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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 8, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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breaking news out of thailand this morning. four of the 12 boys trapped in a cave with their coach for two weeks have safe and on their way to the hospital. ambulances were seen pulling away from the cave entrance within the last hour. we have the latest on this and the continued effort to rescue the other boys and their coach coming up. again, four have been pulled to safety. good morning everyone, i'm carol carolyn tiler, thanks for joining us. we'll start with our meteorologist mike nico in for lisa. here's a look at what's going on. temperatures cooler thanks to dryer air to six degrees cooler. stepping out right now, dress for 48 in santa rosa. napa 50, and 51.
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62 in concord. the rest of us in the mid to upper 50s. clear lake at 64. the gray you see along the coast, that's the cloud cover spilling into the bay right now. it will have a short shelf life. 55 to 60 at 7:00 not much of a change over the next hour. we'll get to the low 60s at the coast this afternoon. 73 to 79 around the bay from noon to 4:00. 83 to 91 inland. and back down in the 70s and 80s by 7:00. more on that heat and monsoon moisture in the seven day forecast. here's carolyn with the news of the day. breaking news out of thailand, four of the 12 boys that have been trapped in a cave for two weeks are now safe. divers are helping them out one by one in what's called a buddy dive with navy seals. a couple more boys have already
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made it out, as we said a total of four so far, but it is a slow process that could take a total of two to four days. james longman has been in thailand since news broke that the boys were trapped. >> reporter: to think that these kids, we thought they were dead. i mean, i'm sorry it's just -- you know, we arrived here thinking there was no way they were going to get these boys out. we were in that camp in the blazing sunday after day hoping the water level would come down, the parents were always in a tent nearby. they were waiting. many of them just crouched around the television that was in there, hoping to see their boys. and i've got to tell you, when a lot of us arrived, the international types we thought there was no way the kids were going to survive this. they were missing for days. but the thai kept the faith,
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they came and prayed and their parents prayed and everyone came up to you and said fighting, fighting. what an amazing thing. i'm finding it hard to tell you how this feels because this was just not expected. i think we've got to caution ourselves because obviously the first two are out, possibly another two, but we've got a whole team and a coach there. but this country prayed hard. this mountain behind me is called the sleeping lady. and all the thai have been talking about she's been looking after them until she's ready to release them. it might sound so p - - - - - now to developing news on the wildfires today. the hope is that more -- that the conditions are going to improve in california. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has more on how bay area
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firefighters are assisting in the effort. >> reporter: a major fire fight is on in siskiyou county where the klamathon fire has burned more than 33 square miles marching across straight lines into oregon. >> the fire more than doubled in size yesterday. so a very significant amount of smoke. >> reporter: captain bill murphy is on the front lines along with resources for marine county assisting 1,000 fire crews. cal fire said one resident, unidentified, was killed in the town of hornbrook. 15 structures have been destroyed, hundreds of residents have been told to evacuate. >> making a quick run northerly and so that's why, as a precaution, we're doing full evacuation notices up to the hilt area. >> reporter: to the south, a
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fierce wind driven fire erupted friday night, the holiday fire has burned 20 structures, forcing more than 1,000 evacuations in the town of goleta. in san diego county at least five homes have burned in alpine, a very close call for these inmate firefighters escaping to safety when they nearly became trapped by the flames. dozens of homeowners have been told to leave. >> we've bulletproof vegot what get out. we have dogs and or the to sises, the important things. >> reporter: firefighters say so many fires early in the season is a reality. >> the number of size, frequency of fires that we've seen over the past several years has become -- i won't say the new normal. it's just become normal. new this morning, fremont
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police released more images of a imagine they said is at the center of indecent exposure cases. he's expected to be involved in crimes dating back to may. police say in some cases he drove off in a newer model cadillac white suv. a san jose man accused of sexually assaulted a 16-year-old boy is in jail this morning. police arrested him after the accident on cunningham avenue on friday. investigators say voe asked the boy for help, pushed him into his fan and assaulted him. police say the boy was able to escape. day 7 protesters remain outside i.c.e. headquarters in san francisco this morning. they're calling for the agency to be abolished. they've been around for 15 years and was established following
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the september 11th attacks. >> we got along fine without it. i mean, maybe things were not perfect without it but we don't need it. it could go. >> similar protests have popped up around the country. dualing demonstrations took place around louisville, kentucky yesterday. the san francisco protesters said they plan to stay indefinitely. police are trying to figure out who planted a pipe bomb at mont rio beach yesterday morning. deputies evacuated the area and called in the bomb squad to handle the situation. no one was hurt and the beach reopened about an hour and a half later. we could learn wednesday when camp mather could reopen. the retreat is closed following a virus outbreak that left more than two dozen people sick.
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san francisco's reck and park department operates the camp. according to the san francisco chronic chronicle, the department had to cancel was six-day camp session for a cleaning. wednesday health officials will decide if it can reopen for a new session that starts in one week. today is your final chance to visit the alameda county fair. the final concert features the band war. their hits include "why can't we be friends". if you're a member of the military, you can get in free, you just need proof of service. for everyone else the tickets are $15. it's open from 11:00 to 11:00. >> greatng wther if you like it hot. >> yes, if you like it hot. open the window and you can see it looks warm out there but
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we're starting a little bit cooler this morning. staying comfy make sure you have the high level spf. not as breezy and not as choppy. enjoy that also. we'll talk about how long the heat hangs around coming up. sun glass scam, michael finny explains what you need to know before buying your next pair of shades. oakland is in the spotlight in a new movie. when the film
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. 6:12 on this sunday morning. welcome back and thank you for joining us for abc 7 mornings. this is a live look from our abc 7 exploratory um camera at pier 15. the skies look a little odd there this morning. i'm not sure what that's all about. but temperatures today around the bay area inland in the 90s, not so in san francisco. mike nico in for lisa with all the facts and figures coming up. a bay area camp is making the difference in individuals with disabilities. abc 7 news reporter leann has more. >> reporter: welcome to a summer camp for extraordinary minds. >> this gets the juices flowing
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and brings everybody together and the kids love it. >> a ten minute workout helps to improve their memory and thinking skills. dancing runs in the family. the founder of the camp joey happens to be john travolta's older rel brother. before getting into movies he was a special education teacher now he leads students with disabilities in a camp. 53 campers spend two weeks making short this is tim's fourth year. this year he especially likes the animation studio. >> he's the best guy you will ever imagine. they havatt animatioy can put in. >> reporter: here they learn about lighting, camera working, editing, acting and voice.
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>> the social and life skills that come out of film making, because it all goes into everyday life. >> reporter: after the work, it's shown at a red carpet event at the vine cinema. it's an unforgettable moment. >> the kids like seeing themselves on the screen, and they do a great job. >> reporter: they're now pushing for them to work as interns in the movie industry. >> they have the skills. >> reporter: they know educating others about what these young people can do helps open many doors. oakland's movie scene continues to surge with a new home grown film now in theatres. "sorry to bother you" is a comedy about work life in privilege all set in an alterna alternate unsears of oakland.
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it's reached a 94% on rotten tomatoes. it debuted in limited release on friday night, earning $275,000. it's expected to approach $700,000 overall this weekend. that's not bad for a half dozen theatres. that's all it's in right now but "sorry to bother you" goes nationwide next weekend. take a look at this photo and video. a huge bear coming out from under a house in lake tahoe. deputies say people actually ran after it trying to get a picture. the twitter post came with a cautionary warning, bears are wild animals, people are lucky this one did not attack. >> announcer: your accuweather forecast. a little late getting out of hibernation maybe? here's a look at san jose, it's about 60 degrees. we're looking at the area around 101 and 880.
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going to be sunny. and temperatures seasonal at the coast to inland in the east bay valleys. tracking the monsoon for later this week, it's going to get a little humid once again. here's a look at the area of hunter pence ju high pressure. you can see it moving into southern arizona, california, so cal, and also into nevada. it's going to stay to the south for now. what it's going to do to us is make it more humid and bring high clouds into the forecast. it doesn't look like we're going to get any rain. hopefully that will change. let's talk about the 12-hour planner. we'll go micro climate by micro climate. we'll start in san francisco, 55, hit the 60s in many neighborhoods and 70s to the
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mission. let's go to east bay, start with 59 and mostly sunny conditions. hit the mid to upper 70s. peninsula today a lot of sunshine, we'll hit the mid to upper 70s in most neighborhoods. and you have the low to mid 60s along the coast. the second base, 60 still at 7:00. a lot of 80s this afternoon closer to the water. up in the north bay we'll start at 55 and warm nearly 35 to almost 40 degrees today in some neighborhoods. clover dale 93, 90 in napa. only 83 in san rafael. inland, 62 in the east bay valley, 93 at 4:00. hottest weather out around antioch and redwood. i wouldn't be surprised if some thermometers hit triple digits. the rest of us pretty much in
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the mid to upper 50s. let's go day by day through the seven day forecast. it's going to be sunny this afternoon. temperatures about the same in the morning and afternoon hours. then the high clouds roll in tuesday, that's from the monsoon and that is going to give us high clouds but at the lower level some of the moisture is going to make it down that's when you noticed it's a little humid. that continues wednesday and thursday. minor cooling there. we'll get the better cooling when the sea breeze kicks in friday and saturday. we'll take the 90s out for next weekend. >> sounds good. >> all right. >> thank you, mike. >> you bet. you may recognize one east bay photographer's work even if you've never heard his name. the u.s. postal service just chose more than a dozen of his photographs for new stamps.
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here's wayne freedman. >> reporter: he's been to this place before, he'll do it again, gary crab of pleasant hill not exactly a household name. but that's about to change. >> it's a little surreal. >> reporter: a state that makes more sense after a visit to his backyard studio where his photographic archive includes some 50,000 pictures, you've entered the world of a landscape photographer. >> something that resonates with a part of us deep inside that likes to think of big, wild dramatic, but at the same time inviting. >> reporter: like this, for instance. from death valley. it's just become a best-seller for gary thanks to the united states postal service. the series of stamps is based on the theme of america the beautiful. they printed 20 of them, when gary submitted he was hoping
6:20 am
they'd buy one. instead, they too rr:an of e sen photos come from this region. here's half dome. how ironic that the man who makes a living selling large scale prints has seven at less than 50 cents each. >> it puts you in the history books. these are going to be collector. >> reporter: automatically timeless. have you bought any stamps yet? >> it's on my to do list. >> reporter: in pleasant hill, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. still ahead, something to know before you buy your next pair of sunglasses. >> if you're looking for discount designer sunglasses there's a scam
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a summer scam is ramping up focussed on sunglasses. here's seven on your side's michael finny. >> reporter: a bright july day at pier 39 is packed with people, many wearing sunglasses. sometimes very nice sunglasses. >> it's ray ban. >> how much they cost? >> i'm from denmark, so they are quite expensive. so i guess what 200 bucks. >> reporter: you can spend that much on ray bans here, too. elizabe elizabeth, an apartment manager, figured she could use a new pair of sunglasses when checking on the pool. that's why an instagram ad offering free ray bans caught her eye. she told our abc cincinnati affiliate she ordered two pairs paying just $4.95 shipping and handling per pair.
6:25 am
two months later, no >> two for each order. i sent e-mails and never got a response. >> reporter: adding insult to injury, her credit card was overcharged. incidents like this are becoming so common they named it. >> we're calling it the ray ban scam they're creating fake websites on facebook and instagram saying you can get discounted ray bans at 90% off the original price. >> caller: back at pier 39 the guys at sun glass hut know a thing or two about ray bans. they told me there's a way to know the difference between the genuine articles like these and the fakes. most believe you tell the difference between a real and fake pr this logo on the right lens. when actually you tell by this engraving on the left lens. >> michael says when buying fake
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sunglasses experts say there is little regard for your actual eyesight so don't expect much uv protection. still to come, breaking news, four boys now safe after being trapped in a cave in thailand for two weeks. what we know so far and a close look at exactly how rescuers are getting the whole team out. also a hit and run investigation. this is a surveillance picture of the car. what police think it may have been used for before. ♪ ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? ♪ still flat. here. try this. and... ♪ ooh, heaven -- nailed it.
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we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. now from abc 7 live breaking news. we're staying on top of that breaking news out of thailand. four of the 12 boys trapped in a cave with their soccer coach for two weeks are now safe. this is video into our news room just within the last hour. we'll have the latest on what's happening right now coming up in just a momet. welcome back, everyone. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist mike nico in this morning for lisa. >> lisa taking the day off getting some r&r. hopefully you enjoy the day, too. we'll start by showing you live doppler 7 no radar returns, the
6:30 am
gray you see is clouds along the coast but it won't last long. fastest winds at sfo, 15 and fairfield 31. the rest of us less than 7 miles per hour this morning as a warm area of high pressure started us off a little bit cooler this morning. look at these temperatures in santa rosa, 48 degrees. hard to believe you'll be in the mid 80s to low 90s this afternoon. the rest of us in the mid to upper 50s around the bay shore up into the second base. brendwood 67 and low 60s around concord. beautiful shot from sutro tower this morning. break down the day. you can see by noon we're back to the mid 70s in the bay, 7 7 inland. and still a little warm this evening, 74 to 82. we'll have more on the seven day
6:31 am
forecast. here's carolyn with the news of the day. breaking news out of thailand, fantastic news. four of those 12 boys trapped in a cave for two weeks are now safe. divers are helping them out one by one in what's being called a buddy dave b buddy dive but it is a slow process, it could take two to four days. james longman has been in thailand since news broke the boys were trapped. he has the latest. >> reporter: we're ready the today is d-day for the operation. facing depleted air supply and monsoon rains, they entered the cave saturday night. it will take five hours to reach the boys and six to bring them back, including an hour's break. each of the boys will go on what's called a buddy dive, hauled one by one.
6:32 am
using a jackhammer, crews have avoid the boys putting their heads under the sawyer turface. the first leg is the most challenging. thai officials saying the boys know this is a dangerous journey and their parents know the risks as well. to think these kids -- we thought they were dead. i mean, i'm sorry it's just -- you know, we arrived here thinking there was no way they were going to get these boys out. we were in that camp in the blazing sunday after the parents were in a tent nearby, waiting, many of them crouched around the television that was in there hoping to see their boys. and i've got to tell you, when a lot of us arrived, the international types we thought there's no way these kids would
6:33 am
have survived this, they were missing for days. but the thai kept the faith, it was amazing to watch, they came and prayed and their parents prayed and everyone said to you, fighting, fighting. what an amazing thing. i'm finding it hard to tell you how this feels because this was just not expected. i think we've got to caution ourselves because obviously these first two are out, possibly another two, but we've got a whole team and a coach there. but this country prayed hard. this mountain behind me is called the sleeping lady. and all the thai have been talking about how she's been looking after them until she's been ready to release them. it might sound sopy but boy does it feel real right now. four of the boys are out of the cave and the efforts to get the other ones out continues rightno u should stay here for "good morning america," they'll have
6:34 am
the very latest and a live report from thailand coming up at 7:00. in local news, richmond police need your helpin the a hit and run that's left a man in grave condition. this is surveillance picture of the car, the crash happened around 12:40 yesterday morning at 23rd street and downer avenue. police say the man was riding his bike when the car hit him and took off. they describe the car as a dark four door early 200 200 200 200 victor victoria, police say it could be a former police or security car because it has the police spotlights on it. oakland police are investigating a shooting that left one person dead it happened at 102 avenue and international boulevard. police say the victims were adults, a man and a woman. they have not told us which one died.
6:35 am
officers don't have any information about a suspect or a possibly motive. an antiviolence rally in oakland 34th and chestnut streets yesterday. carol ferguson's son patrick scott jr. was shot to death in february. she said this rally is to show support for other parents who have lost their children. >> it's not about my son. it's about all kids, about all murders, about all lives. it's time to make a change and the time is now. i'm tired, fed up, and i can't take it no more. enough is enough. all this gun violence. >> furgson was being hugged by oakland mayor, libby schaaf, she's the founder of the moore foundation. no one has been arrested in the killing of her son. we're learning more right now about the two women shot and killed in antioch. they are a mother and her adult daughter. police are still looking for
6:36 am
suspects. >> reporter: what was first thought to be fourth of july fireworks turned out to be deadly gun fire in antioch. >> it's been hard especially at night to sleep. because it's like still in the back of your head knowing that someone got killed two houses away from you. >> reporter: around 4:30 in the morning on july 5th someone shot and killed 55-year-old valinda scott and her 28-year-old daughter milan ardoin. >> they were quiet, nice pequien >> reporter: a colleague posted she worked closely with the third street youth center. the neighbor heard the gun shots, three to five he says. he asked police if the neighborhood should be concerned about safety. >> they said it was more like a family thing, like a target. >> reporter: police released few
6:37 am
details about the crime but they're asking anyone with information to call them or text a tip to crimes. also in antioch we're waiting for an update on the condition of a 2-year-old boy who fell out of a second story window. a family was praying minutes after it happened yesterday. firefighters say the boy was unconscious when they arrived at a home on bridal way around 7:30 last night. a helicopter rushed him to a pediatric trauma center. it appears the little boy climbed on to a dresser, opened the window and fell through the screen to the ground below. to the firefighters here in california. napa county has lifted some evacuation orders. the klamathon fire has burned 22,000 acres. it is 20% contained. firefighters are battling 12
6:38 am
fires throughout the state. abc news reporter will carr has more on efforts to stop flames >> reporter: wildfires raging across the scorching hot west, 30 fires burning in nine states. california's terrain a baking tinder box. a dozen fires burning statewide causing the governor to issue a state of emergency in santa barbara. erratic winds pushing embers from home to home. this neighborhood engulfed in flames. thousands forced to evacuate in the dead of night. some returning home to nothing elleft, others faired. >> the only thing we lost was our potting shed. >> reporter: firefightersts and fire lines in leveling homes
6:39 am
leaving others untouched. given minutes to leave. >> we put it in trash baggs, get what we could and get out. >> reporter: michelle mcdonald was supposed to get married in one of the evacuated homes she grabbed her dress. >> my bride's maids dresses, ring bare rers. >> reporter: the fires turning deadly killing at least one person. president trump is expected to announce his next supreme court nominee tomorrow. trump adviser, lein order leo and senator richard blumenthal will appear on "this week" you can watch it at 8:00 this morning right here on abc 7. still ahead on abc 7 morning, something to bond over, the annual event bringing together dog owners. getting involved, the special recognition for leaders in one
6:40 am
east bay program. and here is a live look from our sutro tower camera. you see the sales force building there dominating the skyline. cooler temperatures than yesterday are on the way
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this i can do! recognized its ambassadors. the program is part of oakland promise which trains students,
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teachers and other leaders to engage in the community. it also helps them grow professionally and comes with all kinds of perks as a reward for their commitment. currently there are more than 60 ambassadors in oakland. happening today, celebrate your pup at the three legged dog picnic in san francisco. all dogs are welcome, weather they have cones, casts or wheelchairs. organizers have created a space for owners and their dogs to meet others in the community. adoptable pets will also be there. the picnic starts at 11:30 this morning at duboce park. you are an animal lover big time. >> yes. thrilled to see a three legged dog trotting through >> no. he was on his three legs. he looked happy as can be. >> maybe he'll be at the picnic.
6:44 am
>> i hope he is. he'll want to find shade and get some water. looks like a typical summer morning and it will end up a little bit warmer than average away from the coast. i have cooler weather on the way in my seven day forecast. ahead, what would you be willing to sacrifice to catch the foul ball of a giant's gold glover. mindy has
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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in sports both bay area baseball teams are hoping to get a series win after today's game. the a's are up first in cleveland against the indians, first pitch at 10:10 this morning. then the giants take on the cardinals at at&t park, first pitch 1:05 this afternoon. yesterday the a's went to extra innings and did some damage but the giants could not walk away with the win. mindy has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. jeff smarga is back. he returned for his first start since may 29th. unfortunately joe panik is out. his groin strain is serious enough to earn him a spot on the disabled list. hanson got the smarga was perfect in the first two of the
6:48 am
inning, brandon crawford fouls it into the stands. sacrifice to catch this ball? this fan was willing to loose one container of fries but able to keep the second. brandon belt gets the giants on the board, doubles to the bricks. he brings in hanson. austin slater swings away to end it, 3-2 arizona. expect a lot out of each other, but understand how it goes. somet me tms with some good pitching along the way and that happens. so our guys are going to keep playing, pitching too. >> he did a great job today. it's going to be huge to have those guys back in the rotation. and hopefully next time we can
6:49 am
get them some run support. the a's in cleveland. look out for encarnacion's foul ball. smashed the camera lens. jed rowly doing smashing of his own, pulls the a's within 1 of cleveland. next man up, the player they call crush davis. that's chris davis' first home run since july 14th, yes, back-to-back home runs for the a's ties its up. the indians have the winning run on first but lieu gets the easy come backer. so we go to extra innings and that's where steven piscotty does his damage. this puts the a'sor th take-3win. today is the last day to see the country's best beach volleyball players, it takes place at piers 30 and 32.
6:50 am
16 two-person men and women teams are competing for a $150,000 purse. plenty of locals taking part, including karissa cook. >> it means so much. playing here already is amazing and then i look over and see people from santa cruz and yelling about stanford. every time i run back to serve i'm like yay it's awesome. >> looks like a lot of fun. the giants close out their series at home with madison bumgarner on the mound. we'll bring you the highlights starting at 5:00 we hope you'll join us. until then have a great day. heading out to watch the volleyball, temperatures about 68 this afternoon. that sunshine is going to get you. make sure you have the sun screen on. looking at walnut creek, this is an area that's going to hit about 94 degrees this afternoon as we become sunny and seasonal if not a touch warmer than
6:51 am
normal. patchy clouds tonight. a cooling trend is on the way and a possibility of showers as the monsoon moisture returns. here's a look at the cloud cover along the coast. it lasts till about 9:00 you can see by noon it's back to the coast and going to break up a little bit this afternoon, expect sunshine there also. let's see our temperatures. we'll have a wide range in the second base. san jose 87, gilroy 98. santa cruise, sunshine and 80. 74 in mill bray to redwood city at 84 degrees. along the coast, low to mid 60s. grhere's aook at the giantstus bit of a breeze to keep you comfortable especially if you're
6:52 am
in the sunshine. up in the north bay we have 90s around santa rosa, napa and northward. the rest in the mid to upper 80s. at the coast, mid to upper 70s along the east bay shore. and then we have the mid to upper 90s, you'll hear the air conditioners again, maybe the kids in the pool staying cool. last day of the alameda county fair, opens at 11:00, sunny and warm about 79 gets hot at 3:00 around 1. 82 at 7:00 p.m. here's a look at the tonight's temperatures. pretty much mid to upper 50s. we have 60s in concord to antioch. tomorrow steady pattern. you can see the high clouds start to roll in from the monsoon moisture. they will increase our muhumidi.
6:53 am
so the lows won't be quite as mild wednesday, thursday, and friday morning. unfortunately right now it look like the showers stay from monterey south ward if they develop. and friday and saturday the sea breeze says i control the weather in this part of the world and kicks back in and cools us down. >> this is my world. >> exactly. it's going to give way to the monsoon weather for a few days. coming up, netflix nixes a feature
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and by the middle of august you won't be able to read existing reviews because they're going to be removed. the thumbs up, thumbs down system is going to say. if you've never seen the reviews it's probably because this is a desktop only feature. let's get a final look at your accuweather forecast. >> i usually don't want it on my desktop. >> i don't think anybody does. >> let's look at how this sunday is going fo unfold. partly cloudy around the bay and the coast. already getting warm by noon, 70s and 80s away from the coast and 80s and 90s for the afternoon hours. remember you can burn in about 10 to 15 minutes today if you don't put sun screen on. >> that'sor us. thank you for joining us i'm carolyn tyler along with mike nico. on facebook, twitter and instagram keeping up with
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be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. and welcome to a special edition of "good morning america" where we're live on the west coast. it's a race against time to extract the 12 boys and their soccer coach stranded in the cave for the last 16 days. the time was now. monsoon rains are coming in the next couple of days. thai officials held a press conference moments ago confirming that four boys have been rescued. those four boys are reportedly in good condition. they are healthy. they're running ahead of schedule. they say they'll try to take more of the boys out in the next 10 to 20 hours. it's nighttime there in chiang rai. it's 9:00 p.m. they're ahead of schedule. for the four boys,


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