
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some surfers say they're fighting rip currents more than usual. >> there's a pending tide. >> reporter: a woman from pleasanton died trying to save some children. a wave knocked her into the water. the children were rescued. firefighters say the surf will be treacherous. never turn your back on it, especially this weekend. >> enjoy the nice weather and don't go in the water. >> reporter: yeah, that is good advice. this is a beautiful beach, but always very dangerous. swimming is not recommended. patrol units going to be out today and most of tomorrow advising folks to stay on dry land. live at ocean beach, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> thank you, you could see all the wave action there, especially for little kids or adults who don't swim well, treacherous. head to abc 7 news meteorologist drew tit'a spot,
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beaches. the hardest hit beaches will be south facing beaches like stinson beach. wave heights, with strong currents and sneaker waves. the ocean water temperature is hovering in the 50s. it is very chilly to step in that very active ocean at this counterher. the beach forecast, nice looking day, santa cruz will be rather warm with an afternoon high of 80 degrees. a lot of sunshine tomorrow afternoon, but we will have some dangerous surf. of course, the coast going to be the coolest spot. we are going to turn hot, especially in our inland cities, not only tomorrow, but also on sunday. we'll take a look at those numbers and that full accuweather forecast when i see you in a few minutes, kristen. >> drew, thank you. firefighters working to contain the massive wildfire before the weather gets hotter
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and drier this weekend. it's burned 138 square miles, 37% contained, residents still facing mandatory evacuation orders in some areas. more than 3,800 firefighters are currently battling the flames. so far the fire has destroyed nine buildings. a fire along the california/oregon has killed one person and destroyed several buildings. a person not identified died last night where governor brown has declared a state of emergency. the fire has grown to more than 12 square miles and only 5% contained. interstate 5 in that area had been closed for several hours, but has since reopened. >> ten major wildfires burning across california, the largest is the county fire. the pawnee fire in lake county is now 92% contained. one of those fires destroyed homes after breaking out in san diego county. flames have charred about 350 acres. firefighters have zero percent
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containment right now. evacuations are under way in the community of alpine. 25 miles east of downtown san diego. 17 homes and businesses have lost power. sonoma county considering installing eight hidef in addition cameras that will help them spot major wildfires. the cameras would be mounted on communication towers and other high perches overlooking the lake sonoma water shed. county supervisors will consider the $475,000 project next month. east palo alto detectives are hoping newly released surveillance video will help them solve a murder involving a man gunned down in front of his grandmother's house. >> the crime happened in 2015, but the video was made public today for the very first time. abc 7 reporter kris wen spoke to the family. >> reporter: more than three and a half years after a deadly shooting in east palo alto,
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family members met with investigators with new details involving a case with their loved one. >> something is going to pop up, sooner or later, somebody is going to say something. >> reporter: in mid-january of 2015 steven porter jr. was fatally shot while sitting in the car of his driveway of his grandmother's home. police believe it was a targeted attack. east palo alto detective came out of retirement to help the small department with its case load. he's been revisiting a number of unsolved murders. this newly released surveillance video seen publicly for the first time was created with help from the northernenter. in it a person of interest who investigators want to talk to, as well as videos showing a kia suv that may have been involved. >> do the right thing, and identify this individual, and we can go from there. now, this may not be the person we're looking for, but it would be a lot easier if i could sit there and talk to him. >> reporter: porter, who was 36 at the time of the shooting, left behind a daughter and a
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grandson. those close to him say he was committed to his faith and family. >> he always wanted everybody to always love and get along with each other. never a fighter. >> reporter: the department is now offering a $10,000 reward made possible by mothers against murderers for information leading to an arrest and conviction. in east palo alto, kris wen, abc 7 news. the overall crime rate in east palo alto has gone down in recent years. many credit the police department's renewed efforts to better connect with the community. martinez fire officials have lifted a health advisory in place this morning. the refinery sent out a cautionary advisory after a small fire in a compressor at the refinery. it happened around 3:30 this morning. the warning went to communities nearby saying some people could experience skin irritation. no reports of any injuries. >> today marks five years since the crash of flight 214 at san
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francisco international airport. the boeing 777 slammed into a runway sea wall while landing. it sheered off the tail section and sent the jet cart wheeling down the airport. 291 passengers and 16 crew members on board, three passengers died in the crash, including a teenager from china who was actually run over by two airport fire trucks. federal crash investigators faulted the three asiana pilots saying they flew too low and were going too slow. the abc 7 news i team has obtained new video. new questions about how emergency officials handles the disaster. dan noyes will have the investigation tonight. the trump administration is asking for more time to meet a judge's deadline to reunite migrant families separated at the u.s./mexico border. >> more than 2,000 children
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remain in the government's care. >> reporter: aj just filing a court petition asking for more time to reunify undocumented migrant families. the agency now seeking, quote, clarification and/or relief to make sure they can properly vet parents of more than 2,000 children. the staggered deadline requires the trump administration to have children and their parents speak by phone today. by july 10th, children under 5 must be physically renew knighted. and by july 26th, all separated families must be unified. some of the spraegss already lasting months. this guatemalan mother and herer daughter finally. >> i don't have words to how it feels. >> the biggest challenge is verifying family relationships. the agency now using dnangfi pag to prepare a new timeline. in a news conference friday,
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connecticut gov now dan molloy treatment of immigrants. >> knowing the damage you have already demonstrators looking o abolish i.c.e. but vice president pence defending the agency at its headquarters. >> we will stand proudly with our brave heroes of i.c.e. and border patrol. >> just this week, arrests were made at the mexico dropped by 18% last month. natalie brunell, abc news, los angeles. discharged immigrant recruits and reservists who enlisted in a program that promised them american citizenship, according to the associatyol recruits they were labeled as security risks, but otherwise were not told why
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they were being discharged. the ap did not have a number of service members kicked out of the service. immigration attorneys say there aret 40 enlistees. pentagon officials declined lawsuit. a trade war brewing between the u.s. and china. >> nong anybody wants to see a trade war. no one wins. >> the tariffs that went into effect overnight and what all of this might mean for you. getting behind the wheel of a tesla model three, now you don't have to buy one to give it a try. details coming up next. >> i'm michael finney, live at the alameda county fire where the 7 on your side popup is open for business. thank you, michael. folks on the roadway this friday afternoon, check traffic, downtown san francisco, this is the skyway, oncoming traffic going to the lower deck of the bay bridge, trying to get to the east bay, and that's the usual bumper to bumper scene, slightly better if you're an optimist on the right-hand side for folks
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heading toward
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china has filed a second complaint to the world trade organization over the united states move to impose tariffs on chinese goods. >> the new tariffs went into effect just after midnight. abc news reporter stephanie ramos has the latest. >> reporter: the trade battle with china is getting worse. >> i respect china and i respect president xi, but they've been killing us. >> reporter: since january the trump administration has threatened more and more tariffs on chinese goods, prompting a back and forth of trade threats between the two countries, leading up to today when the
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u.s. placed new tariffs on $34 billion worth of chinese goods. >> i don't think anybody wants to see a trade war. no one wins. and that's really not just the u.s. or china, it's really impacting the whole world. >> reporter: china says they were forced to respond with their own tariffs, calling this the largest trade war in history. their target list of american goods include electric cars, whiskey, poultry and soybeans, farmers across the country hope this dispute is temporary. >> given profit margins we have that's enough to take a majority chunk out of our profits. >> reporter: right now u.s. tariffs are on chinese machinery, motors, airplanes and other components and could have major consequences on u.s. companies, for example american carmakers who use some of thoseo paorthem i sight. president trump has threatened to impose taxes on an additional
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$200 billion worth of chinese goods. >> our member companies are very concerned. >> reporter: president trump is also threatening to impose tariffs on european cars, trucks and auto parts, while the eu has already put tariffs on u.s. vehicles. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. the dmv says their investigators caught nearly 2,500 people misusing disabled parking placards in the last year. the violators were nabbed in sting operations conducted throughout the state. dmv investigators say the drivers fraudulently used the placards to gain free parking or to use spaces designated for the disabled. violators face fines up to $1,000 and a point on their license. for the very first time people can test drive a tesla model 3 sedan. a test drive program has been launched at several bay area
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locations. one of the spots customers can get behind the wheel is at dublin. nearly half a million people have reserved the model 3 with deliveries under way now. they and many other prospective customers will get a chance to actually drive these cars. >> it's one thing to see it on the internet, and hear people talk about it, but to actually el acceleration and grip to the steering wheel yourself makes a huge difference. >> now, along with the dublin location, tesla is offering model 3 test drives at sunny vale and palo alto locations. tesla announced it hit its production target of 5,000 model 3s a week. time to turn to michael finney, and 7 on your side. michael is on the road. >> he's live in pleasanton at theal -- at the alameda county fire. >> where's your corn dog? >> i spotted them, to the left,
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where the ds are, exactly where the corn dogs. as a matter of fact, the corn po tin csumer questions and conc hello, drop by, talk to me and talk to the rest of the staff and 7 on your side. as long as you're here in pleasanton, very hot, 95 degrees, is that it? but you don't have to be out in the sun if that's not what you want to do. michelle groesh is with the library and recreation department with the city of pleasanton. you guys got a plan for the heat, right? >> we do. we've got a lot of fun stuff going on this summer to beat the heat. >> what's the library one? >> the library has a bunch of fun activities, reading program for kids and adults and come in and download a bunch of books. beat the heat in the library this year. >> air conditioned? >> air conditioned, absolutely. >> shakes in the park, you guys
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are wrapping up. >> it is our a production of "a midsummer nit'" and we've got g eryhursday nigh. they're free, july 12th is the next movie, showing "little mermaid,". >> as well you should. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> they've got a lot going on. library recreation department in pleasanton. check your own local recreation department. if you have a consumer question or concern, drop by. and by the way, free giveaways here too. go ahead, drop by, say hello. >> good times. thank you, michael. after a weather delay and a hiccup with the launch, travis air force base pulled off its fourth of july drone show last night. 500 drones lit up the sky dazzling the hundreds of people who gathered to watch.
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each drone is equipped with its own light that can create four billion color combinations. >> 4 billion? >> yes, that's how they pulled off these images. the show lasts only about five minutes, but spectators say it was really worth it. >> over time they'll make longer and longer shows. it will be fun. >> you don't have to worry about fire danger with those, right? >> that's the important thing. warmer over the weekend, guys, talking about the summer spread, a little something for everybody. inland is going to get hot. live doppler 7 showing you along with satellite, started out the morning, a lot of cloud cover. the cloud cover has been thinning out throughout the day. but that cloud cover kind of bringing in a little bit more of a mugginess to the atmosphere. picture outside, a beautiful one on this friday afternoon. mix of sun and clouds out there. but these clouds are from what was hurricane fabio. so it's adding some tropical air
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into our area right now. a little humid out there. what you're looking at, these are not temperatures, these are dew points, and dew points measure how much moisture is in the atmosphere. when you have numbers in the 50s, that's when you begin to feel the mugginess in the atmosphere. these numbers will lower over the next 12 hours. tomorrow will feel drier than it does out there right now. wide range of temperatures. 93 in concord, only 70 in san francisco. so it's mild in the city right now. 64. cool on the coast at half moon bay. 86 in santa rosa. and san jose, warm in the south bay right now, a temperature of 88 degrees. overnight tonight, here's the call, away from the coast plenty of stars out there. it will be mild away from the coast too. a lot of spots like concord and antioch sitting in the 60s. it will be a warm biggerpicture, live doppler 7, along with satellite, here's the left overs of fabio. you can see the line of cloud cover streaming into the bay
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area from that system, bringing the mugginess into the air. that's getting out of here tomorrow. you're watching the four corners, see the spin in the atmosphere? some monsoonal moisture, that's an area of high pressure. that will warm us up tomorrow afternoon, especially inland. microclimate, the summer spread, comfortable along the coast. mild tomorrow in the city, 70 for san francisco. warmer on the east bay, oakland at 78. then the numbers really jump, walnut creek it is hot at 93 tomorrow. 95 the forecasted high in antioch. 89 in san jose. so it will be warm in the south bay, 85 in fremont. 90s inland from concord to antioch, hot there in santa rosa. the same in napa. if you go to the coast, remember we have rough surf next 24 hours. the accuweather forecast, tomorrow, hot inland. and then we stay in the steady pattern over the weekend. that summer spread continues even into monday as well. and then we'll begin a cooling
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trend tuesday into wednesday. by thursday and friday of next week, the fog returns. more typical temperatures. so tomorrow afternoon location is key as to how hot you're going to get. >> oh, tough one. thanks. fallout today for a white man who insisted on seeing a black neighbor's id card when she went to her community pool. >> and thinking of heading to the movies this weekend? the bay area connection to two films opening today and
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fallout for the white man racially profiling his african-american neighbor. >> he called the police on her even though she was a resident. >> the man who has since resigned as the pool's chairman lost his job. here is abc news reporter mark
4:25 pm
renolaud. >> reporter: she tries to enter, adam bloom, the pool chairman for the homeowner's association, asks her for her id. she decided to call the police. edwar edwards recording. >> nobody was asked for id, this is racial profiling. he asked for my address, i gave it to him and then he came back and said, well -- >> as long as it matches sally kirk, i'm fine. >> officers trying to diffuse the situation, asking edwards -- her access card opens the lock to the pool. it did. >> turns green and it unlocks. there you go, sir. >> that's enough for me today. >> as bloom walks away, edwards continues to challenge him? >> do you want to apologize? adam? >> bloom's attorney releasing a statement saying he was simply performing his duties as a neighborhood official. it didn't end there.
4:26 pm
the homeowners association accepted bloom's resignation as pool chairman, and his employer fired him saying the incident, quote, in no way reflects the core values of our company. over the past few weeks there have been several viral videos of white neighbors calling police on black people doing nothing more than going about their lives. a state representative in oregon fwreeting neighbors door to door. a woman barbecuing in the park. een a little girl selling bottled water. the frantic rush to help pull that soccer team stuck in a cave in thailand. >> maybe one or two days. and the storm is coming. >> the race to a rescue. and how elon musk is now playing a part. later, the changes coming to a major san francisco street. what you need to k
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are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. entresto, for heart failure. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. and here are the stories making headlines as we approach 4:30. bay area beaches could see some big waves this weekend. the national weather service issued a beach hazard advisory through sunday that affects south facing beaches like santa cruz as well as stinson beach. the dangers include eight foot waves, rupp currents and possible sneaker waves. eric thomas tweeted about a homeowner in richmond who shot an intruder overnight. several bullet holes left behind. coming up at 5:00, hear from a
4:30 pm
neighbor who spotted the intruder and tried to chase him away before the shooting occurred. world news tweeted about a historic ferry that burned in detroit. it was a 108-year-old boat. a national landmark. it was used to take visitors to a local amusement part. the boat was purchased with plans to restore it. the efforts to save the young soccer team from a flooded cave in thailand are intensifying as more rain sets to fall. bay area tech leader elon musk says he may have a solution and is sending help. we begin with elizabeth hur live in new york with the latest on the situation in thailand. elizabeth? >> reporter: well, the area officials announced today ideally they will bring the boys out the way they went in and they are hoping to begin that process this weekend. after being trapped for two weeks the race to rescue these 12 boys and their soccer coach more urgent than ever. >> they have forecast three or
4:31 pm
four days. so we have concerned about that. >> reporter: rescuers now rushing to save the group before an impending torrential storm, with oxygen inside the cave running out. authorities explaining due to the number of workers using the air supply inside the cave, the boys could soon run out of oxygen. the new concern following the death of a former thai navy seal overnight. he ran out of oxygen while trying to place air tanks along a possible air evacuation route for the team. the navy seals responding on facebook, today you get good rest, we will complete the mission for you. crews are still pumping water out of the cavesh but the divers are now training the boys how to breathe under water, with some areas inside the cave still fully submerged and others left with barely enough room even for these rescuers to keep their heads above water. officials say their prioriy is to get them out as quickly as
4:32 pm
possible. but doing so with their safety in mind. >> they cannot die at this >> reporter: so tlhere you have it. they're not ready to die just yet. the thai navy seals are proposing to use a system called the buddy dive system, pairing the boys up with an experienced rescuers and have them together dive out of the cave, if that method gains the green light, they're hoping to start tomorrow. live in new york. elizabeth hur, abc 7 news. we were just talking about whether that would be a viable method to try. >> it's complicated. people panic sometimes if you're not used to being under the water. melanie woodrow with the latest on the help that tesla ceo elon musk is offering to the rescuers. >> melanie, you also spoke to a
4:33 pm
cave diving expert. >> hechoe thai authorities do nt to risk the boys' lives. elon musk joined the conversation of how to safely rescue these boys and that i have coach. thai officials say the boys are strong enough to walk, but can't swim safely yet. divers have been teaching them . bell is a safety officer with the california academy of sciences. he has extensive cave diving experience. >> it's extremely challenging to chain somebody in those conditions to dive, let alone cave dive. >> kay diving presents unique challenges. >> by virtue of the fact that you have an overhead above. you cannot send straight up if you need to exit the cave. you have to go back the way that you entered. >> this map shows the narrow flooded passages the boys and their coach will have to get through. >> it sounds like there are other options at play, as far as coring down, and then the elon
4:34 pm
musk solution. >> musk tweeted that he was sending employees from his company spacex and boring to see if they could help. he tweeted suggestions like inflatable tubes and pods to create an air tunnel passageway under water. >> if elon says it wilrk, hopefully it will. >> there are options floated out there today, intense monsoon showers expected to hit saturday, possibly undoing days of work to drain the cave system. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> melanie, thank you. secretary of state mike pompeo is back in pyongyang, north korea to quote fill in some details on denuclearizing the country. it's his third visit to the country. pompeo will meet with north korean leader kim jong-un as part of this visit. but first, he will meet with government officials to hammer out details on how to eliminate the threat posed by kim's nuclear arsenal. the trump administration has remain remained upbeat about north korea's promise despite reports
4:35 pm
the country is hiding nuclear facities. >heirst hurcane of thm was over the caribbean islands this morning. it's been given the nameyl. the national hurricane center says it should weaken before it makes landfall sch it will pass south of puerto rico and will not have much of an impact on the island, thankfully. counting your blessings, the new children's book from abc news correspondent lindsay davis, she joins us live next. the photographer who's putting his stamp on pictures, the special honor coming up. i'm meteorologist drew tuma, a gorgeous look from the emeryville camera. heating up over the weekend. what's not so gorgeous, you knew it was coming, the traffic picture in the south bay right now, 101 heading out of the silicon valley, pretty jammed up despite this still being a holiday week. it's a friday getaway. take your time.
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we have a special guest with us today, someone whose face and work you're very familiar with, i'm sure. you've seen her on "good morning america," "world news tonight," lindsay davis, thank you for coming. >> thanks for having me. >> beautiful weather. >> beautiful, very nice. not as hot as new york. >>has
4:39 pm
children's author with this book "the world is awake" which you can find on amazon. amazing. tell us about the story. who are the main characters? >> the little boy was inspired by my son when he was 2. out of nowhere, mommy, open up tflowers? he planted the seed as far as the topic. i'm going to try and answer that question for him and other young people, a gentle introduction to who god is through nature, really kind of meeting them where they are and the excitement of bunny rabbits and rainbows, things that often as adults we kind of forget about and put the blinders on. >> so i flipped through it, really whimsical illustrations and lyrical words. can you read from your favorite passage? >> i would say it's this one i opened up to. the sunrise painted the sky and the song birds all starting to fly, the world is awake, a
4:40 pm
wonderful place, alive with god's power, and glad with his grace. >> this is seen through the lens of two african-american children. why is that important for you to tell the story from that perspective? >> really, you know, i put my reporter hat back on when i was becoming an author and did research as far as the number of books out there where there are black protagonists for children. when i did find a few of the numbers it was about more than 90% of the protagonists in children's books are white. meanwhile, when you look at u.s. census bureau statistics, that's not reflective of children in our country, where it's more than half of the kids in this country are not wliet. and so it's really important that children see not only themselves, so you need to have mirrors so they're able to see that reflection of themselves, but windows as well so they can see diversity, see and peer into a world where the children don't necessarily look like them. >> as an asian-american, i have that issue as well both in books and also finding people who look like you in the movies or on tv. >> that's why it's so important,
4:41 pm
sorry to cut you off, as you look at the market and the zoo, everyone is going to be able to point to a page and point to a character and say that looks like me. that looks like my mom, that looks like my grandmother or grandfather. >> tell us how you decided to become a broadcast journalist. >> i always loved writing. my mom was an english teacher and inspired early on a love for writing. i consider myself a story teller in general. i would say that applies to hard news in our day jobs, and then also, you know, with writing a children's book. but i guess it was basically my mom, inspiring that love for writing. >> we have ten seconds for a little inspiration from you. how do you balance being a mom to a 4-year-old, globe trotting reporter and also now author? >> i don't know that i'm able to do such a great job. i have a helpful d. people who are patient, and i do the best that i can. hopefully that's good enough in every arena. >> i forgive myself. >> that's important, that's key.
4:42 pm
>> lindsay davis, great to see you, congratulations on the awesome book. and we can see lindsay on abc news. and live doppler 7 showing you high clouds in the north bay earlier this morning, a few of us saw drops in these clouds. they're pushing off to the north. clearing skies will be the trend overnight tonight. mainly clear skies away from the coast. you can see a lot of 50s around the immediate bay and shoreline. move inland and it will be a mild night with some cities holding in the 60s. tomorrow, you can bet, it's a warm afternoon. 12 hour day planner on saturday, coastal fog. after that, nothing but sunshine. by 4:00 in the bay, we go into the 80s. inland hotter than that. going into the 90s. highs on saturday, take a look at this, 94 in concord, after a morning starting in the 60s tomorrow. 70 in the cities. it will be mild in san francisco, 89 in san jose, about 90 in santa rosa, cool along the coast, so half moon bay only 64
4:43 pm
degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast, next seven days, hot inland tomorrow. that trend will continue as we head into sunday and into monday as well. by tuesday, a bit of a cooling trend, but really, wednesday, and then coast the next 24 hours. >> that is tough, that it's out there. especially because it's so hot. >> i know. >> thank you. >> sure. >> a tough commute along a major san francisco thoroughfare got tougher. the change today that will actually slow your commute even more. if that's possible. >> i'm michael finney live at the alameda county fire where the 7 on your side popup is -- well, kind of slow right now.
4:44 pm
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weaving your own shoes...rgy by out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. buckle up, fewer lanes, major construction, delayed completion date, all this adding up to chaos on one of san francisco's busiest streets. the mta removed the left turn northbound from van ness avenue onto hayes street this morning. van ness will only have two
4:47 pm
remaining left turns. matt keller explains this project is far from over. >> reporter: at 10:00 a.m. it officially happened, the left turn lane here atis s no more. only two left turns lane as is sfmta spends hundreds of millions of dollars on this project. van ness avenue is filled with pylons and signs, making a left turn on the major thoroughfare is nearly impossible now. this morning hayes street was the latest to make the big change. >> it makes it complicated? >> yeah, a little bit. >> take a look at this map. it shows the impacted area. the only left-hand returns remaining from van ness avenue are northbound at lombard and southbound at broadway. the mta will give drivers a week to get comfortable with the new configuration. traffic lanes on van ness and south van ness avenues between mission and mccallster streets
4:48 pm
will be shifted slightly. mta officials say all of this is part of the $360 million van ness improvement project. >> by removing left turn lanes, we're making pedestrians trying the street. left turns are one of the leading causes for collisions for pedestrians. and als goingo help us install our new transit, vrt, and that will put buses in the stra lanes and boarding islands there. that will speed things up by 32%. >> mta officials say traffic signals will also be retimed with a goal of improving the flow of vehicles. that doesn't mean drivers are welcoming the change. >> i like to go around and come back. i'm just going to add maybe seven to ten minutes in rush hours with the traffic. >> get used to the construction. the project is expected to be completed by 2020. in san francisco, matt keller, abc 7 news. the alameda county fire wrapping up this weekend in
4:49 pm
pleasanton. today there's a very special attraction there. >> that's michael finney of course. 7 on your side, michael finney, live at the fair, questions that people are asking. >> very, very special. we're here at the alameda county fire. having a great time. a lot of people are dropping by and saying hello to us. you can hear the -- let's go. every time i want them to scream they're not screaming today. anyway, you can -- all the rides are right behind us. please drop by and say hello. hi weekend. there's still a lot going on. angel moore is with the fair. what's going on this weekend? >> we have a bunch of stuff going on here. so tonight, tomorrow night and sunday night we have demolition derby. >> all three nights? >> all three nights. don't miss it. sunday we end with rv demolition derby. it's amazing and fun. everyone dressesrm trooper group and the captain america group. it's great fun.
4:50 pm
>> and that's free with admission? >> that is free with admission. we also have our horse racing at the racetrack. we're the oldest one-mile track in america. that's also free with admission. >> okay. >> so you're going to want to come out. it's our last weekend that we're live. we have races every day. >> and you have two bands playing, am i correct? >> we actually have three bands this weekend. >> okay. >> so tonight we have journey revisited. which is a great tribute to journey. tomorrow we have super diamond, which is a great tribute to neal diamond. and on sunday we end with war. >> war the band? >> the band war. >> oh >> scisko kid. >> angel moore, thank you very much. we'll keep going back and forth with the -- reporting live. by the way, we have our popup here. so any consumer questions or concerns you have, our staff is here. we can answer them. so please drop by, say hello,
4:51 pm
we'll be here until 7:00. reporting live. i'm michael finney. now, you may have to pay extra next time you see a movie with your movie pass. the company is rolling out summer surge pricing. movie pass sent an e-mail to subscribers saying there's extra cost for movies in demand. the gray icon in the app is telling you when movies go up to peak prices. the fee will reportedly be anywhere from $2 to $6. on the subject of movies a new super hero film opens today. most of the movie was shot in san francisco. marvel's antman and the wasp. the sequel to antman. continues the story of antman turned good doerr. do gooder. yes, do gooder.
4:52 pm
antman shares the top billing with the female super hero, the wasp. >> the wasp couldn't kind of be more different than me in a lot of ways. but every time i put on the suit, no matter what day was, it took me right to that place. >> antman stars pall rudd and michael douglas. you might spot the abc 7 news morning team. i don't see them in this promo. where's the love for the news? where's our cameo. marvel is owned by the walt disney company. the parent company of abc 7. a cult classic, "home grown in the east bay," it's called "sorry to bother you" making its debut. a comedy about work life and privilege, all set in an at nay universe version of oakland. it was hit at the sun dance festival, scored 94% on rotten
4:53 pm
tomatoes. some folks may tell you they waited years for this moment. dunkin' donuts is open in the south bay. the drive through line stretched onto snel avenue. a line of shoppers extended out the door with people waiting to take home a box of dunkin' donuts. they've shots in south san francisco, walnut creek, and plans for more in the bay area. the man putting his unique stamp on the world. >> something that resonates with a part of us deep inside. >> the man whose large views of the world have been made very small and it won't cost you much to own one. abc 7 news at 5:00, one thing how this man knows how to take care of his family. plus, let the scrambling begin, the port of oakland feeling the heat as the trade war with china ratchets up. and
4:54 pm
with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides, for effortless comfort. it's the 4th of july special. save up to $500 on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus 36-month financing. ends sunday.
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>> tonight, a new episode of quantity co. at 10:00, catch "20/20," and do not miss abc 7 news at 11:00. have you ever wondered where stamps come from? many begin as photographs. >> if you take one of those pictures, the postal service doesn't pay a lot of money, but the prestige, that is another manner. >> here is wayne freedman. >> reporter: he's been to this place before, he'll do it again.
4:57 pm
gary crab of pleasant hill, not exactly a household name. but that's about to change. >> it's a little surreal. >> reporter: a state that makes more sense after a visit to gary's backyard studio where his photographic archive includes 50,000 pictures, not counting the rejects. you've entered the world of a natural landscape photographer. >> something that resonates with a part of us deep inside that likes to think of big, wild, dramatic, but at the same time inviting. >> reporter: like this for instance from death valley, it's just become a best seller for gary thanks to the united states postal service. >> the series of stamps is based on the theme of america the beautiful. they printed 20 of them when gary submitted he was hoping they'd buy one. instead they took seven.
4:58 pm
>> to have seven is beyond mind blowing. >> reporter: many of the seven photos come from this region, grizzly peak, edna valley. the man who makes a living selling large scale prints has best sellers at less than one inch tall, and 50 cents each. in context, however, size does not matter. >> it puts you in the history books. these are collectible. >> reporter: known to future generations as gary crab originals. timeless. >> have you bought a stamp yet? >> it's on my to do list. and they will be seen by millions. wow, the postal service bought rights to those photos. gary still owns them. he plans to make collector prints. >> you can get the latest news anytime with the upgraded abc 7 news app. enhanced live video features, more customization, and
4:59 pm
personalized -- thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. stay with us. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. he got into the yard next door to me, broke into their home and they defended themselves and shot them. >> a robber pick it is wrong house to break into. the third time was not the charm. a homeowner opened fire. >> police released surveillance video in hopes of finding a killer. a san jose family is hoping someone out there knows this guy. california, burning from top to bottom, fire season intensifies, new fires, dozens of homes destroyed, and one person killed. >> giving homeless people money, the debate is old, this case is new. $14,000 in donations is raising a lot of questions. and the bay area's bestfren >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. bullet holes, shattered pot,
5:00 pm
the aftermath of a shooting as an east bay home when a homeowner was armed and ready for an intruder. good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. the home invasion suspect is in the hospital after being shot by the homeowner. >> it happened near groom drive and richmond. the suspect tried to break into two other houses before he forced himself into a third home. >> eric thomas is live at the police station where officers are calling this self-defense. right, eric? >> reporter: they are, indeed. and larry, kristen, the suspect is in extremely critical -- dealing with injuries, disregarded crime scene tape, one clue that something extraordinary happened at this home in the 3100 block of alta mira drive overnight. here are two more, a bullet hole in the front window and in a mini van parked outside. >> i thought i was


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