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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  July 8, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> tonight the rescue. >> eight people remained trap deep inside a cave in thailand successfully rescues four. >> more reuer boys in thailand are free.
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>> officials decided to bring out the weakest boys first. we learned it could take up to four days to complete the rescue. >> reporter: cautious optimism as the first few of the young boys trapped in a flooded cave for more than two weeks have been rescued. the governor making the announcement, the boys quickly transported to a hospital, the entire eighth floor of that hospital now dedicated to those boys and their families. eforts to bring out the rest of the group continue as rescuers race against the weather conditions. each of the boys go on what is called a buddy dive, expert divers exporting the boys on a treacherous path. while crews have been using an underwater jackhammer to widen narrow tunnels. james longman has been on the scene since the rescue operation began. >> reporter: rescuers said from the beginning they did not want to have the boys fully submerge
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themselves for extended period of time. they used the underwater jackhammer to break down the rock. >> reporter: but rescuers teaching the boys to swim and dive just in case. the governor saying the rescue operation is going better than expected. the royal thai navy s.e.a.l.s confident of success bothing the imagine on facebook saying we will bring the wild bore team how many. officials say the boys and their parents are aware this is a dangerous journey. >> here's a brief history. they went missing on june 23rd hiking in the cave following the game. it's part of a team initiation. they were not located until 10 days later, stranded in the dark tunnels by a sudden and continuous downpour.
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by friday, oxygen levels were dropping and that moved the rescue mission into high gear. >> abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us live in studio with more. >> you better believe lots of good thoughts and prayers sent to that rescue effort. a cave diving expert is watching the drama unfold and hoping for more success. there were many prayers at the temple that many thai worship that the remaining boys and their coach can be rescued. >> i hope the team got enough rest and they can do their best tomorrow. i hope all of them could come out safely. >> i'm excited to see what the guys are doing. i continue to pray for great success. >> reporter: mark is watching the rescue from florida where he's been a cave diving expert for years.
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he's rescued many divers before. >> to keep his hands free he pressed his fins against the cave wall. >> reporter: instead of a traditional mask and regulator, he believes rescue divers will use a full face mask on the boys to keep them from panicking under water. >> the biggest thing is to get them to relax, if they can relax and trust the rescue divers things will go well. >> reporter: the danger remains far from over. >> hopefully everybody will come out safe and sound and we'll see this in a movie in a few years. >> reporter: he says he is hopeful considering a group of expert cave divers from the uk are on scene leading the operation. he calls them the best of the best. now the abc 7 news app sent a push alert letting people know about the soccer members rescued from the cave. you can down load the news app
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and get instant news updates sent to your mobile devices. two people died today when the car they were in collided with the vta train. the impact was so violent, it derailed. it happened at auzerais avenue and lincoln avenue. the crash took down a pole that supported overhead wires. all 20 people on the vta were not hurt. >> we're keeping the best bridge for the remainder of the day. we'll have it going between convention center and fruit dale. tomorrow we anticipate it will go from con vengs center to the end of the line at winchester. we're encouraging everyone to be patient. >> police and sheriff's deputies are investigating the crash. we'll have a live report on abc 7 news at 6:00. new details on several wildfires burning across california. one of the most threatening is
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the klamathon fire in siskiyou county it's been burning since thursday and has grown to nearly 48 square miles. one person died in this fire. three firefighters have been injured. flames burned 72 buildings and another 810 are threatened. cal fire said the fire is it threatening two power plants, water systems and endangered spe sees habitats. one of the firefighters injured in the fire suffered face burns to his face. the firefighters' union posted this photo on facebook. the union said his fire engine was overrun by flames. a go fund me account has been set up to help pay for expenses and already exceeded its goal of $25,000. the fire in na-napa county is now 50% contained. it's scorched 138 square miles so far. there are mandatory evacuations still in place.
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new details on other fires. the pawnee fire had grown to more than 15,000 acres it is now 96% contained. the west fire in san diego county is at 504 acres and is 81% contained. cal fire says all evacuation orders and road closures have been lifted. and the holiday fire charted 100 acres. it's expected to be contained on july 11th. a wildfire threatened buildings in the east bay. abc 7 was in pittsburgh. the fire grew to 20 acres before they knocked it down. investigators say a fire started near a homeless camp and is alarming in trend because they're seeing that fire season just started. >> fire risk is very high right now. we're well into the fire season although it's early in the season. and if we fought several, five or six fires in the last few
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days that have originated in or near homeless camps. >> no one was hurt but a camp was heavily damaged. no word yet on the cause of the fire. to washington where president trump is set to name his nominee for the u.s. supreme court tomorrow. the president tweeted he will announce his replacement for retiring justice anthony kennedy at 6:00 p.m. our time. among the names on his short list are amy coney barrett. bref cavanaugh and raymond ket lij. many people believe a more conservative replacement could overturn roe v. wade. groups of american teens are stuck in the middle of violent protests. >> what's behind the unrest and the americans stuck in the middle of violence. a new ban is about to go into effect by one airline that says it'll no longer allow certain br on its
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the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. entresto, for heart failure. developing news out of japan where dozens of people are dead following flooding and landslides. heavy rains swamped the southern part of the country damaging or destroying hundreds of homes. the number of dead is at 85 right now but scores of people are still missing. there's also a fear of more landslides. in one area, they say 10.5 inches of rain fell in three hours. that's the highest since it began keeping records in 1976. riots over a gas price hike
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in haiti has left numerous americans, including a group of teenagers stranded. they announced increased from 31 to 58% on saturday. this led to violent situations. numerous groups are stuck, including a group of teens from florida. >> they kept getting stopped by roadblocks and people asking for money. that's when they decided at that point it was just -- it wasn't worth it to try to make it to the airport. >> the situation in the capital is described as chaotic with shops being looted. >> delta airlines will ban pit bulls from flying beginning tuesday. passengers will be limited to one emotional support animal per customer per flight. pit bulls will no longer be accommodated odell a, along with snakes and spiders. other airlines have enacted
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similar changes. a musically inspired game of hide and seek has returned to golden gate park. >> coming up part of the park transformed to a concert hall and everyone is invited to play and listen. how you too can get in on the piano project. lots of sunshine today and yesterday and another afternoon of
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autonomous cars will be all the talk for the next few days in san francisco. the vehicle symposium starts tomorrow in union square. elaine chao is set to give the keynote address. more than 1,500 people are expected to attend to trade ideas and insights on the features of autonomous vehicles including how to regulate them. don't count on other users
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to introduce you to next show. similar to yelp users can leave written messages and reviews on shows or movies they just watch but at the end of the month the company is doing away with it completely. then by the middle of august you won't be able to read existing reviews because they'll be removed. a thumbs up or downs system will stay. if you've never seen the reviews it's probably because it's a desktop only feature. music is filling the air in san francisco. we were in golden gate park where 12 pianos are placed in the botanical garden, anyone can sit down and play. this is the fourth year of the event and organizers decided to add a new wrinkle. >> the 12th, 13th and 14th we're going to open the garden at night for special performances and we'll illuminate the garden paths in certain sections. it's a special opportunity. >> it is free to get in for san
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francisco residents. otherwise it costs $8. the festival ends july 16th. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. just a fantastic weekend to be out and about both yesterday and today. tons of sunshine and we'll have sunny skies greet us tomorrow as well. we will track some cooler air working into the area in the coming days. live doppler 7 along with satelli satellite, not a cloud to be seen. coming up empty-handed right now. a live look pointed at alcatraz island. you can see it is windy on the bay right now. a moderate chop on the waves and the camera shaking just a little bit. the wind strongest right along the coast. you see san francisco it's gusting at 25. 1859 half moon bay. and the delta the wind is active. fairfield gusting to 26 miles per hour. this wind is keeping that intense heat away from us to our south. look at this,
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sp fresno at 103 at this hour. not nearly as hot inland but rather warm, 92 in concord, 88 in san ramón. the sea breeze helping san francisco cool off rapidly, only 65 at this hour. 71 in oakland and san jose at 85 degrees. overnight here's the call, a quiet night for most. plenty of stars, maybe a few clouds along the immediate coastline. otherwise 56 the low in oakland, 59 in san jose. dropping to 53 in san rafael. much of northern california enjoying the sunshine. if you look to the east, though, you can see the spin in our atmosphere, that monsoon moisture around the four corners even bring a few showers to the sierra, thursday or friday, a couple thunder showers try to pop up around lake tahoe but stay out of the bay area.
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tomorrow morning, 50s and 60s as you step out the door. by midday we have the wide range, a lot of 60s and 70s on the shoreline. inland into the 80. 86 the high tomorrow in san jose. 83 the high in sun sny vail. 64 for half moon bay. downtown san francisco tomorrow, 70. it will be mild in the city. 62 and breezy for daly city. 91 for santa rosa. oakland tomorrow about 74 and sunny. 82 in fremont and inland we're still in the 90s tomorrow. 93 the high in san ramón. antioch 91. plan the next seven days, a steady pattern tomorrow and tuesday to wednesday we start to cool off inland, the fog returns midweek and that will keep the coast comfortable. next weekend we look to warm right back up and next sunday
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could be hot again inland. >> drew, thanks. mindy a look at sports. >> hovering around .500. you have to shake things up, the giants did it big time before today's game. it worked. they had major changes to the rost
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now sports from abc 7 news. >> the giants shook up their roster trading reliever corry
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gar ren, austin jackson and a minor league pitcher to the texas ranger for future consideration. it gives the team financial flexibility before the trade line and promoted steven due gar and ray black. and duegar made his debut in center. pablo sandoval had a breakout day. look at him snag that liner. that's in the second inning. madison bumgarner on the mound was not sharp. munoz mashed that to left. he lasted five and a third gave up four runs, struck out six. two on, two strikes for the panda. he came in one for his last 17. he made up for it with that. bounced it into the water. his eighth of the year. then in the bottom of the sixth, the giants poured on. welcome to the big leagues mr. dugar, his first ever major league hit, look at his speed, thinking about going for three. decided i'll stay on second.
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pablo doing more work, two strikes down this left field line. three for five with five rbi today. the giants score five of the six and win 13-8 and split the four-game series with st. louis. the a's wrapped up their series in cleveland -- we're going to go to the all-star right now where you see that brandon crawford is an all-star starter for the first time. the giant's gold glove second ba baseman is the only bay area player to make the starting lineup. blake try nonwill represent the a's for the american league. the right hander leads all major league relieves the national park will host this year's all-star game on july 17th. now to cleveland where the a's wrapped up their sires. this came into play, look at the
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high pop up, francisco can't sigh it so can nais safe at first. chris davis two outs, he doubles. his hitting streak now at 10 games. brett anderson back off the dl and looking for his first win of the season gets brantly with his slider. five shutout innings for anderson. piscotty had a home run last night. this one today also good for two. his ninth of the year. jed lowery has never had more than 16 home runs in an entire season. that right there is his 16th this year. now a season high ten games over .500. they get the 6-0 win. yahoo sports is the first to report that zaza has a new deal
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with the pistons. he's known for his series of unfortunate incidents more so than his play, but his court vision and screen setting ability bit perfectly for a time but he barely saw the court in the playoffs and is almost 35 so he's on his way to the motor city. they have demarcus cousins so we'll see how that starts. >> they wanted more rim protection. just ahead see what happens when a mama bear dec you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. you could generate your own energy, at home. maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or... just set the washing machine to cold.
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new on abc 7 news at 6:00, the world health resolution to promote breast-feeding seemed like a can't miss idea until the u.s. got in the way. plus the bay area will be front and center as a man with cancer takes on a corporate giant. a man in alaska got too focussed on taking video of a family of bears. >> the situation turned into downright terrifying. >> see for yourself. mama bear caught on that zachary brown was taking video of her family. you can imagine what happens next. after a few seconds of staring she made her intentions clear, stop taking the video. brown was, of course, terrified but was not hurt. we have a lot of bear stories lately. >> she may not have used those exact words but i think the meaning was clear. >> judging by how the camera
5:30 pm
shook around and flu out of his hands, probably. >> indeed, you first, the camera you save second. >> always. that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00, thank you tonight, breaking news. the race against time. the first four boys from that soccer team pulled alive from the cave. airlifted, then rushed by ambulance to the hospital. as the life-threatening mission is far from over. inside the rescue. the treacherous terrain, the rain threat. and concerns about oxygen. plus, how they are outfitting those special dive masks for the boys, some who don't know how to swim. also tonight, the primetime pick. president trump, on the eve of a historic nomination to the supreme court. ready to announce his choice to a nationwide audience. what he just said moments ago about his shortlist. deadly disaster. dozens killed. families trapped on roofs. as the death toll rises with
5:31 pm
another day of flash flooding and landslides overseas. and, cop versus kids.


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