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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 12, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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. tv's number one daily video show "right this minute." the 20 mile glacier say thrill ride, then this happened. the moment these explorers know they better get out quick but can't. he's already fought the battle of his life. >> now he's ready to race. >> the inspiring story behind the big run. a woman's walk down the street when. >> poof. >> the blast that rocked the neighborhood but not her. >> they missed me. we've got christian, oli, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web including a daddy warning his daughter about
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boys. >> i'm trying to tell you, all boys got worms. >> how country wayne's breaking it down. >> you don't want the worms, okay. that's right. >> i knew your daddy back when, girl. this is near thee sittg down i front there is jamie, her husband chris behind the wheel of the boat, and their friend ian in the other boat. the cool part about these boats, they are purpose built by these guys. you can see they're all made out of aluminum to help them overcome impact with ice and rocks. >> they're going at a pretty quick clip. >> 200 turbo charged engine. jamie has been looking at the 20-mile glacier and she has a hunch, i think it might go. so ian takes a few passes to check it out and they pull into this cove. they're able to beach the boat. you see chris react. jamie looks over to the left
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there. >> wow. >> snap. >> jamie was right, because that huge piece comes calving off and he says a huge chunk swung from underneath the water. that causes a problem because they're tucked back into a cove. you can hear chris immediately put this boat in reverse. they're a little bit stuck at o water. they get turned around. there goes ian jetting off to try to get out of the way of the oncoming wake and ice. you can see jamie waving chris on, faster, faster, faster. they start bouncing so he has to slow down and before he attempts to try to go over that ice that's blocking them. >> no way, they're trapped in the cove. >> yeah. little bit concerned on jamie's face right now and the ice extending over where they came in. >> you said purpose built boat, do they not have it to do that? >> sure enough, right over it,
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no problem, they are knew free of the cove. pretty cool boat and it's definitely an awesome day. you can see more on his youtube channel, halubut slayer. now in russia this woman's just walking around minding her business. >> whoa! >> that car just blew up. >> that's exactly what happened and as she's walking past. >> poof. >> like a steam explosion. what was all that? >> they reported that there was a gas sild lender inside the car, it was about 102 degrees that day. >> can we point out how the slaed strolling down the street like a car doesn't explode next to her. >> did she turn around and look at all? >> she's on the phone. >> they missed me, again. told you they wouldn't get me. >> she definitely handled it like a boss. she does turn around and assess the situation for like 2.5
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seconds and then she turns around and continues on about her way. now apparently they did contact the fire department, but there wasn't a second explosion and as you can see everything and everybody's okay, well, except for the car. >> it popped like a balloon. >> so weird. >> let's go over to serbia, we're poolside. you've got the coach standing outside the pool coaching up his players. >> it's like a ventilation duct. >> that's exactly what came falling out of the sky. craziness, it did just miss the coach. but you'll notice it hit a kid in the pool. thankfully the kid is okay. now, the video was posted. one commenter says that sthis type of thing happens often. they're saying it happened at a facility last fall because the infrastructure is older and not up to date. >> nobody's paying to keep them up to date. there is no stopping a kid with enthusiasm and determination, and that's very
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much true for this kid what you just saw is his very first run on running blades. after battling men anyone giet tus, he had to have by lateral amp pew tations above the knees. since he was 6 years old he's been fitted by prosthetics by the guys over at pros threat knicks motion but. >> now he's faster than us. >> now he's ready to race. nothing is slowing him down. i love this video, especially in the beginning where there's a very quick countdown where he doesn't really wait. >> i've takes off. >> there's no stopping this kid. >> good job! >> i can't wait to see what this kid the joy as he's
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running down these hallways. >> i feel like he's -- >> definitely. >> all right, it's time for a visit down to the australia reptile park where do you want to be caught unaware around these fellows. look at mean machine. he was so mean this alligator had to be relocated. >> in that very first shot all i could see about mean machine is he has really pretty eyes. >> gorgeous animal. >> yes, a gorgeous animal but not so friendly with any other living creature. mean to the keepers and mean to other animals there. the other reptiles wasn't friendly to then, so, as you can see, two guys had to dive bomb on the top of that one and then. as you can see, it's like a
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group effort carrying this heavy fellow around. >> there's a dozen people carrying that thing. >> yeah. >> he's mass skblif he's going back to the fond because it's winter down there and it's a little cold. elsewhere at the same park, you don't want to draw the short stick when it's time to feed elvis. elvis is the australia's crankiest crocodile. that's right, because that's tree wing, gets snapped up pretty quickly. if you do draw the short stick, get the long stick from the other guy before you feed him. a man walks into rob the place. >> he also has a weapon. >> but see why it's his disguise that's truly suspect. >> come on. >> and it's one big backyard slip and slide. >> it's like oh! >> watch
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. watch the video again and again, head on over to and find tons of videos and share them with friends. when it comes to sometimes it's what you least expect. this is jake the dog. he goes into a station and he's wearing a jake the dog costume, it's a onesy. >> he could be wearing something underscript, maybe smug something beige, but you're running around in a once. >> i he's going behind the
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counter, pointing the gun at the clerk, the clerk opens the register, he gets the money and he got away. >> no, don't tell me he got away, gayle. >> he did get away. >> come on. somebody knows this clown who has an adult -- >> has anybody seen a 6 foot yellow dog. >> right. he needs to be put in the pound, that's for sure. but they don't know who did it and they want to find him. in this case, in los angeles there's another criminal they're looking for but this woman she's gone get a mani and pedi. a manicure for those people who have never had one. that's where you go and relax and let your hair down and get treatments. you don't expect this to happen. see this woman? watch what she does, because she notices something on that hand rack, a wedding ring and engagement ring. it was left there, goes over there, grabs it, see how she's bhetion her hands. there she's got some cash. they say she finished getting her treatment and walked away. >> so somebody next to her took their rings off during the
3:13 pm
pedicure and just set them down and she just swiped them. >> exactly. the lapd are now looking for this wap. >> everyone that's watching this show right now in l.a., look around, i want to find this woman. >> ellie and jared are doing the summer rights. >> the ultimate backyard slip and slide. >> look how long this is, it's amazing i. it's like 150 feet long. >> they even have a little hill. >> they have the ideal backyard for this slip and slide. >> are you guys ready to test this? >> i'm ready to test this. >> best dad ever. >> it looks like he strung a few of them together to make one big one. of course dad has to test it, make sure it's safe. >> don't break anything, pops. >> one, two, three, go! >> whew! ha ha ha ha.
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yeah, buddy! >> i love that it's like kids for safety i need to go first so stand back, because i'm going to pretend this is about you guys when in reality it's all about dad. >> the cool thing is dad and somebody else decide to like all immature males go with the -- approach. >> we'red ago oil to the bottom of these so we can have some ultimate slipper. >> i so they can get a little bit of extra speed. it worked pretty well. the good thing they actually opened the gate to the front. >> oh. >> watch out. >> ends up in the front yard. >> can we get a funn th e. thay need one. princess the dog was hit by
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a car. >> this girl has a couple of breaks. >> happy ending, next "right this minute." and still to come, women of all ages give men words of wisdom. >> there's a theme here. >> hear the advice that's almost to relatable. >> listen. >> what now? plus, paul makes the big jump, but he's got a pretty cool idea. >> the epic stunt that gives a new meaning to winging it. >> no way. no way! i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself. so get an allstate agent, and be better protected from mayhem. like me. can a ring bearer get a snack around here? we've all come to appreciate
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years in the sun causing dark spots? gold bond dark spot minimizing cream. 81% saw improvement in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. gold bond. in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. i know how to keep complex systems running like clockwork. dulcolax, the constipation expert, provides dependable, effective relief in a range of products. dulcolax. the science of going. like us on"right this minute." back to the show. this is a loaded question, but oh so necessary. what piece of advice would you give to almond. >> well, they add that question to women ages 5 to 70 zblooif have fun being nice to girls. >> to be nice to your wife and girlfriends. >> there's a theme here. >> right from the beginning, that's awesome.
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>> i'm interested to see whether it changes as time goes on. >> well, it doesn't take long before young girls realize guys need to. >> grow up. >> there's been tough times here saying i wish i was a dude because we have a lot of fun. >> i don't want to be a tude,du but i think you all get away with more being childish and irresponsible. >> not all women are the same and it's okay to show your emotions. >> sometimes guys, boys think that showing emotion is a sign of weakness where i see a theme in this video where women are telling men it's okay to, one, show your emotions, it's okay to cry, and it's okay to be vulnerable. >> it's at the core of toxic masculinity. >> see, you about to get slapped. >> now that we've made that point, guys, it's also important for you to. >> listen to women. >> listen.
3:20 pm
open your ears. >> what? >> listen. you're not that big of a deal. >> girl! >> to listen and be present for the female experience as opposed to diminish it. >> and if you're listening, one day you're going to realize that. >> women need romance. >> if you could say anything to all women, nick, what would it be? >> love us for who we are. >> i say don't speak in code. >> see, when i do that, i'm aggressive. >> why don't we live -- >> hot crazy matrix. >> advice to all men, don't ever say calm down, that's all you need to say. >> listen and communicate. say what you want and mean what you say. >> but what about 70s? >> well, with age does come a lot of wisdom. >> treat your women the way they should be treated. get over yourself. >> there's only three answers and stwil those three answers most men aren't going to hear
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it. >> no, that's the worst part. rule number one, listen. >> what now? there's red bull athletes all young, fired up adrenalin in the place of blood in their veins. we've got another one added here, this time flying up in an old u.s. navy alba tras. out goes paul steiner. he's got a pretty cool idea that he thought about for years. you see him pull his chute and immediately starts to dive down. you can see it's a sea plane. it touches down. here comes paul. he jumped from 4,900 feet. the plane now on the water, taxsies, shuts down the engine. here comes paul. he's not 984 feet. >> no way. >> to land on the wing of that plane, and he stopped it. now hold on. >> that parachute trying to pull
3:22 pm
him off balance. he wrestles with it, disconnects it, and his dream is realized. but look closer, paul, he's not the young crazy person that we normally see in a red bull outfit. paul's 55 years old and a very acomplirnd and experienced sky diver and parachuter. >> he wasn't just winging it? >> not in this case, no. it's actually something he thought about for years. and when he saw this old alba tras at a touring show in austria, he thought now's my chance to celebrate it in style. not sure if this has ever been done before but it's certainly unusual. >> own it, paul. this is pablo per nan desco it's running on water after that. >> that's good, pablo. >> pablo is practicing a switch
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blade lazy boy, cowboy and gees success run on water. this is part of that fai world piloting champion happening in poland right now. dad teaching his daughter a valuable less on. >> all boys got worms so you don't want to have no friends with boys because you don't want no worms, okok
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fathers go to great lengths to keep their daughters away from boys early non life. y'all are some haters, but country wayne is the hater of all haters. >> baby babe, that's what i'm trying to to yell ya. all boys got worms. you don't want to have friends with boys because they have worms. >> when you equate boys to worms. >> michael got worms? >> mike at at your school? oh, he the lead wormer. >> he's the lead wormer. >> i think he got snaked, that's what i heard last. like he on animal planet. you don't want no animal. >> he's cracking himself sfwlup he's the comedian, he's trying make sense out of all of this. >> you need to be scared of that. you don't want to worms. >> i wish i could hear the conversation at the playground the next day. daddy said you got worms i can't play with you anymore. >> the boys are the devil. but your daddy's the only angel. me, i was the only angel that he
3:27 pm
made out of all the boys in the world. >> please. >> yes, had he to roll his eyes back so he couldn't look his daughter in the eye as he tells -- shut injury flagrant lie. >> meanwhile, i knew your daddy back when, girl. >> let me tell you about the worms. >> that's -- >> you can be single for the rest of your life, you're going to be fine, okay? this next girl is learning a lesson early. she's staring at her prince and they're trying to convince her if you kiss a frog it will turn into a prince. >> he tis e kissed it all right but then it jumped on her and freaked her out. that's the lesson for all you little girls, that's the lesson. hope you had fun. connect with us at and remember all summer long every episode of rtm is brand-new.
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tonight, the fiery hearing on capitol hill. the fbi agent in the hot seat after that agent sent text messages about then-candidate donald trump. what he wrote, and tonight, he's now firing back at allegations of personal bias within the fbi. as they investigated russia, the trump campaign and hillary clinton's e-mails. at times today, the hearing turning ugly and personal. >> mr. chairman, this is outrageous. also tonight, president trump declaring victory at nato, saying other world leaders had just agreed to pay more. but what really happened? the french president, emanuel mack cron then saying there was no such agreement. deadly rip currents up and down the east coast tonight. the body of a swimmer pulled from the water. and tonight, the teenager surviving nearly ten hours after being pulled out to


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