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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 17, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the board of supervisors is on the job. she appointed valley brown as her successor. brown senched as an aide to breed before she went to the office of economic and work force development. brown will serve on the board until the next election in 2019. >> it's 4:30. if you're waking up, a quick update on weather and traffic for you. >> we're starting out with cool numbers in the 50s on this uesday morning. 56 right now. good afternoon, san francisco. your 12-hour planner today, we'll have a great start, a lot of cloud cover early on. a typical summer pattern. by midday, sunnier skies. by 4:00, a lot of sunshine. it will be a warmer afternoon today than yesterday. you can see the coast. it's cool in the 60s, but away from the coast, going to the 80s and into the 90s. let's get you on the road with alexis. >> good morning, drew. we have that sig alert this morning on the 101 off ramp to
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eastbound 92. we had that live report. a flipped box truck hauling a lot of produce and they're having trouble clearing that. it's been there for about six hours. continuing to monitor that situation. on the other side of state route 92, southbound 92, north of the connector, we have a crash involving a couple sedans. not seeing much of a backup yet. chp on the way to the scene. here's a live look outside. 101 and 880. south bay, so far so good this morning. we'll check out the bay bridge commute up next. >> president trump is back in the united states this morning after his stunning summit with vladimir putin, and he's facing some outrage. >> democrats and republicans blasting the president for openly siding with the foe on foreign soil over his own government. mr. trump openly questioned u.s. intelligence that says russia meddled in the 2016 election. >> kenneth has the growing fallout from washington. >> president trump back at the
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white house. >> traitor, traitor! >> welcomed by protested after his extraordinary one-on-one with russian president vladimir putin. the president side by side with the man u.s. intelligence said was behind interference in the 2016 election. >> i have great confidence in my intelligence people, but i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> putin saying we should be guided by facts. but just days ago, special counsel robert mueller's investigation led to the indictment of 12 russian military officers. >> i think it's a shame. >> in his first post-summit comments, the president again appeared to side with putin on fox news. >> we get questions on the witch hunt, and i don't think the people out in the country buy it. >> some of the harshest criticism came from fellow republicans. like senator ben sasse, saying this is bizarre and flat out wrong. >> i never thought i would see
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an american president throw the intelligence community under the bus like that. >> senator john mccain called it one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president in memory. >> millions of americans will continue to wonder if the only possible explanation for this dangerous behavior is the possibility that president putin holds damaging information over president trump. >> putin denied having anything damning on trump. as for meddling, president trump's own intelligence director released a new statement saying the intelligence community has been clear about russia's ongoing pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy. >> you said that like a wet noodle, like a fan boy. >> that is former republican california governor arnold schwarzenager mincing no words in his take on the putin press conference. in a 45-second video, he said president trump sold out the
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intelligence community and our country. >> meanwhile, senator kamala harris tweeted the whole world just watched as the president sided with putin over u.s. intelligence agency. there's no doubt putin has launched attacks on the very heart of our democracy and by not standing up to him today, the president has invited him to do it again. >> the man accused of posing as a ride share driver and then sexually assaulting his passengers is now in court. >> this is raising questions about immigration policies in san francisco. amy hollyfield is live for >> good morning. i.c.e. says this man is here illegally and this is an example of how san francisco's sanctuary city policy helps criminals. the man poised as a ride share driver and then drove his victims to other locations and raped them. they say he raped four women in five years and that they do have
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dna evidence to link him to the crimes. >> these assaults were violent raped committed by a serial rapist. a sexual deviant predator who was not going to stop until he was caught. >> lyft put out a statement saying we have confirmed this person did drive for lyft, but as soon as we were made aware of these horrific and deeply disturbing allegations, we immediately deactivated him. uber says he did not drive for uber. police say there could be more victims out there. they're encouraging anyone to please come forward and call police. the man is due in court today. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield. >> thank you. uber is facing a government investigation into allegations of gender discrimination. they're accused of setting up a pay structure that discriminated against female employees. uber responded saying it changed how it pays workers and they're
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insuring equal treatment of both genders and the equal community employment commission which is in charge of the investigation has not commented yet if there are violations, uber could face heavy fines. >> a deadly wildfire doubled in size in the last day and a half. calfire reports the ferguson fire now covers 9300 acres and still only 2% contained. the main entry at highway 140 remains closed. so far, no structures have been destroyed but more than 100 are threatened. firefighters are threatened by smoke. and they had a grim job of recovering the body of one of their own. fellow firefighters lined the road as a procession transported the firefighter's body passed by yesterday. he died when his bulldozer rolled over when he tried to build a fire break.
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crews couldn't get to his body until yesterday. he was 36 years old, married, and had two children. >> the owner of a pit bull who bit a fire official in the face could be facing a citation. alameda county fire battalion chief was responding to a house fire in san leandro on saturday, when the dog attacked him. there were 20 dogs inside the house at the time. while there were no signs of neglect, that violates a county ordinance that only allows residence to have two dogs. the pit bull is still under quarantine while officials investigate the case. there's also questions about what to do with the other dogs. >> any time you have a lot of dogs and you're not complying with the law, you open yourself up to extra scrutiny. >> a long road to recovery. he's still at stanford hospital. a coworker who visited him says he's in good spirits with his wife and son by his side. and good morning. 4:37 a.m.
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we're outside right now, live look at the exploratorium. you can see san francisco skyline chopped in half. a lot of low cloud cover early on, especially close to the coast. could actually have drizzle as well in a few spots. let's go hour by hour, time out your tuesday. by 8:00 in the morning, future weather saying the marine weather will be compressed quickly today compared to yesterday. already have those clouds receding back to the kleicoastl. by midday, we're already into the 80s in the warmest spots. it will be a warm afternoon away from the coast. highs today, going into the mid 90s in the warmest spots, but only 69 in san francisco. a warm 88 in san jose. about 76 in oakland. napa up to 86. 93, though, in santa rosa. look what's happening in the southwestern half of the united states. it's hot in the central valley. 107 later on in fresno. same in palm springs. vegas, if you're headed there, it's in the triple digits. 107. 105 in phoenix.
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thankfully, that heat will stay away from us. we're fought going to get near those temperatures in the coming days. summer spread in full effect. this tuesday morning, we have stuff going on early on. >> it's left over from last night. >> lingering. >> long-term things. one thing in particular. that's in san mateo. we'll head back to our traffic alert. actually, we're starting off on the bay bridge. why not? that's not a traffic alert. we have a little fog. we have that marine layer drew was talking about. this is the traffic alert. we'll head to the san mateo area. northbound 101, the connector to eastbound 92 is closed. no estimate on when that will reopen. this is still a sig alert, and this is that crash with the box truck that matt keller is reporting live for us this morning. it was carrying a lot of produce, and it is so heavy they're having a hard time getting that cleared. a couple tow trucks on the scene. caltrans, chp, and we'll have another update at 5:00. southbound 880, told you about a multi-car crash there.
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shoulder, and no delays if you're coming into san francisco from the east bay. next traffic update in a couple minutes. >> thanks. >> going beyond growing. this building holds the key to a new way to make money off legal marijuana. >> and an uninvited guest. tense moments on the peninsula as a mountain lion wandered into a neighborhood. a neighborhood. >> her son was on a
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this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. time now approaching 4:43 a.m. temperature wise right now, we're waking up in the 50s across the board. it is a cool start. grab a light jacket as you head outside. later on today, the wide range in temperatures. the coast is cool in the mid 60s. downtown san francisco near 70 later on today. 76 in oakland, but it will be hot inland. 93 in walnut creek. 96, the high in antioch. we'll look at the seven-day forecast in about four minutes, yes caw. >> thank you. >> a roaming mountain lion forced officers to put a neighborhood in san mateo on lockdown for about six hours. happened near virgina avenue and jackson street yesterday. people living in 800 homes were ordered to stay inside. neighbors say the mountain lion did not act aggressively, but authorities launched an all-out effort to find and relocate it. >> we were sitting in our car, and officers were coming, you
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know, across the street, guns drawn. it was really pretty amazing to see that. >> officers found the mountain lion three blocks away from where it was first spotted. they were able to safely tranquilize the young female and it was relocated to a more rural spot in the area. >> marijuana shops could soon be banned in chinatown. aaron peskin represents that neighborhood. according to the examiner, he introduced the idea, saying he's respecting the wishes of people who live there. yesterday, the land use and transportation committee voted in favor of the ban, and it now goes to the full board for a vote next week. >> the proposed ban in chinatown comes as an east bay city approves its first commercial cannabis permit. and kate larson shows us the pot-based products that could soon be available in pittsburg. >> in this nondescript warehouse in an industrial house in the heart of pittsburg, workers will begin manufacturing a wide array of cannabis based products this fall.
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>> topical creams and ointments and locations and adjustable products categorized as dietary suppleme supplements. >> richard is the ceo which has manufactured these same products in pittsburg without cannabis since 1992. he won his permit with a majority vote at city council. >> there's one nay and 40 yea. >> it's been a real evolution because the city was very opposed to doing this. there was miskconception on wha type of business we were running. >> they were processing cannabis oils and not plants or buds, and they'll distribute the product outside of pittsburg to various dispensaries. >> i think it's an excellent first step for any city to consider. >> she says the city of pittsburg stands to gain a lot through canyon laboratories. >> we have the ability to expand
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those activities. >> pittsburg negotiated a sliding tax scale. if they gross $10 million, the city would get half a million. in pittsburgh, kate larson, abc 7 news. >> east bay dog missing for nearly three years is back home with its owner this morning. >> antioch animal services posted this video of the weekend reunion. you can see the owner's joyous reunion when she sees her french bull dog. >> she went missing in november of 2015. what happened between now and then isn't really clear. we're told heme jumped into a police car in a traffic stop early saturday morning. the officer brought the dog in, and animal services discovered it did have a microchip. it led them to his owner who lives in arinda. >> what? >> what the heck? >> three years. >> heme went on a vacation, and when he was done, he was homesick. >> i want a three-year vacation.
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>> yeah. >> check out for three years. >> it's really weird because it had that microchip. usually, you know, that kind of connects it with the owner in a short period of time. >> fantastic. >> weather wise, let's talk about what's going on later on today. cloud cover early on, but we know it's july. you're going to see the sunshine at some point later on today. i think it will clear very quickly to the coastline. live doppler 7 showing you those gray skies. outside, the roof camera showing you the top right now of the bay bridge. kind of obscured by a little fog out there. we have a light breeze. you can see the flags on the ferry building waving just a bit. around the shoreline, 5 to 10 miles per hour, winds. the only exception, that delta breeze is in full effect. the winds generally are on the light side later on. it will be warm in the south bay. san jose, 85, for cupertino and sunnyvale. >> cloudier close to the coast. drizzle earlier on.
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69, your high in san francisco later today. 65 for daly city. 93, santa rosa. 86, napa. 87, san rafael. go into the mid if not upper 70s to low 80s in the east bay, and inland, we'll be hot. in the mid 90s. it will be warm away from the coast. the seven-day forecast shows you hot inland today. even warmer on wednesday. and then thursday into friday, we're going to track humidity on the rise before cooler air arrives by the weekend. that's the weather. let's get a check of traffic with alexis. >> good morning. we have traffic alert to start things off in san mateo. here's a live look from the scene. we have matt keller and his photographer out there for us today. this is northbound 101, connector to eastbound state route 92. that's still shut down due to a crash that happened around 10:30 last night. a box truck culling a lot of produce flipped over, possibly taking a curb too fast, and then sounds like a fire beneath a truck in a marshy area started
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after the crash. that's long gone, but they're having trouble clearing the box truck. i'll show you quickly where that is on the traffic maps. northbound 101 to eastbound 92, that's still a sig alert. still no estimate on when that will reopen. in the meantime, your detour, hillsdale boulevard to edgewater boulevard. >> thank you. shares of netflix are taking a plunge following the company's latest numbers on subscribers. >> also, apple celebrating a holiday that none of us was looking forward to, world emoji day. >> in today's tech bites, a big miss for netflix. >> shares of the streaming service fell sharply after the company released its subscriber growth numbers. netflix only added 5 million subscribers last quarter. about a million less than expected. >> uber has a new feature to make getting picked up easier. >> it is be difficult for a driver to find a rider on a
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crowded sidewalk. your phone screen will turn a specific color through the uber app. riders can hold up their phones so the drivers can see the color. >> apple is releasing a sneak people at some of its upcoming emoj emojis. >> including frozen face, super heroes, a lobster, and for those of us with no hair, we can finally be represented with our own emojis. >> look, it's your emoji. adorable. >> i like the kangaroo. >> the kangaroo is useful. the lobster, maybe not so much. unless you work at a red lobster. could be great. going to work. >> building a better mosquito. the effort in california to top the pests from spreading dangerous diseases. >> also a dramatic rescue from the sky after a man gets trapped in the middlef a roaring river. in the middlef a roaring river. >> the
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4:53 on your tuesday. we're looking at your morning planner. clouds departing right around 9:00, 10:00, for sunnier skies by 11:00. a look at your afternoon highs in about three minutes. reggie. >> thanks, drew. >> a palo alto mother is embarking on a journey to nepal to try to win her son's freementd. he spent a dozen years doing humanitarian work in nepal. he's been in jail since april. his mother said he was arrested
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for trying to break up a fight between a brother and sister. abc 7 news caught up with her as she was leaving for nepal. she said she has done all she can to get her son released. >> i want to see him. i want to know he's good for myself, with my own eyes. i haven't seen him since last november. >> she says at one point, her son was incarcerated with 100 other men and sleeping on the floor. he became sick and had to spend several days in the hospital. she's now scheduled to arrive in nepal tomorrow. >> an effort is under way to use mosquitoes to fight mosquitoes. they're releasing male mosquitoes carrying a bacteria that makes female mosquitoes infertile when they mate. officials say last year, they saw 68% reduction in the dangerous mosquitoes in one location. they expect to see an even greater reduction in biting females this we're. officials say if the program continues to be successful, it could be used worldwide.
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>> that's very interesting. >> swimming was not an option for a man trapped in dangerous rapids near bakersfield. the dramatic rescue caught on camera yesterday, so watch as the rescuer descends from a helicopter to reach the man clinging onto a rock in the middle of the river. the rescuer wraps a yellow hoop on him and then they go up. police say the man and his girlfriend were swimming in a much calmer area of the river when the current swept him away. drew, that guy is super lucky. >> very lucky. that current was so strong looking. back here in the bay area, look at this. live look at the exploratorium camera right now. this is san francisco, the skyline. a lot is obscured by low clouds, but the cloud cover going to clear pretty quick lee by about 9:00, 10:00 later on this morning. it will be one of those days where location determines how hot you get. only 69 in san francisco. but 88 in san jose. up to 76 in oakland. it's warm inland, a high of 95 in concord. already have issues on the roads.
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here's alexis with more. >> we sure do. we're starting off with a sig alert left over from a crash that happened at 10:30 last night. matt keller said it is a big rig, and that's probably part of the reason why they can't get it cleared. just weighs too much and the first line on the tow truck snapped so they had to bring in another tow truck. northbound 101 ramp to eastbound 92 is still closed. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 44 minutes. no delays westbound 4, antioch to concord, and southbound 101 looking good at 15 minutes. >> thanks. >> tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, could the day be near when you spend cryptocurrency the way you spend dollars. some people are already using it for their everyday purchases. michael finney looks at the developing trend in a special report tonight on ab krrb 7 news at 11:00. >> he's gone from wonder kid to world champion, and now we know he has a heart of gold.
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france's soccer phenom seen here holding the cup says he'll give a children's charity the entire $500,000 he received for winning the world cup. mbappe is france's youngest world cup player. he scored the fourth goal in france's win over croatia on sunday. i believe he's only the third teenager to have ever won a world cup. >> that's extremely generous. >> oh, yeah. >> how nice of him. >> california voters can approve a tax that would raise hundreds of millions to raise homelessness. new at 5:00, who's paying for it. >> the missing woman rescued in monterey county sharing her story of how he save survived seven days after driving off a cliff. >> it feels like you haven't seen the new b.a.r.t. cars on the
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