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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 9, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, the mission resumes to rescue the remaining nine people trapped inside a cave. the new video showing one of the boys being rushed into a helicopter after being pulled to safety. what rescuers are facing in that dark cave and the long-term health effects the boys could face. supreme decision. president trump set to reveal his pick for supreme court justice in a primetime announcement. >> i'm getting close to making a final decision. >> what we know about the judges on the short list and the big fight that lies ahead. caught on camera, a police officer points his gun at a group of children as he takes a boy into custody. what the police department is now saying this morning. plus, the midair scare for a family pet. >> i've been an in-flight crew member for 15 years. i've never seen anything like
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this. >> how the quick-thinking flight crew likely saved the dog's life. and -- >> history has been made once again! >> a dar jumps. >> oh! good monday morning. i'm maggie rulli in for diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. we're going to start with the clock that's ticking in thailand as rescuers scramble to bring the rest of that trapped soccer team to safety. >> we've learned a fifth boy has now been pulled to safety. the same divers who rescued the first four boys on sunday went right back into the treacherous cave today. oxygen levels continue to drop in the cave. it could take several more days to get everyone out. it's a race gepts time to get the remaining thai soccer
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players out of that cave and out of harm's way. the team trapped for more than two weeks miles underground. on sunday four of the boys were brought to safety. these newly released images show first responders whisking one of them away. the aunt of one of those rescued boys saying i'm glad that a lot of people came to help. a lot of government agencies are helping us. i'm so happy. the daring bid to rescue the others was suspended late sunday to replenish oxygen and assess the conditions. more than a dozen divers including thai navy s.e.a.l.s making their way through the rocky maze using the buddy system to guide the boys out. each boy surrounded by two divers, a line tethering each of them together, reducing the risk of getting lost if the dark and murky water. >> it's a very restricted environment. it makes it challenging for even those most experienced divers. much less the kids. >> reporter: the most challenging part of journey to safety, the first
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leg. the rest of it will be on foot, walking through muddy areas, possibly floating in others. now elon musk is sending more help. musk tweeted a video of a kid-size submarine that's being developed by his company spacex. it could be used to help some of the boys escape the flooded cave. musk has already sent a team of engineers to the site. >> and the boys who have been rescued are being tested for a series of physical and mental and emotional issues. thai officials, in fact, moments ago saying that the boys are all healthy, but hungry. and now an entire floor of the hospital where they're staying has been reserved to accommodate the entire team. abc's adrienne bankert is there. >> reporter: thai authorities race to provide medical treatment to those first boys pulled out alive. the four arriving at the hospital with a military escort. now inside this hospital with a floor dedicated to treatment away from the cave they spent more than two weeks inside. >> how many of you? >> 13. >> 13. >> yes. >> brilliant.
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>> reporter: the boys found nearly huddled together surrounded by murky waters in complete darkness for ten days before the first divers reached them. since then rescuers have been desperately working to get them food, water, and medical supplies, trying to build back their strength, as they prepared for the audacious rescue. the boys given blankets to combat hypothermia. rescuers administering iodine to their various cuts and scrapes to prevent infection. >> to be without food and a lot of water for nine days makes you pretty weak. so it's a period of deconditioning which the boys need to overcome. >> reporter: oxygen levels inside that cave are dangerously low, 17%. the risk of the remaining boys developing hypoxia. a condition brought on by low oxygen that could cause brain damage all too real. doctors tell us they'll be tested for any number of infections, including cave disease, which affects the
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lungs. and they'll be tested for any water-bourne illnesses and their mental and emotional state will be examined checking to see if they have any signs of pstd. adrienne bankert, abc news, chiang rai. >> adrienne, thank you. president trump is preparing for his latest primetime event, the unveiling of his second nominee to the supreme court. 33 million americans tuned in when he revealed neil gorsuch last year. tonight we'll hear from him again as he looks to replace anthony kennedy. abc's stephanie ramos joins us now from washington, d.c. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: maggie and kendis, good morning. as you just mentioned, this is the president's second supreme court pick. less than two years into his presidency. and what democrats are most concerned about is how far to the right this potential justice could take the court. president trump is taking a page out of his reality show days announcing during prime time his pick for the vacant supreme court seat. >> we're very close to making a decision. >> how many people are you decided between now? >> it's still -- let's say it's the four people but they're excellent, everyone. you can't go wrong.
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>> reporter: most democrats would disagree. going with an ultraconservative judge to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy could tip the balance of the court for decades. >> if you look at what the president said, which is he will nominate someone only if that person is committed to automatically overturn roe v. wade. i've never seen a president of the united states in effect make himself a puppet of outside groups. >> reporter: the top four judges were hand-picked out of a group of 25 by a group of conservative lawyers called the federalist society. judge brett kavanaugh, raymond kethledge, thomas hardiman and amy coney barrett. kavanaugh has said he would follow roe v. wade fully. barrett, more nuanced saying she would not challenge precedent but that she could envision the scope of abortion rights changing. kethledge and hardiman have never spoken publicly about their views on the matter. >> i think the president has to think about who is the easiest
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to get confirmed here. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has promised a senate vote on the supreme court nominee by the fall. maggie, kendis, back over to you. >> all right, so it will be an interesting couple of months there in washington. stephanie ramos for us, thank you. and president trump's personal attorney says his legal team is close to determining that the president will not agree to sit down with the special counsel robert mueller. rudy giuliani says there won't be an interview in the russia probe unless the investigation has uncovered something. as recently though as two months ago the president said nobody wants to speak with mueller more than him. now here's a look at your forecast on this monday morning. >> good morning. mother nature helps out with the fires with monsoonal rain throughout the four corners region. we stay dry throughout the northeast. but widespread storms throughout the deep south from memphis all the way over towards tucson and we're looking for the effect of chris bringing some dangerous
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rip currents on monday. but then, upgraded to a category 1 by wednesday, as it's pushed out to sea further, thanks to a front frontal boundary. and beryl's impact? going into tuesday, local flash flooding, isolated mudslides. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. well, coming up, breaking news overnight on the historic floods in japan. also ahead, new details just in on the helicopter that crashed into a townhouse. what we're learning about the victims. and basket brawl. the fight between players and referees. why one of the coaches blames a ref.
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investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly helicopter crash in williamsburg, virginia. the chopper slammed into a townhouse complex igniting a fire. at least one person was killed. authorities are trying to locate and identify the pilot. he was flying solo on that chopper. secretary of state mike pompeo's pushing back against north korean charges that he's using, quote, gangster-like diplomacy. that's how the north is describing u.s. demands to denuclearize, but during a news conference in hanoi, pompeo responded that if the charges are true, then, quote, the world is a gangster. pompeo insists the north did reaffirm its commitment to dismantle nuclear weapons even after it called the talks deeply regrettable. a british woman poisoned by the same nerve agent used on a russian spy has died. dawn sturgess and a man were exposed to the poison in june. the man remains critically injured. investigators believe the couple
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somehow came in contact with a syringe or container that held the same substance used to poison a former russian spy and his daughter in march. british authorities have now opened a murder investigation into this case. it's unclear, though, if the incidents are related. staying overseas at least 100 people are believed dead and dozens more missing after record rainfall triggered flooding and landslides in western japan. more than 2 million people have been ordered to evacuate their homes. and some areas have already seen more than 23 inches of rain since friday with another 10 inches in the forecast today. here at home, harvey weinstein is due in court later today. the disgraced hollywood producer is set to be arraigned in manhattan on additional criminal charges involving a third woman. that could ultimately result in a life prison sentence. his lawyer says weinstein will plead not guilty. more than 75 women have accused weinstein of sexual misconduct. weinstein denies all allegations of nonconsensual sex.
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all right, so it was a big debut at the box office this weekend for "ant-man and the wasp." >> ant-man and the wasp, teaming up. >> follow my lead. >> they make a good team. the sequel took in about $76 million at the box office. marvel, of course, is owned by our parent company disney. "the incredibles 2" was second. "jurassic world: fallen kingdom" was third. >> all three of those still on my "i should go see them" list. all right, coming up, an actor speaking out about allegedly being kidnapped in an abc news exclusive. also ahead, the texas cop seen here pulling his gun out on a group of kids. what the police department is saying. and what a night in las vegas. the daredevil pulling off three epic jumps.
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but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself with align probiotic. and try new align gummies with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health. at least 24 people are dead from a train accident in turkey. the train was heading to istanbul when five of its cars derailed. more than 300 passengers were
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injured. and dozens are stillpita authorities are saying search and rescue operations have been completed. but an investigation is under way to find out what caused this crash. they think severe weather may have been a factor. well, back in the u.s. it was supposed to be a routine call for criminal trespassing in el paso, texas, but it's now ignited a social media firestorm. >> a police officer was caught on camera pulling his gun out as a group of kids screamed profanities at him. here's abc's kenneth moton. >> do not touch. >> reporter: this disturbing video and the actions of this el paso police officer under scrutiny. watch a group of children shouting at an officer who was trying to detain a teenager. his knee buried in the boy's head. that officer then pulls his weapon on the kids. get back. >> reporter: the department launched an investigation after the now viral cell phone video was posted online friday capturing the profanity-laced incident. >> you can't do that to him!
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>> reporter: a second officer helps drag the boy into the street. the group infuriated, screaming more profanities when he whips out his baton to gain control. >> i'll tell you to move. >> reporter: the city says the officers initially responded to a criminal trespassing call. but that it's unclear what led to had volatile situation. >> what's most disheartening is to sort of see the children completely labeled and just see them just sort of be discarded. i mean, it's one incident. >> reporter: that one officer with four years on the force is now on desk duty during the internal investigation. the city says additional staff something working to get to the bottom of what happened as quickly as possible. kenneth moton, abc news, new york. the convicted killer jodi arias is asking for a new trial. arias was convicted in the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander, back in 2008. she's now asking an appeals court to overturn her conviction saying she was denied a fair trial. arias is blaming the judge's failure to control news coverage that turned the trial into a circus-like atmosphere. she's currently serving a life sentence.
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we're hearing from an actor who was reportedly maimed in a violent kidnapping for ransom scheme. joseph capone and actress daisy mccrackin were abducted from her home back in may of last year. h in a ned mccrackin was driven around to atms and forced to write a $10,000 check for his release. >> he grabbed me by the collar and dragged me outside and dragged me down the driveway and threw me in the back of a car where daisy was already in the backseat. and they put bags over our heads. and then, proceeded to drive. >> prosecutors allege capone was pistol-whipped and beaten. the three suspects all face life prison sentences if convicted. we'll have more of capone's story later on "good morning america." now to that mayhem that erupted on a basketball court outside atlanta as players and referees squared off. it was a brawl that erupted at the end of an aau game.
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now, the video as you can see there shows one player punching a referee in the head while he's on the ground shirtless. then another hit him from behind. now, reports say players on the team in white attacked an official after he called a technical foul. but one of the team's coaches says that it was the referee who pushed the player as the player was walking back to the bench. it was a big mess. police are investigating. in more basketball news, it turns out l.a. may not be entirely in love with lebron james, yet, at least. now he joined the lakers and quickly a mural went up at a venice barbecue shop with his picture and the words "the king of l.a." but someone on social media offered up cash if it was vandalized. then someone responded scrawling "we don't want you" on it. now, the mural has been fixed, but instead of the king of l.a. it now just reads, "the king, l.a." it's kind of fixed. >> he'll have time to get a bigger, better mural. up next in "the pulse," the
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purposeful probiotics to help boost your microbiome, plus vitamin c to support your natural immune defenses. new emergen-c probiotics plus. emerge and see. ♪ your monday "pulse" starts with some romantic news for justin bieber and the model hailey baldwin. there are several reports that indicate the couple is now engaged. >> oh, biebs, you popped the question while in the bahamas over the weekend and, of course, she said yes. it's justin bieber after all. they dated for two years but then called it quits. recently, though, they got back together. >> bieber and baldwin have not talked about the engagement yet, but the father of the bride may have confirmed it in a now-deleted tweet. the actor stephen baldwin wrote a message showing his support to the couple and saying, congrats
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to bieber's parents. >> well, congrats from us, as well. all right. now to a motorcycle daredevil who literally jumped at the chance to honor his idol. >> yeah, travis pastrana performed a triple tribute to the legendary evel knievel. he replicated three of knievel's famous jumps all in one day in las vegas. in the first, he stuck the landing over 52 stacked cars. >> next up for pastrana was a leap over 16 greyhound buses, and he nailed it. and then the third was considered the most dangerous, pastrana jumped over the fountains at caesars palace. knievel suffered multiple fractures and a concussion whenh fountainba well, next up, the life-saving actions of two quick-thinking jetblue flight attendants. >> yeah, on a recent flight from florida to massachusetts, a french bulldog named darcy started having trouble breathing when her tongue started turning blue. a flight attendant got an oxygen mask. >> so, i called the captain and told him i think i need to use some oxygen.
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and he said, go ahead. and right then and there, placed the oxygen on the dog. and the dog revived. >> the flight attendant says he also has a french bulldog and knew how prone they are to respiratory problems. happy ending. >> so it worked out. finally the search is on for a stuffed animal. a young girl's mother posted this picture of the pink baby giraffe on saturday saying it was left at boston's logan international airport. >> well, since then the tweet has gone viral. >> and the daughter even drew up a picture, a little sketch of what the animal should look like so if anyone has seen it, please what we think is a pink giraffe maybe. >> teletubby. think you should be and at expedia, wet rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia.
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talk to your doctor about xarelto®. good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> good morning. it's monday, july 9. it definitely feels like a monday. i already burned my forehead with the curling iron. getting things going strong. >> good. yeah. it's all good from here, right? >> yes. >> good morning. it's 4:27. as you can see, jessica is in for natasha, who is off today. the rest of the gang is all here. how are we looking today, mike? >> a lot like yesterday. starting off with even less cloud cover than yesterday. you see it along the coast. for the most part we'll start off with sunshine. and pretty comfortable conditions. look at thigese temperatures. mainly low to mid 50s in north bay. mid 60s around the bay. south bay and inland east bay
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neighborhoods get a little toasty. mid 60s val we'll talk about how hot it will get this afternoon coming up. here is alexis. starting off with a problem in tri-valley. it looks like it is in the clearing stages. no backup. abed 580 at hopyard. a rollover crash. vehicle landed on its wheels, though. a brief time ago four lanes were blocked. they might have all lanes open. i'll double-check that. otherwise, looking quiet this morning. the bay bridge toll plaza. all lanes looking good. alexis, thank you. breaking news out of san francisco. >> while most of you were sleeping police officers arrested protesters camped outside i.c.e. headquarters. you can see several officers in the area where demonstrators had been blocking entrances on washington and jackson streets for a week.
4:29 am
protesters were calling for the government agency to be abolished. sfpd says they warned protesters to leave the area because of restrictions against sidewalk camps. >> the closure of this block has prevented the passage of traffic and emergency vehicles through the corridor. the block is being reopened to coincide with the resumption of regular traffic partners beginning monday morning. >> police have not said how many people were arrested. happening today, the trump administration and the aclu will return to court over the battle to reunite immigrant children and their families. the aclu says it appears the administration will miss a deadline tomorrow to reunite children under the age of 5 with their parents. a federal judge in san diego shrnd the order in late june. the judge gave the administration until july 26 to reunite all separated children regardless of age with hir families. all lanes of interstate 580
4:30 am
are back open after a wildfire burned dangerously close to the freeway. >> you are looking at video here from the alameda county fire department showing heavy smoke alongside the freeway. the fire burning on both sides of the road. the chp shut down the westbound lanes for four hours and eastbound lanes for six hours. it has burned 600 acres and is 40% contained. cars whizzed by as smoke drifted over the road. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. right now, the most destruct destructive fire is 25% contained. flames have killed one person and burned 72 buildings. 810 structures are still threatened this morning. calfire says the is also


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