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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 14, 2018 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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he became a national favorite tonight, several developing stories as we come on. confronting putin? as protesters get creative, the president set to meet with vladimir putin in less than 48 hours. dismissing calls by democrats to cancel. after 12 russian intel officers were indicted for hacking democrats and meddling in the u.s. election. so, how far will the president go to get answers? mid-air emergency. the passenger plane plunging 10,000 feet. the violent pressure drop injuring dozens. some bleeding from their ears. burn and kill. the miami man under arrest allegedly planning to ignite an apartment building targeting his jewish neighbors. under fire. the founder of papa john's now speaking out.
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as the backlash involving his pizza empire escalates. message to moms. less than a year after giving birth, serena williams back in the finals after wimbledon. what she said after her match today. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin tonight with the sprint to the high-stakes summit between president trump and russian leader vladimir putin. the president golfing today at his seaside scottish resort turnberry. the final stop of a four-day tour of the uk. he's dismissing calls to cancel on putin. after special counsel robert mueller's team announced the indictment of 12 russian intel officers for hacking the dnc. the president insisting on twitter, the meeting will go on, and instead, attacked president obama for doing nothing to stop the russians. it is a critical showdown with the world watching. and the central question tonight, how far will trump push putin for answers? abc's tara palmeri leads our
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coverage tonight in helsinki. >> reporter: in scotland, demonstrators protesting president trump's visit on the ground and in the air. this paraglider flying over trump's turnberry resort with a sign reading, "trump: well below par." the president is in the rough on his golf course, staying out of the spotlight, as the clock winds down to his high-stakes meeting with russian president vladimir putin. >> i think i would have a very good relationship with president putin if we spend time together. i may be wrong. you know, other people have said that it didn't work out. but i'm different than other people. >> reporter: sources tell abc news trump will be winging his meeting with the russian president, comparing his approach to his lack of preparation for the g7. hanging over the summit, a federal indictment of 12 russians for hacking the 2016 election. u.s. officials saying the hack was authorized by putin himself. now, some lawmakers are calling on trump to cancel the summit. >> if he and his team are not willing to make the subject of
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this indictment of russian interference a top priority in the helsinki meeting, then the meeting should be canceled. >> reporter: trump says he will bring up election meddling, but admits there's only so much he can do if putin denies involvement. >> he may deny it. i mean, it's one of those things. all i can do is say, did you and don't do it again. but he may deny it. you'll be the first to know. >> and that federal indictment of those 12 russians still looming large over the president's meeting with putin and the president responding on twitter today, tara. >> reporter: tom, president trump is blaming obama administration, saying, why didn't they do something about this before the election, especially when it was reported that president obama was informed by the fbi in september before the election. now, according to a report in "the new york times," president obama was worried if he mentioned election meddling then-candidate trump would say the election was rigged.
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>> tara, thank you. much more on the high-stakes summit when jon karl interviews john bolton tomorrow on "this week." we'll have complete abc news coverage from helsinki monday morning starting at 6:00 p.m. next tonight, police in miami they thwarted a deadly arson plot. the suspect arrested, caught with canisters of gasoline. you see them right there, filled up. allegedly telling police he wanted to kill his jewish neighbors inside his condominium complex. abc's erielle reshef with the details. >> reporter: tonight, police in miami beach saying they thwarted a potential catastrophe when they arrested this man, walter stolper, as he was trying to burn down his condo in an alleged plot to, quote, kill the jews. the 72-year-old now behind bars allegedly caught in action. police tipped off by this man who says he said he heard his threats. >> he was telling me that, you know, he was tired of the association of his building. the jews in the building. he was going to do something about it. he told he was going to burn the building.
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>> reporter: police say they found him pushing a shopping cart with two plastic containers. officers noticing a strong odor of gasoline coming from the cart and his car parked in the building's garage. later locating this storage room linked to stolper, inside finding 28 additional containers with gasoline, sulfur powder and potassium nitrate. >> he already poured gasoline down 15 floors of this building. >> reporter: police say he planned to use padlocks to block people from escaping. and tom, tonight, he faces charges of attempted murder and arson. tom. >> erielle, thank you. we turn now to the new numbers in the ongoing immigration crisis as the trump administration attempts to reunite 2500 migrant children still separated from their families. more than a hundred of them under the age of 5. while there have been some emotional reunions, many families continue to wait. tonight, a little boy and his mother separated at the southern border, reunited in seattle.
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6-year-old jeslin flying from new york city, separated from his mom for nearly two months. this, following yesterday's high profile reunion. the little girl who became the face and voice of separated families, finally back with her mother. but for the last month this was their reality. >> daddy, daddy! >> mommy! >> reporter: little alison crying for her parents following their separation at the border after fleeing el salvador. propublica capturing her mom's five-hour journey to meet her daughter at a houston airport at 3:00 friday morning. her message to the parents still separated from their children, keep fighting. in new york, this mother from guatemala driving from arizona to be reunited with her three kids. and in detroit, this father separated from his 3-year-old
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son for 3 1/2 months. he says when his son saw him he didn't say a word he just started crying, hugging him so tight. the two reconnecting this week after a court-ordered deadline requiring children under 5 to be reunited with their parents. the government says so far it's returned 57 of 103 young children. in some cases, the government says parents didn't qualify because of criminal backgrounds. in other cases, the parents have already been deported. the next deadline is july 26th to reunite children between the ages of 5 and 17. we turn now to a suspect arrested and accused in arizona of impersonating a police officer. he's under arrest tonight. authorities say he tried to pull over a mustang and there were two real arizona troopers inside that car. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: with all those flashing lights and gear, it sure looks real. but investigators say this car, and the cop driving it, were fake.
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>> this plate is not registered to an agency, correct? >> reporter: exposed when 44-year-old matthew disbro allegedly tried pulling over two real arizona troopers in their unmarked yellow mustang. >> he had a full gun belt similar to mine with a glock handgun. >> reporter: disbro, wearing a security guard uniform, was arrested for impersonating a police officer. >> it's frustrating for us because we don't know who he's preying on. >> reporter: and in california, a 14-year-old boy was just arrested a second time after officers say they found uniforms and badges in his home. he was once busted for driving this suv, allegedly dressed as a deputy sheriff. in both cases, police say they want anyone who may have come into contact with these alleged imposters to come forward, tom. >> clayton, thank you. we do move now to new developments in papa john's controversy. the founder of the pizza empire who stepped down as chairman
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after he admitted to using the n-word is now explaining in a new interview why he used that word. here's abc's zachary kiesch. >> better ingredients, better pizza, papa john's. >> reporter: the embattled former ceo of papa john's speaking out. john schnatter, claiming in a radio interview, his use of the n-word was the result of pressure from a marketing agency. >> the agency was promoting that vocabulary in that genre and i made it real clear, listen, we're not gonna go there. we're not gonna talk about this. and they pushed me and it upset me. >> reporter: tonight, the agency is not commenting. and schnatter is doing damage control after this "forbes" article revealed that he complained during a conference call that kfc's colonel sanders called blacks the n-word and never received backlash. the fallout has been swift. the company schnatter helped build removing his image from
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promotional materials and the university of louisville removing his name from its stadium. >> my employees are distraught, they're crushed, and it's all because i was sloppy and i wasn't as sensitive. >> reporter: tom, despite stepping down as chairman, according to an s.e.c. filing, schnatter is still on the board and remains papa john's largest shareholder, tom. >> zachary, thank you. we turn now to the extreme weather threat this weekend as triple-digit heat fuel fires in the west. this wildfire forcing ymca campers to evacuate this state park in oregon. and in california, firefighter was killed today battling a blaze near yosemite. the heat and fire danger lasting through the weekend. storms fire up in the east. let's get to rob marciano for us in central park. rob, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, tom. the heat is going rebuild tomorrow across the northwest. we got a number of advisories and
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warnings out there. difficult conditions there. temperatures once again well into the 90s for portland and seattle, medford up and over 100. the monsoon continues. we have flash flood watches up. southern parts of utah and arizona. and west of i-55 in illinois. some flooding this morning across parts of alabama. all this rain will only add to the humidity during the day tomorrow across the south. tom. >> rob, thank you. next tonight, to the encouraging news from a thai hospital. those boys once trapped in that cave, now smiling and waving to cameras, offering a message of thanks. abc's adrienne bankert is in thailand tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the youth soccer team and their coach speak out from the hospital beds where they continue to recover since being rescued from that cave in northern thailand. one of the boys, adul, speaks in english. >> hello, i am adul.
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now i am very fine. i am very thank you for help me. thank you so much. >> reporter: he's reportedly the one who first helped his teammates communicate with those divers who found them ten days after they vanished. >> how many of you? >> 13? >> yeah, 13. >> brilliant. >> reporter: he's seen drawing a sketch of his teammates who in these videos show gratitude to their rescuers. the team regaining much of their weight, but doctors are concerned that the boys and their coach may feel guilt or shame about what happened. >> thank you. >> reporter: but in the upbeat video, the boys are seen flexing their muscle. a signal they're staying strong. doctors saying the group could be released by thursday. tom, there was a cute moment inside that video where the boys were talking about what they wanted for their next meal. some craving steak, others their favorite thai food.
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another one wants kfc. >> thanks so much, adrienne. we turn now to wimbledon today, and serena williams faced off in her first grand slam final since giving birth since a year ago. tonight, the superstar's message to moms. >> reporter: tonight, serena williams and her magical run, stopping just one match short in the wimbledon final. the tennis legend with an emotional salute to working moms everywhere. >> to all the moms out there, you know, i was playing for you today and i tried. >> reporter: close friend duchess meghan, along with sister-in-law duchess kate, on hand to cheer. the winner, angelique kerber, paid tribute the new mom. >> you will have your next grand slam title soon. i'm really, really sure. >> reporter: the 23-time grand slam champion rocketed back into form just ten months after the birth of her first child, olympia, who provided inspiration for her wimbledon comeback. >> yes, olympia, your dreams can come true, too. >> reporter: serena's return hasn't been easy. she suffered major health
5:44 pm
complications after her delivery, including a life-threatening pulmonary embolism. she had dropped to 454th in the world rankings, now she's ranked 28 and rising. >> these two weeks have really showed me, okay, i can compete. >> reporter: williams says this wasn't a defeat, but rather the start of a new chapter. her next grand slam title will break the all-time record, tom. >> julie, thank you. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. the violent takedown caught on camera. did officers go too far? what the department is saying tonight. plus, found alive. a woman rescued after she somehow drove her car off a cliff. the incredible way she managed to survive for a week. and the urgent warning from an american fast-food chain. what they're now pulling off the menu. stay with us. ith us. it's the ford summer sales event
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back now with an incredible story of survival. a woman missing for days when her car plunged off a cliff, now found alive. here's abc's janai norman. >> reporter: nearly 200 feet down this steep cliff in big sur, california, is the wrecked jeep of 23-year-old angela hernandez, found alive nearly seven days after she vanished. >> hi, everybody. we just found word that my sister was found. i'm so happy, i'm so happy. >> reporter: officials say hernandez was driving from portland to visit her sister in southern california. leaving last thursday, stopping in half moon bay to sleep in this safeway parking lot. she texted her sister friday morning saying she was about to start driving. but after texts went unanswered her family reported her missing. authorities tracked her route. angela's jeep captured last friday morning on a gas station surveillance camera. multiple sheriff's departments scoured the area, including the winding roads of california highway 1. but it was two people on a hike
5:48 pm
that found the lost woman and reported it to police. a grateful family, happy to be reunited. >> thank you to monterey county, you guys did everything. >> reporter: tom, officials say she used the radiator hose from her car to get water from a nearby stream to stay hydrated. that's how she managed to survive being stranded on the side of a cliff for seven days. tonight, she's still recovering in the hospital. tom. >> simply incredible she was found alive. when we come back, the mid-air scare, the passenger plane plunging thousands of feet in minutes. and remember a legend's first love. the woman behind the voice when we come back. this is your wake-. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation
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time now for our "index," and the mid-air emergency aboard a ryanair flight. cabin pressure dropping rapidly. the plane plunging 10,000 feet. in less than ten minutes. passengers complaining of headaches, ear pain and nausea. some passengers bleeding from their ears. the pilot made an emergency landing in frankfurt. some travelers receiving medical attention. it's still unclear tonight what caused that cabin to lose pressure so fast. and the arrest caught on camera in downtown san francisco. the suspect seen being hit and kicked by police. several officers wrestling him on the ground. police now saying the man had been resisting arrest. tonight, authorities are looking into this incident. and an urgent warning from mcdonald's tonight. the fast-food chain pulling salads off the menu in 3,000 of their restaurants. dozens of customers reporting they got sick, turns out it may have been from a food-borne parasite.
5:53 pm
mcdonald's saying they're looking for another lettuce supplier. and a passing to note, nancy sinatra sr. has died. first wife of frank sinatra. mother to their three children. her daughter nancy remembering her mother, tweeting, she was a blessing and the light of my life. nancy sinatra sr. was 101 years old. and when we come back, america strong. the selfless gift that saved a little girl's life. two strangers and the perfect match, one incredible meeting. you have to see this. stay with us. oo. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor for postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- mbc, approved, with hormonal therapy, as an everyday treatment for a relentless disease.
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if you have symptoms of ketoacidosis or an allergic reaction. symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. other side effects are sudden kidney problems, genital yeast infections, increased bad cholesterol, and urinary tract infections, which may be serious. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. isn't it time to rethink your type 2 diabetes medication? ask your doctor about jardiance- and get to the heart of what matters. finally tonight, america strong. one little girl who desperately needed a hero and got the gift of a lifetime. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: a hug on a doorstep with tears.
5:57 pm
and no, it's not a good-bye. it's thepposite. because this little girl, adriana aviles, not long ago faced a most severe challenge. leukemia. chemo was not working for her. only a bone marrow transplant could save her. but there were no donors out there who were a match. >> she knew how dire her situation was and how scary it was. she understood. >> reporter: enter to this story a guy who lived 2,000 miles away. michael laureano, just back from serving in iraq, had started college in delaware and spur of the moment he signs up as a potential bone marrow donor. never really expecting to get the call. then a year later, he got the call. >> and i hear 3-year-old little girl, leukemia. you know, that was kind of like, okay, i have to do this. she hasn't even really lived. >> the fact that a total stranger was willing to help my child is something that i can't put into words.
5:58 pm
it makes me cry every time. >> reporter: adriana was 4 when mike's bone marrow saved her life. three years later, she had still never met the man who gave her the gift. until just recently. he had been passing through utah. >> just the emotion on her face was all it took. >> reporter: and adriana knew instantly how much this man meant to her. listen to what she said. >> thank you. >> reporter: yes, thank you. john donvan, abc news. #. >> what a moment. tonight we salute mike and adriana for being america strong. and we thank them for sharing their story. we thank you for watching. "good morning america" and "this week" in the morning. good night. have a great evening. good night.
5:59 pm
tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, a child rescued from the east bay moments for a pitbull violently attacks a firefighter. >> i'm sorry i'm like in shock. >> a surprised ending for a woman who disappeared weeks ago. a policeman being honored tonight for his legacy. abc a teenager girl and more than a dozen pitbulls were rescued from a house in alameda county. one of the dogs mauled a firefighter. good evening i'm dion lim. >> abc 7 news reporter carlos saucedo is there live. >> rep


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