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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 10, 2018 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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volunteer. mike versus the volcano, ladies and gentlemen. we're back in 25 minutes. until then, gma starts right now. >> good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west. the entire soccer team and their coach trapped in that cave for weeks now free this morning. all 13 rescued. the brand new images just coming in. how divers got them all out and what we're now learning about how they survived. the daerousjourney, the immense relief, the parents on the verge of finally reuniting with their children, and the world cheering right now. we're live on the ground with the latest. supreme court showdown. overnight president trump announces his nominee, conservative judge brett kavanaugh. >> there is no one in america more qualified for this position and no one more deserving. >> republicans praise the president's pick but democratic leaders and protesters promise a fight to keep kavanaugh off the
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court. monsoon alert. record rain pounding the southwest forcing water rescues. crews racing to save this woman trapped under water. now the new concerns as more rain moves in. breaking overnight, george clooney in a car accident, hit while riding his moped. taken to the hospital. the late details coming in right now. and as prince harry and duchess meghan head out on their first foreign trip, princess charlotte stealing the show charming the crowds at her brother's baptism, giving a little royal wave and what she told photographers as she went inside. good morning, america. hope you're well this tuesday morning. we want to get right to that happy breaking news for our viewers in the west. every member of that soccer team trapped in the cave in thailand now free. >> and take a look.
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this morning those ambulances going by, all 12 boys and their coach have made it out alive. >> great news indeed. their rescue thanks to the brave crew working day and night to get them out. we're going to hear from one of those divers in just a moment but first abc's matt gutman is right outside that cave in thailand with the very latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, michael, what jubilation here. you never want to see boys taken out anywhere in an ambulance, but seeing those 13 ambulances come out gave everybody goose bumps here. you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief here in thailand. i want to give you a sense of what's happening. this camp is emptying out after 18 days and we heard cheers from the rescue crews and the military and even the cooks here and even us in the media gave them a hand because this seemed so impossible. when those boys went missing in that cave, one day, two days, a week, ten days, many people in the international press as well thought there was no chance that they could be found, much less
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rescued. then they were found miraculously but then the challenge of getting them out of the cave. these boys were hungry. they had been sleep deprived. they had been in the dark for ten days. they didn't know how to swim much less scuba dive and were about to embark on one of the most complicated dives in the world. somehow they were ushered out by those buddy teams in this miraculous rescue and did it ahead of schedule. pretty incredible to watch. it's a miracle ending, all 12 soccer players and their coach rescued after a team of elite divers escorted them through this murky, dark labyrinth two miles under the ground. all of them escorted in an ambulance and then helicopters. the 25-year-old coach who shared his rations with the boys, the last one to safety. classmates of the boys jubilant this morning, holding signs, calling the rescuers our heros. this student says he's very happy his friends have left the
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cave. the applause nationwide here, amplified by the speed of the previous days' rescues. the governor adding, today i expected to be faster or at least the same amount of time if nothing unusual comes up and the conditions are good. we were told of the difficulties of guiding a team of inexperienced divers through this maze. >> they're not trained in diving, especially cave dives. the actual cave, they have pumped massive amounts of water and it's not actually that difficult for a trained cave diver but dealing with young kids who have been sitting inside a cave for two weeks, that is the challenge here, not the actual cave.
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it is the situation of the challenge. >> reporter: overnight, replenishing air tanks by the hundreds, building stockpiles like this, walking that title rope of water hoses slicked with mud. those hoses pumping out millions of gallons of water to keep that third round of rescues on schedule. monday's operation clocking in two hours faster than the first. those four boys emerging from the cave in just nine hours. that appears to be the seventh right there behind us, the seventh ambulance. >> reporter: each boy to an ambulance and each ambulance over the past three days signaling a small victory for this country and a boy's life saved. an incredible feat given the treacherous labyrinth they were forced to navigate. in this video you can see rescuers fighting to stay above water, gripping that guideline. divers carefully weaving their way into the dark dodging knife sharp stalagtites pushing through powerful currents and jackhammering through tight
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passageways, all the way carrying oxygen tanks and equipment. these rope chains, their only lifeline out. dangerous even for the highly skilled. the cave claiming the life of a thai navy s.e.a.l. thursday after he ran out of oxygen inside one of the chambers. two british divers stumbled upon them last monday huddled together even deeper into the cave than experts expected. one boy named adune speaking english asking how long they've been trapped. >> what day is it? >> monday. >> okay, one week and monday. you have been here ten days. ten days. you are very strong. very strong. >> reporter: rescuers administering aid, wrapping them in thermal blankets and preparing the boys both physically and mentally for the trek out to safety. >> they're out and that's the focus, you know. we have all 13 people out and what i understand is that everyone is in good health and i presume they're very, very happy to be reunited with their
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families and be outside of the cave they've been sitting in, the darkened room. >> reporter: initially local authorities said they might consider charging that coach because he had endangered those kids' lives but now after we all know that he kept them alive for 18 days, even sharing his rations with them, lots of people here in thailand asking for a reprieve. now, as for those boys, they're in a hospital right now. they're going to stay there about seven days. the first four boys are already eating solid food. two have pneumonia but that's easily treatable. the health minister says they're in good spirits. they've been able to see their parents through a glass partition. they're asking for some of their favorite dishes. their moms say they correspondent wait to cook it for them. the moment i'm waiting for is when those parents get to give their children a hug after all these days. that's going to be incredible. robin. >> matt, thank you. this morning we're also learning new
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quarantine, anxiously waiting to be reunited with their parents. adrienne bankert is at that hospital and has the latest on that front. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: so much good news here. now that all the boys are rescued we're learning more about the families waiting to embrace those children and so much about what they went through, the water flowing from the roof of that cave, that's what they survived on to drink. some of them are still wearing sunglasses to get used to the light and doctors are still running tests. this morning, the group of eight boys first rescued now in quarantine while they receive medical evaluations, psychological tests and treatment after more than two weeks inside that cave. doctors say two of the boys' x-rays indicate pneumonia. their families have only seen their sons from behind a glass window until today when some were allowed visits, though still unable to hug their kids. doctors want to avoid any close contact and possible exposure to illness as they recover. they say the boys are happy, laughing, even joking with the
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prime minister of thailand during his visit on monday. >> does the fact that these boys were so young a factor in them surviving in these conditions? >> reporter: public health officials tell us their youth and the fact that they were athletes was a benefit. last week we visited the school six of the boys attend. now their principal says they'll be treated as disaster survivors when they return. they won't have to take scheduled exams as they get back to class. welcome news for one boy who wrote in a letter from the cave, teacher, don't give us lots of homework. one of the children''s uncle says that his nephew turned 16 while trapped and adds that they'll celebrate his birthday soon. the first eight inside have been asking for some of their favorite foods including a lot of chocolate but it's too early for that. no doubt they're excited to be reunited with all of their brothers and their coach who, if they're anything like the first, are craving food constantly. they've been fed a diet of pour ridge, rice, soup and craving
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basil fried rice and hopefully they will get that soon after they're released. >> adrienne, thank you. we'll have much more ahead this morning and tonight on a special "20/20," all the details of this incredible story about the boys and their rescue 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. to washington now where the battle over president trump's pick for the supreme court already in full swing just hours after the president introduced his nominee. you see him, federal appeals court judge brett kavanaugh, as protestors and democratic leaders rallied against his choice. the supreme court correspondent terry moran has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. what a show that was last night, right? president trump managing to keep the suspense going almost up until the last moment and in judge brett kavanaugh, the president has chosen a man who is both the epitome of the washington legal establishment and a true blue loyal foot soldier in so many of the conservative legal causes and partisan republican battles over the past generation, the democrats have dubbed him the forrest gump of republican politics.
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he just always has been there. he's also a man who spent much of his career it seems taking aim at a seat on this court. to get there, he has to survive the bruising confirmation battle. a dramatic reveal overnight, president trump the producer in chief breaking into primetime programming to announce judge brett kavanaugh as his supreme court pick. >> there is no one in america more qualified for this position and no one more deserving. >> reporter: the conservative federal court of appeals judge on stage with his family praising the president. >> no president has ever consulted more widely or talked with more people from more backgrounds to seek input about a supreme court nomination. mr. president, i am grateful to you. >> reporter: kavanaugh was born and raised in washington, d.c. he spent years in the legal trenches for republicans. on george w. bush's team in the florida recount battle.
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then serving in key positions in the bush white house. he was also on independent counsel ken starr's team investigating bill clinton but later had second thoughts about whether presidents should be subjected to the burdens of prosecution and investigation. >> a judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law. >> reporter: the man who could swing the balance of the court for decades faces a ferocious confirmation battle in the senate. >> i will keep an open mind in every case and i will always strive to preserve the constitution of the united states. >> reporter: republicans have a razor thin 51-49 majority and while a number of gop senators expected to support kavanaugh were in attendance last night, the two pro-choice republican women who could prove to be the decisive votes, senator susan collins of maine and lisa murkowski of alaska, declined their invitations. and the opposition will be fierce. overnight abortion rights defenders rallying against the
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president's pick outside the supreme court. democrats and republicans are just going to throw everything they've got at each other and it's all going to come down to that handful of senators, just a few republicans, a few democrats who are left in this partisan time right in the middle. george. >> terry, thanks. more from our legal team, dan abrams and kate shaw. dan, let me begin with you. we saw the president call brett kavanaugh the most qualified man in the country. whether you agree with that or not, he is straight out of central casting for a gop court pick. >> and we also have an extensive paper trail, right? he's been a judge on what is viewed as the second most important federal court in the country in the d.c. circuit for 12 years, over 300 opinions. and so you're going to have people going through each one of his opinions and most importantly his dissents, where he disagreed with the majority on the key issues, like abortion, religious liberty, guns, executive power. so we're going to know an enormous amount already about
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what judge kavanaugh thinks and would do when he's -- if and when he's confirmed to the court. >> kate, what kavanaugh supporters already believe they know is that he will lock in that conservative majority on the court for a generation. >> absolutely. i mean i think on issues like roe vs. wade which of course is front and center already in the kind of brewing confirmation fight, i think there's very strong reason to believe that he could supply a fifth vote to overturn or at least to narrow the constitutional protection for abortion that roe vs. wade first articulated. he wrote a decision last year dissenting from the d.c. circuit. the full court ruled for an undocumented teen in u.s. custody who wished to obtain an abortion and he ruled against her breaking from his court suggesting at least that he holds a pretty narrow view of the protection that roe vs. wade affords. so, you know, this is not abstract. we have some written documents on this. >> he has also spoken publicly about the importance of what's called stare decisis meaning the
7:15 am
previous opinions of the court and the deference they ought to be shown. and if that's true meaning if he really believes strongly in that, that could suggest that he wouldn't want to overturn roe v. wade, but this is the sort of analysis we'll see. >> that's where we'll see senators pressing him i think. kate, also we expect that kavanaugh's time on that starr investigation is going to come in for real scrutiny especially because of possible connections to the mueller investigation. >> absolutely. you know, george, his record on this is mixed in kind of an interesting way. he's participated in an investigation of a sitting president, obviously, but he has subsequently written things that suggests he's changed his view about at least the desirability of investigating a sitting president and it's pretty clear i think both from his academic writing and his -- some of his opinions he holds a quite expansive view of presidential power. so when it comes to things like whether a sitting president can be compelled to testify, you know, whether self-pardons are a
7:16 am
possibility, whether the mueller appointment is even constitutional i think there are clues in judge kavanaugh's written work that he could be sympathetic to the president's arguments. >> kate shaw, dan abrams, thanks very much. robin? george, as the supreme court battle gets under way president trump is heading to brussels this morning for a high-stakes nato summit. but tensions are running high over president trump's tough stance on trade and military spending. our chief white house correspondent jon karl has more on all this. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. and already the president is beginning this trip with a shot across the bow at our european allies, just now minutes before he is about to take off he has issued two tweets criticizing the european union and nato over trade and military spending, one says nato countries must pay more. the united states must pay less. very unfair. this is a trip that will also bring him to the united kingdom where he will meet with theresa may and conclude with his summit meeting with vladimir putin in
7:17 am
helsinki. robin, it's notable the president has had increasing criticism of europe in recent days but said only positive things about vladimir putin. >> also on this trip, his wife, first lady melania trump will be joining him recovering from her surgery. and she's said to be playing a very important role on this trip. >> reporter: indeed, this is her first trip abroad with her husband since last november. and her aides say she will play a positive role and a high-profile one doing at least a couple of events on her own including meeting with the husband of theresa may and showcasing her be best initiative on child welfare. her spokesperson says she will represent our country in a positive way paying respect to the host countries we are visiting. robin. >> good to know she is well enough to travel abroad again. all right, thanks so much, jon. >>ow the monsoon storms in the southwest. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, michael. flash flooding was one of the effects there but also dust
7:18 am
storms. this is a haboob in yuma, arizona. that thing blew across the land, wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour so damage found in phoenix, arizona. then this image out of utah, that brian fire that we learned about last year, now one to two inches of rain fell and that mudslide is covering the road. these are the effects of monsoon and you'll see more of them. more moisture coming from the gulf pooling right there. you can see one to two inches falling in any of these states.
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nailed it! or should i say, nailed it gov'nor. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> hi. good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. a 3:00 toll increase on bay area bridges may not happen if one group gets its way. the howard jarvis taxpayers' association is suing the bay area toll authority over the measure that 55% of voters approved last month. and it argues the toll increase is technically not a fee, but a tax, that would require two-thirds voter approval to pass. the measure increases bridge tolls by $1 next year and then again in 2022 and 2025, all to pay for transportation projects. all right. and speaking of transportation and the roads here this morning, we do have a crash in the sunol grade area. southbound 680, just before
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jessica? >> mike, thank you. a delivery driver caught on
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benefiber® healthy shape is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do! welcome back to "gma" and you're looking at a helicopter taking off just moments ago in thailand. every member of that soccer team and their coach trapped for weeks in that cave are all now free. >> incredible news. these new images showing ambulances racing from the scene, all 12 boys and their coach rescued. we'll have much more in just a moment. >> we're going to stay on top of it. the other top headlines, president trump and the first lady heading to brussels this morning for the nato summit hours after the president announced his supreme court pick, nominating judge brett kavanaugh. showdown already under way in congress, democrats promising a toughrmntl but may not have the votes to st it.
7:31 am
we also have that breaking news overnight, george clooney involved in an accident in italy on the island of sardinia colliding with the car while riding his moped. he was taken to the hospital. we're learning he's been discharged with minor scrapes. the driver of the car was uninjured and clooney is on the island filming a series based on a movie "catch-22." we're glad he okay. >> yes, we are. >> always dangerous, mopeds and motorcycles. >> got to be careful. >> very careful. we're going to turn now to more on the cave rescue in thailand and how those children and their coach managed to stay alive for ten days before rescuers finally found them. our foreign correspondent, james longman, has been covering this from the start and he joins us now with those details. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, michael. an extraordinary moment as we are now learning that entire team is free of that cave. all 12 players and their coach have made it out. they are all either in the hospital or on their way there. it's an extraordinary thing as we're learning more about the kind of conditions they
7:32 am
survived. new details this morning about just how that soccer team who left their bikes at the mouth of the cave before embarking on what was supposed to be a joyful excursion managed to survive in treacherous conditions nearly three miles into the rock, losing all sense of time. >> what day? >> monday, monday. you have been here ten days. >> reporter: the water both a threat and a lifeline. while avoiding the murky depth around them for fear of disease, they were able to drink the clear mineral water trickling down from the rocks. the team also went in with a bit of food. a local woman said she sold the team snacks like these before they followed their 25-year-old coach into the caves for a fun excursion after practice. rescuers say the coach is one of the weakest members of the group because he selflessly gave his snacks to the team. he lost his parents at ten and
7:33 am
trained as a monk and told the boys to meditate to save energy and remain calm. lack of sleep, combined of being stripped of nearly all their senses can lead to aloose nations and paranoia in three days. >> it's something the brain is trying to do to help the person have some sense of normalcy in a very abnormal situation. >> reporter: their bond as teammates critical to their survival, relying on touching and hand holding to reassure them in the darkness. >> it was an affirmation that they were still alive, they were together. >> reporter: in 2010, 33 chilean mine errs were trapped for 69 d underground, becoming worldwide celebrities, even the subject of a hollywood film. >> this is all we have left. we have to ration. >> reporter: just months after their rescue, most of those miners said they still felt the negative effects, including alex
7:34 am
vega who spoke to "60 minutes". >> whenever i hear a noisy get scared and look around me. my heart beats faster. i can't go into small spaces. i'm taking five or six pills a day now. >> reporter: this soccer team who relied on each other to survive, will likely lean on each other outside the cave as well. some absolutely dire conditions for those boys to have spent all this time in. we understand most of them are in pretty good health. they're on their way or at the hospital now. this country is jubilant about this news. michael. >> thank you so much, james. let's bring in our chief medical correspondent, dr. jennifer ashton. doc, when you looked at that report, it makes it more remarkable these boys were okay and most of them made it out okay but we hear about ptsd. so how likely is it that they will suffer from ptsd? >> listen, we're hearing about that. we have psychologists and mental health experts running the gamut saying they'll be fine, they're resilient and those saying for sure they are going to suffer
7:35 am
their whole life. that's speculation. the fact of the matter is we just don't know. i don't think anyone would be surprised if there is an element of ptsd but it's really important to remember the developmental stage of these boys. it's different when you talk about younger adolescents to older adolescents but this is a time where there is a high interest in being attached to your peer group. there is a striving for independence. they want respect of others and the older boys want to take on a leadership role. all of those developmental tasks could have actually played a major role in saving their lives through this ordeal. >> you said some of the biggest concerns facing these kids is basic. it's hydration, it's nutrition, it's temperature. >> right. >> so walk us through what's going on that's occurring in the ambulance, in the hospital and also in the helicopter once they're out. >> when they get into that ambulance, michael, and then they get airlifted to the hospital there is an assessment that occurs literally in seconds. it's basic vital signs, what's their oxygenation, core temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. diving for a prolonged period is
7:36 am
incredibly dehydrating as you breathe through that mouth piece. they're going to establish intravenous access, start getting them fluids, then when they get to the hospital, and they run blood tests and x-rays and blood cultures and wound cultures if necessary, there goes by an organ by organ system approach and evaluation to make sure heart, brain, kidneys, skin, everything is functioning and optimized and that's where the true medical stabilization is occurring. >> we heard so much about infection and heard they've been quarantined, didn't get a chance to see their parents has they came out. >> right. >> what's going on with that? >> the infection thing, speculation, that's the major concern here. there can be infections. those can be treated and that's out of an abundance of caution both for the patient and the surrounding people, including their family. >> doc, thank you very much. i got to say it's amazing these boys are okay. >> it really is. can we give a shoutout to these young doctors in the studio. they're part of our abc news medical unit. >> that is my people. that's our medical unit. we are the only network that has mds helping us with our research and we're proud of them.
7:37 am
>> they look like they should be in middle school. they're doctors? wow! >> great to have them. you guys are learning from the best right here. they're going to love this story. two hero police officers racing to revive a toddler drowning in a backyard pool. this incident was caught on body cam and whit johnson has all that happened and the happy ending here. >> reporter: robin, good morning. it happened in a matter of seconds. a 2-year-old girl playing in a small kiddie pool getting tangled up in two inflatable inner tubes and her head going under water. the body cam video showing us the heroic actions that saved that girl's life. >> reporter: two newark police officers coming to the dramatic rescue of a 2-year-old girl. >> cops came here and the baby wasn't breathing. >> he came straight to us and within a second of getting out of the vehicle the child was in my arms. >> reporter: officer shaquille johnson and his partner arriving on scene in about 90 seconds
7:38 am
responding to a call about an i swimming pool sunday. >> they arrived real quick. they came here in less than a minute. they're really heros. >> reporter: watch as they immediately begin forcing the water out of her lungs. >> we flipped her over on to her stomach on my knee and began to apply back taps. >> reporter: the officers, just seven months out of training, acting quickly and rushing the girl back inside. listen as she begins to cry letting the officers and their dad know that she's breathing again. >> it's okay. >> reporter: an average of 980 children die by drowning in the u.s. each year. but according to the cdc, every single day 14 children survive a near drowning in a swimming pool. >> they treat the baby like it was their own daughter. i'm really thankful for that. >> reporter: that little girl was hospitalized briefly but is now home with her family. her father now warning other parents to never take your eyes off your kids when they are playing near water.
7:39 am
it can happen so quickly. >> just like that. >> those statistics are staggering. >> i know. amazing. >> all right, whit. thank you. coming up here, amazon prime day is approaching. we have a new warning, check out this deliveryman caught on camera, looks like he was swiping a package moments after dropping it off. amazing. >> all right, whit. thank you. coming up here, amazon prime day is approaching. we have a new warning, check out this deliveryman caught on camera, looks like he was swiping a package moments after dropping it off. introducing 1850 coffee. inspired by the year the folger coffee company began. fire-roasted and steel-cut, with a bold yet smooth taste. new 1850 coffee. begin boldly.
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7:43 am
looks like he's swiping a package moments after he delivered it. amy has that story. >>haat looe, orgeyoreht they're so-called porch pirates and operate year round. with less than a week to go until amazon prime day, this is a reminder that your packages can be stolen right from your doorstep in broad daylight, possibly by the person you least suspect. amazon prime day kicks off in just six days and already many predicting sales to surpass last year's record haul of $2.4 billion. but with all those deliveries on all those doorsteps homeowners run the risk of packages being stolen. >> i saw the guy deliver the package. then he actually came back around and grabbed my package. >> reporter: the man in this video, the deliveryman himself caught on camera dropping off his package, marking it as delivered and then circling back around and swiping it. >> i'm worried about some random person coming down the street and grabbing my package, not the guy who actually delivered it.
7:44 am
>> reporter: the homeowner, john tran, receiving a full refund after showing amazon the video. amazon saying this does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery providers. this individual is no longer delivering amazon packages and we have made things right with the customer. but it isn't the first time packages have gone missing off the front stoop like this case caught on tape in san jose. one recent survey shows that more than 30% of americans have had a package stolen from outside their home. with prime day around the corner we could see even more of these incidents play out. >> everyone knows the packages are arriving. if you're missing one you might not even know it. neighbors or thieves or deliverymen, it's just so easy to pick up a package without you even noticing until it's too late. >> now as we mentioned -- yes, we're all kindergartners on the set. the 36-hour amazon prime day kicks off on monday. many predicting record sales which means even more deliveries so consumers will want to be on high alert for those, george, >>on'tet ayo
7:45 am
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[music playing] (ceo)you just need your food the employee of the year, anna. (vo) progress is in the pursuit. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during summer of audi sales event. back now with an update on the ultimate wedding crasher. remember this video, a tree
7:49 am
yep, that was on their big day. the husband got out of there, as well as his wife. well, now they're telling all about that moment. abc's erielle reshef is here with it all. hey. >> hey, good morning. it was definitely a close call. the bride and groom were relaxed after their ceremony, talking about the roots of their relationship. >> oh. >> but just three minutes into that video they heard the branches above them start to buckle. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: it's the wedding video going viral. a tree turning into a dangerous party crasher nearly toppling down on the unsuspecting couple. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: wisconsin newlyweds, cheyenne and lucas kopeschka sitting at a picnic table during a post-ceremony interview when the massive branch suddenly snaps. both bride and groom quickly diving out of the way. >> we both had enough time to react to get out of the way of the tree so we both got lucky in that aspect.
7:50 am
>> reporter: the couple a little shaken but still determined to finish that interview in the ot. >> and this happened. >> this dumb tree deciding to fall out of the sky. >> reporter: refusing to let a falling tree put a damper on their big day. >> our relationship is stronger than that tree. >> reporter: miraculously cheyenne and lucas walking away with only minor scrapes. >> we're happy. we're married. we're safe. >> reporter: now counting their blessings. i bet they are. that toppling tree actually split a nearby picnic table in half so they emerged unscathed. the groom has faced a little backlash online for not coming to the bride's rescue. both are now brushing that off saying this just added to the excitement of their big day. >> yeah, he kind of got out of there. but they didn't spill one ounce of -- not one piece of their drink. >> nope. >> erielle, thank you. >> you got it. >> coming up, is this the store of the future? what nordstrom is planning.
7:51 am
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good morning morning america is
7:56 am
>> announcer: good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> hi. good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco for that forecast. >> all right, jessica. hi, everybody. beautiful picture of alcatraz from our pier 39 camera. we'd show you the sea lions, but they're gone. doesn't that look like a great day to be out on the bay. yard work, today's our hottest day, so why not put it off for another day or two? we have 60s along the coast, mid-70s in san francisco, 80s around the bay and 90s inland. the heat will ease as the marine layer comes back tomorrow. alexis? >> all right. not easing up is traffic. i'm sure it will stay like that for the next few hours. we have a heavy oakland commute right now. an earlier crash westbound 580 near harrison has cleared to the shoulder, but long residual delays on 580 and that has spilled over on to 13 as well.
7:57 am
and once you make it to the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are still on and you're still backed up into the maize. coming up, inside nordstrom's answer to amazon. the department store opening up stores with nail salons, a juice bar and much more. is this the store of the future? is this the store of the future? we'll find out ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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chase. make more of what's yours. good morning, americ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking news, the entire soccer team and coach have been rescued. brand new images at this hour. we're live on the ground with the latest. new this morning, kylie jenner revealing she's ditched the fillers used to plump up her famous lips. the risk behind using them. dr. ashton breaks it down. what you should know. royal road trip. the duke and duchess headed out on their first foreign trip since their wedding just one day after charlotte steals the show. at little louis' christening, her royal wave and her cheeky comment to photographers. new this morning, chadwick, maggie, ryan, jake, amy, emma, what's got all these celebs
8:01 am
buttying up, pressing record right in their homes.surprise w to spring live on one fan and he's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ good morning and good morning, america. great to have you with u and good morning, america. great to have you with us this tuesday morning. and to bring you some great news. all 12 of those boys and their soccer coach have now been rescued from the cave in thailand. >> rescued after 18 days, everyone in that cave as george said is now free and so incredible and these are new images showing the ambulance arriving at the hospital. >> so let's get right back to abc's matt gutman who is there on the ground in thailand with the latest. such great news, matt. good morning again. >> reporter: it's incredible news, robin. good morning to you again. you never want to see anybody brought out in an ambulance much less young boys but this was a moment of pure jubilation in this country and it happened ahead of schedule.
8:02 am
they got those 13 out faster than they expected. they thought it might take four days. it took three days. now, at the beginning nobody even thought this was possible. they had searched for these boys for ten days in this labyrinth of a cave. the stalactites hanging from the ceiling were as jagged as broken glass. it was deep, it was dark. the current was so strong, it was ripping off the masks of the divers. somehow after ten days they found them and somehow after ten days those boys had survived just drinking water that had been dripping down from the cave's ceiling. what they wanted was to eat and they also wanted to get out and see their families and then a plan was hatched. hundreds of rescue divers and thousands of support staff took part in this most daring operation because these kids did not know how to swim, much less scuba dive. they gave them crash courses in both and then essentially hauled them through nearly two miles of tunnels, four each day and then five today. really incredible and remarkable
8:03 am
feat and it's been a multinational feat. so many different countries taking part including u.s. divers, australian, and, of course thai navy s.e.a.l.s who lost one of their own divers in the rescue effort just a few days ago. really a moment of jubilation that nobody thought anybody here could pull off and you can imagine the cheers erupting in this country as the news was delivered first by the thai navy s.e.a.l.s. and we hope to see the last two ambulances come down that road sometime in the next few minutes. so far we hear all the boys are safe. they are healthy enough. they'll spend a week in the hospital just to recuperate and start getting used to eating solid food again and to ensure they didn't suffer any significant diseases and then the moment everybody has been waiting for, the hug between those 12 boys and their parents. i can't wait to see that, robin. >> i was outside with people when you were doing the special report with george. cheers erupting here in times square. can only imagine the feeling there and the way the families
8:04 am
were all united and how they were all waiting and how they wanted to make sure every child was out before they fully celebrated, matt. >> reporter: and, robin, nobody lost hope. everybody believed that it was possible. some of the journalists thought there's no way they can find those kids after ten days but they did and it's really a remarkable moment. hats off to everybody here. it has been hot, muggy and monsoony and through all those nasty conditions they somehow pulled it off. >> hats off to you and our entire abc news team in front and behind the camera for the work you did bringing this to us. appreciate it very much. safe journey home. you can see much more tonight, there's so much to talk about on a special "20/20" at 9:00 p.m. eastern on abc. >> another big headline this morning. president trump's supreme court nominee, last night he picked federal appeals court judge brett kavanaugh to fill the vacancy left by anthony kennedy on the high court. we want to go back to abc's terry moran and the latest on the battle that's already begun. good morning, terry.
8:05 am
>> reporter: that's right, george. good morning. conservatives have been fighting for decades to take back the supreme court from what they saw as a liberal coup back in the 1960s and shift it sharply to the right and in judge brett kavanaugh, they can smell victory. president trump keeping a campaign promise nominating kavanaugh last night. he is a man with sterling credentials. he has an appealing family, he's active in his community, so he is going to be hard for democrats to beat but he also has a track record, 300 judicial opinions and years of fighting in the trenches of partisan political warfare and he also knows how to handle himself in a political battle. when president george w. bush nominated him for the appeals court it took three years for him to get confirmed. so he has seen this movie before and if he is confirmed, he will cement the ivy league dominance on the supreme court. you know there are more than 200 law schools in the united states. lot of different walks of life going to a lot of different law
8:06 am
schools with a different perspective on law and life but the supreme court, all nine of them, went to either harvard or yale including brett kavanaugh who is a yale grad. so, boola boola. >> we know the president was very interested in that. thank you very much, terry. coming up, prince harry and duchess meghan taking their first trip as a married couple. all the details ahead. and the moment princess charlotte stole the show at her brother's christening. why are stores being open with no inventory. dwayne johnson is here live. there he is in our audience. we have an incredible audience upstairs because we have all kinds of service members up there as well. we can't wait to join them all. when we come back. ♪ open with no inventory. dwayne johnson is here live. there he is in our audience. we have an incredible audience upstairs because we have all kinds of service members up there as well. we can't wait to join them all. when we come back. accounts receivable. hen you're in
8:07 am
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] wow. welcome back to "gma." wow. welcome back to "gma." as always we love our audience especially today. we have some incredible servicemen and women here. [ applause ] they're excited for dwayne johnson's new movie "skyscraper" and dwayne will be here to talk about it. and the inspiration behind it in just a moment. our inspiration right now is sara haines with some "pop news." [ applause ] >> i love a robin intro. we begin with some summer joy. "veep" star julia louis-dreyfus hitting the beach and sharing vacation photos after her breast cancer battle. here she is swaying to the hawaiian waves doing a little hula dance on the island of lanai writing on her instagram aloha, baby.
8:12 am
and here she is with her hubby of 31 year, college sweethearts actually brad hall in the pool, love the big smiles and heading off for a meal at the blue ginger cafe. the couple enjoying some much needed r&r on this tiny island that doesn't even have a traffic light. before the 11-time emmy winner gears up to reportedly shoot the final season of "veep" next month. we're so happy for julia to be out in the sun, having fun. much deserved. >> good to see. [ applause ] and now chadwick bozeman, emma thompson, jeff bridges, jake gyllenhaal, ryan reynold, amy schumer and many more, what could possibly bring them together? turns out it's the fight to reunite parents and their children separated at the border. maggie gyllenhaal in partnership
8:13 am
with the aclu asked her hollywood buddies to read a letter when an asylum seeker had her 18-month-old son taken away. >> he was crying when they put him in the seat. >> i didn't have a chance to comfort my son. >> the officer slammed the door shut as soon as he was in the seat. >> i was crying too. >> i cry even now when i think about that moment when the border officers took my son away. >> reporter: and that psa comes out today. >> powerful. but we'll end on a high note. >> okay. >> police in mansfield -- this is my best news voice. police in mansfield are asking for the public's help in finding a sheep on the lam from the rodeo. officers spotted the runaway sheep while on patrol and gave chase but the cops -- i can't even do these puns -- sheepishly admit they lost him. they shared the video on facebook writing mpd officers were engaged in a dramatic pursuit earlier this morning in east mansfield. the suspect ultimately slipped through our fingers. we are told the sheep is still at large. while he's not armed, we're not sure if he's dangerous. he's not dangerous, guys.
8:14 am
police put out a wanted poster for their fugitive aptly named dodge. they are offering a reward. ten tickets, anyone who can bring him in alive. >> ah. >> keep our eyes out. [ applause ] >> as always, thank you, sara. now to our "gma" cover story. reality star kylie jenner revealing she removed the lip fillers that made so many headlines when she got them as a teen. we'll speak with dr. ashton back in just a moment but first amy is back with all those detail. >> we know so many teens have been watching and following kylie. she's a makeup mogul. she revealed she first began getting fillers at 15 years old but now at 20 she's apparently saying no more. >> this is malibu. malibu lip liner. i put it all over my lips. >> reporter: her claim to fame has been her fans' obsession with her full lips.>> ikind o. lips famously became plump in 2014 now revealing she's no
8:15 am
longer enhancing her lips with temporary fillers. sharing these photos of her new natural lips on instagram confirming to fans in her comment section i got rid of all my filler. in 2015 she admitted to lip enhancements and said on her show "life of kylie" she began to inject her lips at 15 after a boy she liked said she had small lips. >> i took that really hard. just when a guy you like says that. >> reporter: in 2014 she flat out denied the allegation of enhancements on twitter saying these plastic surgery rumors hurt my feelings to be honest and they're kind of insulting adding, just in case anyone forgot, i'm 16. almost 229,000 teens between 13 and 19 years old had either minimal invasive or surgical cosmetic procedures last year. experts say teens may be seeking cosmetic enhancements as a way to deal with self-esteem and emotional issues that may eventually change as they get older. >> it's very common for young teens to use plastic surgery to
8:16 am
deal with emotional issues and to try to raise their self-esteem. >> and the response on social media has been overwhelmingly positive. some followers saying she looks like the old kylie. robin. >> all right, amy, dr. ashton is back. tell us how they work. >> okay. some mini immediate school here. the most common filler is ha or hyaloronic acid and the way it works, it is a substance that pulls water into the tissues so if you imagine your dry old kitchen sponge, that one is without the filler. all you do when you add that hyaloronic acid or any number of fillers, it pulls water in. that is literally what's going on in the tissue. w it tpo so it'll we that cnter a that filler sstans in sple saing it >> michael asked me to ask you does it leave stretch marks? >> it depends how much you're
8:17 am
putting in and skin is definitely elastic and resilient so it can deform the skin. here's the risks people need to know, especially when you're talking about an adolescent or young adult. with these type of cosmetic procedures, first of all, there's always the potential, even though it's small, for infection, scarring, discomfort. you can be unhappy with the cosmetic result which is common and definitely a possibility. and there is possibility for long-term damage. these fillers have not been studied for 30, 40, 50 years. if you use them at age 15 we don't know what you'll look like when you're 70 and obviously there is a big cost issue. these are incredibly expensive. >> so if you're a parent and you have a teen who has seen this and says, hey, mom, or, dad, i want this, what advice do you have? >> first of all, it's not just girls. the majority are adolescent or young girls but it affects boys too. from the parents' standpoint ask t'hay. it's because a boy or gi
8:18 am
s sothg you wa to jumpt tt e and nojust put band-aid on it. then ask the provider, are they board certified. what is their opinion on this age group and usintienncents an robin, we have a saying in surgery, a good surgeon knows when to cut. a great surgeon knows when not to. so i think that really applies to this case. i mean, if a 14-year-old or 15-year-old walks into a cosmetic dermatologist's office and says, start filling up my face, i think the best medical response is, i'm not going to do it. >> and to find out why. >> that's the thing. >> get behind the emotional reason why. >> look, there are adults that aren't fully formed in terms of our ego and self-esteem. how can you expect a 15-year-old or 20-year-old to really be at terms with that? it's about treating the whole person. >> as always, jen, thanks so much. george. a lot of good advice. let's check in with harry and meghan celebrating the 100th anniversary of the royal air force with the queen as they prepare for their first international trip since the wedding. before leaving, they attended
8:19 am
prince louis' christening where princess charlotte stole the show. eva pilgrim has all the details. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. harry and meghan are set to leave for ireland later today. they have a jam-packed schedule full of lots of fun events but make no mistake, with the weight of brexit bearing down, the uk set to leave the european union, this trip is very important. in just a few short hours, meghan and harry set to bring their royal charm offensive to ireland. for their first official overseas trip as the duke and duchess of sussex. >> this trip is a continuation of the tour of the country that harry and meghan did before their wedding and now it will be their first time in dublin as a couple. they'll spend two days there really learning about the heritage and culture of the country and the city itself. >> reporter: while royal fans eagerly await the couple's arrival, one question we'll all be asking. what will she be wearing?
8:20 am
>> last week meghan's closest friend jessica mulroney flew into london to go through wardrobe options with meghan. so what we'll be seeing over the days ahead will be very much a collaborative effort with her best friend. >> reporter: longtime friend and stylist jessica mulroney has been the force behind the duchess' evolving style, helping meghan navigate her new world as she transitions from hollywood actress to member of the royal family. >> meghan and jessica are constantly on the phone exchanging e-mails, discussing style options. in fact, last week one of the reasons she flew in was to help style meghan's yellow brandon maxwell dress. he was lady gaga's stylist. it will be someone we'll see meghan wear a lot more of over the months ahead. >> reporter: before leaving for dublin uncle harry and aunt meghan attended the christening of their 11 week old nephew,
8:21 am
prince louis. the big day marking the cambridges' first public debut as a family of five. the sleeping prince in the gown worn by big brother george and big sister charlotte. 4-year-old prince george and 3-year-old princess charlotte each in shades of blue once again stole the show. the pint-size royals with a little help from dad politely shaking hands with the archbishop of canterbury and charlotte with a royal wave as she turned to photographers and said you're not coming. and charlotte so sassy and so cute. one person who wasn't at that christening, the queen. don't worry, nothing is wrong. the queen just happens to have a really busy schedule this week. that also includes meeting with president trump later in the week. she told will and kate a while ago she would not be able to attend. so there were no surprises here, george. >> okay. thank you very much, eva. let's go over to ginger. >> you're not coming. i like that. let's get into your "gma" moment. we go to canada for this. ontario. you know when there are just a few crumbs left in the box, yeah, just a few crumbs left.
8:22 am
well, that's murphy, a 4-year-old black lab, they call her recycle monster. he always finds the last couple of crumbs. he got his head stuck in the pie box. that's me when i know my no carb diet starts the next day. i'm like just a couple more, just a few more. murphy, thank you for being so cute. thank you all for sending your "gma" moments to my facebook page so we can have a little smile in the morning. ma" moments to my facebook now a look at how nordstrom
8:23 am
is revolutionizing the way you shop, opening up brand-new stores without inventory. our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is here to explain. a store without inventory, is that a store? >> imagine that, michael, right. so we have a shop where you can get your nails done, you can see a seamstress or you can even sip a cocktail but what you won't do is dig through piles and piles of clothes. sound appealing? well, it's all part of a new store concept called nordstrom local. this morning, could this be the department store of the future? home to a nail salon, juice bar and loads of fitting rooms. the one thing you won't find inside this new nordstrom store concept, inventory. that's right. instead of stocked shelves you can try, test and even tailor your clothes here but to actually buy them, you'll have to place an order. >> people aren't just going to the stores anymore to shop. they want a 360 experience. >> reporter: the reinvented retail experience called
8:24 am
nordstrom local meant to compete in the time of amazon with more shoppers spending online. it's smaller than a traditional department store, just 3,000 square feet where you can work with a stylist who hand picks items ahead of your arrival, pick up an online order curb side, make returns or simply hang out. it takes a page right out of the playbook of many younger retailers like bonobo's, glossier and reformation. their tech enabled shops cater to millennial shoppers. >> why go to the mall when you can hang out and watch television while you shop? nordstrom's trying to make that experience that you have at your house just as fun in the store. >> reporter: with 66% of customers now saying that valuing their time is the most important aspect of good customer service, nordstrom announcing it will open at least two more locations in the future. that time is so important and we hear so much about store closings, part of that is because they're not modernizing. the majority of retail still
8:25 am
takes place at those physical locations and customers, they just want more from that in-person experience, otherwise, michael, they can just hop on amazon and it's as seamless as that. >> creating an environment they think people want to come to to shop. they're not the only ones. what are other old school retailers doing? >> we're seeing a lot of change at old school retailers. anyone who goes there will feel those changes when they get there. walmart just introduced this new service, it's only in new york right now, it's a membership service called jet black where you can text walmart, a walmart employee, and say to them, for example, i need a birthday present for a 10-year-old kid and they will text you back a few options, pictures of those options and you can decide is that the right one for me? >> man, you can get real lazy in this world. i tell you, rebecca, thank you very much. we really appreciate that. totally new experience for everyone. coming up, dwayne johnson, he's here live. are you a grill master and
8:26 am
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good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> and good morning. it's 8:27. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. firefighters are making progress on the county fire in yolo and napa counties. and this morning, cal fire announces the fire is now 80% contained. the size of the fire is still at 90,000 acres. 20 buildings are destroyed. three of them damaged. part of berryessa knoxville road remainss closed as well as couny road 40 and all roads witt, reg. we have a couple of crashes on southbound 280 if you're trying to get out of san francisco. the first one around john daly boulevard. and that is blocking it sounds like two to three lanes and
8:28 am
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? you never told your dad and me about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> coming up on 8:30 and already some neighborhoods nearing 80 degrees like in brentwood and los gatos. 50s and 60s for most of us. if you're out commuting, sunny and dry today. breezy south of the bay bridge,
8:30 am
if you're on the water, and mild this morning, but warm to hot for mass transit. temperatures ease starting tomorrow. reggie? >> today it feels like act ♪ i'm on top of the world [ applause ] excited. excited too. welcome back to "gma," everybody. we have a great audience with us here on this tuesday morning. it's full of servicemen and women. and thank you guys for all of your service and everything that you do. [ applause ] they are here -- they are here for a very special reason and that has to do with the guest we're about to bring out right now. he is one of the biggest stars in the world and he's here to talk about his new movie "skyscraper." dwayne johnson, get on out here, my friend. [ cheers and applause ] >>hat's up, buddy?
8:31 am
>> good to see you, man. [ applause ] >> good to see you. >> hello. [ applause ] oh, man. >> you can tell they saw the movie. duct tape. >> duct tape fixes everything. >> that's it. >> hello, servicemen and women. [ cheers and applause ] very nice. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> last week you were in hong kong. you are the busiest man, all over the place, whirlwind world tour. when you're in hong kong, it was like fandemonium over there. do you find it hard to fit in? >> it's not that i find it hard to fit in. it's i literally do not fit in. >> literally. >> i literally do not. these are some of the pictures which you guys will see. i'm trying to walk down the streets. biinag i'm ut a little i carrying.
8:32 am
i'm not too sure what it is. i had a great time.g started our tour in beijing, it was phenomenal. the love was incredible. always so grateful to go over there because it's always the great reminder when you can go to an event and people are going absolutely crazy and bananas. >> do you remember the last time you were anonymous? >> i do. it was i think when i was about 22, 23, honestly. yeah, about that time. yes, but it all goes out the window. i always tell people, by the way, the alternative is i go back to nobody knowing who i was or being evicted when i was 15. i couldn't afford to pay the rent so no complaints out of me. plus, i stopped trying to fit in. usually when i used to try to fit in i used to wear a goofy hat and, oh, there's the rock with a >> i think if you wore a fanny pack -- >> everything was good till you
8:33 am
bring up the fanny pack. okay. thank you. i embrace the fanny pack. >> you know what, one thing i love about you, you embrace your characters. we hear for every movie, you wear a different scent for the character. so in "skyscraper" -- >> do you really? >> i do. >> what was the scent for "skyscraper"? >> ambition was the scent and -- yeah, whoo, for ambition. whoo. i can't remember what it was. i got into this weird thing years ago. i think it was for my first movie "scorpion king" and had a cologne on and remember the movie fortunately did pretty good and i was like, oh, well, i'm -- you know how that silly thing happens to all of us. >> yes, exactly. yeah. >> exactly, so, yes, i can't remember what the name -- it was probably fanny pack, that's what it was. [ laughter ] smells great. >> should we see him in action? you guys ready? [ cheers and applause ]
8:34 am
>> okay, almost there. >> mom! >> you can do it. you can do it. that's it. get up. >> i can't hold it anymore. [ applause ] >> tell us about that scene. >> thank you for the applause. better than nonapplause. but that particular scene, so something special happened during that day. so on "skyscraper," "skyscraper" i feel was a little special for us for a lot of reasons. a week before shooting i put a lot of time and research and effort into g for meg pull inspiration from and a week before shooting weabind out tha
8:35 am
girl. [ applause ] yes. thank you. and then that was for me but for our writer/director rawson thurber who you will meet shortly that particular scene where i'm holding up -- yeah, that's -- >> tiny. >> there she is. with momma lauren. she's doing great. i love you. i'll be home wednesday night so this particular scene where i'm holding my family up and the metaphor of that what it means on the screen but the metaphor of holding them up as she's trying to cross the bridge coming to me, during that scene it was 2:00 in the morning, our writer director rawson thurber said, i'm so sorry i have to step away. he stepped away and he facetimed his wife as she gave birth to a little girl. it was so beautiful. [ applause ] yeah. yes. >> he will be on the show a little bit later in the week. you do so many great things.
8:36 am
one thing, another tradition as also with the cologne is make-a-wish kids. >> sure. >> you spend an entire day when you're on set and do that for every movie and your father inspired you to do that? >> my dad who was a former pro wrestler and he wound up granting one of the first ten wishes ever for make-a-wish and it was in 1983 and i saw the impact when i was a kid of that so make-a-wish is a very big part of my life and so, yes, for every movie there's generally a nice size list of make-a-wish kids who want to meet me and "skyscraper," we created this -- we're actually going to do it on "jungle cruise" too this year in probably a month or so where i turn the set almost into like willy wonka's chocolate factory and we have all these great partners who come in like a microsoft and everybody who will come in and set up all these fun events and activities so the kids come to our set and, you know, we often forget how cool our job is and when people come
8:37 am
to sets looking around and these kids look around. for example, one of the make-a-wishes, they want to ride in the lamborghini and we'll call up our partners and bring them in and it is the best time, so, you know, again, we're in this position and any opportunity we can to give back, we do. >> that's wonderful. [ applause ] >> dwayne johnson, you got a lot of other big projects. looking forward to teaming up with kevin hart again. "jumanji." >> between us, george, yes, so we have "jumanji" teaming up with kevin again and we'll start shooting that as of now in january. i'm shooting "jungle cruise now" based off the popular disney ride, thank you. very, very exciting. my beautiful co-star is the lovely and talented emily blunt
8:38 am
who has "mary poppins" coming out this christmas. and we're also doing the "fast and furious" spin-off. [ applause ] yes. it's going to be based off my character and jason's character and we just -- our main villain will be idris elba. >> he's playing the villain? >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> you have a lot to do before you run for president. >> before i run for president i do have a lot to do. [ laughter ] we'll have our big potus interview. >> you know you're going to run for president. you talk about that, right. your mom is here. i love momma. your momma is such a sweetheart. >> where is she at? hey, mom. she's right there. [ applause ] >> hello, mom. >> beautiful. >> when you were growing up, when you were growing up your mom, your parents called you dewie. >> y. you hava t of nknes >> what was behind that? >> dewie, yeah, dewdrops and
8:39 am
then -- >> oh, god. >> when he was a pebble, then he was a dewdrops and then from there it was dew-dew and dewie. [ laughter ] >> thank you, mom. >> oh my gosh. that's beautiful. >> what do your kids call you? >> i make them call me sir. [ laughter ] no, i mean they call me dad and daddy and, you know i have a 16-year-old daughter simone. 2 1/2-year-old jazzy and 4-month-old, almost 4, baby tia, yes. >> wow. >> thank you. [ applause ] i'm surrounded by women. >> but simone is 16. she's accomplished a lot herself but you think she'll follow in your footsteps? >> yes, the crazy thing about my daughter simone, she's so smart. we're all so proud of her. she's going into her senior year.
8:40 am
she signed with img as a model. there she is right there. she was a golden globes ambassador. simone is working so hard and her work has already started. she wants to be a wwe wrestler. >> no way. >> how does daddy feel about that? >> no way. >> yes. you know what, look, i love that idea and i think, you know, we had this big conversation. she came with me to hong kong and beijing. i said, honey, whatever your passion is i support that and wrestling was good to me and started my career in madison square garden. bring it on. she's going to be a champ. >> all right. she's got the best teacher you could have. >> yes. [ applause ] >> grandma is okay with that too? you okay with that? >> she will lay the smack down, yes. >> that's your momma. >> i know. >> oh, boy. we're just getting started with dewdrop.
8:41 am
"skyscraper" is in theaters this friday and coming up, we have so much more with this man, dwayne johnson. we have director rawson thurber and the inspiring man behind his blockbuster new role. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. [ applause ] ♪ kbuster new role. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. [ applause ] ♪ (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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that's the picture you got there. look at that huge crawfish boil. i love it. louisiana feast. we want to you send us your block party photos. yo ultimate block party. go to, forward slash, block party to learn more. i need all that, robin, michael. >> that made me homesick. we are here with our special audience of servicemen and women. [ applause ] our favorite guys, dwayne johnson and the writer and director of his new thriller he was just talking about, rawson thurber is here as well. thank you, rawson. oh, now, he shared with us the story. all this is going on behind the scenes, you know, such a gripping story and you're like, oh, wait a minute. i need to facetime. she was having a baby. >> yeah, my wife sara had our second child kensington and what dwayne didn't tell you when she was going into labor because dwayne is the kind of guy he is he did everything to get me his
8:46 am
private jet to los angeles and we couldn't quite make it work because we couldn't find a crew. it was 2 in the morning and everyone was asleep. he tried to move heaven and earth. >> not sure we couldn't find a crew. it was expensive. >> well it was a gesture. >> he made a halfhearted effort at it is what i'm trying to say. >> congratulations on your second daughter. we gave dwayne a onesie and flew one over to hong kong last time so for you, we have one for your baby. limited edition. limited edition. >> thank you. i appreciate it. [ applause ] >> you always are so hard working. what training went into this film that you had to go through? >> well, i spent a lot of time with rawson, obviously because he had this whole movie inside his head but also spent a lot of time with amputees and trying to understand there's a certain way they walk and run and sit and there's a hitch in the step and in the gait and the hips, one man in particular, his name is jeff glassbrenner who i spent some time with, with my research
8:47 am
and he wound up being the inspiration for the character. inspiration for the character. i am an amputee in the movie and he is -- he was the first american amputee to climb mt. everest, multitime paralympian. >> and jeff is here. >> jeff is here. >> jeff glassbrenner. >> hello, jeff. [ applause ] >> what was it like when you get the call and dwayne johnson says, man, you're my inspiration. >> oh, my gosh, it was the most amazing thing. i get this phone call and it was, hey, we want you to come and teach what it's like to be an amputee. for me i've always been a huge fan. it was the greatest thing. more important to me was that he actually took the time to understand what it was like physically, mentally, emotionally, and i think that was the really cool part so he dove into it 100% give him the amputee stamp of approval for sure. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> very impressive.
8:48 am
>> thank you very much. >> you guys have worked together before in "central intelligence." >> we did. >> love that movie. you worked together in that and, dwayne, we know dwayne as larger than life but what is something you learned about him in your time together that's maybe a little surprising? >> about dwayne from "central intelligence" to "skyscraper?" >> something that may surprise you. >> look, i guess the thing that's most interesting about dwayne is how genuine he is. you know, the guy that you see on social media, it's not an act. i mean that's really who he is and that's why he's the biggest star in the world. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> and i personally don't like him enough to say that publicly if it weren't true. not a fan. >> thank you, buddy. >> i love how you always go back and forth on social media. >> yes, we do. this is our last movie we're going to do together. >> i hope this is it. >> you have such a big heart. there's something you want to
8:49 am
tell the audience right now. >> yeah, absolutely. i'd love to. we have a really big premiere tonight here in new york city and everyone is invited. [ applause ] >> you're all going. everybody is going. >> you're going. everybody is going. >> that's your son. that's your boy. always been like that, hasn't he? do we have more? dwayne johnson going to stick around and have more? we might have some special surprises. like that's not enough. >> keep it going. willy wonka. [ applause ] ♪
8:50 am
8:51 am
ice cream inspired iced coffee is here at dunkin' in the flavors you love, cookie dough, pistachio and butter pecan. and now, enjoy any medium iced coffee for $1.50. america runs on dunkin'. we are back with dwayne johnson and director of "skyscraper" rawson thurber. we have a surprise for two super fans on the phone right now.ex w
8:52 am
jersey have no idea who they're going to talk to. hey, how are you two doing? hey. >> hey. >> oh, you're so excited to talk to me. so nice. but i'm not going to waste any time. somebody else wants to talk to you. >> hey. >> they're more excited to talk to him. believe me. >> back up. there we go. how are you guys doing? >> come on, rawson. >> what's up, everybody? >> this is rawson thurber. he is a writer and director of "skyscraper." >> hi. [ applause ]el. >> b ty don't want to see you. they just want to see me.e fs. >> yes. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. okay. well i hear -- >> you have a surprise for them. >> i do. i have a big surprise so i just surprised the audience. they're all going to come to our
8:53 am
"skyscraper" premiere tonight. >> yeah. >> and the surprises keep going. i'm like willy wonka so i want you to be my special guests tonight, new york city. [ applause ] come to the "skyscraper" premiere. so get dressed up to the nines. i'll see you guys tonight. >> i'll see you tonight. >> bye, ladies. see you tonight. all right, everybody. another surprise, give it up, by dwayne johnson. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
what a wonderful morning to have dwayne here with his mom and director. my favorite tweet. can we have the rock on every day and his mom? [ cheers and applause ] these servicemen and women that are here. >> thank you all, servicemen and women, that are here as well. [ cheers and applause ] that are here as well. [ cheers and applause ] applause ]
8:57 am
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hello, there. it is 8:59. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. meteorologist mike nicco has your hot forecast. >> yeah, it's definitely going to be hot, reggie. hi, everybody. the sea lions are going to we're using our pier 39 camera to look at alcatraz this morning. today is the hottest day. just wait a couple of days. south of the bay bridge, a small craft advisory. look at these temperatures from 66 at half moon bay, but nearing 100 in places like antioch. my accuweather seven-day forecast, it will be more comfortable by friday and saturday. alexis. >> heavy volumes out there on the roads this morning. we also just had a crash cleared and we have a couple of lanes down. >> we're having some trouble hear troubles there. no time now for "live with kelly & ryan." we'll be back at 11:00 a.m. for
9:00 am
the abc 7 midday news and our reporting always continues on our news app and >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the film "skyscraper," dwayne johnson. and we continue our "keep it cool week." and performing her new hit "i'll be there," jess glynne. plus, we will announce the the 5 finalists in "live's oh baby photo contest" ." all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: good morning.


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