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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 14, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the danger was far from over. the battalion chief that was bit by a dog that went on the attack. >> let's get to the story coming out of alameda county today. carlos, we understand this is now a criminal case. >> that's right, eric and dion. the sheriff's office has
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initiated the animal cruelty and negligence situation. it's an a tragic situation all around especially for first responders. theyke this morning and found dogs inside. they came on the other hand 9:30 when they got the call about the fire at the home. there were up to 20 dogs at home at the time and a 15-year-old girl had to be rescued. once the fire was out, two pit bulls were pronounced dead, but it's what happened next that's most traffic. fire chief was interviewing across the street when he was viciously attacked by the male dominant dog. >> he did ask if the dog was secured with the leash and the girl wasn't holding it taut and the dog attacked him for no reason.
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>> on the side of the face from the cheekbone down to his chin. he was taken to eden hospital but he'll be transfored stanford valley if he hasn't been already. he's a well respected chief with alameda county fire. as for the dogs they were taken by animal control and the dog that bit the battalion chief he's been place in the quarantine while the sheriff's office investigates. >> carlos, thank you. a firefighter at a wildfire near yosemite has died. he was operating a bulldozer on the ferguson fire which has burned at least 150 acres. the dozer rolled over, killing him. the fire closed on the west side of the park.
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it's 5% contained. evacuations are in effect. new on the wildfires in yoba counties. it's now 70% contained. it burned 140 square miles since it started two weeks and ago and destroyed 20 structures. it was started by improperly installed electronic fences. >> witnesses captured the a violent account this morning. you see officers punching and a kicking a man. one witness says this started when the man attacked a police officer. he was injured. by the time the man was restrained, ten officers responded. new details on a deadly on the job accident in palo alto. the victim was a teenager. he died after being trapped underneath a bob cat vehicle outside the cross roads
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community church. they were doing sealing work in the parking lot at the time. the search is on for a gunman that opened fire and left three people injured. chp officers walking along the highway looking for evidence. the chp tells us the victims were able to drive themselves to the hospital. san francisco mayor london breed spent her first sad in office, focusing on some of the biggest challenges that face the city. her team includes former elected leaders, clergy members. mayor breed promised to focus on people's biggest concerns and take prompt action. >> i'm excited because i feel optimistic. i feel like it's a new day in san francisco. >> 12 different committees will focus on issues from
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homelessness to clean streets. >> members of allentown baptist search held a prayer vigil against did the domestic's immigration policy. the social justice ministry prayed for those separated at the border. the prayer circle was just one of the ways that residents of her city are taking a stand. >> it calls into question right now, who are we as americans? well, this is not who we are as americans. we are very clear about that in oakland. >> she called the government's stance on immigration, quote, horrif horrific. a growing number of democrats are calling on president trump to cancel his upcoming meeting in helsinki with vladimir putin following the indictments against 12 russian russians for hacking. >> reporter: president trump has
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two days to prep for his meeting with vladimir putin on monday in helsinki. but first, golf at a trump branded golf course in scotland. the president tweeting i'm arrive in the scotland and will be at trump turnbury for meeting, and golf. a little plug for his money losing property here. today protesters stepped up to the edge and the media doing its fwoes get as close as possible. trump waving to the small crowds. before he was president, trump often visited his golf clubs and touts his mother who was from scotland. today, that baby trump balloon flying high over london. now to helsinki, he spoke about it yesterday. >> hopefully we'll have a good relationship with russia. the prime minster would agree. we have a good relationship with china and russia and other
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countries that's a good thing, not a bad thing so hopefully that will happen. >> reporter: as for the outcome -- >> i don't go in with high expectations but you might get something successful. >> sergei lavrov was asked about what success might look like. molly hunter, abc news, glassgow. he called his him a wrecking ball with trump relationships with allies. >> we are the country that always has the most friend in the world. >> swalwell -- >> an animal escape causes terrifying moments at a zoo in new orleans. >> our 3-year-old male was
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outside of his enclosure. >> a jaguar escapes, goes on the attack, killing six other animals. a moment of sheer panic brings neighbors together. how this frightening situation brings neighbors
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door. a man who happened to drive be bihad a lad interstopped. he was able to get the toddlers back inside and shut the window. police say there was an adult in the apartment at the time. investigators in new orleans are trying to figure out how a jaguar escaped a enclosure and killed six other animals. officials say the 3-year-old jaguar was spotted outside his enclosure. he went on a deadly rampage, targeting animal exhibits nearby. >> while there were no human injures we suffered the death of four al paca and one a few. >> officials have promised a review to try to determine what went wrong. the oregon woman missing for a week and last heard from while
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in half-moon bay is now reeyed with family. angela hernandez was found late last night injure in the monterrey county after her car went off a cliff near big sur. pictures from the monterrey county sheriff's office show pictures of her. she told the rescuers she had stranded since last thursday. she used the radiator hose from her car to divert water from a stream. >> goes to show you how resilient she was. she was a trouper the whole time and never complained. >> her family says they are alated she's been found and is okay. rescue workers inside east bay saved a woman pinned inside a crashed boat.
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responding yesterday to the report of a vessel that ran into a rock in the levy. a woman was still in the boat. rescuers say due to her injuries and the terrain, they put a flotation device on her and used the helicopter to lift her to land. a rock concert tributed to a sacred legend. >> what community activists are saying about the crime. >> warmer weather is on the way. i'll have a look at your temperatures coming up.
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a painting today again on a mural of carlos santana that was targeted by vandalsle somebody threw white paint on to the art work. the artist mel wersetne to mage. an organizer of the project says the vandalism is an insult to
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the latino community targeting someone that was born and raised in mission. >> when you look at the damage done you know it's somebody that purposely came with white paint and through it on the face of carlos santa in. >> roberto hernandez says it's important to not let incidents like this divide the community. going to the dmv is about to get easier. dmv says it will expand saturday hours to 17 additional offices starting next month. the department began opening some field offices saturday last monthle all in response to federal delays, service delays from federally mandated upgrade now, your upgraded forecast by sandhya patel. >> take a look at the doppler 7.
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the fog is hugging the coastline. take a look at what's going on in the sierra nevada. new thunderstorms popping up where we have been seeing them in the last couple of days. fortunately they're trodropping rain. highs so far in the low 60s. at the beaches. low 90s inland. watch out for the fog out there if you're stepping out tonight. oakland it's currently in the 70s. mounta mountain view, 68 degrees. the fog is going along. nevada, 87. our east bay hills camera. you see the fog rolling in. typical summer spread tomorrow. heating up inland as we head into the next week. tomorrow morning, look for
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temperatures mid 50s to low 60s. then for the afternoon, the bayside fog will pull back to the coast lain and hang around. temperatures will be very similar to today. 60 on the beaches. 90s inland. aids walk tomorrow. 10:30 the walk begins. 57 degrees. still pretty cool and cloudy. 70 at noontime. if you're taking part in the walk or have plans this upcoming weekend, you can download the accu weather app. there's no charge to it. a look at the ten-day forecast. fog and sunshine for sunday. it heating up inland monday with the hottest spot in the mid 90sel then really will keep you within a few degrees tuesday and wednesday. higher humidity coming our way
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thursday into the friday where it will get muggy again. monsoon moisture feeding into our area. that means the potential is there, still a few days out, but potential we could see a repeat of the showers and isolated thunder we saw a few days ago. >> you mean in july. >> we get moisture every once in a while. we'll keep you posted. >> like you mentioned a quick reminder about the aids walk in san francisco is just a day away. you can join abc 7 in golden gate park tosmorrow. visit sf.aids >> could you hear me clunking on in here? >> who, me? did you hear that? >> it's crazy this to the think about the most exciting and fun and popular sporting events taking place this weekend up in lake tahoe. believe it or not, these are highlights from a golf tournament.
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now, sports from abc 7 news. >> the american century celebrity golf championship has long focused more on the celebrities than the golf. except for mark mulder. we are going start with the crowd pleasers. steph curry is one of those. this is for birdie. you know what he does when he gets the shot.
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this is the shimmy. the crowd loves it. you will paed fan out of the crowd and helped him dunk and gets the high five as well. curry having a little fun. that's a 7 footer. easy for him. cal's aaron rodgers has to get in on the dunk competition as well. not so bad, right? steph's going to do what he does best. going deep with ray allen. of course this is why he's the two-time mvp. he just nails it. now another sport. jerry rice with curry and aaron rogers the perfect throw en everyone having a lot of fun. this is serious golf. kind of trent dilfer. dashes into the crowd to celebrate his two over par. not a great round for mulder. he more than made up for it today. posted five under 67. that's a birdie on 18 worth a
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fist pump. the sharks' joe pavelski is your leader. brett ja are on the mound. anderson has good career numbers against san francisco but the left hander hand faced the giants since 2015. 7.92 e.r.a. we'll see how it shakes out tonight. madison bumgarner walked in the 7th. m ork ranza gets off it. pablo sand value. great diving grab. 1, 2, 3ing in. the giants scored five off three different relieves in the bottom of thing in and that was enough to secure the game. >> that's the turning point in the game, really.
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things are probably going to be working differently on our side, there side. kept them at bay really. >> seventh and eighting in we have pretty good. that was kind of where the game was swung. >> the duchess of sussex to watch voo that williams. kerr ber ahead her hit into the net on a lot of unforced errors. second set, more unforced errors for williams. can't believe that one went long. championship point. kerr ber serving. serena's 24th unforced error gives kerr bber her win.
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serena was trying to win. she didn't do it. gave birth just 8 months ago. i had my last kid 12 years ago and i'm not all the way back. >> and nothing wrong with that either. san francisco honors a asian american sports legend who has fans
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we have breaking news out of san francisco a van fire is causing a traffic mess along eastbound interstate 80 at the sterling street onramp. >> practically looking at a parking lot. all of this started about 40 minutes ago. blocked three lanes of traffic for a little time. three lanes are open. >> the crews will have to inspect the lower lanes of the bridge. a visionary who helped create burning man is being on ignored tonight. >> a controversial cafe that made headlines for not serving a police officer ensures it will stay grounded in that neighborhood for the next century. >> san francisco honored today one of its host celebrated legends. >> abc news was in chinatown at wuwu wong playground.
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he became a national favorite tonight, several developing stories as we come on. confronting putin? as protesters get creative, the president set to meet with vladimir putin in less than 48 hours. dismissing calls by democrats to cancel. after 12 russian intel officers were indicted for hacking democrats and meddling in the u.s. election. so, how far will the president go to get answers? mid-air emergency. the passenger plane plunging 10,000 feet. the violent pressure drop injuring dozens. some bleeding from their ears. burn and kill. the miami man under arrest allegedly planning to ignite an apartment building targeting his jewish neighbors. under fire. the


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