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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 12, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> my friend sent a video. he saw that we did this story. he put his dog on the bed and tried it. the dog sits there. couldn't good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. president trump declares victory. >> they really stepped up their commitment and stepped it up like they never have before. >> after those tense talks with our allies, the president claims nato allies increased defense spending, says the u.s. commitment to nato remains strong. now he heads to london where he'll meet with the british prime minister and the queen. protests there already under way. also breaking overnight, stormy daniels arrested. the adult film star who says she had an affair with donald trump taken into custody during one of her shows. her lawyer now calling it a sting operation. lightning danger. this tree splitting apart in colorado and the monsoon storm
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hitting causing this grocery store in arizona to completely go up in flames. crossing the line. the man who played borat under fire. >> it's nice. >> did he trick sarah palin into an interview pretending to be a disabled veteran? and dupe other leaders all as a stunt for his new show? the call to boycott now. and, remarkable recovery. the young soccer team trapped in that cave for weeks now flashing the victory sign from their hospital beds. their families watching them behind the glass. now two of those brave divers who were in the cave helping with the rescue are speaking out on "gma" for the first time. and we do say good morning, america. great to have you with us on this thankful thursday. and we're thankful to see images like this. so wonderful to see those boys
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doing well in the hospital. >> it sure is. and in just a moment for the first time, we hear from some of the divers who were in that cave during the rescue helping the boys get out. they're going to reveal just how dangerous it got. >> even more perilous than we thought. we're going to begin with the breaking news out of brussels. president trump emerging from an emergency meeting in nato to declare victory claiming he has convinced our allies to contribute more to nato's defense. that comes after confrontational talks ahead of the president's meetings with the queen in england, president putin on monday. our chief foreign correspondent terry moran is tracking it all from brussels. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. i think it's fair to say nato has never seen anything like donald trump. from the moment he arrived here he went on the attack like a bull in a china shop issuing such dire and drastic threats that it plunged the summit into this emergency meeting today. it raised questions among some allies whether he was preparing to pull the u.s. out of the alliance altogether. but others thought it might just
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be a trumpian negotiating tactic, all part of the art of the deal. this morning, president trump declaring victory over america's allies claiming he has successfully forced germany and other nato members to pay substantially more of the costs of the alliance. >> yesterday i let them know that i was extremely unhappy with what was happening. and they have substantially upped their commitment. yeah, and now we're very happy and have a very, very powerful, very, very strong nato. much stronger than it was two days ago. >> reporter: earlier president trump arriving at the nato summit late and alone. determined to fundamentally change america's relationship with our closest allies. hammering out angry tweets overnight targeting germany and other nato allies on their defense spending. presidents have been trying unsuccessfully for years to get germany and other rich nato nations to pay more toward protection from russia. they pay only a fraction of their cost. the u.s. pays tens of billions of dollars too much to subsidize europe.
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and loses big on trade. the president's demands triggering an emergency nato meeting, reports that trump threatened to pull the u.s. out of the alliance it founded almost 70 years ago. his ultimatum, nato members must increase their defense spending repeating that request overnight tweeting, all nato nations must meet their 2% of gdp commitment. and that must ultimately go to 4%. right now the u.s. only spends 3.5% on defense and has massive military commitments around the globe far from europe. from the moment he arrived, the president has been on the attack, spending much of yesterday going after germany for its recent $12 billion gas pipeline deal with russia. and tweeting overnight, pipeline dollars to russia are not acceptable. but the president was all smiles when meeting with french president emmanuel macron. >> merci beaucoup. >> it sounded beautifully. i have no idea. it sounded great.
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>> i have to say, i -- also the same. >> reporter: making small talk at the class photo. first lady melania trump there even chatting with german chancellor angela merkel over wine. so, when all is said and done, president trump says he has strengthened the nato alliance and for all of his fire and fury he claims he's got very warm personal relations with all of the leaders, including chancellor merkel. >> he said that's what it was like behind closed doors. now terry, the president downplayed the idea that he threatened to leave nato if the allies didn't come forward with new commitments. and we still don't know exactly from those allies what they committed to. >> reporter: he wants them to pay more for their defense but since he became a candidate he has questioned the very need for nato. he called it obsolete on the campaign trail. that hangs over this alliance like a dark shadow. so as he comes at them, they aren't 100% sure if his request for them to spend more is real or a pretense for him to change
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america's relationship with the alliance altogether. >> the president also said the nato allies thanked him for meeting with president putin on monday. and he gave a preview of the meeting, said he would bring up russian meddling in our election and the annexation of crimea but seemed to shift blame to president obama. >> reporter: he does. he has done this before. he says that the annexation of crimea and frankly the war in eastern ukraine which represents the first time european borders have been changed by force since world war ii, he says that's president obama's problem. i wouldn't have allowed it to happen. suggesting that it's not going to be an issue high on his agenda. it is an issue high on europeans' agenda. they've seen this movie before, when russia starts tearing chunks off other countries, and would like it to stop. >> now the president heading to great britain. terry moran, thanks very much. michael. >> thank you, george. now, to that breaking news overnight, stormy daniels arrested during one of her shows taken into custody, and our chief justice correspondent
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pierre thomas has the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: michael, good morning. that's right, the arrest of the adult film star happening overnight. it was during a performance at a strip club. this morning her attorney is crying foul. overnight, what started as an adult nightclub appearance in columbus, ohio, ending in an arrest for porn star stormy daniels. daniels seen here in handcuffs, a police officer leading the way. in a series of tweets, her attorney michael avenatti saying daniels was arrested for allowing a customer to touch her while on stage in a nonsexual manner. avenatti also claiming the arrest was a setup and politically motivated. adding, it reeks of desperation. we will fight all bogus charges. but authorities claim otherwise. writing that daniels formerly known as stephanie clifford forced the faces of patrons into her chest, among other actions, including inappropriately touching female patrons. daniels made headlines for her involvement in the political scandal involving president trump's former attorney michael
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cohen. >> for years, mr. cohen has acted like he is above the law. he has never thought that women, even more, women like me, mattered. that ends now. >> reporter: cohen paid daniels $130,000 a month before the presidential election to stop her from discussing an affair she allegedly had with trump in 2006. cohen initially denied making the payment, but later said the payment was made with his own money. daniels, who was released, is due in court friday morning for a 9:00 a.m. arraignment. her attorney is tweeting that she will plead not guilty to misdemeanor charges. robin. >> all right, pierre, thank you. now to that miracle rescue in thailand. this morning, new video showing the families of that soccer team meeting the rescuers who saved their sons' lives. as the boys recover in the hospital this morning, abc's adrienne bankert is still there and, adrienne, you had the opportunity to speak with some of those divers who were in the cave during the rescue.
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>> reporter: yes, robin. they're saying this was so unreal. many saying this was the most challenging dive they'd ever taken on. another describes how in a full wet suit with all that heavy gear, at some points they're diving in the cave and other times trudging through the mud all while carrying those children out on stretchers from that cave. this morning, you can see that highly calculated plan in action. new video shows how teams of expert divers pulled those 12 boys and their coach from the belly of that cave. >> our job was to get the kid out from the water. take the full face mask off, put him in a stretcher gently holding their hands so they don't get tangled or if there is distress, they don't start to pull the mask off. >> reporter: divers from arnold around the world who came to assist are speaking out about conditions inside that cave as oxygen ran low. if you could rank, 1 to 10, how
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hard this was, 13, 17? >> you couldn't see this. you couldn't see this. it wasn't until you touched your own mouth you could see your hand. pulling yourself along the rope and smacking your head into rocks. we did exit the cave fairly quickly. >> describe the feeling rippling through the camp there at the cave when everybody knew we got the last boy out. we got the coach out, it's a wrap. >> it was actually quite silent. we were kind of like, this actually worked. >> reporter: a thai diver from bangkok says he was familiar with the area's dangerous caves. >> how many of you? >> reporter: he never imagined that this could ever happen. >> the first day i arrived there on monday night, started working side by side with the s.e.a.l. team on tuesday morning. this is the most difficult dive i have ever been to. >> reporter: this video shows them being carried all the way out, one of the soccer players seen on a stretcher wrapped in a blanket before medical teams quickly step in to transport him to the hospital. and some of the divers have met with the boys' families, who thanked them, as well as the nation of thailand. celebrating their remarkable mission.
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>> we've been talking about this with the guys and nobody has ever heard of such a big operation and especially that ends up this good. >> reporter: and here at the hospital the boys are still recovering. they'll be here for about a week then go home and recover for another month. the divers we spoke to say they hope to meet the boys and are calling the british divers who found them first as well as the thai royal navy the true heroes. robin? >> a lot of heroes going around. thanks so much, adrienne, and must have been something for the families to meet the rescuers for the first time like that. >> important. great to see the boys doing well, as well. >> it is. we'll move on to that wild weather out west. storms led to this fire in phoenix, it destroyed a phoenix grocery store. there is also some flooding in new mexico. ginger covering it all. good morning, ginger. >> 'tis the season because we are in monsoon season which is a shift in the wind and a seasonal thing that happens in the southwest and, yes, that safeway up in flames. it was reported originally
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because of lightning but we called this morning. our intern sam actually called and it was because of flash flooding causing an electrical fire. it sent that thing up in flames. i want to take you to ouray, colorado. one of the other threats from the monsoon, that would be lightning. you can see that tree bursting into flames there, as well. and from arizona, this is what it looks like from above, when the skies turn and you have that monsoon come in. and then they sit there. that's the issue with these storms is that they move very slowly. the setup is like that you have that big ridge with all the high, hot pressure in the middle of the country and moisture coming in here, also influence from the pacific now and that's where we'll see the storms popping up. why we have flash flood watches for much of new mexico you can see -- sorry, nevada, parts of new mexico and colorado. all right, a whole lot more coming up for now but we'll head over to you guys. >> all right, ginger, thank you. and now to the survivors of that plane crash in alaska. all 11 people on board this floater plane somehow able to walk away after it crashed on a mountainside.
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this morning we're seeing video of the dramatic coast guard rescue helicopter and hearing from one of the passengers. abc's will carr has the story. >> reporter: overnight new video of that dramatic rescue on the side of a treacherous mountain in alaska. watch as this coast guard crew pulls one plane crash survivor after another to safety in perilous conditions. >> the whole effort, it was amazing. i'm going to cry, sorry, it's just incredible. >> reporter: passengers who were returning from a sport fishing resort area still emotional. >> to have to get in that helicopter and be terrified of another flight. and the pilot -- he was just calm. and they were amazing. >> reporter: another posting on facebook, i can't believe they found us. i can't believe they braved the conditions they did. 11 people survived after their float plane crashed into a mountain filled with jagged rocks and steep cliffs on prince of wales island. >> we were fully expecting fatalities just due to the sheer rock faces around the area that we were at.
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>> reporter: but the pilot managed to avoid the life-threatening pitfalls. >> from your perspective what are the odds that this pilot could safely crash-land this plane, keep it intact and keep everybody safe on that flight? >> 0.1%. >> reporter: the pilot calling 911 moments after the crash. the coast guard then swooping in navigating two helicopters through dense fog. one crew member saying it was the thickest cloud cover he had ever seen. the survivors, bruised and battered, but all okay. >> nothing but 11 smiles shining back at us. they were pretty grateful that we were able to get them off the mountain. >> reporter: we learned the pilot is a former navy s.e.a.l. and commercial aviator and that experience likely helped him pull off the impossible. robin? >> happy ending there, all right, will. now to that breaking news overnight, papa john's founder resigning as chairman of the board for the pizza chain after apologizing for using a racial slur on a conference call. linsey davis is here with that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. john schnatter allegedly used the call ironically on a conference call about how to
7:15 am
avoid public relations crises. the pizza executive reportedly complained that colonel sanders called blacks the "n" word without facing public backlash and he also reportedly said growing up in indiana, people used to drag african-americans from trucks until they died. schnatter confirmed the incident to "forbes" acknowledging he did use inappropriate and hurtful language adding that regardless of the context i apologize, simply stated racism has no place in our society. after backlash online he was forced to give up his board seat at the university of louisville. and wednesday the company he started announced that they accepted his resignation as chairman of the board. >> thank you. now brand new images of george clooney this morning for first time since his accident in italy. he was helped by his wife amal. clooney was riding a motor bike when he collided with a car on tuesday, flying into the air. he is on his way to filming a
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new series "catch d22." he was taken to the hospital, released shortly after and we hope he's continuing to do well. michael. we'll turn to good news, it depends who you're a fan of. >> if you're croatia. >> the world cup, yes. and those moments of celebration and heartbreak in the semifinals match between croatia and england. england came out strong. scoring at the top, scoring the first goal of the game and take a look at how the fans celebrated. all that good beer going to waste. just throw it up in the air, people. but it did not last. croatia tied it up in the 68th minute right here with that score. >> oh, that was -- >> and then this moment, croatia nailing the winning goal. >> in extra time. >> in extra time. >> whoo! >> winning, 2-1. and now, one of the smallest countries to make the world cup is heading to their first one ever. they're going the face france on sunday. and to give you a perspective of how big croatia is, it's smaller than west virginia. >> yeah.
7:17 am
yeah. >> i think every croatian in new york were out in their cars last night. >> it did seem that way. >> they should be happy. >> you do know the president of abc news is british, okay. so you're saying that -- >> well, they had a good run. >> nice save there. nice save, michael. now back to ginger with rough surf and rip current dangers on the east coast. >> i was going to say don't call it like a breaking good news. it's just news. just news that it happened, right? i have some news for you -- it's been so beautiful along the east coast. unless you're right at the beach, that's where you're seeing rip currents. these pictures out of narragansett, rhode island. we see dozens of water rescues because the rip current is so bad because of that hurricane pulling away, that's chris. now it's a tropical storm and pulling out. either which it churned up the ocean. that's the latest there. you can see it moving away from even close to canada there. but the rip current threat still exists all the way down even into north carolina. so don't let that fool you, even though you see pictures like this where it's getting out of here. we still have a lot more to talk
7:18 am
about as far as rip currents the next two days or so. your local weather in 30 seconds.
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iridescence on a pileus cloud. does that sound exciting? yes, there it is. it's beautiful, isn't it? >> a pileus cloud? >> yes. >> i didn't know if it was appropriate for morning television. >> now that you've seen the photo, it is. we all learned a little something today. >> we did. >> thank you, ginger. coming up, sacha baron cohen is under fire for his new show. did he dupe sarah palin by portraying a disabled veteran? and other politicians now saying they were tricked as well. some calling for a boycott. >> larry hackett will weigh in on that. and a wedding reception nightmare. the newlyweds celebrating their big day when nearly 100 guests ended up like this. so what happened? and the lawsuit this morning. come on back. so what happened? and the lawsuit this morning. come on back. onpro patients get their day a shot. with neula
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meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. it's 7:23. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. developing news from oakland this morning. a 3-year-old boy is in the hospital after getting shot. this happened just before 10:00 p.m. last night near 80th avenue and holly street in east oakland. officers found shell casings at the scene. a short time after the shooting, a car showed up at highland hospital with the child. he was later transported to ucsf benioff hospital oakland. he's in critical condition. hate to hear that. alexis, how does traffic look this morning? >> we are starting to get a little bit busier. it was really quiet all morning, reggie. taking you into one new problem here in the pittsburgh area, westbound highway 4 before bailey road.
7:24 am
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hey, good morning. we're waking up to mostly cloudy conditions and upper 50s to mid-60s. a little bit milder this morning. even had some drizzle earlier and some fog. that is starting to taper on your commute planner. and it's going to be a little warm to hot this afternoon. now, the area you see shaded in green right there, that's our best chance of thunderstorms, but the steering currents are going southeast to northwest. so we'll have a chance this evening through tomorrow afternoon of a few random thunderstorms under this muggy air mass. then it will get drier and hotter starting sunday. >> that's something we don't see often around here. okay, thanks, mike. coming up, actor sasha cohen
7:27 am
bairn und barron under fire for
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whether your day involves steam, mountains, or woah- fire... ...we've got your breakfast right here. is your breakfast built for big days? ♪ i want it that way ♪ tell me why ain't nothing but a heartache ♪ ♪ tell me why ain't nothing but a mistake ♪ >> welcome back to "gma." yeah, you know that song. "i want it that way." good luck getting it out of your head. some videos sent in by viewers out there. showing their best moves and best lip-sync and the band has a big surprise for some super fans out there. that's just ahead in our next hour. we cannot wait for them to perform. i like the police officer in the car. the guy in the back eating a doughnut. >> the doughnut the size of your head. >> there it is. >> everybody was all in.
7:31 am
everybody was all in doing these videos. >> that is one big doughnut. >> thanks. we begin with that backlash against comedian sacha baron cohen. sarah palin says he impersonated a disabled veteran to trick her into an interview for an upcoming series on showtime. she's not the only one. abc's paula faris is here with that story. >> reporter: good morning. there are reports that baron cohen has done it to democrats and republicans in advance of his new show. as for palin she claims she was treated so poorly in this interview she removed her microphone and walked out. it wasn't until later she realized she'd been had. >> reporter: he's back. >> is it not a problem that a woman have a smaller brain than a man? >> reporter: the man known for duping some of the world's most famous faces -- >> come out with just like these ice cream glove, keep your hands warm when you is eating the ice cream. >> okay. >> is you in or is you in? >> it sounds like a good idea. i hope you make a lot of money. >> reporter: disguised as a
7:32 am
variety of different characters. >> is it possible to sign my waterboard? >> reporter: it hasn't even appeared yet. >> that's the first time i've ever signed a waterboard. >> reporter: sarah palin is calling sacha baron cohen the man behind the ali g and borat characters sick. he posed as a disabled veteran in a wheelchair. she took to facebook saying she was asked to travel across the country for what she thought was an interview for a documentary to honor american veterans. palin posting, i join a long list of american public personalities who have fallen victim to the evil, exploitive, sick humor of the british
7:33 am
comedian sacha baron cohen. she went on to add how dare you mock those who have fought and served our country? former congressman turned radio host joe walsh also irate this morning calling for a boycott of cohen's new show. >> what he's done is fundamentally dishonest. >> reporter: walsh alleges that the comedian's team invited him to a pro-israel event in d.c. this past february. he said they presented him with this award for his, quote, significant contributions to the state of israel. >> to deceive me and say that, you know, to make up an israel tv station and give me a big award, that's offensive and that's a pretty low blow. >> reporter: showtime and cohen haven't commented. >> in my country, they would go crazy for these two. >> reporter: now, joe walsh calls this the strangest interview of his life. he believes baron cohen is out to embarrass people.
7:34 am
palin chose to air that and donate to charity. others might feel it's funny. others feel it crossed the line. >> we're joined by larry hackett managing partner at 10ten media. impersonating a disabled veteran. is that not crossing the line? >> we have to see what it looks like and see what takes place in the show. i personally don't find his theater of humiliation very funny. but installing rules on this before we see it seems hasty. i find it unusual that, you know, that these people are, you know, protesting ahead of time. i mean, if cbs should do anything, he should give their advertising money and marketing funds to sarah palin and thank her for creating attention for this show. >> this is nothing new with comedians. political satire if you will, but these are very sensitive times. >> deejays have been doing it for 50 years calling up some store and saying they're somebody. this is not new and as your piece indicated this is what his career is built on. i find it mystifying people can
7:35 am
still get duped by him. i think you have to see what it looks like andhe attention for the show is now going to be huge. this is a show that many weren't going to watch. now everybody will watch it. >> perhaps. so joe walsh is calling for a boycott. we heard what paula said about what sarah palin is saying, okay, send the proceeds to veterans in need. you think any of that will happen? >> no, i don't think that's going to happen. let's see what happens with the show. i don't think that's going to happen. no one has seen what he's done. i think people who have been humiliated on the guests who went on the show. whether or not he humiliated and desecrated the memory of wounded warriors, let's wait and see. >> you think this plays into the hands of sacha baron cohen and promotion. >> absolutely. this guaranteed people will watch the show. who will not pay attention to it now? you want to see what the fuss is about. >> i think i won't be one that will watch it. let's go on record here. larry, thanks so much. michael. >> thank you so much, robin. now to the south carolina
7:36 am
woman kidnapped by a serial killer coming face-to-face with him in court for the first time. abc's whit johnson is here with the details. good morning, whit. >> reporter: michael, good morning to you. she was held hostage, chained up and assaulted repeatedly for more than two months. now kala brown wants compensation for her pain and suffering and setting up a dramatic face-to-face moment with her kidnapper in court. >> if it wasn't for everyone out there i don't think i would be here today. >> reporter: kala brown speaking out while directly facing and staring down the man who kept her chained up in a shipping container for 65 days on his property in 2016. >> i want to thank my family and friends. >> reporter: authorities found kala shackled to a wall. her boyfriend who had been kidnapped alongside her shot and killed. kala's discovery igniting a massive search of todd
7:37 am
kohlhepp's sprawling south carolina ranch where several bodies were found buried. kohlhepp convicted for murdering seven people, he maintains there were many more. this morning kala is seeking more than $363 million in punitive damages in addition to medical bills and health treatment. todd kohlhepp looking directly at his victim as she recounted her suffering in court. >> how long were you held captive? >> 65 days. >> reporter: she told dr. phil her captor bragged about murdering a staggering amount of people. >> he would brag about how good he was at it. he said he was near the three-digit mark. almost 100. >> reporter: a psychiatrist told the courtroom she is suffering from ptsb, bipolar and anxiety. she will need medications and treatment for the rest of her life. kohlhepp is representing himself, had the opportunity to ask kala questions in court but declined. michael. >> thank you so much, whit. just unbelievable.
7:38 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ we are back with a wedding reception disaster. nearly 100 guests got sick at the reception so the newlyweds now suing the caterer. amy, you have the story. >> this is such a tough story. the bride spent a year planning her dream wedding but did not plan on the triage unit on the front lawn and the fleet of ambulances needed to take care of her guests. it was supposed to be one of the most memorable days of their lives. but melissa conarton and jesse
7:42 am
abbott's 2015 wedding reception wound up being unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. >> it was a beautiful day that just turned into this event that you would see in a horror movie. people were walking around not themselves. they couldn't talk. they were incoherent. some people were say things like i just want to die. >> reporter: suing her caterers holy smoke barbecue claiming she and nearly 100 guests suffered injuries of food poisoning. the bride describing the scene as apocalyptic. nine ambulances rushing to the venue. this red tarp designated as the area to triage the most dire guests and more than 22 partygoers wound up being hospitalized. >> so difficult to see not only your friends and closest family but when you see young children too going through this experience, it was terrible. >> reporter: conarton believes the culprit was the mac and cheese. in the lawsuit alleging they knowingly or should have known
7:43 am
it failed to properly prepare, maintain and serve food, but holy smoke denies it's to blame, alleging in court documents some or all of the damages were caused by third parties who brought food, beverages, ice and other items to the wedding. the couple disagrees. >> there was one source of food that was brought there and people got sick so they had to get sick from something. >> reporter: the department of health tells abc news following the reception, it tested samples collected from ill individuals and the results were positive for staph but there was insufficient information with which to identify the food that was the source of the illness. the couple hoping to put the day behind them. >> i didn't imagine my wedding and imagine my friends and family to become ill. >> a wedding nightmare. holy smoke barbecue actually sued conarton first saying that she paid a $200 deposit before the wedding but stopped payment on her check for the remaining $4,000 after the incident occurred. conarton estimates her guests paid nearly $12,000 in medical
7:44 am
fees and wants them to reimburse the money so her guests don't go in debt from attending her wedding. it's just a tough story all the way around. >> all the way around. >> all you can say is holy smokes. >> couldn't resist, could you? >> i'll laugh for you, michael. coming up, everybody, we have the new alert about electric rental scooters after crashes like these. ers after crashes like these. sorry, i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you okay? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more.
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7:48 am
we are back now with those new concerns about electric rental scooters. the industry is booming as millions try them out across the country but there are big risks. abc's t.j. holmes is in midtown manhattan with more. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, strahan. look, you can walk if you want to. you can go old school and ride a bike but this is the future of commuting across town. electric scooters. this industry is growing so fast that now cities are racing to regulate but it turns out riders have a bit of a learning curve as well. as ride sharing apps like uber and lyft transform the way we travel another method is trying to help cut down on your gas bill. scooters. lime, a scooter sharing service, says they have given more than 6 million rides since they launched a year ago but scenes like this can make scooters a dicey proposition for some. >> when you hit the cement at 17 miles an hour it hurts. >> reporter: kelly mitchum says
7:49 am
her first ride quickly took a turn for the worse sending her to the emergency room. >> i did a block and when i came back around the corner, i was going probably a little fast. i hit where the trolley exchanges face first like over the scooter. >> reporter: in san antonio, this woman was thrown to the ground by an electric scooter zooming down the sidewalk but despite safety procedures like encouraging using to use helmets and ride in bike lanes scooter riders proceed at their own risk, leading to a reported uptick in legal cases. >> we probably get two to five and as time goes by we're getting more and more. >> reporter: now this company here, they have, you see this, they are in 30 cities, right. at this point they want to make sure, this is very important, you can call this company and you can actually have a helmet, a free helmet sent to you. you have to use a helmet when you ride. you also have to be 18 and check that through your driver's
7:50 am
license. there are plenty other -- these are popping up all over the place a place. the technology is moving faster than your regulations, so a lot of demand for these but still people are trying to figure out how to classify them at this point but, hey, it's the future of maybe getting from one spot to the other across town. >> all right, t.j. boy, that report shows just how dangerous it can be. thank you very much for that. >> those are not easy to maneuver. >> scooters are -- >> also people who are walking, though. they need to stay in the bike lanes. that's what i think. >> that's true. >> glad t.j. brought that to us. lena dunham revealing her recent weight gain saying she's more happy, joyous and free and dr. ashton here with what women need to know. come on back. back here on "good morning america," 27 reported severe alicewhich is breast canceratic that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking
7:51 am
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back here on "good morning america," 27 reported severe storm reports in ponemah, minnesota. this tornado makes one of them, that's for sure. stormy skies still ongoing in northern wisconsin. you can see the severe storms that will pop up once the atmosphere destabilizes again later this afternoon, anywhere from parts of the upper peninsula of michigan back into sioux falls. you can see sioux city is included there and minneapolis. so keep this in mind as you go through the day. by the way, denver has had 30 days at 90-plus. that's the earliest in the season
7:55 am
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> and good morning. it's 7:56. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. are you ready for lightning and thunder? mike nicco, you say it's possible. >> it's definitely possible later on this evening through tomorrow afternoon. until then, we've got the marine layer and low clouds this morning. we'll see some sunny spots at the beaches, not very breezy there. higher humidity if you're thinking about exercising today and the drizzle will be gone this afternoon on the bay. 60s along the coast, san francisco. 70s to 80s around the bay and a few 90s inland. it's going to remain muggy through tomorrow and it will be drier and hotter by sunday. alexis? >> all right, mike. we are looking at our san rafael camera. southbound lens looking okay. a little delay on the northbound side near the central san rafael off-ramp. we have reports of a port-a-potty somebody lost
7:57 am
blocking the two right lanes. and very heavy on southbound 101. you're crawling, averaging just about 5 miles an hour. >> thanks, alexis. coming up, actress lena dunham says she is happy, joyous, and free after gaining 24 pounds, but is it safe for your body? dr. ashton is answering questions on "gma."
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking this morning, president trump declares victory after confrontational talks with our allies. he says the american commitment to nato is still strong now heading to london to meet the british prime minister and the queen. protests already starting there. miracle rescue. the young soccer team trapped in that cave for weeks now making a remarkable recovery. new video this morning showing the families meeting the rescuers as two of the courageous divers who were there speak to "gma" this morning. close call, for one mother and her two children leaving her kids inside an suv that reached a staggering 122 degrees. it's the deadliest month of the year for children in hot cars. the new tool this morning that could help all parents with
8:01 am
young kids. lena dunham posting this side-by-side photo revealing her weight gainsaying she's happier, joyous and free. dr. ashton with what women need to know. ♪ i want it that way >> one day before the backstreet boys rock "gma." the viewer videos pouring in showing many of you doing your best backstreet. ♪ that way and this morning the super fans of the band who created a love letter to the boys. about to get the surprise of their life. all ahead as we say good morning, america. ♪ tell me why ♪ ain't nothing but a mistake good morning, america. great to have you with us on this thankful thursday. happy friday eve and we are just one day away now from the backstreet boys performing live in central park and look at
8:02 am
this. take a look at this. got a big surprise for some super fans that are actually rehearsing this morning because they think, they think that we are doing a story on them but we've got a surprise. >> those guys have a cover band that they call love letter to the backstreet boys. they have no idea they're about to be surprised live later on in our broadcast. >> can't wait to see it. >> they look ready. a lot of news as well. we begin with headlines out of brussels. president trump walked out of an emergency meeting at nato and held a press clfrns claiming victory saying he got them to agree to raising defense spending. terry moran in ussels, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. pony up, that was president trump's message to the allies. he wanted them to pay more of the costs of the nato alliance. the president's goal he wants them to pay 2% of the size of their economies on their defense budgets and to go to 4%, to double that within the next few years. now, presidents over the past several decades have been complaining that the europeans
8:03 am
don't pay their full freight for the cost of their own security. that's what nato does primarily. but president trump added in his own way, this summit was plunged into turmoil, into an emergency summit meeting to deal with the president's demands and it did raise questions among some whether he was essentially threatening to get his way or pull the united states out of the alliance altogether. we haven't heard from the other leaders yet. but president trump is declaring victory and saying that they're all on the same page now. george. >> okay, terry, thanks very much. michael. now to that miracle rescue in thailand. this morning new video showing the families of that soccer team meeting the rescuers who saved their boys. those heroes are now telling their stories and we'll go back to abc's adrienne bankert at the hospital where the boys are recovering. good morning again, adrienne. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. yes, i heard robin at the top of the show saying thankful thursday. this story is the epitome of
8:04 am
gratitude. now, we had already known the water pumps stopped working once the mission was complete but talked to divers today who said they were still inside the cave when the water started rising and had to rush out. no matter how intense this became all of those involved are thankful the 13 are out safe. this morning, as the soccer team and their coach recover in the hospital, a chance to see the divers highly calculated plan in action. new video shows how teams of expert divers pulled those 12 boys and their coach from the belly of that cave. >> our job was to get the kid out from the water, take the mask off, put him in a stretcher gently holding their hand so they don't get tangled or if there's tress they don't pull their mask off. >> reporter: divers who came to assist are speaking out for the first time about conditions inside that cave as oxygen ran low. if you could rank one to ten how hard this was, 13, 17?
8:05 am
>> couldn't see this. wasn't until you touched your own mouth that you could see your hand pulling yourself along the rope and smacking your head against the rocks. we did extricate fairly quickly. >> describe the feeling rippling through the camp there at the cave when everybody knew we got the last boy out. we got the coach out, it's a wrap. >> it was actually quite silent. kind of like this actually worked. >> reporter: a thai diver from bangkok says he was very familiar with the area's dangerous caves. >> how many of you? >> reporter: but he never imagined that this could ever happen. >> the first day i arrived there on monday night, working side by side with the s.e.a.l. team on the tuesday morning. this is the most difficult dive i have ever been to. >> reporter: and you know here at the hospital, we have good reports coming out of the eighth floor where the soccer team and their coach are resting. they are in great spirits. some of them are already on normal food and received gifts from the king of thailand and
8:06 am
all the honor is going to these heroes including the volunteer divers thanked for saving these young men's live. >> thanks for that. warms your heart every time you hear that. >> sure does. coming up as temperatures rise how to protect your family from hot car dangers. the new gadget that could help. our friend chef marcus samuelsson is here. >> there you go, nice. >> food for summer. these super fans are about to get a big backstreet boys surprise. we'll be right back.
8:07 am
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♪ everybody hello, everybody.
8:11 am
>> that's an answer. >> oh, we're back. hey. >> i made it. >> welcome back to "gma," everybody. we're counting down to tomorrow's backstreet boys. [ applause ] standing by waiting to give some super fans a -- okay, technology, what are you doing there, man? what's going on? >> i'm at rehearsal this morning. i'm at a huge rehearsal studio today because right next door there are guys rehearsing really hard this morning for us because they think we're here to do one thing but we're here to surprise them because they are going to meet their heroes. they dedicated much of their lives to the backstreet boys and we got a surprise coming so i got to get back to rehearsal this morning, robin. [ applause ] >> you got to admit he looks the
8:12 am
part. >> does look the part. >> chopsticks will be the big song of the day for him. with that we begin "pop news" with sara haines. [ applause ] the duke and duchess of sussex made their first royal trip overseas as a married couple traveling to ireland this week. meghan giving us fashion inspiration once again. rocking a few different looks on the trip. and check out this adorable moment. while visiting to meet young football fans walter reached for meghan's face, played with her hair and he wasn't the only one. apparently all the kids were after the royal locks. this one going straight right there for harry's beard. so cute. >> adorable. >> okay, next up the cutest wedding proposal -- wait, this is even cuter. okay. you have not seen -- take a look at grandpa john hart. he was supposed to be filming a proposal after a last-minute iphone handoff at the top of
8:13 am
this peak in albuquerque, new mexico. turns out he hadn't quite figured out you have to reverse the camera so instead of getting the magical moment, he filmed his own reaction which was also kind of magical but the irony here is believe it or not hart was once a photographer in the navy. [ laughter ] >> he knew exactly what he was doing. >> i'm guessing when he was in the navy it was pretty straightforward. that gets a lot of good people. >> also you're lucky his reaction was one of happiness instead of like -- >> don't do that. >> yeah, what are you doing? that's good. >> that looks like my parent with that. i even was born in the flip phone days, like iphones -- >> born in the flip phones day, wow. >> wow. >> landline days you were born in. >> telegraph. >> switchboard days. >> messenger pigeon days. okay. finally if you were born -- speaking of when you were born between 1980 and 1995, get ready
8:14 am
because your boys are back. if you haven't heard yet, the backstreet boys performing live for an epic party in the park and fans around the country have been sharing their love for the backstreet boys lip-sync challenge. i want to show you some favorites. here's taylor and her buddy channeling the boys. marker beards written on their face and then we've got these patrolmen from the west fargo police department busting out their version of "i want it that way." >> massive doughnut or very small hand. [ laughter ] could be either one. >> camera angle. >> yeah. >> one of my favorites, check out rob cotter crop dusting while he busts out the song taking super fan dom to new heights. looks like maverick. ♪ your heart >> keep your hands on the controls. >> there are no passengers. it's just the crop duster. >> so it's okay then? >> he's fine. >> he's not a passenger.
8:15 am
keep your hands on the controls. >> he made the decision to sing. it's not like there is a section behind him. [ applause ] >> that's true. >> thank you, sara. switch gears for our cover story. a warning about hot car dangers. amy back with one family's close call and amy, also there is a new tool for it. >> according to the safety organization kids in cars an average of 37 children die every year in hot cars and july is typically the deadliest month. and this story is a warning. >> i'm walking by, hear music, okay, you know, music is still on, look in the back. there's a child in the car seat. >> reporter: watch as a bystander films the urgent efforts to rescue two small babies left inside this suv at a california walmart parking lot. the children fatigued, sweating and authorities say running out of time. >> you can tell she's been sweating. >> how could you do that to a baby? >> reporter: police estimating
8:16 am
the temperature in that suv tuesday reached a staggering 122 degrees. the witness keeping the camera rolling on facebook live as authorities arrive on the scene. their mother inside saying she was running errands. moments later she approaches the suv. >> this better not be her car. this is her car, y'all. oh, you're in trouble. >> reporter: there's no excuse to leave two children in a car unoccupying, especially in that type of heat. that's reckless an could have cost them their lives. this morning 4-year-old mother of three crystal gonzalez out on bail. the children suffering no injuries, but were released to child protective services. >> 98.3. >> reporter: abc news correspondent gio benitez saw how quickly it can turn dangerous. >> 105 jr. >> reporter: this can happen to anybody. >> this year is on track to be the worst year ever for children
8:17 am
dying in hot cars. >> reporter: pushing lawmakers to act asking for all cars to be built with a child alert system, signaling drivers when a passenger remains in the backseat after a car is turned off. >> what people don't realize how quickly children's temperature rise. they heat up three to five types faster than an adult. >> reporter: in the meantime, some pushing for simple solutions like primary children's hospital in salt lake city, utah. offering all new parents a so-called baby safety snap. >> it's a bright yellow lanyard with a metal clip installed that you store -- clipped into the car seat and it's just a great visual reminder when you put your child in the car seat you put the lanyard around your neck, when you arrive at your destiny nation the bright yellow wlan yard will help you remember there's a child if you have forgotten. >> reporter: have simple tips like putting something you won't forget like your cell phone or purse in the backseat with your child and then making sure you look back every time before locking your
8:18 am
doors. we have covered these stories every year, every time they're tragic and sadly so preventable. >> good thing you have tips out there today. thanks very much. over to robin. now to lena dunham celebrating a recent weight gain. the star posting these before and after pictures on instagram. declaring she's happier now after gaining 24 pounds and i know you have this story for us. >> she's happen year after gaping that weight. this is sure to engage a weight debate. the outspoken actress getting a whole lot of attention for her recent instagram post where she boasts about gaining weight and leaning in. >> i worked very, very hard to overcome the challenges of my n nontraditional body type. >> reporter: on tuesday actress lena dunham posted this stunning side by by side photo saying she's gained 24 pounds and is happier for it. writing that she's now 162 pounds, happy, joyous and free. last year dunham made headlines when she hit the red carpet
8:19 am
noticeably thinner. the star who had always embraced her curvy figure on "girls" was criticized for her sudden appearance. >> i was frustrated. it really was evidence that as a woman in hollywood you can't win. >> reporter: at that time denham was suffering from endometriosis saying in her post that while she weighed 138 pounds, she was subsisting only on small amounts of sugar, tons of caffeine and a purse pharmacy. to deal with her pain in february, she revealed she had undergone a hysterectomy as part of her treatment. dunham saying in her post even this og body positivity warrior sometimes looks at the left picture longingly until i remember the impossible pain that brought me there. and she also says when she was thinner she was, quote, complimented all day and propositioned by men adding she was also sick in the head but now the actress says she is, quote, complimented only by people who matter for reasons that matter.
8:20 am
robin, she says she's subsisting on a steady flow of fun, healthy snacks, appetizers and entrees. strong from lifting her dogs and spirits and embracing who she is and where she's at in her journey. >> a lot to be said for that, paula. dr. jennifer ashton joins us now board certified in obesity medicine. assess the situation. >> it's not just one thing. obviously we need to remember here that a lot more goes into someone's overall happiness than a number on the scale like more goes into someone's unhappiness than a number of the scale. it's called bmi. it's not perfect. this is what we use to assess their weight for their height. all studies have correlated end points for health and wellness and disease largely based on this body mass index. >> 24 pounds. does that make a big difference. >> it definitely can. depends where you start. talking about a woman let's say who is 5'3" and weighs 138 pounds and gains 24 pounds that's the red arrow's right and
8:21 am
borderline at overweight and obese. so you take into account, you also take into account someone's lifestyle and their past medical history, it is not one size fits all and someone who is at the lower end of that could be just as unhealthy for being underweight. >> you said past medical history, she's been open about the his reblth economy she had. does that also lead to weight gain. >> it absolutely can. let me tem you why. it despends on the ovaries. whether they stay in with the hysterectomy or come out they make 50% of a woman's testosterone and that's why we see a weight gain in women after menopause. that's part of the reason, so in a hysterectomy if they come out absolutely it can cause weight gain. we want to strive for overall health and wellness here. weight is one part of it and we do know that fat can be hormonally active and cause inflammation and definitely stack the deck for heart disease and cancer so it's more than just one thing. >> there's so much that's mixed into all. >> absolutely. that's why we treat the whole
8:22 am
person and not the number. >> lena is happy. >> that is very important. >> that is. she seems to be doing the right things she said. all right. let's go over to ginger. >> yes, thank you, robin, jen. time for your "gma" moment. i like this one a lot. it comes from muskegon, michigan, you know when you're learning to play golf and grandpa is behind the camera. you got this, eli. you got this. then this happens. >> okay, go ahead. >> ooh. >> michael is grandpa. he said he took that right to the stomach and he says topflite was embedded in his tummy.
8:23 am
now it is time for tory johnson and "deals & steals." she's got sizzling savings for the summer and everything is $20 or less. >> so first up, bandi, no pocket, no problem. this is not your granny's fanny pack but it will hold a passport, a large phone, credit card, cash, sort of all the essentials that you need to be on the go. >> you got something in here. >> no cash in there, sorry. i was going to take it from here to here. amazing if you're traveling whether you are on a cruise or an amusement park, hiking, bandi is for you.
8:24 am
no bulk. normally 32 to $34, slashed in half, 16 to $17. just because it's fun, a lap watch. so great for teaching kids to tell time or bring smiles to adults. slap watch, we've got at least a dozen different styles. the boxes are fabulous. >> i just snapped it on her. >> that looks good. i like that. perfect. big assortment. all of these -- this is one of sara haines' favorite things because they make you happy and she is sunshine and that's what these are, $22 regularly, slashed in half, 11 bucks for a slap watch. >> perfect. i'm kind of in love with this. so first you've got the studded detail which is see on trend, a variety of on trend colors but you can remove the chain so it turns into a clutch or my crossbody bag turns into ray clutch. it's good, right? yes. >> okay.
8:25 am
yeah, that's great. >> there you go. as someone said to me, the deal on these is like two drinks in manhattan. look at that you did it. $40 regularly slashed in half, 20 bucks for your studded clutch. >> it's so simple. even i could do it. >> even you could do it. i love the look on this. so here you got a lot of shim, shim 134i78ery going on. no fancy class, looks fabulous on you, looks fabulous on everybody. this designer is all over anthropologie. i love looks good on you. good to go. normally $58. these are slashed by more than 60%, 20 bucks. tokyomilk. i pulled this one for you. sugar mint lip scrub. >> lip skrub. >> keeps your lips like super soft. rosewater travel candle.
8:26 am
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8:27 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning miami jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. today the b.a.r.t. board is supposed to consider two proposals to help riders when early train service is taken away in february. that's according to the san francisco kprm. the trains would start at 5:00 a.m., an hour later than normal while retrofitting work is being done on the transbay 2. a final proposal is expected in september. that will affect a lot of people. >> and mass transit might be the way to go today. we were light this morning. just on 24 past the 680 interchange off on the shoulder, these drive times, the first two are looking okay, but i want to
8:28 am
show you northbound 101, 280 to 680, brutal crash that matilda has cleared. but you're just under an hour at 56 minutes
8:29 am
now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> cloud cover is keeping our temperatures in the upper 50s to upper 60s right now. but we'll have sunshine this afternoon, the threat of drizzle and fog fading rather rapidly. look at tonight during the overnight hours. a chance of thunderstorms and maybe lightning. the fire danger increasing tonight. jessica? >> mike, thank you.
8:30 am
we'll have toanother abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and foggy over the golden gate welcome back to "gma." and we have a great audience here this morning. thank you, guys. waking up and coming in early. [ applause ] >> whoo-hoo. >> excited. she's so excited she's like i'm not even in school and i'm waking up early. >> robin, we are talking a lot about music on the show and including a band that you've been tracking. they're helping change the world with music. >> they're the music with a message band. they come from the renaissance youth center in the broncos whi -- bronx. they're formerly known as at risk youth and they perform all
8:31 am
over new york city. listen right here. ♪ 525,600 minutes 525,000 journeys ♪ ♪ 5 >> i had a special performance in my dressing room. you can see it all on my website and "lovely day." >> they were at risk. considered at risk. >> i met them at tina brown's. she has a big women's conference and met this emin the green room and said they were there and very excited and so they thank a little something for me. i said come back to my dressing room. let's have a little reveal. great what they're doing in the bronx. >> sometimes you need a place to belong. people around you and friends and all that and that's great to see. you always do great stuff like that. >> i appreciate it. as you know, we are counting down to tomorrow's summer concert. we can't get it out of our heads. backstreet boys joining us live in central park and we've got a
8:32 am
big surprise for some super fans. t.j. holmes is at a rehearsal with those super fans. they have no idea what's about to happen. what's going on, t.j.? >> hey, there, you know how we roll, stra. we lie to people a lot. what i mean by that is to surprise them, we had to lie to this band. the boy band project, that's their name, they love the backstreet boys, in fact, their band, they say is a love letter to the backstreet boys and i'm here at pearl studios in manhattan and they are rehearsing next door because they think we're just here to tape them but they have no idea they are going to meet their idols. check these guys out. ♪ backstreet boys all right >> reporter: you may not know their names but you know their songs. ♪ i want it this way >> reporter: the ultimate super fans, a cover group called the boy band project. a huge homage to the backstreet boys. >> we were the generation that
8:33 am
discovered backstreet boys, that made them huge. ♪ we're playing games with my heart ♪ ♪ quit playing games with my heart ♪ >> reporter: each is a tribute. >> we take them on a journey back to this i'm. >> to be in a boy band and get to pretend i'm a backtreat boy and live that out is so cool. >> the music, it leads you back to that time. >> reporter: with every detail and hair in place. ♪ i want it that way >> all right, they love them some backstreet boys as you see. a love letter is how they describe their band and they are rehearsing right next door. of course, we have the backstreet boys performing in central park for us tomorrow. these guys have no idea what is coming. do you hear the music. ♪ rock your body ♪ everybody ♪ yeah yeah >> oh, whoa, stop everything. stop. music, kill the music.
8:34 am
fellas. >> what's up. >> good morning. >> i'm t.j. holmes with "good morning america" as you know at this point. how are you doing? >> good. >> we told you all we had to get you here. we wanted you to rehearse and we've been checking you out all morning. we have a little something else for you and that is i have to tell you we're not just recording, you're live on "good morning america" as we speak right now. okay. >> are you serious. >> right now you're live so your momma is watching. watch your mouths but we're here live for a particular reason, travis, you're the band leader here, i want you to gather around, come on here, fellas. watch this special message. >> all right. >> stop it. ♪ gma all right >> what's up bsb super fan, it's a.j. we cannot wait to see you guys this friday on "gma." see you soon. >> can't wait to see you because they're performing in central park. you're not just going to the concert. you're going to hang out with the fellows backstage. >> stop it. >> hey. >> you are going -- you're going
8:35 am
to meet your idols tomorrow. oh. >> yes. >> okay. now, we're sorry we had to get you here under false pretenses but, man, y'all are sweating. y'all been working hard but tomorrow you'll hang out with -- you guys are performers, you've been at it for awhile but explain why they are so big to you. >> the reason i sing. the reason i love music. it's the reason -- >> the backstreet boys. for all of it. >> my soul, man. it's there. >> as you all hear his soul, all right. but tomorrow, tomorrow is happening. i know robin, stra, george, i know we're all excited for the concert tomorrow. but these guys are more excited than anybody at this point. >> yes. >> we can't wait to see the backstreet boys tomorrow in concert and can't wait to see these guys, as well. how do they compare to the backstreet boys? >> now, they just asked me,
8:36 am
strahan asked how you compare to the backstreet boys. now, i know you all would never think you're as good, but -- >> we're a little younger. >> oh. you have to throw that in their face. >> everything we do is for them. they're the ultimate. our show is -- i mean when we do it just like a love letter to the backstreet boys. >> it's a little reflection. a little tribute. >> all right. well, i guess i could be the fifth member. tomorrow we'll see the fellas. we'll see you all tomorrow with the backstreet boys backstage. [ applause ] >> all right. well, we can't wait to see you guys tomorrow in the park, t.j., you better get some rehearsing in. they've been at it all morning. that's going to be awesome. cannot wait. up next "skyscraper" star neve campbell is here live. ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse.
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8:39 am
welcome back to "gma." i am here with a guest that will make you want to scream with happiness this morning. none other than actress neve campbell who is starring -- yes, give it up for her. [ applause ] starring in a new film "skyscraper" and, you know, you just rocked the new york premiere. >> i did, yeah. >> the other night. >> yeah. we had a lot of fun. >> a lot of fun. always a lot of fun. this movie is a lot of fun and very intense. i was telling you there were sweat beads coming off my head.
8:40 am
we remember you from "party of five" and congratulations to you, in your personal life you're a party of four and you just adopted a baby boy. >> yes. >> to go along with your 6-year-old son, go along with your 6-year-old son and wrote it's the most incredible thing we've experienced which is so sweet and how is it going for you. >> so awesome. i mean, raynor is the most wonderful little boy and our son caspian is madly in love with him. literally has taken on the role in the most beautiful way and just so much joy every morning. it's really great. >> so now big brother now. but your oldest son didn't know you were an actress. >> he did not. >> we didn't tell him. i wanted to keep that for a bit. and one of the parents in his class told him actually and he came -- [ laughter ] he came home one night and said, mommy, are you neve campbell? >> oh, really? >> i was like, that's a weird
8:41 am
question. i am and let me explain what that means but, you know, he's enjoying it actually. >> we all enjoy it. we all enjoy your career and everything that you do and we enjoy this movie "skyscraper" so much so. we're not going to waste any more time and watch a clip. >> okay. >> neve campbell. >> sit down. we're going to brace ourself, all right? okay. >> i love you. >> you better. >> count with me. five, four, three, two, one. [ applause ] >> oh, my heart rate is up. i see why everybody wears the fitbits now. >> oh, yeah, exactly. >> oh, man, you know what, dwayne was here earlier.
8:42 am
he said you were such a trouper in the film, so much of a trouper that after you had to have surgery. >> i did. i had spine surgery. i have a cage in my spine now. i'm like bionic woman. >> oh, my goodness. >> everybody thinks he's the tough one. >> i know, right. it's me. i had to carry noah the adorable little boy. he's little but he's like 65 pounds a lot in the movie and i was a dancer so my back was already a little compromised so, you know, it was the straw that broke the camel's back literally. but it's okay. all good. >> also your character in "scream" her friend's name was dewie. dwayne was here with his mom. his nickname was dewie. >> i didn't know that. i called him d.j. although n. -- noah called him dwayne the pebble johnson. >> congratulations on the new baby boy. >> thank you.
8:43 am
[ applause ] >> and "skyscraper" hits theaters tomorrow. make sure you go out and check out neve campbell, everybody. we'll go over to ginger. >> dwayne "the pebble" johnson. >> come to people with me. let's do it. lease start there this morning. a drone shot from this morning. it is really hot and humid. you got to get in the ocean. see the water temperatures, 88 at miami beach as that tropical storm pulls away from the east coast. atlantic city, 71. be careful of rip currents. pretty nice all >> all right, george. everybody was doing this over there. they were all doing this. now i know why. >> thank you, ginger.
8:44 am
. i'm here now with quinto. from "star wars.." >> "star trek." >> can you absolve me right now? >> i'm out of this. >> give me a break. >> yes. >> thank you. >> well, we got our -- >> it's an honest mistake. >> tell us about "in seven of." >> in "in sevarch of," i executive produced it and host it. in the tradition of my dear and late friend leonard nimoy -- >> not fromsters strgs. >> who hosted the original series in the late '70s and early '80s. >> you were close. >> we were close and good friends in the last decade of his life and so when they approached me about doing the show i was really interested in carrying on his legacy as i always am. but i wanted to be more involved in the show and leonard did the original, he was the host in a
8:45 am
traditional way with a turtleneck and blazer and studio and introducing segments pretaped in the feel and i wanted to go on the ground and kind of dive into these explorations so i got to travel all around the world and meet interesting scientists and people that have had crazy experiences, alleged experiences in some case. >> what is your craziest. >> i got to go skydiving and scuba diving for the first time. we were in australia and morocco, italy, greece, you know, so it was a real adventure for me in a lot of ways. and we got to really explore and examine a lot of incredible and unexplained mysteries and phenomenon so it was a really cool experience. >> did anyone change your mind? >> not really. i learned -- [ laughter ] i learned about myself that i am the kind of person who really needs proof. i need data, i need to look at something that is irrefutable
8:46 am
and quantitity phiable and so it was difficult sometimes to, you know, because i don't want to invalidate anyone's experience but people are talking about things that are difficult to believe and so, you know, in the first episode which is about aliens, for example, we interview three people who claim to have been either abducted or somehow have had interactions with extraterrestrials and while it seemed hard to believe none of these people knew each other. none of these people knew anything about each other's story. >> and they're convinced. >> they're convinced but also things that they each said were like eerily similar so did open my mind but it didn't fully convince me. >> want to see a little bit? >> yeah. >> in the universe, some people believe aliens were here long ago and others say there could be countless advanced civilizations just beyond our own solar system. then there are people like mckenna kyle bond who believe aliens are making contact with humans today. >> i was 6 when i saw my first
8:47 am
ufo. [ applause ] >> so he almost convinced you. >> almost convinced me. >> premieres july 20th. great. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. marcus samuelsson is next. ice cream inspired iced coffee is here at dunkin' in the flavors you love, cookie dough, pistachio and butter pecan.
8:48 am
and now, enjoy any medium iced coffee for $1.50. america runs on dunkin'. discover paint bleed you under your tape...... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines,
8:49 am
no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! ♪ it is summer. it's summer. if you can't take the heat get into the kitchen with marcus samuelsson. >> we bowing to the queen. we bowing to the queen. >> he is a celebrity chef host of the new show "no passport required" with some great summer dishes. get us going here. >> today we're going to do some really good summer food. it's going to be light and easy so you got to get the grill warmed up, right? we're going to do grilled summer taco, fish tacos, and it's all
8:50 am
about flavor. we have a little onion and corn and then we're going to do a loaded guac. that will be the bottom for this taco. >> a great idea. >> then we'll brush this. we have snapper -- >> what are you brushing with. >> i'm brushing with miso. soybean paste and then some olive oil and put that on the grill. and this can be done with chicken, this can be done with vegetables. >> seafood it doesn't have to be. >> on the grill, boom. and once it's done, you have to have corn. how many will you eat this summer, a lot, right? >> we love the coal soup. >> exactly so with that thinking about something that is healthy and delicious. gazpacho, a so mate to and corn soup. you should taste that. >> oh, no, that's spicy. no. >> i'll make you a taco. so he we just take a little bit of avocado, a little bit of that loaded guac and add in a little
8:51 am
bit of just that flaked fish. going to put that on top and, you know, you come from nola, you know all good food in new orleans, right? a little tomatoes. >> my hometown from pass christian, she knows. >> then that's all for you. add a little mint. that's for you. i got and i'll squeeze some lime on that. when i was in down in new orleans we met with miss lea chase, queen for both of us and informed me about the community in east new orleans and that's really what the show is about. no passport required. >> the new show. all right. before we get to the vietnamese, tell us about this. >> gazpacho is spanish, portuguese -- jump in. so it's really a flavorful soup from spain, you know, this summer is all about world cup so we're eating international.
8:52 am
so gazpacho is tomatoes, corn, a little bit of cucumber. you got to eat bass before michael gets here, before michael gets here. so, listen -- >> hurry up. >> get your gazpacho on. your tomato corn soup on. would you like some strawberries? >> i'll eat it all. >> what could be more summer. >> bring this back. got some food. >> this does not have to be complicated so you can -- great -- we'll sprinkle in some chocolate chips, some lemon zest. boom, stir it up. it can be that simple. that delicious. >> "no passport required." next episode. >> starts on tuesday on pbs. we'll go to new orleans and focus on the vietnamese community. every week a new city, a new immigrant community and it's been a pleasure to really travel around the country and share it with america.
8:53 am
>> wonderful. >> thank you so much for having me. thank you. [ applause ] thank you. >> thank you so much. >> i'm glad he's sharing with america because i'm not sharing this. >> no. >> you can get all of marcus samuelsson's summer recipes on our website. we'll eat. we'll be right back. >> thank you.
8:54 am
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>> announcer: the wait is over.
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>> hi, we're backstreet boys. >> we cannot wait to party with you in the park, central park, baby. we're going to be there. >> announcer: yeah, backstreet is back tomorrow only on -- ♪ gma all right >> announcer: presented by king's hawaiian. ♪ everybody "good morning america" is sponsored by sherwin-williams. make the most of your color with the very best paint. ask sherwinsherwin-williamss. >> it was fun today with this man, marcus samuelsson. this is canvas passy leanny from pass christian. not many of us. something incredible is here at disney california adventure park. it must be epic! thrilling! daring! come ride the incredicoaster.
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> hi. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco for the forecast. are things changing? >> they definitely are. we have that rare chance of a thunderstorm. it will start over in the sierra today. and look what happens tonight. they roll northwest towards us. and because it's going to be so dry, below 10,000 feet, lightning could reach the ground, and that's going to create a higher fire danger. don't be surprised if you hear some thunder during the overnight hours. my accuweather seven-day forecast, otherwise it's going to be pretty muggy today with seasonal temperatures, drier and hotter starting sunday. alexis? >> okay. taking a look at the roads here this morning. we did have a problem northbound 101 in the sunnyvale area near matilda that has cleared, but some long residual delays there through the san jose area. and seeing some heavy traffic here westbound 80 on the bay bridge. we have a crash involving a
9:00 am
motorcycle reported tonight fremont off-ramp. jessica? >> alexis, thank you. time now for "live with kelly & ryan." we'll be back at 11:00 >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film "skyscraper," neve campbell. and from one of the stars of "pose," james van der beek. and ryan takes us through one of the coolest workouts as we continue our "keep it cool week." all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: good morning! hey, guys.


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