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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 12, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- hours after slamming u.s. allies at the nato summit demanding they pay more for their defense, president trump heads to london. with thousands gearing up to protest in the streets, the state department even warning americans in london to keep a low profile. this morning, the president's strategy and the greeting he's expected to get from the british prime minister. breaking overnight, porn star stormy daniels arrested at a strip club. this morning why her lawyer claims it was all politically motivated. also breaking overnight, the founder and public face of papa john's pizza resigns. >> better ingredients, better pizza, papa john's. >> the new controversy that brought down the self-made man from indiana who grew a small pizza stand in his father's
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tavern into a billion-dollar empire. also, the new hospital video of the boys rescued from the thailand cave. we meet one of the men who helped pull them out. plus, no more getting carsick. the glasses that can prevent motion sickness. how they work. and why the video game craze started by fortnite is about to get even crazier. good thursday morning, everyone. i'm linsey davis in for diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. we're going to start with president trump heading to london this morning fresh from that contentious nato summit in brussels. >> the president stunned world leaders by openly questioning the purpose of nato. he demanded that america's closest allies dramatically increase defense spending and slammed germany as being totally controlled by russia. and this morning, he is back on twitter. >> and all this just days before
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his one-on-one meeting with vladimir putin. abc's molly hunter is following the developments in london where the anti-trump protesters are coming out in force this morning. good morning, molly. >> reporter: guys, good morning. that's right. it's been a wild ride. president trump continues to insist that nato allies pay more than they're already paying. but that's left longtime allies and diplomats just dumbfounded by the barrage of attacks. in brussels this morning, it's day two, president trump arriving at nato headquarters after a bizarre first day at the summit capped off by this rather bizarre performance wednesday night. confusing as the world leaders attempted another family photo. the first lady right there by her husband's side, president trump greeting france's first lady and smiling with french president emmanuel macron just hours after blasting america's european allies. president trump accused germany of being held captive by russia. >> germany, as far as i'm
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concerned, is captive to russia. >> reporter: later trying to make nice. >> we have a very, very good relationship with the chancellor. >> reporter: but german chancellor angela merkel just reaffirmed her commitment to the alliance. [ speaking german ] >> reporter: french president emmanuel macron did the same. [ speaking french ] >> reporter: and british prime minister theresa may did the same. >> nato is as vital to us today as it ever has been. >> reporter: president trump flies to london this morning and across the uk anti-trump protests are planned. london is gearing up for the biggest protests in years. and activists everyone made this trump baby balloon, which will fly over the city tomorrow. that's right. london authorities are planning for huge numbers tomorrow, guys, but the real highlight might be president trump's meeting with the queen at windsor castle. but i'm just glad we could welcome president trump with some balmy london summer weather. linsey and kendis. >> yeah, we see those gray clouds. molly hunter live in london this morning. thank you, molly. back here in this country, the porn star, stormy daniels, has reportedly been arrested at
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a strip club in central ohio. her attorney says daniels is accused of allowing a customer to touch her on stage at a club in columbus. he insists the touch was nonsexual. but ohio law does not allow touching a nude or partially nude dancer. the attorney michael avenatti announced the arrest on twitter calling it a setup and politically motivated. and saying it reeks of desperation. columbus police did not immediately confirm the arrest. daniels has been, of course, at the center of a legal and political firestorm over her alleged affair with the president. also breaking overnight, the founder of papa john's pizza has stepped down from the company after he was accused of saying the "n" word during a conference call. john schnatter's resignation as chairman of the board came just hours after his admission and apology for using the racial slur. abc's stephanie ramos has the new details. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: linsey and kendis, good morning. we've seen him in the commercials for so many years now, but papa john's founder is stepping away from his role as
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chairman after using a racial slur. it's official. when you hear about papa john's pizza, this familiar face won't be behind the brand anymore. >> every day we use better ingredients. and every day we make better pizza. >> reporter: papa john's founder john schnatter has resigned as chairman of his company's board after admitting and apologizing for using the "n" word during a media training exercise. the company said in a statement wednesday, the independent directors of the company have accepted the resignation of john h. schnatter. this all stemmed from a conference call in may where the 56-year-old was reportedly asked in a role-playing exercise if he would distance himself from racist groups. schnatter then complained that kfc's colonel sanders never faced backlash for using the "n" word. schnatter in a statement says reports attributing the use of inappropriate and hurtful
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language to him are true, saying, regardless of the context, i apologize. schnatter founded papa john's in his hometown of jeffersonville, indiana. he installed a pizza oven at his father's tavern, and the business exploded with more than 5,000 locations. now he leaves that behind. even the gym he committed almost a million dollars to will be stripped of his name. >> you can't have it on a piece of city property, especially where little kids are going to be walking into to get educated. >> reporter: schnatter stepped down as ceo of papa john's last year after making comments on how the nfl national anthem protests were hurting his business. kendis and linsey, back over to you. >> stephanie ramos, thank you. we're learning more this morning about the 12 boys rescued from that cave in thailand this week. we're finally seeing them inside the hospital still quarantined albeit with their families behind a glass wall. the boys are being treated with antibiotics and vitamins, and they're wearing masks to prevent infection. they lost about four pounds
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each. they'll be staying in the hospital for another week. in the meantime, new video has been released showing how emergency teams pulled the boys and their coach from that cave with oxygen running extremely low. one rescuer described the pulley system they used. >> we had to basically set up rope systems and high lines to be able to, you know, safely put them in a harness and bring them across large open areas. their coach and the boys all came together and discussed staying strong, having that will to live, having the will to survive. >> and get this, local officials now plan to turn that cave into a museum. a wisconsin town is mourning the volunteer firefighter killed in a massive gas explosion. the body of captain cory barr was taken to a funeral home last night. he leaves behind a wife and twin daughters. he was killed in that explosion that devastated downtown sun prairie leaving several buildings leveled. crews are expected to remain on
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the scene for several days assessing the damage. they say a contractor hit a gas main sending natural gas pouring into the city's sewers. time now for a look at your weather for this thursday morning. hurricane chris is far off the east coast, but it's churning up potentially life-threatening rip currents along beaches from the carolinas to new england. in ocean city, maryland, lifeguards sprinted into action to save two girls who were caught in a rip current. more than 140 rescues were reported on that beach in one day alone. and earlier this week a man in north carolina drowned. in the meantime, in the west monsoon rains are the big story triggering some flash flood concerns. well, coming up, how oprah is expanding her empire. but first new evidence that we're not getting the message when it comes to distracted
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driving. and who's more likely to get distracted behind the wheel, men or women? and later the massive prize for people who play the popular video game fortnite.
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we're back with a bizarre sight on this highway in arizona. a man driving a golf cart in traffic at 4:00 a.m. without any headlights. two vehicles eventually escorted him off the phoenix highway. police say the man, who is 83 years old, showed no signs of being impaired. no word on if he'll be charged. it appears we are still not getting the message about talking and texting while driving. a recent study found a 5% increase in the number of deaths blamed on distracted drivers. about half of parents in a new survey admitted to talking on a
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handheld phone at least once recently while driving a child. and one-third admitting reading text messages while driving. research shows women are actually more likely than men to be distracted behind the wheel. well, prosecutors are detailing how former trump campaign chairman paul manafort has been living in jail. they say manafort admitted being treated like a vip with his own bathroom, a personal phone, and access to a laptop. but a judge on wednesday denied manafort's request to remain at that jail in rural virginia. instead he's being moved closer to washington, d.c. his trial is set to begin in two weeks. he's been charged with money laundering, bank fraud, and conspiracy. women in the navy can now let their hair down. the navy has updated its policy on hairstyles, so for the first time women can wear ponytails, locks, and wider buns while in uniform. many black servicewomen had asked for the new options to accommodate different hair textures. the navy says it wants to be more inclusive.
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oprah winfrey is getting into the restaurant business. she is making what's described as a major investment in true food kitchen. it's a health food restaurant chain located mostly in california and texas. the company now plans to expand on the east coast. to the relief of millions of people, beer ice cream has been declared legal. new york's governor has signed a bill clearing the way for local brewers to sell ice cream made with beer and hard cider, which is a growing trend nationwide. in new york the percentage of alcohol is limited to 5% by volume. >> you can tell it's an election year when they're doing that. coming up, no more getting carsick. the glasses that could cure motion sickness. also ahead, a wedding nightmare. ambulances are called as nearly 100 guests become violently ill. the lawsuit that the bride and groom are now filing. and up next, new video of the rescue after a plane crashes into the side of a mountain.
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we're back with the first look at the survivors of a plane crash in alaska. this video showing the passengers, some of them smiling, in a coast guard helicopter after being rescued. the 11 people survived after that plane came crashing down onto the side of a mountain. >> the pilot says he got disoriented in the fog and rain. and now we're hearing from the passengers for the first time. abc's will carr reports. >> reporter: the first time a survivor describing the horrifying plane crash into the side of an alaskan mountain. >> we could have gone head-on into the mountain, and we didn't and so that was -- i'm very thankful for that. >> reporter: 11 people thankful to be alive after the float plane slammed on to that mountain at an elevation of 2,000 feet. the pilot narrowly missing jagged rocks and steep cliffs. what are the odds that this pilot could crash-land this
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plane, keep it intact, and keep everybody safe? >> it's incredible. it's 99 -- he had a 0.1% chance of survival. i don't think there's any way he could have repeated that outcome. >> reporter: coast guard lieutenant commander jason condon and flight mechanic mike van berkom swooped in to the crash site. >> the cloud cover was the thickest i've ever been in. we were fully expecting fatalities just due to the sheer rock faces around the area. >> to see that helicopter through the fog was just, you know, a huge relief. >> reporter: the rescue crews hoisting ten passengers and the pilot up one by one into a helicopter and ultimately to safety. all expected to be okay. >> nothing but 11 smiles shining back at us. they were pretty grateful. >> reporter: it's still not clear what caused the plane to crash. investigators are now hiking to that wreckage that's still on the side of the mountain as both the pilot and the rescue crews receiving praise for getting everyone to safety. >> our thanks to will carr. hours before he was supposed to explain why he didn't help a woman who was being harassed at a park, a police officer in chicago has now resigned.
4:18 am
patrick conner was scheduled to meet with his now former bosses today about this viral video. he's seen ignoring a woman's pleas for help as an apparently drunk man verbally assaults her in a chicago park. she was harassed for wearing a shirt with a puerto rican flag on it. officials say the incident remains under investigation. now to a wedding nightmare. a new york woman is suing the business that catered her wedding after several of her guests suddenly became violently ill. melissa conarton and her husband say nearly 100 of their guests suffered food poisoning at their wedding near syracuse. the bride describes the reception as apocalyptic with nine ambulances rushing to the venue. in fact, it got so bad, a tarp had to be laid out to triage the guests. >> it was a beautiful day that just turned into this event that you would see, you know, in a horror movie. people were walking around not themselves. they couldn't talk. they were incoherent. some people were saying things like, you know, i just want to die. >> well, she says that she's suing to pay for her guests'
4:19 am
hospital bills. the catering company claims third party companies who brought in food and drinks are to blame. and the caterer is also suing, demanding the couple pay their outstanding $4,000 bill. if you think the summer heat is slowing you down, you might be right in more ways than one. a new harvard study found that heat slows down your brain. researchers found that students who took exams during a heat wave without air-conditioning had 13% longer reaction times compared to students who had a/c. the students in the a/c were not only faster coming up with their responses, they were also more accurate. just in time for your summer road trip, a company is now selling glasses that prevent carsickness. the frames contain liquid that simulate the movements of the horizon, tricking your eyes and inner ears into thinking they're synced up with each other. the french company that designed them says that you can stare at a book of a phone and the
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4:23 am
they say that he was displeased because he had hoped for a full breakfast and only cheese and pastries were served. >> okay. and this image seemed to capture the mood of the summit. as most of the allies looked in one direction at a military flyover, president trump going his own way looking the different direction apparently fixated on something else. kylie jenner is on track to become what is being described as the youngest self-made billionaire ever. >> "forbes" magazine estimates jenner's net worth of $900 million. she turns 21 next month. facebook founder mark zuckerberg became a billionaire at age 23. now, jenner made her fortune in cosmetics with a company that she launched two years ago. and is using her as an example for the term self-made. tweeting, self-made means having succeeded in life unaided. >> i guess they're questioning that. >> yeah, questioning that. next the start of something
4:24 am
really big for fans of fortnite. the company behind the wildly popular video game is kicking off its first official pro tournament. >> the so-called summer skirmish series will run for eight weeks. over that time $8 million in prize money will be up for grabs. >> players for saturday's first competition have already been invited. a man who really nailed it to reach the record books has ditched his claim to fame. >> shridhar chillal's left hand used to hold the world's longest fingernails. a combined 29 feet, 10 inches, all of it pretty gross-looking. after growing them for 66 years he just got rid of them. the nails had to be cut with a power tool. they'll be on display at a museum in new york. museum in new york. as you and your rheumatologist consider treatments, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill for psoriatic arthritis. taken with methotrexate or similar medicines, it can reduce joint pain, swelling, and significantly improve physical function. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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hi. good morning. it's thursday, july 12th. thanks for being there. 4:27 in the morning. natasha is off today. as you can see we have jessica in the seat. >> yeah. i flipped over and came to this side. >> hey. anywhere you want to be, you're welcome. >> okay. >> hi. >> hi. >> how is it going? >> going pretty well. how about you guys? >> what's going to happen weatherwise, it's a little muggy this morning. a little mist along the coast. not like we're going to have tomorrow morning after the threat of thunderstorms rolls through tonight. you can see the cloudiness out there in the gray. slowly making its way into the east bay and the south bay through the morning commute. temperatures range from the mid-50s up in the north bay to the mid-60s in the east bay and
4:28 am
down towards los gatos at 63 right now. take a look at the accuweather 12-hour planner in less than three minutes. here's alexis. >> thanks, mike. a fairly quiet start to the thursday morning commute. we have a hazards warning in the south bay. northbound 280 before tenth street, someone lost a couch or a love seat. a very large piece of furniture there in the roadway. sounds like someone did hit that, unfortunately. that is blocking the far right lane. emergency crews on the way to scene. not much of a backup yet. no backup here. walnut creek, southbound 680, light volumes before 4:30. next traffic update in just a couple minutes. alexis thank you. developing news in oakland. a 3-year-old boy is in the hospital after being shot. >> this happened just before 10:00 p.m. near 80th avenue and holly street in east oakland. shell casings were found at the scene. a short time later, a car showed up at highland hospital with the child. he was later transported to ucsf
4:29 am
children's hospital oakland in critical condition. happening today, the 72-year-old man who authorities believe is the golden state killer is due back in court for a preliminary hearing. joseph deangelo accused of killing a dozen people and raping women in the 1970s and '80s. he was arrested in april after he was linked to the crimes. he's due in court this afternoon. new details about the arrest of adult star stormy daniels at a strip club in ohio. this is new video of daniels being taken io the police station, booked on misdemeanor charges. the police report says daniels touched patrons with her breasts. that is technically against ohio haugh. here's the mugshot of daniels just released. her lawyer claims the arrest was a politically motivated setup. daniels is out on bail. she made headlines for claiming
4:30 am
that she had an affair with donald trump. 4:30. let's get an update on weather and traffic where you live. let's check in with mike nicco. >> hey, jessica. hey everybody. this is last night. you can see the thunderstorms that were just around yosemite. they fell apart overnight. but that energy is coming our way. that's why we're going to have a chance of thunderstorms later this evening into the overnight hours. for the morning, you can see the marine layer is back cloud cover is hanging around. 57 to 63. it is a touch warmer than it was yesterday. we'll stay in the 60s at the coast. mainly 70s around the bay. we'll wrap it up by 7:00 with the first signs of thunderstorms developing to our south and east. i'll give you an idea when they're coming to your neighborhood, if at all. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. a little wait already in the cash lanes for the bay bridge toll plaza. not too bad yet. hopefully a few more booths are en


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